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TheMother - Monday Oct 20, 2003
(counting calories)
Weight: 239.5

Day 61: Happy Monday, All... I've said it before, I'll say it again and again. WHERE DO THOSE WEEKENDS GO!!!!! It seems like it's Friday night and the next thing I know it's Sunday afternoon. Let's see, recaping the weekend. I weighed myself on Saturday morning and the scale said 239.5 after 3 separate readings so I am recording that weight. That means in two months time I've lost 15.5 lbs!!!!! I am very pleased with this progress. What's equally pleasing is the fact I've been on my "program" for two consecutive months. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the third month. I've heard it and read it many times about people saying that once you get started, it's not that difficult to lose weight. Well, for me, getting started was the hardest thing because I've started and stopped so many times, I've lost track. To be on this "program" for two months and still going strong is just so awesome for me knowing my past history. I'm feeling pretty good and my clothes are starting to get looser. My son took a digital picture of me with the beautiful bouqet of flowers my boss gave me for my birthday. I could see a difference in my face. He even commented. He is the only one to say anything. I guess when you're this heavy, it takes about a 25 lb. loss before anyone really notices. Either that or they do notice but don't want to say anything. Anyway, as long as I know, that's what counts.

Went food shopping over the weekend and stocked up on veggies like fresh string beans and cauliflower. Today for lunch I'm having 3 oz. of oven roasted turkey breast with 1 slice (about 1/2 ounce) cheese on 1/2 roll and a banana. Later on it's the FF yogurt. Tonight is probably stuffed pepper with tomato/cucumber/onion salad (it's delicious - the dressing is oil/vinegar). Instead of eating the pretzel braids (thank God they're gone), I've been making the ACT II light buttered popcorn. Of course I eat the whole bag (about 250 calories).

I worked out the yard on Saturday - raked leaves and planted my icicle pansies. We finally put up our Halloween decorations. We were supposed to put them up the day after the Shania Twain concert a couple of weeks ago but we were truck shopping for my son and it just never happened. We weren't going to put them because Halloween is next week but I have such cute decorations and we like how the house looks decorated so we decided to do it. It didn't take that long.

Hubby went for his nuclear stress test this morning. Fortunately, they didn't botch this one up and were able to inject the dye into his veins. We should get the results shortly.

Well, that's about it for now. I'm starting to feel hungry. Lunch in 45 minutes. Can't wait.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a terrific Monday. We're one day closer to achieving our goals.

Take care,


malh on 10/20/2003:
I can totally relate to you in having stay on the program for 2 months. Its a great feeling. WE WILL do this. Great job. Keep you the good work, Mary

breakaway on 10/20/2003:
WOW CONGRATS On that lose! That's great! And to stick to your program for 2 months is very impressive! I am right behind you and planning on sticking to it as well. Hang in there, you will get it done!

TheMother - Friday Oct 17, 2003
(counting calories)
Weight: 242.5

Day 58: Happy, happy Friday! What a game last night (Yankees vs. Red Sox). We are die-hard Yankee fans and it was touch and go for quite a while but in the end the Yankees once again triumphed. My guys were screaming and carrying on like lunatics. My daughter called at midnight meanwhile I'm trying to sleep since the alarm goes off at 5:15 in the morning. Oh, well...

I met my new doctor yesterday. I instantly liked him. Very friendly and down to earth. Bottom line, I have slightly elevated blood pressure so he wants to do some bloodwork next Saturday morning. As for the pain in my knee and ankle, it's from arthritis. He gave me an anti-inflamatory to take. He said it shouldn't affect weight loss (I sure hope not). Speaking of weight loss, according to their scale, I weighed 3 1/2 lb.s MORE than I do at home. This weight was being fully clothed and taken late in the afternoon (I usually weigh in my underwear first thing in the morning). I'm not upset by this because I use my home scale as the basis for tracking my weight.

Last night I had two slices of pizza for dinner. Later on I had those darn Rold Gold pretzel braids. I cannot have them in the house so I cannot (will not) buy them for a while. It just so happened this past week my local grocery store had them on sale (3 for $5) so of course I had to buy 3 bags.

I'm hoping to work out in the yard this weekend. I have icicle pansies to plant and some leaf raking. Our trees are reaching their peak as far as color goes and it's absolutely gorgeous in our area right now. I love this time of year. Raking leaves should be good exercise. We also have to get rid of my son's car. The local junk yard will take it for $25. Can you believe it - only $25 - that's a tank of gas (or lunch at Cracker Barrel - ha!).

Well, that's it for now. I have to do some work. Have a great day and weekend. I'll check in on Monday.



P.S. I read this on a website - "success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm". It made me realize that we can't always be successful in everything we do but the ability to accept that and to keep trying is a success in itself. Remember, we're one day closer to achieving our goals.

breakaway on 10/17/2003:
I do the same thing at home when I weigh in and when I am clothed I always weigh about 3 lbs more. Don't worry about it. Those clothes can really weigh a lot more then we think. Have a great day and glad to hear you liked your doctor.

ThinLee on 10/17/2003:
One day closer!! Yea!! Good job. I love your attitude.

TheMother - Thursday Oct 16, 2003

Weight: 242.5

Day 57: Happy Thursday. Where did this week go? It seems like only yesterday it was Monday and now the week is almost over. Today one of the bigwigs from St. Louis is in our office so I'm extra busy intercepting calls and doing other miscellaneous stuff for him. Also, it is boss' day today and I gave Ellen (my wonderful boss) a beautiful rope basket filled with all sorts of goodies. She loved it. She sent me flowers for my birthday which was two weeks ago. They are absolutely beautiful. We get along so well. Of all the bosses I've had and there have been quite a few, she is the absolute best!

Just heard from my hubby who had to take a nuclear stress test today. Unfortunately, his vein collapsed so they could not administer the remainder of the test using the dye. This means he has to go back on Monday - which requires taking another day off from work and go through the whole thing all over again. I'm sitting here on pins and needles because I don't know what this means. My brother who just had angioplasty a couple of weeks ago says it's no big deal but to me when you're dealing with the heart, it is a big deal. Meanwhile, I have a doctor's appointment today after work. I need to get prescriptions for a couple of my medications and since we've switched to a new coverage plan, I've had to change doctors since my old doctor doesn't accept our current plan. The good thing is this doctor is real close to my house - I could actually walk there if I wanted to. Since I'm going to get home later than usual, I think tonight might be a pizza night especially since it's game 7 of the Yankees vs. Red Sox. GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!

That's it for now. I hope everyone has a great day today. Think positive. We're one day closer to achieving our goals.

Take care,


breakaway on 10/17/2003:
Good luck to your hubby! Sorry to hear his test didn't work out. Hang in there! GOod luck at the doc's!

TheMother - Wednesday Oct 15, 2003
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 242.5

Day 56: WOW!!! I can't believe I'm on my "program" for almost two months. I am truly impressed because like many of us, I've started a hundred times only to throw in the towel after a few days. I'm doing pretty well, all things considered. I've spent a good part of this morning trying to finalize the details for the loan for my son's new pickup. I had to call the credit union a couple of times and as luck would have it, the woman my son is dealing with is someone I used to work with when I was at Nabisco. She remembered me and I remembered her. It brought memories of a happy time (I really liked working for Nabisco before Kraft took them over). Anyway, things are squared away and Sean will stop in to sign the papers and pick up the check so we can go to the dealership tonight. He is so excited. It works out really great because he has off tomorrow so he can spend the day with the truck doing whatever.

I'm starting to get hungry but lunch isn't for another 45 minutes. I brought some more grilled chicken. I also have a banana and FF yogurt for later. Tonight is going to be ravioli and meatballs. I need to make something quick so we can run out to get the truck.

Nothing else to report so I'll close for now. I hope everyone is doing well and has a GREAT day today. We're one day closer to achieving our goals.

Take care, all.


malh on 10/15/2003:
Your attitude is wonderful...it spills over into the computer...*S*....I'm like you...can't believe its Day 72 for my "lifestyle change" and it feels great. Lets keep up the good work...Mary

breakaway on 10/16/2003:
COngrats on your 56th day!!! That is so great! I hope I make it to day 56. Good luck to you and hope you have a great day today!

TheMother - Tuesday Oct 14, 2003
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 242.5

Day 55: Hello fellow DDers: It's almost lunchtime and I can't wait to have my cut up grilled chicken breast that I brought from home. Today I woke up hungry. Did you ever have that happen? I couldn't wait to get to work so I could have my bagel and coffee (I have 2 cups of coffee at home but I don't eat anything until I arrive at the office). They have very tasty bagels here and I usually get a sesame one lightly buttered. Today, though, I had a cinammon raisin because it looked so good (and it was).

I've been having a little difficulty sleeping the last few nights. I don't know if it's from being over tired or having things on my mind or what but I can't remember the last time I had a really good night's sleep.

We're hoping to pick up the new truck either tomorrow or Thursday. My son is anxious to get it. Hubby is taking off from work on Thursday because he has to go for a nuclear stress test (the same thing my brother did before he had angioplasty done). Hubby said he will take the test but after that, that's it. I hope he doesn't have any blockage that requires angioplasty. He had heart problems growing up. I tell you, it's always something...

Foodwise, yesterday was a pretty good day. I had turkey deli meat for lunch on 1/2 roll with a banana and later on I had my FF yogurt. Dinner was roasted turkey breast with a baked potato. Tonight is going to be turkey again but with mashed potatoes and string beans. During TV time, I had the pretzel braids (Rold Gold - they are SO good). Had quite a few, I'm afraid to say but I think (and hope) I was within my "legal" calorie count.

Both of my bosses are in a meeting so I'm going to take some time to read a couple of diaries and comment.

Have a wonderful day. We're all one day closer to achieving our goals. We CAN do it!


starlight on 10/14/2003:
Hee hee, my boss' were in a long interview today and then a meeting, plus I have pretty much nothing to do right now, so I've been reading entries this morning. That food sounds so good. you made me hungry lol. Oh well, I'm going to subway soon. Take care - Kim

malh on 10/14/2003:
That hunger feeling always gives me a sense of control...I like that feeling. As for not sleeping, sounds like you have alot going on in your mind with your hubby and son's new pickup purchase. Keep up the good work

Scruffy on 10/15/2003:
nice entry today :-)

TheMother - Monday Oct 13, 2003
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 242.5

Day 54: Happy Monday and to all of you who have Columbus Day off from work, I hope you're enjoying it! I'm at the office and it's almost time to go home. Again, it was another busy day doing a lot of calculations and looking for info for the boss. It's so beautiful out and the weekend was nice as well (for a change). I got some things done around the house and went to Costco on Saturday and bought some icicle pansies. They are supposed to survive the winter or your money back guaranteed. We shall see. They were only $10 for 6 nice sized plants. I'm hoping to plant them tomorrow after work because when I leave today, I need to stop off at the mall to exchange a pair of pants I bought - THEY'RE TOO BIG!!!!!

Food-wise, it was a decent weekend. Not one of my best but certainly not one of my worst or like the way I used to eat - junk, junk and more junk. We went to look at the truck Sean had left a deposit on and he and his Dad took it out for a road test on the highway while I waited at the dealership. His Dad thought it was a good deal and Sean finalized the paperwork. He applied for his loan through our credit union and was instantly approved so we are waiting for notification as to when he can sign the papers and pick up the check. We hope to have the new truck by the end of the week.

My daughter is being inducted into a national honor society for those students who are in the top 15% of their class. The group comprises 345 universities worldwide and is a prestigious organization. I'm SO proud of her. The induction ceremony is Nov. 8th at her school. Needless to say, hubby and I will be traveling to DC for the event. Sean has to work so he won't be able to go.

Nothing else is new. I'm leaving here in a few minutes (yipppeeee!!).

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Have a terrific day today. I'll catch up on your entries from over the weekend and today when I come into work tomorrow. Remember we're all one day closer to achieving our goals.

Take care,


BellaK on 10/13/2003:
Wow we have many reasons to celebrate here! Congratulations on your loose pants, on staying on plan over the weekend, on your truck and especially on your daughter! I know that you are proud and YOU SHOULD BE!!! What a wonderful accomplishment! Now I understand why your name at DD is "The Mother" haha! ~~ CONGRATULATIONS again!

Take care ~~ :) Bella

TheMother - Friday Oct 10, 2003
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 242.5

Day 51: Happy, happy Friday, All: I don't know where to begin. First and foremost, please check out the new weight!!!!! I can't believe it!!! Yesterday I weighed in and lost 5.5 lbs. since I last weighed on my BD (10/1). I remember so vividly how upset I was that there had been no change from when I had weighed in the time before then. It was a bummer and I felt bad that I had weighed on my BD because it did upset me greatly - knowing I had been "good" and it didn't show up on the scale. Well, happily, I didn't throw in the proverbial towel and 8 days later, I'm down 5.5 lbs. This makes a grand total of 12.5 lbs. I'm a slow loser especially since I'm older and not really into the exercise thing (working out in a gym, etc.) but I'm making progress and to me that is the main thing - slow BUT steady!!!! I couldn't wait to share my good news with all of you.

As for the Shania Twain concert - she was phenomenal!!! We had good seats and she put on a great show. We love her music. She did all of her hits (and she has quite a few) and she interfaced with the audience a lot, signing autographs and bringing a couple of people on stage to sing with her. We got home around midnight and having Thursday off was an added bonus. The weather was very summery - about 80 degrees (for October in NJ that is somewhat of a record). My son and I went "truck shopping". Stopped at a couple of dealerships and found a really nice 03 black GMC Sonoma with only 10,000 miles on it. We put down a deposit and are going back tomorrow afternoon with hubby to get his opinion. When we got home, I was able to work out in the yard for about 1 1/2 hours (that's my exercise). It was SO great having an extra day to get things done (I wish we had 3 day weekends all of the time - ha!).

Tonight is NOT my usual pizza night. I have so many leftovers to use up (meatloaf, cornish hens) and I hate wasting food so tonight is leftovers. Maybe we'll have pizza sometime over the weekend.

That's about it for now. I hope everyone has a great Friday and terrific weekend. I'm thinking of all of you and hope you're doing well. Remember...we're one day closer to achieving our goals.

I'll be back on Monday...

Take care,


curvy shar on 10/10/2003:
WOOHOO! That's awesome! Congratulations! What a great couple of days you've had. Hope your weekend is good.

pezzy34 on 10/10/2003:
Wow! You are so upbeat! If you are older than me you will appreciate what a shmuck my first doctor was.... I was just 26 when I decided I wanted to begin losing weight and I went to my doctor for help. She told me first off that I would never lose my tummy because I've had two kids and I'm not a spring chicken anymore. (her words, not mine) She also said not to expect anything miraculous because as a "woman ages it becomes more and more impossible to reach weight loss goals" So, needless to say I reported her comments to the head Doc and prayed she never becomes a motivational speaker. I am 29 now and 100 pounds lighter than I was... actually closer to 130 or so lighter. My mother is almost 60 and my grandmother almost 90 and they both began following my example and my mother has lost 45 pounds over the past year and my grandmother has lost 30 (although in my opinion granny looked fabulous no matter what!) You'll do great and just remember that even if some things don't snap back the way you want them.... plastic surgeons do financing too. LOL HA! Love, Jenni

srchng4sknny on 10/10/2003:
Congrats on the excellent weight loss! You are doing great! Keep it up! So glad you had a great time at the concert, sounds like it was a blast! Yard work is one of the best ways to get exercise, so you just keep doing that and you will do great! Have a great day!

breakaway on 10/10/2003:
I am SO thrilled about your 5.5 lbs!!! CONGRATS TO YOU! You are doing fabulous and you deserved that lose! Great job! Good to see you enjoyed the concert. I have never been to one but would love to go to a Britney Spears one. I hear she is great! I just love her music and I bought one of her concerts on dvd and it's a great one. She changed almost every song and lots of fire and excitement! Great dvd! You have a great day today and look forward to your next weigh in. I know you will do great!

TheMother - Wednesday Oct 08, 2003
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 248.0

Day 49...Happy Wednesday...Once again, it's a very busy day at the office; hence, I'm posting very late and very quickly as I have stuff to do before I leave here at 4 p.m. today. Tonight is the Shania Twain concert and my son and I are going to leave as soon as I get home and change my work clothes. We're going to grab something to eat on the way to the arena (eating at the concert is way too fattening!!!). We're both looking forward to her show. She is so talented and very energetic.

I'm taking tomorrow off since we'll probably get home late. The weather is supposed to be very summery so I'm looking forward to getting some stuff done in the yard. We're going to put out our Halloween decorations, too. Even though my kids are big, we still like to decorate for the various holidays (I guess we're just kids at heart).

I hope everyone is doing well and has a terrific Wednesday. I'll check in on Friday when return to the office.

Take care everyone...remember we're one day closer to achieving our goals.


srchng4sknny on 10/08/2003:
Hope you have a great time at the concert! I'm jealous! :0)

legcramp on 10/08/2003:
One more day and it's 50!!! Congrats! Wow, Shania Twain, have fun tonight! Good thinking about the arena food compared to grabbing something on the way. 'Arena' burgers are really fattening and the fries are even worse!!

Have a great day today!

legcramp ;)

breakaway on 10/08/2003:
HOpe you enjoy the concert and good to see your not eating there! Your doing great! Keep up the good work.

Scruffy on 10/09/2003:
Scruff was here :-)

TheMother - Tuesday Oct 07, 2003
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 248.0

Day 48...What a beautiful day it is in NJ. Happy Tuesday to all. I'm late posting an entry today since both of my "bosses" are in today. The joint is jumping as they say and I've been really really busy. I can't believe it is already 3 p.m. (I leave at 4:30).

As you know, we are truck shopping for my son. Last night hubby and son went to a Toyota dealership and they found a really great truck fulled loaded - a 2000 Silverado with 40,000 miles. Sean loved the color (blue, his favorite). We put down a security deposit with the intention of going back tonight to finalize the deal; however, when my son checked with my brother (a former mechanic), he told him not to get it because it was way more truck than what he needs. So we are going to take my brother's advice and continue our search. There are still several more dealerships in the area to check out. It's just so time consuming and naturally we want to proceed with caution because it is a major purchase.

Tomorrow night is the Shania Twain concert. We're looking forward to it as both my son and I enjoy her performance and she puts on a good show. I'm leaving work at 4 p.m. so I can go home, change clothes, pick up my son and head to the arena (about 45 minutes from home). We'll stop for something to eat along the way. I'm taking Thursday off since we'll probably get home late Wednesday night. I'm hoping to get out in the yard and do some yardwork that I haven't been able to do since the weather hasn't been the best the past couple of weekends.

Foodwise I had a good day yesterday. Had my bagel/coffee for breakfast. Lunch was a Lean Cuisine (250 cal.) entree, banana and later for snack a FF yogurt. Dinner was an odd combination of frozen veggies (broccoli, cauliflower & carrots) mixed with white rice topped with parmesean/romano grated cheese. Later on I had two cups of dry cheerios (wanted something crunchy during TV time) and some Quaker rice cakes. Tonight is Lean Cuisine (370 cal) and some tomato/cucumber/onion salad. I don't know if we are truck shopping tonight or not since we're going to cancel the appointment we had originally scheduled. Tomorrow night is out because of the concert.

That's all that's new with me right now. I hope to get some time to read a couple of entries before I leave work. Have a terrific Tuesday. Remember we are all one day closer to achieving our goals. We can do it!

Take care...


breakaway on 10/07/2003:
You are very committed to getting this job done! Great job!

TheMother - Monday Oct 06, 2003
(Counting Calories)
Weight: 248.0

Day 47: Good morning, All: As I've mentioned on other Monday mornings, where do the weekends go!!!!! It seems like I had just left the office on Friday afternoon and here I am, once again, sitting at my desk at work. WOW!!!!! Where to begin...

Saturday - the weather was the pits here in NJ. We had rain and drizzle throughout most of the day and it was real cool, too. I ran some errands, did the usual two loads of laundry and food shopping. Later in the afternoon, my son and I went to a local car dealership as we began his search to find a new/used truck for him. This is going to take some time because it is a major purchase and he plans to keep the truck for quite a few years. We looked at a couple of trucks and of course, the salesperson came running out (we hate that - especially since we're just looking). She was a nice woman but you know how salespeople can be. She showed us a couple of models - a 2000 Chevrolet and a new 2003 Silverado. Naturally, we had to go inside so she could "work up the numbers". There really wasn't that much difference $$$ between the two. The only drawbacks were the 2000 was a 4 cylinder while the 2003 was a "light 8". We need a 6 cylinder. Bottom line, after being there an hour or so, we had to leave and since my son had to go to his part-time job (Disney store), we couldn't go to another dealer. We're supposed to stop back tonight to test drive the two vehicles but since we talked about it with hubby and my brother who used to be a mechanic with the postal service, we've decided neither one was a go. I will cancel the appointment. Saturday night, hubby and I went to the mall to Michael's and a couple of other stores. We stopped in to see Sean at work while we were there.

Sunday - the sun was shining but it was clouds/sun throughout the day. I bought my cornstalks to decorate a trellis I have outside and while hubby was at an membership drive event for the Irish organization he belongs to, Sean and I went to another car dealership. This stop proved to be a bust. Nothing interested him but at least we can rule this dealer out and move on to the next one. Later that afternoon, we took a ride to northern Sussex county where we live to a large auto mall. We saw a couple of trucks there, one he's interested in and I think he is going to call them about test driving this one. We made a couple of other stops on the way home and found another dealer that had leftover 2003s within his price range. By the time we got home, I still had to get ready for work (iron, shower), run some more laundry, cook up a meat loaf for tonight's dinner, do my nails, etc. Here it was 7 p.m. and I still hadn't read the Sunday newspaper! I wowed that these hectic weekends would be changed so I could have some "me" time. Guess what - it didn't happen again this weekend.

The office is quiet today since it's Yom Kippur and my boss is Jewish so she is not coming in. The guy I also help out is Jewish as well so he won't be in. Today is a good day to read DD and make a few comments. I do have some data entry work to do and a few other things so all in all, it should be a nice day and go by fairly quickly.

Foodwise, the weekend was pretty good. I was really disappointed by the pizza on Friday night. Normally this place has the best pizza around but for some reason, it tasted doughy like it wasn't cooked enough. It was very busy and I'm wondering if in order to get the pies out to accommodate everyone, they didn't cook them as long as they normally do. Plus the crust wasn't as thin. I did, however, enjoy my Mickey D's ice cream cone that I had as my dessert. Sunday I had a Lean Cuisine meal (370 calories). I'm using them up and then I'm not going to buy them any more. I seem to remember one of my diet instructors telling the group the Lean Cuisine meals are loaded with sodium. I have three more to use - then I'll go back to the Smart Ones (when they're on sale, of course). Dinner last night was weird - three homemade meatballs, some rice cakes and fruit salad. I ate this while watching TV (not a good thing to eat meals in front of the TV).

That's all for now (wasn't it enough - ha!). I hope everyone had a good weekend and has a great day today. Remember, we're one day closer to achieving our goals. Keep the faith...we can do it!!!!!


curvy shar on 10/06/2003:
Oh, I know what you mean about the weekends! They always go by so fast. You are right about the Lean Cuisine meals being heavy on the sodium. SO many of the frozen dinners are. Are Smart Ones lower? I haven't ever gotten any of those. Hope your Monday is good!

malh on 10/06/2003:
Sounds like you had a busy weekend and had to go back to work to relax....lol ...I have found that my taste buds have changed on this lifestyle change...that foods that I thought I couldnt live without...somehow don't taste the same anymore. Just a thought...keep up the great choices...

breakaway on 10/06/2003:
Glad to see your weekend food wise was a good one...but again you got no "you" time :( Your going to just have to steal it! Your doing a super job and I hope you have a great day!

legcramp on 10/07/2003:
legcramp was here ;)

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