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BearCountryGG - Wednesday Jun 06, 2018
(Weight Watchers Online)
Weight: 243.6

Well...the foliage on the trees is blocking our TV, Phone and internet receptions......Problems of living in the forrest....I start typing and then lose it and have to start over when the reception comes back......this year the leaves are thicker than I have ever seen them.......our sons are complaining that they call us and we don't call back...( because the call never went through) ...it scares them....and we feel bad about that.....but don't know they called......so now we are checking in with them when we get a signal...................but I start typing here...and get bounced offf and lose it all......so not sure how often I will be able to be online....for some time....will get in here when I can.

scale good today

2 eggs = 0

toast = 4

spray butter = 0

coffee = 0

banana = 0



mixed fresh vegetables


Edit...lights on the reciever started flashing so I got in here quickly...LOL

Progress as of today: 9.2 lbs lost so far, only 98.6 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 06/07/2018:
EXCELLENT food choices...loving your menu, good mix. i love a cookie with a coffee.

that's nuts with the trees blocking the wire connections...does the town offer to do anything to fix it? cut down specific tree or is it just all of them! how nuts!

bearcountrygg on 06/07/2018:
They are ours…..it's a forrest….the town doesn't offer anything in the boonies...life in the forrest.

BearCountryGG - Tuesday Jun 05, 2018
(Weight Watchers Online)
Weight: 243.6

Up and happy that the scales dropped a bit....continuing to weigh in daily...it helps keep me aware....I was so hungry last evening...but resisted and lived through it.......and got the payoff at the scales this morning. and it was worth it.  As numbing as it is to see an unhappy reading of the scales.....I will continue with it for now at least....otherwise...I get sloppy and figure I will start again the next day and too many days like that become years...I've been there...so....onward and downward.  Went out and got groceries, and D has a dermatologist appt this afternoon....I see a nap in my future.  

Coffee = 0

banana = 0

dried fruit and nut bar = 7

Pizza = 21

banana = 0

Chicken = 0

beets = 0

taco rice = 9

Progress as of today: 9.2 lbs lost so far, only 98.6 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 06/05/2018:
Hope you are doing well today. ongrats on your progress. Altho I have not posted in a while, I still come here to DD and read entries almost daily of what is posted. I've been reading some of your older entries today and I had commented to you and you back to me on one you had written in March of this year: At that time you had lost 34 pounds in about 2.5 months. I write this to encourage you that you did it then and you can do it again. I think you got stressed out at that time and it sidelined your progress (as I have encountered myself, also) but I was thinking that maybe if you repeated what you ate, that you wrote down in your posts, during that time period, maybe that would help you now since you saw such progress during that period of time. Anyway, this is what I had written to one of your posts and your reply back to me:

Maria7 on 03/20/2018: Bless your heart. No wonder you are not in 'diet mode' and had a 'food fit'! :-) You have a lot on your plate (no pun intended). Same here, Friend. I've been out of 'diet mode' myself, this winter. Oh, well. 'This, too, shall pass', regarding all the stress. You are still doing great, holding off over 34 pounds you have lost, no easy feat. I basically don't care, either, at times and just eat whatever I want. Hope you have a good day. :-)

bearcountrygg on 03/20/2018: Thanks Maria....you are right...there is a lot on my plate...LOL

bearcountrygg on 06/05/2018:
Good Idea Maria...I will go back and look those over.....Thanks for the reminder.

Donkey on 06/05/2018:
Maria has very good insight on this! :-)

bearcountrygg on 06/06/2018:
Yes she does.…..I will go back and read those if I can....our internet is acting up so I will when i can.

Donkey on 06/05/2018:
PS What kind of pizza? Living vicariously through you ;-)

bearcountrygg on 06/06/2018:
Digiorno….supreme...1/3rd of pie

horn_of_plenty on 06/06/2018:
the scale will def shift in your favor after a week or two of persistence! way to go so far. loving the healthy food you list. yesterday i ate roasted cauliflower "rice" (you know, riced cauliflower). i didn't use ANY oil to roast but flavored it with salt, pepper, and garlic and ate it with something similar to creamed spinach but an indian version. so good and filling to have the roasted (till some is crispy) califlower topped with a creamy spinach...all veg. i did have some grains after though...since i am not a low carb type person and enjoy grains...lol....veggies help. i was surprised the cauliflower tasted good to roast even without oil, just a little on the baking tin foil so it didn't stick so badly.

bearcountrygg on 06/06/2018:
Sounds good!

horn_of_plenty on 06/06/2018:
you are on a steady roll, someone in my office is also on weight watchers i don't know if she's liking the flex points like all the zero points...she knows also it's about calories!

bearcountrygg on 06/06/2018:
Yup...with this one we are more on our own than ever.

BearCountryGG - Monday Jun 04, 2018
(Weight Watchers Online)
Weight: 244.0

 The scales surprised me today...back at saturdays 244.....but need to see a drop better than that...but after yesterdays weird eating....I need to get back to  more normal foods and less snacky stuff.....any way....I was holding water...and oddly even after salty stuff yesteray....that went away.  Still within the weeks ww points so all is well.


coffee = 0

1 egg = 0

15 grain bread toasted = 4

1/2 t. buter and spray butter = 1


Breakfast = 5



chicken breast = 0

beets = 0

lettuce, croutons, ranch = 9

taco rice = 8

1 stick light mozzarella cheese = 1

watermelon = 0


lunch = 9


2 scrambled eggs = 0

3 cups watermelon = 0



used all 23 points and done for the day other than zero al drinks


Progress as of today: 8.8 lbs lost so far, only 99 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/04/2018:
keep up the great work, BCGG! you are on a roll...keep on and don't give up or give in please!!! :)

i love a piece of bread with butter too. and good job adding protein to the meal and coffee makes it filling :)

bearcountrygg on 06/04/2018:
Starting the morning with what I consider snacky stuff just keeps me wanting that all day......yesterdays quest bar for breakfast was not a good thing for me.....Thanks for the encouragement HOP...I appreciate it!

horn_of_plenty on 06/04/2018:
i'm always here to encourage, never to criticize or offend or anything else lady BCGG!

bearcountrygg on 06/04/2018:
I know...I LOVE your posts!!!! :)

Donkey on 06/04/2018:
Beets are zero points?? Wow, that's great! I have a whole can of them for my "just in case" stash at work. I am surprised because, as a vegetable (or whatever), they are supposed to be higher in sugar. Still, every once in a while, I get a real taste for them... and they turn my tongue bright red - WIN-WIN!

Keep up the good work. The points will pay off for you. Persistence!

bearcountrygg on 06/04/2018:
Beets I believe contain iron too....and now they are selling powdered beets on TV...and apparently it gives energy. The plain ones are 0....pickled are more. I once had a drs wife ( neighbor) ask me why I was feeding the baby beets....she thought they were just sugar and never fed them to her kids....wonder how she feels now...and now she's a dr too...lol

BearCountryGG - Sunday Jun 03, 2018
(Weight Watchers Online)
Weight: 244.6

This weighing in every day is tough......up point 6 today ....but as much of  a bummer as it is...it helps me see what I'm doing wrong.  The ww freestyle is a tough one...the freedom is hard to figure..........since there are no points for so many things...you really don't know how many points/calories you are eating....I'm thinking today that I may try using the fit day program ( on a CD)...to count calories in paralell so I know where I stand.  In fact I think I will go back and count yesterdays calories...to see what I did.

Using 2 programs together is not an unusual thing for a lot of people on WW right now....I know a few that are doing keto and ww at the same time now.

It's all a learning experience.


Went and figured yesterdays points against the fitday program...and it shows that I ate 1,615 calories...not terrible at all when you consider that my body burns over 2,000 a day...soi will just do ww today...(no fitday)...and see how tomorrows weigh in is.


2 cups black coffee = 0

strawberry quest bar = 3

premier vanilla protein drink = 2

stretch island fruit leather = 2

watermelon = 0

chicken,vegetable rice dish = 7

dried sweet corn = 2

Deep River jalapeno chips =8

bag animal crackers =6

brownie = 14

2 cuties = 0

pretzels and cheese = 12

veggie straws = 4


0 dailies left

31  weekies left

Doing things differently today and starting with points foods......

Today was a lot junkier than spending most of the day on zero point foods.......but it's the junk that uses the points up....the healthy stuff is basically zero and doesn't get the points used as I'm supposed to.....and once I started eating the junk I wanted more and more........it's a vicious cycle.  But all in all...I'm sure I took in less calories today than yesterday.

Trying to wait a few more days before going grocery shopping...we need to use up more stuff around here before adding to it.





Progress as of today: 8.2 lbs lost so far, only 99.6 lbs to go!

Donkey on 06/03/2018:
A couple of observations and then some encouragement:

A couple of months ago, the title company brought in a bunch of goodies, including 3 big bowls of fresh fruit, watermelon being one of them. I completely indulged in the fresh fruit, "gained" a pound or 2, and my skin broke out. Next week, all was reconciled, including my skin.

The sausage and Slim Jim are high in sodium... but still worth every bite in my book. Better to have those than, say, chips.

So my point is: don't get discouraged!!! Especially since you checked your calories with FitDay. This is a blip. Your food choices were spot on.

bearcountrygg on 06/03/2018:
I agree...and I thought about what you asked the other day about having to eat the zero foods....so today...I'm eating points first an will use the zero things later.....I think it will even out too....I do hold onto water pretty bad in my legs and fingers...I'm not worried...I'mactually finding it kind of fun to see how things go on a day to day basis.....I realized...that I have to make a game out of it...or I lose interest....I agree with every thing you said completely!!!! You are right on the mark!

innerpeace on 06/03/2018:
My body is rediculous with the weighing everyday and the swelling of the feet. I could gain 2 pounds over night. Don't get discouraged.

bearcountrygg on 06/03/2018:
I m not....I swell too...but we need salt...so...UGH

Donkey on 06/03/2018:
That's an interesting idea, to eat your points first and then focus on zero point foods as the day progresses. I'd be interested to hear your evaluation on that approach.

bearcountrygg on 06/03/2018:
Not good...all I did all day was crave junk food...and I caved way too much....need to go back to the zero stuff...but need to add more veggies and less fruit

Horn_of_plenty on 06/03/2018:
i used to live on those quest bars, especially the chocolate one that i'd microwave i think 10 seconds and eat like a brownie. they are def great with a coffee like i think you did! they have the fiber so with liquid alongside them, they are satisfying. you make me want to buy them again!

good food choices and variety and i do think it's smart to use both programs, and not give up on yourself or the programs as you are doing great!

bearcountrygg on 06/04/2018:
They are too good maybe......for me

Horn_of_plenty on 06/03/2018:
and like donkey said, litttle losses add up...it doesn't have to be all downhill losses all the time, but you'll lose, maintain, lose, maintain...over time!

bearcountrygg on 06/04/2018:
the dangers of daily weigh ins...LOL

happy-1 on 06/03/2018:
You are doing great! don't get discouraged.

bearcountrygg on 06/04/2018:
back on track hopefully today

BearCountryGG - Saturday Jun 02, 2018
(Weight Watchers Online)
Weight: 244.0

 Weigh in 244....up point 2......so will adjust today...( I've been waiting for that to show me my limits....)  I'm enjoying WW this time...like the time way back when...that I lost well with it......and I guess for me...that checks all of the boxes.  Just dieting apparently is not very interesting to me...I need that game type interest to stay motivated.  I'm also concerned with losing all that I need to lose before they change the program again...which they do every year or 2...if this one keeps me interested...I don't want it to change....also so far this time...I'm not pushing to use my weeklies.....in the past I did that....now I'm finding myself wanting to have 4 points from dailies rolled over to weeklies.  I do also notice that I'm eating a lot of fruit...because we have a lot here...I'm going to keep using that...and work on buying less the next time.  

Weeklies = 44

Dailies = 23


2 black coffee = 0

1 egg = 0

1 banana =0

ole extreme spinach wrap =1

starkist light tuna pouch = 0

pickle = 0

mustard = 0

2 cups blueberries = 0

2 mini slim jims beef sticks = 3

1 mini lara bar apple =4

quest bar strawberry = 3

3 cups watermelon = 0

4 ounces polish sausage = 12


used all of the dailies, none of the weeklies

Progress as of today: 8.8 lbs lost so far, only 99 lbs to go!

Donkey on 06/02/2018:
One thing I forgot to comment on from earlier this week: What a BRILLIANT idea to label points on foods ahead of time! I'm not sure this would have occurred to me to do this, lol. I can see this pre-planning as being very helpful on difficult days -- or any day, actually!

bearcountrygg on 06/02/2018:
I especially like it when in the evening...I may not be too interested in eating...but I have to use up some points....and I can find things that add up exactly. It's been great.

BearCountryGG - Friday Jun 01, 2018
(Weight Watchers Online)
Weight: 243.8

 Daily weight in...again very happy...another drop on the scale.....so far this is very rewarding...and it's working and a cinch to stick with...I guess the planets finally aligned and I'm working the program.....sounds like a miracle.

This newest WW program has really divided the troops....some are gaining...some are losing...loads of freedom...but you have to put the brakes on yourself.......

Earlier this year I didn't work the program...as I had so often done in the past...I toyed with the program and messed it up......this time...I'm walking the walk and so far have been super happy...I know it's very early.......but I'm loving it....and as long as they don't mess with my credit card....we will be just fine...LOL ( don't even want to think about that...it was a nightmare the last time).

Now after writing the points on a lot of the food......it's so easy to pick out what will fit the points needs quickly........I

I'm loving that.

So far....I have been having a zero or low point breakfast, noon meal is what I consider my main meal...but with the chicken, fish, egg, fruit, veggie being zero....its super easy to have a healthy filling meal using practically no points.....then I have a lot of points left for the last meal...which I have been using up the higher point things that are here...or that I have been craving.....so it's actually fun. It's turned into a weight loss game...and that is absolutely perfect for me. Oh and I am not eating between meals...and that's helping keep me from just grazing all day...but I do drink propel water, perrier water and other zero point drinks...plus plain water.

Weekly points left =40

daily points = 23

Vitamin, extra c, zinc, turmeric, omegas, 2 baby aspirin

Meal # 1

Fage 0% yogurt = 0

blueberries = 0

coffee ( black) = 0

Meal #2

Ole extreme wellness spinach herb wrap ( 2 of them) = 2

baked chicken breast = 0

pickle = 0

mustard = 0

cherries = 0

Premier protein shake vanilla = 2

Meal #3

peas and carrots = 0

fettuccini alfredo = 11

quest bar = 4

banana = 0


still 4 dailies left...but they will move those to weeklies tomorrow




Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 98.8 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/01/2018:
I like the sound of the meal plan and variety of ways to use the points. :) just like i do with calories, well, similar!

bearcountrygg on 06/01/2018:
Yup...…I've figured out that I need to play kind of a game with it. I'm liking the idea of leaving a lot of points for the last meal of the day....then I give myself free rein to use them any way I want...and I figure after a day of zero points mostly...I've had a lot of healthy things...so I give myself permission to basically eat what I want....and it seems to be working...….you are eating a really good array of things.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/01/2018:
what i do sounds similar to your approach now, for sure :) because sometimes i'm eating more for the health end and others it's for the taste / pleasure aspect.

Donkey on 06/01/2018:
Could you (not You, but anyone) not have days that are filled completely with zero point days?

I do see how one could not lose weight or gain, even, on the new system. I like the new system for maintaining... We should probably all have zero point days, right? I have 2 WW booklets that I haven't let go yet, from the old system: one is a food point bible and the other one is a food point bible for restaurants. Even though I don't do WW, I think the old system works well for weight-loss.

As long as they don't mess with the payments, I hope you continue to have success with this program. It really is helpful for structure, yet easier than calorie-counting -- which has its pitfalls too. YOU ARE DOING IT!!!

bearcountrygg on 06/01/2018:
We can have days with no zero points...but the way they have it set up now.....the things that have points are HIGH....so they are pushing fresh produce, chicken breast, fish and 0% yogurt and eggs ( all basically free) not potatoes though...….so you wouldn't get much to eat if you only ate point foods. They are going for the healthy stuff now instead of people searching out junk food that had low points. I do have to eat at least between 19 and 23 points a day

bearcountrygg on 06/01/2018:
The old system worked for everyone...the new system is a problem for a lot....

happy-1 on 06/01/2018:
Congrats!!!!!! Yay weight loss!

bearcountrygg on 06/02/2018:
monitoring daily is scary...lol

BearCountryGG - Thursday May 31, 2018
(Weight Watchers Online)
Weight: 244.6

 Daily weigh in...another small drop....I don't mind weighing everyday as long as the scales show it...will be playing this by ear.

Poured rain all night...so I slept well....woke up today feeling great again...bu did forget the vitamins yesterday.

Stayed up late to write points on food packages....this will make it a lot easier....I had a lot more nutrisystem food here than I thought...need to get on that.

36 weeklies

23 dailies


Meal #1

2 cups black coffee = 0


1/2 cup fage 0% yogurt = 0

1/2 cup blueberries = 0

vitamin c, muli vit, zinc, omegas, 2 baby aspirin, turmeric


Meal #2

2 ole extreme spinach herb tortillas = 2

baked chicken breast = 0

mustard = 0

pickles = 0

cherries = 0


only used 2 points so far today.....have to get in at  least 17 tonight...they will move 4 to weeklies tonight but i have to use 17

Meal #3

2 mozzarella sticks = 2

1 kodiak protein blueberry muffin = 9

edamame = 2

jalapeno chips = 4


19 points used

Progress as of today: 8.2 lbs lost so far, only 99.6 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 05/31/2018:
excellent food choices..

writing food points is a good idea...better to plan before than after you eat it and then look it up...whenever i don't really calculate in advance, my calories are always higher than i had expected haha...

bearcountrygg on 05/31/2018:
I definitely prefer to figure meal by meal as I eat...because when I preplan...I seem to rarely stick to it...right now...I'm liking a no point or low point breakfast...then having my main amt of calories at noon.....then bringing up the last meal using the points that need to be used...generally my last "meal"...is more like a mixture of "stuff"...spent a lot of time last night and this morning writing points on containers...that is going to make it a lot easier.

horn_of_plenty on 05/31/2018:
same here, i do meal by meal as i don't usually stick to choices by dinner either :) same as you with my last meal...it's based on how i did throughout the day.

horn_of_plenty on 05/31/2018:
and not sure you saw my other comment, but 8 lbs is really excellent! you should be so happy, nothing to laugh at!

bearcountrygg on 05/31/2018:
Yah...but that's over the last 10 months...….should be better...I'm on point now....so I'm hoping that gets a lot better.

horn_of_plenty on 05/31/2018:
that's almost a lb a month...keep on!

you have learned a lot, if you look back on your progress of what worked and what didn't....learn from the past 10 months to keep on! Imagine losing 10 more lbs in the next 10 months...that would be 15-20lb loss! Now, that's talking! Look at it as just the beginning.

It took me one year to lose the "last 10" and now i'm eager to stay a tad slimmer than i am now....but right now just maintaining as i am still learning how to achieve more (probably just the addition of cardio)...it takes a long time to actually change some things and to learn what works. you must struggle/fail in order to succeed at most anything right!?

bearcountrygg on 05/31/2018:
A lot has been learned in those 10 months.....if I apply myself better than I have been...it should be a better year.

Donkey on 05/31/2018:
The little losses will add up quickly if you keep at it. You can do it!

bearcountrygg on 06/01/2018:
Thank you for mentioning WW awhile back...you made me want to give it another go...and the time is right this time...THANK YOU!!!

BearCountryGG - Wednesday May 30, 2018
(Weight Watchers Online)
Weight: 245.2

Up and full of energy...feeling really good....and ready for another day.......down  .6 ( point 6)....this morning from yesterday. Looking forward to todays plan........and plan to not use any weekly points today...( there are plenty of zero point foods so it shouldn't be too difficult)....I'm not really used to getting on the scales daily....but I plan to do this...it can backfire...but I get that...and it hopefully will help keep me motivated.  Looking back on history here.....I've technically lost very little...and I can see where I've wasted a year.....just flailing around.......if I had been serious...I could actually be at my goal right now...i do not want another year to pass with that kind of outcome. This is a great place...with lots of support and motivation and I need to make use of that.  

Put out the 2 hummingbird feeders yesterday and 1 little guy/gal has taken it over.....I went out to bring them in for the night ( bears)...and then D told me it was back and looking for the feeders...so as I took them back out  last evening...that little tiny thing buzzed around my head....( it sounded like a loud fan)....and it was happy that it got a brief evening snack...LOL....so they came in for the night...and when we got up at 5:30 this morning..it was out there waiting again...D thinks it's staking its territory.....we sure are enjoying this little character. Guess it doesn't take much to entertain old people...LOL

Total weight loss while on DD = 7.6 pounds ( now that is just sad)...READY TO CHANGE THAT!!!!!

Weight Watcher weekly points available until next tuesday = 33

Daily points available = 23

Meal #1

2 cups black coffee = 0

2/3 cup Fage 0% plain yogurt = 0

1 cup blueberries ( from frozen) = 0

Meal #2

lettuce with 10 croutons and 1T ranch = 4

baked chicken breast 5 ounces = 0

english muffin toasted with spray butter = 4

fresh cherries = 0


used 8 daily points so far ..........15 dailies left for day

Meal #3

Light mozzarella cheese stick = 1

Eat Smart veggiecrisps  1 mini bag = 3

Wild garden snack box garlic hummus and pita chips = 7

4 dates = 0

kims  cinnamon wheat/rice cake = 1


3  daily points left...and they will roll over to weeklies tomorrow


Progress as of today: 7.6 lbs lost so far, only 100.2 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 05/30/2018:
This post makes you sound like a Disney princess, lol!

bearcountrygg on 05/30/2018:
The tiny bird buzzing around my head part...LOL?

horn_of_plenty on 05/31/2018:
hey almost 8lbs while on DD is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bearcountrygg on 05/31/2018:
Need to do better though!!

BearCountryGG - Tuesday May 29, 2018
(Weight Watchers Online)
Weight: 245.8

OKAY...I really...really...enjoyed the 4 day holiday...food wise...not wisely eating....but that I enjoyed what I ate.  Apparently that is not a good thing...........I got on the scales today and was pretty unhappy with the outcome .....It's now time for me to get serious....stop playing around...and get this job done and be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this.  I don't care if I have to white knuckle this...or if I need to make myself suffer a little more....but I'm wasting time...and need to kick things into gear.  I'm ready now......and the heat of summer is pointing out to me that I have to get this thing under control.  

From this moment on....until I reach goal.....I fully intend to suffer, deny myself, starve, and do whatever it takes to weigh 145 pounds or less.  

I know I have a low...slow...metabolism......so that just means I need to eat accordingly...it's not an excuse to gripe....it's a reason to take vitamins...and then eat whatever it takes to lose........

It won't be fun...and it won't  be easy.....but starting today...I'm TOTALLY COMMITTED ....now...lets just get this job done LINDA!!!!! ( great now I'm talking to myself......that's okay too...whatever it takes)

Multi vitamin, extra c. zinc, turmeric, omegas, baby aspirin

Went down the basement and found 2 hummingbird feeders...wonderful way to use up the cane sugar...win...win!

I've also decided to step up my game by weighing in daily...I usually don't do that...but it does put pressure on me to work harder and figure out what is most effective.

Another change is...that while I have used Weight Waters many times in the past...once...very successfully with a 55 pound loss....and many...many times...I have joined and quit...and more recently...I found their website to be an issue...and over charging my Credit card....and they now have a very loosey goosey program with many no point foods...and a lot of people are struggling with it...I do hear that their online site is working better now...finally.....and there is an impact on me when it comes to paying for something...it can work in my favor as far as pushing me to get things done so I can stop paying them.  I have checked out nutrisystem and their food has more fiber than my system can deal with all day every day...( and I still have some of that stuff left to use up slowly)....there is a program here that uses shakes and soups...but I know I don't want to go that route...and its a 2 hr drive.....there is also a TOPS here......but I just don't want to get involved with that....apparently there are some very sketchy participants there...and they drive new members out very quickly.....so I don't want to deal with that.....so...I'm giving Weight watchers another go......$$$$$$ going out is going to help me stay focused.....and it will also force me to weigh and measure....I will just have to keep an eye on the credit card.......good reason to just do it and get it over with....The house is well stocked with WW friendly things...so it's a go!

Signed up for online Weight watchers...my weeks will start on Tuesday....with 23 daily points and 42 weekly points,,,I did it before and I can do it again!!!!!

Meal #1

2 cups black coffee = 0 points

1/2 cup Fage 0% yogurt = 0 points

END OF BREAKFAST and staying out of the kitchen!

Meal #2 Using up leftovers...

4 ounces pork = 4

1 cup peas =0

1 2/3 cup Annies leftover  shells and cheese = 23

leftover fries  = 5

Meal #3

28 cherries = 0

1 1/2 cups blueberries = 0


Glad the leftovers are gone........choices will get better now.

Used up todays points and 9 of my weeklies.No more food for the day!!!!

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 100.8 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 05/29/2018:
The pain and agony of suffering...

I have a growth on my pituitary gland and PCOS which causes me slower weight loss or 'it will be harder for me to lose weight' is what I was told. I like to eat and I don't like pain...I have to come to terms with one or the other. Oh and being lazy doesn't help either. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and all the motivation you need to accomplish your goal.

bearcountrygg on 05/29/2018:
I had PCOS too...until a hysterectomy.….now it's low thyroid...it's always something....thank you for the encouragement..I think it's time for me to just bite the bullet and get this done.

horn_of_plenty on 05/29/2018:
i hope more birds come once you have the feeders set up...cute!

bearcountrygg on 05/29/2018:
Me too.

happy-1 on 05/29/2018:
What anout Noom? It's supposed to be better than WW.

bearcountrygg on 05/29/2018:
Never heard of them...……..

happy-1 on 05/29/2018:
I might do Noom with you.

bearcountrygg on 05/29/2018:
I already paid for WW....LOL

happy-1 on 05/29/2018:
Oh good! Have fun!!

bearcountrygg on 05/29/2018:

BearCountryGG - Monday May 28, 2018
(Intuitive Eating)
Weight: 241.2

Doesn't look like I'm going to be abe to paint deck furniture today either....rain on it's way today........but I saw my first hummingbird here today at the kitchen window.........D had put his red travel mug on the window sill and the hummingbird apparently thought it was a flower ....so cute.

Meal #1


15 grain bread toasted with spray butter

2 egg

meal #2

pork chop

mushroom rissoto

carrots, celery, cucumbers



Meal #3

cheese and crackers

2 vegetable/fruit lara bars


Progress as of today: 11.6 lbs lost so far, only 96.2 lbs to go!

Donkey on 05/28/2018:
I saw on the map this morning that northern Wisconsin is getting quite a bit of rain this morning and looked to be heading your way. I don't know if that keeps things cooler or just ramps up the humidity for you (all). My mom would have hummingbirds at her house in Wisconsin. They had flowering vines growing in the trellis that grew on the top of their deck (for shade) and the h-birds just loved it.

I'm debating what to have for breakfast. Yours sounds really yummy...

bearcountrygg on 05/28/2018:
That tiny bird actually took my breath away....it was so cute.

graindart on 05/28/2018:
Remember seeing hummingbirds in northern Canada when we'd go up for the Summers (30 years ago). They were awesome to watch. Did see one a couple years ago on a vacation, but don't see them up were I live now.

bearcountrygg on 05/28/2018:
I had seen a couple downstate...but this was my first one here...guess it s time to get a feeder out for them.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/28/2018:
awww so sweet, i love nature and seeing it and being in it oudoors in the open too! :)

bearcountrygg on 05/28/2018:
They are so tiny...thy look like a large bug.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/28/2018:
today i had pre-cut up celery laying in my fridge from last week's prep i did...so nice to have veggies handy...makes me want to eat them. reading how you had veggies made me think how i did, also. def helps fill the stomach for less calories.

bearcountrygg on 05/28/2018:
Ours had been cut up for 5 days...and were definitely not as fresh as they could be.....UGH

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