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TheMother - Monday Feb 02, 2004
(counting calories)
Weight: 245.0

Day 1: Good morning, all: It's been a few days and I am starting fresh once again. I've posted my current weight (up 4 lbs.) from the last time I posted. Along the way, I've lost momentum. I don't know if it's because I was losing so slowly (17 lbs. in 5 months), the holidays or the winter blahs but nonetheless, I found myself going back to my "old ways". I am ready to give it another shot - this time incorporating some type of exercise into my program and making better food choices.

At the office we have completed our move from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor. It was absolute caos on Friday but today is a little bit smoother and everyone is settling in nicely. The downside is that there is absolutely NO privacy - hence since I do my journal at the office, it is going to be difficult to update on a regular basis as I used to do. I will try to get here as much as possible.

Saturday was the gathering for hubby's friends. We had a great time and there were 14 people including 2 kids. By the time everyone left and I cleaned up (cannot go to bed knowing the house is messy), it was around 1 a.m. Yesterday we went out to Perkins for a late lunch. That was nice and before you know it, the weekend once again was over.

I hope everyone is doing well and has a great day today. Sad to say that Puxatawny (sp?) Phil saw his shadow so that means six weeks of winter remain. I don't know about you but I've had enough!

Take care, have a GREAT day...


breakaway on 02/02/2004:
Oh way to much winter here to, i wish it was over. Glad to see your back and ready to continue. I think you were doing so awesome before and I know you will get right back into the swing of things. Lets do this!

muggy on 02/02/2004:
<font color = blue> Oh, my gosh! It is you! I've thought of you often too! It's good to know you're doing well. We both have struggled but I know we can do it. I always feel so much better when I exercise and eat well.. why do I get off track? Let's do it again.. I know we can.


TheMother - Thursday Jan 29, 2004
(counting calories)
Weight: 241.0

Day 164: Hi all! Wasn't in the office yesterday due to snow. We got about 9-10 inches and I could have probably gone into work but hubby had the day off (school was closed - he teaches 8th grade), so I decided to play "hooky" too. It was nice and I got a few things done around the house with this extra day off mid-week. After we shoveled out, I had the fun of going to the laundromat to do some laundry because the replacement part for the washer that was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday never came due to the inclement weather. Hubby called Sears and they credited our account the extra $20 they charged for the 2 day delivery service. We may get the part today or tomorrow or who knows when. Since I was running out of clean towels, etc. I went to the laundromat and did two huge loads in the 50 lb. washers. I brought them home wet (boy were they heavy!) and dried them in my own dryer. I made hubby his BD dinner which was boneless lamb, with broccoli and roasted quartered potatoes. My son and I had roasted chicken as we are not big on lamb. For Hubby's actual BD on Tuesday, he and I went to Cracker Barrel. Son had to stay at the hotel his work provided for him due to the inclement weather so it was just the two of us. The restaurant wasn't crowded so we were served quickly and got home by 6:30 p.m.

Saturday is the group get together and the weather is supposed to cooperate although I hear another snow system is coming in early next week. Between the cold and snow, it's been a long winter and we're only 1/3 third of the way through.

Dietwise, I'm been hanging in. Didn't eat too much dinner last night as I felt nauseous. Did have some animal crackers and FF jello with light cool whip at TV time.

I'm a member of the DTP 2004 challenge and am a member of the Alpha team. This is my first time doing this. Anyone else doing it? Sounds like fun my teammates seem to be really friendly and raring to go. I'm hoping they'll help me to get moving on some type of exercise program.

That's about all that's new for now. At work, we are all packed for the "big" move (going from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor) in the same building. They are going to move the boxes at the end of the day and tomorrow everything will be in our new space. Shouldn't take too long to unpack. I don't have all that much since I've only been with the company slightly less than a year.

Hope everyone is doing well:)


malh on 01/29/2004:
Isn't it fun to play "hooky"...lol I hate going to the laundrymat, hopefully you get the part for it soon!!!!!!. I'm on the DTP challenge also, but on the ETA team. I'm excited about the challenge. Sounds like you have a busy week with your move ahead of you. Keep up the great work. Mary

breakaway on 01/29/2004:
Oh yes, DTP should be really fun. Squiggly and I are team Epsilon and I know of two others here at DD for sure that are on Team ETA to bad were all mixed up, it would be nice to be on the same team. I wish you luck on your team and we will have tons of fun! You have a great day today!

TheMother - Monday Jan 26, 2004
(counting calories)
Weight: 241.0

Day 161: Happy Monday - NOT!!!!! The weather is yukky here in NJ. We are in for God only knows what but it's going to last through Wednesday. That puts a snaffu in our plans to celebrate hubby's BD tomorrow but I have already made alternate arrangements (i.e. cook his favorite food - lamb) and so we'll eat at home and go out for dinner on Friday night. We're having his group get together on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate as we expect about 12 people. He doesn't know it but I've ordered a BD cake for him for the Saturday function. He really didn't want any cake as we're all trying to lose weight but I thought it would be nice to have it at the gathering. It will be one less dessert I have to prepare.

The weekend was pretty uneventful except that my washing machine is on the fritz. This is not a good thing as I do a ton of laundry. Even though it's just the three of us (daughter is away at school), I have laundry coming out of my ears as if we were a household of 10. Hubby ordered the part and it is supposed to be delivered to our house by Tuesday. Meanwhile, the laundry is piled up to the ceiling (almost - yikes!!!). I was debating about going to a local laundromat but I really hate doing that - it's just so inconvenient plus I'm used to doing special little loads, etc. That would cost some $$$$ which I really didn't want to spend. The replacement part cost $200!

Dietwise, I've signed up for the DTP 2004 challenge that began on the 25th for the the next ten weeks. Also, I really, really need to begin some type of exercise program. We did go to a huge mall in NY state on Saturday and we walked and walked and walked some more. I would venture to guess at least a couple of miles when all was said and done. Of coure, I spent $$$$ but it was hubby's BD gift (at the Apple Computer store) plus he and I gave Son $50 towards a really nice plaque of Babe Ruth that he bought. I came home with nada for me but both of my guys got stuff. That's OK, though because I bought a really pretty spring (thinking ahead) floral wreath at Michael's (I love their stuff and our store has one of the most creative floral designers - wish I had the talent).

We are beginning to pack up our old work stations for our move on Thursday (going from 3rd floor to 2nd floor) so it should be a busy week inbetween regular work stuff, getting through the yukky weather, and the move.

Gotta go and get my coffee...

Hope everyone has a great day today.


malh on 01/26/2004:
THank you for your comment the other day regarding my mom. I too have the guilt feelings over how I feel, but I think its been her choices that have lead me to my feelings for her. And yes I could rank my family in personal preferences...of course the boys in my family first...then 4 of my sisters, then me...then my sister Pat. Its sad. But I swore up and down I would not pass that kind of legacy on to my kids and I think so far I am accomplishing that. I hate when my washer goes out. As I too do alot of laundry, I just purchased a new set about 6 months ago, so hoping they last without repair for many years. Sounds like you have a busy week and we all need a treat of a b-day cake. Take care and make the wise choice. Mary

breakaway on 01/27/2004:
I sure hope were on the same team...I to joined the DTP challenge and so did Beth and Squiggly. Although Squiggly is having computer problems so I'm not sure if she will make the challenge or not. I wish you luck with the challenge this year. I was on it last year to but I didn't make it all the way through because my mother got really sick and I wasn't able to update regularly. You have a great day and keep up the great work!

TheMother - Tuesday Jan 20, 2004
(counting calories)
Weight: 241.0

Day 155: Happy Tuesday. Sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday but I'm here today and it's nice to see the regulars and newbies. Today is going rather well so far...I'm getting ready to have lunch - Smart Ones entree and an orange. My breakfast was my usual bagel lightly buttered and coffee. I'm such a carb addict - bread, rice, pasta. I wish that stuff was good for you - wouldn't that make life so much easier (at least for me it would). The weekend was pretty uneventful except for the 4 inches of snow we got on Sunday. I didn't go out of the house at all that day but I got a lot of stuff accomplished. I also helped my son film part of his new movie. Everything he tried did not work and it was a rather disappointing day. Still he is not giving up - just needs to rework some stuff and come up with a way to make it work which is concept is always easier said than done.

Next week is hubby's BD. He would like to eat at Chili's. I'm not in to spicy foods, etc. but I'm sure they have something I can have so I guess that's where we'll go unless we get a blizzard or something. I'll bake coffee cake for him to bring into the office that day and I've also promised to make cheesecake for my son to bring to his work for a get together they're having this weekend. It seems there is always something going on and this time of year is supposed to be "down time" since I can't work out in the yard because of the weather. I'm still waiting to find out from hubby if his get together at the house is the weekend (I hope not) or has been pushed back to the 31st. I like time to prepare so that's why I'm hoping it is next weekend and not this one coming up. Our office is moving from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor next week. That means packing up all of the stuff but at least it's a good opportunity to purge. The space we are moving to is smaller than what we have now but people are scattered about so it will be nice to have the entire group sitting in the same area.

That's all for now. Hope everyone is doing well and having a good day.


feeleebubs on 01/20/2004:
The company I work for did the exact opposite a few months ago. We moved from a tiny office where we were literally climbing all over eachother, to a much, much larger one. Actually, I liked the smaller one better in alot of ways. But now I have to walk alot further to get stuff, so I guess it's better phyisically.

TheMother - Friday Jan 16, 2004
(counting calories)
Weight: 241.0

Day 151: Happy Friday - cold as it is and man it's cold here in NJ. The wind is howling causing a wind chill of -10. In NYC, it's the coldest day in 111 years! WOW...I can't wait for spring to return. I keep thinking of the daffodils and tulips, etc.

This week has gone by rather quickly considering this is the first 5-day work week I've had in three weeks between vacation/holidays and last week's outpatient surgery. I'm coming along in that department - feeling a little bit better everyday.

Foodwise, I'm doing better...been eating yogurt, fruit (oranges, apples, bananas). I have my lightly buttered bagel at breakfast everyday. That is my TREAT because I'm such a carb addict (that's my problem, I think). Dinnertime is my most troublesome meal of the day. As soon as I get home from work, I immediately begin dinner. Sometimes I cook ahead which is helpful, then I only have to make the side dishes but I just feel so rushed even though neither my hubby or son are asking me when it will be ready. I just have it in my head that they are anxious to eat (it's ME). Any suggestions on how to handle this? Last night we had pork loin roast, pasta and broccoli salad and string beans. I had more of the pork than I should have and over did it on the pasta/broccoli salad yet declined on the fresh string beans (which I should have had). If I could just eat a better dinner, I'd have a totally great diet day. This is my problem area and I need to find a solution.

This weekend is pretty uneventful. I have my usual errands to run - bank, post office, food shopping, laundry, housecleaning, etc. I'm hoping to go to Michael's to check out Valentine's stuff. I also want to put out my snowman collection and I promised my son I'd help him work on his next film project (about a bear that we made). There goes the weekend once again and before you know it, it's Monday. Oh, I forgot to mention doing some cooking. I usually try to cook up a couple of things to get me through the first part of the work week. It makes things so much easier.

Hubby's BD is on the 27th and we're going to have a get together for him probably the 24th. Since it's not a surprise, I've asked him to invite whom he wants to come; hopefully they're available and the weather will cooperate.

That's pretty much it for now. I hope everyone is staying warm and dry (if you're in a cold area) and that you have a great productive day today and a nice weekend. I'll check in on Monday when I'm back at the office...


Scruffy on 01/17/2004:
didn't know you had surgery, glad to know you're getting better.

TheMother - Wednesday Jan 14, 2004
(counting calories)
Weight: 241.0

Day 149: Happy Wednesday. Very, very cold here in NJ and snow is on the way - up to 4 inches are expected tonight into tomorrow morning. That will make for a messy commute to work but after all it is January (come on May!). I'm feeling better each day since I've had the catherization procedure last Thursday; the only problem this morning is that I'm very sleepy for some strange reason. The office is quiet - my one boss is not feeling well so she may not come in today and the other guy is going to be leaving soon for a meeting in NYC so he will be gone 3-4 hours.

Hubby's BD is in two weeks and we are planning a get together the Saturday before. He wants his friends from his Irish group to see our Christmas display in the family room (yes, I know, it's mid January! This display takes a lot of time and effort to set up, so he keeps it up for quite a while). Thank goodness it is in the family room and I hardly go into that room plus the door is closed to keep the cat out, so it really is no problem. My son and I took down the other Christmas decorations in the house last weekend. Still have some stuff to go into the attic but with the frigid temps., we haven't been able to get up there.

This morning I had my lightly buttered bagel with coffee for breakfast. Lunch will be FF yogurt, banana and orange. Snack is an apple. Dinner tonight is iffy - leftovers - have to see who wants what. I didn't make the broccoli/pasta dish on Monday as I had planned so I will cook that up tonight. Both my guys love homemade soup - right now we have split pea w/ham. I am not much of a soup eater unless I don't feel well. I never realized how easy it is to make homemade soup - much tastier than the canned stuff and a fraction of the cost.

I guess I'll close for now. Have to do some stuff. Hope everyone has a great day today and keeps warm (if you're in the cold regions). I'll check in within the next couple of days.



starlight on 01/14/2004:
I'm in Florida and I can say this is a cold region too. I guess nothing like what you guys have, believe me, I know, I grew up in chicago, but's cold here all the same. I'm freezinf right now. grrr. Anyways, take care, have a good day! :) Kim

goldcat on 01/14/2004:
I can relate completely!! I'm in New Brunswick, Canada and this is the coldest day we've had since 1976. They even closed most of the school districts because the wind chill is -42. It's supposed to be even colder tomorrow!! Crazy. Brrrr. Stephanie

TheMother - Monday Jan 12, 2004
(counting calories)
Weight: 241.0

Day 147: Good Monday morning all! I'm happy to be back at the office having been out Thursday and Friday last week to have my cardiac catherization procedure and recovery. I was very nervous to have this done but fortunately everything went according to schedule and I did not need angioplasty. I was able to go home around 1:30 p.m. on Thursday and spent Friday and the weekend (more or less) recuperating. The staff at the hospital was phenomenal - very friendly and caring. One of the nurses called me on Friday to see how I was feeling. All in all (in retrospect), I'm glad I had this procedure done given my family history of heart disease. Now it is back to losing weight and firming up. I need to do this for health reasons and I'm ready to go!

I hope everyone is doing well and has a great day today. Lunch today is 4 oz. of oven roasted turkey breast, 1/2 small Italian roll, FF yogurt and an apple. Break time is a navel orange. Dinner tonight will be meatloaf with a side of broccoli & macaroni pasta salad (really tasty). Snack will be one (possibly two navel oranges - small).

Have a GREAT day, everyone!



starlight on 01/12/2004:
I'm happy to hear things went well. I was thinking about you Wednesday and Thursday morning. I know how nervous you were and you were in my thoughts. I was looking forward to reading your entry when you got back and I'm glad things are ok. Are you doing the Valentines Day Challenge? It officially started Saturday and goes til February 15th. Take care and have a great day :) Kim

TheMother - Tuesday Jan 06, 2004
(counting calories)
Weight: 238.0

Day 140: Good Tuesday morning, all. Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you have a good one. I'm back at the office and am settling in now that my boss is back. She looks somewhat pale and tired but I can already see a weight losss (she had the gastric by-pass). She's lost about 20-25 lbs. in THREE weeks. I'm hanging in - getting ready for the "procedure" on Thursday morning. Yesterday, I went to the hospital for pre-admission paperwork and bloodwork. The tech who drew the blood was not the most gentle as my arm has two big black and blue marks. My brother had a catherization procedure yesterday (his third one in about six weeks) and fortunately, they did not find any additional blockage so he did not have to stay overnight. He called me at work to let me know plus to reassure me that this is "a piece of cake" as he puts it. That's so sweet he is trying to allay my fears.

We brought my daughter back to DC on Saturday. On the way down, we ate at Cracker Barrel in Maryland. I love that little restaurant - inexpensive yet nice and the country store always has goodies of some sort. Once we arrived in DC and unloaded the car, her best friend stopped by. This was the first opportunity to meet her and we liked her instantly. We chatted with her for a while, then hubby, daughter and the friend went food shopping while I took a little nap. Got on the road around 8ish and was home about 1:15 a.m. Sunday was rainy but warm and I did a lot of catch up stuff around the house. We took down outside decorations on Friday so I put them away, did food shopping, laundry (there is always laundry to do) and some cooking to get ready for the upcoming work week.

I am going to be out Thursday and possibly Friday if I have to have the angioplasty proedure (I sure hope not). I plan on taking down the upstairs Christmas tree if I'm home because that is something I can do that doesn't entail heavy lifting, etc. and I always like to feel I'm accomplishing something everyday. It feels good to be productive.

Dietwise, I'm doing OK. Have a slight gain from eating a couple of "no-no's" due to stress and apprehension, etc. (I'm not making excuses, just stating the facts.) Did pretty well yesterday and so far this morning.

My son is an aspiring filmmaker and in his spare time, he makes little mini movies that he enters in various film festivals throughout the country. One of the festivals being held in our home state in March received his movie and just loved it! It's about a bear and his adventures. He was asked to speak to a group of kids at the festival and is so excited. I am too. He works SO hard on these projects and this is such a tough field to break into. Hopefully, this will lead to meeting people and networking which is so important.

That's about it for now. Have to go do some work. Both of my bosses are in today.

Have a GREAT day today. Think positive and remember we are one day closer to achieving our goals!


curvy shar on 01/06/2004:
Just wanted you to know that I'll be thinking about you as you undergo your procedure. My mom had one several years ago and it really seemed to be a fairly straightforward, simple procedure. I'm sure you'll come through with flying colors.

legcramp on 01/07/2004:
Good luck with your procedure! You seem to be doing great, even with a slight gain over the holidays. Don't get discouraged, just stay strong and determined and you can do this! Have a great day today and a wonderful rest of the week!

TheMother - Wednesday Dec 31, 2003
(counting calories)
Weight: 238.0

Day 134: Happy Friday (only kidding - it's the last day of the work week for me). Just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that I'm thinking of you wherever you are and wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2004. I just can't believe this year is coming to an end - seems like only a couple of months ago we celebrated Easter...Time is so precious and goes by so quickly. I'm busy setting up files for next year at the office. It's been very quiet and it's sorta nice because you are able to work at a leisurely pace with minimal interruption. I am anxious to have things get back to "normal" next week, however. I like when it's busy and people coming and going. Makes the work day fly by. Monday morning I'll be going for my pre-op blood work, followed by a consultation with the doctor doing the "procedure" on the 8th. I've requested off from work both Thursday and Friday. Hopefully, I won't need to take Friday off because if they only have to do a catherization and not the angioplasty, I won't be required to stay overnight at the hospital so I'll be able to go to work on Friday. My brother is also having his third procedure done next Monday. He is still not feeling well and I can't believe they didn't correct the problem the first or second time he had angioplasty. He is so strong mentally. He told me he wishes he could do it for me because he said it is a piece of cake. Still, I'm frightened even though I know that modern technology today classifies this as a routine thing but it's like having a baby - happens every minute of every day but when I'm the one going through it, it seems like it's being done for the first time because it's happening to me. Anyway, on to sunnier topics - tonight is the bash at the Hilton hotel. We haven't gone out like this in years so it will be a treat (expensive as it is) to dress up and be in such a grandiose atmosphere. We're leaving about 9 p.m. and should be home around 3 a.m. Can't wait to sleep in tomorrow; in the afternoon we're going to see The Lord of the Rings. Saturday we're bringing my daughter back to DC. She is sad to be starting her final semester as she loves going to school and living in the DC area. She is also beginning her job search.

I guess that's about it for now. I will check in on Monday to see how everyone made it through the holiday/weekend once I get settled in at work. My boss is due back too and I can't wait to see her. Until then, take care and try to make the best food choices possible whenever you can.

Happy new year!


TheMother - Tuesday Dec 30, 2003
(counting calories)
Weight: 238.0

Day 133: Good morning (I think). It's raining here in NJ but it is supposed to stop around mid-morning and then clear up and be nice for the next couple of days. As I've mentioned in yesterday's journal entry, I need to have a catherization procedure done due to the "abnormal" results of the nuclear stress test. I've thought about waiting a while since it is not life threatening (at this point) but as everyone has been telling me, why put off the inevitable especially since we have a history of heart disease in my family. So...next Monday, the 5th I have to have pre-op blood work done at the hospital, then meet with the doctor who will be doing the procedure. After that, I'll go into work. The procedure will take place on Thursday, the 8th at 9:00 a.m. I wanted to do it on a Friday so I'd only miss one day of work plus have the weekend to recuperate but the only available time on Friday was 1 p.m. and no way could I wait until then. I'd be a nervous wreck so I went with Thursday at 9:00 a.m. My brother called me last night to console me and offer support (he's had two angioplasties within the last six weeks and may be looking at a third one) but I had gone out to the mall with my son to exchange a Christmas gift. I will call him in a little bit. He has a houseful of company for the holidays - my sister is down with her two teenage kids and their respective girl/boy friends arrived yesterday for New Year's plus he has his elderly in-laws visiting for the past couple of weeks. Fortunately, when my sister leaves for NJ on Friday, she's going to bring home the in-laws so that will spare my brother and SIL from having to make a trip to NJ.

Nothing else is new. The office is very quiet and traffic was a breeze since a lot of people took this week off plus schools are on Christmas break. I wish it was like this all the time.

I hope everyone is doing well and has a good Tuesday. I'll check in again tomorrow, my last work day of this week - Thursday, being a holiday and I'm taking Friday off to make it a four day weekend. I think we're going to bring my daughter back to school on Saturday (at least that's the plan right now because the weather is looking good).

Take care,


starlight on 12/30/2003:
Thanks for the comment. I really didn't want to sound mean, and I don't know if you read my comment to her before or after I edited it, but I just had to say something you know? So thanks for the support, it makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one who once again was offended. Kim

curlsncuffs on 12/30/2003:
I'm praying for you! I'm thinking of you!


starlight on 12/30/2003:
ps. I'm glad to hear you are not putting this off. Do as much as you can now. I want you to know I will be praying for you. We're all so blessed to have you here. Kim

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