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Justine6Robert3 - Wednesday Apr 25, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 116.0


Exercise: 75 min on my bike, 200 lundges with hand weights (100/leg), 100 push-ups, 120 butt lifts

Water: 9 glasses

Total Calories: 1540

Calories burned through exercise: 723

I'm up a pound but it could be my menstrual cycle creeping up again. (I hope) I would like it to come early so I don't have it for my sister's wedding. I don't want to feel bloated and irritable for the big day!!

I feel like I'm slipping a little with my eating from stress, lack of sleep and just being so very busy. I'm not making excuses, I will behave myself today!! I had a couple of cracker attacks the last couple of nights which really doesn't make my stomach happy, yuck! Last night my Mom came over and we steam cleaned my carpets on my stairs and upstairs (my main floor has ceramic tiles and wood flooring) We also cleaned my couches. I have my sisters shower on Saturday so the next couple of days I will be doing some major house cleaning. I have to manage to fit in some exercises as well.

I found out some very sad news about our good friends. I was supposed to go to a baby shower for a girlfriend this past Sunday. I rec'd a call saying the shower is cancelled because Jen is loosing the baby. She was 3 wks away from her due date and they realized something wasn't right with the baby. I have no idea how they didn't pick up on this much sooner since Jen had already been for 2 ultrasounds in the beginning and she had been going to all of her regular pregnancy check-ups. They found out the baby was brain damaged, all of its limbs were different sizes, the hands were webbed and one foot was a club foot (sp?). They gave her a needle that would cause the baby to pass away in her stomach because it was decided that the baby was suffering alot and it would end the pain for the baby. Jen had to labour from Saturday until Sunday morning to give birth to her little angel knowing she would not be alive. Needless to say they are both devastated. Now instead of celebrating the birth of their baby, they are instead planning her funeral. The funeral service is on Saturday at 2:00 pm (the same time that my sister's wedding shower begins!) I am so sad for them, what an awful thing to go through. My husband will be going to the funeral and I would really like to be there for them also although I'm not sure how I'm going to manage it unless I sneak out briefly during my sisters wedding shower to pay respects??!!

I will update my calories and challeng minutes later this evening. I hope everybody is doing well.

Progress as of today: 15.5 lbs lost so far, only 6 lbs to go!

harleygirl79 on 04/25/2007:
Isn't is funny how we plan our lives around that time of the month. I do that too. Sorry to hear about your friend's baby. That is sad when that happens. Best wishes to her and her family for healing

sweetpea1977 on 04/25/2007:
Wow, Im so sorry to hear about your friend's baby. Im wondering how the doctor's didnt see those problems earlier. So very devasting. Im sure your sister will understand if you want to pay your respects to your friends' loss. If you arent sure, try doing something special with her the day before so that she doesnt feel left out.

Donkey on 04/25/2007:
Try to stay on track. These little slips really add up. Or can lead to worse eating. That is so sad about your friends' baby. If your sister's shower is really big, then I see no harm in slipping away for a little bit to pay your respects. Also, sending flowers for the funeral is always a nice gesture.

borntocry on 04/26/2007:
Oh gosh, I am so sorry about your friend's baby! It's so terrible that the doctors couldn't spot it sooner!

crategrl on 04/26/2007:
I am so sorry to hear about your friends loss. God must have special plans for this little angel!

Justine6Robert3 - Monday Apr 23, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 115.0

**** CHALLENGE MINUTES (April. 19th): 95 min ****

Exercise: bike for 75 min & 20 min pilates "ab" tape

**** CHALLENGE MINUTES (April. 20th): 45 min ****

Exercise: went walking with the kids

No Exercise on April 21st or 22nd.


**** CHALLENGE MINUTES (April 23rd): 105 min ****

Exercise: Bike for 75 min, 200 lundges with hand weights (100/leg), 100 push-ups, 120 butt lifts.

Calories burned: 851

Just a quick entry, so, so busy right now with my sisters wedding fast approaching! I'm trying to stick with it but I'm really sucking at keeping up with my diary entries right now!! I do plan to exercise today at some point, I feel terribly tired today.

The week-end was beautiful weather wise. Sat & Sun were sunny and hot, I was so thrilled to see the sunshine!! I went out with 4 girlfriends on Saturday night. We went and had dinner and a couple of drinks on the patio at Jack Astors!! Yay, patio weather has finally arrived!! I really enjoyed myself, two of these girls used to be really close friends of mine but over the years we have talked less and less. I think we are planning to get together more often, we had a blast catching up, lots of laughs and stories of back in the day.

This week-end I am having my sister's wedding shower and the following Saturday (May 5th) is her wedding!!! It feels like it came so quickly, I'm feeling a little stressed although I'm really excited also!!! I've been doing alright with my calories and I'm trying to keep up with my exercise but its just so busy right now! I'm not making excuses, I will exercise today!!!!!! I managed to only gain back .5 lbs after dropping a couple while I was sick. I have been holding steady at 115 lbs so I have no complaints there!

I hope everybody is doing well and I hope you all had a lovely week-end!

Thank-you for all of your comments even though I've been awful about reading diaries lately. I will get back on track soon, I have so much catching up to do!!!

Progress as of today: 16.5 lbs lost so far, only 5 lbs to go!

Moody on 04/23/2007:
Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!! You're doing great!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/24/2007:
i think you might win this competition for overall minutes! way to go on all your exercise!

Justine6Robert3 - Wednesday Apr 18, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 114.5


Total Calories: 1395

Exercise: bike for 95 min, 200 lundges (100/leg), 80 push-ups.

Total Calories burned: 918

Water: 10 glasses

I'm down another pound, will it stay off or bounce back up hmmmmm......?!!! Its less then 3 wks left until my sister's wedding, YAY!! I have to go and have my daughters dress taken up a little in the length and mine needs the straps shortened and a little bit taken in (not going to complain about that though!!) I will likely post my before (at my very biggest with the exception of pregnancy!) and after pics soon as well as some pics from the wedding soon!

I booked my sister and I an appointment with my hairdresser this Friday to have our hair coloured and cut. I don't think my sister has ever had her hair professionally coloured in years, she will love being pampered. My hair dresser also cuts and styles awesome so I can't wait to see how my big sis will look when she's done!!! I wanted to book us next Friday so we would have our hair done freshly for Kims wedding shower (that she has no idea about still!!) but my hair dresser is on vacation that week so we have to go Friday before she leaves. I think I'll post Kim (big sister) and my picture on here fresh from the salon.

I really need to catch up on everyones diaries, I feel so awful for slacking off with that. Thank-you for all of your comments, I'm going to try to catch up with some of you tonight!!

Have a great day!

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 4.5 lbs to go!

jolt on 04/18/2007:
WTG on another pound gone :) Have fun with your sister!



mcwoo40 on 04/18/2007:
Hi,well done on your weightloss,it all mounts up and your not far away from your target too.It was 10 weeks on monday to my sister's wedding,we went looking for bridesmaids dresses last week, but the shop did'nt have the sizes she wanted.She will have to hurry up,and she has no dress for herself.Stay focused,Julie

Donkey on 04/18/2007:
Wow, you are amazing for exercising as much as you do with having been sick. I am so impressed. I need to get to the hair salon myself. I hope you have fun! I'd love to see an "after" picture!

Moody on 04/19/2007:
Woweee I have been gone a month and look at how much weight you have lost!!!!! I am so happy for you!! What is your goal weight? Or are you just going on how you look and how your clothes fit? You have to look awesome!!!

I can't wait to see your before and after pictures! As usual, when I look at your exercise I am amazed..especially with those lunges!!! Dang!!!!

Have a great day!

Moody on 04/19/2007:
Holy crap and 80 pushups too???? I just saw that!! WTG!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/21/2007:
i just looked at your weight! wow! you really did great these past couple months! i know why...you stick to exercise and you stick to calories! wow, just fantastic! i need your motivation to do the same for myself!

Justine6Robert3 - Tuesday Apr 17, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 115.5


Total Calories: 1232

Water: 10 glasses

Exercise: I went to the gym and did 70 min on the eliptical trainer, 25 min on the weight circuit, 10 min of ab exercises.

Total Calories burned through exercise: 917

I had a hard time getting myself motivated to get my butt to the gym today. I feel so tired, likely partly because I've been sick and partly the awful weather we have been getting. Can't wait to see some sunshine!!

Progress as of today: 16 lbs lost so far, only 5.5 lbs to go!

sharklover on 04/17/2007:
I know! Isn't it supposed to be spring??

Justine6Robert3 - Monday Apr 16, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 115.5


Total Calories for today: 1209

Exercise: Bike for 60 min (520 cals), 200 lundges (100/leg), 80 push-ups, 100 butt lifts, 200 oblique ab crunches (100/side)

Total Calories burned today: 676

Water: 11 glasses so far

Total Calories for April. 15th: 1070

Exercise for April 15th: none

My calories are only super low because I've been sick. I have been making myself eat though, at least breakfast, lunch & supper and a little bit inbetween.

I'm feeling alot better today so I'm going to try to exercise and see how it goes!! I lost another pound but I think you might be right Donkey, it may just be because I've been sick and haven't had much of an appetite. I am thinking the weight may come right back as soon as my appetite returns to normal, time will tell!!

Hope everybody had a great week-end!

Progress as of today: 16 lbs lost so far, only 5.5 lbs to go!

jon'smom on 04/16/2007:
Hope you feel better soon! take care.

greengirl on 04/16/2007:
Dont push it with the exercise if you are unwell. Take care of yourself instead :)

WorkingIt2 on 04/16/2007:
Glad you are feeling better!

Donkey on 04/16/2007:
I *hope* the few pounds don't come back! You did amazing exercising while still not feeling well (nor eating much). Good for you! Continue to take care of yourself...

sharklover on 04/16/2007:
congrats on another pound loss! Hopefully it stays off!

biscottibody59 on 04/17/2007:
Hope you're feeling better today! Don't overdo it--take care!

Justine6Robert3 - Saturday Apr 14, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 116.5

Challenge Min for Apr. 13th: 40 min (bike)

Total Calories Today: 1042

Water: 9 glasses

Today I did no exercise at all. Unfortunetly as much as I hate to give into being sick, I can't deny it, I'm really not feeling so great these past few days. Taylor is also sick but she's not to bad and my little Craig seems to get it the worst all of the time, poor little guy.

I had no appetite today at all, I'm not complaining about that but I know its just because I don't feel well. I did make myself eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and a few light fruit snacks in between. I had all kinds of running around to do today and if I don't eat I find I get dizzy spells like crazy, especially when I'm also sick. Its not my intention to starve myself!!

On a happy note, I lost 1.5 lbs today. I'm not sure if it will stay gone or if its just the loss of appetite. I don't know, time will tell. I'm annoyed that I can't get my exercises in, but I just don't have the energy for it and today was . I have to work tomorrow so I will try to at least ride my bike tomorrow night.

Didn't I pick the wrong month to join a challenge, ha,ha!! Three weeks until my sister's wedding. We went and picked up my sister's wedding dress today, it was the first time that I had seen it because my Mom and sister to invite me when they picked it. I will leave that alone though and move on. Her dress is beautiful and she looks gorgeous in it!! It's really flattering to her figure. She is the smallest she has ever been right now but it just hits her curves and flatters her very nice. Its simple but elegant. I took pictures of her in it at the bridal store, I'm very excited for her.

Today we went and got Kirt and Craig fitted for their tuxes. Thankfully Craig was really excellent about it, he watched his Daddy first and then put on his serious face and did everything the lady asked him to. For the two of them it cost over $400.00, yikes!!! It is an expected thing but for some reason I thought Craig's might be slightly cheaper than a man's rental, apparently not, ahh well. I don't complain about the cost but I must admit its stressing me out a little. With the cost of the wedding gift, shower gift, hosting the shower, and the four of us to be in it. Maybe it wouldn't be as bad if we didn't also have 2 birthdays in April, Craigs b-day party and gift to buy for him and oh the $1400.00 we have to pay for income tax!

Kirt is in a hockey tournament this week-end. I went to his 4th game with my Mom and my kids this evening. I felt bad because I only got out to see 1 game. He played a game Friday night but it was to late to take the kids to and he played 3 games today and I was only able to make it to one because I had to go with my sister to pick up her gown. I have to work tomorrow so I can't go to the final game. They won all 4 games so far so they will be in the final game tomorrow.

Okay, I intended for this to be a short entry but I guess I started rambling on like I do!! I feel bad because I haven't been keeping up on everybody's diaries the way I would like to, I'll have to try to catch up on Monday. My warm, cozy bed is calling me now so I'm going to go and hope I get a good nights sleep tonight.

I hope everyone had a good week-end!!

Progress as of today: 15 lbs lost so far, only 6.5 lbs to go!

WorkingIt2 on 04/15/2007:
With everything you have going on, you have entered an amazing total, so far, of 784 minutes of exercise this month! Averaging out to be 52 minutes a day, which is GREAT!! And the income tax, yeah, I owe them as well UGH..fortunately we are not alone LOL

Have a great day!

Donkey on 04/15/2007:
Hope you feel better soon. And i hope you keep the weight you lost by being sick off too. (Mine always comes back, unfortunately, as soon as I am well enough to eat again.)

wantabfit on 04/15/2007:
feel better soon, take care

Justine6Robert3 - Wednesday Apr 11, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 118.0

Challenge Min: 35 min

Total Calories: 1508

Exercise: bike for 35 min (305 cals)

Its snowing again, ugh!! Enough already with the snow and the cold, its supposed to be Spring! Really not feeling great today, my body is definetly trying to get sick but I will not get sick, at least I hope not, urgh!! I really wanted to exercise today but I just didn't have the energy or the drive hopefully I will do better tomorrow. I think some sunshine would do wonders for me right now. Okay, so enough of my complaining, I'm heading to bed and hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. I didn't drink enough water today and I usually make an extra effort with water when I feel illness creeping in. Tomorrow I will drink more water!!

Hope everybody had a good day!

I'm taking my butt to bed, good-night!!

Husband is snoring like crazy, good luck to me getting a good night's sleep. How negative am I today!! Grumpy me.

Progress as of today: 13.5 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 04/12/2007:
Aww! I hope you dont get sick either!! Keep that water intake up, especially when you feel like you're catching a cold. You're body needs plenty of fluids to stay strong and fight germs!

Hope today is a better day!

greengirl on 04/12/2007:
I hear you on the snoring husband!!!! Good luck getting to sleep and take care of yourself :)

WorkingIt2 on 04/12/2007:
I hope you got some rest and that you don't get sick!

maria777 on 04/13/2007:
Hope you feel better!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/14/2007:
snow, snow! gosh...and its april! well, great on calories and exercise! you really do very well with both!

Justine6Robert3 - Tuesday Apr 10, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 118.0

Total Calories: 1408

Challenge minutes: 110 min

Water: 7 glasses so far

Exercise: Walk for 30 min (69 cals). Went to the gym and did 45 min on the eliptical trainer (453 cals), 35 min on the weight circuit (225 cals)

Total Calories burned through exercise: 747

I walked to the the store with Craig today (Fortinos superstore) It took us about 15 min to get there because Craig was walking and 10-15 min on the way home. I likely walked longer since we were gone for nearly 2 hrs but I put it down for 30 min of walking. The gym was torture today!! I had a headache and no energy so it was hard to push myself through a work out. It wasn't a great work out but at least I went!! I feel like I'm fighting something off, I'm so tired and blah today!!!!

Both of my kids have the sniffles and are coughing like crazy although it could be allergies and asthma. Both of my kids get seasonal allergies and they both have asthma so I've started them back on their inhalers. We started taking Taylor to the emergency room for breathing treatments at around 15 months old and Craig started having attacks when he was around 10 months old. We bought the machine for Craig to give him his treatments at home so we didn't have to keep running him to the emergency room when his oxygen levels were low. We went to the asthma clinic with both children and we seem to have both of them under control now, we know what to watch for and what triggers them both.

I'm going to try to get to bed nice and early tonight and hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow!!! I will catch up on diaries tomorrow.


Progress as of today: 13.5 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

sharklover on 04/10/2007:
That's great that you worked out even though you weren't feeling well!!! Way to go!

I hope you aren't coming down with a sickness! Drink lots of clear fluids! :-)

wantabfit on 04/10/2007:
Pound that h20 to ward off that sickness!!!! hope your kids feel better ...nice work out today!

Donkey on 04/11/2007:
I hope you are not getting sick!! Take care of yourself!!

Justine6Robert3 - Monday Apr 09, 2007
(Counting Calories & Exercise)
Weight: 118.0

Challenge min for Sunday: 25 min

I haven't done any cardio since Friday and I only managed to squeeze in a small amount of exercise on Sunday. 15 min of ab exercises, 200 lundges (100/leg), 60 push-ups. Ahh well, I guess it's better than nothing at all!!

No exercise on Saturday (although I did do alot of housework and cleaning over the week-end!!)

I did do well with water though!!! I had 12 glasses on Saturday and 10 glasses on sunday.


I hope everybody enjoyed their Easter!!!

Challenge min for Monday: 140 minutes

Total Calories: 1632

Exercise: bike for 90 min (782 cals), 40 min of pilates (256 cals), 200 (100/leg) kick backs, 80 push-ups, 75 butt lifts (64 cals)

Total Calories burned through exercise: 1103

Water: 9 glasses

I made a decision that I was not going to count calories on Saturday and Sunday. I had Easter dinner with my husbands family on Saturday and I wasn't to bad with eating but I did indulge a little!!! I had about 14 of the little chocolate eggs that we hide for the kids, I ate turkey dinner (with gravy!) but I didn't stuff myself, I only ate until I was starting to feel full. I had 1 glass of wine with dinner and 2 lite beers. After dinner my stomach was not happy, I'm not sure if it was the alchohol, chocolate, gravy or all of the above!!! I was definetly punished for not keeping everything healthy!! My stomach felt bloated, gassy and crampy, VERY UNPLEASANT!!!! Ofcourse I also just got my expected menstrual cycle Saturday morning so that may have added to my discomfort. I really believe that with exercise I hardly notice the symptoms of my period but it was busy so I didn't exercise at all on Saturday.

On Sunday we made turkey dinner at my house and my family came over (I love turkey so I don't mind having 2 turkey dinners in a row!!!!) I only ate a couple of little chocolate eggs, no alchohol and a reasonable portion for dinner. I did eat healthy the entire day for both Saturday & Sunday with the exeption of the chocolates and dinner. I still ended up going to bed on Sunday night feeling extremly sick to my stomach though!! I really thought I was going to vomit, I felt hot and got the shakes and all of that fun stuff. I'm not sure if it was because I was really tired or because I had eaten things that I have avoided for over 3 months now and done it 2 days in a row. I guess my body is rejecting the fatty food!! I guess it's not such a bad thing because I'm very happy to get back to my healthy eating and calorie counting today. I think maybe the strong reaction was mostly due to the chocolate.

We were also celebrating B-days on the week-end with Easter. We had cake for my Father-in-law on Saturday (his b-day is April 9th) and on Sunday we had cake and presents for my niece Averi, who turned 2 yrs old on April 3rd. She is soooo cute, I love that age!!! I'll have to post some pictures of her, she's precious!!!

I plan to get back on track today with both my calories and exercise!!

I'm happy to say that my weight managed to be uneffected by 2 days of less than perfect eating!!!! I did go up to 120 lbs on Friday but then my menstrual cycle began Saturday morning and by Sunday I was back down to 118 lbs, thankfully I didn't do to much damage!!!! I would still like it if I could get down to 115 lbs by my sister's wedding on May 5th but if not that's okay too.

Okay, so I couldn't resist posting a couple pics of my kids this past May (2006) on one of our nature walks at heartlake conservation park. I still don't have a program to make these pics the proper size, they're still huge!! I actually put my kids in a a fallen tree because it would make such a neat picture, ha,ha!! My Dad used to do the same to my sister and I to take pictures, I must take after him with the love of pictures!! Ofcourse this picture looks better when you can see the entire thing on the screen. The last two pics are of my youngest niece, Averi.

Progress as of today: 13.5 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

mcwoo40 on 04/09/2007:
Hi,hope you had a good easter too.It is just nice to do things with the kids,i have my hubby off work aswell so i have a big kid to look after too!!Your kids look so cute,hope they are good for you??Mine have got worse as they have got older,my older one is at that hormonal stage.I feel sorry for my hubby,as in a couple of years he will have to live with 3 hormonal women!! Bye 4 now,Julie

greengirl on 04/09/2007:
I felt like that when I overindulged at Christmas so I didnt go overboard this time. I love the photos of your children, especially the one in the tree. They are a pair of cuties and your niece has the most beautiful eyes!!! You can use free software to resize your images. Irfanview is easy to download and use. You can find it on the net. If you need any tips I'll help :)

Umpqua on 04/09/2007:
Sorry to hear you weren't feeling so well last night and hopefully you're better today. Oh, and I consider cleaning and housework to be exercise these days :) Your kids are adorable and those are great shots with the tree. And your niece is really cute too!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/09/2007:
sorry to hear about your easter stomach issues. hopefully that'll clear up soon! have a good day tomorrow!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/09/2007:
i know you'll be exercising soon again! and, thanks for your comment on my exericise...too bad i didn't do it again today!

girliegirl6486 on 04/09/2007:
I felt the same way after the weekend. I went back home for the weekend and just ate a crazy variety of stuff. Never overstuffed myself - just mixed things that shouldn't be mixed! Hope you are feeling better!

hollybelle on 04/10/2007:
Your kids are so cute. IThat is an interesting looking tree, too. IS this near your house? We have a prk with woods near us and I can't wait to get back walking in there. It's been too muddy lately. Thanks for your comments. To answer the question about daughter's audition - the letters are to be mailed on April 12 so we should know someething on Sat or Monday regarding if she was chosen. Although it would be a good opportunity for her, the chance is slim that she will be chosen. Out of about 225 dancers only 20 (statewide) can be selected. So if she isn't selected I won't be dissappointed. She may be, though. Thanks for asking!

biscottibody59 on 04/10/2007:
Your body probably needed the break--Keep up the good work!

borntocry on 04/10/2007:
Very cute kids - they kind of look like you (yours, not your niece)! Or is that just my imagination?

WorkingIt2 on 04/10/2007:
You had a great weekend! Glad you enjoyed yourself even with the dreaded cramps. All the kids are cute! Great job on the pictures!

Justine6Robert3 - Monday Apr 09, 2007

Weight: 0.0

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