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Sweetpea1977 - Friday Sep 23, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 0.0

Happy Friday all,

Yes, I am up early on my day off. SUCKS! The reason being is Nissan. Nissan has crappy hours for their mechanics department! I have a recall on my car and I prefer to get it done before the wedding. Originally, I was going to do it over the weekend, but Nissan said they rather do it during the workweek. I cant do it during the workweek, because my schedule conflicts with theirs. So, I am forced to used my day off to do such an annoying chore. I just hope it doesnt take forever to fix the recall problem (and to do regular maintenance on it), because I have some vital shopping that I need to get done (for the wedding!!).

Anyway, yesterday started off decently. I didnt have much of an appetite, so I skipped breakfast. Why eat if you aint hungry? I ate my two snacks and lunch and drank water all day. This seemed to keep me full for the rest of the afternoon. Normally, my tummy is growling when I leave work, but not yesterday.

I got home and was in a piss poor mood. I think the car place really bugged me and I felt like I annoyed the crap out of my fiance about it by complaining too much about it. I felt horrible dumping that crap on him and kept to myself for the rest of the evening. And I realized that I wasnt hungry for the rest of the day either. I ate a meager 500 calories yesterday. Bad, I know, but my stomach wasnt telling me I was hungry!

Anyway, I managed to get some exercise in and finished the day off with a hot lavender bath. The bath made me fall right to sleep, which was exactly what I needed. The quality of sleep wasnt the best (filled with nightmares of feeling lost and being late to my own wedding), but at least I got some rest.

So, guess what number I saw on the scale today? 159! I know it is temporary, due to my lack of calories yesterday, but it was so damn awesome to see that number today. I can't wait to see that number when I actually earned it by eating and exercising properly.

Anyway, thank you for your excitement on seeing the pictures I plan to post tomorrow. It is exciting for me as well!!

Well, I will be back later on to read your entries. Have a great day and wonderful weekend!


Umpqua on 09/23/2005:
Congrats on the new weight! I know you don't want to keep it right now, but it just means it will be fairly easy for you to achieve it when the time comes. I know what you mean about the car dealership - I hate dealing with Subaru for anything. At least they'll be paying for the work you need to get done. Have a great weekend!

blacksheep on 09/23/2005:
Good attitude!!! and yay to the 159!! keep it going!

Sweetpea1977 - Thursday Sep 22, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 161.0

Hey All,

How goes it? Im doing ok. As soon as I thought my cold was gone, it surprised me with a hell of a cough a few minutes ago. Why is it taking forever to get rid of this cold? Grrr!

Anyway, other than that, I am in good spirits. I had a lovely evening with my fiance. He really liked the fact that I wrote about our engagement yesterday. ;o) Well, I had to tell the world on how I ended up with the love of my life! :o)

Last night, I remembered that we had taken a picture at the Braves game (on 9-24-04) right before the engagement took place. I hated the way I looked in my shirt in that picture! This morning, I realized that I still had the same shirt and tried it on. I grabbed the photo and showed it to my fiance. Then he looked at me and told me I looked so much better. I agreed! Anyway, this Saturday (9-24-05...a year later!), I am going to post this picture and a new picture of myself in the same shirt. I can't wait for you guys to see the difference!

Not too much new on the diet/exercise front. Only 30 more days of maintaining torture! Well, it hasnt been torture (I've enjoyed the extra eats and treats!), but I am anxious to lose the last 11 pounds in order to reach my first goal!

Well, I got some work to do so I better close. Have a great day!


Progress as of today: 47 lbs lost so far, only 11 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 09/22/2005:
I'm sorry you're still battling your cold. I guess I was lucky that mine cleared up for my anniversary. It's great that you have the same shirt to use for comparison to your old weight. I have a black dress that did the same thing for me. It was a originally purchased and worn on my honeymoon, when I was in the 140s. It fit well then. Then I wore it at my peak weight and it was pretty tight (there was a picture, which has since gotten "lost" - too bad). I wore it recently and it's really loose, but still a great dress!

Liza36 on 09/22/2005:
I can't wait to see the picture of the new transformed you in the same shirt. I already know there will be a tremendous difference.

Thanks for the kind thoughts today. What a stark image of cuddly bunnies to raging jack hammers. I kinda chuckled. Thanks!

jolt on 09/22/2005:
Can't wait to see the pictures. You have come so far in the past year! and I am sure the next 11 pounds will sprint away as soon as this wedding mumble jumble is done with. I can't wait to catch up to you :)



BethH on 09/23/2005:
Congrats...I can't wait to see those photos. Keep up the great work. I will try and get some before and follow-up photos of myself also. Have a great rest of the week. Beth :)

Runner on 09/23/2005:
HI, Jenny! Thanks so much for your advice. I really appreciate it. I'm curious about the article on heavy exercising and a low white blood cell count...is it online? I know that I need to be careful with the exercise. I shouldn't always assume that I have to "earn" the right to eat by exercising like a madwoman. My body needs a break, too. So thanks for the reminder!

borntocry on 09/23/2005:
Hi Jenny,

Thanks for trying to reassure me about the tough week I've had. I know it's not true, though - if you were in my place you wouldn't eat everything in sight! You would have a lot more self-control than I do. I need to follow your example and the example of everyone else on this website, and pull myself together!

By the way, I'm also looking forward to seeing those pictures! I could use some inspiration lately!

kelly2112 on 09/23/2005:
Congrats on your engagement!

Sweetpea1977 - Wednesday Sep 21, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 0.0

Happy Humpday!

Im so glad today is here! My workweek is almost over and I have a long weekend to look forward to. Of course, my day off (Friday), will be spent going shopping for my fiance and sister (maid of honor)wedding day gifts. I know exactly what Im going to get my fiance (sorry, cant tell ya, since he reads my entries religiously) and I have a pretty good idea on what to get my sister (white gold jewelry with aquamarine stones to match her beautiful eyes and bridesmaid dress). I also plan on getting a few things for myself to take with me on the honeymoon. Im sure you have an inkling of what I'm talking about! LOL!

Im looking forward to the weekend, mostly because it will be our "engagement anniversary weekend". Yep, this weekend will be our 1 year engagement. A year ago, it started with a Friday night Braves game...the division title winning game. One of the best games I've ever attended. That Saturday, we did our traditional college football deal, and on Sunday, we played frisbee and I made homemade spaghetti for dinner. After a few glasses of wine, I jokingly "proposed" to him by saying "marry me" and then went off to check my email. A few moments later, he came into the office and got down on one knee and slid a ring on my finger. I looked down and was in shock. He looked up at me with his gorgeous blue eyes and said "Jenny, love of my life, will you marry me?". I was still in shock and kept saying "yes!" "what?" "are you kidding me?" Sigh...

So, this weekend we will do the same thing. Saturday - college football and Sunday - go to the Braves game. And perhaps, on Monday, the day of our actual anniversary, I will recreate our dinner. Im such a romantic!

Its exciting knowing that I am going to marry him 31 days from now. I am looking forward to all that is in store for us...the triumphs, the challenges, the good times and the bad. I relish the fact that I no longer have to face the world on my own. He is my partner for life!

Today's goals:

1. drink plenty of water

2. make healthy food choices

3. go grocery shopping

4. exercise

Food intake:

Breakfast: Take Heart Oatmeal with Blueberries, water

Snack: baby carrots, water

Lunch: lean cuisine, water

Snack: yogurt, water

Dinner: chicken and rice

Have a good day!


StringBean on 09/21/2005:
Awww, that's such a good engagement story! When I got engaged, we were packing his stuff up for him to leave for basic 3 days later, and after he asked me I said, "Nuh-uh! Are you serious??" Yep, I know how to savor a moment! lol.

Have fun shopping for honeymoon apparel! That's fun!! Just make sure it's not too complicated! lol. ;)

Umpqua on 09/21/2005:
What a romantic proposal! AW, I'm so happy for you guys ;) My hubby proposed to my on Valentine's Day in a Mexican restaurant. We were waiting for dessert to be served, and he had put the ring in his shoe. But when he went to retrieve it he couldn't find it. So he spent several minutes under the table frantically searching for it while I had no idea what was going on. (Hubby is always losing things - I thought maybe he had lost the car keys!) It all worked out though.

borntocry on 09/21/2005:
Hi Jenny,

Wow! That really is a great engagement story. So cool! I can see why you would want to celebrate the anniversary of that day!

My husband and I never really proposed to each other. But we continue to celebrate the anniversary of the day we first met - 16th December 1999. To us that's more important than the day we actually got married, because that's when we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Yes, it was love at first sight!

Thank you for reminding me of those early days when my husband and I were just as crazy in love as you and your fiance. Although we might be going through a rough patch right now, I do still feel like I no longer have to face the world on my own, and you're right, it is a great feeling. Thanks for reminding me of that!

jolt on 09/22/2005:
AWW i hope you have a most wonderful weekend! sounds like it will be fun.

I may not always comment but I always read Thanks for always inspiring me! you are important and special!



Runner on 09/22/2005:
31 days!!!!! I can hardly believe your wedding is so close now! Thanks for sharing the story of your sweet engagement!!! And I think it's really neat that your fiance reads your entries...that shows you guys don't keep secrets. And he knows about your weight struggles and victories! That's so neat! (And rare, I might add. Many guys just don't understand their wives when it comes to dieting). Thankfully, my husband is pretty understanding, although I know he still can't quite figure me out sometimes! (Although I can't figure myself out lately, either!) :)

Sweetpea1977 - Monday Sep 19, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 0.0

Good Morning,

I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was ok. My weight successfully remained the same. I guess Im doing pretty good at maintaining such a high weight!

Anyway, Saturday morning, we went to a local pastry shop and picked out 6 decadent pastries to share for breakfast. We were able to eat four out of the six we purchased. Man, they were wonderful! I have no idea what the calories were in them, but it was nice not having to really worry about it! The rest of my food choices weren't great either. Sloppy joes for a late lunch and 1/4 of a spinach quesadilla for a light dinner. But, I did manage to drink nothing but water all day, which is a first on college football Saturday. The old me would down like 8-10 imported beers!! LOL.

Georgia Tech did well without their star quarterback, who was in a hospital for viral meningitis. They beat the Huskies with no problem! My Gators did great without our star wide reciever, who ended up getting his leg broken by a UT defender's helmet plowing into him at full speed. Another one of our big players got hurt with an ACL injury. I hope they both have speedy recoveries!

On Sunday, I was curious to see the damage I put my body through with all the crap I ate. I weighed 160!! Huh? Can you say CONFUSED? It was cool seeing that number for a few moments before my fiance and I finished off the last two pastries. We spent the day exercising, cleaning house, and working on wedding stuff. I CANT wait to be done with this planning. Im so SICK of it! Anyway, I didnt eat any food until dinner time. We went to a nice steakhouse restaurant and enjoyed some nice steak and merlot.

My fiance essentially fell asleep as soon as we got home, which was around 7pm. Big time bummer, because I was looking forward to an evening of talking with him. Oh well, what can you do. I went to bed early, due to boredom. I spent most of the night coughing, so I didnt get any additional sleep. This stupid cold sucks!

Anyway, at least I had a good weekend of pigging out. Time for me to get back on track during the workweek, so I dont gain weight and not fit my wedding dress next month!

Today's goals:

1. eat light

2. drink plenty of water

3. workout

Food intake:

Breakfast: Kashi Heart to Heart cereal, half pint of blueberries, skim milk

Snack: FF yogurt, water

Lunch: chicken with almonds and veggies, water

Snack: baby carrots, water

Dinner: grilled chicken and corn on the cob

Have a good day!


Liza36 on 09/19/2005:
Oh, those bakery pastries sounded so good. Glad you were able to enjoy them.

With trying to maintain your weight, are you still exercising every day, or have you decreased that? Just curious. You are doing awesome, even though it is difficult to keep the status quo.

Good plan for today. Have a good one!

PS - I just read your very kind words to my entry. I was actually thinking of you as I did the 5K on Saturday, remembering of all the great tips based on your experience and knowing you would be cheering me on.

I get my inspiration from several sources, but you are a big contributor as you are a stellar example of just what can be accomplished if one is determined enough and stays positive. I'm so very proud of you and your accomplishments, and that in turn fuels me to do better, and to try to keep up with you, girl!

Thanks for all you do and who you are!!

StringBean on 09/19/2005:
Sounds like a good weekend. My dh and I also watch football on Sundays- our team is the SF 49ers, and they lost miserably yesterday. Bummer. We don't get to see many of their games since we live in Colorado, so it was really sad to be able to see the game yesterday and they lost 42-3.

Your food choices this weekend weren't bad- they definitely could have been worse, and larger. I think you're doing a great job maintaining!

Umpqua on 09/19/2005:
Sounds like a great weekend of eating to me. Umm, pastries! I hope you're not feeling too guilty about indulging on the weekends, since it seems to be doing the trick of allowing you to maintain. As long as you're still exercising and eating healthy on week days - you should enjoy the foods you get to eat on the weekends. I rarely feel guilty about a weekend of eating unless I'm truly pigging out and eating junk foods. But I don't see anything wrong with indulging in some good wine and steak ;)

jolt on 09/19/2005:
Sounds like a great breakfast for once in a while. WE all deserve such a treat... Way to go on drinking nuttin but water *does happy dance*

Keep up the awesomw wirk!



PS Hope you feel better soon! :)

Runner on 09/20/2005:
HI, Jenny! Yeah, I would be confused to see a pound gone, too! It's so cool that your body just doesn't want to put on weight, even when you eat badly! Maybe that means that when you start trying to lose weight again, it will slide off quickly!!! Most people have the complete opposite problem, huh? :)

But it looks like you're back to healthy eating this week! You continue to inspire me. :)

Sweetpea1977 - Friday Sep 16, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 161.0

Happy Friday!!

Thank goodness today is finally here! This has been one ruff week for my poor body! As you know, I've been dealing with some kind of weird allergy/sinus/cold thing all week. I've had an annoying dry cough, scratchy throat, and tons of sinus pressure. Well, last night sucked because of it!

First off, let me tell you how the run/walk race went. Well, we rode MARTA (metro) down to GSU (Georgia State University) and walked what seem like a mile to the event site! The walk itself wasnt bad, but the heat was horrid! I felt overheated from walking in the 90 degree sun! Once we got to my fiance's company's tent, I cooled down. I drank 4 bottles of water to rehydrate myself before the actual race. Then we walked another half mile to the starting line.

The race itself took 90 minutes to complete because of the thousands of walkers that participated in the race. Somehow, we ran into two of our friends who were also participating in the race. That was kind of cool. The best part was that the weather cooled down signficantly and I didnt overheat at all. It was also pretty neat that bystanders cheered us on throughout the race route. At the conclusion of the race, we got a complimentary t-shirt and other free items.

My fiance's company provided us a free dinner. I didnt eat much, other than some fresh fruit and few small samples of cookies that my fiance picked out. Most of the food provided was healthy stuff, but it didnt taste good at all. But I am kinda thankful for that, because neighboring tents were feasting on BBQ ribs, chips, cookies, and beer, which are things I would have pigged out on (I was STARVING). What a way for companies to promote good health at a fitness event, LOL!

Anyway, we left soon after dinner was served and walked the mile back to the train station. Whew!! It took forever to get home, which was about 10pm. My dog was estatic in the fact that we were home again. The poor thing only had about an hour outside in the yard for the entire day. I felt horrible leaving her home alone for 15 hours. I will make it up to her this weekend!

I think we ended up in bed by 10:30pm. And thats when my night truly began...

It all started with me feeling restless, so I moved to the spare bedroom so I wouldnt disturb my fiance. I spent an hour dry coughing, sweating, and tossing and turning. I was burning up! I couldnt stop coughing and I felt like I couldnt breathe, which led me to hyperventilate and have a panic attack.

I stumbled into the main bedroom and woke up my fiance. I immediately started crying, which made him jump up in concern. I ended up running to the bathroom and vomiting. What had happen was that the constant dry-coughing caused a gag reflex reaction! By then, I felt as if I going crazy because I was crying to God to help me stop coughing. I managed to calm down a little bit and went to lay back down. I was drenched with sweat and laying under the fan at max speed. My fiance found some medicine to help me form a wet cough (I had dry cough last year as well!). Thankfully, it also made me drowsy and I fell asleep for about 4 hours. Around 4am, I woke up with an extreme headache and I took some migraine medicine and fell right back to sleep.

When the alarm went off at 5am, I felt exhausted....but my head felt clear and my throat felt nice. Before I left work this morning, I took a shot of cough syrup, just to be safe!

And now, I am at work, working on my SECOND cup of coffee. Its been a while since I've drank 2 cups of coffee at work. The worst part is that it is MCDONALD's coffee, which tastes like crap. But hell, all Im looking for today is a caffeine fix!! LOL. At least I used my FF creamer instead of their full fat stuff like I used to do.

I called my sweetheart a little bit ago. The poor thing is dragging, all because of my sickness. He refused to leave my side though, because he was worried about his Sweetpea! Sigh...love is a wonderful thang!

Today is gonna be a great day at work. First off, my boss aint here! That means peace and quiet, no stupid jokes, and no sexual harrassment! And with him not being here, I can totally bum out with jeans, flip flops, my Gator t-shirt, and ponytail! But, with the boss being out, most of my office mates will leave early, leaving me to hold down the fort. Yaay... :o(

Anyway, its Friday! And tomorrow is college football Saturday! I CANT wait to watch the UF vs Tennessee game! The Gators are favored by 6.5 points! Go Gators!! I can't wait to see how the Miami - Clemson game turns out (go Clemson!) and the FSU - Boston College game ends (go BC!). And of course, I have to cheer on my fiance's Yellow Jackets. They are playing the UConn Huskies. Should be interesting!

And Sunday, if the weather is nice, we may drive up to Helen, Georgia to enjoy their opening weekend of Oktoberfest!!

Well, I best get goin'. I got a busy day today!


1. water, water, water (still feel dehydrated from last night)

2. take doggie on much deserved walk


Food intake:

Breakfast: 1/4 cantaloupe, whole wheat english muffin topped with LF cottage cheese, 2 cups of McDumpy coffee (equals 1 large coffee from McD's)

Snack: sliced apples, water

Lunch: rosemary chicken and rice, water

Snack: a juicy ripe nectarine, water

Dinner: Hmmm....prolly something light for me

Have a great day and wonderful weekend!


Umpqua on 09/16/2005:
Sorry you had such a lousy night - argh! I haven't had much of a cough, but a lot of nasal congestion. I gave in and took Nyquil AND valerian root last night. Then I woke up to the telephone and it was work calling me in early. I felt like I'd been in a coma. I'm feeling better this morning though, and am on my 2nd cup of coffee too! Our movie doesn't even start until 11:30 p.m., so I'm going to need a double espresso after dinner to keep me awake.

Good going on the race, btw - those sound like pretty unpleasant conditions and you made the best of it. Have an awesome weekend!

Liza36 on 09/16/2005:
Oh my, what a horrible night! I do hope you get over whatever nasty thing you have.

Good for you for doing the race, and resisting no-so-good tasting food. Just because it's there doesn't mean we have to eat it.

Enjoy your football filled weekend!

UPDATE Thanks for the suggestions regarding the 5k. I will definitely stay hydrated and watch for those warning signs. Thanks for the tips!!

jolt on 09/16/2005:
Sounds like a lot of walking :) thats great.

Sorry you were feeling cruddy! Nice of your other half to make sure you were all right and look after you!

Take it easy today and have a great day.



StringBean on 09/16/2005:
Great job on your walk! sorry you didn't feel well last night, that sucks. Glad you had your sweetie by your side- that always helps me feel a teensy bit better. :D Take it easy today, and have a great football weekend!!


borntocry on 09/16/2005:
Hi babe,

I'm sorry to see you had such a terrible night. At least it's the weekend now so you can relax and recuperate.

Thanks for the comment you left me a couple of days ago. You're right, I don't cook with Splenda. How could you tell? I don't really have a problem with artificial sweeteners but I kind of decided to just try to train myself to get used to lower levels of sugar instead. So I think I could probably try to make the cookies without the Splenda. I'd love the recipe, whenever you have the time!

Runner on 09/17/2005:
Oh, you poor thing! What a rough night! I'm glad you're doing better now. I had to laugh at your description of McD's coffee...so true!!

thanks for telling us about the race! (how ironic that the food served was so unhealthy!)

Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy your football games! (I'm really jealous...I miss cheering on my Michigan Wolverines!) :)

Sweetpea1977 - Thursday Sep 15, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 0.0

Hey All,

Man, this has been one busy morning!! I've been responding to emails, diary entries, and working ahead on my reports here at work! I've also been reading up on college football (my fall-time passion!) and New Orleans. Did you guys hear the news? New Orleans may open (to the public) the French Quarter and Central Business District next Monday! Awesome! It excites me that they are getting back up so quickly. Im hoping they will be 100% by next spring!

So, I slept like crap last night, thanks to my weird cold/allergy thing that Im trying to recover from. I woke up with a really bad sinus headache and coughing my brains out, which hurts like hell, by the way! I rather it get worse instead of linger in the beginning phase of a cold! Bring it on!

Yesterday was a good day. My fiance gave me wonderful compliments and looks to the outfit I wore to work. Nothing fancy, just jeans and a sky blue form fitting v-neck 3/4 sleeved cotton shirt, and tan opened toed high heeled sandals. Little did I know what he started. LOL. I got all kinds of looks yesterday...from both females and males. I did look pretty hot, haha.

Anyway, the weirdest thing happened yesterday after work. I was waiting in line to get on the bus when I heard some man say "Miss?" "Miss?". Im like, who is this dude talking to, so I turned around as I was sliding my fare card and this old creepy man was staring at me from the sidewalk. He made eye contact with me and said "I walked all the way over here to tell you that you are so very pretty". I was baffled at this and all I could manage to say was "Okay?" and turned back around to head to my seat. I mean, what was that all about? Who stops a person getting on a bus to give them a compliment? I felt horrible afterwards, because I normally say "thank you" for any compliments, regardless who it comes from. I looked for him after the bus pulled away and he looked disappointed. So sad...

Later, I told my fiance about it and he basically told me to get used to all the compliments. I jokingly said, maybe I should just pile the weight back on so I dont get as many. He didnt like that idea so much! Truthfully, neither do I!

This morning, I looked at myself in the mirror and REALLY liked what I saw. It wasn't really my body that got my attention...it was my facial expression. I am happy and it really shows!! I then took some time to really look at my body and actually see the physical difference in myself. My legs are so much leaner, which I think makes me look taller (YAY!)! My stomach is flatter and I think even my chest is a little smaller (Thanks goodness!). I can honestly say that I look and feel good!

Oh yea, I've been meaning to tell y'all something. Today, my fiance and I are doing a benefit walk tonight with his company. It takes place here in downtown Atlanta and after the "race", his company will be feeding us dinner inside Turner Field stadium on the baseball field! Im excited to just walk on the same ground as our Braves! Of course, Im more excited in doing this walk for a good cause!

With that said, I have to leave work early today (darn!), so I can go home and take care of the dog. She needs her potty breaks and some exercise. Depending on what time I get home, I will play with her in the yard. Should be fun!

Well, I better close. I have some stuff to finish up here at work before I leave for the day!


1. water, water, water

2. have fun at the walk!

Food intake:

Breakfast: 1/4 cantaloupe, mini bagel with lite cream cheese, 1/2 cup of coffee, water

Snack: nectarine, water

Lunch: grilled chicken caesar pasta salad, water

Dinner: no freakin' clue!

Hope you all have a fabulous day!


jolt on 09/15/2005:

Congrats on the compliments.

Sometimes its hard to remember that the people that come up to you are human just like us. I know not all of them are good or honest. But as a former street person, I learned that they are all just like us, only they couldn't get out of whatever they were in.

You handled it well!

I hope you have an awesome day.



StringBean on 09/15/2005:
Congrats on the compliments and looks from other people! Glad you're happy and it shows. (Clap your hands, lol... I'm a dork, sorry.) Hope you start feeling better soon.


Liza36 on 09/15/2005:
Compliments are so nice to hear, even from stangers. I remember about 2 years ago I lost about 18 pounds in a short time period, and one co-worker in particular noticed and paid me a compliment. And it came from a man! None of my female co-workers said anything, of course, but it was so nice coming from my good buddy. I would just enjoy it, and know that your hard, hard work is definitely paying off.

Hope your cold symptoms go away quickly. There's nothing worse than having to go on with work, etc. when you feel terrible. Hang in there!

Have fun at the stadium tonight. Sounds so awesome!


gigi43 on 09/15/2005:
You are turning heads! Better get used to it, like your fiance says.

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with sinuses and allergies too. It is absolutely the weather change and usually lasts all of September and half of October for me. But today was actually better. I think the amount of sleep I get greatly affects the severity. For some reason, sinus congestion just makes you feel so fatigued and wiped out.

Hope ya feel better soon!

Sweetpea1977 - Wednesday Sep 14, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 0.0

Cool Beans! Its the Diet Diaries Yahoo Group! Rock on!

Happy Humpday!

How you be today? I am doing pretty good. I got an annoying headache, scratchy throat, my sinuses are stuffed and aching, and I have a stiff neck....but other than that I am fantastic!

Last night, I watched The Biggest Loser 2. I have been looking forward to this show all year. The reason being: ME!! I watched it last year, desperately and hopelessly wishing to be thin, healthy, and happy. And now, as I watch it this year, I will reflect on how far I have come since this this series began.

The show really tugged at my heartstrings last night. Hearing those overweight people admit their disgust/disappointment with themselves and talking about their dreams of being healthier and happier really hit home. I cried along with them because I recognized that pain they were expressing so publicly. All of the contestants were great, except for one, and he got voted off last night. He wasnt committed to teamwork or giving 100% to his weight loss effort. However, at the end of the show, they did an update on him and he looks great! Too bad he missed out on gaining a few friends in the process.

Also, last night, I made a fabulous dinner of Cajun pork chops, red beans and rice, and salad. Quite yummy, if I do say so myself! On a sidenote, since I am speaking of NOLA cuisine, I FINALLY heard from one of my friends who was in the path of Katrina. She and her entire family lives in Covington, Louisiana (just north of Lake Pontchartrain). She and her family evacuated to northern Mississippi before the storm hit. It took her four days to get to her house due to all the damage. Her entire house was destroyed, but her parents place is fine, so she will be staying with them until her house is re-built. She also lost her job, due to the hurricane destroying her work of business. But she is safe...Whew! All I need is word from my Mississippian friend and I can completely relax!

Anyway, after dinner, I used my mixer and made some fabulous low fat, low sugar oatmeal raisin cookies. Yum, yum!! What can I make next? LOL!

So, as many as you know, I weigh myself each day. Right now, I still have no gain! Woohoo! I guess my combination of sporatic exercise and increased calorie consumption is doing the trick. I feel guilty not following a regular exercise schedule (actually, I am losing sleep over this), so I may jump back on it at full speed next week just to ease my conscience. I will make adjustments to the food end of things if I lose too much weight (pizza anyone?). Damn that wedding dress! ;o)

Today's goals:

1. water, water, water

2. do laundry

3. work on wedding stuff (only 38 days left!)

Food intake:

Breakfast: 1/4 cantaloupe, 4 small oatmeal cookies, coffee

Snack: apple slices, water

Lunch: lemongrass chicken and veggies, water

Snack: a juicy necterine, water

Dinner: who knows!

Have a good day!


jolt on 09/14/2005:

I am so glad you have heard from at least one of your friends *whew* that is a nice thought. Way to hang in there, and totally see how far you have come :) Which is very very very far *giggle*

I am so proud of you!

I loved the biggest loser last night, I felt for all of them :) I remember when I felt that way myself and I agree the only one I thought wasn't in to it was the one who got voted off last night, but he looked great in the catch up pictures.

Hugs and love for a wonderful hump day.


Umpqua on 09/14/2005:
Your symptoms sound exactly like mine, plus I have a fever. Yuck - let's hope we both feel better soon! I'm sorry to hear about your friend's house and job. At least her and her family are safe, although that's not muc consolation. I hope you hear from yoru other friend soon. Exercising and then making food adjustments as necessary sounds like a good plan. No reason to lose your tone just because you're maintaining right now. Last night's dinner sounds wonderful btw!

Liza36 on 09/14/2005:
Hi Jenny,

Thanks for your comments to my post. I absolutely agree with you that I shouldn't pass up rare reunions. My friends are just like yours, I'm sure they would continue to accept me no matter what I looked like. Intellectually, I know that. It's hard to put into practice though.

I'm so glad to hear you have located one of your friends in Louisiana. I hope the other turns up very soon. I'll keep hoping and praying for their safe discovery.

Like you, the Biggest Loser tugged at my heart strings. I can identify with so many of them. Aren't you so glad we are finally doing something about our weight? You have been so consistently fantastic, and I'm just starting to find my groove. Either way, we'll be cheering for them and for ourselves!

Thanks for your continued support and kindness always!


Runner on 09/15/2005:
HI, Jenny! I hope you got my e-mail...I'm so grateful for all those websites you sent me!

I really wish I could watch The Biggest Loser on TV, but we don't get that here...bummer! Maybe I can follow it online.

It's amazing how your weight can be the same day in and day out...but when I check what you eat, I'm not surprised. You are so consistent and disciplined. I'm really tempted to try to follow your daily menu as closely as possible to see if I can keep my weight stable, too! :)

I hope you feel better soon!

borntocry on 09/15/2005:
Hi Jenny,

Love that upbeat attitude. And even when you're sick! How do you do it??

I'm glad that you heard from your friend in Louisiana. Your Cajun dinner sounds great, by the way, and so do the low-fat low-sugar oatmeal raisin cookes! I didn't know it was possible to make low-fat cookies - do share the recipe!!

And thanks for the comment you left me, and for all your support and encouragement. Strangely, my husband does seem to appreciate all the treats I prepared for his party - I didn't expect it because it was more my idea than his. I'm sure he would have gladly stuck to Pringles and Doritos!

Sweetpea1977 - Tuesday Sep 13, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 0.0

Good morning all,

I am doing a little better this morning. After my dinner and exercise, I had a relapse of pains and upset stomach that I had experienced earlier that day. I woke up a little yucky this morning, but seem to be doing pretty good at the moment. The bad thing is that my sinuses seem to be clogging up and my throat feels scratchy. Please don't let me be coming down with a cold!

I do have some splendid news to share. My fiance's house is finally under contract!! This new real estate agent got the job done in two weeks. Too bad we wasted a whole summer on the other folks! Oh well, at least it is finally done. I look forward to not maintaining two houses anymore and having my fiance's name added to my house. The bad thing is that the closing date is Nov 1...the day after we get back from our honeymoon!! What a great way to start married life in Atlanta, LOL.

So tonight, The Biggest Loser show premieres tonight. I am excited about this show. Its the only reality tv show that I like...I think it is because I can relate to it, unlike the other shows that are on. I still remember when it came on last year. I remember feeling fat and miserable as I watched those overweight people literally work their a$$es off on each episode. I felt that the only way I was going to lose weight was to get on that show. I was desperate, but also very scared...scared of failing miserably!

And now here I am, almost a year later since the series began. So much has CHANGED! I haven't been this skinny AND healthy since my college days. I finally love myself from the inside out because I now know that I am worth it!!! I have learned to treat my mind, body, and soul with respect. I now put myself first instead of pleasing others with my life choices. I've learned in order to bring happiness to others, I must first find happiness for myself.

I have had struggles on my journey like unplanned weight plateaus, inner battles, lapses in judgement, etc. But Im glad I had those struggles, because I wouldnt be where I am today. I learned how to deal with those struggles and overcome them.

My favorites were the weight plateaus....for weeks I would weigh in the same and it would frustrate me to no end. What happened was that my body had adapted to my healthy habits and started maintaining at those levels. I finally realized that I needed to add more exercise to my agenda to jumpstart the weight loss again. Ever since that day, I didnt have any plateaus (other than TOM related ones).

And now, I am at another crossroad...forcing myself to maintain in order to fit perfectly in my wedding dress next month. Boy, what a struggle this has been! Not only physically (unintentionally losing weight!!), but mentally. It has been quite a mental challenge forcing myself not to lose weight when I am only 11 pounds away from my first goal.

But, Im learning to take advantage of this temporary maintain stage. I can enjoy extra calories with treats I normally wouldnt eat while trying to lose weight and relax on exercise a little bit. And the timing couldnt be better, since I just recieved a wonderful wedding gift from my future mother-in-law: A 5 quart mixer!! During the next couple of weeks, Im going to experiment in the kitchen with it. This weekend will be a new recipe for oatmeal cookies. Perhaps, I will finally learn how to make real homemade breads and cakes!

The best thing about this new lifestyle is knowing that I now have the disclipine to handle my current weight situation. If I see a difference on the scale, I know that I have to make adjustments to my caloric intake and exercise AND act on it in order to achieve the results that I want. Feels powerful!! Meanwhile, Im using this opportunity (temporary maintaining period) as a preview lesson to learning the maintaining lifestyle, which Im sure is more difficult than losing all the weight in the world!

Today's goals:

1. concentrate on veggies, fruits, water

2. watch biggest loser

3. exercise

Food intake:

Breakfast: Health Nut whole wheat bread topped with LF cottage cheese and fresh raspberries, 1/4 cantaloupe, water

Snack: 1 medium pear, water

Lunch: Spinach & Mushroom pizza, water

Snack: 20 baby carrots, water

Dinner: Salad, grilled fish, water

Have a good day!


PS. WELCOME BACK JENNIFER68! I've missed you so. Now, if Cynthia and Sandrella would come back, my DD world would be complete! :o)

Liza36 on 09/13/2005:
Wow, I love this entry! I love that you have come so far and can see the lessons learned. I love that you have the mind, body, spirit connection. And you loved your struggles, i.e. plateaus? I love your outlook of this maintaining time as a preview of the rest of your healthy life. You are so awesome Jenny, you have no idea!! I'm a little verklempt (spelling?)

Congrats on selling the other house. What a load off your mind, I'm sure.

I'll be watching the Biggest Loser tonight too. We'll chat tomorrow about it I'm sure.

Have a good one!

jolt on 09/13/2005:
*does happy dance* Just cause you are so darn special! :) BIGGEST LOSER tonight. WOO HOO, I am missing the final canadian idol just to watch LOL.

I know what you mean about feeling powerful, once you gain control, its like there is no stopping you......



*yeah* on the house being gone. Whew what a time to close though LOL

Umpqua on 09/13/2005:
That new mixer sounds great! Thanks as always for your optimism ;) That's awesome news about your fiance's house. I know how stressful that can be - hopefully the closing goes smoothly. It seems to me that buying is more stressful than selling - I've done 2 buys and close to a third one and 1 sell (for what it's worth!) It's cool that when it comes time for you to lose again, you know exactly what you need to do, and it should be a snap. In fact, by then I bet you'll be looking forward to it. Awesome pace you have going!

Runner on 09/13/2005:
I miss Cynthia, too! I wonder if she ever checks in and reads any entries...if so, I hope she reads yours!

It was nice to read your entry...and to be reminded how through struggles, we become stronger! Thanks for mentioning that. Because I've definitely hit a plateau, but it's not the end of the world...and I'll make it! :) Hard work DOES pay off!

Sweetpea1977 - Monday Sep 12, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 161.0


Hey All,

I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was nice. Saturday morning started with my weigh in...no change. Yay, I maintained! I had a light breakfast and went on a 5 mile walk with my fiance and dog. It's been forever since I did one of those, due to the hot weather. But now that fall is coming, we can start them up again. Yay! Anyway, I noticed that I am in much better shape than I was the last time I did the 5 mile walk, which was probably around early May. That brightened my spirits some.

Afterwards, we went to the fiance's house and cleaned for a bit. Then we came back and started our college football Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the games without going crazy on snacking and drinking, which is a first for me. Yay! I stayed up way too late to watch the conclusion of two battles, LSU vs Arizona State and Ohio State vs Texas.

Sunday, I slept in late and we enjoyed crossaints and chocolate eclairs for breakfast. Then we went grocery shopping and had a huge rotisserie chicken meal for lunch. Dessert was a decandent brownie. We ended the day with a 3 mile walk and a movie called "The Secret Lives of Dentists". Loved it.

This morning, I am not feeling well. I am wondering if it has to do with all the sugar I ate yesterday. I feel light headed, queasy, and have no appetite whatsoever. In fact, the smell of all of my co-workers foods makes my stomach turn. I hope I make it through today, since I have no way home until mid-afternoon. Sucks!

Well, I better get back to my reports. Have a good day.



8-3pm: Lower back in severe pain, nausea, migraine headache, dizzy, sleepy...

3pm: Pain, headache, nausea gone....thanks to migraine medication!

Food Intake:

11am - forced down some apple slices, water, water, water

2:30pm - tummy growling, but the thought of a big meal made me queasy. Satisfied tummy with 4 oz of LF cottage cheese

3:40pm - tummy hungry again, but almost time to leave work - ate 1 medium pear

Dinner time - starving! 1/4 rotisserie chicken and huge salad

Water intake as of 730pm - 112 oz

jolt on 09/12/2005:
Sounds like a great weekend and yes it could be too much junk food that is making you feel blah today. BUt I know it will go away soon! ((HUGS))

Have a wonderful day

hugs and love


Liza36 on 09/12/2005:
Yah on maintaining! I know it's been hard to do. Didn't you just love your long walk, especially after months of not being able to? Recently as I've started walking, I have come to really enjoy it. It feels good to be moving and to out of the house too.

I hope you feel better today. There's nothing worse than being at work on a Monday, and feel like crap on top of it. Feel better soon!

Have a good one.

Liza36 on 09/12/2005:
Oh my gosh, I can't believe you perservered (spelling?) through work with all the pain, migraine and nausea! I get migraines too, and know exactly how you feel. Do take care of yourself, and pain,pain, go away!!

Umpqua on 09/12/2005:
Sorry to hear about your migraine, although it sounds like you had a great weekend. Congrats on maintaining! I'm adding that movie to my Netflix queue ;) I think we have similar tastes in movies from what you've written. I just saw "The Machinist" with Christian Bale and it was one of the best movies I've seen in a while. He went from something like 180 pounds to 120 pounds to appear emaciated in the movie - it was truly scary to watch, but fascinating. He said he pretty much didn't eat to prepare for the role!

gigi43 on 09/12/2005:
Jenny -

112 ounces of water! Girl, you are gonna float away!

I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Very well could have been sugar shock. But at least you maintained!

Feel better - you're on cheerleading duty tomorrow night!

Take Care,


Runner on 09/12/2005:
HI, Jenny! Glad to see that you are maintaining your weight! Only a few more weeks until you can start losing again! :)

Sorry you aren't feeling well...I hope your queasiness is gone by now!

Sweetpea1977 - Friday Sep 09, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 0.0

Hey All,

Thank goodness it is Friday. This has been one hell of a week for me. I really need a break from everything. It would be nice to pick up and leave the city for a few days of R & R. But alas, that ain't happenin'.I got too much crap to do this weekend to relax.

Rumor has it that we have a buyer for our house. The problem is that we haven't recieved the papers to sign to make it official yet! Anyway, whenever it becomes official, we will have to haul the rest of my fiance's stuff from the house and do some last minute cleaning for the home inspection. Joy! And of course, the wedding and honeymoon. YAY, more planning to do. We have so much we need to work on and it is only 43 days away.

ANYWAY, despite all the stress and literal headaches (I have lost count of all the horrible headaches I've had this week), I am doing good with the diet and exercise. That is a big plus! The old me would have succombed to chocolate, alcohol, and fast food of all kinds to help me cope with stress. Im so glad that those things aren't part of my support system anymore. Many thanks goes out to my amazing fiance, my darling sister, and my dear friends on here. Thanks!

On to an interesting thing that happened at work today. This morning, I noticed a co-worker who had on a nice floral dress. I complimented her on it. She responded by saying "A while ago, I purchased this dress a size too small, since it was unavailable in my size...and now I fit it and I feel GREAT!!" I was sincerely happy for her and said congratulations.

I knew she was trying to diet and had noticed a slight change in her eating habits but had no idea she was succeeding! I have noticed that she doesnt depend on the vending machines and McDonalds nearly as much. She eats a lot less while at work (she was a constant snacker!!) and concentrates more on drinking ice water all day long. Sometimes her food choices are off (chips, french fries, and hamburgers), but I have seen improvements in her overall diet. I have no idea if she is exercising, but at least she is feeding her body better nutrients.

Anyway, a few minutes later, another co-worker showed up. She is the one who has been watching her figure for years. She saw the new dress on my fellow co-worker and commented on it as well. The girl told her about how she didnt fit the dress until today and the second co-worker was thrilled for her. The second co-worker then proceeded to say something like "Wow first Jen and then you. You guys are doing great, especially Jen. I can't believe how much weight she lost. Im JEALOUS!!!" I couldnt believe my ears when she said that!!

Then, the first co-worker said "Yea, I am nowhere dedicated like Jen. She really watches what she eats while I still struggle with making good food choices. She looks fabulous. I will be there one day, I promise." I love that she promised herself this!!

The entire conversation was spoken as if I weren't there, but it was loud enough for everyone to hear. Its nice knowing that my co-workers notice a change in my eating habits and seeing the results from them. :o) I'd like to think that my lifestyle change inspired her to take better care of herself. She deserves it!

Well, work is calling, so I better close this. Have a good weekend!


Liza36 on 09/09/2005:
Wow, how nice it is to have compliments from co-workers. It's no surprise that you are an inspiration to those around you at work and in your daily life, because you certainly are around here!

It's because of you and posting your delicious menu plan every day and your goals every day that I try to model mine after yours. As an example, I started eating lean cuisine, which I have come to have some favorites, and watch portion control. Your love for exercise is truly inspiring. I think of you when I hop on my gazelle, just thinking we are gazelling buddies. Weight watchers is helping me right now with all of this too, but the principles are the exact same as what you are doing, and I took notice before I started WW.

Kudos for managing stress in positive ways.

Have a great weekend, albeit busy!


gigi43 on 09/09/2005:
Compliments are contagious around here! That is so awesome!

Depending on if it's a weekday or weekend, lunch sounds great. Weekend days would be easy for lunch but a weeknight would mean an early dinner of sorts or just meetin' up somewhere; either way, count me in.

My friend who's getting married at the Presidio in San Francisco (the same weekend you're getting married!) said that the only place you can't get to by BART is Golden Gate Park and the San Francisco Zoo but that you can hop on the Muni for that. She said you're staying at a great location because the Hyatt Regency is right on the Embarcadero. She said to get a tourist map to show you what stops on BART will take you where.

I'm gonna send you a list of restaurants and such on your Yahoo email.

I hope you have a good weekend; you've seemed down lately and, while you're certainly entitled, I hope you get your pep back soon.

Take Care, Julie

jolt on 09/10/2005:
Kudos to you Jenny! And great that your co-worker made that promise to herself! *does happy dance*

Inspiration is all around us, we only have to look for it.

Hugs and love


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