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One more Time - Sunday Mar 11, 2007

Weight: 198.0

I decided to see a doctor that helps with dieting. So like "justgonnadoit" I have started drinking healthy shakes. They gave me some soups and jello all of which are protein filled. I am suppose to have seven servings a day. This is my first day. This is such a struggle. I know I am not alone everyone else is really trying too. I so hope I can do this. I will go back in two weeks and see if I have lost weight. The doctor said it will work if I follow the plan. I just don't understand why this is so hard.

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 48 lbs to go!

hate_me on 03/11/2007:
Yep, ur right, this is the 1st step, stay strong, dont give up, even if u slip a couple times, get right back on track. i sooo know u can do this. =)

leeumom on 03/12/2007:
Yes-----you can do it. The fact that you have the well-------- Think of just ten pounds. That will make you feel so much better. Then, you will be more motivated to keep it up. Good Luck!

sweetpea1977 on 03/15/2007:
Let us know how its working for ya. Best wishes!

One more Time - Saturday Mar 03, 2007

Weight: 198.0

I am hopeful that this will help me to keep on track and loose this weight for good. I want one more chance at feeling better about myself. I can't beieve I 've done this. I am so disgusted. I don't even recognize myself when I see a reflection. Yet I choose to eat the wrong foods to comfort myself. Sometimes I think I am crazy, because I am fighting myself. I live in a continues circle of eating wrong and being angry about it.

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 48 lbs to go!

justgonnadoit on 03/03/2007:
Hey, let me tell you , YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! There I hope you heard me loud and clear on that one! I live in a merry go round of eat, get mad, eat some more, get mad, feel comforted, get mad again. Its just not healthy. I know it isnt. But- there is help out there. I am siging up and about to start a Medically Supervised diet regimine through my local hospital. I just threw my hands up recently and said to hell with this by myself, I am going to get help. I hear Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig ones with support groups really help. My bottom line is there is something mentally that causes me to do and eat like I do. I just want to find out why and get help to correct it! Ok, I got winded but I just wanted to tell you please dont feel soo bad! Your not alone!

Take care!

justgonnadoit on 03/03/2007:
Yes, for sure I will keep in touch. This seems like a good place to see others struggling with the same issues. Yes, I have often felt the same way about there being 2 of me inside. Hell, maybe overeaters or overweight folks have multiple personalities? ha. (no offense i hope to anyone) but I do feel the old fat depressed me come out strong at times. The old thinner stronger person that used to me motivated is lost somewhere inside me and it pisses me off. I want to find her again. I think maybe as far as I can remember the real motivation came for me the first time I lost like my first 20 pounds and went down a couple sizes and actually got to buy a new pair of jeans. I swear if I could have shouted my excitement to the world or advertised on the Goodyear Blimp for everyone to know I probobaly would have. Its tuff. But once you get to that point where some weight comes off I truly beleive the motivation kicks back in. But for now I have lost my motivation, and I cant figure out where it went. Thats why I started seeking real help for myself. Just hang in there find something doable for you and take baby steps. You can talk to me anytime. Were all in this together!

biscottibody59 on 03/03/2007:
Hi and welcome to DDs!

I'm not sure how many of us here have lost this weight "for good" as you put it. Those people usually go away and we don't get insight into how they actually maintain. Most of us are struggling to maintain what we've lost thus far or occasionally backsliding--me!

You're allowed to start over every day. No one here is going to tell you what a bad person you are if you've had a bad day, so you may as well learn to quit doing it to yourself. Do something productive. Walk or get some sort of activity in every day if possible. Keep a food diary. Count calories--there are many free online resources to help you there!

You can do this! I wish you all the best in your journey!

missi07 on 03/03/2007:
i know how you feel ive been fighting with my self since i was 16 and now 3 years later i still weigh the same and it feels like nothings going to work so i joind here in hoping that i can get some positive feedback and not any negative

WorkingIt2 on 03/04/2007:
Welcome! I wish you the best!

borntocry on 03/04/2007:
Hehe, yes, biscottibody is right - there have been a couple of people here over the years who lost weight "for good", but they're long gone! I originally hoped to be one of those people when I joined. I assumed I would only stick around for a few months until I reached my goal. But this is really a lifestyle change, as they say. And yet I actually enjoy my new lifestyle! I wouldn't give it up, even if I could maintain my weight without it.

sweetpea1977 on 03/05/2007:
Welcome to the site. This place is a wonderful source of motivation, inspiration, and support.

If you have any questions, just ask!! We're here to help!

tourguidebarbie on 03/07/2007:
Hey welcome to the site and welcome to the 170's - 190's weight group... sucks doesn't it? haha. But we are all here to support each other. My high weight was 191 and i'm now down to 175... you can do it to! Good luck!

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