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Maria7 - Tuesday Jan 30, 2001

Weight: 147.5

Hello, everybody! It is a sunny, warm (60's, supposed to get into the 70's), breezy day here in South Carolina. It rained a little earlier this morning. Rain clears the air, nourishes the ground, the trees, the plants, so that was good. I hope you are all having a great day today! Yesterday, I was out on the deck grilling out barbequed chicken and....the gas ran out, that goes to the grill. I closed the top of the grill over the half-done chicken and took the gas cylinder and had it filled and came back and got the grill fired up again...(I knew the gas was low in the cylinder, I should not have chanced it and should have gone ahead and had it filled before grilling out.... procrastination). Anyway, the chicken turned out great and I grilled a lot of it so there would be plenty for today, too! I walked out to the mailbox early this morning after it had rained to put some cards in the box, Valentine cards, that I'm sending out to my brother, who lives up north, and my mother, who doesn't live too far from here, and some friends. There are leaves everywhere on the ground. Looks like some work ready to be done. I'm glad our lawnmower has a bagger. A little squirrel came down a tree and just sat there and looked at me as I walked to the mailbox. He was so cute. There are LOTS of squirrels around here and sometimes we get wild rabbits, too, who come out of the woods. I have seen squirrels and a wild rabbit eating together, bread that I had thrown out to them. I love animals. My next door neighbor's cats think they are mine, too. They always come over when I am grilling out. Okay, it's not me, it's the food they love! :) I hope you all have a great day! Maria

SoccerMom on 01/30/2001:
Sounds wonderful in sunny SC. We had some rain all night and into the morning hours, but it's cleared up now, and the sun is shining...almost 60 here, too.

You reminded me to get those Valentine's out to the mailbox. thanks!

Have a wonderful day!

pastagal on 01/30/2001:
Sounds like another great day for you to maria,,,keep it up:}}

muggg on 01/30/2001:
I can't wait for Spring so I can get out! Your entries remind me of all the things I've been missing. Your chicken sounds yummy! I might grill some tonight... but indoors... too yucky here!

bunny on 01/30/2001:
I have to say i am jealous of the beautiful weather you are having. Thanks for the tip on eating fruit. I am sorry to say it has been a while since i've bought fresh fruit and I am so glad I did! I also found that having a little sherbert helps with the sweet tooth problem. I hope you have a great day!

Beth on 01/30/2001:
Lucky you, again! We live in the city now, and I really miss all the wildlife. I have a pet rat, though. She's a sweetie! Have a great evening!

Maria7 - Monday Jan 29, 2001

Weight: 147.5

Hi, everybody! It is a pretty, warm, in the 60's, sunny day here in S.C. In a little while, I'm going outside to grill some barbequed chicken. The birds are singing in the trees over here! I walked around outside a while ago to see if anything is getting green leaves yet, but no, not yet. It won't be long, however, spring is right around the corner! Less than 2 months away! I hope all of you are doing great today. My menu for today is/has been: Breakfast: Banana, pack peanut butter nekot cookies, gingerale. Lunch: Bowl homemade vegetable soup, pack of peanut butter/cheese crackers, gingerale. Supper will be barbequed grilled chicken and salad. Snack will be another banana and maybe some popcorn. Treadmill workout and at least 64 ounces water. Take care, all of you and I am looking forward to reading your journals! Maria

pastagal on 01/29/2001:
MMMM menu sounds yummy again Maria:}} You really sound like your doing great,,,keep it up:}That bbq chicken really sounds good,think i might try that this week,,,,fire up the grill Yeah!!!:}}}

SoccerMom on 01/29/2001:
Sounds like you're having a wonderful day. ~smile~

Beth on 01/29/2001:
Lucky you! Today here in Michigan, we had freezing rain, on top of the 20 inches of snow we got. I wish I could barbeque some chicken! Yummy!

muggg on 01/29/2001:
I sure am enjoying hearing about your 60� days!!! And I can smell the barbeque chicken from here! (LOL) Have a great day!

You're doing great!

Maria7 - Sunday Jan 28, 2001

Weight: 147.5

Hi, everybody! Hope you all are having a great day today! It is a sunny, cool (50 degrees) day here in S.C. We had a great church service this morning and someone got saved! :) Looks like you are all doing well, I just finished reading your journals, the ones that have written so far today. My menu for today is/has been: Breakfast: 1 ear corn on the cob, plain, 1 cup watermelon/cantaloupe cubes, gingerale. Lunch: 1 hamburger patty with onions and ketchup, no buns, 1 cup string beans, tea. Snack: popcorn and gingerale. Supper will be homemade vegetable soup. Water: at least 64 oz, but more if possible. Workout on treadmill. I think I may need to take it a little easier on the treadmill, the bottoms of my feet feel like blisters are forming on them, they are so sore. (But I doubt I do.) :) Well, you all have a great day today. I enjoy reading all of your journals and am so happy to see all of our newcomers. :) Maria

herb on 01/28/2001:
The movie Savior is not what you may think. First tip off should be the spelling of the word Saviour. It is basically a gory story of the idiocy of war, the story of ethnic cleansing. The story of the Muslims, Bosnians, Croatians. Truthfully I couldn't understand this story on the news, and the movie made it no easier. I will only recommend movies that I'm enthusiastic about, this is not one of them. It is very bloody.

muggg on 01/28/2001:
I'm smiling too... congrats on those size 8 jeans... Woo Hoo! You're doing fantastic on the food and the exercise!!!

Try wearing 2 pairs of socks in when you exercise if you have room in your shoes for them. Or look for socks that have the extra cushion in the foot.. well worth the money. Once you wear them, you won't go back! Wilson makes some and Sears has some too.

pastagal on 01/28/2001:
Corn on the cob for breakfast???? and i thought i ate weird stuff for breakfast:}}} but ya know,i could eat that even,,,,i can actually eat anything for breakfast,,infact i would rather have anything but breakfast food for breakfast:}

Well your menu sounded good,,,,but doesn't sound like you are eating much,,,what exactly are you doing now,what type of diet maria???

sunny3 on 01/29/2001:
Sounds like you are doing great!

Except for those blisters! I hope they dont stick around long. Lol.

Keep up the awesome work!

Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

Maria7 - Saturday Jan 27, 2001

Weight: 147.5

Hello, everybody! Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend....and being good eating and working out-wise. I am still smiling from yesterday. :) Today's menu has been: Breakfast: 1 cup mixed cantaloupe/watermelon cubes, gingerale, 1 ear corn on cob, plain. Snack was: 1 pack reduced fat peanut butter/cheese crackers, small pack, caffeine-free drink. Lunch was: bowl homemade vegetable soup, pack of cheese on wheat crackers, banana, gingerale. Snack was plain popcorn. Supper will be (hopefully grilled if the wind lets up outside) hamburger (minus the buns) or chicken with string beans. 64 ounces water and treadmill workout. Last night I almost overdid the treadmill walking, legs were sore this morning. It is a bright, sunny day here in S.C., temperature 63 degrees, but windy. Maria

sunny3 on 01/27/2001:
Wow a size 8!!! Good for you! That is so awesome!

Keep it up! You are doing so great!

Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

SoccerMom on 01/28/2001:
Sounds like you had a great day! Congrats! You'll be hitting your target weight before ya know it!

pastagal on 01/28/2001:
MMM your menu sounds yummy,,,,your doing great maria,,keep it up,,,:}}}

Maria7 - Thursday Jan 25, 2001

Weight: 147.5

Hello, everybody! Just now read your journals. It is another cold night here in South Carolina. I took my Mother shopping today. We found her a couple of nice pantsuits, a gray one with red trim and a beige one. We got that, then went to another store and found her a really nice pocketbook. We stopped by a fast food place and got her a hamburger and drink and me a drink. I am still eating the homemade soup today that I made yesterday. I have slowed down on my workouts, as I think too much workout is slowing progress to goal, has happened before. I believe the number to the side will be soon moving again toward goalweight, however, so I'm still counting calories and drinking water. Maria

pastagal on 01/25/2001:
Sounds like you had a good day out shopping with your mom,,and after reading you were making soup,i had to make a huge pot,,and gosh it turned out good,had a big bowl tonight and i am so full:} well maria,,,keep it up ,,,before you know it you will be to goal:}}}

herb on 01/25/2001:
When you say cold in South Carolina what are we talking about 10�, 0�? Do you talk about wind chill? Do you get snow? I am curious. Thank you for reading my journal but also commenting on it.

Maria7 - Wednesday Jan 24, 2001

Weight: 147.5

Hello, everybody. Made homemade vegetable soup today, been eating some of that. Drinking 64 oz. water. Hope you all are having a good day.

SoccerMom on 01/24/2001:
Hope you're having a good day, too. That soup sounds yummy!

Kyrin on 01/24/2001:
Hi Maria! I've missed your usual sunny comments, gal! Are you feeling all right? Hope so!


pastagal on 01/25/2001:
You ok Maria??? you didn't have much to say in your entry today,,,,glad you made some soup,,really hits the spot huh,,,,,well heading to bed,talk to you tomorrow:}}

sunny3 on 01/25/2001:
Hi Maria! Soup sounds sooo good. I haven't had soup in a long time. Not even from the can! Heehee.

You are doing awesome with your water! I just can't bring myself to drink much of it. Maybe eventually I will get used to it.

You have a wonderful day!! Hugs! ~~Sunny~~

Maria7 - Tuesday Jan 23, 2001

Weight: 147.5

Hello, everybody! It is a cold night here in S.C. I hope all of you are doing well. Calories for today were 1200 approximately. Although I did over 2 miles on treadmill yesterday, I didn't do any today, but did some walking. Maria

Maria7 - Sunday Jan 21, 2001

Weight: 147.5

Hello, everybody! WOW! We had a GREAT church service this morning! We were all singing praise songs to the Lord Jesus Christ and people were crying, lifting their hands, praying, and worshiping the Lord! It was AWESOME! I love to worship the Lord. I hope all of you are doing well today. Looks like you're all doing well with your food and workout programs. Today, I am doing a low-key calorie day. I overdid it yesterday, so trying to compensate today, also I am really not too hungry, and it is no wonder...I guess I am still full from buffet yesterday. It is a sunny, chilly day here in S.C. I will be looking forward to reading your journals. Maria

dvdmon on 01/21/2001:
Hi Maria,

I realize I may be risking offending you by what I'm about to say, but I really hope you do not take offense as there is no ill will involved. Basically what I wanted to say was that I understand you may love going to church, but because some of us here either are not of the Christian persuasian, or of no religious persuasion, the language used above can be a bit strong. I realize that you probably have no idea of this - this is probably the language you are used to hearing every day in your community, but you should just know to some it's a bit strong. I know you're not DISCUSSING it per se, only mentionging what you did or like, but it could have been said in a more nuetral tone. I think that when we start involving religion (or politics for that matter) into a board that's supposed to be about dieting and health, well, we're risking creating divisions that we don't need to create - I'm sure this board has many diverse religious and political points of view and perhaps other folks - or even yourself - will disagree with me about taking issue with your comments, but that's the whole reason why I think we need to be careful. There are great forums out there for discussing this stuff, but I don't think this is one of them. Perhaps you think I'm making a mountain out of a molehill and perhaps you're right. I'm not angry or upset or anything, I just wanted you to know something which you are probably unaware - that certain words may have affect on some of us... Again, I hope you are not offended by this, please just take it into consideration the next time as we are not all members of your congragation ;-)

Soon2BThin on 01/21/2001:
I just had to comment here--I don't agree with DVDMon, but he has the right to say what he wants, I guess. I'm not a religious person but I think your religion is a great part of you & it's only natural for you to share your feelings about it & how it affects your day. That's kinda what this site is about, not just weight-loss, but how other things affect how we feel & how we deal with them. I hope your feelings weren't hurt by his comments & I'm sure that was not his intention. Anyway, I had to get that off my chest. Have a great day, you're doing so well.

Kyrin on 01/21/2001:
Hi Maria! I'm glad that you are having such a sunny and positive day. It's nice to see someone happy and working toward her goals. Good for you.

SoccerMom on 01/22/2001:
It's great to meet a fellow Christian. Keeping the Lord's love in my heart helps me succeed in my dieting efforts. Knowing that he loves me, and has plans for me, makes me want to be the best person I can be, for Him.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Keep up the good work.

muggg on 01/22/2001:
I loved the story about your hubby! Glad you went out and had a great time! Buffet is my favorite food treat too!

Maria7 - Friday Jan 19, 2001

Weight: 147.5

Hello, everybody! Well, it looks like all of you have done well today. I am late writing again. It was a warm day here in S.C., it got up to 76 degrees. I went to the next town over and did a little shopping (and returning) this afternoon. Got some paper for the printer, a CD rom cleaner, and hurried back home to get the grill fired up and the burgers cooking on it before the rain came. Hubby came home, the burgers were cooking and the rain held off til about 15 minutes after I got the burgers done. They were soooooo good! My menu today was: Breakfast: egg, plain diet bread toast, 1/2 banana, grapefruit juice. Lunch: Tuna and 1/2 banana. Supper: 2 hamburger patties, no buns, 1 cup string beans, 1 cup baked 'french fries', 1/2 small onion, 1 glass gingerale. 1200 calories. I drank 2 liters water. I love reading each of your journals. Maria

Kyrin on 01/20/2001:
Hi Maria!

It looks like you had a really good day. In answer to your question--the weather was warm, but rainy. I'm about ready for some of our brilliant Alabama blue skies again, but the weatherman is calling for COLD over the next few days. Guess that means I'll be moving my buns to stay warm. Brrrrrr! Grill something fun for me, would ya? LOL

pastagal on 01/20/2001:
Glad you made it on to do your entry,,was wondering yesterday what happened to you:}} see we notice:}

Glad your burgers turned out good,,,we bbq on the grill alot in the summer,,hubby loves it,,i grill alot on my George Forman grill in the winter months:}

Your menu sounds good to,,,well another weekend before us,hope you have a great one,,mine is busy,tonight i am keeping my lil ashley and brad over night and thats always fun;} Tomorrow going to this Big mall out of town with my daughter shopping,something me and her have not done in ,,gosh i can't remember when,,,so should be fun:} Have a great day maria:}

mmc on 01/20/2001:
Hi there i just wanted to say thank you for your comments and i hope your having a great day. The sun is out here and i think i will get out for a walk today. I am working right now so i need to get back,. Well talk to you soon have a great weekend ! thanks mmc

Maria7 - Thursday Jan 18, 2001

Weight: 147.5

Hello, everybody...well, the scale is not moving downward yet, but the tape measure is...Also, now my size 10 Levi jeans are fitting perfectly, so I must be doing something right. I hope you all have had a great day today. Mine was a busy one. I took my Mother shopping and we had a good time together. She found a nice red skirt and black top (with embroidery) that she liked and so I got her that and I found 2 nice sweaters (one red, one black) with diamond-looking rhynestone buttons for less than half price and got that, too. Isn't it something, how when you're not looking for something for yourself when you're shopping, there it is...but a lot of times when you go shopping looking for something to wear, it is not to be found. Anyway, she and I were happy with our finds. Then we went to her optometrist and got her new eyeglasses adjusted, as they were too loose. She was happy about that. Just a little while ago, Hubby and I took our nightly one-mile stroll...it was chilly outside, but according to the weather forecast on tv, the high tomorrow is to be 70-75 here in South Carolina...I am waiting to see...if so, I hear the grill out on the deck calling me.... Maria

poundcake on 01/18/2001:
Wow..I`ll be glad when I can slide into a size 10 jeans! good for you. You`re doing great....Glad you had a good time with your mom. Wish my mom lived closer so we could do more together. She lives in Georgia and I`m in florida. Hope you have a good day tomorrow....poundcake

pastagal on 01/18/2001:
Thats great maria,,,,size 10,,,that is my next pair of jeans,,,size 10 and i hope to be in that size with in the next couple months:}}} right now they are 12s and i do have a pair of 14s just in case i have a fat day,,lol,,,,

well you are sounding really upbeat and i love hearing that from everyone:} have a great night and what was it you were cookin on the outside grill??:}}}

muggg on 01/18/2001:
My Mom and I go "girl" shopping too. It's always great to find a bargain! Congrats on those size 10 jeans! Isn't it great?

I cant' wait for 70� days here... but it will be awhile - sigh.

dvdmon on 01/19/2001:
Maria, that's great! Just goes to show you that the scale is just one of many measuring devices, and we shouldn't make it so important that it becomes the end-all and be-all of dieting! 70-75, huh? Lucky bastard! Well, I guess that means it will hopefully get into the 60's here, but all I know about the forcast is that it's going to rain the whole weekend :-(

Kyrin on 01/19/2001:
Woo-Hoo! Congratulations, Maria! I know how much fun is was to slide into those 10's and get that perfect fit. Good for you, gal. ...and congrats also on your losses so far this year. You're doing really well!

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