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Puddles - Tuesday Jan 10, 2017
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.0

Good morning

Another cold and snowing day and the same for the next few days plus freezing rain on Wednesday.  I am trying to get out to the cottage but it seems I will wait it out till it gets a little better.  Pete is coming in today and will probably try to follow him back on Wednesday.  

Food is on track.  Laundry day and getting some stuff done in the house.  My Son's family are off to a hockey tournament this weekend looking forward to hearing how this one will go.  This week they had to have their dog Dakota put down he was old 15 years a Spaniel.  It was very sad for them and the kids they have always had him in their lives.  

Hope all is good with you guys.  Have a great day.


Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/10/2017:
awww sorry to hear about the doggie - at least Dakota is in a better place i'm sure now..

yes, trying to learn the songs as well as i can...feels good to challenge my seriously slow memory!

puddles on 01/10/2017:
Yes he is thanks.

OhioRaven on 01/10/2017:
R.I.P. Dakota.

puddles on 01/10/2017:
Thanks Raven

grannyannie on 01/10/2017:
Sorry about Dakota. :(

Puddles - Monday Jan 09, 2017
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.0

Good afternoon

Yesterday was a good day.   All on track.

Had to go out today to take in the sale at one grocery store before everything runs out since I am having my family over on Dec 22 for my son's birthday and my brother's birthday they are only a few days apart and I have decided to celebrate them together.  30 years difference in age between the two so there will be many candles on that big cake... lol  I could get carried away and put the 104 candles but that would be a little over the top.... lol.  Would be interesting to see if they can blow them all out. 

It is so cold outside today and in two days it will be 5 and rain such crazy weather this year never know how to dress for outside and I do not want to catch a cold.

I took some of the leftover turkey out of the freezer today and will make something with that for diner. 

Wishing you all a great day and keep warm.


Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/09/2017:
happy bday to your son & bro :-) coming up...i am having severe lethargy with this winter season...really sleepy, constantly.

Puddles - Sunday Jan 08, 2017
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.0

Good Afternoon

It has been a busy two days.  Had company for the weekend and now it is back to normal.... all is good.

Not to sure about this week might just take off for a little while but it is still to be determined.

It is bitterly cold here today and later this week it will mild and rain such crazy weather.  Four weeks before departure.  It has been long waiting for my late departure this year but trying to make the best of it.

I went to my grandson's hockey game today and we won 8 to 2 they are doing great.

Dinner tonight is to be determined not sure maybe some shrimps with veg in some kind of indian sauce.  I just wish somebody would cook it for me...lol

So that is about all that is going on here hope you are all doing well.


Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/09/2017:
The dinner with shrimp and veg sounds very tasty in that sauce!

Nice to hear your grandson is winning as per the usual...

lastly, we've got a cold snap here too....nice and chilly...and icy / snowy now too... :-(

Puddles - Friday Jan 06, 2017
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.0

Good morning guys

I am back for a few days.  It was amazing time at the cottage.  We got tones of snow and yes we had to dig ourselves out... lol  Looking forward to my departure to the sandy beaches. 

Will be returning next week to cottage for another period of time trying to take advantage of the best of two worlds.

I have to have my car check something sounds wrong with it.

Today I need to go and get my driver's lic. and health card renewed because it expires while I am away this Winter down south and do not want to get stopped with an expired driver's lic....

Food as been pretty good and yes I have been having a glass or two of wine at dinner but it seems to be holding ok as far as the scale.

Wishing you all a great day.


Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/06/2017:
wow that was fast...one moment i read that you were departing to cottage and now i'm reading you are back !

I am sure you are looking forward to sunshine days ahead.

puddles on 01/06/2017:
Probably leaving again on Sunday.

innerpeace on 01/06/2017:
Snow shoveling is awful exercise. Good luck! Hope nothing is seriously wrong with your car.

puddles on 01/06/2017:
He has a guy come in to do the bib stuff but the porch and the balconies had to be shoveled. It was good exercise and the weather was cool but beautiful sunshine. We were out two hours. Went in and had a glass of wine.... lol

Maria7 on 01/06/2017:
You have done really well with your weight.

puddles on 01/06/2017:
Thanks Maria

grannyannie on 01/07/2017:
Not long to the beach?

Donkey on 01/07/2017:
Thank you for your encouragement! Looks like you have the best of both worlds -- cottage and sandy beach (as long as it's a warm beach!)

Puddles - Sunday Jan 01, 2017
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.0

Good morning and Happy New Year

Today is my brunch at the Casino with my brother and S-i-l and my friend.


Tomorrow off to the cottage for a week or so.  Not to sure if I will plug in the laptop while at the cottage.  Will post when I can.


Take care and have a great first day of the year.



Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 01/01/2017:
Take care.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/02/2017:
Hello Puddy Lady.

Is the brunch really good at the casino? I have been to a few casinos...but really one (well maybe 2) that i remember the food & the food was fabulous.

Have a great time at the cottage!

Puddles - Saturday Dec 31, 2016
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.0

Good morning

Yesterday was a good day I did get out and the weather was not nice but could definitely have been worst. I was expecting it to be real cold but it was more just windy and the snow was blowing around.

Today I want to get more stuff done in the house since I will be heading out to the cottage next week for a week or so.  I have to get my meals planned and make my list of vegetables and proteins that I think I will need cover that period of time.   I am never too sure what is in his fridge and freezers that fits my eating habits.  I know for sure that we have enough frozen fruit.

Looking forward to tomorrow and our New Year's day brunch and I am hoping to stay on track and not get too carried away especially on the first day of the year... lol

Wishing you all the best.


Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

Donkey on 12/31/2016:
Being prepared is at least half the battle. When I'm not prepared, then I seem to run into problems.

Happy New Year!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/31/2016:
I am in your boat. I'm bringing some veggies with me (gonna probably bring a bag or backpack to put them in & take with me on the subway into the city for a get-together at a friend's apt). I have never done this before i don't think - bring a decent amount of cut up veggies on the subway! Doing this for my friends as well as myself to have healthy options thru the night...and...then we are going out around 10pm to bar...of which i WILL enjoy a drink or two...but then stop as it's not in my plan to be sick or go crazy to start 2017 - just like you said!

Puddles - Friday Dec 30, 2016
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.0

Good morning

I had leftover turkey yesterday really nice and I put the rest in the freezer it will be nice to revisit xmas dinner in a week of so. 

I need to dig my car out of the snow today and go to the store for some item I have run out of.

Apart from that it will be a pretty simple day.

Food to be determined.

Have a great day


Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 12/30/2016:
Have a lovely day, Fran!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/30/2016:
Do you ever get help from kids to shovel out your car?

puddles on 12/30/2016:
The co-op clean the parking area I just have to clean off my car and drive out no need for the kids. That is why I moved here. I answered your question about my friend on my other post but yes he is my BF.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/30/2016:
yes i did read that you said yes to it being romantic and i smiled when i read it. so sweet.

Puddles - Thursday Dec 29, 2016
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.0

Good morning

I had a wonderful relax day yesterday.  I think that I will get some stuff done today regular household stuff - laundry and some cleaning.

I have been reflecting on my year and wondering how much my weight has changed in 2016.  I will probably have to go back in my posts and see the progression.  My goal would be without exagerating to loose between 5 to 10 pounds for 2017.  A solid loss that I can maintain and my routine seems to be that I loose and plateau for months at a time.  No complaints that is just the way it is.

Looking forward to my friend coming back from his family in southern Ontario because I am looking forward to going back and spending time at the cottage with him.  

Will post a little more later after I check my chart.  Have a great day.


PS -  Jan 2016 I was 205  so my 2016 total loss was 14 lbs.  I am happy with that.  Just the fact that it was not a year where I gained is good news.

I looked back to see when I had started and to my surprise it was Jan 2013 it will be four years in Jan 2017 how time is flying by fast.    

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/29/2016:
14 lb loss is really, really great! That's something to be VERY proud of.

PS - I lost approx 10lbs over the course of 2016. And i am very, very happy with it.

PSS - working on maintenance only in 2017 :-D...i have never really stated in all the years on DD that I am working on maintenance! feels awesome.

This friend that you go to the cottage with - so it is romantic?

5 and especially 10lbs loss in a year is very, very good. If it takes 1 yr, it will prob also last for many years off!

puddles on 12/29/2016:
Yes 5 to 10 lbs but also working on maintenance through the year. Answer to other question yes he is.

grannyannie on 12/29/2016:
2016 was not a good year for me weight wise. You are doing great.

puddles on 12/29/2016:
Thanks Annie

Duaa123. on 12/29/2016:
Nice working .. keep going and ur will reach ur goal.

puddles on 12/29/2016:
Thank you.

Donkey on 12/29/2016:
Great job on the loss! That's like a whole bowling ball -- gone!

Right now, I'm too afraid to do a retrospective :-0 It's probably a good idea though, to take stock of oneself before looking forward.

Puddles - Wednesday Dec 28, 2016
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.0

Good morning

Up real early started to toss and turn and just decided I might as well get up.

Nothing really planned for today hoping to turn it into just a relax day and do whatever I feel like.

Food for the day will probably be my regular mixture of protein veg and maybe some startch today.  I feel like having some carbs so that is the item that is to be determined at this point.

I am definitely planning a pm nap that will be a must today.

Wishing you all a great day.


Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

Duaa123. on 12/28/2016:
Have a good time in ur relax day

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/28/2016:
Yes, I'm also doing more planning on my starches. Instead of always chips with lunch, I am including something less processed - potatoes. I am enjoying being healthier this way. Not a lot of potato - but enough to settle in my stomach with the more watery veggies i choose and helps cut down on bloating (like the bananas do...)

Good plan for the nap if you are up early...nice living. You deserve it after all the hard work you did for you sweet family.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/28/2016:
I wrote a lot regarding P in my entry today as work is obviously slow this week...thankfully, so i took some time to organize my thoughts. so hard not texting him first today lol...but i need to have a little self control and faith that he's gonna do what's right and show me he cares...and text me today. if not, i'll be leaving him a (not angry) voicemail tonight about why i expected him to text me ... lol... it's ok...

puddles on 12/28/2016:
I have no more to add about P and I will drop the subject some things have to be experienced. Good Luck.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/28/2016:
thank you Puddy for your original comments, i appreciate it.

grannyannie on 12/28/2016:
Sounds like you are doing well as usual. Have a great day.

Puddles - Tuesday Dec 27, 2016
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 191.0

Good evening

Another perfect day.  I did have a hard time sleeping last night but that is probably because I slept in so much yesterday.

Went to an exhibition hockey game of my grandson today and we won.  We were 11 people just from our little family side cheering him on.

Just having a relax evening now.  The holidays are touch starting to feel the melt down of all the energy I put into getting ready and now there is nothing to do.  I must have been on a high for the past two weeks or at least that is what it felt like.

All the food is good it seems that the scale has not been impacted by the extra indulgence and that is good. 

The next thing on my agenda is the New Years day brunch at the Casino with brother and sister in law and her sister.  My S-i-l on my husbands side will be there with her boyfriend but they are not seated with us.  It will be fun at least no cooking.

Talk soon.


Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

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