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Grumpy - Wednesday Jun 17, 2009
(Counting calories, exercising and DD)
Weight: 179.6

Meetings all day today again and bad food choices, again. Glad tomorrow the meetings are over.

Today I called Jenny Craig and booked an appointment. I was sold on the fact you have a weekly one on one consultation, I need more monitoring to keep myself accountable. I am not doing it on my own. I also like the fact that in the beginning you eat the foods you buy from there but start removing that one day at a time till you can transition to doing it yourself at home, eating out, etc which means living a 'normal' life.

I have the appointment at 1pm tomorrow and I will let you know how it goes. I do not wanna look back or wait till I gain anymore of the weight I lost last year. I was down to 167, now I am at almost 180. That's 13 pounds higher and a lot of effort wasted away. It may take me another month or more to get back to 167, thats why at that point i want to go all the way.

Wish me luck.



Progress as of today: -1.8 lbs lost so far, only 29.6 lbs to go!

notyet there on 06/17/2009:
I wish you luck and I know how easy it is to put it on and how much harder it is to take it off.

katiegirl on 06/18/2009:
good for you, sounds like a good plan. you're on your way :)

Grumpy - Tuesday Jun 16, 2009
(Counting calories, exercising and DD)
Weight: 179.6

Yesterday I feel like I ate very little, still woke up a pound up. I think its TOM, as I can clearly see my middle section of my stomach swallow.  Its TOM week. argh.

Im still struggling with J issues, even though I dont mention him here anymore. so hard to let go. i do my best, which is not good enough. i made an appointment with a therapist to help work out in my head why i make short term choices that are bad for me long term, like overeating and spending any time with j.

wish me luck!

today was okay, meetings all day and some crappy food, although most of it was okay. sushi for dinner. but about 2000 cal. too much, but not tooooo much.


Progress as of today: -1.8 lbs lost so far, only 29.6 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 06/17/2009:
Oh, how I hope that someone can help you with those "J' issues my dear.... How tough it is to let go of someone you love.... I feel your pain, as I can vividly remember those cryless days of wondering "why" or "what" the cause of someone being so close one moment and to "get away" the next.... Been many years, but I remember the emotional stress & pain to this day.... Don't wish that on anybody....

Get some good night's sleep & "happy thought" dreams sent your way.... XOXOXOXO

thinnside40 on 06/17/2009:
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... I just now realized it is Wednesday morning for me @ 1:15 a.m..... Crying out loud..I need to get to bed... I've been listing items on Ebay and totally lost track.... Ahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa.... No alarm clock for me !!!! :-)

nenak on 06/17/2009:
sending positive mind thoughts your way x

Grumpy - Sunday Jun 14, 2009
(Counting calories, exercising and DD)
Weight: 179.6

I was thinking.. I know many of us are stuck. So what if we made another smaller goal, besides the regular weight loss plan we have, but we just commit on losing 1 pound per month? If we can lose more, great, but the idea is that we always enter the new month a pound smaller then the 1st day of the prior month. Who is with me? (Of course that doesnt include the ones who already reached their goal weight, but the rest of us!)


So I have been good these past couple of days. I am really sick of boycotting myself and wasting my life away being unhappy with my body.

I really had enough. I will focus on changing but I am afraid that I can't go the extreme lenghts and maintain it after some time, so i am trying to find a sane way to do it, balanced eating, balanced workouts and be able to keep the rhythm.

I am also considering some procedures to help with my 'fat spots' that are not from overall fat, like the side of the knee and love handles, celulites (i have a LOT) and tightening the skin on parts of my body, like arms and inner thighs. Has anyone ever done anything like that? I was reseraching on Vela Shape, Smart Lipo, Thermage, colon hydrotherapy, etc. I am just researching on those things and thinking of it as an option. Don't have my mind set on any and have read mixed reviewes so far. Anyone knows anything about those?

That Vela Shape really sounds promissing but I read mixed reviews also. 

B: watermellon, elderberry juice, fiber 200

S: carrot juice with ginger 100

L: carrot apple juice  150 and sandwich chicken, salads, cheese 600, and side salad 200

T: 1250


Progress as of today: -1.8 lbs lost so far, only 29.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/14/2009:
lol, i see some kind of elderberry juice obsesssion....

that brownie was not even that tasty (more cakelike than rich)...but i still enjoyed it fully. i was only in the mood for dessert. lol.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/14/2009:
oh, and in terms of procedures, i think that so many people do them, so why not!? lol. if i could afford to do something in a few years, which i won't, but if i could, i would certainly. i don't know, i know some people are against having work or whatever you wan't to call it done, but i think it's totally acceptable for people to do what they want with their bodies. we're only changing the outside, afterall, and we will always be the same on the inside!!! :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/14/2009:
thanks for sharing your thoughts with us about that.

CritterMom on 06/15/2009:
Have you asked your doctor about a low-glycemic diet? I was having the hardest time losing, even though I was walking 25 miles a week and eating what I thought was a healthy diet. Turned out that I was pre-diabetic (insulin resistant). Doc put me on a low-glycemic diet and the weight is steadily melting off at a pound or more a week. I'm now down 26 pounds since the end of Feb, and when I filled out the health questionaire again this week, I had dropped from 66 points, to 6 points, which is a HUGE improvement in my overall health. Doc says that's even more remarkable than the weight loss.

By the way, when I reaaaaally need some chocolate, I have one little square of Lindt's 85% dark chocolate. Very chocolate taste, with little impact on the overall caloric intake.

loveray on 06/15/2009:
i think the one pound goal is totally reasonable and great!! i miss you and hope to see you very soon- lets take a class together- i am going to hot yoga tonight if you are interested in hopping on the bandwagon??! xoxo

CritterMom on 06/15/2009:
Even if you're not pre-diabetic, the low-glycemic diet is great for everyone. I posted it a while back, but if you'd like to see it again, let me know and I'll put it up again.

nenak on 06/15/2009:
Im up for anything that improves your self-confidence and self esteem. I have read loads of stuff about different procedures and they all seem to "do what it says on the tin" Seems its a matter of whats right for you! Im up for the 1lb goal. after a spurt of losing ive levelled off again. maybe im expecting too much too soon!

selina on 06/16/2009:
Hey Grumpy! Sounds like you've reached that turning point and are willing to do something about it, I like that renewed strengh that I read in your entry. Stay well. Thank you so much for the comforting comment you left to me. It means a lot and I appreciate it.

Grumpy - Friday Jun 12, 2009
(Counting calories, exercising and DD)
Weight: 182.0

 Ive been away and of course, gained weight. I need to stop. I will join my company's gym on Monday, hopefully having more girls to go with me will make it easier and also its good to have less time for lunch and eat less and healthier after working out.

I feel really bloated too, may be TOM. All sucks right now.

I was in Brazil for a week though and that was pretty great.

Here's a pic!





Progress as of today: -4.2 lbs lost so far, only 32 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 06/12/2009:
Wow, what a beautiful family!

Im glad to see you posting again. I think joining your company's gym will be a good thing for you in that you'll have others around for motivation and inspiration and it will keep you away from tasty unhealthy temptations! :)

Have a good and healthy weekend!

loveray on 06/13/2009:
gorgeous! hope you had a great time- love you and cant wait to catch up in person again

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/13/2009:
lol, it's TOM for me too! one week early!

Grumpy - Monday Jun 01, 2009
(Counting calories, exercising and DD)
Weight: 176.0

I've been away for a few days, I have been having computer issues and everything was a struggle. Can we have a DD for iPhone? hehehe.

Anyway, I have been doing awful. Ate all week anxious and drank a bunch sat and sunday, went to bed really late, etc. i hate that, i feel gross and tired after. I am glad tomorrow i am going to Brazil and it's always better healthier food at my parents house and also I never drink when I am down there, because i just spend fun relaxing time with family.

I am trying to be my best today, Lots if catching up to do.


B: toast, juice 200

L: baked potato 170, avocado 280, tomato 20 olive oil 200 butter 100 - 770

S: pineapple 80


Subtotal 1050

Progress as of today: 1.8 lbs lost so far, only 26 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 06/01/2009:
You get to go to Brazil again?????? Happy for you.... Have a great time!

omahagrl on 06/02/2009:
I think you should take me and thin with you so we can all be good girls together! Have a wonderful trip.

nenak on 06/02/2009:
enjoy brazil! have a great time

Grumpy - Wednesday May 27, 2009
(Counting calories, exercising and DD)
Weight: 176.0

Ugh, struggling again.


B: superfood and some chocolate peanuts 350

L: fish, wild rice, collard greens, ww bum 800 

S: Trail Mix 240

Progress as of today: 1.8 lbs lost so far, only 26 lbs to go!

loveray on 05/27/2009:
you ate a bum? you dirty girl. ;) see you tomorrow xoxo

thinnside40 on 05/27/2009:
I started to eat something earlier today, cause I hadn't eaten the snack I planned & was getting over huhngry,,,then I decided to eat something form my chosen lunch instead of a donut,hostess pie,little debbie snack or all of the above by the time I would of stopped...The vicious cycle of eating the "sweets", "fats", etc that seem to make us want to eat more of the same in feeling "who cares"....By grab I, I, I, I, I, I, better start caring or another year is going to go by without even comeing close to that goal.....

Grab it a go with it.....Determintaion that is.....:-) XoXoXoXo

Grumpy - Monday May 25, 2009
(Counting calories, exercising and DD)
Weight: 176.0

So apparently my cheat day became a cheat weekend. Oops. Not terrible, but I didn't really watch what I ate and had drinks sat and sunday.

Had a lot of fun though. Was my best friend's bday and we had an awesome dinner out. I had a halibut with light sauce and it had a very thin layer of pasta underneath with a mix of edamame, cherry tomatoes and other veggies. Yum!

We went to a party at a old hotel ballroom and it was a 'prom' with music from the 70s and 80s and hula hoops and all. Really fun.

Went to see a comedian last night and laughed a lot, and today lazy day and watched a movie.

Back to work, girls. I need to be good this week!



Progress as of today: 1.8 lbs lost so far, only 26 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/26/2009:
sounds like an awesome weekend! you know how to party! :) and i see you changed your ticker. 26 pounds is not a lot at all! :)

loveray on 05/26/2009:
sounds like an awesome weekend... you look gorgeous as always. hope chris had a wonderful bday!! see you soon.xoxo

WI_HashiHypo on 05/26/2009:
Glad you had fun, have a good week!

selina on 05/27/2009:
Wow, you look great! I see that you've chnaged the ticker and have lost some! Congrats!

thinnside40 on 05/27/2009:
Happy Wednesday!

Grumpy - Saturday May 23, 2009
(Counting calories, exercising and DD)
Weight: 176.0

From now on saturdays will be my cheat day.


So no menu for me today. Although I already know i will have tuna tartare for dinner, which is not really unhealthy!


Have a great long weekend, girls! 

Progress as of today: 1.8 lbs lost so far, only 26 lbs to go!

nenak on 05/25/2009:
have a great weekend too

Grumpy - Friday May 22, 2009
(Counting calories, exercising and DD)
Weight: 176.0

Glad the site is back!

My week has been great and I can see results. I lost what I had gained and another pound :) 


B: bread 120 and cheese 100, grapes 50  and juice 100 - 370

L: sandwich made with bread 120, 1/2 small avocado 120, tomatoes lettuce and sprouts 20, olive oil 100 - 360 and i ate 3/4 of it, so total is 270

S: cheese 200

Sub: 840

S: pineapple 50

D: brown rice, veggies light sauce, shrimp and cup of soup 800

T: 1640


About my lunch sandwich- it's super healthy and tastes good. I learned it on the cleanse. You could try it, it's a great option when you need to compensate for a higher calorie meal.

2 slices of Whole Wheat Bread (I get the ones that have 60 cals per slice)

1/2 small avocado (or less)


Lettuce mix

Olive Oil

Alfalfa sprouts.


Toast the bread so it gets harder and the sandwich wont fall apart. Mash the avocado with a fork and use it as a spred on the bread, cut thin slices of tomatoes and put lots of them there, then some lettuce and alfalfa on top. So the other bread is not so dry, i usually put a little olive oil on it, and it's also good fat. Season with pepper, Spike (sodium free) or whatever other seasoning you like.

Really filling and only 360 calories. Or less if you put less avocado.

You could also add thin slices of cucumber, or use cottage cheese as a spread. Or even add a slice of turkey or something.


Progress as of today: 1.8 lbs lost so far, only 26 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 05/22/2009:
Have a great weekend!

breakaway on 05/22/2009:
OH that does sound good...I never thought of adding olive oil to a sandwich. YUM! I'm going to try that next time. Thanks for the tips on the sandwich :D

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/23/2009:
you are doing good including snacks into your day!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/23/2009:
i had an avocado sandwich this morning! it's so much healthier than butter! the guy....lol...

Grumpy - Wednesday May 20, 2009
(Counting calories, exercising and DD)
Weight: 177.4

 Today is my second flawless day in a row! I am so glad, but at this point it's all damage control. I hope to keep up and see at least one little pound gone by the end of the week!


Im eating lots of veggies and fruits, whole wheat stuff, avocado, lots of liquids, etc.


Progress as of today: 0.4 lbs lost so far, only 27.4 lbs to go!

MizSasha on 05/20/2009:
You know you can have tacos still because there are whole wheat tortillas. the thing I can't stand is whole wheat pasta blugh

thinnside40 on 05/20/2009:
You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

no matter a little pound or big one...It is a pound gone!!!!!!!

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