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Puddles - Tuesday May 14, 2013
Weight: 248.8

Good morning all

Water 8 glasses and food was absolutely on track.

I had such a good day yesterday.  There are days where all is good and you are just in the right track of mind.  I accomplished a lot of stuff around the house.  I even had time to pamper myself.  Overall a very delightful day. 

We had another cool day.  It is suppose to warm up by Friday just in time for our long Victoria Day weekend.  I also have to make sure I am stocked up since the store will not be open on Monday. 

Today I will try the new recipe that I got on here the Mac and Cheese with Zuchini.  I will let you know how it turns out. 

I do not have too much planned for today.  I am in such a good place today - mentally and spiritually. 

Hoping you all have a great day.


Progress as of today: 31.2 lbs lost so far, only 58.8 lbs to go!

Tangalyn~ on 05/14/2013:
glad to see u doing so well... hope the new recipe turns out good.. sure does sound fantastic! hope u have another great day :D

skinnygrlwithin on 05/14/2013:
I love those days... you feel like you can conquer the world. I hope your recipe turns out well.. is it like pasta mac and cheese? or the one someone made the other day with cauliflower? I love mac and cheese so I'm always willing to try a healthy substitute!

Puddles on 05/14/2013:
Everybody have been talking about zucchini so much that I wrote that instead of cauliflower. Yes it is the recipe that was posted here the other day. Looking forward to see what it turns out like.

V on 05/14/2013:
I am sure it will all turn out deelish :P hey how's the arm and walking routine coming along? I am sure you are rocking them out!! Have a good evening Fran :)

OhioRaven on 05/15/2013:
Mornin' Puddy !

Puddles - Monday May 13, 2013
Weight: 248.8

Good morning all

Water 8 glasses and food good.

Lost only .1 of a pound.  But what the hell it is down.  Slow but steady.

Got my groceries done yesterday.  It was pretty much a regular day except for the snow storm. 

I really do not have much to report today.  I need to start getting back to my exercise. 

Hope you really have a great day.



Progress as of today: 31.2 lbs lost so far, only 58.8 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 05/13/2013:
Down is good, no matter how small. Have a healthy day.

V on 05/13/2013:
Congrats on your loss! Sorry about the snowstorm :(

OhioRaven on 05/13/2013:
Hi, Puddy.

Puddles - Sunday May 12, 2013
Weight: 248.9

Good morning all

Happy Mother's day to all mothers on this site.

Water was good 8 glasses and food a little bit off again. 

I have to work on my food today. 

I got such a cute surprise this morning.  For those who don't know my son lives about 8 hrs away from me.  He called me real early - actually I was still in bed.  He wanted to wish me a Happy Mother's day but he told me to get up and make some coffee and that he would call me back in about 30 minutes and we would have coffee together for Mother's Day.   We were on the phone for about one hour just like we use to do when he was little and he would jump in bed and spend time with me on mother's day morning.  It certainly warms my heart. 

Another surprise this morning is that i woke up to about 4" of snow on my car.  Can you believe that May 12 and we are having a snow storm. 

I have to go to the store today and restock my fridge with fruits and veg.  I am getting pretty low on supplies. I am really not looking forward to stepping on the scale tomorrow.  It will not be that bad but the progress has certainly slowed down a lot.  That is OK I am determine not to let it bring me down.   Easy does it.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Progress as of today: 31.1 lbs lost so far, only 58.9 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 05/12/2013:
That is wild - snow mid-May! Nice son!

Puddles on 05/12/2013:
more than wild - very discouraging. lol Yes he is a nice son.

biscottibody59 on 05/12/2013:
Have a great week!

Puddles - Saturday May 11, 2013
Weight: 248.9

Good morning

Water low again and food ok.

We are having a cool sunny day.  Better then what they had predicted.  Thank God for that.  Maybe tomorrow mixed precipitation.  REALLY. give me a break.

Not much on my agenda today.  It is a whatever day - whatever I feel like doing.  LOL

Have a great weekend.


Progress as of today: 31.1 lbs lost so far, only 58.9 lbs to go!

IndependentEm93 on 05/11/2013:
Have a great day!

nunnermack on 05/11/2013:
You enjoy your day today!! And, whatever days are wonderful!

Puddles - Friday May 10, 2013
Weight: 248.9

Good morning

Water really low 2 glasses - food was good.

I had a diet coke yesterday - something I never do.  I never kept pop in the house when my son was growing up and I am not big on pop anyway but yesterday felt like having one. 

We are having rain today and it is -2 C really is this May or March.  Sunday mix rain and snow.  Can you believe this.  Great weather for Mother's Day. 

I hope you have a great Friday.


Progress as of today: 31.1 lbs lost so far, only 58.9 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 05/10/2013:
Good Mornin' , Puddy ! It's a brand new day ! I had some zucchiniin spaghetti sauce last night and thought of you. Hoping you have a Happy Mothers Day.

Puddles on 05/10/2013:
Thank you Raven. Hope you have a great weekend.

grannyannie on 05/10/2013:
The weather is being weird everywhere! I've given up soda as well. Have a great weekend, Fran.

skinnygrlwithin on 05/10/2013:
Wow!! I'm not sure what -2C equals in F but I'm gonna assume really cold.. cold enough to SNOW! Wow!!

And yes I'm not really a huge soda person anymore, but sometimes the fizzy bubbles sound so appealing :)

Puddles on 05/10/2013:
Yes it is low 30s. real cool.

OhioRaven on 05/10/2013:
Hey, Puddy. That zucchini pasta was brought in by someone at church. It just looked like something you would have made...you weren't at church last night, were you ? ? ? Oh and I've been off the soda since I've started here too. Just don't want it.

Puddles on 05/10/2013:
I could see using zucchini to do lasagna that would be nice instead of pasta. I will try that. I can't even remember the last time I had a soda. Not something I like to drink.

IndependentEm93 on 05/10/2013:
Have a great day!

V on 05/10/2013:
have a great day!

Puddles - Thursday May 09, 2013
Weight: 248.9

Good morning all

Water was low again 6 glasses.   Food was a little bit off.

My plan for today is to get back to my routine. 

Nothing else going on today.  I am happy about that.  There as been to much going on lately and will enjoy my quiet day.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.  Will post if anything extraordinary happens.



Progress as of today: 31.1 lbs lost so far, only 58.9 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 05/09/2013:
Quiet Day ? ? ? What the heck is that ? Have a good day, Puddy.

Puddles on 05/09/2013:
It is called "retirement" dont have to do anything you dont want to do. LOL

grannyannie on 05/09/2013:
Retirement is fantastic!!! Enjoy your day, Fran.

Tangalyn~ on 05/09/2013:
have a great day!

V on 05/09/2013:
Have a good evening Fran :)

Puddles - Wednesday May 08, 2013
Weight: 248.9

Good morning

Water a little low - food was good again.

Nothing much new here.  My real estate agent is coming over today to take the pictures and the place will be up on the market by the end of the week.

A few little staging things to do.

Talk to you later.


Progress as of today: 31.1 lbs lost so far, only 58.9 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 05/08/2013:
Are you staying in the same area after you sell ?

Puddles on 05/08/2013:
No - moving closer to my son's place about 8 hrs from this place. Still in Ontario though. Instead of being over Michigan stateI will be over New York state.

hollybelle on 05/08/2013:
Good luck with the house selling. Do you know where you want to live when you sell? My mom is about to put her house on the market. She has never done anything like it by herself before....

Puddles on 05/08/2013:
Yes already know what area and have looked at the availability.

grannyannie on 05/08/2013:
Good luck with the sale!

getmebackto150 on 05/08/2013:
Good luck with the real estate agent! Have a good day:)

biscottibody59 on 05/08/2013:
Enjoy your night!

V on 05/08/2013:
Good luck with the realtor :) have a fantastic evening Fran!!

Puddles - Tuesday May 07, 2013
Weight: 248.9

Good morning

Water good 8 glasses - food right on track.

My food  yesterday was - banana, yogurt and cereal, cabbage dish (protein was chicken) for L and S and snack yogurt and cereal in evening.

Having another sunny day.  Real nice weather lately.

I  have a few small things to do today but nothing really big.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.  If anything exciting happen I will blog.



Progress as of today: 31.1 lbs lost so far, only 58.9 lbs to go!

IndependentEm93 on 05/07/2013:
Have a great day!

OhioRaven on 05/07/2013:
Have a Good Day, Puddy !

getmebackto150 on 05/07/2013:
We are having BEAUTIFUL weather here too... LOving it!!! Have a great day:)

V on 05/07/2013:
Awesome job yesterday!!! I hope today was another stellar one :) Have a great evening Fran <3

Puddles - Monday May 06, 2013
Weight: 248.9

Good afternoon

Water yesterday real low and food was good.

Weigh-in was good .5 of pound down.  Not much but definitely better then my past month.  I have hope that I am finally over the plateau stage that has been the problem.  It works to just keep doing what you are suppose to do and eventually you get results. 

I went over to my friends place yesterday and was certainly tempted with all sorts of stuff but just knowing that my weigh-in was this morning kept me honest and true to myself.  It has been such a struggle that cheating was just not an option.  To work hard and to throw it away for one day of indulgence does not make sense to me anymore.  I really accept the fact that the big drops in weight is not as important as having a consistent drop little by little.  I feel as good about a small weigh loss as a big one at this stage.

Thank you guys for the encouragement over the last month.


Progress as of today: 31.1 lbs lost so far, only 58.9 lbs to go!

JBGirl on 05/06/2013:
Puddles! So very proud of you. It really is liberating to say no and do the healthier thing. GOOD JOB! I tell myself that the time will come to have some indulgences, but not yet, I have a goal to meet, once there then I will get that treat, if I really even want it. Or maybe I will just want some skinny jeans and a sleeveless blouse instead?

Puddles on 05/06/2013:
Thanks for the good job. I think the skinny jeans should be the treat. I would not want to start rewarding myself with food again. Indulgences of that nature would surely send me back to where I started. It has to be a lifelong decision to eat healthier.

Tangalyn~ on 05/06/2013:
yayyyyy! so happy for u.. congrats on ur loss! have a great day!

Puddles on 05/06/2013:
Thank you Tang.

V on 05/06/2013:
AWESOME!! Congrats on your loss :) Have a wonderful evening girl!

biscottibody59 on 05/06/2013:
Good job on your loss--here's to more good ones!

OhioRaven on 05/06/2013:
Good Job on resisting temptations, Puddy ! I'm proud of you. You're making our Monday group proud too.

Puddles on 05/06/2013:
Thank you

Puddles - Sunday May 05, 2013
Weight: 249.4

Good morning

Water low again 6 glasses.  Food was OK.

Weigh-in tomorrow.  I dont feel as if I have lost any but we will see.

Lazy day today.  My energy seem to be all used up. 

Did not go out and do groceries yesterday so I have to do that today.  Running low on the good food. (veg and fruits)

I want to make a soup with all my older vegetable great way to use them up.

That is about it - not much going on here today.  I am having a nice sunny day.  It is hot again today 78 degrees..

Have a great day and a wonderful Sunday.


Progress as of today: 30.6 lbs lost so far, only 59.4 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 05/05/2013:
Have a good day, Puddy.

JBGirl on 05/05/2013:
I'm glad it is sunny where you are! In NC it is overcast and too cool for the season. I love heat! Enjoy your soup, sounds good today!

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