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Puddles - Monday Mar 04, 2013
Weight: 253.0

Good morning all

Water yesterday 10 glasses back to normal -  Food totally back on track.

Weigh-in for the week is down .9 pd.  I did weigh-in also in the middle of the week for my month end weigh-in and if I use that one I am up .1 of a pound.  So my weekend cost me .1 of a pound.   So overall I am not disappointed with my weigh-in because it is still a loss over last week.

Today I start week 8 which is another maintenance week and I am hoping to have about the same results as last week which is about one pd give or take.  Considering that I am adding stuff during my two weeks of maintenance I feel confident starting this week.   I have to get use to the maintenance because at one point of this journey it will become maintenance all the time.   If I am to learn anything about this process I have to apply it to my plan and learn to live with it for long periods of time.  I have to admit it still feels scary to let go of the thought that I can have some of these things and not get carried away while I reintroduce them to my diet.   Learning to have just a bit and not go overboard. 

I am so greatful to have you guys to keep me in check and to have you around to vent my ideas.

Have a great day and a great week to all.


Went out to do errand today and get some groceries - Cauliflower, zuchini, beans sprouts, green and yellow beans, cabbage,  yoplait, bleuberries, strawberries, mixed beans as protein, philli cheese - great to stock up my vegetables - I eat soo many veg but I love them all.  I am ready for my week.



Progress as of today: 27 lbs lost so far, only 63 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 03/04/2013:
I think your weigh-in is a big Success ! You really didn't gain anything. And it IS maintainance. I feel the same way that you do on sticking with this for a long period of time. It's kinda scary and failure is not an option. I think you're doing great Puddy. I'm happy to be on the journey with you.

grannyannie on 03/04/2013:
Well done! I'm the same with trying to be satisfied with just a little of some of treat and not go overboard. Sugar is the worst for me.

getmebackto150 on 03/04/2013:
Great to have food and water back on track!!!!! Have a great day:)

supercheese on 03/04/2013:
0.1 is not bad at all! Yes....it is scary reintroducing some foods and letting go, but thats the whole point of a lifestyle change right? Cant get rid of allll the bad stuff.

V on 03/04/2013:
Great attitude to take..Sure reintroducing certain food back to your intake is scary but you CAN do it, I know you can! It may not be perfect as long as your meals are healthy at least 80% of the time you should be able to maintain.. Hope you have a wonderful day :)

OhioRaven on 03/04/2013:
LOVE the Grocery List

Tangalyn~ on 03/04/2013:
congrats on ur weigh in today.. ur amazing :) great lookin grocery list! hope today is a great one for ya!!

lolla on 03/04/2013:
Hey, you are doing great and don't be afraid, I am going though the same thing adding carbs to my diet and I am scared too. I bet we can manage this!

biscottibody59 on 03/04/2013:
That's not too bad--I'm sure you'll hit your routine this week!

Puddles - Sunday Mar 03, 2013
Weight: 252.9

Good afternoon all

I am back and I think that I did pretty good.  It is hard to be off my routine.  I know that my water suffered as far as daily intake and my food was OK just not has controlled.  At the restaurant I ordered two meals and picked what I needed off the plates and my friend picked the rest. lol lol   I had a ceaser  salad and I wanted some chicken with vegetable and I gave the fries away to my friend.  The chicken was not broiled so I know that was extra but thought I could get away with it.  The rest of the weekend was OK because I just picked my friends cupboards for what I could eat and manage to come up with appropriate combinations.  

I know my weigh-in is tomorrow and that will definitely be the test of the weekend away.   Hope you all had a good weekend.  The weather has been holding up here and another sunny day is here.

Have a great day and good luck to everyone that has a Monday weigh-in.




Progress as of today: 27.3 lbs lost so far, only 62.9 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 03/03/2013:
Well done on giving away the fries! Have a great week.

OhioRaven on 03/03/2013:
Good luck to you too Puddy.

V on 03/03/2013:
Good Luck on your weigh in tomorrow :) Glad you had a wonderful weekend with your honey :)

niftyjack on 03/04/2013:
Good luck on the weigh-in!

Umpqua on 03/04/2013:
I hope you have a fantastic week!

Puddles - Friday Mar 01, 2013
Weight: 252.9

Good Morning All

All is good but I only had 8 glasses of water yesterday my food was good.

I am just getting ready today to go off for the weekend.  We are having a beautiful sunny day.  It is certainly welcomed after the week of snow we just got.  Such an unusual Winter this year. 

I have been thinking about what I will eat for our dinner out tonight and I have been getting ready not to go hogwild with the menu.  I have made up my mind that nothing could possibly taste better than the feeling I feel from loosing the weight I have lost up to date.  I am hoping this feeling will carry me through this weekend.  I know also that my friend will not be pushing all sort of different stuff in front of my face.  I also have to realize that he is not on a diet plan and that after all it is his house and he can do what he wants LOL LOL

Hope you guys have a great weekend and will talk to you upon my return.  Take care.


Progress as of today: 27.3 lbs lost so far, only 62.9 lbs to go!

Supercheese on 03/01/2013:
Last winter was incredibly mild...this winter was incredibly cold! I like middle ground lol. I agree. The feeling of loosing weight is better than any big mac in my mind!

OhioRaven on 03/01/2013:
Y'know, your right, Puddy. I'm gonna look at this weekend a lot differently that I would have 3 months ago. I'm sure we'll both make good meal choices. Have a good one.

biscottibody59 on 03/01/2013:
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

lolla on 03/01/2013:
Stay strong sister, you can do it! Have a fun and safe trip. Enjoy life.

grannyannie on 03/01/2013:
Good attitude. Enjoying food is temporary but enjoying feeling fit and losing weight/keeping it off is 24 hours a day. Have a great weekend.

legcramps on 03/01/2013:
Enjoy your dinner out!

mylilsista on 03/01/2013:
I like your attitude! Remember: Nothing tastes as good as thin feels! This winter really has been unusual; glad that you all got a sunny day (send me some of it please!)

V on 03/01/2013:
I am sure you will make wise decisions but you can still splurge a little too! Have a great time :)

Puddles - Thursday Feb 28, 2013
Weight: 252.9

Good morning all

Yesterday extremely good  10 glasses of water and food very good.

I am up early today simply because I fell asleep at 8:30 pm last night.  I mentioned earlier this week in my blog that I was going to do a monthly weigh-in total - this is more for me than anything else to keep track of a monthly and a weekly weigh-in.  So I started Feb 1 at 264.2 today Feb 28 at 252.9 - total monthly lost 11.3 pds.  So this is on track.  My first month was higher but we all know that there was a lot of water weight loss in that month.  My goal is to loose between 5 to 8 pds a month - Idealy.  I know that as I get closer to my goal weight it will be harder to take the last pounds off - I expect that and am not setting this in stone. 

Our storm yesterday was not all that bad.  We just got a dusting of snow - just enough that I would have to clean off the damn car if I needed to go out.  It was mixed with a little bit of freezing rain so I think I will wait and see if we get some sun and it will melt it off.  Now what is the possibility of that. LOL LOL 

I am going over to my friends place on Friday so I will be away for a few days.  Out for dinner and then just hanging out. 

I hope that you all have a great day. Thank you all for your support again because I would not be able to do this without all your help.


Progress as of today: 27.3 lbs lost so far, only 67.9 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 02/28/2013:
Back at you, Fran. I couldn't have done this well without these good people. I believe in you because You put your money where your mouth is. you say your gonna do it, and prove it. I think your goals are very good ones. I may have lost a lot of weight quickly, but Dang, I KNOW the hardest part is ahead of me with keeping this stuff off.

You going away for the weekend ? I'm interested on how you handle the dining out and being good to yourself, excersising... I'm sure we here at the DD will be wanting to hear the highs and lows.

Yep ! I wrote down the 2 dishes that Jack had posted and will be looking them up to give them a try. Have a good one, Puddy.

thenewMLE on 02/28/2013:
Congrats on your monthly loss!!! You have the right attitude about what to expect and you are doing just fine! Sometimes we plateau, but with a little change in the routine you can get the scale moving again. I started to get discouraged when it wasn't falling off as it did at the beginning and I thought I would never reach my goal weight, and someone else suggested that I do an interim goal, and when I did that, I felt more successful as I actually approached the finish line (even though it was only a mini goal). So as soon as I dip below that, I will drop to the final goal. Enjoy your time with your friends and keep up the good work!

getmebackto150 on 02/28/2013:
11.3# is a great loss for one month! Great job!!

Tangalyn~ on 02/28/2013:
awesome job for the month :)

biscottibody59 on 02/28/2013:
You're doing so well--keep up the good work! Bravo on your monthly total--woo-hoo!

lolla on 02/28/2013:
W*O*W!!!! yey for February total success!!!You go girl, amazing!

V on 02/28/2013:
Your total losses ROCK and so do you Fran!! Have a great weekend with your honey :)

grannyannie on 03/01/2013:
Congrats! You're doing great! Thanks for the welcome back.

Maria7 on 03/01/2013:
Wow, you have made a LOT of progress during the month of Feb. Happy for ya! :-D

niftyjack on 03/01/2013:
I'd love to see the okonomiyaki you make! (And eat it, too. :)

Puddles - Wednesday Feb 27, 2013
Weight: 253.9

Good Morning All

Water 11 glasses and food on track.

Had a wonderful day yesterday.  It seems I have to run errands to grocery store more often then before.  I am always running out of fresh veg. and fruits.  I rather do that than use the frozen stuff.  It really fills my fridge with a lot of good stuff so that when I open the fridge door  the first thing looking at me is healthy food and I dont get to see all the stuff that is at the back that I could reach for and then make bad choices.

I always struggle  with my two maintenance weeks.  I usually have to add a few starchy things and I am allow a few glasses of wine.  It is definitely testing my control on these foods.   I just dont want to start craving them as before I started.  I know I have to learn to use them properly and not make them my main dishes all the time.  It is working out.  I think it really comes down to trusting myself around those food groups and also trusting myself with having them in the house.  

We are having another snow storm for the next few days not necessarily a lot of accumulation but mix snow and rain.  It will be a stay in time.  I dont  really need anything for the rest of the week.

Hope you will all have a wonderful day.


Progress as of today: 26.3 lbs lost so far, only 73.9 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 02/27/2013:
6 pack, Ha-ha-ha. No, Puddy. If anything I'm still looking down at a kegger. Wow ! Your water looks great ! Hey, do you really have to add starch on your diet ? Get back to cooking our cabbage again or using that quinoa or something else, Long grain brown rice. I'm not worried, you'll do the right thing for you. Have another good day.

OhioRaven on 02/27/2013:
Oh, ok. I was just looking up your scaresdale. I gotcha.

thenewMLE on 02/27/2013:
Good job on the water again! I had a better liquids day yesterday. I have switched to hot green tea and drank about 3 big cups. For starchy things, sweet potatoes are legal for me with sugar busters and it takes care of that starch craving about once a week. I have too much of an addictive personality - if something is off limits, I can't have it around because a little taste leads to more and more until it's all gone! I'm glad you have better self control than me. Stay warm and enjoy your day in!

getmebackto150 on 02/27/2013:
I hear you on struggling once a few more things are added in... I'm on a complete alcohol fast for a few weeks and once I'm "allowed" to have a glass of wine here and there, I too will test my control with that and starchy foods too are difficult to control... Have a great day!!

supercheese on 02/27/2013:
Our bodies are so interesting. Its funny when I "know" what im craving! Unfortunately, i always crave bad food LOL...aka starch. Have a good one!

michgal on 02/27/2013:
yeah, we had snow last night where i live. it prevents me from walking outside which i really want to do!!

lolla on 02/27/2013:
I know how you feel, I am doing the south beach diet and after two weeks I am supposed to add some whole grains and I am totally scared too. Carbs are very difficult for me. hey, edamames are soy beans. I buy them frozen and they are in the pods and then I cook them in a bowl covered with water for about 8 minutes in the microwave. they have lots of protein and fiber. Definetlly not what I want to have for breakfast but they do keep me full for a while. Oh. make sure you put seasoned salt on them before eating.

legcramps on 02/27/2013:
Stay safe from the storm! Have another great day today :)

V on 02/27/2013:
Hey girl you can so do this, you have to when you reach goal weight/size.. No one can live with restricting entire food groups out for the rest of their lives..I guess they can but how miserable life would be you know.. Just think of this as a practice with when you meet your goals and one high carb meal is not a deal breaker..Hope you had a wonderful day :)

Puddles - Tuesday Feb 26, 2013
Weight: 253.9

Good Morning All

Water 9 glasses and food is good.  Amazing how I have fallen into a routine.  I am grateful for that. 

I was so inspired by Ohio Raven's posting this morning.  It certainly raps it up in a nutshell how dieting makes us feel -  the emotional, physical and mental journey this takes us on.  We have to give ourselves credit for being strong people eventhough at times we see ourselves as weak in times of temptation.  I am so touched by this I am almost out of words.  You hit the nail right on the head.

I thank you all for being here. 

Have a great day.


Progress as of today: 26.3 lbs lost so far, only 73.9 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 02/26/2013:
Thanks, Puddy. Be good.

V on 02/26/2013:
Good Morning!! Great job at finding your groove..It is awesome how other people's thoughts can resound inside of ourselves..What an amazing site huh? Hope that you have a wonderful day :)

thenewMLE on 02/26/2013:
Congrats on your loss!! That is exciting! Routine seems to make it easier. I love everyone's wise words and wisdom too. That's what real support is all about. Have a great day!

skinnygrlwithin on 02/26/2013:
Isn't it great when you finally start getting into the swing of things??? Keep it up!!

getmebackto150 on 02/26/2013:
Have a great day!!!

legcramps on 02/26/2013:
Well, now I have to go read OhioRaven's post. Good thing it's the next one on the list ;)

Have a great day today!

biscottibody59 on 02/26/2013:
Congrats on your loss--keep going!

lolla on 02/26/2013:
Isn't it wonderful to feel we are not alone and we share so many feelings/emotions/challenges? It helps so much, thanks for being here!

Maria7 on 02/26/2013:
Hope you have had a good day. :-)

Puddles - Monday Feb 25, 2013
Weight: 253.9

Hi Guys and good morning

Good day - weigh-in 253.9 down almost 3 pds.  My water was good yesterday 10 glasses and my food was on track. 

I am now starting week 7 which is a maintenance week and for the next two weeks.  Which allows me a few extra things.  I always find that a little scary but so far so good. 

I want to have a monthly figure for loss so I will be weighing in on the 28th Feb and also the following Monday as my usual weigh-in.  I will have a weekly and a monthly total which will give me  a better idea on what the maintenance weeks are doing to my system of loosing weight.  It might be overdoing it but I am a compulsive human being or I would not be in this situation. LOL LOL

Good luck to all on this new week.  Have a great day.


Progress as of today: 26.3 lbs lost so far, only 73.9 lbs to go!

V on 02/25/2013:
Yayyy congrats on your loss! Keep up the great job Fran :) Have a great day a well!

graindart on 02/25/2013:
Good job on the continued loss.

OhioRaven on 02/25/2013:
Hey, Puddy. Good to hear from you. We are both Losers this week ! Yay ! That's a good thing. I'm glad you're sticking to your diet plan. Good job on the water too. Talk to you later.

OhioRaven on 02/25/2013:
Oh, I forgot to ask how Paul is doing. I'm keeping him and his family in prayer.

Tangalyn~ on 02/25/2013:
congrats on another good weigh in :) u r doing awesome!! have a great day!

legcramps on 02/25/2013:
Great loss! You're doing a great job; good luck with maintenance week :)

RYC - actually, I won't have to change a lot of what i'm eating to incorporate a more whole foods, plant-based diet. I hardly ever eat dairy except in my oatmeal, cheese on rare occassion (I made two homemade pizzas last week so used it on that)and the yogurt is easy to nix since I don't really like it anyways LOL. Whole grains will be easy as well - an alternate for pasta and incorporate more nuts and beans. The hardest part will be the red meat, and i'm not planning on starting on that challenge until summer. So really, it's a pretty conservative plan, in my opinion :)

getmebackto150 on 02/25/2013:
Yay for weight loss!!! Have a great day!!

lolla on 02/25/2013:
You are doing great Fran, now get compulsive about eating healthy foods!... I am compulsive too so I know how you feel sister.

Umpqua on 02/25/2013:
Congrats on your loss - slow and steady is the right way to do it and see lasting results!

legcramps on 02/25/2013:
RYC - exactly! sounds like you're already following a plant-based diet, good for you :) It'll be interesting for me to turn more to beans and lentils etc. for my protein instead of meat. But if I can do it 4-5 days out of each week, I think that will be an awesome accomplishment :)

sailingeagle on 02/25/2013:
Hi Fran! That's an awesome goal! You go!!! :0)

Puddles - Sunday Feb 24, 2013
Weight: 256.1

Good Morning All

Yesterday was good water 8 glasses (a little bit less than I usually drink) I have to get that back up to 10.  Food was good but over on fruit and yogurt (not worried too too much about that).  Overall it was a great day.  Nothing bad like I use to do.  The extras are food that are very healthy and very low in calories and have very low fat content.

Tomorrow is my weigh-in  time.  I feel as if I have lost so tomorrow I find out if my feeling is the same as what the scale will read.  I am amazed that I have been on this for 6 weeks tomorrow.  It does not feel like I am doing without.  I have to also mention that having a support group to chat and vent to help a lot. 

So tomorrow is the big day.  I will talk to you guys later.  Have a great day.



Progress as of today: 24.1 lbs lost so far, only 76.1 lbs to go!

natasha123 on 02/24/2013:
sounds like you are doing a great job, iknow it can get tough, but one day at a time helps a lot. im new at this method of weight loss support. im glad its here. im 190 and have a goal of 150. so here we go.


Maria7 on 02/24/2013:
I believe you will have a good weigh-in tomorrow. Good on the water and keeping the extras healthy and very low in cals and fat content. Hope you have a good day today. :-D

getmebackto150 on 02/24/2013:
Good luck on your weigh in tomorrow... I have a feeling you will have a great number on the scale tomorrow!!!

biscottibody59 on 02/24/2013:
Enjoy your day!

Kati on 02/24/2013:
dang, I'm also a yogurt-addict myself. What I do is, I buy fat-free or just plain, natural yogurts and I add some protein powder to it so it gets a nice flavor and texture and gets boosted with lean protein.

OhioRaven on 02/24/2013:
I knew we both weigh-in on Monday's. I'm gonna try to keep track who else among us do too. Good luck. As for me, I have No Clue what the scale will say.

V on 02/25/2013:
Good luck with your weigh in today :)

Puddles - Saturday Feb 23, 2013
Weight: 256.1

Good morning all

Food good yesterday - had a few extra fruits though but I dont really see that as that bad of a thing.  Water on track 9 glasses. 

We got pelted with another foot of snow they are cleaning our parking lot right now.  We are expecting more tomorrow. 

Apart from that I really do not have much just got up it is 11:20 am here so I slept in.  It must be because of my relax day yesterday it gave me a real good night of sleep.  The time clock on this site is off - I wonder why - does anybody know the answer to that.  I know that we are all from differenct countries and different time zones but I wonder which country or time zones they are using. 

Ok enough of that I wish you guy all a wonderfull weekend and a great day.


Progress as of today: 24.1 lbs lost so far, only 76.1 lbs to go!

michgal on 02/23/2013:
good luck! =)

biscottibody59 on 02/23/2013:
I think it's Mountain Time.

You really are consistent there--that'll get you to your destination--woo-hoo!

OhioRaven on 02/23/2013:
Have a good weekend, Puddy.

Tangalyn~ on 02/23/2013:
hope ur havin a great day :)

niftyjack on 02/24/2013:
Have a good day. :)

Puddles - Friday Feb 22, 2013
Weight: 256.1

Good morning all

Had a fantastic day yesterday.  Water good 9 glasses and food extremely good (I actually was not really hungry) definitely something wrong with me LOL LOL.

Another storm on the way.  Snow snow snow next two days will start this pm and will last for two days.  GIVE ME A BREAK.  I dont think I will ever believe that groundhog ever again.  He is only spreading false hope. LOL

I have nothing planned for today.  It is a total ME ME ME day.  I will have a nice long soak in the tub/do some reading/do my nails/pamper myself.  I am taking a day off.  I am not to sure that is what they are called when you are retired but even if your retired you need days off.  My son laugh at me when I tell him I need a holiday or I need a day off.  He usually says mom your always off and shakes his head. LOL

Hope you all have a great day and be good to yourself today



Progress as of today: 24.1 lbs lost so far, only 76.1 lbs to go!

getmebackto150 on 02/22/2013:
Yay for a fantastic day!!! I need to focus on the water too... Me day=Amazing:) Enjoy!!!!

OhioRaven on 02/22/2013:
Thanks for that cabbage spaghetti. It is great. Spaghetti without the pasta. I agree with your son :v)

Maria7 on 02/22/2013:
Hope you have a good Friday. :-D

legcramps on 02/22/2013:
Sounds like it'll be a fantastic day :) Enjoy the day off!

thenewMLE on 02/22/2013:
Have a fantastic day!! Those "Me Days" are so delightful - it's like a recharge of your personal batteries! I hope the snow doesn't get to deep. I called him a hedgehog the other day and I told my hubby that the hedgehog got it all wrong. He informed me that it is a groundhog and what he sees only applies to Pennsylvania! Oh, well, wherever he forecasts for , he was really wrong this year!! Have a great weekend too.

biscottibody59 on 02/22/2013:
Sounds like a good day and good progress!

lolla on 02/22/2013:
Have a awesome YOU YOU YOU day, you deserve it!!!!

V on 02/22/2013:
So envious of your "Me Day" So in need of one but it always seems that I have a function to attend every friggin Sunday :( That is my only day that I have the potential luxury of lounging in my PJ's all day..

LOL @ your son's comment, you know he could have actually meant that in another way(not so right in the head) just so you know ;) Hahaha..Seriously hope that you have a wonderful weekend <3

cybermom4 on 02/23/2013:
You are the second perosn who mentions water as a key drink - can you tell me what you gain with water (not weight i hope ) but you know what I mean - thank you in advance. kim

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