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BearCountryGG - Friday Jan 05, 2018
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 243.6

Sooo...it's another day justb like the other days..................the news is telling us to stay in and stay home..........we have more deliveries coming today....Schwans and others...i pkg lost in the great unknown...lots of apologies and no answers...Denny has been waiting for that light bulb ( a weird thing called a corn light) ...my guess is it may have been opened and were stumped about what it is...LOL...It's a weird light bulb for the barn......!!!!!!!  More turmeric capsules, coffee...and Turbo Tax software.....such exciting things...LOL....anyway..everything was ordered before the 1st of the year and I'm working on getting this stuff delivered and then getting busy using whatever is onhand...........we need to stop shopping...and use up what we have..all across the board.  Working on the food prep closet and when we finally get it empty I will restock a bit differently...but that is a long way off.


coffee 0

Fage 0% yogurt 0

cinnamon 0

apple butter 1....made a great mix in to make that yogurt more palateable

Banana 0

After reading below that we breathe out fat when we are losing weight...makes me wonder...are we breathing in other peoples fat?  .....are ww meetings akin to walking into Duncan donuts???  Thisjust might be a new THING!!!!


6 triscut fig and honey crackers 3

mini bag funyun flaming hot 4


Beef chow Mein = 2

rice noodles = 3

tea =0


Progress as of today: 11.8 lbs lost so far, only 98.6 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 01/05/2018:
Good that you are prepared. How would your restock differently, if you don't mind my asking? Hope you have a blessed day.

BearCountryGG on 01/05/2018:
I will restock with more canned meats and vegetables and the rice I restock will be plain without added calorie things...I will also restock with a lot more beans...dried and canned...beans and legumes are now zero points on Weight Watchers...and I plan to begin adding more of them. I will also have a lot less chips, cookies and granola bar type things...they just tempt me too much

horn_of_plenty on 01/05/2018:
i commented below on your thursday....!

horn_of_plenty on 01/05/2018:
Hola BCGG! And HAPPY FRIDAY woohoo! You made it thru another cold week by you! Spring will come, no worries, we do know this fact!

Never heard of a CORN light! Will have to look this up for my own personal info! Interesting name, I’m sure it resembles corn in some way!....or maybe it has that name bc it’s a barn light…(corn is on farms / in barns perhaps)….gonna look it up!

You are smart to do your own tax. I might do mine also this year – give it a try, why not!? Instead of wasting $300 on an accountant. Still thinking about it…although my accountant is VERY good. So, perhaps I’ll use him again. But I do plan to start doing my own in the next FIVE years I’ll give myself until I turn 40 to try doing taxes myself…it’s not urgent at the moment this year I got enough going on with taking a class / gym and the new job….but I do think you are SO SMART to do it yourself. I may change my mind – and do it myself this year also….possibility is definitely there….to do it myself.

Stay warm and inside as the news told you to!

BearCountryGG on 01/05/2018:
Turbo tax at amazon is $39...It is so simple...it walks you through and asks questions...and it's a breeze to do.....I was scared the first year...but now I would never go back to a tax person. I print it out and mail it in.....you can also E file...but I have never done that. I actually enjoy it.

horn_of_plenty on 01/05/2018:
i think i will buy it this year...and start using Turbo tax....ty...i'll see first if i can use my parent's version or if i need to buy it for myself.

BearCountryGG on 01/05/2018:
You have to use the right year...if they buy the CD for 2017...then I believe you can use it too....I get the Deluxe version because it includes a state

horn_of_plenty on 01/05/2018:

happy-1 on 01/05/2018:
I'd think you'd be more likely to breathe in fat while other people are burning it... so like a spin class is more likely than a WW meeting.

BearCountryGG on 01/06/2018:
It all just sounds gross...yet...that is how we catch communicable diseases...maybe we are onto something here...LOL Sounds like a home gym is the answer. To me gyms are cringworthy....the wipe the last persons sweat off before you use a machine. Maybe now gym goes should wear a mask to keep from inhaling other peoples fat...LOL

happy-1 on 01/05/2018:
If you restock, you can probably do bulk food purchases for plain stuff. I'm thinking about buying bulk brown rice and coconut flour, etc. Plus it will be easier for your kids to eat at your house because you'll be starting from scratch foods. You could even start a gluten-free capsule pantry :-)


BearCountryGG on 01/06/2018:
Good idea!

BearCountryGG - Thursday Jan 04, 2018
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 243.6

Below zero temps here and lots of school closings, deaths of dogs and a person that have been found frozen to death makes this a year like no  other.  Barn door guy coming today to assess the situation...we need to get that tractor out....some deliveries today also ...so at home I will be......Denny will deal with barn door guy and I will deal with deliveries.  Delivery delays and some things arriving frozen from being in the UPS and FED EX trucks is now a thing!

I'm not sure how many times it will take for me to accept that big breakfasts with lots of points are not for me...yesterday was a mess up....I can undo the damage...but I am happiest with low point or light breakfasts....lots of heavy food in the morning makes me hungry all day...I know better.......I need to remind myself that things can go into the fridge or freezer for later...they do not need to be eaten immediatly, my apparent innability to throw "good food" out is behind all this...and basically I don't see myself ever getting over the "human garbage can" issue.  I was raised by parents that had gone through the depression....using things up was their way of life...it's ingrained in me......It has always been Waste not want not...or if you throw good things out you will go hungry one day....SO.....in order to honor that gut belief of mine I will need to keep remembering to just put it in the freezer...and that eating it is not necessary right now (...I have no problem throwing things out from the freezer later if I don't think it's edible. ) 

At 68...learning to deal with my issues in an acceptable way instead of doing what would just make me nervous and upset is how it will be.....it's quirky, I get that...but....keeping the peace in my own mind is important too....and so it is............

It's now after 3 and the doors are fixed, D is out playing in the snow on his tractor and  all of  the deliveries have arrived...but 1 was wrong....called them..and they are sending the right stuff...so all is well.

Tonights weather is predicted to be  -18 with a -30 wind chill.............

Starting today........

I am 20 points in the hole for the week  so....-20 weeklies

23 dailies left


Fage 0% yogurt = 0

cinnamon = 0

banana = 0

coffee = 0


apple = 0

tea = 0

mini bag funyuns =4


lean cuisine orange chicken freezer meal = 10

rice pilaf = 9

Progress as of today: 11.8 lbs lost so far, only 98.6 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 01/04/2018:
Love your post today. My Parents also went through the depression and taught us 'waste not, want not', too. If I have a big meal, I try to only eat part of it and save the other part for my next meal, whether it is breakfast or a burger (unless I am really hungry, that is). I am really enjoying reading your 0 points foods...I find I am eating more bananas, seeing they are 0 points (altho I am following a different plan that is not WW)...Your posts are very interesting...Have a blessed day.

BearCountryGG on 01/04/2018:
WW had always counted bananas with points but apparently they now feel the encouragement to eat fresh produce is more important, and I agree. Have a great day Maria.

innerpeace on 01/04/2018:
My DH is the same way. I would rather not keep leftovers especially when I know I won't eat them, but he insists we keep them. He doesn't usually eat them either and then a week later I am throwing them out of the refrigerator.

I have a pork and mushroom crockpot meal in my refrigerator meal that I'm not touching. It will get tossed this weekend.

I hope your door gets fixed. Stay warm and safe.

BearCountryGG on 01/04/2018:
Door guy came...and all doors working great...and Hubby is out playing on his tractor right now.

Donkey on 01/04/2018:
I responded to your comments on my entry from yesterday - very helpful. Thank you!

BearCountryGG on 01/05/2018:
My problem is that I have so many carbs here in our food stash....and hubby looks for that side dish daily......I am looking forward to the day when they are gone...and I can get more veggies in both of us...but the low carb diet isn't recommended for people with hashimotos...also we aren't supposed to eat much soy or things like broccoli and cauliflower and cabbage.

Donkey on 01/04/2018:
Also, what I really find helpful with your WW log points is how many points some of these carbs are! Looking at yesterday, the toast, hash browns, and rice pilaf were the highest contributors. Gosh, how I do love carbs... I just wish they weren't so detrimental to weight loss!

And that's not a criticism towards you at all! I've been trying to veer towards vegetarian meals, and I just end up eating a lot more carbs :-( So I think I'm just going to resolve that I will eat meat, but hopefully just less of it...

horn_of_plenty on 01/05/2018:
Hello there, BCGG!

As I am reading from your food and drink list, excellent eating again going on for you! WONDERFUL! Sorry it’s so cold by you also!...colder than what us NYers feel is cold! Sorry! OMG…so sorry to hear of a person being found frozen to death! I hear that it’s colder than normal around the country, including near Disney in Florida! I heard it was around 30F there! Which is very cold for the middle Florida region!

Just like you, I do not do well either with BIG breakfasts with many calories. They just set me up to be even hungrier all day, despite what people say that a big breakfast is so good for you. For me, it doesn’t work…and usually makes me feel very groggy as well.

Everyone has their quirks…definitely I do. And even at 68, I support the fact that you can adjust your ways so you can lose weight. You are finding what works best for you & that’s all that matters! Good job so far!

happy-1 on 01/05/2018:
Chances are the food you don't want to toss is good to keep on hand for emergencies. When I did the pantry cleanout for my fitness challenge, I just bought a rubbermaid tub to toss all the simple carbs in so that if there is an earthquake we have easy, convenient food to heat up.

BearCountryGG - Wednesday Jan 03, 2018
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 243.6

Still very cold and snowy.......and I'm finding plenty around here to stay busy with.....2 garage doors on the barn quit the other day...and the tractor is stuck inside....NO..NOT THIS TIME OF YEAR!..It is so hard to find anyone in this area to hire to do things...that's the price we have to pay for living in the wilds......and we are now too old to deal with these things ourselves....silly us...we thought we would never get old......well...we lied to ourselves..........it happens when you are asleep.....you just wake up one day and you are all shriveled up...and your joints don't want to move...or maybe it was creeping up on us and we ignored it.....but it stinks!   Appreciate youth while you have it.................BUT...we are happy to still be upright and walking so.......on with life as it is.

Vitamins, extra c, turmeric,zinc, omegas

Weekly 40




15 grain bread toasted 8

butter 5 

hash browns 8

oil 1

coffee 0


banana 0

Something different today......used all of my daily points except 1 for breakfast...it wasn't planned...it was food I had made for Hubby...but he filled up fast...and didn't eat a lot of it and I ( the human garbage can)...ate it myself. I still have weeklies left too so it's not a real problem...but it does point out to me that planning is important...and maybe just maybe the food should have gone into the garbage...instead.


lettuce 0

ranch dressing 5

rice pilaf with pine nuts and butter = 11

raspberries 0

caramel flan 7


2 sandwiches that put me over on points......lesson learned....no more big point breakfasts.....it sets the pace for the whole day...I already knew this but as usual...I ignored it.


Progress as of today: 11.8 lbs lost so far, only 98.6 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 01/03/2018:
i'm also taking zinc and annoyed that i cannot exercise...if i'm still coughing i will not go exercise. i have to work on being healthy first or i'll not make it thru winter alive once this class begins...i guess i'll take the extra rest .... but the gym....

BearCountryGG on 01/03/2018:
Be careful.......I know for myself....colds can turn into pneumonia very easily.....and you don't want that!

innerpeace on 01/03/2018:
But it's so beautiful! I hope you find a way to get your tractor out.

I have admitted to myself that I am addict. I just love food.

BearCountryGG on 01/03/2018:
I hear you......for some reason I have to make food disappear and apparently the garbage can is not the way to do that......I love food too.

happy-1 on 01/05/2018:
You have a barn???? That's so awesome. I am jealous.

BearCountryGG - Tuesday Jan 02, 2018
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 244.0

 Another bitter cold day here...and apparently most places....but the hermit in me doesn't mind all that much.....seeing a lot of police cars patroling around here...most likely looking for people that may have slid over embankments and have gone unnoticed....I was just happy to get home in one piece yesterday......took some pictures along my route but so far my phone hasn't let me upload them...will try again later....the scales surprised me this morning...after going up over the holidays so much...apparently some of that was water weight because today I was down 3.2 pounds since yesterday...so that had to be water...now it will get tougher.

Weekly points 46

daily points 23

multiple vitamin, extra c. zinc, turmeric and omegas


2 cups coffee = 0

Fage 0% plain yogurt with cinnamon =0

banana =0



chicken breast =0

Yesterdays trip home from the grocery store....and a picture of 2 of the reasons we live here...A doe and one of her fawns eating at our bird feeder,she has 2 fawns...but this one is always by her side...the other wanders around...but this one is always touching the mom.


lettuce = 0

ranch dressing = 5

Suddenly Salad tuscan grains inc the olive oil = 9

blackberries = 0

raspberries = 0

caramel flan = 7


tea = 0

Starkist tuna 70 cal pouch = 0

Deep River mesquite BBQ chips mini bag = 5

apple = 0

100 calorie pk walnuts and almonds = 3

Used all of my dailies and 6 of my weeklies

Good on program day


Progress as of today: 11.4 lbs lost so far, only 99 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 01/02/2018:
I also commented on your prev entry!

It's also quite cold in NYC compared to avg early January temps!

congrats on your quick loss of water weight...that's a GREAT start.

I also must start watching my calories due to FAR LESS exercise and being more homebound than i have been in a long time. I have to watch it, or i'll be gaining a couple pounds.

Always, maintenance includes action, not just complacency!

keep on!

and yes, i take a multi and also extra vitamin C now!...and fish oil too.

YES, i am actively working to rid myself of this cold....including no gym till the cold is out of my chest completely. i don't need on and off sickness all winter. it's better i knock the cold out now. fully...thanks BCGG!

innerpeace on 01/02/2018:
Looks so peaceful and beautiful. Like you I could do without the bitter cold. I was outside for a brief moment and it was so cold it made my face hurt.

I often wondered if shivering used calories.

Have a good day.

BearCountryGG on 01/02/2018:
I think shivering does burn calories...keeping warm does...I've thought about wearing summer clothes in the winter but then reality set in and I realized I would be wrapped up in a blanket all day and would ruin the whole effect...LOL

horn_of_plenty on 01/02/2018:
nice to see really healthy things like tumeric, anti inflammatory. good for you!!! also i think ginger is good.

BearCountryGG on 01/02/2018:
I like ginger too....and tart cherry juice...they all help a lot.

horn_of_plenty on 01/02/2018:
oh, and beautiful snowy photos!

BearCountryGG on 01/02/2018:
The deer are so chubby...and their backs were covered with snow...LOVE feeding them!

Maria7 on 01/03/2018:
Love the photos. The deer are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. Both are very pretty. Have a blessed day.

BearCountryGG on 01/03/2018:
Trying to stay warm....Have a great day Maria.

happy-1 on 01/05/2018:
Deer? Snow? Trees? I'm your new roommate.

BearCountryGG - Monday Jan 01, 2018
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 247.2

 Happy New Year and Happy new dedication to health!  After spending the last 8 days eating and enjoying the holiday food...I'm ready to get back to the Weight Watcher life.........No Regrets....I enjoyed every minute of it....but it's time to get back to healthy and this is the perfect day to begin working on health.  

Made a very cold and snowy trip to the grocery store for perishables....terrible produce to choose from...ended up with berries, celery,apples and bananas and a head of lettuce...everything else was moldy and shriveled...the place was basically empty so that was nice.....get out to the car and start loading the back end...and a truck comes up behind me and for a moment I thought he was going to crush me between my car and his...he stopped...and sat there..with the truck running...behind me while I unloaded my groceries and took the shopping cart to the cart corral...I get in and drive out of my spot and he pulls into my spot!!!!!!  The parking lot had 4 cars in it!...there were spots next to me...and all over the place...and it wasn't even the best spot in the lot....but he just had to have the spot I was in......anyway...glad to be home again....the older I get the less I want to be out in the public.  Guess I'm a hermit...and that is okay with me.

Daily Points = 23

Weekly Points Equal = 42



Multiple vitamin, extraC,turmeric, zinc, Omegas

16 0z. coffee = 0

Fage 0% plain yogurt  with added cinnamon = 0


(thin steak with mustard on a bagel thin, tomatoes, banana)

Banana = 0

10 cherry tomatoes = 0

1.5 ounce thin steak = 2

1 whole wheat bagel thin = 3

brown mustard = 0


(chicken breast, beets, Suddenly salad tuscan grains, berries)

chicken = 0

beets = 0

olive oil = 4

suddenly sald tuscan grains = 10

raspberries and blackberries = 0


daily total used = 19

4 will be moved to tomorrow

42 weekly left

Progress as of today: 8.2 lbs lost so far, only 102.2 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/01/2018:
Happy New Year! I agree, it's time to get back to healthy!

Maria7 on 01/01/2018:
Happy New Year!

horn_of_plenty on 01/02/2018:
Thank you for alerting me that the DD site is back....will comment more later...but wanted to stop by to say hello! and stay warm! !!

take care for now, sweet lady BCGG!

horn_of_plenty on 01/02/2018:
i guess everyone chooses to be a hermit with you over by you with only four cars in the lot!

Also, it's good you have some produce to eat...you gotta eat the veggies...even my hamster LOVES when i give him romaine :) ....whenever something fresh comes near him, he'll eat it up right away compared to giving him his regular hamster dry food!

BearCountryGG on 01/02/2018:
AWWWWWW...haven't seen Hammy in awhile!

BearCountryGG - Sunday Dec 31, 2017
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 0.0

I'm so excited to see DD back....I truly thought that it was gone forever....never the less...I looked for it everyday.  I'm so happy again...I missed everyone so much.  I will be back tomorrow with a food list.  I admit to celebrating the holidays with a plethora of goodies...and tomorrow it is back to the WW diet.  What a wonderful way to start the new year!!!!!! 

Donkey on 12/31/2017:
Thank you for alerting me that DD was back up and running!!! I was checking every morning.... and I think today I checked about 5 times, from morning through early afternoon.

Definitely a truly wonderful way to start 2018!

BearCountryGG on 12/31/2017:
Agreed...Happy New Year Donkey!

BearCountryGG on 12/31/2017:
Agreed...Happy New Year Donkey!

BearCountryGG - Saturday Dec 23, 2017
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 237.8

 Talking to sister in law yesterday ( her husband has cancer)....and while I know we all have some cancer in us at times, our immune system fights is off successfully.......BUT..........If you lose weight too quickly that can make the cancer grow and become full blown..........my brother in law lost 30 pounds between may and july this summer on purpose......in August he was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma mantel cell.................something to think about.


coffee = 0

egg whites = 0

Progress as of today: 17.6 lbs lost so far, only 92.8 lbs to go!

Donkey on 12/23/2017:
Truly mind-blowing...

bearcountrygg on 12/23/2017:
And scary....they were told that at the hospital!

Donkey on 12/23/2017:
BTW, I'm really enjoying your WW program with you, reading your food points, etc. It's also very educational for me, as someone who isn't counting points. For example, with the points, one can see how calorie-dense (?) stuffing can be. Just helps put foods into their proper perspective, I think.

bearcountrygg on 12/23/2017:
I'm glad you are enjoying that...just seeing it on here helps me too make better choices too.

Donkey on 12/23/2017:
PS Thank you for your support this week, with my work problems. It's been a really rough week.

bearcountrygg on 12/23/2017:
Try to breathe.......few things will be important a year from now...but they sure can ruin our lives temporarily.

ddwebmaster on 12/31/2017:

BearCountryGG - Friday Dec 22, 2017
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 237.8

 Snowing like crazy here...........we are over run with birds at the feeders and deer.....wildlife galore this winter and we are loving it.  Denny got some not so great news a few days ago...he has skin cancer on his nose...so will be going next month to have that removed. ( not the first time)........I've been nagging him about his ham and bacon eating...and he finally said " don't buy anymore..after what we have is gone".....we have plenty here in the freezer and pantry...so it will be awhile....but it was good to hear that he is finally ready to accept that it isn't healthy..  So many cancer diagnosises in the last few years in the family made him rethink some things .  We have lots of processed stuff here...we will eat it slowly....and incorporate more fruits and veggies.

23 daily points

16 weekly points left


coffee - 0

raw maple almond butter = 6

Aunt Millies brand 15 grain bread 1 slice = 4

egg =0


Goulash (beef, tomatoes,veggie pasta) =20

pickled onions = 0

Weight Watcher pumpkin pie = 0

2 toblerone chocolate minis = 5


apple = 0

Detour smart bar = 4

All points for the week used up.


Progress as of today: 17.6 lbs lost so far, only 92.8 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 12/22/2017:
It's true to consider what we eat and how it can affect our health - me too with the processed foods. - I have also enjoyed my salami and sausage - def something to think about !! Meaning I should also work on it!

I also will work on my kombucha habit which may turn into a weekend or nighttime activity instead Of mornings - seems I am not awake enough to think about pooping?!

Maria7 on 12/22/2017:
Enjoy your snow...it must be VERY beautiful!

BearCountryGG - Thursday Dec 21, 2017
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 237.8

 Well...they say we are going to have a snowy Christmas........since our kids are a distance away 1 has said he's not comming...still waiting on other son and his wife's decision...( my guess is no)...grandsons out of the state great grandsons with parents....so Christmas dinner may be just Denny and I...and we are fine with that.....prepared either way.......On another note...I'm so looking forward to my weigh in on Saturday...clothes are looser, bending is easier and I'm just impressed with this program.........2 days ago I did't eat all of my necessary calories...but made up for it yesterday on purpose...and I still feel great.  

23 dailies

25 weeklies left


16 ounces coffee =0


Dried apple chips = 15

peanuts = 8

Chicken breast = 0

celery = 0

red and yellow peppers = 0

tomatoes = 0

Stovetop stuffing = 6

olive oil = 3

strawberries = 0

used all of my dailies

16 weeklies left

Progress as of today: 17.6 lbs lost so far, only 92.8 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 12/21/2017:
Kids...I'm kinda in the same boat, but prepared either way.

Congratulations on working that program, especially during this time of year.

bearcountrygg on 12/21/2017:
Thank you...with this program it's easy.......where has this been for the last many years....funny thing...apparently this was basically the program that never caught on called SIMPLY FILLING...few used it....I never did...I went with the main program like most people...and then stumbled around with it.....wish I had known. Heard from 2nd son...they won't be here because of the weather.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/21/2017:
where do they usually keep the Zinc at the store!? for some reason, i couldn't find it with all the other vitamins, not that i really tried hard to find it....but i didn't see it! i did buy Vitamin D today :) and maybe i'll buy zinc on Amazon to avoid going back to the store that i have to go back to anyways bc the dr messed up my Rx, as usual! The Psych doctor always messes it up with insurance. I need to take 15mg...and instead of ordering me 10mg 30 tablets and 5 mg 30 tablets, he ordered me 45 10 mg....and that is no good because i have to actually pay double the amount that i would pay if he did 10's and 5's...and he should know this by now bc i used to take 15 a few months back and faced the same problem. i should have questioned it when he said what he was ordering, but i had forgotten if insurance would do it...blah blah!

bearcountrygg on 12/22/2017:
Zinc is with the vitamins...here they are usually in alphabetical order...so look at the end of the last vitamin shelf. They also keep brands together here..so see how many different vitamin brands they have and look at the end of each brand. Amazon works well too....you also might find that zinc is in a multiple vitamin...

Horn_of_plenty on 12/21/2017:
aside from you being impressed with the new program you are following, i'm impressed with your healthier menu. it's so nice and healthy! and satisfying. i should also switch right now from pretzels to raspberries lol, but these nice butter pretzels are SO GOOD that i am chomping at this moment ;)

bearcountrygg on 12/22/2017:
For some reason my brain just finally made the switch....I guess I just didn't get it until I was READY to get it....I know you have been encouraging me so well for months and I greatly appreciate that...things finally fell into place and I'm loving it.

BearCountryGG - Wednesday Dec 20, 2017
(Weight Watchers Freestyle)
Weight: 237.8

 I am so loving this ww freestyle plan....I know I'm eating a lot healthier now...and eating a lot less junk and that has to be good......today....icy and not going out.......yesterdays planned cleaning of bathrooms will be done today.......my least favorite household chore...

33 weekly points left

23 dailies


coffee = 0

1 egg = 0

ff plain yogurt = 0

blueberries = 0

Banana = 0

ground beef = 9

noodles with cheese =  7


red pepper =0

whole wheat bun = 4

hamburger = 6

catsup = 1

blueberries= 0

strawberries = 0

Detour bar = 4

It's funny...I didn't get anywhere near my needed points yesterday...so I have to get closer today...I'm enjoying the zero point ones too much.  

used all dailies today

25 weeklies left

Progress as of today: 17.6 lbs lost so far, only 92.8 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 12/20/2017:
nice to see these healthy foods on your menu! Excellent, lady. This seems like a lot healthier from lots of packaged food. Keep up the good work, i love berries. They've been on sale, so i keep buying them....still experience but half that expensive price works for me!

Thank you for all your excellent comments...they are all taken on very good terms.

bearcountrygg on 12/20/2017:
I love berries too..........picked up a lot of them yesterday....they even seem to stabilize Dennys sugar...I think he is going to like this way of eating too...( of course we have things here that need t be used up)...but we are doing better...Thanks!

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