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BearCountryGG - Sunday Apr 01, 2018

Weight: 227.4

Happy Easter   

Sunny and snowy here today...and very cold.  

Making a nice easter dinner and watching movies is our plan.

No counting calories...but I am so indoctrinated now that I find myself adding them up in my head anyway....

No idea what I weigh...because I put the scales away.....but determined to just relax and keep things easy around here.  

I'm actually looking forward to getting back to it....but resisting anyway.

Brother in law goes in for stem cell removal tomorrow and they need 200,000,000 stem cells......they take blood out of one arm,run it through a machine and put it back in the other arm...they will do that daily until they get enough...and today they can't even see their new grandaughter because she just had some baby shots.  When they get the stem cells...they give him chemo to within an inch of his life and then they reintroduce the stem cells...and hopefully save him.

D has more dr visits and tests...and the class this week.


Progress as of today: 25.4 lbs lost so far, only 82.4 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/01/2018:
Happy Easter! Quite cold here as well, but no snow -- apparently that's coming later this week. Enjoy your lovely day!

bearcountrygg on 04/01/2018:
It was a nice day....it was just us...but the phone rang all day..

horn_of_plenty on 04/01/2018:
Happy Easter to you and hubby ! Wishing you a wonderful day and will catch up more soon :-)

bearcountrygg on 04/01/2018:
Sounds like you had a nice holiday too HOP

Donkey on 04/01/2018:
I was just reading about the stem cell cancer therapy in the Reader's Digest from last month. It sounds grueling -- in fact, one test patient said that it was difficult, but he got through it and "I'm still here". I think I'd fight like hell, too.

I continue to hold you and your family in prayer this difficult week.

bearcountrygg on 04/01/2018:
Thank you...things should look up once we get through April...I really don't like wishing a whole month to go away...but...this time...it's the reality of it.

BearCountryGG - Sunday Apr 01, 2018

Weight: 0.0

Well...it's snowing again...but on the plus side....our ice is gone...high winds predicted for this afternoon .

Funny morning here.......I forgot to eat breakfast...and didn't realize it until I got the hunger nausea that sometimes happens when I skip meals,  

I had made breakfast for D........at 5:30 A.M.

The nausea hit me at around 9:30

So I ate a pre pkg rice krispie treat...and that didn't help...so then I ate a cliff nut butter bar.and a banana..and I'm good to go.

It made me think.....#1. I FORGOT TO EAT!!!!!!  #2...what if I only ate when my stomach forced me to eat????

Something for me to ponder today!

This is exactly why I stayed thin for 30-40 years!

Had a great day


Donkey on 03/31/2018:
Another thing to think about: If you continue to go with this pattern, what are the BEST foods you can eat to raise & sustain your blood sugar levels... Obviously the Rice Krispie treat doesn't work. My point is to spend your calories on the *effective* foods, rather than just eating to try to bring up your sugar.

bearcountrygg on 03/31/2018:
I guess at that moment it was to stop the nausea...the rice krispies treatwas the first thing I saw in the cupboard..... The weird thing was that I forgot to eat..until my stomach reminded me with discomfort. Actually my glucose readings have been very good for me...thatcarb/fat/protein idea has been keeping things much more stable....the rice krispies treat was a fluke...I didn't even know we had them...lol Had a good noon meal...so feeling quite good actually...I guess life is basically trial and error for me...LOL

Maria7 on 03/31/2018:
I also can remember a time when I was very slim and I only ate when I was hungry and didn't eat a lot, either. Those were our much slimmer days, weren't they? But I don't miss those days. I am happy for today.

bearcountrygg on 03/31/2018:
Times were very different back then...much simpler.

BearCountryGG - Friday Mar 30, 2018

Weight: 0.0

 Well...it's house cleaning day again....didn't I just do that?  

Starting with coffee and creamer...but not hungry yet

Holiday weekend and I'm just deciding to enjoy myself.

The tension around here is getting thick.....D's pre surgery family dr clearance visit, a conference call with the hosp, and the class starts first thing next week and I'm thinking that dieting or even counting is probably not in my own best interest.  This is the exact time when he got shingles before his last scheduled knee replacement 2 years ago...that never happened...........and I do NOT want that to happen again.  He has had 3 minor surgeries in the past but never anything like this and I can see the tension starting again in him.....so I am going to have to put on a happy face and a really good calming act.

Dieting  and counting calories are getting pushed aside right now...and when things calm down I will start counting again............I don't need the extra stress.  

I've also decided to put my scales away today.....I even removed the numbers starting today on here.....I just don't need to be thinking about that......I will deal with whatever happens when this is all over...I'm not sure if this is the right way to handle this...but it is one way..that I'm going to do it.  I will still keep posting...but without numbers.

I will get back to dieting when this is all behind us.



horn_of_plenty on 03/30/2018:
You certainly stick to a good housecleaning schedule :)

Shingles can be due to stress, right?

Just support him and try to do things that make you both feel less stressed. :) Maybe watch a few movies.

bearcountrygg on 03/30/2018:
Yes...the shingles were caused by stress.....he doesn't need to do that again. The house.....well...it doesn't clean itself...LOL...I can't believe how only 2 of us can mess it up so bad..... I'm just kicking back and trying to keep things on an even keel....and hopefully it's over before we know it...LOL What isn't helping is a family member recently ended up back in the hospital with a knee infection..after the same surgery..plus his dr would rather keep giving him steroid injections in the knee instead of the surgery...and after 3 years of that it's time to fix it.

happy-1 on 03/30/2018:
From HoPs post... Any kind of coffee creamer slows down weightloss? Even half n half or coconut milk?

bearcountrygg on 03/30/2018:
I don't know about those...but the ones made just for coffee additives...always stop mine....and I have heard others say it too at Ww meetings. I have a bottle right now that I have been using...and the scales are not good....I'm thinking it's deja vue again.

Donkey on 03/30/2018:
I did not know this about coffee creamers --- wow! Maybe that's what is stopping me. I should try switching to half and half for 2 weeks and see what happens.

bearcountrygg on 03/30/2018:
Or even milk that wouldn't hurt anything....the creamers are so delicious...but usually for me they just aren't worth the stalling in weight loss.

bearcountrygg on 03/30/2018:
Or even milk that wouldn't hurt anything....the creamers are so delicious...but usually for me they just aren't worth the stalling in weight loss.

bearcountrygg on 03/30/2018:
Or even milk that wouldn't hurt anything....the creamers are so delicious...but usually for me they just aren't worth the stalling in weight loss.

Donkey on 03/30/2018:
I completely agree with you that right now, you need to focus on you and D getting through the surgery.

bearcountrygg on 03/30/2018:
yes.......there will be time later to get back into it.

BearCountryGG - Thursday Mar 29, 2018
(CEO of my life and calorie counting)
Weight: 0.0

Weird vivid dreaming all night.........kind of unsettling.......kind of a twist on the past.....with a lot of other stuff thrown in like birds...LOL

The ice is just about gone...and it's looking a little more like spring...doesn't exactly feel like it...but it's looking like it. 


bagel, butter and sausage, cheese......needing to work a little better on stabilizing glucose...feeling great but I was getting away from the protein/fat/carb breakfasts...which really is key for me...and a good way to start my day and keep hunger away at the same time.

Having our main meal this evening.....so...I ate ice cream at noon....well...thankfully it's gone now.!!!!


Tonights dinner will be chicken, green/garden salad and potatoes.cookies


horn_of_plenty on 03/29/2018:
same here...looks like spring but doesn't feel like it! perhaps your nerves about upcoming surgery are affecting your sleep.

bearcountrygg on 03/29/2018:
I think you are right, I will be glad when it's done and he is back to normal.

Maria7 on 03/29/2018:
Hope you are having a good evening. :-)

bearcountrygg on 03/30/2018:
It was quiet.

BearCountryGG - Wednesday Mar 28, 2018
(CEO of my life and calorie counting)
Weight: 227.4

Once again in need of some perishables...but putting off until tomorrow....the last tiem I caved for a couple of things I shouldn't have...so I'm aiming on doing better tomorrow...when I will have no choice but to shop.

Still staying below 1,500 cals....

Plenty to do around here today....so I will stay busy...it's funny how calorie or point counting used to work so well for me...but it's not as cut and dried as it used to be....the scales can still move in the wrong direction so easily.  





ice cream ( I will be glad when this is gone...D doesn't like it)


lettuce, peppers and olive salad with poppy seed dressing

 german potato salad

Proud of myself...I went to the store and only bought things that won't tempt me...the pineapple seems to be a good addition for joint health....and Im also really liking Tiger Balm ointment....super expensive...but works like a miracle.....I was shocked at how cute and tiny the jar was for the price....but it is amazing........when it is gone ( soon)...I will make myself use up all of the other ointments and sprays  and patches around here first though before I buy another tiger balm...there has to be some accountability because of the cost....and I need to get rid of other stuff.  

I'm feeling the need to use things on hand up again...I need to get control of STUFF...things seem to creep into this house at an alarming rate...and it has to stop.  

I once read the book titled...DOES THIS CLUTTER MAKE MY BUTT LOOK FAT?  

It was a good book and made lots of sense, and to cut the clutter...I quickly got rid of the book....LOL...Maybe I should have kept that one!!!!!



Progress as of today: 28 lbs lost so far, only 82.4 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 03/28/2018:
every time we diet, i believe it gets harder and harder. my first time losing weight was very simple, i was very strict. second time losing weight took MUCH longer. instead of one year, it took a SERIES of years to lose the same amount of weight. But the second time i lost it, it's been far easier to keep it off, bc the dieting took place over several years and i learned more about how to maintain my weight the second time.

bearcountrygg on 03/28/2018:
It definitely gets harder for me

graindart on 03/28/2018:
Calorie counting is a double-edged sword for me. It draws a line in the sand that I know I need to keep from crossing, which is good for me most of the time. On the other hand, if I slip a toe across the line I feel like I've failed completely and that usually triggers a huge slide for the rest of that day. I know I shouldn't react that way, but moderation isn't my strong suit.

bearcountrygg on 03/28/2018:
I guess if we were addicted to carrots... we wouldn't have a weight problem to begin with...but I'm wondering why it is so difficult for all of us.....and I'm wondering if I want to spend my life dwelling on it. I knew someone who paid Weight Watchers $500 a year...and never lost...but she knew if she didn't she would gain more and be bed ridden....and she was ridiculed for being at meetings...sad.

horn_of_plenty on 03/28/2018:
i'm the darn same way as GRAINY but getting better bc i hate how it feels when my clothes can't be worn bc they are too small! this is saving me !

bearcountrygg on 03/28/2018:
Back when I lost it the first time...I did not have so much food in the house...and the options at the store were less too...I LOVE to try new things...UGH

horn_of_plenty on 03/28/2018:
me too....it's the selection...has def improved even in the last 10 years. it's crazy the food options nowadays! and compared to 50 years ago....OMG..big difference i KNOW in supermarkets and what was around then compared to now. and def not as much shipping of goods...or freedom to order anything anywhere! yeah. this day in age, options are endless.

bearcountrygg on 03/28/2018:
sometimes lots of choices are disastrous...I know they can be for me.

Maria7 on 03/28/2018:
Good on going to the store and buying food that doesn't tempt you. I did the same today (altho it was a close call that I almost gave in and got a tub of ice cream, but didn't)...

bearcountrygg on 03/28/2018:
Good for you!!!!! There is a carton of ice cream here...and I'm apparently the only one that will eat it...which I didn't think of when I bought it a couple of weeks ago......luckily it's almost gone...and it will not be replaced.

Donkey on 03/28/2018:
I think the grocery store is where most diets are won and lost. I know that if I don't have it in the house, it's not a problem.

I've come a long way though. It used to be that I could NOT have certain things in the house, like chips, ice cream... Now, if I have them in the house, they only call my name SOME of the time. And MOST of the time I can resist... and if I find that I'm breaking down, then I'll try to make an arrangement so that I don't go off the deep end.

bearcountrygg on 03/28/2018:
I do keep things here for D...and he shouldn't even have them himself....but he asks for me to get them...and I do......we will have to begin some sort of negotiation about that soon.

BearCountryGG - Tuesday Mar 27, 2018
(CEO of my life and calorie counting)
Weight: 227.4

Lotsof pre testing for D today...that's done for a few days...next week...more stuff.  Doing laundry and thinking nap now.  Dishwasher unloaded and reloaded and ran...besides those things...I'm just spendin some TV time.

coffee w/creamer

cheerios and milk

chicken strips and aioli





fresh pineapple

2 oatmeal cookies

dehydrated fruit about 1/3 cup

2 crackers


Progress as of today: 28 lbs lost so far, only 82.4 lbs to go!

Donkey on 03/27/2018:
A good day. I remember when we had to do all that prep work for my husband. There's a lot that you have to do before the actual surgery. I don't think people realize that, LOL. I was not prepared for how much work it would be afterwards. The movement we take for granted every day becomes so difficult, painful, or impossible. But then the healing can begin and things get better.

bearcountrygg on 03/28/2018:
I've had surgeries before and it was no more than 1 hosp visit beforehand.....this is really different....his dr keeps stressing that it's elective surgery and he can die...UGH

BearCountryGG - Monday Mar 26, 2018
(CEO of my life and calorie counting)
Weight: 225.4

Feeling better and hip is responding to turmeric and fresh pineapple.....and these need to keep on showing up in my life.  We got the curtains hung yesterday with only one blowup.....he started hanging them with me in another part of the house and I freaked out ( did this in another house before and he hung them wrong...MEN).....after we both wished POX on the other we both settled down and got it done!!!!  

Snow and ice is going slowly...and it's cold.....spring can start acting right anytime.  

D has lots and lots of tests at the hospital tomorrow...I expect him to be on edge today....so I just need to breathe and ignore his attitude........I will be so happy when this is all over with...and hopefully he is healthy enough to do this.


calories under 1,500


coffee, 1 with creamer

1 slice oatmeal toast with spray butter

scrambled egg with 1/2 slice american cheese


hamburger on whole wheat with aioli

mac and cheese








protein bar


Progress as of today: 30 lbs lost so far, only 80.4 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 03/26/2018:
yes, after he's had the surgery and healed quite a bit, i am also sure he'll start to feel better as he adjusts to the new...hip? i went back in your entries a week and still cannot remember...

our snow and ice has been melting quicker than yours with temps reaching around 40F each day at their peak and sometimes even higher. :)

Do you put the tumeric on the pineapple???

wishing you a good day...and also a smooth day tomorrow at the hospital :) best of luck to your hubby!!!!

bearcountrygg on 03/26/2018:
Knee replacement surgery...that actually was scheduled 2 years ago but he got shingles...so it had to be cancelled...an since then he has put it off until it can't be put off any longer. We take turmeric capsules...and I do cook with it also...but nope...we eat the pineapple fresh...and plain.

happy-1 on 03/26/2018:
Mmmm pineapple. You could always whack his good knee :-p

bearcountrygg on 03/26/2018:
LOl...at this point he doesn't have a good knee...LOL

BearCountryGG - Sunday Mar 25, 2018
(CEO of my life and calorie counting)
Weight: 225.4

Up and feeling pretty good today...feel fat...but good.  

Hopefully we get curtains on the last 4 curtainless windows today..... neighbors dog wanders over at night...( he's a nice lab)...and they come over to get him...I really will be happy when these windows are all covered. 

Time for the bear to start roaming around at night too...I don't want them  watching me when it's dark out either...they might think I have enough meat on my bones to just be worth breaking out a window...LOL

I enjoyed the exercycle yesterday...but kept it to 10 minutes...I will up that today......( I had a heart attack when I was 29 during a simple surgery that caused heart damage...and arrythmia...so I have to do that slowly)...but I will add a couple of minutes today.

I think this will be a good productive day.

Calories under 1,500 a day



coffee 1 with creamer

toasted oatmeal bread (2)

spray butter




rice with onions





dessert...but at least it had nuts and fruit in it...LOL



Progress as of today: 30 lbs lost so far, only 80.4 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 03/25/2018:
I am glad you are feeling good today. your plans so far on your day and menu look good!

my coworker who has a house upstate NY has been telling me bear stories too!

bearcountrygg on 03/25/2018:
I have a feeling it's going to be a season of plenty of bear.

Donkey on 03/25/2018:
So glad you like your bike! You've got the right approach, start out with what's comfortable, and then try to increase your time by 5 minute intervals, as you progress. I would recommend aiming for 30 minutes, but you know what you need to do to feel good.

Also, if the idea of a 30 minute session doesn't seem workable, try to fit in another short session at a different time. So 10 minutes in the morning, and then maybe 10 minutes in the afternoon. That might even work better...

bearcountrygg on 03/25/2018:
I stopped riding yesterday when I was just beginning to tire...I could have ridden longer....but since I'm not allowed to ever get on a treadmill again ( by Drs)...I figured I should take it slow. Today it will be a little longer, or like you said...maybe ride 2 or even 3 times today.

trishpiglet3 on 03/25/2018:
Having a heart attack during surgery sounds scary. Extra impressed with all you're doing given what you've been through.

I'm not so helpful with the exercise advice as others as I'm not as experienced or knowledgeable but wishing you luck :)

bearcountrygg on 03/25/2018:
Thank you...I was 29...and 130 pounds or less....with a family to raise.......it was a shock but life went on and I rarely think about it...but the arrhythmia gets my attention...so I don't have any stamina...I do things in small bursts of energy...it all eventually gets done.

happy-1 on 03/25/2018:
Good on you for getting done what you can when you can and then getting back to it. I am learning how to do it. I need to learn to set more achievable goals and be consistent with breaks.

bearcountrygg on 03/25/2018:
Little changes are helping...but you are doing great Hap!

BearCountryGG - Saturday Mar 24, 2018
(CEO of my life and calorie counting)
Weight: 225.4

Tons of things to do at home today...but the opperative word is home.....and the scales were up again...and this can't happen...so even if I have to get up in the middle of the night to post...that is what I'm going to do..... it's crazy how the scale is moving up...worse than I could ever imagine plus holding on to water right now is making it worse......but....I need to keep accountable...and this is the place to do that. Read an interesting brief article today about senior citizens and calories...they said that the less we eat in old age...the more we extend our lives...and for women that was 1,700 calories per day.  It is assumed that most women use about 2,000 calories a day just existing...I'm wondering if the 1,700 is taking into account the more sedentary old age life...or maybe seniors just use less to survive....at any rate...that's me...so 1,500 works for weight loss...and then going up to 1,700 should work for maintanance...( way too soon to think about that though).  

Back to the vitamins...when I go off the rails...everything stops....UGH

Exercise=10 minutes on bike

Max cals per day will be 1,500


2 cups coffee

1 banana


1 baked chicken breast




spray butter

bubly sparkling water


tuna salad


large orange


freeze dried corn ( mini bag)

roasted edemame(mini bag)

quest protein bar

veggie sticks (mini bag)


1453 calories for the day

Progress as of today: 30 lbs lost so far, only 80.4 lbs to go!

Donkey on 03/24/2018:
That's an interesting question: Is the lower calorie requirement due to less activity? or because the metabolism slows down as we age? I believe that there is research that says that our metabolism slows down as we get older. Menopause --- anything hormone related -- is another kick in the gut that makes it harder to lose weight.

I also thought that the more active one is, the more active the metabolism is. I could be wrong in my information.

IDK it seems such a shame to live so long only to not be able to eat whatever one wants. Kind of blows my "eat peanut M&M's all day long while watching TV once I'm 80" plan out the door... On the other hand, I'd love to be 80 and win 1st place in my age division in a running race because I'm the only one in my category LOL!

bearcountrygg on 03/24/2018:
LOL.....I didn't really consider the metabolism part.......maybe that's it...and the menopause thing happened surgically for me 20 years ago...and I know that didn't help at all..you would think 10 years of hot flashes would be worth something wouldn't you???LOL And then there is the question for me...that is...DO I WANT to live 10 years longer...and do my Kids want me to live 10 years longer...LOL....but being the only runner in your category would be a winner!!!!!

Donkey on 03/24/2018:
This reminds me, I need to pick up more vitamins as well.

bearcountrygg on 03/24/2018:
I was doing well with those...and as soon as I stopped posting..I quit taking them...UGH...I need DD...obviously! You guys keep me thinking!

Donkey on 03/24/2018:
Good job today!

bearcountrygg on 03/25/2018:

BearCountryGG - Friday Mar 23, 2018
(CEO of my life)
Weight: 223.0

I think I will have to find time to drop in here...maybe not daily.....but definately on some kind of basis.......I'm overeating out of stress...and the scales are showing it...clothes are tight but I refuse to buy a bigger size........I'm not even going there about today...it was pitiful....so tomorrow when I have time...I will be posting.... I seem to be searching out every sweet and potato item in the house.....so I need the accountablity.  

Progress as of today: 32.4 lbs lost so far, only 78 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 03/23/2018:
I'm there with you right now. Gained 6 lbs back

bearcountrygg on 03/23/2018:
Stress eating is so dangerous...I know I need to find a new way to deal with things.

Donkey on 03/23/2018:
Ugh, I hate that tight clothes feeling. I never realized I had sensory issues until recently: baggy clothes, nail biting...

bearcountrygg on 03/24/2018:
Yes...I hate my clothes...tight...and I equally hate them baggy!!! I'm not a picky dresser...I don't mind wearing old clothes...or faded clothes...but I want them to fit...no bagging...no tightness...I do draw the line at 2 different plaids or stripes and plaid at the same time...LOL.....makes me think of D's aunt and uncle who arrived at our front door in a total of 3 plaids and 1 print...I swear...when I opened the door my eyes couldn't focus...LOL

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