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OhioRaven - Monday Jul 13, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 189.0

GoodMorning. Wo-hoo ! 189Lbs this morning. 1143 cals, low h2o, ran 5k. (This one was NOT easy) push mowed. ThankYou, HornO'Plenty for the advice on the difference in yogurt. I got a fitbit now I need to learn how to use it. If anyone needs me I'll be drilling a hole in my belt. Have a Healthy Day.

puddles on 07/13/2015:
Congrats Raven. Good job you are doing it right. Must feel good to drill that new hole in your belt. Have a great day.

GottaDoIt on 07/13/2015:

museumgirl on 07/13/2015:
Wow, congrats on the loss. Well done.

grannyannie on 07/13/2015:
Congrats on the loss! Doing great!

biscottibody59 on 07/13/2015:
Good job--keep up the good work!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/13/2015:
congrats on that major success! you are on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! yes!

hollybelle on 07/13/2015:
Well, you just go on with your self- drilling that new hole! Fitbit and all that exercising! 5K and mowing! Yay!

ohioraven on 07/13/2015:
Ha - ha !

thinkpositive on 07/14/2015:
Inspiring! Congratulations.

OhioRaven - Sunday Jul 12, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 192.0

GoodMorning. 2458 cals, 102 h2o, 10 mile bike ride. Hoping to run today if the rain holds off. I don't want to say running 5k is easy but it IS getting easier. I need a cheap wAtch to time myself. My cell phone is just to heavy and clumsy in my pocket. Hope you have a good and healthy day.

hollybelle on 07/12/2015:
Good job on the 10 mi bike ride! 5K run - wonderful!

ohioraven on 07/12/2015:
Thanks, Holly.

puddles on 07/12/2015:
Good morning Raven. WoW 10 miles and 5K run your really going at it. Good job keep it up. Have a great day.

grannyannie on 07/12/2015:
Well done on the bike ride and the run! Yes, running does get easier. When will you do a marathon?! :)

ohioraven on 07/12/2015:
I Would do a half marathon ; but I fear they would have to time me with a calendar.

grannyannie on 07/12/2015:

Umpqua on 07/12/2015:
Excellent work Ohio!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/13/2015:
Most yogurt is probiotic! It will usually say it somewhere on the label. Greek yogurt is usually probiotic too! It's in general how yogurt is made :) Definitely opt for greek yogurt. Don't opt for the ones that are flavored. You can flavor them yourself with fruit (strawberries) or other things. The additionally jelly etc that they put in is all sugar...

The most filling ones for me are Fage, the 2% or even full fat. 2% is best if you are watching calories. the non fat varieties of greek sometimes don't keep me satisfied long... You can add lots of healthy things to your yogurt. If you get non-fat, you can add some nuts and fruit...

Definitely greek is healthier than the regular yogurts. It has more protein, less sugar.

Usually, many of the brands go on sale. One week it's Face, another it's Chobani. To save money, you can try to see if the bigger multi-serving containers are on sale and eat from there...instead of the individual sizes. I usually go for individual since I am bringing them to work or not eating them all the time.

OhioRaven - Saturday Jul 11, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 192.0

GoodMorning. 1998 cals, 102 h2o, 5 mile bike ride. I found a really good experiment to eat thanks to HP. In a slow cooker I add a half a head of shredded cabbage, 1 bag of sauerkraut, and a bag of frozen California medley vegetables. Overnight, I get a big pot of low cal goodness. Hope everyone is good. Have a Healthy Day.

puddles on 07/11/2015:
Good morning Raven. That is a pot of goodness do you had water or broth to that? You did good with cals and water and exercise yesterday keep it up.

ohioraven on 07/11/2015:
Nope ! No water. But I will leave the brine that comes with the sauerkraut.

grannyannie on 07/11/2015:
You're doing great! Have a healthy day. Are there good places to ride your bike around you without much traffic?

ohioraven on 07/11/2015:
Hi, Annie. There is no motor traffic on our bike trails. But lots of people are using them for walking, jogging and biking.

grannyannie on 07/11/2015:
Nice! We've got quite a lot of two-bike wide tarred trails and more are being built all the time.

ohioraven on 07/11/2015:
Yep ! I'm glad that we've finally got these in my lifetime.

OhioRaven - Friday Jul 10, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 192.0

GoodMorning,Afternoon,Evening. Sorry for posting so late. Couldn't log on earlier. 1981 cals, 102 h2o, No exercise. Worked late, then sucked down a bag Trans-Fat at the HonkyTonk. But, I stopped after the 1 bag. Gotta Go. Have a Healthy Day.

puddles on 07/10/2015:
Hi Raven. Good job at stopping after one. Have a nice evening.

grannyannie on 07/10/2015:
I couldn't get on for a long time today. Well done at stopping at one. Have an amazing weekend.

OhioRaven - Thursday Jul 09, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 192.0

GoodMorning, 1861 cals, 102 h2o, No exercise. I got rained out. We stopped at a buffet. Only salad with hardly anything on it. And green beans for me. Oh, and a pickled egg. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 07/09/2015:
You're stronger than I am! Buffets are trouble for me. Have an amazing day.

museumgirl on 07/09/2015:
That is some willpower! My exercise is getting rained out this morning. Have a great day today.

biscottibody59 on 07/09/2015:
Still sounds good!

hollybelle on 07/09/2015:
Good calorie count. Rain rain - go away!! I am so over the wet weather!

OhioRaven - Wednesday Jul 08, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 192.0

GoodMorning. 1937 cals, 102 h2o, 5 mile bike ride, push mowed and trimmed for about an hour. Got my flat fixed. Visited my friend in ICU. She is doing Much Better now. Went on a different part of the bike trail. Didn't like it. I found a setting on my calorie app that says I've been Averaging 2067 calories for the last 30 days. I like that. A change I've made here lately is eatinging Greek yogurt instead of a banana on my 1st break at work. I swear my skin looks better since I've made the switch. That's about it. Hope everyone is good. Have a Healthy Day.

hollybelle on 07/08/2015:
Bike Trail - did you say Bike Trail? Is it the Little Miami Trail? I have ALWAYS wanted to come and ride that thing! Good work, OR! Good observations and good day!

ohioraven on 07/08/2015:
Well, yes. You're half right. This is the trail along the GREAT Miami river. But it connects to the little Miami. I've rode along both.

grannyannie on 07/08/2015:
Good job! I especially like riding on nice smooth bike trails which we are getting more of all the time. :)

museumgirl on 07/08/2015:
Glad to see you are making such great progress! Enjoy the biking.

Umpqua on 07/08/2015:
Nice work on the exercise, and Greek yogurt is full of probiotics and so good for you. Well done.

puddles on 07/08/2015:
Good afternoon Raven Great job on all calories, bike, food choices you are doing great.

thinkpositive on 07/08/2015:
Lawn mowing + bike ride- nice job.

OhioRaven - Tuesday Jul 07, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 192.0

GoodMorning. 1946 cals, 102 h2o, No exercise. Did good on the food, but when I got to the bike path I found my front tire flat. I was still a little leg sore from the 5k yesterday so I didn't want to run just then. I just went home early and got ready for the night. Today I go to see one of the Sweetest little old ladies I've ever met. She is in the hospital and not doing very well. She is all prayed up and ready if and when her time comes. Don't mean to get anyone down. She is just amazing, that's all. Have a Healthy Day.

puddles on 07/07/2015:
You did good Raven the cals are good. Very nice of you to visit the old ladies. Wishing you a great day.

grannyannie on 07/07/2015:
Annoying to get a flat isn't it? Have a lovely day.

Umpqua on 07/07/2015:
I hope you have a nice visit and you're doing really well!

biscottibody59 on 07/07/2015:
Another flat--darn! Hope you had a nice visit with your friend!

OhioRaven - Monday Jul 06, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 192.0

GoodMorning, 192 Lbs again this morning. Wo-hoo ! There were too many high calorie days and "no exercise" days this week. I'm really glad I didn't gain anything. Yesterday was 1488 cals, 54 oz of h2o, ran a 5K, biked 5 miles and push mowed. My version of a Triathlon. Swallowed 2 bugs on the bike path. High protein, Low Trans-Fat. Have a Healthy Day.

grannyannie on 07/06/2015:
Well done!!

grannyannie on 07/06/2015:
I swallowed one bug on a recent bike ride and my mouth is now firmly shut when I ride!

Umpqua on 07/06/2015:
Maintenance is its very own battle, so well done! If we all went on the bug diet we would probably all be achieving our goals :)

puddles on 07/06/2015:
Good morning Raven. Enjoyed the part of the high protein bug. lol. You maintained well that is also part of the learning curve. Have a great day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/06/2015:
nice!!!!!!!!! those bugs must've done you good :) maybe they helped you get back to 192!!!!!!! nice job!

hollybelle on 07/06/2015:
Too funny! Seriously well done! Quite a triathalon, indeed! Go OR!

OhioRaven - Sunday Jul 05, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 192.0

GoodMorning, 2388 cals, 34 oz h2o, No exercise. I survived all the picnic food from yesterday except one hamburger party with mustard. I just KNOW it was carrying 1 gram of Trans-Fat. I might get some running in today. We will see. Weigh in tomorrow.I'll get to see if I can drill a new belt hole or have to wait another week. Probably another week. Hope everyone is doing good. HAVE A HEALTHY DAY.

puddles on 07/05/2015:
Good Morning Raven. Keep a positive thought and tomorrow will be good. Summer is a hard season to get through without the picnics and the BBQs and the celebrations. Have a great day today.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/05/2015:
Nice job. BBQ's and picnics can be hard if there's no healthy food to choose. It's good if there's a mix - then you can eat healthy and indulge in something else too - like you did - def nothing wrong with enjoying a hamburger! Sounds like you did great! You are doing very well and you make me eager to be successful too in my endeavors.

Actually, I made sure this weekend would turn out right, without a glitch, and it has. I planned for relaxation and weightloss. And that is what i'm doing! It's working. And I kept my resolve and determination to eat less calories, but stay above a fasting range, at least 1200 (for I am a woman and I see this is what I can manage without feeling torn about restricting myself so much). I feel good about the 1200 bc I know that it's the amount recommended to us women to lose weight. It's helping me get on track. and actually, I was eating a little bit more than 1200 these couple days, but close. and i'm proud of myself, very proud, for seeing and making the right choice this weekend. It shows that when you hold your resolve, keep that mental focus, you WILL achieve your goals.

A long time ago, around ages 20-25th bday for me, I was able to maintain my weight EXTREMELY well. it was a low weight. Always under 115 - nice and lean for sure. I think I had more resolve. And also I was challenged more in my work and had more freedom but still structure in my life. I know I can do it again.

Just like you are - sorry to rant about me.

but it's true - we get where we want to be only by allowing ourselves to get there. Only we are in the way of our own goals. It is always up to us - up to you - to make the choice to eat the right things / right amount for you to maintain whatever body you want. It's human to not always be perfect, but it's also human to make up our minds that we want the change. That we aren't going to be needlessly afraid to change. To gain weight back every time we reach a weight loss goal. so, my friend, keep inspiring us. because the truth is, it's up to us to not let life or other factors / people in life to hold us back.

If we want to be lean and look a certain way, the only thing we need is a determination and focused mindset. And to ACT on it. That's the truth. That's how people get what they want. You are doing it!!! Just remember these things, which you do, and which I am even rediscovering as I write about this and enjoy the beautiful 3-day weekend! (well, now I've made it 4 days - beach day tomorrow!)

OhioRaven - Saturday Jul 04, 2015
(Clean eating. Calories under 2500)
Weight: 192.0

GoodMorning. 2477 cals, 102 h2o, No Exercise. I'm just glad I could stay under my 2500 calorie limit. Some days are much better than others. Going to a couple events today. I'll try to stay away from the fried Trans-Fat. Have a Healthy Day, Everyone.

puddles on 07/04/2015:
Good morning Raven. That is how it rolls some good some bad and some so so days. Its not always about the destination but our journey on this road that teaches us. Happy 4th of July and I know you will make the good choices this weekend.

ohioraven on 07/04/2015:
Thanks, Puddy. Only 1 Trans-Fat hamburger party so far. But I'm struggling.

hollybelle on 07/04/2015:
Ah, we gotta eat some good food and enjoy ourselves - a little on the holidays, but it's good to draw a line in the sand at some point. I'm gonna draw my line tomorrow! :-)

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