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Horn_Of_Plenty - Sunday Dec 28, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

I have a challenge for myself and its to purge 6500 calories! Will def accomplish it as soon as I can lol. Starting sometime at the end of this work week I will begin :) I need a weight loss challenge of my own for the new year, like a resolution that so many people do.

Here's mine - wanna weigh 125 again...maybe even low 120s again in th new year :) I think I understand more what it takes to have some restraint to take one less bite or eat a smaller portion of food. I think I am almost there mentally. I am gaining some clarity now in how I have to go about it.

Other note, legs are tingling still upon waking up....its getter better but far from over :(

Lunch with parents: big pumpernickel bagel 350? With lox 50, lots of cream cheese 200?, glass milk 100, ice cream 250 - 950, prob more like 1,000 and perfect. And fruit. 100. 1100 total, lol now I am cold!

Snacking: almonds 150, chews 60 so around 200.

Big dinner : 2 bowls warm bran in unsweetened cashew milk with cinnamon and stevia 200 (bran was very low in calories), chocolate protein bar 230, coconut Greek yogurt with cooked cranberries 230 total 660 :)

Around 1950-2000....very good.

Dinner was weird bc I was having lighting installed in my apt all day and the time it took was longer than expected, finishing close to 8pm. So I didn't go to the supermarket and buy any veggies at all and I just wanted these snacks for dinner, knowing I could have so much for little calories comparatively...

puddles on 12/28/2014:
New years resolutions seem to be for me a reason to do the opposite. Hope it works out for you. Glad to hear there is progress with your legs - Patience is a virtue. Have a great day.

museumgirl on 12/28/2014:
Its good to set goals, when they are realistic, which yours seem to be if you give yourself time. I hope your legs feel better, it must be so frustrating! Have a good day.

SkinInTheGame on 12/28/2014:
I'm with you that the new year around the corner is a great time to set goals!

We are all in this together!

Horn_Of_Plenty - Saturday Dec 27, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

Good Morning :)

some vitamins and soup. 100 cal...

dinner out tonight, want to fast most of today....also want to order some food that would be healthy after a fast...with magnesium, potassium (sodium will def be there, its Chinese)...thinking bok choy as a side dish, gonna look it up now....lol...I am reading up on them and of course the best ones are potatoes and bananas with spinach high up there....and beans (usually all the veggies I like to order least...) but...I think in general, on my own, i'm going to prepare more spinach / swiss chard in my home cooking...and as for tonight, still thinking about what to order lol. too much time on my hands, thankfully!

I am deeply enjoying the quite time to myself and I am so thankful for it.

noon almonds 200, other veggies 50, cooked cranberries

400....went to the supermarket and I bought some prepared food for tomorrow (but of course ate it as soon as I got home...I should know better by now - that I get tempted because it's fresh and just cooked and I can never make myself wait lol)...

...prepared food: lots of cooked daikon with some mushrooms (big radish) in Asian sauce (like at least 2 cups if not more), cup of cooked spinach, cup of cooked kale / cabbage mix: total cal around: (why go out to eat tonight lol...now I will be far less hungry!) 400 or so here.

around 850 before dinner, decent...

Dinner was good, indulged but not too much. Had a normal size dessert too :)

Around 2000 maybe a hair more :) did very, very good today!!

museumgirl on 12/27/2014:
Food sounds delicious!

puddles on 12/27/2014:
You did good yesterday. It is all in the planning and also more importantly sticking to it. Have a great night out.

SkinInTheGame on 12/27/2014:
Very healthy eating! That's great!

Horn_Of_Plenty - Friday Dec 26, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

Fasting. Just drinking some broth. Wishing you all a great day. Got just over two lbs to lose and will be 1/4 there after today.

Up only +5700 after today. I can do this.

Why do my legs hurt if I am hardly using them???

Ate dinner: 2 wraps, cooked veggies in butter, Greek yogurt with flax and cranberries 750-800.

Up 6500 still. Better than yesterday. Gonna take time to get rid of all the excess weight, at least I put a dent in it.

museumgirl on 12/26/2014:
Good luck. Hope your legs feel better :(

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/26/2014:
Thanks M :)

puddles on 12/26/2014:
Sometimes with my knee injury it will act up because of the weather especially in winter. Just keep doing what you are suppose to do for your legs and things will improve. Good luck with your fasting and have a good day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/26/2014:
Thanks puddles :) Thanks for giving me some motivation and hope that my legs are soon going to turn around :)

Jezebel on 12/26/2014:
Have you considered taking warm baths? That might help? Just a thought... haha on the sexcapades.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/26/2014:
I actually do take an Epsom salt bath every once in awhile...thank you for reminding me...I will take one tomorrow morning :) It just seems it's really difficult to get rid of the tightess, because it's been going on for such a long time. But, I am gonna continue to work on it, one day I will not be in pain.

Jezebel on 12/26/2014:
Yeah I almost said Epsom salts but didn't want to sound like a mother ;).

SkinInTheGame on 12/27/2014:
We are all behind you, Plenty! You are doing great!

Horn_Of_Plenty - Thursday Dec 25, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

I just can't do it....what is with me!?

anyways, ate one big meal today: 1450 calories at 11am, some more 350, 250, 50.

2100....now 2500.

it's like I can't fast...but I can...

up 7600 calories.

approx. over 2 lbs.

need 4 days of fasting to lose this amount of weight. too much.

fasting tomorrow, day #1....yes at least 4 days...assuming my body actually burns 1900 per day which I doubt when resting....oh freaking well! gotta do better, somehow....I am so much better than this, I know I am. I am worth much more than the way I treat my mind and body. gotta overcome all odds. gotta do better for myself. there is no reason I have to suffer for the rest of my life with legs that don't work.

time to massage my legs....a bit...

not sure about the other 3.


biscottibody59 on 12/25/2014:
Happy Holidays to You Too!

Your casual sexcapade:-) reminded me of a quote I live by: "Don't get your meat and bread from the same place!"

Good luck with your resolve on that--ya' never know sometimes:-)

I have a link to a video I think you might get something out of in a fairly recent entry, "Escaping the Dietary Pleasure Trap."

Enjoy your time off!

SkinInTheGame on 12/25/2014:
Good luck to you!

Focus on the end result!!

Horn_Of_Plenty - Wednesday Dec 24, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

gym was supposed to close at 5...but closed at 4:30. didn't end up getting a workout in!

pretty good eating so far.  maybe a little extra caffeine, but balanced in terms of the food I have eaten so far.

Breakfast: extra avocado, one fried egg, one veggie sausage patty, low carb wrap, butter.

snacking: coffee, tea, cottage cheese with flax and blackberries

lunch: veggies, two low carb wraps, small chicken thigh, rest of the ginger tea :)

snacking at home early after getting out of work earlier as well: cooked cranberries, kale chips I found in the store yesterday, almond milk, and also some healthy flax crackers that I've had in the cabinet (very satisfying)...400 at most.

total so far today: 1650 & healthy. of course I will have dinner too...first a trip to the gym....to do a little bit, a most a half hour I am thinking :)  just a little something is wayyyy better than nothing. cheers....and hoping to comment on your diaries tonight as well!

happy holidays to everyone, wishing you all health, joy, and happiness. no matter what religion you are, what holiday you celebrate, just wishing everyone good things tonight.  I will type more later about some things on my mind lately....lol....nope, not having to do with men...entirely different subject!

750 in dessert.  200 eggplant rollotte.  400-500 veggies.  1450....ugh too much...1500...


up around +7150....

fasting Thursday / Friday....

+4000.....if all goes well :)




puddles on 12/24/2014:
Happy Holidays to you.

Horn_Of_Plenty - Tuesday Dec 23, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

Today went by fast, really fast :)

Calories till end of workday: healthy 1250.

snack / dinner at home: 60 in the drink...followed by a boatload of leftover cooked kale, bok choy and broccoli and sesame oil and some teriyaki sauce. I did a nice job this time! it was a ton, maybe around 300 cal at most...then lots of grape tomatoes...100?, then some kind of chips made with coconut and parsnip that I found today after a stop at a natural food store on the way home from work! 120, and lastly, kombucha 60. total: around 650 or so. all healthy and tasty.

total: around 1900, perfect. it would be perfect if most workdays I could eat this amount of calories. I don't think i'd gain weight at this amount, especially if I start to put some exercise in.

clothes tight, so will be working on not eating much Thursday thru Saturday. out to dinner that night, so planning on low calories throughout day. and more normal on Sunday...maybe with exercise, but not pushing it. exercise is not fully part of my routine yet.

tomorrow I am planning on the gym after work :) for a short time.  because I don't think I wanna wake up for it...maybe i'll change my mind!

puddles on 12/23/2014:
congrats food sounds great. Have a great evening.

SkinInTheGame on 12/24/2014:
You are doing great! Good job fitting the gym in!

Horn_Of_Plenty - Monday Dec 22, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

After work Friday, I had bad sex. hadn't had any in months and months, actually..not since either last spring or January I think?  I think it's mostly because my legs are to blame & I am staying home much, much more and not as amped to go out and party! lol, not that I really ever partied. all in all, i'm a good girl. but I don't really date...and when I was a lil younger, still in my 20's, i'd say it was reasonable to want to have a different sorta experience time to time....a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do sometimes. especially if she isn't a dater or relationship type of person!

Anyways, sex for the sake of sex is getting old and worse every time....I don't think I can let myself do it EVER again.  all because a man has a nice looking face doesn't mean it will feel good to give yourself over to him, so he can satisfy himself as forcefully as possible, no pleasure or emotion on my part accounted for. I think this was the last time for me. I know I am going to have far less urges down the road to actually let my fantasies with guys to play out. men in my life that I see doing my routine. either work or gym (when I was a regular), etc. 

I am going to not only be more picky, but going to consider my own feelings and value more. because this one sucked.  today at work, this guy did say hi to me (you could tell he was actually nervous to do so - he was probably (haha maybe!) thinking I might be upset or something or he didn't know what to expect. from me...my public reaction) but it was normal, as I am always am with him at work.

he also said a joke to me on his way out of the office. so I guess all is good between us. that's good. we are adults and we did say we would be good to each other after the fact....and we are. but sex for the sake of sex, emotionless, is harsh and horrible.

a relationship is not possible with this guy for a variety of reasons. but, just so you know, we texted and had a "work relationship" for a few years now....sex only this one time, after at least 2-3 years of texting and joking around with each other at work.


Being at work, today went much better eating-wise.  I started the day off with something healthy, a whole wheat English muffin with some butter, a fried egg, and lox.  I made it at home before going to the gym for around 25min before work this morning! I like doing this, and I am going to try to keep it up as long as my legs continue to show progress.  Only problem is that I do feel more of an energy crash at work midmorning when I go to the gym before work.  I think I may need to eat more carbs. we'll see, i'll experiment.

Calories thru the end of the day before dinner: 1300.

BIG dinner: cabbage slaws with some vinegar / dressing: at least 300...then cooked veggies around 200?, a roasted chicken thigh (sorta on the small side) 200 no skin, and cooked cranberries 100....oh....AND a greek yogurt. was hungry. now i'm satisfied. around 950, all healthy. just generous in assortment and portions of veggies. without extra veggies, calories would be lower lol. everything else is sorta in proportion here.  

total: perfect, 2250, decent and maybe I did burn close to it with the weights workout lol? probably not.

workout in AM:

1. 15 min upper arm cardio machine (for arms, not legs)

2. pushups 5-6 sets of 10-20 reps depending how far along I was...

3. assisted pull machine (I forgot the real name of it, will have to take a look next time). that's all there was time for....3 sets here, around 10 reps each.

then I left and ate breakfast in my car on the way to work....I felt good at work during the 1st half the morning but then I started to feel miserable...and did eat extra carbs...and it didn't really work....maybe protein is the way to go then!?

puddles on 12/23/2014:
I am glad to hear that your legs have not been acting up as much. Enjoyed your post. Have a great day.

museumgirl on 12/23/2014:
Well if he is the only mistake you have made lately, you're doing pretty well. I say mistake because apparently he wasn't the right one. Being a lot older than you and married for many, many years, I feel for anyone trying to date or have a new relationship in this climate we have now. I can't imagine the stress!! In my day we had our casual flings,but it was such a different time. Sounds like you have survived :) Hope your legs feel better and your heart does, too.

Horn_Of_Plenty - Sunday Dec 21, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

Having a very hard time sticking to my plans.

I didn't fast today and had at least around 2,000 cal. all at one sitting.

I have gained weight and I am going to be very sorry I binged so much when nothing fits.  Not sure what my problem is lately, but eating isn't helping me with anything.  probably bc I was running around too much this morning and when I got home at 1:30pm I gave in.

I am giving myself an ultimate goal of fasting Christmas (I have off, but don't celebrate) thru day after Christmas.  If I can do this, i'll burn off at least 3,000 cal. right now I am up 6,000 cal!  yeah, that many cals.  If I had fasted today, it would have been 4000. not sure what I am doing..

well, in order to knock off 6,000 cal, I need about 3-4 days of fasting...

on the days off during Christmas, I can try again....this coming Thursday, Friday, Saturday (going out to eat with friends), sunday....I can eat relatively little amounts and totally make up for this horrible binge cycle...and then I can eat NORMALLY for the long New Years weekend...but I AM going to have to sacrifice eating somewhere or the weight is going to start to stick....

just how to sacrifice...I think Christmas, Friday after, and Sunday....that would be a good sacrifice. followed by normal eating Mon/Tues/Wed and then a long weekend maybe also to eat less.

if I did this...I could start the New Year off well. otherwise, lots of work to do...

museumgirl on 12/21/2014:
Good luck!

SkinInTheGame on 12/21/2014:
I am right there with you!! Call me HORSE because I graze when I'm not hungry! I like the fasting on certain days idea! Your strategy sounds very smart!

Besides the weight coming off a bit and sticking, I like the way I feel when I have discipline!

Horn_Of_Plenty - Saturday Dec 20, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

7:30 Breakfast 550 pumpkin with cinnamon and stevia 50, 3 tablespoons pb 300on 2 wrap100

10:30 Snack: 700 yogurt with cinnamon, stevia, flax, 3 vitamin chews, almost 4 servings chips

1250....almonds 200, nut butter 300, hot pocket 250

2000 so far.

Fruit cooked strawberries with stevia and a grapefruit... feeling like I forgot to list something? 100. Yup, the rice with butter. 260.

2360. And an orange. 2450. Sounds good to me!

and out to dinner tonight...planning to indulge

Dinner was around 2000 cal. Huge burger with cheese, buttered bun, fries, homemade chips, salad and dressing,bread dipped in oil, fried shrimp.

Total 4500

I was over my calories before this weekend started by around 3500 and now I am over calories by around 4000. I need two whole days of fasting, at least. Doing really bad with eating these days. Really what I need is probably exercise....in the new year I plan to go back to it much more.

puddles on 12/20/2014:
Have a nice evening out.

SkinInTheGame on 12/20/2014:

Horn_Of_Plenty - Friday Dec 19, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 0.0

Calories thru lunch 1250.

Dinner: fish and some sautéed spinach 250 or so, was a small amount. Then big dessert 2 tbsp nut butter 200, pumpkin 50 at most, tofu 100, chia seed pudding 150...500...followed up with more wrap and nut butter 350 more! Total here: 1100 eesh.

Total: 2350 decent....may even choose to eat a lil more.

Exercise some push-ups and arm upper body cycling.

Guessing around 500 over this week.

And overall, I need to cut down 1 lb.

So by fasting only 1 dAy, I can eliminate around 1/2 pound but no more. Gonna eat real light tomorrow and fasting all day Sunday till Monday morning.

puddles on 12/19/2014:
Hi Horn how have your legs been lately. You have not mentioned anything for a little while. Good luck with your fasting. Have a great evening.

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