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Sweetpea1977 - Friday Jul 15, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 0.0

Don't forget to check out the Diet Diaries Yahoo Group. It's all that and a bag of carrot sticks!

Hola Chicas!

Who is happy that today is Friday? Normally, I would raise my hand, but not today. Today was my scheduled day off, but since I was sick yetersday, I decided to save sick leave and make yesterday my day off. And what a great day off it was....NOT!

I was nauseous most of the morning, but I forced down two slices of toast topped with PB and J and a glass of milk because I was hungry. I kept full for the rest of the morning. At lunch, I ate some crappy soup, all 140 calories of it. I think it had waaaay too much salt it, so I will not be getting it ever again. I should learn how to make homemade soup instead of relying on the sodium filled canned ones. Anyway, I had to get the salty taste out of my mouth so I had some FF yogurt. That helped.

After my stomach settled I did 80 minutes worth of cardio. I was too weak to do anything else so I spent the rest of the afternoon laying down watching tv. I snacked on another yogurt 2 hours before dinner time. I was so excited to make dinner...baked fish, brown rice, and corn on the cob (for my fiance). Well, I found out I was going to eat dinner alone, so I scrapped the idea. I hate making food and letting it get cold. Since I had already started on the rice, I ate a bowl of it for dinner. And thats all I ate folks.

I was exhausted and decided to lay down after the rice dinner. I ended up staying in bed until 5am this morning. I got 10 hours of sleep and feel refreshed. However, I also feel guilty for not spending any time with my poor fiance who worked all damn day while I slept the evening away. Im so mad at myself!

To top it off, I had a bunch of horrible dreams during my 10 hour slumber. One in particular scared me half to death. I drempt that I my size 18 wedding dress didnt fit. No matter how I manipulated my body, it just wouldnt fit. I was crying profusely, and everyone just ridiculed me...and one of the people was my fiance. :o( I know in reality, he wouldnt laugh and point. He has always been happy with my appearance, regardless of my physique. But, it didnt help having that thought put into my head.

Anyway, in addition to all that, I have realized that I am sitting on top of a plateau. My weight has been fluctuating between 168-171 for the past two weeks. It is time to make some changes because I have wasted precious time. Granted, I have slacked off on the crunches a bit, because I rely on the fiance too much to get them done. I gotta rely on myself now. So, the crunches are going to be added back with or without him, in addition to toning. Why must I hate weight lifting? It is so incredibly boring to me, but it has to be done. It will do me wonders if I can actually get motivated to do it. Any advice/motivation/inspiration from those who have seen results with toning/weights are welcomed.

I also learned that my body has adapted to the cardio that Ive been doing, so it is time to switch it up a bit. If only I had time to join a kickboxing class after work! I would gain many useful skills(with the crazies in downtown)and also benefit tremendously from such a high calorie burning activity. Maybe one day...

I also read that I should eat more protein, to balance out all the cardio and toning that I do. I just hate the heavy feeling I get after I eat beef and chicken. Ugh. How do I find out how much protein I actually need without over doing it. I am SO SCARED to gain weight!!

I know that I have made progress (40 lbs lost), but I dont feel happy with myself just yet. I still see the rolls on my abdomen when I sit, I still have these big ugly boobs that I have grown to hate, and I am starting to hate my flat butt. I should have started with toning earlier, because everything would be smaller and I would be happier right now.

The only good news is that we seem to have a potential house buyer for my fiance's house. It would be fantastic to finally be relieved of the financial and physical stresses of taking care of that house. My fiance has been worried about all the spending we have been doing for our wedding, so it would be great to have the house sale profit to take care of those needs. Please, mister young dude, put in your offer and we will accept it! Please!!

Today's goals:

1. Make it through this depressing day (this dreary weather is killing me slowly!)

2. Water, water, water...gotta flush that nasty salt out of my system

3. eat enough calories

4. exercise...especially crunches

5. Come up with a toning regiment...once and for all, dammit!

Food Intake:

Breakfast: a bowl of hot oatmeal, whole wheat toast with LF cottage cheese and SF jelly, coffee, water

Snack: pear chunks, water

Lunch: lean cuisine pizza, water

Snack: FF yogurt, water

Dinner: probably cereal if I eat alone, baked fish if I have company

Mood: irritable

Okay, I guess I better close and get back to work. Have a good weekend. One last thing though - please read the previous entry. It contains two articles that a lot of people can relate to. Enjoy!


Liza36 on 07/15/2005:
Horrible dreams go away! You know that your dream would never happen in reality because you WILL reach your goal by your wedding date and you WILL look amazing in your dress.

Plateaus are so frustrating. But your plan is a good one. You are going to mix it up a little with the exercise. Don't be so afraid of gaining weight. YOU WON'T because you are so cafeful and diligent. I think a little more protein may help. Don't go overboard, but add a boiled egg, or add a small amount of grilled chicken to a salad. You don't need to change things drastically.

You can do it! The good thing is that you have a plan to kick the plateau to the curb, and you'll do it!

tabbylove74 on 07/15/2005:
Well..ya will get stoned n drunk with those teenagers LMAO! Seriously how's this for motivation on the weights....perfect arms on your wedding day and quite possibly a physique close to Angelina Jolies? It's worth it kiddo.

tabbylove74 on 07/15/2005:
Hot and blonde..Sienna Miller or Scarlett Johansen or whatever her name is..and Joss Stones stunning. When you do the weights just stick some music on that gets ya adrenaline going...that fat will burn off in no time..results are pretty quick where weights are concerned...what else was i going to say? Oh yes! About the animals..i'm lucky that Chris brings home quite good money, otherwise i wouldn't be able to do what i do so i sympathise with you Jenny. You never know tho..like you said, if your bloke gets a payrise you might then be able to pursue your dream. I'm sure one day you'll be working with the animals as it sounds as if you badly want to x

sandrella on 07/15/2005:
Hi Jenny,

What a dream! I'm sure you will look 100% beautiful on your wedding day. The weights are a good way from what I hear to boost weight loss, well, inch loss. Protien in moderation should help, what about some peanuts? I hope you have a great weekend and keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to me!

Sandi :)

tabbylove74 on 07/15/2005:
Gwen Stefani's an excellent choice..great singer, charismatic, beautiful, smart, assertive, gorgeous Brit hubby and a body to die for!

Umpqua on 07/15/2005:
I see y'all are talking about hot blondes - I'll add Cate Blanchett to the list. I think she's beautiful! Bad dreams go away NOW. OK, here are my helpful hints for the day. Don't know if they will benefit you, but they have benefitted me over the years. I would watch the carb intake. It seems like you eat "good" carbs in general, but too much of anything can cause the weight to plateau. And you had mentioned wanting more protein - do you eat seafood? I love fish and it's easy to throw a piece on the grill after work. Tofu and beans are of course another option. Have you tried Fitday.com? I used it to track what I was eating for a while. Even if you take a sample menu from one day and plug everything in, you'll be able to see the breakdown of protein, fat and carbs. It was very helpful in showing me that I needed to cut back on protein and up my carbs - that got me through my last plateau. I can't comment much on weight training. I've used light weights in conjunction with pilates, but have never done formal training.

I understand about the house selling though. We sold our last home by ourselves - online! Saved us money in realtor's fees, but it was a very stressful time. I hope your young buyer comes through. And have a lovely weekend!

Runner on 07/15/2005:
Oh, Jenny! I wish I could tell you that the more you lift weights, the more you'll enjoy it, but I'd be lying! :) Because I still don't enjoy lifting weights and I've been doing it for so long!!! It's so boring to me!! One thing I do to avoid boredom is to lift dumbbells while I'm watching TV. I just have 8-lb. dumbbells, and there are tons of things you can do with them...if I'm watching TV, then I pick up my dumbbells and just spend 10 minutes lifting. I also keep an exercise mat in front of the TV so I can do stomach crunches while watching the news...it's definitely "multitasking," and I don't feel as bored if my mind is entertained!!!

I hope you feel better soon!

borntocry on 07/16/2005:
Hi Jenny,

Get used to those nightmares because they'll probably only increase in frequency as your wedding date approaches! But don't pay them any heed - I'm sure your wedding will be just perfect and you will make a ravishing bride!

I understand your feelings of dissatisfaction regarding your body shape. I feel the same way about mine. I guess I hoped to look like a completely different person once I reached my goal weight and that didn't happen. I think that no matter how much weight we lose, there's a limit to how much we can change our actual body shapes. You will probably always be a bit chesty - but hey, that's better than having a lot of junk in the trunk (like me)!

Sweetpea1977 - Thursday Jul 14, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 0.0

Don't forget to check out the Diet Diaries Yahoo Group. Its one sweet world! (DMB reference!!)

What up homies? Did you all have a good day yesterday? Mine was ok. First off, I heard from my dad regarding his situation after Dennis hit. All is well. Somehow, they managed to get a trailer for their boat and haul it to their house (they dont have a truck of any sort!). It sat in the driveway the entire time. Whew!

Anyway, I left work about 1pm, so I could get a few errands done before the Dave Matthews Band concert. Well, as usual, MARTA (train system), was screwed up. I waited 45 minutes for a North Springs train to show up. Three Doraville trains showed up before my train ever made an appearance. Grr!

Anyway, I finally make it to my part of the world and go to Target to see if I could find some cheap rain jackets/ponchos, a new pair of sunglasses, and chilled bottled water. Well, I didnt find any rain gear, but I did find a nice pair of shades, the water, the new Gorillaz cd (it rocks!), some new FF Yoplait yogurt (key lime pie, apple turnover, and orange creme) that neither Publix or Kroger carry, two 6 packs of Gatorade, and 3 pairs of really cute capri pajamas that feature: 1. Thumper from Bambi 2. Curious George 3. Pink Panther. They had a dog one (I think it is one of those annoying Hanna Barbara cartoon dogs), so I didnt get it. If it was Scooby Doo, I would have gotten it. I saw some other pjs that were really cute, but I thought that 3 was enough. I fit into a size M for both top and bottom! Yeehaw. It used to be XL for top, and L for bottom! Im shrinking!!

I think I spent an hour in the store and spent about $110! I always come out of Target with more than I go in to get. That is the only store I go crazy in! LOL

Anyway, I get home and workout for 70 minutes...or about 820 calories burned on the Gazelle. I "traveled" 6.8 miles, which is my all time high on that thing! I didnt feel tired, but I had to stop due to my fiance coming home and being time to eat. I ate a hearty whole wheat sandwich with lean turkey, pepperjack cheese, and lettuce. I had just enough room for a peanut butter & chocolate ice cream sandwich (Skinny Cow!!).

So, we leave with two old beach towels, our bottled water, and tickets. It took forever to get to the site. Once we did, they told us to ditch our towels because they werent allowed inside! I ****ed and said, well your information line said it was ok to bring blankets of any kind. And they said that they heard that line all night. I told them to update their f---king message with the correct information then. We left them behind with slim hopes of ever seeing them again. I was kinda bummed about it because I had an emotional attachment to those things. They were my mother's beach towels she used when I was a kid. :o(

Anyway, the show was AWESOME! Dave is handsome as ever!! He got all sweaty like he normally does. He filled each song with so much passion. He got me teary eyed with his high energy passion. Not many musicians make me cry, but when I do, I fall in love (Dave, Coldplay, my fiance). :o)

There was soooo much alcohol being consumed, tons of cigerette smoking, and of course all sorts of marijuana being smoked. I didnt abuse any of those items. I get severely sick around cigerette smoke, so I have never had the urge to try pot and I wasnt thirsty for crap beer (Bud and Coors). I stuck to my water and didnt eat anything while I was there.

I was surrounded by so many drunk and/or high teenagers. Disgusting!! By the end of the show, I developed a severe migraine...due mostly in part to all the smoke and dehydration. My stomach was naseous, my eyes sensitive to light, my ears sensitive to noise (not good when a bunch of rowdy teens screaming every five seconds), and my skin sensitive to touch (I had to keep pushing my fiances caring caresses away). I also starting having a claustrophobia attack being packed tighter than sardines with a bunch of sweaty, stinky, overheated loud chattery teenagers. Their immaturity was driving me crazy. It took everything in my power not to pass out or throw up. Right before we got onto the shuttle, we made a desperate attempt to find our beach towels. No success. :o(

The ride home on the shuttle buses and MARTA were very torturous. I hate standing up with a thousand other people in the cramp aisles. I really felt like I was suffocating to death. The car ride wasnt much better. I almost started hypervenilating, because I was in a small sports car and the route home involved a lot of curvy roads. I finally get home at 1:30am, run to the bathroom, and jump into bed. I took some migraine medicine and fell asleep with tears on my face. Needless to say, I called in sick today.

But hey, I enjoyed the show and remembered every second of it. I dont know why kids think that getting so damn high and drunk is the best way to experience a living legend!! How do they remember anything from this special event? Oh well, their loss!

Oh, by the way, here is last night's set list for you DMB fanatics. The ones with asterisks are the ones that made me cry (awesome finales on the end of these songs).

Wednesday July 13 2005 HiFi Buys Amphitheatre

One Sweet World

Dream Girl

Don�t Drink the Water*

Hunger For The Great Light

Dancing Nancies*

Say Goodbye


Time Of The Season


Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd

American Baby*

Smooth Rider

Stand Up

Jimi Thing

Louisiana Bayou*


You Might Die Trying

What You Are*

Ok, Im going to close and rest for a bit. Im really weak due to the light dinner and nauseousness. I hope my stomach settles in a little bit because Im getting hungry.

Today's goals:

1. Take it easy until the afternoon

2. Do some exercise (hope the weather is nice!!)

3. Drink plenty of water

4. Eat right

Food Intake:

Breakfast: Whole wheat toast topped with LF peanut butter and sugar free strawberry jelly washed down with a cold glass of FF milk ( I feel like kid eating that sort of thing!)

Snack: FF yogurt, water

Lunch: low carb soup, water

Snack: FF yogurt, water

Dinner: a bowl of brown rice with a small dallop of Smart Balance Light, water

Exercise: 80 min cardio (910 calories)

Have a good day!


PS. Thank you so much for all the "calorie" comments! Im glad I am not alone in figuring out this mystery. I think Im just going to eat a bigger breakfast for now and keep the rest of my meal portions the same. If I notice a change, I may try adding a little extra to one other meal...and etc.

Liza36 on 07/14/2005:
I'm glad the concert was awesome despite the horrible teeny boppers and the crowded cramped ride home. The play list is awesome! I'm so jealous! I'll have to find out when they are coming to the DC area.

Good idea to take a sick day. You'll feel better by the afternoon. Good luck with your plan today.

sandrella on 07/14/2005:

I think it sucks that the little heathens took away from the concert. When I was 16 I went to a rock concert, (poison) and everyone around me was smoking pot. I didn't even have to touch one and I felt high! I was scared that it would show up in my urine test that my mom insisted I take every six months because she caught me drinking a beer. LOL! If she knew pot was there she would have **** a brick, no make that a brick house! But the line up of the concert was awesome, I love American Baby. I'm sorry you lost your beach towels what dumb asses they are for saying one thing and doing another.

I hope you feel better! Damn those kids!

Sandi :)

Umpqua on 07/14/2005:
I'm so glad to hear your parents are OK, and sorry you got sick after the concert. I'm not surprised about the whole security guard thing - I've heard much worse horror stories about DMB concerts. I think intoxicated teenagers are probably a symptom of every rock concert! Hopefully no fights broke out and no one got hurt. I went to lots of rock (and er, metal) concerts as a teenager but never felt the need to do that. My parents were always liberal about letting me have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer at home, so I never felt the need to go crazy when I was out with my friends. It's sad, because I saw so many kids do that when they went off to college and the results were disastrous.

Great set list! Is Time of the Season a cover of the Zombies tune? I don't think the crowd will be quite so rowdy at my Cirque de Soleil performance this weekend ;) I hope you feel better today!!

hopeful01 on 07/14/2005:
thanks again for the comments! I will go to Target and check out the gazelle in person this weekend.

Sorry about the bad experience at the concert, I've had similar problems before (with teenagers) and it just sucks.

Sweetpea1977 - Wednesday Jul 13, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 0.0

Sweet! It's the Diet Diaries Yahoo Group.

Good Morning all!

Thanks for all the comments! Keep it up! :o)

So how do you do? I am doing pretty good. I am a little groggy this morning, which means I'll need a strong cup of coffee! Today is gonna be a looooooong day...I will probably be up until 1am this morning. Why? Well, the Dave Matthews Band performs tonight, thats why! It is taking place at the Hi Fi Buys Amphitheater - an outside venue! Yes, there is a 60% chance of rain, but I dont care! Can't wait!!

Another good thing about today is that Im leaving work early! It isnt completely necessary, but I wanna do that anyway. I want to get home and exercise for a bit, since I wont be able to do so at my regular time. Plus, I have to spend some time with the dog, since she will be left alone for most of the evening.

So, I was doing some research yesterday about how many calories I should eat and I was shocked to see how many I am supposed to eat in order to keep losing! I think that 1800 calories is way too much for me right now. However, I ate a bigger dinner last night and woke up somewhat lighter. Interesting! I am kinda scared to eat too many calories because the last thing I want to do is gain weight back. I wish I didnt have a deadline to lose weight (my wedding!), because I wouldnt be as stressed if I flutuated up due to calorie intake experiments. Anyone got any suggestions/thoughts/advice?

Well, since today is going to be a short work day, I better list today's agena so I can begin on my reports!

Today's goals

1. eat right

2. drink water

3. exercise

4. have fun!

Food Intake:

Breakfast: Multi-grain Cherrio's, FF milk, light wheat english muffin topped with LF cottage cheese (my first big breakfast at work...Im STUFFED!!)

Snack: FF Yogurt, water

Lunch: Lean Cuisine, Applesauce, water

Dinner: sandwich, water

Concert Snack: perhaps some nachos with cheese, water/beer

2 hours of exercise: cardio, crunches

Have a good day!


sandrella on 07/13/2005:
Jenny, I am finding that eating more which is what I've been doing has really helped me to loes more. I understand your hesitation due to the wedding, so I probably would wait until after to experiment also.

Have fun at the DMB concert, and I'll be singing the rain rain go away song all day for you, and tomorrow you have to give me all the details since this is one of my favorite bands! My goals music wise are to see the Stones, Pearl Jam, DMB, The Blue's Traveler's, and (don't laugh) Motley Crue before I die.

PS> I saw the picture of six flaggs under water on CNN yesterday and was shocked. Did you see it? We are still in flood warnings and most of our rivers are not expected to crest until tomorrow and several of them are already above flood stage. Thank goodness I live in a high elevation area!

Have fun! Sandi :)

Umpqua on 07/13/2005:
DMB yay! You know it's going to be a great show. I've never actually seen him (except through 1000s of bystanders at Jazz Fest), but I've heard plenty of their live stuff.

The calories are a tricky thing. I think if you're satisfied with what you're taking in and you're losing, you should stick with that, at least until the wedding. Those calorie charts aren't always accurate, and so much depends on how much exercise you get on a given day. I'm supposed to take in 1900 calores a day to maintain my current weight. But I know if I did that (even with a high activity level of walking and working on the house) - I would gain weight! My body doesn't need that many calories. It's more like 1500 to maintain, although I can get away with more a couple of days per week. Anyway, you know your body and what is working for you better than anyone!

Liza36 on 07/13/2005:
You are so dedicated to exercise. That's so awesome! Regarding taking in more calories, I would just listen to your body rather than the charts. You are consistently losing, so I would keep up with what you are doing. Especially since you have this big wonderful event that's coming up. I'd stick with what works for you. Just my 2 cents.

Rain or shine, have fun at the concert! I'm envious. Should be a great time.

Soon2BThin on 07/13/2005:
It sounds like you're doing great! As for the calories, maybe you could try what I'm doing. Have high and low calorie days mixed up. I'm doing that with my points and they say it really works. Kinda fools your body, I guess. Have a great day!

tabbylove74 on 07/13/2005:
Hello my little toothpick, i have had a dreadful thought...didn't Cynthia say she was going to meet a man off the internet the last time we heard from her? ...or have you heard from her via e-mail?

As far as the cal intake goes, i think you shouldn't go under the recommended intake in order to lose...or ya body hangs onto the calories it does have and ya don't lose the weight. I'm concentrating on low fat/fat free foods rather than calories, they don't really bother me cos i'm burning a lot up anyway. I ain't gonna say eat more incase it doesn't work...i would say go for it, try it out if this wasn't such a crucial time...the build up to your wedding day. Is there time to experiment?

Runner on 07/13/2005:
HI, Jenny! The calorie thing is so tricky...because according to the charts, I should be taking in a good 2000. But if I eat over about 1600 a day, I gain weight. (even with my very high level of activity) So I wish I could give you some advice, but I'm still trying to figure out those things myself! :)

Sometimes I do have a loss after a big meal, though, and I always wonder how that happens...

Thanks for your encouraging comments! You're the best!

Bandmom on 07/13/2005:
Yahoo won't let me on! So Please let everyone Kown! I'm making a new account so my new one is rosalindking76@yahoo. com. Thanks

Sweetpea1977 - Tuesday Jul 12, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 0.0

Cowabunga Dude! Its the Diet Diaries Yahoo Group!

Hey All,

How goes it? Yesterday was a long day. Work was a pain, which is usual on Mondays. I was supposed to have yesterday off, but I was nice enough to switch it with a girl who had a personal emergency. Anyway, traffic was horrible on the way home because a couple of roads off I-75 were closed due to flooding. I heard it took some people 4 hours (instead of 1 hour) to get home. Poor folks.

So, I get home and basically waited 90 minutes for my fiance to get home. I should have spent the time more wisely (like exercise!!), but I instead ate dinner and talked to my sister in Florida. She, thankfully, had no problems due to Dennis. I still havent heard from my parents. I do know that they have power now, since their answering machine came on. My guess is that they are busy removing fallen branches and other debris from their yard, roof, and lake. Or they could be looking for their boat. I hope it didnt sink, for their sake, because that thing is basically their life now. :o( I hope I hear something soon. Im starting to really worry.

Anyway, my fiance came home and I fixed him leftovers for dinner. I brought him home a Nutty Buddy bar from work (see yesterday's "food's resisted") as a treat for him. He loved it. I loved the smell of it, but did not have one bite, lick, or nibble. :o) Yay for me!

I spent the evening exercising in front of the tv watching the Homerun Derby. Some dude (Philly's RF Bobby Abreu) I never even heard of hit a total of 41 homeruns last night. Awesome!! I mainly watched it to see how my boy Andruw Jones (Atlanta Braves and leader of homeruns in the National League)would do. He only hit 5 and was eliminated in the first round. Sigh... At least he wont be too tired for tonight's All-Star game!

Anyway, on to something else. How about love? Have I told you lately how much I adore my fiance? Well, I do! For the past few weeks, he has been composing a song for me. He always starts off by strumming a few chords on his guitar then slowly adding depth to those chords which leads to a melody line. The last thing he always does is write the lyrics. Well, he wrote up the lyrics on Sunday morning. He was nervous to share them with me because he didnt want me to interpret the lyrics in a bad way. I assured him I would be ok, because they are words from his heart. Anyway, he read them off to me without the music. Very nice!! Then he played his song along with the lyrics. Soooooo beautiful and sweet!! It made me cry ("Score!" as my fiance would say...he loves making me cry tears of joy and love!)! He played it again this morning while I got ready for work. It made me smile as I put on my mascara. Then I check my email this morning and found the lyrics in my inbox. Do you think he is trying to tell me something? Sigh...how many more days until I get to call him my husband?!! :o)

Ok, Im back from dreamland. Today, is a slower day at work so Im going to make use of my time and research New Orleans for good eats, treats, & ghost/cemetary/history tours. I've worked on this for a bit now and am getting soooo excited for this honeymoon. Thankfully, our hotel is in the central business district so a lot of restaurants and shops are within walking distance (exercise). And anything that is too far awayor if weather is bad we can depend on the trolley system. How cool is that?

Today's Goals:

1. drink water

2. eat plenty of veggies and fruits today

3. exercise - maybe we/I can get a walk in this evening

4. relax with hubby-to-be while watching All-Star game

Food Intake:

Breakfast: Cherry Vanilla Cheerios, FF milk, coffee (sooo sleepy!)

Snack: green tea, applesauce, water

Lunch: lean cuisine, water

Snack: FF yogurt with granola, water

Dinner: fajitas, water

Have a great day!


PS. Im going to the Dave Matthews Band concert tomorrow! I look forward to listening to the opening band Blue Merle. Their website has some awesome clips from their latest cd. It is like a mix of Coldplay & DMB...2 of my favorite bands! :o) Rain Rain Go Away! That means you Emily!!

sandrella on 07/12/2005:
First...I love the Dave Matthew's Band! I'm so jealous, but in a good way. New Orleans sounds like a cool place to honeymoon. It seems that it would be so romantic! (sigh) I remember the days! Your fiance is so sweet! I'm sucker for a man who sings to me anyway! I know that you are just shaking with excitement for the big day, and researching to me, is lots of fun too! You get to check out all sorts of cool things and imagine them kinda like that commercial about hotels! LOL

The brand of turkey bacon I use is Louis Rich, it's the best even if it is a little expensive. So far I haven't had a bad experience...knock on wood.

As for the volleyball mascot, we're an electric company and our little goofy mascot is called Willie Wirehand. I'll try to find a picture to post of him. Go WEMC!!!

Have a great daydreams about your honeymoon!

Thanks for sympathizing w/ me about TOM! He's such a bastard!

Sandi :)

skinnyjill on 07/12/2005:
Jealousy sitting in. My BF sings to me all th time. It's so cute. He plays the drums though and he'll drum me a song. I'm trying to get him to learn how to play guitar.

NEW ORELANS!!! I LOVE IT! When I went I travlled with LAZY people LIke sleeping in until 4PM! By the time we got everyone functioning and ready, it was too late to do a lot of the stuff I wanted to do. I would be up at 9am, but I would be afraid to go anywhere by myself, so I would just swim in the hotel pool. So I wish I had a lot of recommendations for you, but I don't. I could tell you to do all the things I wanted to do... Ghost Tours, Swamp Tours, Plantaion tours, river boat tours. My friends just wante dto go bar hopping. BORING! There are some sweet jazz ensembles that play in the bars.

Don't eat at the Hard Rock or something like that... My weirdo friends wanted to eat there and not at any of the TRUE Louisiana type restaurants. I do collect Hard Rock T-Shirts, but I rarely eat at them. The treu New Orleans food can be spicey, and I heard rumor that spicey stuff helps in weight loss. I can't remember why. Probably because you can't eat a whole portion because you can't take the heat.

OK well I am rambling.

Umpqua on 07/12/2005:
Oh, your fiance is such a romantic! I remember those days...now we're just an old married couple ;) I'm so excited for your trip to Nola. The CBD is within walking distance to the French Quarter, and you can easily catch the trolley up to the garden and warehouse districts. What fun! I discovered they had expanded the trolley system when I was last there and there is one that goes directly to a cemetary in the city park area. I know that's traditionally been kind of a "rough" area and I've never been up that way, but perhaps it's changed now? The garden district cemetary is quite beautiful though.

jolt on 07/12/2005:
You are doing great! :) How romantic with the song *sigh* Thats great! Great goals today! Thanks for always inspiring me!



hopeful01 on 07/12/2005:
thank you so much for the comment.

my goal is to totally change my lifestyle because in the past all "diets" I've tried I've only stayed on until I was happy with the way I looked (not until I reached my goal weight) or I've just eaten very little for short amounts of time to reach a temporary goal.

of course - none of that is what I want long term.

I think one of my biggest obstacles is that my boyfriend and I ALWAYS go out to eat. Proportions in restaurants are so HUGE. I've tried several times to suggest splitting an entre but he's never interested. Any ideas?

congratulations on all you have accomplished!

Liza36 on 07/12/2005:
New Orleans sounds like a great honeymoon place. I've been there twice for business, but never had the chance to see the city. Good luck with your planning.

Thanks for the endorsement of the Gazelle. I'm excited about it and hope it will help me rev up my exercise (to counteract all the eating I seem to be doing).

Hope your family in FL is ok from the hurricane. Even in VA we are getting rain from these nasty storms.

Love Dave Matthews Band, especially their new hit. Have a great time!


BethH on 07/13/2005:
How Sweet. It sounds like you got yourself a keeper. I am so happy for you. Good job on not eating the candy. Your honeymoon sounds like it is going to be a blast. Well I better close. Enjoy your new song. Beth :)

Sweetpea1977 - Monday Jul 11, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 0.0

Gnarly Dude! Its the Diet Diaries Yahoo Group!

Good Morning Folks!

How is everyone? I am ok. Im pissed that I have to be at work in the middle of tropical storm Dennis. I risked my life in heavy rains and winds to please my employer! And now nothing is working for me to get any work done. Our network, email, and database are all down!!

Anyway, at least I slept well. I had some really weird dreams due to the valerian root (natural sleeping aid) I took earlier that night. I thought I was going to have problems sleeping, stressing out about the whereabouts of my family in Florida. I was unable to get ahold of anyone there so I have no idea how they are doing at the moment. I hope they are all ok! I also started worrying about my reception site...a beachfront restaurant! I hope it is ok.

Yesterday was a somewhat productive day. We got our grocery shopping and housework done, as well as switch out the two sofas in the living room with the sleeper sofa in the basement. We wanted more seating around the big screen and any future guests to sleep in the living room (since the cats spend the majority of their time in the basement). There is now a bare spot for a new piece of furniture in the living room. Im thinking of getting a cream colored chaise lounge I saw in IKEA. It is perfectly proportional to the space that I want to fill.

Anyway, eating wasnt great but I didnt really care. I enjoyed a treat that I havent had in years: chocolate chip pancakes and real bacon! It was really good and worth the extra calories. The best part is that this big breakfast kept me full until dinner (no lunch necessary!). I ended up making up big juicy burgers (97% lean beef! Hadnt had a homemade beef burger in forever) and spicy sweet potato wedges (recipe is from Cooking Light). Both dinner items were full of flavor and well worth the splurge.

The only thing I didnt get to do was exercise. I was sooo exhausted from doing house work and pushing/pulling those heavy sofas up and down stairs all afternoon.

Today, I am back on track with my diet. I didnt get any exercise this morning. I was glued to the tv for possible closings of business buildings and streets due to flooding from Dennis. No such luck! Anyway, I will diligently workout after dinner. Cant wait to get back into the groove!

Today's goals:

1. eat nutritious meals

2. drink water

3. do cardio, toning, crunches (at least 100)

Food Intake:

Breakfast: 7 grain wheat toast, 1 tbsp of sugar free raspberry jam and LF cottage cheese, green tea

Snack: banana, water

Lunch: lean cuisine, water

Snack: yogurt, water

Dinner: 3 oz can of tuna, lettuce, tomato, on wheat bread and broccoli with light white cheddar sauce. Mmmmm!

Foods resisted: 8am - a co-worker brought in a huge box of Nutty Buddy Bars (peanut butter & chocolate crispy wafer bars), because her brother works for Little Debbie and gets to take home free stuff from the company. Did you know that one serving contains 290 calories with 150 of those calories coming from fat? Ick!!

Have a good day!


PS. Where my girls at? Sandi, Tabby, Cynthia, Jen68, Runner (oh yea....she's in America...good excuse!), and Umpqua. Miss you all! :o)

HateTheFat on 07/11/2005:
that's a good idea for me to take my measurements. i am going to do that! :-)

sandrella on 07/11/2005:
I hope everyone in your family is ok! I'm feeling you about the wind and rain! With us being an electric co. we are wired as they say for sound! The network was down for about 5 mins when we first got here. I wish the phone lines would snap so these crazy people would quit calling with stupid questions! I think if I worked w/ someone who could get little Debbie's free, I would be in heaven! Me and little debbie go way back, I almost named my first child after her! J/K I have at least broken the temptation, I don't even walk down that isle in the grocery store anymore! Let me know that everything is ok with your folks in Florida! I'll keep them in my prayers!

Sandi :)

Umpqua on 07/11/2005:
Sorry you had to go to work in the midst of a storm. Argh! We've had our share up here so I know what that's like (along with driving in a blizzard - I went off the road and dented my car getting to work at my first serious newspaper job during a major snowstorm. Reporters are supposed to work through anything - geesh!)

Your foods sound awesome, and I think pancakes and bacon every now and again are worth the calories. Reminds me - hubby has been begging for bacon for weeks, so I guess I should add it to the grocery list. I too was wondering were Tabby and Cynthia are - it's been forever!

Sweetpea1977 - Sunday Jul 10, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 0.0

Good Morning all!

I am in a GREAT mood considering the horrible pain that Im in. For some reason my butt muscles hurt like hell. That has never happened before! It could be that TOM is on his way or maybe it is only from the last couple of one on one exercises with the fiance. :o) hehehe

Yesterday was a fun day. We met up with our friend and drove to the IKEA. Golly, that girl cant drive! Why do I always sit up front when she drives? I need to think about my life here! LOL. Anyway, IKEA rocks! I love all their stuff, especially the kitchen set ups and lighting department. I wish I had money to remodel my kitchen and lighting systems! Sigh...

Afterwards, we went out to eat at a little bar known at Atkin's Park (no relation to the diet doc!!). I went all out and had a fried shrimp po boy. OMG! That was sooooooooooooooooooooooo good!! It reminded me of the very first po boy I had ever...which was in New Orleans (home of the po boys!!)! Man, that thing was good and I enjoyed every single morsel of it. I didnt eat much of my fries, thankfully.

We ended the evening by spending some time at our friends new condo. Very beautiful place! Anyway, we just played Trivial Pursuit (I lost horribly!) and watched some old Dave Chapelle skits. Fun night!

Today will be spent doing housework and grocery shopping. Yay! I may give my dad a call, to see how he is handling Hurricane Dennis. Poor people in Florida (my home state) are going to get another undeserved beating. :o(

Today's goals:

1. do laundry, dishes, vacuuming, grocery shopping

2. eat normal meals in normal portions

3. exercise (probably on Gazelle, due to bad weather)

4. drink water

Food Intake:

Breakfast: Chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, coffee

Lunch: nothing...not hungry

Dinner: grilled hamburgers, spicy sweet potato wedges, diet cream soda

Have a great day! Say a prayer for all those folks on the Gulf Coast (especially my family...dad, stepmom, stepsis, and my dear sis!).


Runner on 07/10/2005:
Hi, Jenny! I finally got caught up on your entries! I'm glad to see that you're back down in the 160's! I knew you'd be there quickly...your July 4th weekend "gain" was erased with all your hard work and discipline!

And I'm glad you enjoyed the shrimp po boy! That sounded delicious! Keep up the good work! You continue to inspire me!

Runner on 07/10/2005:
Hi, Jenny! I finally got caught up on your entries! I'm glad to see that you're back down in the 160's! I knew you'd be there quickly...your July 4th weekend "gain" was erased with all your hard work and discipline!

And I'm glad you enjoyed the shrimp po boy! That sounded delicious! Keep up the good work!

BethH on 07/11/2005:
Glad you had a wonderful weekend. Hope your week is even better. Beth :)

Sweetpea1977 - Saturday Jul 09, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 168.0


Hey All,

Just a quick entry to let you guys know that I am now back on track. Thank goodness!

This morning started off slow but now it is starting to pick up. My fiance went into work this morning to get caught up on a huge project. He came home early and we just got back from a loooong walk in the hot humid sun. This ceiling fan feels soooo awesome! Anyway, we are about to eat lunch, get a shower, and prepare for our trek in IKEA. Woohoo! Who knows how long that will take. Perhaps we will end the day with a movie of some sort.

Tomorrow, the rain begins. Stupid Hurricane Dennis! Currently he is plowing down my home state. I hope like hell that he avoids Pensacola, which got hit really bad by Ivan last year. Plus, my dad is down there and I dont need him stressing out about his boat again. Poor thing!!

Today's goals:

1. have a cup of yummy coffee

2. loonnng walk

3. go to Ikea

4. enjoy a romantic evening at home

Today's food:

Breakfast: light wheat english muffin, 1tbsp of crunchy Jiff PB and 1 tbsp of sugar free grape jelly, coffee

Lunch: Hotdogs!!

Dinner: ?

Mood: relaxed and happy. FINALLY!

Have a good weekend!


Sweetpea1977 - Friday Jul 08, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 0.0

Road to Recovery:

Tuesday night weight = 172 lbs

Wednesday morning weight = 171 lbs

Thursday morning weight = 170 lbs

Friday morning weight = 169 lbs

Yesterday, I followed my diet plan with perfection. As for my exercise, I did 70 minutes of cardio, 100 crunches, but no toning due to a strained/sore shoulder muscle. How disappointing! :o(

This morning, I did 40 minutes of cardio (470 cal burned! Go me!!). I would have done more if I had more time because I wasnt even close to getting tired!! I should start waking up earlier to get more done!

I feel more at peace with myself at the moment. My body feels cleaner and lighter than earlier in the week. I am enjoying my coffee-free mornings and my new addiction to green tea. Green tea actually goes down a lot easier than the low quality coffee that I drink here at work (Folgers brewed with unfiltered water is nasty!). From now on, I am going to treat coffee as a delicacy and only drink it on the weekends. It tastes better at home anyhow (high quality coffee & clean water), so why should I cheapen the experience with the crap available at work?

So, this weekend, I look forward to going shopping to get some healthy foods and explore my green tea options. Any suggestions?

Also this weekend, my fiance and I are going to meet up with our friend and her new guy and hang out at the new IKEA. Yes, we are excited to check out a furniture store!! This store is 15 acres (or 366,000 sq. ft.!!) big so we are going to have a ton of ikea (Swedish for fun!!) exploring the place. Too bad my house is already filled with brand new furniture, otherwise this would be a kick-ass shopping spree. Oh well, at least my friend will have fun exploring her options, since she just bought a beautiful condo. Anyway, the best part is that we should get a decent amount of exercise roaming through this huge store.

Also, if the weather cooperates, we may take the dog to a nature trail. She deserves some time to explore some new exciting lands. Plus, it will be nice to do something a little different for exercise. If it does end up raining (due to Hurricane Dennis!), we will be forced to stay inside and clean house. Ugh! Other than that, not too much else is planned. Thank goodness!

Oh, if I do reach 168 this Saturday, I will start adding a few 100 calories back to my daily diet. Tomorrow night, I will perhaps enjoy a veggie burger and one of the following for a dessert: a diet root beer float, a Skinny Cow, or a fruit bar.

Today's goals:

1. Drink 3 cups green tea

2. Drink 64 oz of water

3. Do at least 70 minutes cardio, 100 crunches

Food plan:

Breakfast: Light whole wheat English muffin (100 cal) topped with FF cottage cheese (80 cal)& 1 tbsp sugar free raspberry jelly (10 cal), 3 cups green tea (0 cal)

Snack: sugarfree applesauce (60 cal), 32 oz water

Lunch: Lean Cuisine (200 cal), 16 oz water

Snack: Fruit cup (60 cal), 16 oz water

Dinner: Sandwich (300 cal), water

no evening snacks, dessert, soda, or alcohol

Have a good weekend!


jolt on 07/08/2005:
Keep up the great work Jenny!

IKEA? I love IKEA we have a huge one in Vancouver that I get to about once a year. WE also have JYSK which is an Ikea competitor in Sweden, really nice and cheap furniture **gotta love it**

Sorry about the injury! hope it heals soon. Have a wonderful day!



Umpqua on 07/08/2005:
Sounds like you'll be making a full recovery due to your hard work. You go! I love Ikea too, we have one within walking distance here! We got our kitchen cabinets from them and saved a bundle by assembling and installing them ourselves. They even gave us software so we could design the layout of the kitchen. I'm sure you folks will have fun - don't get lost in there! (I have, the place is an absolute maze ;)

Umpqua on 07/08/2005:
Oh I forgot you had asked me about the tuna. I get the 6 oz cans. I usually eat only a half a can at a time for lunch, but since it was dinner the other night I had the whole thing. I don't think half would have filled me up for dinner!

Sweetpea1977 - Thursday Jul 07, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 0.0

Road to Recovery:

Tuesday night weight = 172 lbs

Wednesday morning weight = 171 lbs ; Wednesday night weight = 171 lbs

Thursday morning weight = 170 lbs

Yesterday's diet & exercise program:

Breakfast: Light whole wheat English muffin (100 cal) topped with FF cottage cheese (80 cal), coffee (10-15 cal), 3 cups green tea (0 cal)

Snack: 32 oz water

Lunch: lean cuisine (230 cal), 16 oz water

Snack: FF yogurt (100 cal), 16 oz water

Dinner: whole wheat turkey & tomato sandwich (~300 cal)

~825 calories consumed, no cravings or hunger pains, stomach was satisfied the entire day

70 minutes cardio (800 cal burned), 100 crunches (anyone know the amount of calories burned during crunches?)

Today's Plan

4am: 40 minutes cardio (350 calories burned)

Breakfast: Light whole wheat English muffin (100 cal) topped with FF cottage cheese (80 cal) and 3 cups green tea (0 cal)

Snack: FF Yogurt (100 cal), 32 oz water

Lunch: Lean Cuisine (200 cal), 16 oz water

Snack: Fruit cup (60 cal), 16 oz water

Dinner: Sandwich (300 cal), water

no evening snacks, dessert, soda, or alcohol

Exercise: at least 70 minutes cardio, 100 crunches, some toning if my shoulder isnt in pain

Yesterday was a successful day. I lost 1 pound in 24 hours due to cutting back in calories and increasing my exercise. Im almost breaking into 169, so it may be possible to wake up on Saturday at 168. I hope so. I hate to report a gain after reaching a huge milestone (40 lbs lost in 7 months). Im thankful that I lost 3 pounds last week because this month's weight loss average is already ahead of schedule (since I normally only lose 1-2 lbs/week). With this in mind, I will be grateful if I maintain last weekend's weigh-in of 168. The good thing is that I feel like I am regaining control over my stomach again. I was so scared I was going to completely fall off the wagon and eat myself into oblivion. It has happened before!!

Everyone knows that deadlines stress the hell out of people. I have a deadline that is quickly approaching. I have 15 weeks until my wedding day. Right now I am 20 pounds away from my 150 goal. That may happen by my wedding day but I actually need to be at a decent weight by the time my wedding dress arrives in September. As you know, this is when the fittings/alterations begin. Being an October bride, I dont know how many fittings/alterations I can squeeze in before the big day. So I want to be close to 150 by the time September rolls around. Do you understand why I am upset at my setback? If I didnt screw up, I could have been down another 1-2 pounds this weekend. Instead, I have to re-lose the 3 pounds I gained in 4 days. And this puts me even further away from reaching my goal. If I didnt have a deadline, I wouldnt be so damn worried about it.

Anyway, there's more to life than weight loss. Im quite saddened by the news of terrorist attacks in London today. My heart is with those poor people suffering from this tragedy.


Umpqua on 07/07/2005:
I understand your setback - I'm a deadline oriented person myself (it's the only way I ever get anything accomplished!) You're working extra hard now, so hopefully you will break even on Saturday and then continue losing in subsequent weeks. You're lucky that you and your fiance as so health conscious going into your wedding. I dropped maybe 5 pounds before mine, but I was still 3 dress sizes larger than I am now. Then after the wedding, hubby and I really piled on the weight. I've heard that's pretty common, so you both are step ahead of the rest of us.

sandrella on 07/07/2005:
Jenny...I just went back and read all your entries, girl you are being way too hard on yourself! Don't look back keep looking forward. We all make mistakes! I know that you can reach your goal size wise for your wedding dress even if you don't make it number wise. Remember in one of your entries you said, "even if I don't lose anymore before my wedding, I feel good about where I am" or something to that effect. I know you will be stunning, so don't be so hard on yourself. I'm glad your folks were impressed with you! What did your friends say? I hope you have a great day, and remember to take it one day at time, like the great Brenda Lee says! LOL Sandi :)

Liza36 on 07/07/2005:
You have a very sensible plan to get back on track, and I know you will lose those few pounds gained over the holiday. I completely understand wanting to look your absolute best on your wedding day - AND YOU WILL!

Thanks for the great tips you gave me. I'll be adopting them. Then maybe I'll actually lose this weight!

You're doing so great - keep up the fabulous job.

skinnyjill on 07/07/2005:
Thanks for the AWESOME and MOTIVATING comments you left me. It really helps!

I'm sorry I made my BF sound like a jerk. I just get miffed at him sometimes. He's not very consistent with his weight loss goals and he can be SOOOO frustrating. He is a really sweet and supportive person. HE was there for me when my mom died. I guess we have different weight loss goals and different ways of reaching those. I'm still new at this, and I'm sure once he sees how REALLY serious I am about this, he'l be VERY supportive and even join in.

I am so excited about your wedding. I'm sure you have a zillion things to do.

Just stay positive and focused. You'll be able to be the slim bride you've dreamed about.

Sweetpea1977 - Saturday Jul 02, 2005
(Lifestyle Change)
Weight: 168.0

Check out the Diet Diaries Yahoo Group! It's a doozy!!

Good early morning to you!

Yes, I know it is early, but I got a big day ahead of me! Somehow, I was cheated exactly an half hour of sleep. Somehow, my alarm clock got moved 30 minutes ahead. I have NO idea how that happened. Oh well, I guess it was a sign. A good one!!

I was very surprised to see what news the scale had to tell me. 3 pounds in one week after a so-so week of exercise mixed with a few extra desserts? Huh? I don't get it, but I will take it!! Of course, it makes me wonder how much better it would have read if I was extra dedicated this week? Oh well. Im happy with what I got away with! :o)

Yesterday was BUSY! Work was hell, but I survived. But the traffic was horrible. I got home at 6pm. Thankfully, my fiance brought home some yummy Subway for dinner. I had a 6" wheat sub loaded with roast beef, lettuce, tomato, and a tad of mayo AND some baked Doritoes (170 cal for one little bag). I was craving Cheetos, but they didnt have the baked kind. Come to find out, the regular Cheetos my fiance got were 10 calories less than the Doritos I ate. LOL. Oh well, I think the chips I had balanced out the slice of cheese he had on his sub so Im not too worried about it.

Afterwards, we went on a short walk with the dog. I thought it was 3 miles, but it felt so much shorter than our other 3 mile walk. Oh well, at least I got a walk in for the doggie's sake. Then we spent 2 hours cleaning and vacuuming both of our cars. What a workout this was (Im guessing this is what helped me lose the extra pound). Then after that, I packed for my trip! I tried on a pair of white pants that I bought about a month ago and they are almost too big. Kinda sad since I hadnt even worn them yet! Well, Im wearing them this weekend before they swallow me alive! LOL!

Then right before bedtime, my fiance and I enjoyed a diet root beer float made with IBC diet root beer and one small scoop of Edy's FF Vanilla ice cream (100 calories). MMMMMM! Sooo yummy!

I had trouble falling asleep, due to the excitement/stress of leaving the next day. And now, here I am, yawning and staring at you guys! :o)

Well, I better get going. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Goals for the weekend:

1. eat & drink sensibly

2. exercise (walking, paddleboating, playing on beach)

3. relax

4. wear sunscreen

5. stay hydrated

6. stay away from sharks (2 more attacks have happened since I posted that article!!)

7. wow my parents & friends with my 40lbs loss!

See ya later (most likely on Tues night/Wed morn)!


Progress as of today: 40 lbs lost so far, only 18 lbs to go!

jolt on 07/02/2005:
Yeah A nother one bites the dust! :) **does happy dance** Thanks for being an inspiration to me Jenny! I know I can get to my goal...

Sounds like a wonderful fun day. Great goals for today as well!



Runner on 07/04/2005:
Yea! Three more pounds GONE! You made it into the 160's! You deserve it, girl! Can't wait to hear about your weekend!!!

skinnyjill on 07/05/2005:
That rootbeer float sounds like it could really satisfy my sweet tooth. HOwever it does violate my goals of no ice cream and no soda... Sigh.

I can't wait to hear about you WOWing your friends and family with your beautiful 40lbs lighter body!

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