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Maria7 - Sunday Nov 21, 2004
(Back on the Wagon)
Weight: 0.0

Howdy, everybody!

Well...how are you doing today?

I'm still working on the 'fat' from stress-eating these past few weeks. I'm 3 down within a week...so that's pretty good. I've been walking more but haven't been back to the gym yet.

Thanksgiving is coming up...after what we went through with our family not showing up last year, we invited our friends for a Thanksgiving supper and they said they'd come...."You can count on us...we'll be there!" one couple said. Another said "We'll bring ham and dressing to go with your turkey and trimmings!" Another said, "We're going to bring desert!" (3 couples.) So....DUHHHHHH!!!...I go and buy a 22 pound turkey and all the trimmings...Hubby had wanted to go out and eat, but I wanted to cook and have company on Thanksgiving, and put up the Christmas tree Thanksgiving night as we usually do (tradition)....Well, I tell our friends about the turkey and trimmings and that we'll be looking for them to come and now it's changed to "We don't know what we're going to do concerning Thanksgiving...it depends on what our family wants to do......" (That was the ham and dressing couple.) "We're going to spend Thanksgiving with my sister but we'll TRY to come if we can..." (That was the one that ASSURED us they'd come if we'd cook and invite them over.) "We're having our family over...." (The desert one.) I'm thinking about taking back the huge turkey and trimmings and getting the money back and Hubby and I going to eat out...what do you think???? I called our friends and said to them...."Since y'all have plans, we've decided we're going to do something different on Thanksgiving..." Well now we're getting the "We're going to TRY to come if we can!" (Nothing definite.) So...what do y'all think???

Love, Maria

yoyo on 11/21/2004:
Hi. I've never commented to you before but this one kind of called out to me. My husband is the kind that never wants to commit to going anywhere..to relatives or whatever, so I NEVER say for sure if we'll be there when invited..but I hate that..its not fair to the inviters or me. So, I say return the food and go out with your husband for a lot less stress..and probably cheaper. Have a happy holiday whatever you end up doing.

Maria7 - Monday Nov 15, 2004
(Grazing and Overeating)
Weight: 0.0

Okay...I'm back again. I was advised to try to be on here daily for encouragement, so here I am....I did a little better today, calorie talking, that is, but not as well as I could have...I gave in to 3 chocolate chip cookies and a bag of popcorn. You may say that's no big deal, but I've REALLY been having lots and lots of junk food snacks for quite a while...comfort food.

Hubby was off work today and he and I walked to our church, about a mile from here, to decorate our Sunday School classroom for Christmas...yes, I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet...anyway, we were offered a ride but declined the offer and walked back also...so, I feel good that we got the exercise in today.

Other foods today were a 'diet bologna sandwich' for breakfast, about 150 cals, and for supper, 2 hotdogs and fries, about 800 cals. Yes, I've been eating fried foods lately, too. Anyway, I was tempted to bake a german chocolate cake this afternoon, but I resisted and didn't do it...I knew I'd eat most of it.

Thanksgiving is next week. I haven't decided if it's going to be stay home and cook or eat out. I'm leaning toward eat out...thus will be the temptation gone to GRAZE FOR DAYS on the Thanksgiving leftovers!

Love, Maria

Runner on 11/15/2004:
Baking is one of my worst downfalls...when I am tempted to bake, it is usually because I want to eat about 1/2 of what I make. So sometimes I really have to resist the temptation and just get out of the kitchen! I know my weaknesses, and homemade brownies are at the top of the list!

By the way, I'm 5'4", but I have a very small frame. (I'm small boned). SO I don't look too skinny at my weight...I think I look rather "normal." I used to weigh 150 pounds, and I just looked too chunky!

Do you eat enough fruits and veggies?

Becca27 on 11/16/2004:
Hi Maria, I'm a grazer, too. I could eat all day. Try to grab healthy veggies and fruit to eat and definitely back off of the hot dogs and french fries. I think that eating only 3 choc. chip cookies shows incredible retraint. They're one of my downfalls. Instead of french fries, bake up some sweet potatoes, or even regular potatoes. For protein, cook up some chicken breasts. Actually, one thing I've done recently is bake whole tky breasts and eat the leftovers for lunches - it's very healthy and a great source of protein. You should be congratulated on resisting the temptation to bake. If you like to bake, try a low-fat recipe or make something and give it to a skinny friend. I hope you have a great day and have a chance to go on another walk.

Maria7 - Sunday Nov 14, 2004
(Grazing and Overeating)
Weight: 0.0

Okay...here goes...I've been stress-eating. I've let my feelings about what people have said have control over my eating and I've gained weight. Also, Hubby and I took a vacation and I put on a little with that, too. But mostly I've been stress-eating...GRAZING....I'll feel anxious or angry about a situation and then soon after, I'll feel hungry and then there you have it...overeating. So, I've admitted it and ....I hope there is a response of encouragement...Love, Maria

Runner on 11/14/2004:
I think a lot of us deal with stress-eating...I sure do! And vacations are always hard. Probably all of us can relate to overeating, too! I hope you continue to post diary entries...we're here to encourage, give advice, listen, and just let you know that you're not alone!!!

Maria7 - Tuesday Sep 14, 2004
(Maintaining Goalweight (Balance))
Weight: 149.0

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Good evening to you...hope you are doing well...today has been 'chicken soup day' here...drinking the broth from 3 large cans of chicken noodle soup off/on today...allergies...

We've been being blessed with lots of tropical rain here lately...looks like two additional systems are getting closer, too, (Ivan and Jeanne) but the Lord has protected us from the others and I know He will protect us from these and any and all others, too.

Anyway, thanks to the Lord for the rain, the air outside is now cool instead of hot and the cool breezes are nice, too. Autumn is due to arrive in a few more days...my favorite time of the year! Our colorful autumn here is usually in early November...when the trees look like natural Christmas trees with all the pretty colorful leaves on them...red, gold, burgundy, yellow, brown, and in-between shades and variations of these and other colors, too...

Well...hope you have a good night...remember...

Jesus loves you!!!!!

...and so do I!

Love, Maria, (Smile!)

Maria7 - Wednesday Sep 08, 2004
(Maintaining Goalweight (Balance))
Weight: 149.0

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Good evening to you! The Lord has kept us safe through all these hurricanes and tropical storms...we've had one after another within this past month. Thank you, fellow Christians, for all your prayers!

This month is the month autumn begins and I love the changing colors of the leaves on the trees and the cool, crisp air outside!

Well...how are you doing today????? Think I'll go read some entries....remember....

Jesus loves ya!!!

....and so do I!

Love, Maria (SMILE!!!)

Maria7 - Saturday Sep 04, 2004
(Maintaining Goalweight (Balance))
Weight: 149.0

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16


Highest Weight 1998: 205.0

Goalweight attained within 1 year: 150.0

Today's weight: 149.0



Jesus loves ya!!!

...and so do I!

Love, Maria (SMILE!!!)

cinygirl2004 on 09/05/2004:
Thats great , I weigh more then your starting weight ,,but my goal weight is the same .. I am very happy for you:) I hope I will get there too:) (((hugs)))

Maria7 - Saturday Aug 28, 2004
Weight: 147.0

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Good evening to you! I've tried and tried to get on here and finally after signing on and off many times, I ran scandisk and I think everything is okay again with this computer. Seems I'd deleted some valuable files or at least they were valuable to this computer working properly.

Well, looks like we have another tropical system coming into South Carolina by the name of 'Tropical Storm Gaston'. I think this makes 4 or 5 this season...MORE RAIN and maybe wind, too. So...Hubby and I grilled out hamburgers for supper and after eating and cleaning everything up, I put on a very big pot of chicken gumbo...or chicken goolosh, as some people call it...really it's just chicken and rice with a lot of extra things cooked in with it...I added onion, creamed corn, green peas, and salt, pepper, and margerine...So this will probably be Sunday dinner and supper...cause who wants to go eat out in a tropical storm anyway??? (We usually eat out on Sundays after church.) I had a little bowl of it tonight after it finally got done. (Ya'll come!) Just kidding...who would want to come to lunch during a tropical storm??? Okay....the tropical storm would, hehehehe! I think I'm getting sleeeeeepy, can you tell????? Or is it just that I've been trying to get on here so long???? (Hours.)

I had a real big chocolate craving today and I ate (off and on this afternoon and tonight) 4 (yes, 4!) small chocolate moonpies (180 calories each)...mind you, the calories fit into my daily budget for calories, but I know it isn't good to eat so much sweets...I had done real well earlier in the week...I think I went 3 days without a candy bar (but I had fruit!)...and I felt so much better...more energetic, too...then, Thursday I got back into eating sugared sweets again...what's a girl to do????? (hum.) I bought fruits, thinking I'd substitute them for candy bars, etc, but I find myself eating BOTH!

Well...it's getting late and so have a blessed night and remember...

Jesus loves ya!!!!

...and so do I!

Love, Maria (smile!)P.S. Don't forget to go to church and worship the Lord tomorrow! Love ya!

legcramps on 08/30/2004:
Great job! Keep it up!

Maria7 - Friday Aug 27, 2004
Weight: 147.0

For God so loved the world that He have His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Good evening to you! Hope you're having a lovely, blessed day! Looks like we are in for a possible tropical storm tomorrow...more rain...oh, well...thank the Lord for it. There is currently a tropical depression off the coast of South Carolina and weather analysts say they think it will become a tropical storm by tomorrow and move inland....we only live 90 miles or so from the ocean...hehehe!

I went for a walk (alone, but the Lord was with me) in our neighborhood today. There are loose dogs in this neighborhood and once I got started, I thought, here I am walking and Hubby is at work and not here to walk with me and there may be some territorial dogs that are loose to contend with...so I just walked so far and back home because most of the dogs are further up the road where I was walking. It was a pretty, warm day today, sunny and feels Septemberish (?).

Well, guess I'll read some entries...take care and remember...Jesus loves ya!!!...and so do I!

Love, Maria (smile!)

Maria7 - Thursday Aug 26, 2004
Weight: 147.0

For God so loved the world that He have His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Hello to you! Hope you're having a blessed day today! Mine has been BUSY....I did some grocery shopping for my Mom, took out her trash, and checked her mail, also did some laundry here and now cooking supper....Y'alllllllllcome!!!! (Heheehe!) We're having barbequed roasted chicken, rice, butter beans. and homemade cornbread...yum, yum!

It's been a pretty, sunny, warm (mid-80's fahrenheit, I think) day here today, but now it looks like we may have some tropical rain coming in from the ocean...oh, well...it'll help the flowers bloom prettier than they already are (and they are doing quite well with the recent rains we've had from tropical systems) and clean the air and give it a fresh nice smell.

Well...guess I'll go read some entries...remember...Jesus loves ya and so do I!

Love, Maria (smile!)

Soon2BThin on 08/26/2004:
I remember the first thing I knitted back when I was a teenager---a sweater for my boyfriend and it turned out HUGE!! I still would rather crochet than knit, I think knitting is harder. Your supper sounds good. Since DH is gone I haven't been cooking at all. I just grab a can of soup or frozen diet dinner. Enjoy the rain!

legcramps on 08/27/2004:
Have a great weekend!

Maria7 - Saturday Aug 21, 2004
Weight: 0.0

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Good evening to you! Hope you have had a blessed day today! I've had a very busy day. One thing I've discovered...eat too many sweets/and or/carbs and size 8 levi jeans get too snug to wear and feel comfortable in! I've got to discipline myself with the sweets...I crave them...but I do be very careful about daily calorie counts...I try to keep it around 1700 (more or less) each day....Just like just now...I didn't have to do it...but I ate M&M's chocolate covered peanuts and I was NOT hungry for them...I did it out of HABIT!!!! (ERR-r-r---r!!!)...You'd think that I'd stop eating them when I realized I wasn't hungry for them, (which was within the first 2 or 3) but I just had an attitude of "Oh, well...I've already opened the little bag, may as well finish them...."...now does this make sense to you?

Today was a Mom/Daughter day and a shopping day...First, I picked up my Mom and we went to a big yard sale...I told her to get whatever she wanted and I would pay for it...she was like a little kid in a candy store, hehehe...she is doing so much better now (after having fallen and broken her hip in February earlier this year and having gone through surgery and rehab hospital)... she is walking mostly with her cane and sometimes with her walker and she loves getting out of her apartment for a while...she and I are getting to be more like buddies than Mother/Daughter relationship. Anyway, she picked out a green/brown/orange large afghan that the lady having the yard sale had knitted/crocheted??? herself for only $2.00 and then she (Mom) got real excited over some pretty pink fingernail polish, so I got her that, too, then she picked out a small lamp, some pictures, 2 pocketbooks, some cards to send friends and family, and about 5 sets of earrings...I also got her a nightstand for her bedroom...Then we went by a place and got us quarter pounder hamburgers ....yum, but the tomatoes were nonexistant and I think they were in the picture that advertised the hamburgers!!!...and went back to her apartment and ate lunch together...

Later...I went to the grocery store and got items for tomorrow's Sunday School breakfast...we have breakfast in our Sunday School class each time...so I came home and made...'sausage in the blankets'...40 of them...with buttermilk biscuits and beef sausage links...to take tomorrow morning to class that my Hubby and I teach.

Anyway, my supper tonight was the same as last night...cause my sweet Daughter bought us each (Hubby, I, and her) a medium pizza from a local pizza parlor that delivers last night...and I ate about 1/3 of my pizza last night and was stuffed and didn't sleep well WHATSOEVER...then tonight, I only had about half as much and felt AWFUL again after eating the high-fat that I'm NOT used to eating...anyway...I should have left it at that, but not...because of the M&M's I ate that I shouldn't have...oh well...Soonie, I know how you feel sometimes...(hehehhe!)... I may or may not have stayed within my day's allotted cals...need to look up the pizza at Calorie King.com and then I'll know...

(Update: A little later...I checked Calorie King.com and the calories for the 2 pieces of pizza I had for supper tonight were only about 420...so my today's calorie total is under 1700, actually around 1550 cals max, I think...the fat in the pizza was pretty low, too, and I ate 3 or 4 celery stalks with the pizza to get in some extra fiber and lower the glycemic index.)

Well...it's getting late and I sure have rambled on for a while...have a good night, all, and remember...Jesus loves ya and so do I!

Love, Maria (SMILE!)

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