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Koko - Tuesday Feb 12, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 196.0

Worked out again today after work. Feel really good about it. Will keep this up and revel in my muscle definition, strength and litheness. :) Hope all is well with everyone. Does anyone know what and where Connie is/up to? And Pink? And HERB!!!! I'm concerned; so please let me know if you know. Thanks!


pastagal on 02/13/2002:
Hey there Angela,,,as for Herb,i know his puter crashed,he will return as soon as he gets back up and running,,,,as for Connie,,i don't know,she just kinda stopped all of a sudden coming on here,,i never thought she would do that,,but it happens,,and PINK,,i think she comes and reads now and then,just taking a break i think from here,,,i have noticed maria hasn't been around in over a week now,,,and thats not like her,she was having alot of depression problems and that worries me:{{ Haven't seen Kyrin or soccermom for a day or two but i know kyrin is visiting her parents and sister<soccermom> so maybe there just really busy,,,its funny,,we get spoiled to certain ones being here and when there not we panic:}} Well you have a great day tomorrow ok:}

pinkuspettuty on 02/14/2002:
I am here visiting. Come by and read from time to time (how does Pasta know that?) Have nothing to say since basically I just don't diet and my life really is pretty full of wonderful stuff and I am basically a happy person. So for the time being, I am who I am. Fat, angry at myself for it but seemingly unable/unwilling(?) to do anything about it. I appreciate my old friends on this site but it wasn't helping me to get on with committing to a food plan so I just drop in to see how you all are doing. Take care and hang in ther. Pink P.S. Connie is fine.

herb on 02/27/2002:
I'm back, it was a computer problem. It was in computer hospital for rehabilitation for a week. I think it was stress & overwork.<P> Now the problem is you, where are you? Is Plano Texas near Houston Texas? Why do I ask? I'm wondering, the fellow who ran Enron is Kenneth Lay and the company is in Houston, and I eat potato chips made by Frito-Lay and there in Plano. Get it "Lay" is it the same.

Koko - Monday Feb 11, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 196.0

Made it to goal today. Exercised; even did a little jogging. Could have done more, but my batteries were dead in headphones. I'm so addicted to blaring music when I exercise. Didn't count points today/tonight, but the exercise seems to be my control factor. I've just finished some cold water; had about a liter at work today. A good day overall.

Gonna go play scrabble. love that game; am so addicted.

Take care and God Bless!


pastagal on 02/12/2002:
Glad to hear you had a good day,,i use to love to play scrabble;} well hope tomorrow is another good one for you:}

Jelly Belly on 02/12/2002:
Good for you! Do you play Scrabble on computer or for real? I always thought Upwords would be fun.

supernewsie on 02/16/2002:
Great job, betcha thought you'd never hear from lil ol me again? Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that you sound like you are doing so well. I hope I can get back on track as well as you are. BTW, the fact that you are a successful FEMALE lawyer with a daughter is very encouraging to someone who is always being told that I should get married and have myself a nice quiet little family to take care of.... and ONLY have a family to take care of (ie no career). Kudos to your strength! Best luck in the coming week.

- Supernewsie

Koko - Saturday Feb 09, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 196.0

It's been almost a week since I last journaled. Time just zips by when you're busy or constantly telling yourself how busy you are. Well, we're sitting down to lunch (Faithy and I). She was so happy to be home and I was happy to have her here. It lasted for about 2 hours...that Mommy/Faithy I love you stage. Until her newly acquired BAD habits started to show. It was a week and in a week she adopted all of my 5 year old nephew's horrible habits. Screaming at you, hitting you, throwing temper tantrums, holding her mouth open for no apparent reason...the list goes on and on. Right now things are rough because I'm trying to break her of these habits. I don't know if she emulated him so much because she isn't around children or if this is just normal. Either way, I don't like it one bit. I send a well mannered, sweet little angel and I get back this rude, obnoxious 3 year old brat. She's watching a Barney tape right now and is eating a lunch of roast beef (1 slice) on 1 slice 9-grain PF bread; carrot sticks (which she loves but which her mom had stopped buying); 6 tortilla chips and a 4 ounce box of apple juice w/ no sugar. It's official. She's gaining too much weight; so I don't mention it to her. But I've started to monitor her eating habits, patterns, times, amounts and types of food. Just this week heard a report that the fat cells we acquire in childhood never go away. So the fewer the better. She has plenty and now my need to get fit and trim is even more pressing. She has inherited my body type and everything. Her legs are so solid. She's like a slab. Only the faintest roll of fat, mostly just solid meat. I was using that as an excuse, i.e., she's not fat. But truth is that she's gaining and her mobility is lesser. So we're both eating balanced meals, smaller meals and getting as much exercise as we can.

I'm having the same lunch as hers and dinner will be a salad with chicken breast. I didn't work out at all this week. :( And I really hate that because last week was just phenomenal. My body (as I'm sure everybody's does) really responds well to exercise. I mean in 3 days there is a noticeable difference in my appearance. So I can actually move my arms and see the muscles of/on my shoulder blades move.

So, what's my game plan? Well, first a related issue. The trial with the guy I mentioned a couple of entries ago resulted in a loss for me/the State. I was directed out by the judge. In laypeople's terms, the judge's interpretation of a statute differed greatly from ours. So he held our evidence insufficient. The good thing about it is that it wasn't due to something I did or failed to do. Instead, it was purely a legal issue. So, the powers that are didn't have a hissy fit (it's an election year for our DA). Instead, the one who is nationally recognized as one of the BEST trial attorneys in the country came and asked me to sit with him in April on a trial. Can we say...OH SHUCKS! Yes, I will be sitting with "the man." And that is a good and bad thing, depending upon whether I royally screw up. It is most definitely a defining moment in my career, and since they'll be making some promotions around that time I really must be at the top of my game.

Well, how am I going to get to the top of my game? Possess as much self confidence as I possibly can. Well, from what do I get self confidence? High self worth, self esteem, healthiness, fitness, strength and power. All the things I get from one action. EXERCISING. So, I'm not going to try to exercise a lot. It is quite simple. Starting Monday I am exercising every weekday evening, Monday through Friday, in our fitness center. No excuses, rain, sleet, hail or snow. I'm there. I'm not going to even worry about my eating because like last week when I vigorously work out, I don't eat junk. So, I'm working out Monday through Friday, won't be counting any points and will just focus on reconnecting with the inner strength and power that I tap into when I dig deep within to work out daily.

I'm very excited about trying a case with this man and I'm excited about my action plan that will be implemented. Not might be, will try to, probably will...IT WILL BE IMPLEMENTED!

Now, that is enough of this. I need to go. It's kind of pretty outside and we need some exercise. Oh, a question. Can you get kids' roller blades? My daughter wears a size 9 shoe. I want to roller blade and I'm thinking that would be an excellent way to get both of us out of the house on Saturdays and Sundays. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks in advance,


biscottibody59 on 02/09/2002:
A while back they were making in-line skates that you can change the padding as the child grows. Try Academy or Sun and Ski Sports, I think they're still in business. I NEVER get waited on at Oshman's so I'd use them as a last resort. Good Luck and Keep up the good work!

yoyo on 02/09/2002:
hi there. fisher price makes clip-on(over the shoe) in-line skates for young children who are just learning to skate. i got a pair for my two tear old neice for christmas and her mom just raves about them. i think its great that you are trying to help your daughter learn healthy eating at a young age. good luck with your case. i'm a big LAW AND ORDER fan,so i find that stuff interesting. love,yoyo.

Jelly Belly on 02/10/2002:
My oldest daughter was just as you describe--solid built--is what we called it. Then, the tummy had a few rolls. I worried over it, but never commented. Just tried to get her to eat healthy snacks at night. I worried for nothing. She hit 13, discovered boys, took a growth and puberty spurt and is now a size 9jr. wearing a 36D. The boys don't stop calling! She'll grow out of it, but getting her to like healthier stuff is great!

Koko - Monday Feb 04, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 196.0

My daughter is back with me since yesterday. I'm in the middle of trial with the attorney I mentioned last time. I'm actually the only calm person in the courtroom because he irritates the crap out of everyone it seems. I'm ahead of the game because I prayed over this situation all weekend; so I'm okay with it. In fact today I even tried to "bond" with him. Of course I couldn't, but hey at least I tried.

Diet wise I'm okay. I'm concerned about some health problems and as soon as I get a minute I'm going to the doctor's to discuss my concerns.

Well, need to put Faithy down for the night. Hope you all are doing well in your endeavors.


pastagal on 02/05/2002:
Aww i am glad to hear your daughter is back with you,i know you missed her terribly,,i hope work gets easier and less stressful for you,i hope the health problems is nothing serious,,you take care of YOU ok,,let us know how it goes,,take care Angela:}

herb on 02/05/2002:
I second what pasta gal said.

SoccerMom on 02/06/2002:
Glad to hear that Faithy is back home, safe and sound. Hey...weren't you supposed to see the doctor on the 18th? Don't put it off...get your behind in there! Faithy needs you for a loooooooong time!

Call and make the appointment NOW....I'll sit here and wait while you dial....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......ok...now write it on your calendar! Let us know what the doc says.

Give your baby a ((HUG)).

Koko - Thursday Jan 31, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 196.0

Have you ever encountered someone who just irritated the crap out of you? I mean s/he could look at you and your blood just thinned a little as it boiled ever more. I have a trial next week against a defense attorney who just makes me sick. (heading for the toilet now) He whines....Angelaaaaaaaa, why are you doing this? why aren't you doing that? Ugh. So next week will be hell with him. Before I became a mom, I was a she-devil in the courtroom. I'll be the first to admit it. I had a big attitude problem. I wouldn't give an inch. I believed cases were worth X and I wouldn't budge from my offer. If you didn't want it, don't take it. But post-trial I would double or even triple the offer. When my blossom came into my life, well everything just changed. Everything was put into perspective. I didn't care about cases as much. My life didn't center on my performance on the job as much. Well, this one defense attorney is truly resurrecting that she-devil. Today we had pre-trial hearings, and I just unleashed my wrath. He's telling the judge how I hadn't done something that I didn't have to do and I just let him have it legally that is. The funny thing is that the judge doesn't like this guy either; so my judge totally backed me. But not because he didn't like the guy but because the issues he's bringing up ARE MERITLESS! Such a waste of time.

So after a round with Whiny Butt, I went to Wal Mart and bought a bag of peanut mm's and a diet pepsi and stopped and got nachos bell grande from taco bell. I didn't get to eat all day because Whiny Butt kept me tied up all doggone day. but did I pig out when I got home. No, I did eat the belle grande and some of the mm's and of course the diet pepsi, but i'm happy to report the other mm's are going to the office tomorrow.

Didn't exercise tonight because I didn't have any fuel in my body to expend. I really need to find some filling, good tasting snack items to keep with me. I'm not big on granola bars. I need something like spicy meat sticks. Ya know?

Well, my sister and her hubby are meeting me Sunday (yes, even though it's the Super Bowl) to give me my baby. Faithy got her first surprise tonight and she was tickled pink! I've learned my lesson in that regard. She doesn't leave me any time soon! I told my family if ya'll don't come to see her, you'll have to wait until my schedule allows.

Ok, gotta run and get some stuff done. Have a great night, everyone.


SoccerMom on 02/01/2002:
There are <i>always</i> going to be peoplel like that in your life...the trick is to keep your cool with them. I think that they thrive on the emotional chaos they cause, and know that they've got the upper hand, because they upset the people around them to the point that they can't think clearly enough to handle them. If you can stay cool and clear headed, you can shut them down...and do it with the sweetest most innocent smile, too. Good luck with him...and don't let him drive you to eat! Go hit a punching bag or something, instead.

Have a great weekend, and drive safely to get your baby.

Koko - Wednesday Jan 30, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 196.0

I spoke with Faithy tonight at my other sister's house, and she with help from her auntee read me a card that Faithy insisted on buying me today when she, auntee and Grandmother went to town today. I just wanted to cry but I kept my voice upbeat for her sake. I told her of all the goodies I bought tonight to send in her next care package. She was excited, but then she said, "Mommy, I ready to come home." Soooooo, I am on my way to Mississippi Saturday or if I can wait Sunday my sister and I will meet up again as we'd planned. My sister was asleep by the time I spoke with Faithy; so I don't know if she'll be able to drive halfway and meet me Sunday. Even if she can't I'm going to leave early Saturday morning and go get her. Of course I could fly there, but I'm just not quite there yet. :( I wish I was, but I'm not.

Today's food choices included bourbon chicken and 1 cup fried rice for lunch (picked at it...not much of an appetite) I had 2 miniature milky ways as a late afternoon snack and dinner was some chicken and dumplings and the leftover lunch of chicken/rice. After dinner I went to the gym and just rocked! Jogged on the t-mill for 20 minutes after 10 minutes of walking and finished off with 15 additional minutes of walking for a 45 minute total workout. My thighs are screaming at me, but it's a really good feeling. Still positive about everything and I'm just clinging to that feeling.

Sure wish I didn't have things going on so that I could go pick up my baby tomorrow, but I'll just have to be patient.

herb on 01/30/2002:
Just logged on at 12:11, and you must've just finished. It's always great to read you.

muggs on 01/30/2002:
What a week you've had with your little girl gone! I can't imagine. My son and I were never separated for that long until he was in college! I'm so impressed that you can share her with your sister like you have.

I keep watching your job situation and hope you'll take a position that's is just right for you. Hard to believe they are out there... but they are. When I found mine, I went after it (no holds barred)!

Good job on the diet and the exercise!

SoccerMom on 01/30/2002:
So Faithy is coming home early? I know you're thrilled! Drive <i>safely</i> and let us know that you made it back safe and sound, OK? Just like I tell my college kids...call home when you get there to let me know you arrived.

Have a great night!

pastagal on 01/30/2002:
Aww i know it must be tough missing her as you do,,and to hear her say she wants to come home,,she is so young,its hard to let lil ones like that go far away for any length of time without really missing them bad,,,but sounds like you have full trust in your sister and thats comforting huh:}You hang in there and the weekend will be here before you know it:}

Koko - Monday Jan 28, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 196.0

Hello everyone. I survived another day. :) I'm truly taking it one day at a time. I must say that I can no longer blame Faithy for my lateness because this morning I was an hour and 15 minutes late. Of course I don't have a time to be at work, but I was an hour and 15 minutes later than the office opened. So this morning I took my gym clothes (didn't get up in time) and made a date to work out. After work I didn't feel like it, but remembering the promise to really take advantage of the next two weeks I pulled up in front of the building and sat there for 10 minutes. Finally I went in, dressed and just rocked on the treadmill. I ran for 15 minutes straight, music blaring in my hears. I can't wait until tomorrow. I want Faithy to have a little less belly to wrap her arms around when I see her. :)

Speaking of Faithy I called and spoke with her over lunch today and she began to cry and said, I wanna come home, and I just about died. But of course I didn't die and she was fine in a few minutes. Turns out 2 adult cousins were there and they kept harassing her to come to them, talk to them, give them a kiss. People don't understand this, but my daughter is the friendliest person in the world ON HER OWN TERMS. Wonder where she got that from? lol So tonight my sis and I spoke and she promised me that if she suspects Faithy to be missing me, crying, not eating, she will get her to me asap...just as she does with her youngest son. I felt much better because I know that my sister understands my concerns and will do everything in her power to get her back to me soon. So tonight I wanted to tell her goodnight, but I decided against it. I definitely didn't want to start her to cry again. My sister said, "If she cries with me, I'm going to cry and we're flying to Texas tonight." :) So I'm a mommy who misses her girl but I know that (with the exception of my mom) she is in the best of hands. Now why did I say that about my mom...well my mother isn't very good with children and I actually prefer my daughter not stay with my mom. I've told my mother exactly how I feel about her ideas re: raising children and she knows that I do not spank Faithy for every little thing, that under absolutely no circumstances is she to raise her voice or use profanity directed at or in my daughter's presence. You know I need to change the subject because this is obviously a stick of dynamite with me.

Sooo, food wise I was a good girl. Actually I didn't have much of an appetite until after my workout. Once home, I made a pot of homemade chicken and dumplings using canned biscuits. It is so good and warm and comforting. I know that that bread is just killing my points because one of the biscuits is 5 points and I had at least 2 of them broken up into little pieces, but the chicken wasn't much. And since the only other thing I had to eat today was some goldfish and a pack of peanut m&m's I'm guesstimating with my workout I broke even. And even if it's not true, that's what I'm telling myself.

Okay, I should get going now. Ya'll take care and continue to be blessed.


Koko - Sunday Jan 27, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 196.0

A rather late entry for this childless diarist. I had a splendidly blessed day today. Awoke, dressed for church and arrived on time. Had a very very blessed and powerful spiritual experience there. The message was definitely for me and for what I'm facing right now. I attend a world renowned church in Dallas and Bishop is incredibly anointed. I don't mean to talk religion as I know we're incredibly diverse here; however, I'll stop after I say that whatever your spiritual convictions, cling to them and call on that power. It is so life altering!

After services, had Chinese alone (a groundbreaker for me). Only had a bowl of egg drop soup and a little rice (1 cup) 2 slices of barbecued pork chops, 2 pieces of orange chicken (very small pieces) and 2 broccoli flowerets and 2 chunks of chicken with the broccoli. And 3 diet cokes (I was thirsty for food too after services). Left Lotus and went to Dollar General next door and browsed...my new trick to beat the I miss my Faithy blues. Bought Faithy some markers, a notepad, some stickers and a lollipop. Mailed that to her tonight. Then went to Wal-Mart and browsed for a couple of hours. Went back to Wal-Mart and bought some things that I didn't need, i.e., lots of photo frames for Faithy's birthday pictures. Also returned the Christmas jacket and got a pair of New Balance shoes for my workout and bought some socks and headbands too.

Had a really good day; didn't do any exercise beyond about 3 or 4 hours of window shopping.

Last night Faithy called me before she went to bed and she was just tickled red at the pictures of me from high school. She was stuttering she was talking so fast and laughing at my prom pictures. She's such a doll. She's having a blast. Today she fell in the mud. Her first mud experience (I wasn't there to see it). My sister bought a camera today to take pictures for me. Our designated meeting date is 2/10/02. Last night I spoke to my sister and this is how the convo went.

Me: K, have you seen that Chili's commercial that goes...Chili's baby back ribs, Chili's baby back ribs... K: Yes. Me: Okay, I'm gonna sing you a song. K: don't make me cry (she cried when I picked Faithy up last year). Me: It's not gonna make you cry. (then I said)...Here it goes....Faithy, my baby...I want my baby back baby back baby back. Faithy, my baby...I want my baby back baby back baby back. Ok maybe you had to be there to hear it. :)

Be blessed everyone and stay in the moment...it truly makes all the difference in the world. By the way, other than a couple handfuls of goldfish that's all I've had to eat today. YAyy me!



herb on 01/28/2002:
Always remember it's your journal, if you want to speak of your religious convictions or thoughts go ahead.

Finally saw "BlackHawk Down," and I want to say that breaking up with Michael has saved you from losing two and a half hours of your life.

SoccerMom on 01/28/2002:
Our kids used to go spend a week with the grandparents every summer. I never knew quite what to do with myself when I only had two still home (we had four, and they could only handle two at a time). Spend more time nurturing your soul while she's away. Read something you've been putting off, or take a relaxing bath while you play soothing music and sip a delicious wine/tea/whatever. Do something for <i>you</i>.

Have a great day! ~~SMILE!~~

pastagal on 01/28/2002:
Its such a warm feeling inside to hear you speak of your lil daughter,,it really comes through your words how much that lil girl means to you,,tell me,,,,,how do you make it two whole weeks without her;}Have a wonderful day Angela:}}

CharlieAngel on 01/28/2002:
I remember when the boys were both still itty bitty and I let Eddy's parents take them for 2 weeks one summer. We had just spent a week with them in Tennessee (rented a cabin in Townsend) and rather than my taking them home, we agreed that the boys could go back to Texas with MA'MA and PA'PA. Eddy had already gone to Saudi Arabia and we had to wait to join him. I kept thinking, how great is this? I can do whatever I want, eat whatever I want, sleep as late as I want...not rush home from work, play with my girlfriends....NOT! I was sooooo lonely! Now why can't we mothers appreciate some alone time? It was too alone, no arguments, no laughter, no tv blaring in the background...No babies giving me hugs and snuggling in the big bed while we watched a disney movie! So I can totally relate. But do try to be nice to yourself and pamper yourself a bit. You are doing terrific sticking with the program....and on another note...just caught up with my reading...and found out about Michael...what a jerk. I'll say it for you. Wasn't he the one that basically kept after you for like forever? Who needs that kind of grief? YOU can do much better.. Have a blessed day. Love Charlotte

garlic on 01/28/2002:
I say try like mad to enjoy your time to yourself. I know you miss her but think about her having a great time. Maybe you could do something different in her bedroom to surpise her when she gets home!! Like some kind of decorating. May make you feel connected to her as well as doing something on your own. Enjoy.

Koko - Saturday Jan 26, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 196.0

Faithy is gone and I'm here...staring at the walls. Actually I'm taking a rest before shampooing my hair and getting things laid out for church tomorrow. She was so excited to see my sister and my sister just hugged her and cried. As I mentioned, she and her husband always wanted a girl but they had 2 boys and we have a hereditary condition that prevented them from trying any more. So they were both tinkled pink about getting Faithy for 2 more weeks. And it doesn't hurt that my little girl is just PICTURE pretty. I know most if not all parents say that, but I mean it when I say this little girl is too darn cute!

They couldn't come here; so we met each other halfway. Faithy and I drove 260 miles and they drove 325. It was a cool trip because I just enjoyed Faithy (after her 2 hour nap). We were way ahead of my sis and bro in law; so Faithy and I stopped at IHOPS for breakfast. I ordered an omelette and 3pancake feast, but only ate most of the omelette. Faithy is at that stage where she points at people and says really rude things...like, look Mommy she's so big or he's fat. I'm working on that because it is incredibly embarrassing, not to mention hurtful. I've had that happen to me once and even though it was a little girl my feelings were hurt and then I was pissed because the mom said nothing to the child.

Okay, I feel a slight headache coming on; so I'm gonna go lie down. I can't wait to find things to get into for the next 2 weeks. I think my focal point will be going back to my WW meetings on Monday. Yep, going back full force and the gym. Sooooo, I'll see ya later!


herb on 01/26/2002:
595 miles. So your sister lives in Mississippi?

Koko - Thursday Jan 24, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 196.0

It's a late night in my household. I'm preparing for my little one's departure this weekend. Have I mentioned that? She's off to spend 2 weeks with my family in Mississippi. She's looking forward to it, and as usual I'm in tears just thinking about it. She's such a joy (and pain at times). Tonight as I'm talking to the Aunt who's coming to fetch her, she walks up to me and says, "Mommy, I'm gonna be a lawyer just like you." Then about 10 minutes later she comes back and says, "Mommy, I gonna be a mommy too just like you." My heart just imploded. It did. It did. My sister said, "Let me let you go spend some time with that sweet girl." This is the sister that if something ever happens to me I want to raise Faithy. She's got faults, who among us don't. But she and her husband adore Faithy and Faithy is equally in love with them. So they'll be here Saturday to get her. Instead of moping around as I did last time she went away, I'm gonna get out and do something probably exercise every single day and really live it up. :) I'll keep ya'll posted on how it goes.

Well, on the diet front nothing new really. I ventured out to eat lunch yesterday and today. Yesterday was Saltgrass alone after a doctor's visit and today was Mexican. I ordered an appetizer's size of chicken nachos supreme, but they brought a full order. I wasn't keen on them so I picked the chicken off and left the vast majority of them. Still doing my walking. Seeing some shifts in the face fat and around my neck and shoulder/collar bones.

Tonight some "important sounding" guy from HR Block called me. I was on the computer. He left a message asking me to call him back by 9 p.m. I got the message at 9:15 p.m.; so I didn't get a chance to call him back. But I will tomorrow. Now, here's my question...what is it about me that this company wants so badly? And if they want me this badly (did I tell ya'll about when I told the one guy I wasn't gonna work for them and he offered me whatever money I wanted plus commission from beginning of tax preparation...it was hard to turn that down), maybe they'll want me bad enough to offer me a position as an ATTORNEY with their company. So that's gonna be on MY mind tomorrow, but I have no idea why this guy is calling. It's been like 2 weeks since I declined their offer. We'll see and I'll let ya'll know.

I forgot to mention the results of my 1/18 doctor's appointment. I told the doc about my pain and she asked...is it unbearable pain...I looked at her over my glasses (such a bad sign) and went on to explain if it were bearable I probably wouldn't be mentioning it to her. So they ran a sonogram and saw some fibroids, but they are small. So she doesn't think they're the cause of the problem. I asked her about tubal ligation (sp?) and she agreed to do it if I was sure and said she would check while in there for endometriosis. So now I have 2 months to decide if I really want to go through with the other one and if not she still wants to check for endo. So just to let ya'll know I do in fact follow up with things, but I often forget to include updates. That's the problem when you do 200 things an hour.

Ok, guess I should be getting to bed. Take care and keep trucking along on this journey to Weigh-less. :)



herb on 01/25/2002:
How old is Faithy now? 3.

As for H&R Block is that what you want with your carrer a tax lawyer? That is a question with no hidden implications. I'm assuming there there must come a time in your carrer that you have to make a choice - communications, criminal, naval, tax, copyright, etcetra.

You're funny, in the journal you write ligation (sp) but then have no trouble running through endometriosis.

Keep on truckin.

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