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Soon2BThin - Monday Apr 23, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 148.5

Good morning, everyone! And it is a good one here. 70 degrees already & the sun is shining. It's only 10:00 AM here. I'm having a great day so far. I got up early, as usual, & got right on the treadmill & did my 3 miles in 51 minutes. We moved my treadmill in front of the bedroom window yesterday, so I can look out on the front yard & watch the birdies & bunnies while I walk. It sure beats looking at a blank wall. After we moved it yesterday afternoon, I felt inspired to take a nice walk on it then so I did 3 miles then. My cat sat in the window looking out too & a little bunny came along &, I swear, he stared right at us for about a minute, you know how they freeze when they see something, & then he just went on eating the grass (yes, we do have some little patches of grass in our desert front yard). So I hope to see lots of animals while I get my walk in. I think I'll buy a birdbath to set out there too. Yesterday, not only did I get in plenty of exercise, I did stay within my point range for the day. And I drank 3 liters of water. So it was a very good day. Do you notice how, when you have a really good day like that, it makes you feel so good about yourself, instead of how bad you feel when you don't eat right or exercise? Why can't we remember that when that urge to binge strikes us? I guess we're not perfect, huh? Yesterday I was up a half pound (which I forgot to report) but today I'm back down again. I guess that's what you get when you weigh everyday. I swear, from now on, I will only weigh-in on Tuesdays, unless I start going to a different meeting on another day of the week. Tomorrow is my once-a-month weigh-in at WW. I'll let you know how it goes. Also, I wanted to tell all you WW members out there, if you haven't heard of it, www.dottisweightlosszone.com is a great place to find food points & she has all kinds of restaurants listed. Also, her story is inspiring. So check it out. Well, I gotta go get my hair trimmed. I'm going to Supercuts, I've never been there, since I just moved here 2 months ago. Wish me luck, the last time I got my hair cut, it was a disaster. Okay, rash update: it seems to not be itching quite as much this morning, so maybe it's getting better. I just wish I could get rid of all the scabs on my legs. They look horrible & my legs were always my best area. And I have to wear shorts because long pants make me itch more. So people probably think I have some awful disease, but I don't care, really. And I haven't been able to shave them for a month now, yuck! I think I'll scout out some of that aloe plant if there is some in my yard, as pushedtothewall suggested. So I'd better get going, I'll come back & read all your entries later. Hope you're all doing great. Thanks for all the comments, friends. And thanks for listening.

Krispy on 04/23/2001:
Its great to hear that the exercise is going so well for you at the moment and YES I know that feeling of when you have been good all day it makes you feel great, so why we cannot remember this when the bad days strike is beyond me! Strange creatures aren't we?

Glad to hear that the rash isn't itching so bad, just hope it all heals up nicely for you!

Take care and have a great day!

Kyrin on 04/23/2001:
Hi Soon! You did well with all of your walking...and got the nice successful feeling that comes along with it. Yeah! Must be wonderful to have such a nice view while you workout.

Hope the haircut goes well.


cosaer on 04/23/2001:
your yard sounds wonderful!!

pastagal on 04/23/2001:
You sure sound more like your old self,,,,and that is great to see,,,,yes i know about Dotties site,,,,i love it and love reading all the success stories on her site,,,and going to the board reading what the others there have going on with the program,,very uplifting;}well have a great day and glad your feeling good;}

mommyof two on 04/23/2001:
hello, i know what you mean about your rash... i have psorisis, and let me tell you , its NO picnic. i have it on both knees and both feet. the hotter i feel, the worse it iches.. there is not a cure for it either. there is an ointment that i have used, but it is so expencive..when i wear shorts, people do look at me as if i have something real bad.. i guess my grandmother had it and thats were i got it.. i always see people wearing cute little sandles, i dont dare go w/out socks.. only around the house. so i hope you get your rash taken care of... i wouldnt wish this on anyone.. KTF, Lisa

herb on 04/24/2001:
You're going to buy a birdbath. Who is that for, the cat. You know you can be held as an accessory.

Thanks for the info on Dotties web site. They have Friendlys listed there, and I was told by Julie my leader at WW that Friendlys refused to cooperate with WW when asked for the nutrition information for the points book.

As far as 35 points. Get your "Dining Out" book and go to page 131, you'll find Mazzio's look under the listing called Pasta, and find "Spaghetti with Meatballs (1 serving) = 35 points.

pushedtothewall on 04/24/2001:
Gosh I am trying to think of you as the same ole adorable Soonie that I have in my mind's eye. But, after that scab-no shaving description..... :) :) :) I am just SO kidding you. Hope something gets going for you in that rash department soon, because BOY is it going to get hot!!! And then, you will have hot on top of all else. My heart is just there with you, I hope you know. How WONDERFUL you were with your exercise and I know that you must be feeling good about yourself in that magical way of accomplishment. Rabbits for company and bird baths coming...all of that sounds precious. Tell us all about the hair cut and I will be looking in on you tomorrow.

Soon2BThin - Sunday Apr 22, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 148.5

Hey, good morning (or afternoon) everyone! It's only 11:20 AM here now. I've already been out for a 30 minute walk with the hubster & had a nice breakfast (point-friendly). I'm on my second 1/2 liter of water right now, I'm a little behind this morning. I would have walked longer but he just keeps thinking of all the work he has yet to do today, so he cut us short. Part of our back yard fence got blown over last night because we had some really high winds, so he's out working on fixing that right now. We walked down the next street over from ours this morning & discovered "Jan's Iris Garden". This woman has a kazillion irises that are all different colors & in bloom right now, so beautiful. She welcomes anyone to come visit & enjoy her flowers. And we found out that growers have created every color possible except for true red with these irises. She has really put a lot of work into it & we enjoyed seeing them. Some of the cacti are blooming around here too, some are really pretty, hard to believe that of a cactus. Anyway, we had a good time out walking. I'll do the treadmill tomorrow so I'll get a better workout. Weigh-day is coming up Tuesday at WW. I need to go weigh-in at least once a month & this month is almost over, so I will definitely go Tuesday. So I'm trying to be very good, if my weight is more than 2 pounds more than my goal of 150, I would have to pay & I sure don't want to do that. I've paid enough, 1 1/2 years worth & that's a lot. And I don't want to quit WW because I worked so hard to become a lifetime member. The meetings I go to now aren't very good but maybe one of these days I will look for another one to try. This woman who leads it is very funny but all she does is talk about herself & the old meetings I went to in Cincinnati were really good, she talked about new, point-friendly foods to try & gave a lot of good recipes. People would bring in the empty package of something they had tried that was good, so I learned about a lot of foods I wouldn't have ever found on my own. I always left there feeling kinda renewed & ready to try harder. I miss it. It's funny, I just have to tell you, when I woke up this morning, all I wanted to do was go back to sleep, but, of course, I thought of my DD buddies & knew I just had to get up & get to that exercise. So you can see, you all help me here. I'm sure you all do the same thing, right? So it looks like a nice day here for me. The sun is shining & it should get to about 73 here today. They said it will get to 85 tomorrow, woohoo! My rash is still the same, at least it's not worse, & maybe it will go away by itself, I hope. Maria, I'm afraid to try anything on it as it may make it worse. Thanks for the advice anyway, you just may be right. I'll mention it to my doctor if I ever hear from her again, haha. Well, I've really gone on today, haven't I? Making up for the time I lost, I guess. Thank you all again for all you comments. So now I'll go check up on how you're doing. Thanks for listening.

halley on 04/22/2001:
I bet there different WW meeting that you could go to, or you could just start bringing foods or recipes that you like maybe it will catch on!

mommyof two on 04/22/2001:
glad your back, sorry you still have the rash.. that can be enough to make one alittle crazy.. have a good day.. lisa

cosaer on 04/22/2001:
thank you for the warm welcome to dd, and sending some of your confidence my way. I wish that i did some sort of cooking so i could pass on a recipe... but, it sounds like maybe even the people here at dd have replaced the ww in cinci. please take advantage of the warm weather you have for me... im still wearing coats! :) have a great week... its only beginning.

pastagal on 04/22/2001:
You sound like your old self,,,,:}} enjoyed your entry alot today:}} keep it up,,,your back on track:}}

herb on 04/22/2001:
I'm glad you liked those new reality Barbies. I'm afraid a lot of people missed it so i'm going to post it again. Can you help me? I went to the local Italian restaurant and had a order of spaghetti and meatballs, with tomato sauce, and no bread when I got home I looked up the points, by going to the "Dining Out" book and look for a Italian restaurant. I found "Mazzios" they list a Spaghetti with meatballs (1 serving) as 35 points!! Is that possible.

breakaway on 04/23/2001:
I sure hope that whatever you decide to do with WW that it is a good choice for yoU!!! I do understand wanting to quit though. If your not happy there why pay! Maybe look for something different. Great job on the exercise!!! So happy you thought of all of us here, and we had a hand in that! I do that ALL the time!! all the ppl here don't have any idea what they do for me!!! I can't even write enough about all the great helpers! Have a great day today!!!!!

Krispy on 04/23/2001:
Glad to see that you are more your old self, but sorry to hear that you still have the rash!!

Your weather sounds absolutely gorgeous - I'm so jealous!!!

Take care and have a great day!

pushedtothewall on 04/23/2001:
Wonderful to know that you were able to appreciate Jan's iris garden! Wonderful to read your entry and see that you are either a bit better in your heart and mind or else finding the energy to speak. Are you able at all to switch meeting places? It seems a shame that something that could be just INSPIRING leaves you a bit empty. Hey, is there a suggestion box there that you could slip a little suggestion into? I'm thinking that maybe you aren't the only one feeling this way. You know how that goes... lots of people just taking a thing because othes seem to be content; and then one speaks and a loud chorus follows...:) It is looking more and more that the doctor will have to be taken by force! I can't bear to think that this that is plaguing you remains. It's the old..."...and they can put men on the moon, but they can't diagnose Soon2BThin!" I suppose all are taking turns suggesting things. When I lived there I had three or four aloe plants in the yard. I am wondering if the ailment you picked up in the desert could be soothed by a desert plant. Do you have access to one? Do you know that the Navajo and Hopi there simply break it in two and rub it on their skin? I have a zillion times for all of my family's cuts and burns (including chicken pox and sunburn). Hope to see you here later today, little sick girl. Connie

SoccerMom on 04/23/2001:
Oh, I love iris! My big purple ones are just about to bloom, too.

Sounds like you're doing great...hope that rash clears up soon.

Have a wonderful day.

Soon2BThin - Saturday Apr 21, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 148.5

Well, here I am again! I've just been through a little rocky patch but I'm fine now. Nothing major, just depressed a little the last couple of days. I was eating all the wrong things & not exercising, except for Tuesday. But yesterday, I got back on the wagon & here I am. RASH UPDATE!! That darn rash on my legs & arms is coming back again since I stopped taking the Prednisone. The doc is supposed to be trying to get me in to see a dermatologist but I haven't heard anything yet. Maybe it will just go away by itself. The itching wasn't quite as bad last night so I was able to get a good night's sleep. I tell ya, it really depressed me to think it was coming back after all I went through taking the Prednisone. That stuff made me eat like a truck driver. I sure don't want to take it anymore. Anyway, that's my story & I'm stickin' to it, if anyone is interested. No exercise yesterday but I only went over my points by one, so I consider that a good day compared to what I had been doing. But even though I had been doing pretty bad, I always got my water in, I just don't have a problem with that part. And I did drop a pound since last I made an entry. This morning I walked 3 miles on my treadmill, cutting my time from 51 minutes to 49. I added 4 sprints of 3 minutes at 4mph. The rest of the time I did 3.6mph, with 2 minutes of warm-up & 2 of cool-down. So I'm off to a good start today. AND I WILL KEEP THIS UP!! I'm feeling really up, if a little itchy. I want to thank everyone who commented & wondered where I was, you know who you are. You people are the best! So, I'm going to spend the day here, catching up on how you all are doing & get my daily dose of inspiration. Thanks for listening.

carrie on 04/21/2001:
Hi! So sorry about that ole rash. Have you changed detergents, or do you use those "bounce" things? I am sure you've gone through the mental account of any changes, but I know them bounce things can be terrible on some peoples skin. I hope you get to the bottom of it! I love to hear peoples timing on the treadmill cuz I walk the treadmill too. I wear cordless headphones and I listen to a compilation CD of special "fireup" music. I do some inclines and sprints too! That is a real good idea I hear to incorporate the sprints in between! It seems no matter how much I push myself I can't get my timing better than a 14 minute mile. Unless I were to jog the whole time which I do NOT like and will not do. I am not cut out to be a runner! My husband runs EVERY day 6 miles! I don't know how he does it!

Kyrin on 04/21/2001:
Hi Soon!

Wow! Great treadmill workout. You'll be dropping those added pounds in a hurry if you keep that up!

Congrats on your efforts!

Koko on 04/21/2001:
thanks for your comment! I sure hope your rash gets all cleared up. My mom is on prednisone and she's gained a lot of weight. It has her depressed. So I know second hand how you feel about that!

As far as what I had to drink, I bet they're not in that book as we were at this cajun place that has silly names for all their drinks, but I remember most of the liquors and the sizes. First, which book has the alcohol in it because I have the Complete Food Companion, the Dining Out Companion and the week 1 book with some foods in it. ****I just found White zinfandel in the Complete Food one...2 points; I had a "Purple Finger" which is a mixture of cranberry juice, amaretto, chambord and limon. It was in a champagne glass. I had a "Buttery N*pple" which was a shot of irish creme and I forgot the whiskey. I also had a jello shot (which I only remembered after my initial entry). I had a lot of alcohol which is so out of the norm for me. Shows that I was affected by my work week more than I had realized.

Well, if you can give me any ideas that would be great. I just gave all of them 4 points. Now I can change the wine to 2 points. That helps some. :) I am not going to beat myself up about it. I needed last night so much and I feel better emotionally except now I have a sinus infection. If it's not one thing, it's another!

Well, YOU keep up the good work. I'm glad that you're feeling better today and that you're back on the wagon. GOOD exercising too. Talk to you later and again thanks.

SoccerMom on 04/21/2001:
Congrats on losing another pound!!! You're doing great. Hope that rash clears up soon. Could it be an allergy to something new in your environment? Changed laundry detergent, soap, or cleaning fluids lately? New brand of fabric softener? Had anything dry cleaned that you've worn lately? Eating anything that you didn't used to?

Have a great weekend!

pastagal on 04/21/2001:
So great to have you back with us ,,,and i sure hope they get to the bottom of what is causing that rash,,,,that is just terrible your suffering with it as you have been:{{ Hey girl,,,,CONGRATS on the 1 lb you lost,,,just take it ONE day at a TIME and you can do it,,,,with lots of Consistancy:}}}} have a great weekend!!!

Krispy on 04/21/2001:
It's so great to see you back and to a lose a pound too expecially with what you have been going through!!! Do hope for your sake that it is soon cleared up!!!

Well done on getting on that treadmill - remember there are 9 days left of the April Challenge - let's make them the best yet!

Take care and have a great weekend!

breakaway on 04/21/2001:
Sorry to hear you had a bad few weeks!!! Glad your back though! And your doing so well on the exercise!! Keep it up! I finally got my butt in gear when i comes to exercise too!!! It only took me 2 months lol!! Have a wonderful day today!!! Hope your rash is better soon!

pushedtothewall on 04/21/2001:
Dear Itchy, It is great to have you back. Yet, disturbing to think of you their with these health issues unresolved. One feels frustrated for awhile and then defeated... that you were feeling depressed is so easy to understand. I believe very much that your body will tell on itself before long and the truth will be evident to your specialist and I will be thinking in that direction with you. Good job sticking with the water even through your bad patch, and....best of all, coming back here where we all take your absence very seriously. Take care, Sweetie Connie

Maria7 on 04/21/2001:
So GLAD to see you back on here, we miss you when you're not here...please don't get mad or offended, but it sounds so much like you may have gotten into redbugs (tho they are almost invisible and not red at all...)it would be worth it for you to go to the drug store and buy a bottle of RID lice medicine and try it out just to make sure, cause I HATE to see you suffering like this and this might work for you. Thanks for you comment to me, yes, also the same for me, my sister is heavier than I was when I began losing weight and my Mother is even heavier than my sister, so at times they seem to resent me because of my size...not to mention my overweight friends who resent me and are not kin to me. Anyway, we just got back a while ago (Hubby and I) from the dinner and it went well. (I also steered clear of my overweight 'friends'...I did have someone ask if I was going to eat all that was on my plate, like they didn't believe I could), but I just said yes and to their amazing looks, I did almost finish everything on my plate, it was close. I know that you got to you goal and are below it, too and also <font color=red><b>CONGRATULATIONS ON LOSING AGAIN!!!</FONT COLOR=red></b>and I know it is not easy, that is why I am staying on here, cause it is still helping me stay inspired and motivated. I don't see how you are able to exercise like you do with itching. Bless your heart. Please do try the RID....I just have a feeling it might take care of the rash. Just put it on full strength onto the rash on your arms and legs and let set a good 10-15 minutes, then rinse off. Do the same the next day and the next until it is gone, shouldn't be but a few days unless it is really severe, and then you would need to do it about every other day to get rid of the rash after the first 4 days of applying the Rid every day. I walked under a tree one time and didn't see a web I walked through which contained almost invisible spider mites and first came the itch, then the rash and I got some Rid and got rid of it. I know you just moved to a different part of the country and if you have ANY trees or have walked under any trees, this may be what your rash is. Just trying to help. Maria :)

Rader on 04/21/2001:
Thanks for the comments you made on my first day here. However, if you're going to read my stuff every day like you said, then I'm going to be checking on you! None of this 7 day's off anymore, ok?! :) That makes for boring readin'!

I have been to OneFatMan.com before, and his pictures are truly inspiring.

pushedtothewall on 04/22/2001:
Here I am trying to see you. There is a blank space for today. That has happened to me for some odd reason when I had already entered my day's diary. I will check again later to see if that is the case with your, today. If not, and you are remaining silent today, know that you were being thought of by your friend, Connie

Soon2BThin - Saturday Apr 14, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 149.5

Hey, everybody! It's a great day today, hope you're all having a good one too. Dietwise, I'm not doing so good, but hubby & I did take a nice walk this morning, almost an hour, so I figure it may have been about 3 miles. It's so nice to walk around here in the quiet morning. We're pretty far out from town, a lot of dirt roads & desert. We always see bunnies & quail & it seems everyone has at least 4 dogs each house. Two of them practically attacked us this morning, loose. I'm glad I was with my hubby, he chased them off while I panicked. That's why I refuse to walk around here by myself, too many varmints wandering around. We also saw a dead rat, ewww. Like I said, pretty wild around here. But I like it, I guess. The pool water is only about 65 so still too cold to take a dip. We're going to run the heater during the day (solar heat) so maybe it should warm up soon since it will be in the 90's all next week. Well, my treadmill is under wraps in the bedroom that is being painted so I guess I won't be able to use it until that room is finished. The painter won't be back until Monday to do some more. Boy, did we make a mistake when we bought this house, we should have stipulated that they do the painting first so we shouldn't have had to pay for that. I think that's what most people do. Oh, well, you live & learn, right? I think he will be finished by the end of next week, let's hope. Well, I hope you all have a safe holiday & enjoy yourselves some. I plan to. Thanks for listening.

Maria7 on 04/14/2001:
WOW, you and your Hubby sound so much like me and mine...the walk you took together...my Hubby takes care of the dogs, too! Have a happy Easter! Maria :)

pastagal on 04/14/2001:
Oh my,,,that can be scary walking and dogs out running loose:{{ i use to walk alone and had to stop for that very reason,,tho now when i do ,,which i haven't for quite some time,but when i do i take a big stick with me,,seems to do the trick to scare them away,,,so please please be careful ok,,,, Hope you have a wonderful holiday to,i just got back from going to get grocerys and the store was jam packed,,glad thats over;} we are going to bbq tomorrow and should be good,,,and hiding easter eggs for the lil ones,,,they are the perfect age this yr:} well have a great day tomorrow,,be safe:}

Krispy on 04/15/2001:
I just love walking too - especially if hubby decides to come along. Dogs scare me if they are not tied up - you never know how they are going to act!!!!

Take care and have a great Easter Sunday!

pushedtothewall on 04/17/2001:
I was here looking for you today (Tuesday). Hope that you are fine and that the painters do not have you tied up in the closet! Connie

herb on 04/18/2001:
I'm glad you like the joke, but why aren't you journalling? Nothing in the last 4 days.

Soon2BThin - Friday Apr 13, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 149.5

Good morning, everyone! I'm feeling great today, finally. I think I'm almost back to normal. I got up really early this morning, the painter got here at 7. So I got right on the treadmill (he's not painting that room yet) & did 3 miles. I thought "let's try 2 miles, at least" but after I did that much, the rest was easy. I just kept thinking of you all & how great it would be to say I did the whole 3. And I feel so good for having done it. Then I remembered to do some crunches, 100, I always kept forgetting to do those & haven't done them for a couple of months. So now I'm off to a good start for today. I showered, had breakfast & made some chicken salad for lunch. I guess I might get to some ironing today that needs to be done, don't know what else I'll do. Maybe you didn't see but I weighed again this morning, up a half, not as bad as I'd thought it might be. I was really bad again yesterday but I think today will be much better. I feel a little more in control now. And I have lots of good, low-point foods to eat so there's no excuse. Just gotta keep busy. Oh, the weather here is great today too, so pretty. The sun is shining, it's warm & ,really, life couldn't be better for me. Maybe hubby & I will get out for a nice, leisurely walk later this afternoon, I don't know. It sounds good to me. I can't wait til it gets really warm so I can get out in the pool & do some exercise there. And my Mom can join me some too for the exercise. I know she would enjoy that. She's doing really well on WW, I'm so proud of her. Now my sister thinks she would like to try it too. So I'd better be doing better now to show them how well it works. I tell you, what a difference a day makes, I feel so much better. And all your comments really made me feel so much better too. You are all so great, I'm glad I can come here & it's so nice to know you all. I get so much out of reading all your entries here. I hope I can be a little inspiration to someone out there too. Well, you all take care, I'm going to go check up on you now. And thanks again for all the nice comments, it really helped me. Til tomorrow, thanks for listening.

pastagal on 04/13/2001:
So great to see hear your doing better today,now this is the way we love to see you:}} Just take it one day at a time ok,,and you and yours have a very HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY:}}

melkay on 04/13/2001:
That's great that you were able to get in 3 miles I can barely do 2. How long have you been on WW. I tried it a few times and once I stop going to meetings the weight comes right back on. I am doing something different this time. Hopefully it works. I gained 1/2 in my first week so I can understand how it feels to gain this week. Good luck next week.

momofthree on 04/13/2001:

I'm glad you did some crunches. I need to start doing some strength training. After three kids, my stomach resembles jello! I really need to get motiviated to do an abs workout.

Have a good one!

herb on 04/13/2001:
Thanks for cheering me up today, I'm feeling kind of blue, but your comments to me about working for H&R Block cheered me up a bit. I just noticed that you to are in the Weight Watchers program, maybe I can come to you when I can't figure out points.

mommyof two on 04/14/2001:
what a great insperation you are.. to me and to your family!!! your doing so well on your exercise.. i sure wish that i could get that much in!!! keep it up.. have a happy easter weekend!!!

pushedtothewall on 04/14/2001:
Hello. I want to thank you so much for your kind and understanding note. How blessed a person is to have just one person "listen" and give an encouraging nod forward. You did both and the effort is not lost on me :) I AM so lucky to have these walking partners, aren't I?! Today is the last day we will walk together until May 6 when ALL (unbelievable) return from trips they are taking each in a separate direction, but at the same time! Yikes, I was thinking during our entire route today that I have GOT to create enthusiasm for myself and not backslide while they are away. Talk about a relative world. The walk just flies by in the company of others and drones and drags on endlessly when one is alone. And I am not someone who is ordinariy uncomfortable in just my own company... Well, there will be a challenge. How very MUCH I wish for you to discover a walking partner. When I lived in North Phoenix I lived at the Pointe and although it was right there on busy 7th St it was an interesting walk around and about the neighborhood. When it was oppressively hot I was kind of forced to treadmill and then of course, swimming. I can certainly understand your anxious state there! I am thinking of you working hard at this project that we diarist share. Have a Happy Easter; and, thank you, again...very much. Connie

Soon2BThin - Thursday Apr 12, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 149.0

Good morning, everyone! I just feel like I don't belong here anymore. I had good intentions yesterday but didn't follow through. And the weight is just going up & up. We were gone out all day yesterday shopping for bedroom & patio furniture so at least I was moving, not just on the couch. My meals were not the best though. Both lunch & dinner was sub sandwiches & not the low fat ones, with fries. No excuse for that, I know. I vow that today will be better. I have to go out & shop for new sheets for my new queen bed & I will be making part of the Easter dinner Sunday, so I need to get some items for that. I didn't do any exercise again this morning either. We have a painter here today who will start on painting the inside of the house. So things will not be normal around here for a few days. I just keep in my mind that this will pass & I can get back into a normal routine again. I am such a creature of habit. You can all give me a big, swift kick if ya want. I'm still using that Prednisone for my excuse, I just don't feel like my normal self. But I'm not giving up & I'll keep coming back. I weighed 143.5 on Sunday morning & now I'm back up to 149. I'm starting to panic. I didn't get a chance to read your entries yesterday & I hope you're all doing great, as I'm sure you are. Thanks for listening.

Kyrin on 04/12/2001:
WHAT DO YOU MEAN??? You don't belong here??? HA! Are those pills of yours making you loopy as well as hungry?

Shoot, you're not your normal self right now...and probably won't be until you get the steroids out of your system and get your house settled. Be patient. You can get back into the groove in a bit. ...The same successful groove that got you where you wanted to go.

What are your options anyway? <p>1.) Drop out and keep eating. "Hide" this frustrating situation form your friends here at DD who love you. <br> 2.) Get your butt in that computer chair every day (several times if necessary) and talk to us.<br> 3.) Call one of us and chat when you are getting ready to do something that will make you feel bad (unsuccessful) later on. <p>Pick one or two (preferably the last two). You're tougher than you think. You've made it through before. Things will settle and you will get back in your groove again. Until then, let us support you.

Hugs! (E-mail me and I'll send my phone number. If you feel that you can trust me with yours, send it. I've got 3-cents a minute calling. I'll call you back.)

Pastagal on 04/12/2001:
Don't you dare give up,,,i am sure the meds have a whole lot to do with this weight gain,thats alot to see in just a few days,,so don't let it get to you,,,just keep doing what you were doing when doing weight watchers and things will get back to where they were,,,,have you talked with the doctor about this weight gain since the meds,,,might help,,well sounds like life at your place is busy,,,all that shopping sounds like so much fun,,,,and Don't leave us,,,we are all here for you,,,,you gotta know that;}}} Have a good day!!

Maria7 on 04/12/2001:
If the medicine is making your extra hungry, allow in your menu for MORE food, but make sure it is low-fat, low-calories food. Like steamed veggies.....for example, yesterday, I steamed a whole 1 pound pack of frozen okra (a large plate full) and ate it for only 125 calories! It kept me full for hours and was delicious and also I felt good knowing it was good for me! I make sure I keep fresh fruits all the time, oranges, canteloupe, bananas, apples for when I want something sweet. Also, I FORCE myself to exercise whether I want to or not, usually 35 to 45 minutes a day, minimum and more if I can talk myself into it. Consistency really means a lot with this. Don't throw in the towel just because you've made some not real wise choices and haven't felt up to exercising...just get back on track NOW and don't go up anymore! Hope this helps! I love reading your journal and have been keeping up with your journal for months now. You'll get back down...just takes making good choices...you can stay full and still lose weight! Maria :)

breakaway on 04/12/2001:
AWW YOU sound so depressed! I hope comming here helps you a bit! I wish we could all do more for you but our words is all we can offer! We can say this or that but it all comes down to you and the way your eating and exercising! I hope you don't leave us! We enjoy your company here! Hope you have a fantastic day today!

Krispy on 04/12/2001:
Don't you dare leave us. You can't go and just give up - a great big cyber kick coming your way now!!!lol You haven't come this far too chuck it all in. Some of the comments you have already had give great advice, take it and please stick with us - we will see you get through this. Once you get those steriods out of your body you will be a completely different person and wonder why you thought all this in the first place.

So take care, eat more if needed but do it sensibly.


Soon2BThin - Wednesday Apr 11, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 147.5

Okay, I'm back! Vacation's over! I've been eating like a body builder on steroids. Cause of the Prednisone. I'm down to only 5 mg. twice a day now, so maybe it will wear off. Anyway, I'm going to do the program today, weighing & measuring my food & eating all the right, healthy things. I made a big pot of the WW veggie soup the other day & hubby says it's really good, so I have that to eat whenever I'm hungry. 0 points. No exercise this morning though. I'm still feeling jittery & worn out, I breathe hard just taking my shower. I wish I'd never gotten on the Prednisone, I think it was a mistake because of all the side effects. My blood glucose has been higher than it should be. I should have gone to a dermatologist, I think, I may have been put on a better cure for the rash. Too late now, I just have to wait for this stuff to get out of my system. I plan on doing some walking tomorrow morning. As you can see, my weight did go up some, so it's time to quit fooling around & get back to work. I'm glad that I can come here & see how you all are doing so well. It renews my faith that I can do it too. I've been reading your entries everyday but not commenting much, sorry. Thanks for all your kind comments. And thanks for listening.

pastagal on 04/11/2001:
Aww i hope you get passed this soon,i can really feel it in your entrys your just not yourself lately,,don't let the weight gain from the meds get you down tho,it will pass,,try to have a good day and keep eating that soup:}}} i have made that,but i am spoiled to having mine with the beef in it ,tho i don't eat much of the beef ,,,its the flavor i go for:}}Have a wonderful day!!

Kyrin on 04/11/2001:
Hi, Soon!

I've missed you! I'm glad that the rash is clearing up...just hang in there, gal. Things will come right eventually.


muggg on 04/11/2001:
Aw, come on Soon! You can do it! Keep drinking lots of water and do the walks! It will help get the junk out of your system! After all that.. I hope your rash has improved!

<img src = "http://www.gifs.net/animate/heavymouse.gif">

breakaway on 04/11/2001:
GOOD TO SEE YOU BACK HERE! SO sorry to hear about your gain! It will come off soon! My mother inlaw also was on prednisone and it really made her change alot! GOsh meds that do that much harm on how a person acts and feels couldn't possible be that good for you! I would be so scared to go on it. But i'm sure it affects people differntly. I know doctors will put me on this med or that and say well your going to get these side effect or this will happen...nothing ever happens! I am happy about that! I have never even had one side effect from any meds that I have taken! Lucky for me! Well, I hope things all turn out for the best for you and you have a really good day today!

ABrown6794 on 04/11/2001:
Don't worry about the weight gain from the meds. You'll get back into the groove of things and it will come back off.

Just take care of yourself.

Have a wonderful day. Angie

Bunny on 04/11/2001:
You poor thing! Hopefully the side effects will wear off so you can feel like yourself again! I wouldn't worry about the gain it will come off right away once you start to feel well again. Just take care of yourself:) Drink lots of water to help flush the medication out of your system faster. Take care and have a wonderful day!

SoccerMom on 04/11/2001:
Glad you're back...we missed you! I had to take prednisone once, for a poison oak infection...and I put on <b>10 pounds</b> in a week, and I swear it's still with me! Hope you can shed your new poundage much easier than I did after taking that.

We'll be cheering for ya!

momofthree on 04/11/2001:

I know two people who took Prednisone - my father and a family friend. Both gained weight while they were on it. The family friend gained over 20 lbs, and she was really thin. What Iam trying to say is, I don't think it's just you overeating. I think the mediciation has that effect. But you only have two more days on it, and I'm sure you'll be able to pick up where you left off.

Keep up your exercise and take care.

Soon2BThin - Saturday Apr 07, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 145.0

This is not a good entry so if you don't want to read on & maybe get a little depressed, this is your warning. I'm here to confess since we should write the bad along with the good days. The day is only half over & I've already had at least 3 meals. The only explanation I have is the Prednisone I'm taking, although I have been decreasing it now. We did get out for a 40 minute walk this morning & that's the only good thing about the whole day. I just feel real jittery & tired & I can't seem to get enough to eat. I'll be so glad when I can quit taking the meds for good. Should be by next Friday. I wonder how long it takes to get it all out of my system. Do I sound like I'm just making excuses? This is just not like me at all. I'm just going to take it easy this weekend & try not to worry about it. My jeans are feeling pretty tight today too. I didn't get on the scale though. We may go downtown to the home show this afternoon so that will at least get me out of the house away from the food. I just feel so bad & I hope I'm not bringing you all down with me. I know this will pass. I just felt I had to come here to sort of confess. I think it's only fair. I hope you're all having a better weekend than I am. Sorry, again. Thanks for listening.

pushedtothewall on 04/07/2001:
Oh you do NOT seem to be making "excuses". The beautiful thing about working at controling weight and exercising is that we become more in touch with our bodies, AND the other parts of ourselves. We start tending not to lump all of our troubles into one big basket called "because I need to lose weight!" You are going through something very specific, and you have introduced new things to your system and it is reasonable to assume that something may be "up" with it. PLEASE be kind to yourself and watch. You will know soon enough and even after this bad patch ends, it might be helpful to remember that your precious body has MANY functions. One is to take care of itself even BEFORE you are aware of trouble. I hope that your day ends on a positive note and I will be looking for your next entry.

breakaway on 04/07/2001:
Hey don't be sorry for telling us the truth! I think that if your able to come here and confess like that you have the ability to overcome it and go on! And you got a walk in besides! If I would have done that I know I woudln't have bothered to get the walk in! I would have figured that the day was ruined already why try! So I am so Proud of you that you did get that walk in! GOOD JOB! You will be right back on track tomorrow and you and we will forget this day! Have a great day today! I know you will be fine! Were all here to help you through this!

BIGRED on 04/07/2001:
Don't worry about it. You are not making excuses. Nobody can be perfect 24/7. Look at me, I have been crazy this last week and felt bad about it but I'm right back on track today. You will be fine once this medication is complete. For now, dont worry about it, all will be ok!!!!

Krispy on 04/07/2001:
You thought your entry needed a warning - you should have seen mine. But with all the comments that have been left to me with all the advice and support I already feel as if I have moved on slightly from where I was, if that's possible.

It will pass, and getting it off your chest on here would have really helped, it did me!!! Hope you are now feeling better about things. Sometimes I think dieting really screws your head up!!!!

Take care and have a great day!

mommyof two on 04/07/2001:
dont you feel to bad! everyone has there bad days.. think possitive and start fresh tomorrow.. youll be o.k. or like you said take the weekend off.. start fresh monday. i have faith in you, so does everyone here. if you feel that its your meds. then wate till friday, or try extra hard to limit yourself. i have a nurse friend, ill ask her.she may be joining us on here.. she gives great advise.. well, dont be so down on yourself, your only human!!!! i hope your spirit gets up,,, lisa

ABrown6794 on 04/07/2001:
Don't feel too bad. You've been dong very well and the medication is a reasonable explanation. Your doing other helpful things like getting out and getting your mind off food. So just be patient with your body and I'm sure that this will pass when you get off the meds are back to normal. Have a great weekend. Angie

pastagal on 04/07/2001:
You have done so well,,,,the meds can mess things up,,just take this slow and one day at a time,,just concentrate on hour by hour,,if your feeling hungry try making a pot of homemade soup that you could eat on and that would fill you up i think,,,without taking on very many extra calories,and if you can't drink alot of water ,drink something like crystal light,,0points,,,,but hopefully you can get off the pills soon,i have heard before that this type of meds will cause this to happen,,,just figure low point stuff you can have to much on for now ok,,,,,and DON'T you dare throw in the towel:} and feel you can VENT here anytime,thats what this place is for:}} Have a nice nite ok,,:}

Maria7 on 04/07/2001:
Who said every day has to be a diet day or a 'lose' day?????????????????? You are too hard on yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIVE A LITTLE~! There are times to let go and live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't feel guilty!!!!!!!!If it helps any, there are days I have like that sometimes....so, I just make sure I get right back on track the next day and eat less to make up for the overindulgence day! Hope this helps. Maria :)

Soon2BThin - Friday Apr 06, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 145.0

Good morning, everyone! Well, it's morning for me anyhow. Gloomy & rainy here today, only about 55 degrees. I took a sneak peek at the scale this morning, I thought it would be up a few pounds, the way I've been eating, but, lo & behold, it was still the same. I know it isn't broken, my hubby gained a couple since he ate way too much at Friday's yesterday. He had the same Cobb salad as I but he ate Mom's fries & 3 potato skins. I made the mistake of using some of my card points for free potato skins (I ate 2) & I also ate all of the Cobb salad. It was so good. It wasn't a real good diet lunch for any of us, Mom had the french dip, she couldn't resist. So much for good intentions. So I guess we'd better not try that again soon. Mom is kinda disappointed with the diet, she only lost 1 pound last week. She had been on the Atkins diet several times & would lose a lot real fast, so that's what she wants from WW. It's hard to not be impatient, I know. I just try to encourage her to keep on with it. I think she feels a lot better than when she was on Atkins too. She can't get the exercise part in, she breathes hard just walking around her house & she has back trouble that acts up when she is on her feet a lot. When the weather warms up, I hope she will come over a few times a week to do some exercise in the pool. I don't think that will be as hard on her back. So, anyway, I was so inspired with my weight this morning, kind of a reprieve for me, I did 3 miles on the treadmill in 52 minutes, that's with a little warm up & cool down included. And I got out my food journal this morning, I'm going to write everything down for a change to keep me better on track. I already made some fat-free, sugar-free pudding & I have my WW pumpkin pie in the oven so we'll have some diet desserts if we want. The WW pumpkin pie is made with Splenda & has no crust so 1/4 of the pie is only 2 points & it's really good if you like pumpkin pie. I put coconut flavoring in the vanilla pudding too because I like coconut pudding. So we're all set not to cheat today. I've gotta have my sweets! Well, no more talking about food, hope I haven't made you all hungry. I tend to get food thoughts when I read all your entries too. So here's hoping we all have a great, healthy day today. Thanks for listening. Oh, I forgot to add, I checked yesterday & I've been here for a year now. Yeah, me! I only lost about 15 pounds though in that amount of time. I'm the slowest loser, huh?

pushedtothewall on 04/06/2001:
Good for you, holding that weight even after enjoying a little lunch out! And, thank you for answering that question that I had about how long you had been with this Diarist group. I am still curious about such things as I am enjoying my third week here. Your dessert ideas sound marvelous and congrats to you for preparing ahead. Good work on the treadmill there, skinny!

muggg on 04/06/2001:
Hi ya, Soon,

Don't be discouraged about your slow losses... remember how much you would have gained if you hadn't be here! Last winter I gained 17 pounds! You keep up the good work.. and good job on the exercise! Hope you can get your Mom in the pool... that would be so good for her!

pastagal on 04/06/2001:
But hey,,,15 lbs is that much less that you weighed a yr ago:}} so i consider that a great accomplishment;}} You just keep it up,,,,your doing good :}

Krispy on 04/06/2001:
Losing 15lbs is so much better than gaining!!!!!

Over in America, you guys seem to eat a lot of pumpkin, I have never had it and only see pumpkins for sale here at Halloween. Is it possible to explain what pumpkin tastes like????? Because it sure sounds good.

Take care and have a great weekend!

SoccerMom on 04/06/2001:
Well, that's 15 pounds that you've lost and kept off in the past year...I'd say you're doing GREAT!

It's wonderful that you're helping your mom stick to her diet, and encouraging her to exercise a bit, too. You get an ATTAGIRL!

Have a wonderful weekend.

ABrown6794 on 04/06/2001:
15lbs is an accomplishment! Thanks for reminding me about the exercise. I just realized that I've forgotten to record that. I will catch everyone up with a pm update to my entry.

halley on 04/06/2001:
Well 15 pounds down is so much better than any pounds up! I just checked your bio and your goal weight is 150 - or have you adjusted that?

Maria7 on 04/06/2001:
Hey, look at you, 5 pounds below your goalweight!!!! That is a LOT to be happy about!!!! You've done FANTASTIC!!!! Maria :)

Soon2BThin - Thursday Apr 05, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 145.0

Good morning to all my DD friends! It's real cloudy here today with wind & some rain moving in. But I got my treadmill walk in this morning--2 miles in 34 minutes. Then I showered & ate breakfast & here I am. We didn't go to TGI Friday's yesterday so we plan on going there for lunch today. I have to tell you, yesterday was the weirdest day, dietwise. I just felt like I couldn't eat enough. I mean, I just kept eating all day long, one thing after another. No junk food, just stuff I had in my kitchen. I feel better today, just had my oatmeal & toast for breakfast & green tea, which I have everyday, & I've had 28 oz. of water so far. It's not even 10:30 here yet so I'm off to a good start. They have a great Cobb Salad at Friday's & we usually get that, probably 10 points, I guess. I don't get the blue cheese on it. Well, I heard from the doctor's office this morning, the results of the biopsy was just a dermatitus thing, so nothing drastic. I'm waiting for them to get back to me about what to do now, whether to continue with the Prednisone or what. I don't like taking it, it makes my blood glucose go up some & I feel kind of jittery & dragged out all day,& at night, my heart starts fluttering, not a good thing, but I sure don't want to quit too soon & have the rash get worse again. What a nightmare that was!! I still itch some & my skin is very dry with little scabs where the rash was, but I'm so glad it's finally going away. My legs look like crap though, haha. Well, I'm gonna go read some entries, check up on my DD buddies. Hope you're all having a safe & good healthy day. Thanks for listening.

Halley on 04/05/2001:
Real glad that that silly rash is going away - what a bother! Keep up the water work!

Krispy on 04/05/2001:
Glad to hear that you have finally got rid of that horrible rash!!!!

Hope you enjoyed your lunch at Friday's, sounds great.

Take care and have a great day!

ABrown6794 on 04/05/2001:
Thank goodness the rash is gone. You're doing great with the exercise and have a fun time at Fridays. Have a wonderful day Angie

herb on 04/05/2001:
Thanks for responding to my entry.

carrie on 04/05/2001:
Hi! We've all had them "hungry" days! I usually get mine on a Saturday! Not a good day to have one! Good job on the water. I must go drink some myself! Glad the rash is gone. Hope it stays "gone"!


Maria7 on 04/05/2001:
2 miles in 34 min...that is fantastic!!!!!Go, girl, go! Maria :)

pastagal on 04/06/2001:
MMMMM i love cobb salad,,,,yummy;}} sounds like things are going good,,,and so glad to hear your rash is cleared up:}} i know that must be a releif for you,,,well have a great nite:}

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