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Soon2BThin - Tuesday Sep 28, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 162.4

Good morning, everyone!! A great day here so far. It's 8am and I've done 35 minutes on the treadmill and drank almost a whole litre of water already. Nothing tastes better than that first morning drink of fresh, cold water. I take a med at night that makes me very dry in the morning so it's easy to get the water in all morning, especially if I exercise.

So yesterday wasn't as good with the points. In fact, I lost count and didn't write everything down, since I was eating all afternoon. Not too bad, but bad enough. Cereal with banana, pbj sandwich and 3 way for dinner with lots of cheddar. But I did do 55 minutes of work at the gym including 30 minutes of walking on the track. So I did good on the exercise. Oh, and so far I've done 65 rows on the afghan with 98 more to go, heh! That keeps my hands busy while watching TV. I wonder how many calories that burns, hehe.

Okay, the plan for today is to stay within my points and write everything down, no deviation. I already have the exercise done so that's good. Later this afternoon I go for the stress test so I'll be on a treadmill once again. And I REALLY need to get some house cleaning done! Oh, Becca27, I've known about dwlz for years now, a great site for WW. Thanks anyway. And thanks for your comment. I didn't get to read all the entries yesterday but I'll try to get there later today. I know you're all doing great. And I hope all you people in the path of Jeane are doing okay. So stay strong and I'll see ya tomorrow!

legcramps on 09/28/2004:
Great accomplishment already today! Have a good one!

Becca27 on 09/28/2004:
It sounds like you're off to a great start. You seem very motivated. Writing points down is critical, and for me, makes all the difference in the world. Do we think that if we don't write it down it didn't count??? Sometimes I do.

Soon2BThin - Monday Sep 27, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 162.4

Weigh day! And I'm takin' it! Funny how just one day of doing it right will work, sometimes! Yesterday was a perfect day, finally. My first one in a long time. Well, not perfect but pretty close. I had 20 of my 24 points (22 points plus 2 for the exercise) but the food wasn't that great. The only veggies I had was the tomato on my sandwich at lunch and the 2 dill pickle spears I had with it! And, I know, tomatoes are technically a fruit, right? I ate a banana and an apple so I had enough fruit. Not much protein either except the 2 eggs I had for breakfast. And can we say "sodium"? I had canned soup and pretzels for dinner!! So I thought the weight would be up with water weight but I'm happy and surprised to take the small loss! Oh, and I did 35 minutes on the treadmill, in case you didn't see yesterday's entry. So a pretty good day. I just need to start getting in those veggies.

Okay, today the plan is to eat right and go right to the gym after my dentist's appointment at 10:30 this morning. I'll need to start all over with the weight lifting again. Then I'll probably crash after I get home. It takes a lot out of me, going to the dentist. Just a check-up and cleaning but I hate it. And I plan on doing at least an hour at the gym. So that's my day! Oh, did any of you see that movie last night with Christine Lahti? Great movie! Can you imagine---she was skinny and pretty and her husband still left her for a younger woman and he was a geek!! Go figure! I guess it can happen to anyone.

I read all your entries yesterday but didn't comment much, sorry! You are all such an inspiration to me. I'm hoping I can do as well as you are doing. Keep up the great work and I will too. Thanks, diet buddies!

nettyb40 on 09/27/2004:
You go girl! Hang in there. You're doing great.

Becca27 on 09/27/2004:
I'm thrilled for your success at the scale. Isn't it funny how just any loss, at all, is great? Good for you!!! Aren't tomatoes free with WW? Hey, if you haven't already, check out: www.dwlz.com (Dottie's Weight Loss Zone) You can find point values for EVERYTHING there - and it's free!!!!! WW is great - it's a slow, but steady, way to lose weight and not gain it back quickly. Great job excercising and keep up the terrific work!!!!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Sep 26, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.6

Today is Sunday, Sept. 26, 2004, the 270th day of the year with 96 more days left in 2004. Yep, I got up and did my walk on the treadmill while watching CNN this morning. I did 35 minutes this morning and that last 5 minutes almost did me in! Heh! But I did it. Tomorrow is weigh-day for me but I don't expect a loss at all. I've just been too bad with the eating this past week. I will try to do better today though.

I did read all the entries yesterday and even left some comments. And thanks, jerseygirl, for your comment to me. As usual, everyone here is doing great. I hope to join you all there this week. Tomorrow's plan is to go to the dentist in the morning and then head to the gym. I want to start doing the gym again on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I have gotten so flabby this last couple of months so I really need the weight lifting things. So here's to a great week for all of us. I'll see ya tomorrow with the new weight. I hope I at least maintained.

Becca27 on 09/26/2004:
Thanks for the calendar update. Great job on the treadmill! I hope you have a great weigh in. Check how your clothes are fitting before you step on the scale - Yikes! The dentist - My personal phobia! Strength training will take care of that flab in no time. Have a great day!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Sep 25, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.6

I was going to start out today with "I hate, hate, hate being fat!!" And why I'm not doing much about it right now I'll never know. I start out well enough in the morning but somehow, I get side-tracked. And if I don't get that exercise in first thing in the morning, it just messes up my whole day. So today is a new day! I got up at 7--on a Saturday!--and got on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Better than nothing, I guess. And I really, REALLY didn't want to do it, almost went back to bed. Now that's crazy, I had plenty of good sleep, but you know how sleepy you feel when you first wake up, well, that little bad voice was telling me to go back to bed! What a struggle to win out over that! But I did it and I'm always glad that I did. And I may do some more later, who knows?! So far I'm keeping busy though---laundry and just general cleaning up jobs, and I've been watching the TV shows I taped this week while crocheting on the afghan. That keeps my hands busy so I'm not eating and I stop every once in awhile to swig some water. I'm trying to get the afghan finished by early December so I can send it to my son and daughter-in-law for Christmas. I sure hope I make it cause I never know what to send them.

Okay, yesterday wasn't a good day--again. I did get out for the shopping I wanted to do---Petsmart, Kohl's and Super WalMart. Bought me some clothes that I haven't tried on yet, really great sales, I ended up with 3 pairs of shorts, 2 shirts and a pair of capris. Whoopee, I love shopping sometimes. So that was my only exercise and I ate and ate all day. Well, I started out good and I even passed up the fast food places on my way home. But after lunch it was all downhill! I made Cincinnati chili and I love that stuff. My DH brought some packs of the seasoning stuff for it back from his sister's house in Tennessee when he was there since we can't get it here. I hadn't had any for the whole 3 1/2 years that we've been out here. And I think that was a great contributer to my weight gain when we lived in Cincinnati. There were chili restaurants all over the place back there. And if you know what I'm talking about, you know you just have to eat it over spaghetti with grated cheese on top. MMmmmm! And those little soup and chili crackers too. They call it a "3 way". I used to eat that maybe 3 times a week back then! So, anyway, I think this will be the last time I make it for a long while. It's just too tempting for me.

Okay, time to end this drivel. I just know that you're all doing great, as usual. Maybe I'll get here later to read the entries. So you all take care and have a great weekend. I'll see ya tomorrow!

jerseygirl206 on 09/25/2004:
I think it's awesome that you fought the naughty voice and got on the treadmill. I've been fighting the naughty voice all week in the a.m. so I can get up and do my stretches, but the voice always wins. :( You should be proud of what you accomplished. :)

Soon2BThin - Friday Sep 24, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.6

Happy Friday, people! Not much to say today---didn't eat well yesterday yet again. No exercise this morning. But I'm going out to do a lot of shopping today so at least that's something more than sitting around on my butt. I'm just still not totally back on the wagon, I guess. But I promise to do lots of exercise all weekend. Okay, see ya tomorrow. Have a great day!!

Becca27 on 09/24/2004:
Happy shopping! We look forward to hearing all about your exercise!!

jerseygirl206 on 09/25/2004:
Hey, shopping counts! Walking, holding weight, standing. It all counts. ;)

Soon2BThin - Thursday Sep 23, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.6

Happy Thursday morning!! And it is happy here with me. I just finished doing 35 minutes on the treadmill and I got it up to 3.4 mph for a short time 3 times! I'm trying to work my way up slowly. And now---I'm tired! Yesterday was a complete disaster! Bad eating (that's over now for good) and no exercise. So I was glad to not get on the scale this morning. Oh, and I didn't have the stress test after all. I finally got around to filling out the paperwork they sent me last week and there was an instruction paper in there too. Well, it said not to take any beta-blockers within 24 hours of the test and I'd already taken one. So I called the office and had to make another appointment for next Tuesday! DUH!! That will teach me not to procrastinate! So I was lazy all day and even took a small nap. But today is another day and IT WILL be a better one. And I have an appointment with the doc for a complete physical this afternoon.

Okay, that's all for today. I'm sending a shout out for all our missing people here---CharlieAngel, Biscottibody, Jellybelly, MichelleP, Scruffy and anyone else who hasn't been here for awhile. I sure hope life is treating them good. So stay strong and I'll see ya tomorrow!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Sep 22, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.6

Well, confession time--no exercise this morning. I slept in an extra hour since I had a bad night of sleeping--or, not sleeping, I guess you'd say. And I feel so guilty. But I may get some time later to fit it in. The exercise, that is. And I do have the stress test later this afternoon. That counts for exercise, doesn't it?

I'm still not getting the eating part. Well, let's see, I do eat, I just eat way too much, heh! It could be worse but could be better. Lots better!

Okay, today will be a better day. I read all the entries yesterday and you are all doing so well. Just great! I'm going to catch up one of these days. Don't count me out yet! Hope you have another great day today! Oh, and I forgot to add---I'm trying a little experiment here--no getting on the scale until Monday. That may not seem like much to most of you but I'm an every-day-weigher, ya know. I want to see whether it will help me go down--or make me go up without me knowing it. We'll see.

legcramps on 09/22/2004:
Good luck today!

Becca27 on 09/22/2004:
We should throw out our scales together. Any form of exercise is better than none. Are you calculating points? Try to write them down. I do think it usually helps

nettyb40 on 09/22/2004:
Any exercise is still exercise. Stress test takes a lot out of you so I'd count it.

Have a good day.

jerseygirl206 on 09/23/2004:
Don't feel bad for not exercising first thing in the A.M. If you didn't have a sufficient amount of rest, it can't be wise to work out I'd think. If you ask me, a stress test counts as exercise. Scales are evil unless they're only in your life once a week. Have a great day.

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Sep 21, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.6

Good morning, everyone! I just finished doing my 30 minute walk. I know, not that much but it's a start. I almost didn't do it. I shut off the alarm and rolled over to go back to sleep. But after 5 minutes I decided I'd better get up and get it over with. Heh!

Yesterday was an okay day. I could have done better on the food part though. Oh, well, today is another new day.

Well, I hope you're all doing great today. The sun is shining here and it should be in the 80's, I guess. I'm going to try to keep busy and out of the food. Take care and stay strong!

legcramps on 09/21/2004:
Great job on the exercise! 30 minutes is 30 minutes, don't feel bad about not putting in enough time. You should feel great because you DID exercise! Have a fun day today!

shellybelly on 09/21/2004:
Great job getting the motivation to get up and exercise! :-)

Becca27 on 09/21/2004:
another WW person! Yeah! You made a great choice this morning to get moving - just think of the extra points you get to eat today! I'm motivated to exercise because then I can eat more. Enjoy your beautiful day. It's gorgeous here, too.

Becca27 on 09/21/2004:
another WW person! Yeah! You made a great choice this morning to get moving - just think of the extra points you get to eat today! I'm motivated to exercise because then I can eat more. Enjoy your beautiful day. It's gorgeous here, too.

TheMother on 09/21/2004:
You seem to be in good spirits today. Great job with the walking. That is my so-called exercise of choice. I am trying to take a 10-15 minute brisk walk at lunchtime. I only have 1/2 hour break and the other 1/2 I read the newspaper. The weather has been gorgeous in NJ the past couple of days. Should be this way the remainder of the week so it's perfect walking weather.

Have a GREAT Tuesday.


malh on 09/21/2004:
Don't you feel better saying you did 30 minutes then not doing it???? Next time it will be more and more. Thats a problem I find...keeping busy....if I do that I'm fine with keeping the food out of my mouth...its when I sit there in the kitchen and eat and eat....its like this tiny voice...says...duh, Mary....go get busy....Maybe that voice needs to get louder somedays.

Soon2BThin - Monday Sep 20, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.6

Hello, my name is Soon2BThin and I'm a food-aholic. Ahem! I think I should change the name to "Maybe-one-of-these-years 2BThin" since I've been a member here for almost 4 1/2 years now. What do you think? So, it's Monday, September 20, 2004. It's the 264th day of the year, with 102 days left in this year. Are you ready? (I got this from CNN this morning) BTW, I got this while walking 30 minutes on the treadmill this morning. I have the TV on CNN so I can read the news while I listen to music on my Walkman.

Okay, I'm setting a new short term goal this morning. I am going to get to 155 by Thanksgiving. Between then and now, there are no vacations, no holidays and nothing to mess me up again. Halloween doesn't count for us, no one trick-or-treats way out in our neighborhood so I don't have to buy candy to have in the house. So I think this is a very possible goal to reach. I just have to keep in mind all the successful people on the DD so I will remember that it IS possible. It's really hard to keep coming back here as a failure and, if I think about all my failures, it makes it hard to keep going. So thanks for being there, all you successful people.

Okay, here's to a better day! I'm going to do this! Stay strong,people!

Becca27 on 09/20/2004:
Hi food-aholic - meet sugar-aholic. Thanks for the calendar stats. Your short term goal is a great one - you can definitely meet it. Isn't it great that there aren't any holidays to muck it up?? Halloween presents a problem here, but I've already offered to give my kids an early Xmas present if they'll chuck their candy. They can have the experience of going door to door and pick out their favorite stuff, but I want the rest OUT OF HERE. I don't buy my candy until Halloween Day - and even then I buy Mounds bars because they repulse me - no temptation at all to eat them. Problem solving is key!!! We'll find success one day at a time. Keep up the great work!

legcramps on 09/20/2004:
You'll do a great job! Get out there and whip some butt!

You know, coming back to DD at a higher weight or after being away for a few months doesn't mean you're a quitter! And it doesn't mean you're a failure either! These lives we have, they're not all that easy to live you know! Take that into account, and give yourself some credit for the steps that you're taking TODAY. You wouldn't get very far if you weren't taking those steps, no matter how many times you write down lists, no matter how many times you 'start fresh' - if you didn't, you wouldn't even be trying, would you? And that, I think, is far worse than not accomplishing a goal or two. Give it all you've got, and don't give up - there will always be struggles in life and the sooner you start overcoming the ones you're faced with now, the easier it will be to face the ones in your future!!! Good luck and take care today!

Soon2BThin - Friday Sep 17, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.2

Well, we're back. Actually got back yesterday. B-I-L had some medical problems and we decided to come home early. My b-i-l has a brain tumor (7 years now, I think) and he's slowly going down hill lately, it seems. But we keep hoping for the best. My sister has found a doc in Canada that performed surgery on a woman with the same kind of tumor and he was able to remove it all and she's doing great. So they're trying to get this doc to operate on b-i-l, sending him his MRI and info the doc needs first. It sounds very promising and, like I said, we're all keeping our fingers crossed. Anyway, he had a couple of small seizures while we were gone so we thought it best to get back home. Which didn't really bother us, coming back early. And I really had a very good night's sleep last night in my own soft bed. The weather there was great and the 2 days we were up there we were able to fit in lots of activity. So we had a pretty good time anyway.

So how's it going on the weight-loss front? I somehow managed to lose 1.8 while gone even though I didn't change the weight here. I decided to only change it on Mondays. I didn't get in any real exercise but we kept really busy. And I'm kinda taking today off, doing laundry and such from the trip. Right now I'm ready for a little nap but here I am. So how is it going here for everyone? Guess I'll go check up now. Talk to you tomorrow.

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