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SweetChubs - Friday Apr 26, 2002
(It's not a diet! It's a ...)
Weight: 220.0

TOM is here!!!! Yay!!!! I love kids and want to have a couple of my own someday but I need next year to finish college!

I gained 2 lbs ARRRRGGGHHH!! well I've been eating like a pig lately so I'm not suprized. I ate half a tray of brownies (non-fat! ha!) yesterday!! I'm not ready to say die to the diet yet, I'll get through this!

MichelleP on 04/26/2002:

Congrats on tom, LOL as weird as that sounds! I wish you all the best when you are ready to have kids... LOL its a full time job! Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

bekhalynn on 04/26/2002:
Hi girl! I'm new to the diet diaries but it sounds like we have some stuff in common... I can't seem to stick to a sensible diet! It' driveing me nuts! If something's driveing you nuts too don't be shy, I'd be happy to be supportive after all I believe the more encouragment you get the better off you'll be!

SweetChubs - Wednesday Apr 24, 2002
(It's not a diet! It's a ...)
Weight: 218.0

Here I sit impatietly waiting for my TOM. Grrr.. I hate being late! It puts me in such a panic! I couldn't possibly be PG, I'd be gaining weight then, right? Well I'll just chalk it up to tax time stress and forget about it for a couple of days. (Just not now, please, I have college to go to next year!)

Esperanza on 04/24/2002:
I know how ya feel hun! lol,.I thought I was preg too,.I expected it last Wednesday and it didnt come and I was very much worried,.but here it came today! I think the reason for the delay is because I have been SOOOOOOO stressed about the things going on between me and my hubby's family. So anyway,.dont stress hun...like you said,.just wait a couple days and see what happens.

Take Care Esperanza

BellaK on 04/24/2002:
Could you be pregnant? Aw... I hope your TOM comes SOON! Good luck! :o) Bella

MichelleP on 04/24/2002:

Wow I am praying for TOM for you! LOL now that is a first. I hope it is just the stress, how late are you? Maybe a test would help easy the stress just to know? Take care and try to get some rest!

garlic on 04/24/2002:
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Come on' TOM!!!!

SweetChubs - Tuesday Apr 23, 2002
(It's not a diet! It's a ...)
Weight: 218.0

I finally got a workout in yesterday!! I almost took a whole week off with this silly knee injury. I did not feel flexible at all during my work out but I felt so much better afterwards. It's true that once you get used to exercising everyday you really feel the difference when you miss a few days. Eating was good. I stayed within my ranges. I forgot to mention that I'm finally down to the weight I was before I quit smoking! Another milestone for me will be when I get down to 213 lbs. That's the weight I was when I gave up on WW 2 years ago. How come it always seems like weight loss is 2 steps forward 3 steps back? And of course, as all you 200 lb plus ladies know, 199 is definately a magic number! Here's to 199 before Labour Day!!!

Crittermama on 04/23/2002:
Congratulations to you. I know you can make all your milestones!! Good luck.

MichelleP on 04/23/2002:

You are so right I remember when the scale read 199 I was so happy I cried! I know you will get there soon and we will all be here to cheer you on! Take care and good luck with the knee!

SweetChubs - Monday Apr 22, 2002
(It's not a diet! It's a ...)
Weight: 218.0

Hello! It's been too long! My knee is better so I'm ready to exercise again. Food was not great during my injured knee period but I think I needed a small break. Good news is I still lost weight. Go figure! I watch what I eat and exercise everyday and lose like 1 lb a week. But I take a few days off and eat pizza, chicken wings and a CHOCOLATE bar (a whole one!) and I lose 2 lbs. Does guilt cause you to burn more cals?

Right now I've been scrambling to get my tax stuff together. Next year I'm going to make sure everyone has my current address.

Ya know how I was saying it was hot here last Wed.? It was 82F and today it is snowing! Can you believe it? I actually prefer the colder weather for exercising.

Today is a new day!

Esperanza on 04/22/2002:
Oh I wish guilt burned calories. Id be the thinnest woman in the world!! lol,.Im glad your knee is better!! Take Care and Congrats on the loss!!

( Now,.if only chicken wings,.pizza, and chocolate could make you burn calories,.lol )

:-) Esperanza

garlic on 04/22/2002:
Hey, I want a copy of that diet!!! (hee hee). Go figure, huh?

biscottibody59 on 04/22/2002:
That's sort of like the "sleep deprivation" diet--I always seem to burn more when I don't get enough sleep, but eventually it catches up with me and I'm tired and still want to eat a bunch!

Keep up the good work!

MichelleP on 04/22/2002:
Congrats on the LOSS!!! Glad to hear the knee is better. I wish guilt or even stress was a "diet" plan... I would be 20 pounds LOL! Take care and have a woderful night!

Crittermama on 04/22/2002:
We had warm weather and then snow too!! It snowed here yesterday. Icky. I like warm weather better especially since my workout area is in the basement. Last time I was down there with my boys Duaine threw a ball for the dog and it went right threw the basement window so I'm not to excited about going down there in a few minutes. It's 39 degrees outside. Brrr!!

shellybelly on 04/22/2002:
Glad to hear your knee is better! Take care and have a great day! :)

SweetChubs - Thursday Apr 18, 2002
(It's not a diet! It's a ...)
Weight: 220.0

Our server was down yesterday. Pooh! I didn't get in any excercise yesterday because my hamstrings were sore after all that walking on Tuesday. Today I couldn't even go to school because this morning my cat bit me and I smashed my knee into the wall when I jumped. Now I have a goose egg one the side of my left knee and I can't even walk without it hurting still. Anyone want a cat?

MichelleP on 04/18/2002:

Ouch, rest your knee! No thanks on the cat, have one thats nuts enough! Take care and get to feeling better!

Crittermama on 04/18/2002:
My cat likes to do that, too but she has never surprised me that much! I bet that hurts a lot. Hope you get better soon!

SweetChubs - Tuesday Apr 16, 2002
(It's not a diet! It's a ...)
Weight: 220.0

Yesterday was a great diet day for me! I did my loooong Simmons video w all those crunches. I'm really starting to feel like I'm coming down with a cold though. Bah! The weather here is unreal. Just a few weeks ago it was snowing and today it's going up to 28C. (Don't ask me what that is in imperial 'cause I dunno.) Anyway perhaps I'll go outside this evening and enjoy it. Here's what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: cereal, 1% milk, banana, coffee

Lunch: Healthy choice frozen dinner

Dinner: Tuna helper, salad, low fat dressing

Snack: granola bar, pear, veggie juice

Cals 1117, 22.5 g of fat, 18.1 cals coming from fat Yay me!

biscottibody59 on 04/16/2002:
Hi! Of course I just HAD to know, so I looked it up: it's 82degF.

Take care of your cold and Keep up the good work and food choices!

Jelly Belly on 04/16/2002:
Good job on the exercise! Keep it up!

MichelleP on 04/16/2002:

WAY 2 GO ON YOUR GREAT DAY! You are doing great! Take care and have a great night!

SweetChubs - Monday Apr 15, 2002
(It's not a diet! It's a ...)
Weight: 220.0

The weekend is over! Thank God! I did really well on my excercise. But I always do! When did I become such a exercise nut? I was really munchie all weekend though. Well, Michelle does weekend challenges, I do weekday challenges! This week I'm going to only eat cereals for breakfast. Low fat, high fibre, and with milk and a serving of fruit; the perfect breakfast food! I will drink 16 oz of water with each meal and 16oz during and after exercising, I will only eat fruits or veggies for snacks and not eat before bed time. I really, really want to lose another 10 lbs before my Grandma's birthday. She's one of those people who judges women by their dress size. I was running a bit of a fever yesterday and today my chest feels a little stuffy. I hope I'm not coming down with anything. I'll try to sweat this bug out this afternoon!

Yesterday we went down to Mark's mother's place for his older brother's birthday. Joe ann didn't cook this time (Thank Goodness!) But we ordered in pizza, Gahh! If greasy pizza isn't bad enough, the pizzaria we ordered from uses egg dough for the crust. I don't even want to think about how high in cholesteral it was! Today is the day fro recommitment for me! Got to make up for that pizza!

MichelleP on 04/15/2002:

LOL yep I do weekends and now trying to up that and do even better during the week! I hope you are not getting sick, hope the water helps, get that bug out of you! Take care and have a great night!

Crittermama on 04/15/2002:
That sounds like a great plan. Veggies make better snacks than fruits but whatever you chose will do you good. Breakfast sounds perfect and is close to what I eat every morning!! I also hope you don't get anything. Most of us in my house are sick and it's not fun!! I had pizza for dinner tonight!! Naughty. I walked 3 miles today though. Anyway, good luck.

SweetChubs - Saturday Apr 13, 2002
(It's not a diet! It's a ...)
Weight: 220.0

Yesterdy was a strange eating day for me. I had my usual weekday breakfast then for lunch I had a breafast burrito, and for dinner we went to Denny's and I chose their Slim Slam breakfast. Notice the trend? Well, they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Breakfast: Engilsh muffin with lite cheese spread

Breakfast II: Breakfast burrito (my own not fast food)

Snack: popcorn

Breakfast III: Denny's Slim Slam

Snack: a pear and veggie juice

1362 cals, 30.2 g of fat, 20.2 cals coming from fat

I did Sweat and Shout for excercise and only drank 32 oz of water. Must get in more veggies, fruit and water today! Today is kitchen cleaning and laundry day. I'm going to go soak some pots and pans while putting on the wash then go excercise. Time management, ya know!

MichelleP on 04/13/2002:

I go through periods like that where I have breakfast food at dinner. Its good! What do you put into your breakfast burrito? Sounds yummy....I see the ads for the ones at McDonalds and that to me is just a total turnoff! I dont even like the bottled water at McDonalds LOL! Take care and have a wonderful day!

SweetChubs - Friday Apr 12, 2002
(It's not a diet! It's a ...)
Weight: 220.0

Check it out! 3!!! lbs gone this week! I missed my workout yesterday. Crap. I was so tired after my midterm but I could not settle down for a nap until 6:30 and then got up to fix dinner and watch Survivor and by then it was just too late! I must try to get more sleep at night.

Breakfast: English muffin w PB, coffee

Snack: pear

Lunch: Chicken burger, diet pepsi

Snack: banana strawberry smoothie, diet pepsi

Dinner: chilli and cornbread casserole, green beans, lite jello, diet pepsi.

Snack: lite hot chocolate

1442 cals, fat 34.2 g, cals from fat 21.3%

that makes 30 lbs gone since I started, I guess that means I get a new charm for my bracelet! I think I'm going to order a little running shoe charm but I'll have to take a look at a catalogue before I decide. I got my mark back from my mid term already. 83%, I was hoping for a mark in the high 80's but what can you do?

MichelleP on 04/12/2002:

WAY 2 GO ON YOUR LOSS! You are doing awesome! Enjoy your new charm barclet! Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

Soon2BThin on 04/12/2002:
Congratulations on the 3 pound loss!! You're doing great! And good job on the term paper, it sounds good to me! Keep up the good work.

SweetChubs - Thursday Apr 11, 2002
(It's not a diet! It's a ...)
Weight: 223.0

Things are much better than yesterday! I just finished writting my midterm exam. I think I did pretty well. I chatted with my guidance counseller about college in the fall and graduation in the summer. I want to get below 200 lbs before graduation. That's in 11 weeks. Wish me luck!

Breakfast: English muffin w cheese whiz, grapefruit

Lunch: Tuna wrap

Snack: lite jello 7, 0

Dinner: clam chowder (campbell's healthy request - so good! but high in sodium) salad w lite dressing, low fat pudding

Snack: flat bread

Cals 1125, fat 32.1 g, 25.7% from fat.

Good on cals. I like to see the fat below 25% though. I had a great workout yesterday. I just know my weigh in is going to be a good one!

MichelleP on 04/11/2002:

Glad to hear today is better! English muffin with cheese whiz LOL now that is a new one! Sounds wonderful! I bought some Healthy request clam chowder I love clam chowder cant wait to eat it. Take care and have a wonderful night!

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