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Grumpy - Wednesday Feb 01, 2012
(lots of veggies and moderation)
Weight: 207.4

Bikram Yoga 30 day Challenge, Day 5:


B: oatmeal and bluererries 200

L: chicken 250 in tomato sauce 60, onions and veggies 100 cous cous 170 - 580

S: yogurt, strawberries and granola 350

S: banana 100

Subtotal: 1030

D: small cereal bar 90

T: 1120

 Another thing I haven't mentioned, every time I take bikram classes, which is every day now, I have to drink a gallon or more of water, because you sweat a lot and if not, i'd get a headache of dehydration, so I've been drinks tons of water every day. 


Class 5: AMAZING!!!

I feel amazing. This was my best class yet. I was able to do many postures all the way, that I usually stop somewhere in the process and just stopped and rested once. Usually it's 3 or 4 times. I feel stronger, more balanced, more centered. I don't feel any extra fatigue from going 5 days in a row. I feel like the class itself is what the challenge is. And it's less of a challenge everyday.

I am very very happy. 

However, I am busier and have less time for everything. So I haven't been commenting much on your diaries. Bare with me. I love you all and am cheering for your success! xo

Progress as of today: 10.1 lbs lost so far, only 17.4 lbs to go!

mcwoo40 on 02/01/2012:
Hiya Grumps,thanks for the welcome back.It's like a magnet this sit,e keeps drawing me back,but i do well when i blog frequently.You seem to be doing well,keep it up girl :-)

WII on 02/01/2012:
Have a great day!

liza36 on 02/01/2012:
It's great you are seeing benefits from the yoga already - increased water and sleep! Have a good one.

glycrina on 02/01/2012:
but what are doing? still partying like the old days? I missed you so much. So happy to see you back here. I know I said that already but I thought you should hear it again. You are so cool.

V on 02/01/2012:
Hey I hope ya had a good day:)

hollybelle on 02/01/2012:
Oh yes, hydration! Very important. Yoga is very challenging for me. My daughter is great at it. She does Piyo, though, not straight yoga.

Grumpy - Tuesday Jan 31, 2012
(lots of veggies and moderation)
Weight: 207.4

 A little lower today. :) And the good thing about the yoga is that my water intake is a gallon a day or more. Also, I noticed last night I slept better. :)


Bikram Yoga 30 day Challenge, Day 4:


B: yogurt granola and strawberries 350

L: big salad with humus, greens, carrots, shrimp pasta salad, croutons, edamame, chicken.. all over the place. i will guess 700

S: yogurt 80 and cereal bar 250 - 330

Subtotal: 1380

D: bar 250

T: 1630


Exercise: Bikram 90 min class.


Today on my 4th class I still found I needed to sit and rest during some postures and also take it easy on the ones that bother my knees. My foot is 70% better and I could feel a difference. My knee feel better too! But still bothers me a little.

I felt like I could do many postures better tonight than the past nights and the accomplishment makes me feel great and proud. 

I don't feel it was hard to take 4 classes in a row. I feel like each class is challenging. I feel like the challenge of the class is what counts, but going a lot actually makes it easier. :)

I feel an incredible high and self content. :)

Progress as of today: 10.1 lbs lost so far, only 17.4 lbs to go!

legcramps on 01/31/2012:
Good job! Good luck with day 4!

getmebackto150 on 01/31/2012:
a little lower, thats over a pound... Woo Hoo!

glycrina on 01/31/2012:
I have a 5 class pass for hot yoga which I need to redeem this month. I am a little chicken.

Em17 on 01/31/2012:
Have a great day!

WII on 01/31/2012:
Congratulations! Hooray also for drinking more water and sleeping better!

V on 01/31/2012:
I sleep like a baby after a nice stretch class :) Congrats on your loss! I hope you had a good day!!

Maria7 on 01/31/2012:
Congrats on your lower number. :-)

Grumpy - Monday Jan 30, 2012
(lots of veggies and moderation)
Weight: 208.6

Exact same weight. Sigh. Haha

Day 3 of the 30 day Bikram Yoga challenge. 

B: oatmeal 150 and dried berries 100 - 250 

L: ww bread 2 turkey slices, 1 cheese slice, avocado, tomato, lettuce 500, baked lays 130 - 630

S: yogurt 30 strawberries and pineapple 60 granola 50 gingerbread muffin 220 - 360

D: yogurt 80 


Subtotal 1320

S: almonds 100

T: 1420

exercise: 90 minutes bikram yoga


Day 3 was challenging. The room I think was hotter than ever. I am taking is easy in some of the postures because my knee is not great --knee cap on the left side has shifted to the left and i need thigh strength to get better, which I should get through class. And my left foot hurts too. At least it's all on the same side. Haha.

Even some postures that arent that hard for me were challenging. But I can do it. Some days wont be as good as others.

As I was leaving a girl there told me she did the 30 day challenge and dropped 20 lbs. This is not why I wanna do it, because I could get a similar result going 5 or 6 times a week. But there's something about a challenge. I am not that tough and wanna toughen up! And I wanna accomplish something. I'm excited.


Good night to all you lovely girls!


Progress as of today: 8.9 lbs lost so far, only 18.6 lbs to go!

supercheese on 01/30/2012:
Its ok. You'll see a change soon! :)

liza36 on 01/30/2012:
Good luck with your yoga challenge. That's awesome that you'll be going every day.

grannyannie on 01/30/2012:
You'll see some changes with the yoga. Good luck and hang in there.

V on 01/30/2012:
Have a good one!

Em17 on 01/30/2012:
Have a great day!

Umpqua on 01/31/2012:
That is definitely a challenge! You'll see results soon if you stick with that.

thinkpositive on 01/31/2012:
Good for you on the challenge.

Grumpy - Sunday Jan 29, 2012
(lots of veggies and moderation)
Weight: 208.6

Today is the day 2 of my 30 day challenge with Hot Yoga.

Been drinking water all day but didn't eat all that well.

B: 2 french toast slices 400 with syrup 100 and fruit 100 - 600

L: Bread 300 and cheese 100 and small glass of OJ  90 - 490

S: trial mix 200 

Dinner: veggies with cheese and tomato sauce 400 trail mix 100 - 500

T: 1790

Exercise: Bikram yoga class 90 min - class 2 of 30

I will be posting a journal on my Bikram Yoga Challenge on here. 30 classes in 30 consecutive days. Today was day 2. Some of my comments will be irrelevant to most people because they refer to a specific posture, but it's just for me to keep track.

Day two of my challenge was fine. i felt like I could do it, although my knee and my foot (my foot hurts) kept me from doing some of the postures. I rested a couple of times, I think I only sat down to rest twice, which is not bad at all. I was hydrated and felt good.

Because of my knee and also how thick my thighs are I had a hard time on fixed firm pose. I cannot sit with my butt on the floor with that one yet. I will definitely be tracking my progress there!

Still hard to lock my knees and not lose balance, but slowly, as I strengthen my legs it will happen.

Today I went to the floor for toe stand! I can't come back up, but it was a nice step! :)

I hope the week night classes are okay too, I know it will be a bit overwhelming not to have time for much during the week besides work, take care of my doggie and yoga. Wish me luck!

Progress as of today: 8.9 lbs lost so far, only 18.6 lbs to go!

Em17 on 01/29/2012:
Have a great day! =)

V on 01/29/2012:
You did well today IMO :) Great job on the 30 Day challenge!

thinkpositive on 01/29/2012:
I'm impressed at your challenge! Good start.

Grumpy - Saturday Jan 28, 2012
(lots of veggies and moderation)
Weight: 208.6

 Not sure why, but today i weighted 208.6 again. Haha. Not worried. I still have lost almost 10lbs in less than a month and can't complain AT ALL!

B: banana and oatmeal 150

L: roast beef sandwich 700

S: small orange and handfull of trail mix 100

Sub: 950

D: sushi 1000 (!!!) edamame 200

T: 2150 - too high!


Exercise: Bikram Yoga - 90 minutes


Well ladies, my Bikram (hot) Yoga studio has a challenge. 30 classes in 30 days!!! I decided to take up the challenge! I started today. 1 class done, 29 to go! I think I really can do it. It will be hard, but friends are willing to help me with my dog so I can have more time and the doggie doesn't pay for it! :) Wish me luck. For anyone who has ever taken one Bikram class, they know it is really a challenge!

I will also take a picture of myself today and another one on the last day of the challenge. We will see if there are improvements. :)



So I was shocked to remember that a sushi special roll (with fish on top) has around 500 calories. Good calories, but still. I had two rolls and my dinner was over 1000 calories. I would much rather have a rice bowl with veggies and shrimp or something that would be lower call and probably more satisfying. Bye Sushi. I won't see you often anymore!!!




Progress as of today: 8.9 lbs lost so far, only 18.6 lbs to go!

V on 01/28/2012:
Have a good weekend :)

Grumpy - Friday Jan 27, 2012
(lots of veggies and moderation)
Weight: 206.0

 Compensating for yesterday:

B: superfood juice 190

L: eggplant, tomato and onions 120 cheese 140 tomato sauce 40 - 300

S: banana and 1/6 cup oatmeal 150

Sub: 640

D: two biscuits 500 apple butter 90 potatoes 200 eggs 200 sausage patty 170 OJ 100

Total 1760

Progress as of today: 11.5 lbs lost so far, only 16 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 01/27/2012:
It sucks to be locked in a meeting where there aren't any healthy choices. But you can compensate. Good work. Besides a burger now and then tastes so good.

V on 01/27/2012:
Hope you had a good work day :)

Grumpy - Thursday Jan 26, 2012
(lots of veggies and moderation)
Weight: 206.0

 Big difference on the scale today! Awesome, since I was up since last week (less than a pound, but still up). Today the hard work shows!



Eating not great today. i was locked in a meeting from 9 to 5 and we had to order a quick lunch which was burgers and fries to all and had snacks. Ouch. I will try not to eat much at dinner and not be over 2500 today. 


B: muffin 300 superfood 190 orange 50 - 540

L: burger and fries (ouch) 800 and 2 tea 160 - 960

S: trial mix and cinnamon rolls 600 

Subtotal 2100


D: small tangerine 50

Total 2150


Progress as of today: 11.5 lbs lost so far, only 16 lbs to go!

V on 01/26/2012:
Yep hard work pays off!! Congrats Grumpy :) Have a good day!

Umpqua on 01/26/2012:
Congrats on your loss!

hollybelle on 01/26/2012:
I'll say! Great!

getmebackto150 on 01/26/2012:
Don't you just LOVE when the scale jumps down!!! Congrats!

legcramps on 01/26/2012:
Great job!

Maria7 on 01/26/2012:
YAyyyy! Congrats to you! :-D

h82bfat on 01/26/2012:
Congrats on the loss!

thinkpositive on 01/27/2012:
Good for you. I hate it when we get stuck & have to eat what is brought in. Sounds like you did ok though.

Grumpy - Wednesday Jan 25, 2012
(lots of veggies and moderation)
Weight: 208.4

 A little lower today. Come on! Haha. Its okay, I did have a big dinner!

My shrimp stroganoff left overs (even the portion I froze) is over. Hahaha. So I will eat different things this week. :)

B: banana 100, small scone 270 - 370

L: small salad with olive oil 150 salmon farfalle 700 bread 100 - 950

S: orange 60

D: brown rice 150 shrimp 80 veggies 60 sauce 100 fortune cookie 30 - 420



 Higher calories today but hot yoga burns a lot, so its good!

Exercise: hot yoga - 90 minutes.

Progress as of today: 9.1 lbs lost so far, only 18.4 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 01/25/2012:
I tend to eat the same things over an dover if I like them and I know the calorie count and they are healthy and satisfying - I always say cook once eat 2 or 3 times. You comment about dogs not finishing food and being smarter, etc. hit home with me - we have two dogs and the female only eats what she wants - never finishes her bowl but the big lab would eat until he literally popped, I do believe. He seems never to be full - and is getting slightly overweight thanks mostly to my husband feeding him extras. I guess even the cainines have different eating personalities just like us humans.

WII on 01/25/2012:
I stick with the same basics unless I'm cooking with other people or for other people..I'm a typical homebody LOL CONGRATS ON THE LOSS!!!

V on 01/25/2012:
Girl you are doing a fabulous job! Congrats!

grannyannie on 01/26/2012:
You're doing great. Well done on the loss!

Grumpy - Tuesday Jan 24, 2012
(lots of veggies and moderation)
Weight: 209.0

No change in the scale. Odd. But okay. It will show at some point!

Yesterday some of you commented on my hot yoga mention. So I posted on the forum a bunch of info about it, if you're interested.

Also, the other day I measured my mugs and noticed 1 cup is about 4/6 of my mug. So careful if you're using your mug as a cup measurement. I wasn't for the most part, only for my dog food, which is maybe why she never eats all her food. She's way smarter than me about her diet! Haha.

B: 2/3 portion oatmeal 100 blueberries 40 -140 

L: shrimp stroganoff 350 veggies 70

S: banana 100

D: wild mushrooms flatbread 800, brussel sprouts and butternut squash 200

T: 1660

Progress as of today: 8.5 lbs lost so far, only 19 lbs to go!

getmebackto150 on 01/24/2012:
The scale will move soon! Have a great day!!

Umpqua on 01/24/2012:
Great menu, that flatbread sounds delicious!

V on 01/24/2012:
Hello My friend :) I hope your day went well :) That shroom flatbread sounds Yummy :P

Maria7 on 01/24/2012:
What kind of dog do you have? I bet she is beautiful! :-D

thinkpositive on 01/25/2012:
Shrimp stroganoff sounds yummy, too.

Grumpy - Monday Jan 23, 2012
(lots of veggies and moderation)
Weight: 209.0

 Still up, but 0.2 less 'up' than before. I am okay with that.

I took a 90 minute hot yoga class last night and you burn soooo many calories on that. I felt great. I wanna go back to do more of it. I still prefer the certified Bikram yoga than the generic hot yoga class though. May go back to my old studio. 

B: yogurt strawberries and granola 400

S: NF Latte 100

L: whole wheat pasta 200 bread 200 olive oil 80 salmone sauce 200 - 680

D: two chicken tacos 550


T: 1730

Progress as of today: 8.5 lbs lost so far, only 19 lbs to go!

legcramps on 01/23/2012:
I've always wanted to try hot yoga, but there aren't any classes where I live :( Good job!

hollybelle on 01/23/2012:
I don't like to be hot, at least not at the beginning of the workout - so I don't hink I'd like it but I'll try anything once.

supercheese on 01/23/2012:
I wanted to try Birkam yoga so badly but alas, non here

Maria7 on 01/23/2012:
Hey, there! Hope you are having a good day. :-D

V on 01/23/2012:
Oh hey! I was meaning to tell you that Loveray teaches at Peachtree Yoga as well as her new condo complex on the river..Are you by chance on FB?? look me up.. I will give you my info if you are :)

V on 01/24/2012:
Just sent a friend request..WE have a few mutual friends so you'll know :)

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