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Horn_Of_Plenty - Thursday May 25, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

Kombucha at home 60

Breakfast egg / some of the banana below 100

Breakfast 2 on way to work late, had to take care of blinds in my apt removal - talk later about it - wrap 100, banana 120, pb 200, coffee 50: 470

630 before early lunch at noon i think.

lunch: healthy turkey burger i cooked early this AM 200, rice 150, greens & mushrooms 100 tops, orange 60: 500.

1150 after healthy lunch...

snack before gym: carbs and a drink 150 approx.

1300 before gym...will buy something tasty to drink, forgot my stevia....would have been nice to sweeten it MORE.

450 after gym.

1750 total - perfect.

6day avg: 1975


my new hours are now 8-5 instead of 8-4:30 with mandatory hour instead of 1/2hr lunch. ah well. 

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 05/25/2017:
I will hate it if we go to mandatory 1 hour lunches. Right now, we can eat at our desk and only stay here for 8 hours. Not sure I could handle lunch, there is nowhere to eat in this office and I would have to leave. Does that 1/2 hour effect your drive home with traffic?

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/25/2017:
It doesn't really effect too much the traffic...maybe it could add on 5 min or so extra.

However, it means that my "start" of after work time is delayed...i may try to read at lunch / or walk...and be more productive. i do feel it's going to turn slightly into wasted time though. it is what it is...annoying! LOL. but at least it's not more time working, it's an additional half hour added to my lunch...not time spent working - so i have stopped complaining...and just need to take it as is. funny.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/25/2017:
it used to be a mandatory unpaid half...lucky me to now be unpaid hour of my time LOL. hahahaha. i'm glad to have a job...i guess!

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Horn_Of_Plenty - Wednesday May 24, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

 Home: kombucha and local honey 100

8:30am Breakfast at work: wrap 100, pb 200, banana 120, coffee: 500.

11am 120 almonds.

720 before lunch @ 1pm probably

1:40pm pm lunch: leftover chicken dark meat like 250-300 cal, salad with dressing 150?, broccoli from friend's chinese 50 but some sauce, chips 100, fruit 100: 700 most.

1420 after late lunch which is nice - won't be starving before dinner with dad.

Dinner: hoping for veggies / salad / soup of some sort.

Dinner with dad around 6pm we'll eat, bed early i am waiting for my bed! dinner with mom and dad, actually. that was good. soup with brown rice and chicken 350 tops, prob less, 2 fried apps. 200. total approx 550-600.

2020 calories.

5 day average: 2050


Dinner with Dad tonight... :-) locally of course!  

Meeting dad between 5:15-5:30pm (it's right by where i work & i need to drop something off tonight for my coworker as a favor -  in the bldg my dad works...so good timing)

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

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Horn_Of_Plenty - Tuesday May 23, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

Home extra kombucha and some honey 120

Breakfast: wrap 100, peanut butter 200, cinnamon, coffee 50: 350. extra cup decaf coffee.

noon snack: almonds 100

Healthy lunch: salad greens but warmed up in microwave, leftover thai veg in ginger sauce 200 total here, mushrooms 50?, chicken a nice serving 250-350?, chips / fruit (leftover fruit from meeting late last week!) 150: 750...

After gym: cookie 350...and small indulgence of small banana and pb 200, ice cream also 150-200. 750, fine. 

2150, good.

4-day average: 2060, excellent i'd say. not bad at all!

 I ordered a dress from Old Navy clothing store and it's broken (you know how dresses many times have a button at the back of the neck? the stretchy holder /closure to close the button is halfway ripped off on one side, so the dress cannot be buttoned at the top of my neck)...but instead of returning it, i've chosen to get it fixed at a local seamstress shop because the money / time wasted in return is not worth it...the fix should be $10 or less hopefully. it's not a big problem, so i'll fix it because it's worth it as i like the dress and don't wanna deal with returns, etc. with Old Navy store.


this weekend has turned more restful as certain plans are CANCELED. i am not upset, i could use some extra lounging. I was also gonna skip my jogging, but now i can do it - which is quite wonderful.

Friday or Saturday: plans to jog (prob getting it done after work on friday as I think we're getting out early for the holiday weekend). I like to do this 1x a week jog before the weekend starts.

Saturday also - I feel like i'm forgetting something...laundry i think? gotta be something else?  Picnic plans are canceled with friends - nobody could make it. I'm not upset, i don't mind a slower weekend.

Sunday - visit grandma, short concert at a library!, gym

Monday Memorial Day off from work - restful morning / early afternoon...dinner and Broadway show in NYC with my friend who lives in my community here....looking forward!!!!!!!

Tuesday - having all windows replaced (mandatory per building) and taking the day off for that!.  nice to be outta work all day, for sure!



 My skin is rotten these days...ah well. i bought a new makeup brush to use tomorrow for this reason. and i'm starting to use a powder foundation instead of liquid. hopefully it'll help with decreasing my acne.


I slept again like a baby. man it's good to sleep like this...never in my life that i can recall have a slept so soundly as i do currently. No sleeping pills....my body just is really good lately at "shutting down" at night....it's good i'd say...i feel better come the weekends.


Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

jayhawkjen on 05/23/2017:
That's awesome. I sleep so much better when the weather is cool as it has been lately.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/23/2017:
me too :)

happy-1 on 05/23/2017:
See a dermatologist, wash your makeup brushes and you can use the 90% alcohol to break down a palette, sanitize the powder and reconstitute them into a travel kit in an altoids tin.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/24/2017:
a lot of my acne is because of my eating / drinking choices. Too much caffeine and also too much sugary stuff at times. and also my aggressive forms of workout = high stress on my body as well as the stress i had at work (which is finally over wahoo!). Finally i am not anymore stressed by my boss / his admin thank the lord that work isn't causing me a heart attack anymore. It was that way for practically two months! I'm so glad i am NOT in the spotlight anymore! WAHOOO!

It feels good to by OFF the **** list! damn it took so long to get off....i've learned my lesson to just keep my mouth shut i guess. lol.

oh...thank you for the suggestions...i DO need to clean the brushes....and use the powders in a cleaner way....i have work to do.....and i must wash the brush tonight. should have done it yesterday...maybe i'll wash it this morning...after i use it, of course! haha. thanks happy...your suggestions were great. acne is mostly my hormonal fault of bad choices. i am lessening the caffeine again. i don't think i'll drink any today. sick of it.

happy-1 on 05/24/2017:
Might be time for retin-a then

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/24/2017:
hmmm....maybe ... see ya later happy.

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Horn_Of_Plenty - Monday May 22, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

2033 3-day average! fine!


kombucha 60

Breakfast: banana 120, wrap 100, lox 100, cream cheese 100 -  and coffee 70.

11am snack: almonds lightly salted. healthy.

Healthy lunch and to leave at 4:30 on the dot today before appt: actually includes salad greens (not a fan of salads but didn't see any chopped cabbage at the small supermarket!), salad greens 50, veg burger 100, other beans 100, and leftover prepared jackfruit in sauce 150, orange 60, chips 100: 550 or so - excellent.

snack: bar of some sort / cookie 150 and drink on way to dermatologist bc i know i'll want a snack after work. and prob one more cookie after work. lol....yup giving in.)

1450 before dinner.

Dinner: will be healthy chicken leftovers lots and dark meat 400? and veg leftovers 150, and brown rice 150. 700...and strawberries. 50. 750.

2200. good.


Will be cooking my turkey burgers later in week also.



Plans after work: dematologist appt after work hours @ 5:30 and i get out 4:30 so shouldn't be a problem to get there (planned it this way on purpose!)

Appt is treatment for sweating treatment (hyperhydrosis i get with too much sweating at my underarms - so i do botox every half year or so. and it works and then i can use very light deordorants and it's better for work - i can wear any color outfit & not worry about sweating.  A long time ago i could only wear black shirts bc i would soak the armpits & stains would show / wetness would show.  thankful for this treatment!

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

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Horn_Of_Plenty - Sunday May 21, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

2-day avg: 1950, good.

Kombucha 60

Breakfast: wrap 100, banana 100, almonds and some peanut butter 200. 400. and a small ice cream bar to satisfy me like yesterday. 100.

450, excellent.

Snack before haircut and color 120 double choc chip cookie

Snack on way home before gym 200, and cookie 120

900 before gym - looking forward to veggies tonight ! And egg I think !

Healthy dinner: cabbage soup 150 with rice 100, veggies sauteed 150, egg/egg white 100, strawberries 50, ice cream bar 100: 650.

total today is awesome 1550. (needed this).

And a banana small one 100.

Then reading.

Today i am visiting my grandma - need to leave here around 8:45-9am ....good i am writing this i realize i need to already get going in the shower!  then haircut after and gym after that.


Took sleeping pill last night as I was tired and not feeling productive at all yesterday, seems it was an ok idea. i was in bed early around 8? and woke around 7am. i feel good.  Body feels way better than yesterday when my legs were very sore from jogging the day before. Still debating if my walk/jog plans are going to interfere with gym and the answer is prob yes.  I don't want to go to gym less, but i may have to :-(


Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

Donkey on 05/21/2017:
If you like going to the gym, then I would suggest you modify your gym routine - meaning the circuits you do -- and or shorten your sessions at the gym. I would count your jogging day as a leg day, so you want to be sure that you are not working on legs (with weights, that is) the day before running, the day of running, and at least one day after running.

You could still go and work on upper body, core, or a specific (upper) body part like your back.

I hope this makes sense...

Horn_of_plenty on 05/21/2017:
you have a good point. i def need to think about how i'm going to keep as much muscle as possible in my legs and not burn it up....as i don't have much...by coordinating with gym leg stuff but not overdoing. i'm going to read up on this...it deserves some serious thought, indeed! thnak you...

i'm going to have to cool it i think with the weights. it's sad....grrrr....maybe i'll have to force myself to take a month off ? because i will soon need to focus solely on the jogging....ugh. only bc of nypd.

i'm still in the process of figuring things out regarding all of this. next weekend i've decided to actually NOT jog and just enjoy the holiday weekend. i think.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/21/2017:
you have a good point. i def need to think about how i'm going to keep as much muscle as possible in my legs and not burn it up....as i don't have much...by coordinating with gym leg stuff but not overdoing. i'm going to read up on this...it deserves some serious thought, indeed! thnak you...

i'm going to have to cool it i think with the weights. it's sad....grrrr....maybe i'll have to force myself to take a month off ? because i will soon need to focus solely on the jogging....ugh. only bc of nypd.

i'm still in the process of figuring things out regarding all of this. next weekend i've decided to actually NOT jog and just enjoy the holiday weekend. i think.

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Horn_Of_Plenty - Saturday May 20, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

At 8am: already showered & laundry on the go :-) eating breakfast & planning to attend a free library concert @ 2:30-3:30 before gym workout.  I want to read my book that i keep planning to during weeknights but promptly fall asleep instead!

7:30am: kombucha 80 Rose Flavor! so good. honey 20

8am Breakfast: wrap 100, peanut butter 200,  banana 120: 420 - not satisfied...gonna have something more. ice cream 100.

10:30am snack: almonds lightly salted 150...and a cookie of course 120.

11am And veggies in ginger sauce 150

Noon lunch: veggies 100, wrap 100, with cream cheese and lox 150: 350

1400 after lunch. just having a bored, that's why i am hungry, day. diet coke...and reading? still didn't read. but did put away laundry, lol.

4pm early dinner & skipping gym until tommorrow chips 100, sauteed veg 150, lots of chicken 300: 550 and strawberries 50.

2000...I will take sleeping pill i think or just go to bed early - feeling tired. and legs are slightly sore from jogging yesterday so i need a rest day today.

library concert was entertaining despite the man not being a great singer, the lady was excellent and they made a good pair. their entertainment and humor made up for the fact that he couldn't sing

in tune!

Cliff bar 250

Total today a healthy 2250, rest day.





wanting to read! LOL. later today after the concert i'll pick up some food before gym and put it away for the week ahead. planning to pick up lots of pre-cooking stuff so take as i am NOT in a cooking mood today. i'll prob pick up some cabbage also as it's been good to use as a base for my meals as well.



Saturday's outside plans: library concert (free) and weights at gym

Sunday's outside plans: visit grandma in morning & haircut / color in afternoon. Rest day from gym / jogging practice.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

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Horn_Of_Plenty - Friday May 19, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

slept again like a baby...body feels so strong these days & sleep is so good!

kombucha 50

8am Breakfast: banana 120, coffee 50, wrap 100, cream cheese 100, lox 100: 470

11:30AM SNACK: 1 smallish egg and 1 fiber one soft baked choc chip cookie. 200. TASTY :)  i love these cookies!

1:20pm healthy lunch! cabbage 50, special jackfruit dish i bought some leftovers 150, eggpant leftovers sauteed pieces 100, turkey burger 150, small orange 50 and so tasty, caffeine: 550 or so tops. so healthy! less carbs. 

3pm almonds snack 150  more 

pre-jog carbs snack: fiber one prob double choc cookie (never tried it yet...have them at home!) and a sugar-free seltzer with stevia or diet coke - have it in my fridge.

1500 before jog...relaxing on the couch first, lol...drinking my seltzer and eating my fiber one cookie. so addicting.

dinner: probably thai food ! soup, cabbage lots!, egg whites...and chips! yes....soup 100, extra cabbage of my own 50, egg/egg white 100, strawberries 50.300 and popcorn...200

2000 today - perfect!

weekly avg: 2100, decent. a bit high, but i think i'm burning most of it - especially with my great workouts and soon to be 2x a week cardio.  I know i have a long cardio session today of 2mi...i'm thinking the mid-week one should be short, more like 20min? still thinking about it & my changes for next month.

2mi walk/jog today :-)

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

jayhawkjen on 05/19/2017:
It all sounds so yummy!!! And healthy too

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Horn_Of_Plenty - Thursday May 18, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

Home: kombucha half of it :-P didn't need more - saved for tomorrow! 50

Breakfast: big banana 150, wrap 100, cream cheese 100, lox small amount 50, coffee 50: 450.

May just have an early lunch @ noon, no snack - we'll see how this plays out lol.

Healthy EARLY 12pm lunch; coworker gave me a homemade spiced Indian potato / green pepper dish that i mixed with turkey and cabbage 550 (and a small orange) 

Healthy additional snack 1 @ 3pm: almonds 150...some salted. so good!!!!!!!!!!!

Snack 2 before gym: fiber 1 choc chip soft baked cookie (totally love these at the moment!) and low caffiene "Core" drink (same caffeine as 2 cups decaf coffee)....

1350 before gym :-)

Ice cream and bar 450 after gym 1800 today ! Nice :-)

Lately i'm very hungry and craving bananas constantly. rather than hold back, i'm eating. 1 huge banana 150 and chips 100.

2050 today = still excellent.

6day average: 2120, good.


I woke up last night 2am hungry, so i ate. I already factored it into my weekly total and today i'm starting fresh with calorie counting & not including the small snack i had at 2am. Seems i needed it - and more carbs & potassium lately. 

On the positive:

All in all, i am confident in myself.  At work, things have calmed down. I walk around with my head up, full of confidence & ready to stand up for myself against the bullies and stupid, ignorant woman that stand for bullying in their clique. Most women are nice, but it's generally (yes, it's like that in the workplace) the big-mouth nasty bullies get their way in this company. They speak up and stand together as a big bullying group against single one-manned people such as myself.

I am eager to jog in the warm sun tomorrow after work, eager for my gym workout tonight, eager to wear shorts during tomorrow's jog as the weather is above 80 for tomorrow and over 90 today!!!!....!!!!....and eager for my haircut on Sunday. lots of good to look forward to. I'll be visiting my grandmother on the weekend also.

This weekend the plan is for typical stuff...no social plans as I am more eager for gym, errands, grandma, haircut, laundry, food shopping, etc. No time that i am eager to spend socializing since i'm already busy with a bit this weekend.


One piece of negativity rolling around in my mind:

They (BULLIES) are a disgrace to the human race. Adult women who do not think for themselves. And allow their husbands & social friends to tell them how & what to think!  Are they really this stupid. It saddens me. One girl in my dept...she constantly talks  of doing things...because her boyfriend does. It makes me SICK.  Is she not capable of using her own brain? or is her own brain simply spoiled bc of the unfortunate clique she is in? Is her mind so dumbed down that she can only think as others tell her? What a disgrace to the human race bullies / friends of bullies / cliques are. A MAJOR DISGRACE!

I learned - Don’t trust cliques of women especially if you know a woman is in the clique…better off never chatting with them (they have their clique and that’s enough).  If a woman is extra friendly and in a clique…steer clear…they are acting. This is what I learned in the last two months here (mid March thru mid May now). …cliques function with a “group brain,” not a real brain that they use of their own.  The act and do as the entire clique agrees to act / do.


This makes me want to vomit.  However, I do realize that DEF NOT ALL women / people are like me (I’m in the minority) and that I DO NEED to understand that MOST PEOPLE do NOT have my personal mindset. And I do realize to function in society, I need to have an open mind for people….but also need to maintain some of my privacy as well.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

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Horn_Of_Plenty - Wednesday May 17, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

2am thurs: banana 120, honey 30, pb 100, wrap 100: 350. was hungry / restless

2133 5day average, fine. lately i have a HUGE appetite.


6am: Home: 70

8am: Breakfast: wrap 100, cream cheese 100, lox 100, coffee 50, banana bigger 130

10:30am: snack: small egg AND COOKIE lol 100. eating more sugar lately but also sleeping more...but also doing good with activity....sounds reasonable and good!

Noon: Bigger, very satisfying lunch with caffeine afterwards: cabbage 100, carrots in some hot oil 150, lots of soy meats hope to throw the rest out tonight i think i'm eating too much of it? 250 at least, chips 150:  650 approx. decent.

1400 after a healthy, larger lunch. i am once again craving extra veggies! A coworker gave me some more today! i'll eat them for dinner since he gave me them after lunch (his wife is an EXCELLENT cook!)

Snack:another cookie, 120....lately i want to eat more but i think the increase in exercise has caused it - starting my jogging that is!

1520 before Dinner: wrap and egg 160, lots of veggies some in sauce 300, strawberries 50 500...and small ice cream or something. 200

2220, total, plus the 350 cal at 2am.


tonight my plan is to relax after work, maybe make more turkey burgers and throw out the rest of my soy meat as i don't like to eat tons of soy anyways!

Pick up cleaners shirts after work at cleaners - forgot all last week.  and pick up library book today also.


cleaning lady never came yesterday - i got an email from the coordinator that she got jammed up with something?...that's fine....doesn't phase me as i didn't "need" a cleaning, just wanted it.  my apt is already quite clean. just a hair dusty. and floors could use a washing in kitchen / bath. but overall it's not like i have things all over the place :-P

so i emailed the coordinator back -  that i don't want to make up a day for this month - that i just wanna shedule early next month instead (i'm busy enough - i don't gotta make up fo the cleaning lady's error too...she can come next month after the construction is done in my apt - mandatory window replacements in building so next week i have to come to work late on thursday when maintenance removes my blinds...then i have to take a day off on the 30th when windows are repaced with new....lots of time off work bc of this...but of course now i'll have new windows....but it's annoying i had to be off work (it's mandatory i'm in apt during all phases of the project)

So instead of having to reschedule cleaning lady with all of this - she can come when everything is done...when all maitenance and window stuff is DONE.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

Donkey on 05/17/2017:
Well done! Send your cleaning lady to my house, please ;-)

horn_of_plenty on 05/18/2017:
I guess I can save my money but it frequently happens that they cancel lol.

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Horn_Of_Plenty - Tuesday May 16, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

2024 4-day average = great :-)

Happy Tuesday! Things are good so far. Supposedly cleaning lady is in my apt right now cleaning....i am sure she'll do a nice job, as usual.

Home: kombucha 70 (lately i'm drinking the $$$ stuff instead of ACV, i don't really care right now about extra expense as i like that it's strong and works nicely in AM).

Late 9am Breakfast at work: wrap 100, cream cheese 100, lox 100. banana 100. 400 total.

470...want a cookie...but declining the craving. LOL. better to eat less calories today. had a fiber 1 soft baked choc chip cookie - these are crazy addictingly GREAT tasting!!!!!!!!!!! i will keep eating them till i'm sick of them in a couple monhs, hopefully!  they are SO MUCH SWEETER tasting than my quaker granola bars!!!!! i think they might contain stevia or another very sweet additive. i love them, for now.  And a few candies, not counting. sugar free type.

600 cal. before lunch.

maybe 12:30pm or 1pm - Healthy Lunch (as always): didn't bring near enough veggies. ugh. soy meats 300?, rice 150?, little veg not enough 100? and chips 150: 700 tops, prob less.

Snack at 4:30pm - before my expensive & new gym w/ SF drink: Botson small cream pie from my friend at work :-) my friend JJ who i love and go out with!!!

After gym: bar 260, chips 80, strawberries 100: 450

total today is excellent: 1900 :-D

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 05/16/2017:
I commented on your entry on 5/12...I haven't yet read the weekend...but I will when I can get a longer break.

Have a great evening.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/16/2017:
ohhh let me take a look, thanks IP!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/17/2017:
thank you so much. i replied back. thank you for such kindness <3

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