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Soon2BThin - Monday May 09, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.4

Happy Monday, again! Another week coming up. They sure do go fast any more! Things are okay with me. I'm hanging in there. No exercise over the weekend but I did do some much needed house cleaning yesterday. Yeah, happy mother's day, haha! Somebody's gotta do it! Haha!

Today will be gym day. I've gotta get busy on this and keep it up. I did go Friday and just walked for 2 and a half miles. Today I will start back at the weight lifting too. And not that much walking. It's hard to get started when all I really want to do is eat junk and sleep. But that doesn't get me anywhere, does it?! So here's to today, may it be a good one for us all! Take care. I'll see ya tomorrow!

jolt on 05/09/2005:
You can do it! I know what you mean about the housework LOL> Good luck at the gym keep up the awsume work!


Soon2BThin - Sunday May 08, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.4

Hey, everyone, how's it going? Boy, I just haven't been with it lately. I must get here more often to see how you're all doing. It's not that I've been busy, I'm just lazy. So sorry. Things with me are just not good. Trouble with the DH and, ya know, he doesn't even know it!! Must just be my hormones. I'll tell ya, ever since I had to give up the Prempro, I'm just going nuts! I didn't get to sleep last night until around 2:30! But I won't go into details. I'm just so depressed.

Okay, enough with that stuff. I'm going to try to do better, I just have to. Thanks to you all for being there. Hope you're having a good weekend.

Soon2BThin - Friday May 06, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.4

Weight up just a little. Could be worse, the way I've been eating. Not much to say today, not the usual Soonie. I think it's because I'm not taking the hormones anymore. By afternoon I'm so depressed. And it didn't help yesterday, watching Oprah, the husbands who had affairs. So depressing. Okay, you all have a great day. I'll see ya tomorrow.

Cynthia on 05/06/2005:
Soonie, you need to get up off yo 56 year old gorgeous hinney and do SUMPTHIN!!!! You ain't got to drive to the gym and I agree with Pat (Jolt) you need to take a break from the treadmill. Do something different. Turn the radio on .... to a station you don't usually listen too and dance!!!! Dance girl!!!! Off beat on beat it does not matter!!!! Move your butt!!!! Put on a happy face!!!! Yeah, I happened to catch a bit of Oprah yesterday and BOY what do you say. EVERY woman wants to be so special to her man that he would not even think about much less become involved with another woman.

Oh well, don't always happen that way! Adultery is one of the biggest downers, yeah, I know first hand, but, life does go on!!!! Thank GOD!!!

You're a trooper, so if you didn't already know that take my word for it!!!!! Come on Sweet Cakes ... do something out of the norm ... go to BEST BUY or where ever your music department is and ask for advice on music you don't normally listen to ... I can reccommend a few folks to ya ... Ya need some "happy" in yo life!!!! Buy something by Will Smith (No, I ain't even got nothing by him but I think he is a pretty cool dude) I don't listen to rap (just not my fav) but I think there is a message out there for you somewhere today ...ummmmm .... here's an idea ... go rent the movie LIFE with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence ...or rent NAPELEON DYNAMITE ... I have not seen that yet but I hear it's pretty funny ... GUARANTEED LAUGHS!!!!! Who loves ya girlie???? WE DO!!!!!! xoxo cynthia

jolt on 05/06/2005:
Hey You,

Sorry I missed your birthday post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! BElated! Oh my I saw that Oprah it was a horrid little one. I can't wait until next week when she has the surprising people one. Those are my fave!

Okay breath you can do this. Never give up. I will always believe in your, and always believe you can acheive whatever goal you set out to meet.



Jennifer68 on 05/08/2005:
Cynthia's tip on Will Smith's music is a great one-- lol, I LOVE him. Also I have discovered Shania Twain's music is WONDERFUL to move to. It makes me want to dance!!! Kelly Clarkson is good too, I groove to her in the car.

Come on girl, lets move our butts and beat the depressed feelings!! We can do it.

Soon2BThin - Thursday May 05, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.2

Just a short one today! Things are about the same here. Not eating really good but we did go bowling this morning so that was some exercise. Now I'm just all worn out so I'm going to watch my soap. So tomorrow is weigh day and I'll find out how much I went up, er, down-----whatever. I don't expect any miracles. Take care. I'll see ya tomorrow.

Soon2BThin - Wednesday May 04, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.2

Hey, I'm late today!! Hi, everyone! It's official---I'm now a 56 yr. old, old lady, haha! Happy birthday to me. So we went out for my favorite breakfast and completed a few errands afterward. And that's that! What to do now?! I'm thinking about exercise but I don't know. I had planned on going to the gym today but now I just don't feel like it. I know, we never feel like it but I should just do it anyway. Maybe get on my treadmill but it's probably hot in my bedroom (where the treadmill is) by now and we're not running the AC yet (going to 90 today). I don't want to drive all the way to the gym because we were just over that way this morning and I'm a tighta#$ on the gas now. Just doesn't seem right to waste it. All kinds of excuses, right? Last night I was so determined to change things today but now I've lost that get-up-and-go feeling. Well, we'll see. After all it's my birthday and I can do whatever I want!!

Okay, you all have a good day. Thanks, Jolt, for the comments. I'll see ya tomorrow.

Runner on 05/05/2005:
Well, happy birthday to you!!! You're 56 years young!!! Hope you had a great day! :)

TheMother on 05/05/2005:
Happy 56th! I'm not that far behind you - I'll be 54 in October. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Soon2BThin - Tuesday May 03, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.2

Thanks for all the great feelback! You are the greatest! But I'm still in that slump. I was going to get up early this morning and walk on the ole treadmill but didn't make it. At least I'm up and showered. That's an improvement over yesterday. My eating is not the best but not as bad as it was last week. I just feel so bored. I know I need to do something but just can't make myself do it. I know, too much whining here! You all have a great day. See ya!

jolt on 05/03/2005:
I knew you would miss my charm and wit and be right back here. I just knew it. Maybe you need a break from treadmill life. Why not shower, and do what you need to do,and sit in the back yard, weed a garden. go for a nice walk outside, or to the favorite mall, but walk around it, and park far away.

I was certainly glad to see you here this morning.



Soon2BThin - Monday May 02, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.2

Good Monday morning, everyone! Well, that sounded chipper but, really, I'm not feeling chipper, heh. And I just don't feel ready to get going at the gym today either. First I need to go to the tanning place, then over to take care of my sister's cat. She went on a cruise this week with my Mom. So we also have Mom's cat to take care of too. At least I'll be doing something. I know, not a good Soonie. I just don't know what's wrong with me lately. I'm going to try to eat better though. I feel llke a DD dropout! Have a great day and I'll see ya tomorrow----maybe.

Cynthia on 05/02/2005:
Soonie ... you'd better bring yo *&$# back here so I can ... tell you how WONDERFUL you are! You are a caring, loving, devoted, wife, mom, daughter, sister, and that's just the top of your list of things you are! Ok Ok so you've whined long enough. Look you may not be able to get a full workout in BUT you can take 10 minutes girl to move yo ass! (Sorry, but, that's the bottom line) If not 10 take 5 ... the point Soonie is you've GOT to do SOMETHING for yourself!!!

The rest of us can love, write, laugh, whatever, but ultimately YOU will have to MOVE THAT BUS!!! (Line taken from Extreme Makeover!)

Please girlie, I am begging you .... I KNOW how hard it is sometimes to just get going ... but I promise you (as if you don't already know this) ... the key is to do this FOR YOU!!! Love yourself just "5" minutes worth!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! huggles, cynthia

jolt on 05/02/2005:
Umm Yeah we better see you tomorrow miss thang. Sounds like you need a good ole DD butt whoopin!. Now what in the world would we do if you just stopped showing up here one day. You are right we probably wouldn't fall apart, and give up, but a few of us would be sad that is for sure.

Sounds like you hit the DD slump (as I have named it) some of us went through it last week, and guess what I survived, Although if I had junk in the house I would have eaten out of control.

hugs everything will be fine!

See you tomorrow!



inmorning on 05/02/2005:
Nah not a dropout, you are serious enough to keep coming back. I am having a hard time too lately.

Soon2BThin - Sunday May 01, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.2

Still struggling along here. I hope you all won't black ball me from the group. I'm a very bad DDer lately. Did any of you see Oprah on Friday? That young girl whose husband was unhappy with her weight gain was me, exactly!! I sat there, trying not to cry cause DH and #3 son was watching it too. But I felt very weird, hearing her say the things that are always in my mind. And DH has been very nice to me since then. I guess he must have guessed that that was exactly how I felt. I always felt like I wasn't good enough for him (36 years!!) and all I've wanted to do was have him be proud of me, proud that he was married to me. I think the weight gain stems from all of that.

Anyways, I'm still going at it. Not doing too well though. I know I'm just hurting my health. Diabetics need to watch their diets, I know. Sometimes I think I must have a death wish or something. Okay, enough deep confessions for one day. I hope you're all doing great. I haven't been checking up on you all lately. I'm so sorry. Well, tomorrow's Monday, a good day to get started. I know, what's wrong with today?! I'm trying. Please give me feed back and a big kick in the you-know-where. I really need some help. Thanks to you all for being there. See ya tomorrow.

Soon2BThin - Friday Apr 29, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.2

Hello, there! See what just a small change in diet can do for a woman. It's coming off nicely. Still way too high though. I haven't started exercising yet either. So tomorrow I plan on going to the gym. You might say, "well, what's stopping you today?" Okay, I have an early appointment with the eyebrow tattoo lady and then I'm taking myself to breakfast. And you can guess where---that's right, the pancake place! I'm treating myself to my favorite pancakes. Then I'm going to the mall. I bought some shorts at Sear's the other day and like them a lot so I'm going to get another pair. Oh, btw, DH is back and everything is good. Although, you know what, I didn't miss him at all while he was gone, I was too busy eating junk!! I guess that's why I did it. It kept my mind off of him. Kinda kept me tranquilized, I guess. Very sad, right? So now I'm paying for it! I feel just terrible with this extra weight. It doesn't take much of a gain before you really know it. All my clothes are a little tight. My weight did get all the way up to 174 at one time this past week! Sheesh! So easy to put it on, so hard to take it off.

Okay, here's to a great day for everyone! It's gloomy and cloudy here today, going up to about 74 or so. But I won't let it get me down. Have a good one, y'all!

inmorning on 04/29/2005:
Congrats on getting the weight off. You will have to upload a pic on your tatoo. I am curious to see a face anyway.

Maria7 on 04/30/2005:
Your pancakes sound delicious! We had lots of pizza today! Hope you had a wonderful day today, Soonie!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Apr 24, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 169.4

Good morning! I'm still here, still plugging away. Not doing well though. Eating junk, no exercise but I'm happy, so far. I don't know what happened to the old Soonie of a couple of weeks ago. I was doing so well for a week or so and, now, this! But I'm not giving up! I was thinking of PastaGal last night. Remember her, anyone? That woman is a saint! All that she went through and she still kept on at it and reached her goal. I wish she'd come back and let us know how she is doing. And CharlieAngel and so many others who have deserted us. Some I just can't remember the names. Oh, yeah, how about crittermama? Let me know if you can think of some of the other names who are no longer here at DD. Okay, that's enough. Sorry if I'm bringing anyone down. Soonie's just going through a bad patch. Maybe it's just the change in the weather. And my DH isn't back yet. He'll be back Wednesday. You know, while the cat's away, the mouse will be a pig!! OINK!! See ya all tomorrow!

TheMother on 04/26/2005:
I remember Crittermama and Pastagal. I often wonder how they're doing. Maybe, even though they are not posting, they're reading DD. That would be nice. As for you, hang in there and try to get through one meal at a time. The weather is nice to get out and about. If you like to garden, now's the time to do it. Now is the time to nip it in the bud. I know all of the times I've lost 75 lbs. only to gain it back and then some and I would always wonder why I didn't get a grip on the situation after I regained the first 10. Here's your chance (just a suggestion) not to fall into that category.

Take care,


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