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V - Wednesday Sep 25, 2013
(Insanity,Asylum, Clean Eating)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Didn't work yesterday due to the torrential downpour..Normally an extra day off would have been cause to celebrate but man was I bored and not anticipating staying inside all day due to flooding.. It eased up long enough for me to take out the garbage and it was then I discovered a huge part of my tree on the ground in front of my car..Not sure if it was struck by lightning or gave to the heft of the rains but had it struck my car, my windshield would have been shattered so thank goodness it didn't..

Anyhoo got in Cardio Power and Resistance class earlier and once again my day is uncertain because it is STILL raining!  Catch up with ya later!

Have a good day all

No work today and I was a tad bit stir crazy between nothing to do other than checking out the local weather channel and nodding off, decided to make a break for it once the severe rain moved out of the area.. Stopped off at work, went to the grocery store to get a little social interaction..Not completely fulfilled but it will tide me over I suppose, LOL.. Ended the day with a Relief class..

Good Evening!

B- Whey Protein shake with banana(out of almond milk)

L- Lean Ground Turkey, whole grain brown rice and broccoli

S- Natural PB

D- Pan Seared Salmon atop Spring mix, cucumber, roma tomato, onion, red wine vin and fresh lemon..2 glasses of Red wine

Gallon of water...LF cottage cheese and tsp natural pb(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 09/25/2013:
SHOCKING ! Have a good morning, V.

Umpqua on 09/25/2013:
I hope you are able to get out of the house today if you don't have work - enjoy!

V - Tuesday Sep 24, 2013
(Insanity,Asylum, Clean Eating)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Another rainy, dark and dreary day so far and man was it tough getting up this morning,all this rain is making me a bit lethargic..Good to go now that I have Max Cardio Conditioning class under my belt.. It is obvious that my bar outside will be closed due to the weather but I still have to prep just in case they need an extra person inside..Catch up with you all later, have a wonderful day

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 09/24/2013:
Mornin' V.

skinnygrlwithin on 09/24/2013:
Yes...cold rainy weather always makes me want to stay under the covers just a little bit longer.

So I've been working on our little "make sure we do all the things we want to do" challenge.... Now that we've got two mountains down, I just started researching the next couple that I'd like to climb. We can do this!! :) One small step at a time.

V - Monday Sep 23, 2013
(Insanity,Asylum, Clean Eating)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Had a low key Sunday which is exactly what I needed after a hectic sorta stressful work week..Napped through most if the afternoon football games and of course stayed up far later than I wanted to watch my Bears beat the Steelers, YEAH BUDDY! LOL The game ended at a decent hour but I was too amped to sleep right away.. Slept in this morning easy to do it since it was dark and rainy til 9.. Got in an Insane Abs class and off to get my chores out the way.. Catch up with you all later, have a wonderful start to your week

Back from another chillaxing day..It started raining like crazy right after I logged off earlier and it i still raining!! Nixed the trip to the laundry since I can get through the work week with clean clothes..LOL Most of the cleaning is done, meals for the week are made bagged and tagged..Got in a stretch class so the day is complete..

Good Evening!

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1 banana

L- 1 egg with colby jack, 4 strips of extra lean turkey bacon, grits

S-  All natural Cranberry Bar

D- Extra lean turkey patty atop spring mix, assorted fresh veggies, red wine vin, evoo and Italian seasonings.. Skinny Margarita

Gallon of water..Lf cottage cheese(pre bedtime)


Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

skinnygrlwithin on 09/23/2013:
Don't you just love lazy Sundays like that!! I think we all deserve them now and then, stressful week or not!

OhioRaven on 09/23/2013:
Mornin' Ninja. I was Happy to see the Bears do good. The Ravens play the Bears once on Nov. 17th IN Soldier Field. It should be a good one.

Umpqua on 09/23/2013:
I'm so happy to hear you were able to decompress after a stressful week. SO important! I hope this week is a good one, my friend!

V - Friday Sep 20, 2013
(Insanity,Asylum, Clean Eating)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning So far a stellar healthy week staying on track with 5 ingredients or less..I start off with the usual protein shake for breakfast, lunch is 1 cup of whole grain brown rice, broccoli and 4oz of lean meat, dinner is lean meat atop spring mix and assorted veggies and still doing the pre bedtime lf cottage cheese..

Anyhoo got in Back and 6 pack class earlier.. Off to prep for work so I will catch up with you all later..Happy Friday

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 09/20/2013:
Happy Friday, V.

horn_of_plenty on 09/20/2013:
you are very right, it's the "eating disorder" kicking in in full force as of late.

OhioRaven on 09/20/2013:
It's been Crazy Busy for me, V. But I'm having a great time !

V - Wednesday Sep 18, 2013
(Insanity,Asylum, Clean Eating)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Just finished up Max Cardio Conditioning, would have finished alot earlier if I didn't abuse the snooze button, LOL.. Better keep it moving so I will catch you all later, have a wonderful day

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein and 1 banana

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 09/18/2013:
You know, you've been logging here 6 times a week for so long that I can't blame you for pulling back a little. Like you said in your last entry, balance is a good thing and focusing on other areas of your life a bit more is definitely a positive thing. On another note, I hope the roll-back madness dies down soon so you can go back to normal prices and earnings. Have a good one, my friend! <3

skinnygrlwithin on 09/18/2013:
Thank you so much for the comments yesterday... I found them very helpful. I was kinda thinking the same as far as the protein powder... I thought I would definitely include it on my weights day (which hopefully will be mondays) right after my workout... other than that I'll just see how my day goes.

As for the clean eating... yes I don't think it would be a drastic change for myself, but I think it would be a good challenge. I talked to the boyfriend about canning veggies, and making our own sauces and salad dressings. I would just feel better knowing where my food comes from ya know?

Have you ever checked out "clean eating" magazine. They have two week meal plans as well (sounds similar to what you mentioned)... I think stuff like that is good to have for times when you just don't know what to make...or you get bored of the norm.

Btw... I think you and I will always be snooze abusers! haha

legcramps on 09/18/2013:
Have an awesome day today V!

OhioRaven on 09/18/2013:
Mornin', V. I use the button, but I don't abuse the button. Have a Great Day !

grumpy on 09/18/2013:
Hey V! Sorry I havent been commenting, I will try to do more of it! At least I am back to posting everyday! Yay. Have a great day, lady!

michgal on 09/19/2013:
have a great day! =)

horn_of_plenty on 09/19/2013:
Hey V, I hope you had a great workout & day!!! :-D

V - Monday Sep 16, 2013
(Insanity,Asylum, Clean Eating)
Weight: 134.0

Good Evening I have been pretty busy making up for lost time with friends..I feel like I have put everything else on the backburner to train and work..Not a bad thing but it has to be equally balanced..

Speaking of I have switched things up 3 weeks ago since I haven't seen improvement with ab definition in months..I am so guilty of overtraining, not allowing the body proper time to recover..I was reading an article by a cast member of P90X(Joe Bovino) stating that although the program got him in the best shape of his life, at this point he took leave from it since his body is used to the workout and it no longer causes "muscle confusion" for him..

Anyhoo I have been eating "cleaner"(5 or less ingredients with my meals) at least 5 days a week and working out 5 days a week doing mainly Insanity classes as opposed to 6 super intense Asylum classes(no two a days unless the other workout is stretch/yoga)..Mind you I don't consider this a diet because I am not deprived and I also  allow the glass or two of vino with dinner and so far it has not been perfect because I still have an occasional meal that is not 5 ingredients or less and consumed more than 2 glasses of vino when I am out with friends.. I can see and feel the difference in the mid section so that is a major victory..

Had a great weekend, spent most of Sunday attempting to watch football but napped through most of the games, slept in today, after chores and nap got in an Ab Shredder class..Off to get some fuel  and watch American Ninja Warrior..Good Evening



Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

skinnygrlwithin on 09/17/2013:
I think this idea to change things up a bit is a great idea...as well as the 5 items a dish idea. I think I also need to start eating cleaner... there's low calorie, but then there's healthy. Keep it up!!

Umpqua on 09/17/2013:
I think this is a good idea for you. You've been training super hard for so long and you're so right, there must be a balance. IMO you eat super clean, I never hear you mention anything processed. Hope you have a fantastic week!

legcramps on 09/17/2013:
I'm glad to hear about you changing things up - something we all need to do once in awhile to keep reaching for that life-balance; and I also agree with Ump in that you seem to be eating quite clean already. But you're a rockstar, and you know what you're doing! So rock on, girl!

michgal on 09/17/2013:
you are so disciplined with exercise and eating the right foods. i wish some of that would rub off on me, lol!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/17/2013:
WOW! What motivation...5 ingredients or less...i am so NOT THERE yet, but it's great to read that you are being so healthy :-D

V - Saturday Sep 14, 2013
(Building a stronger body/Asylum 1 & 2)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Sorry that I havent had the chance to respond to you guys but I will later and that is a promise.. Just finished up Max Interval Circuit class and it's off to work..Speaking of, although there are a few employees that have been there 20 years, I am not one of them,LOL Have a great weekend

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 09/15/2013:
I been pretty busy myself these days. Catching up on here a bit ! Hope your Saturday was good. Who thought you had been at work 20 years???

V - Friday Sep 13, 2013
(Building a stronger body/Asylum 1 & 2)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Got a great start with Back and 6 Pack class earlier..Now I have to psyche myself up for work..Monday maked the 20th Anniversary of the place I work..The owners decided to roll back the prices( 20 years ago) on alot of the food and drinks on the menu til the end of the month..Although it is nice to have so many patrons for this time of year, typically September is the slowest month of the year for us, it is a bit of a strain on the wallet for the employees that rely on tips. Sure we have some generous patrons but they are few and far between..

Okay rant over..LOL I better get going, catch you all later, Happy Friday 

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/13/2013:
Happy Friday & thank you for the bday & new year well wishes!

for me, it's easier to psyche myself for exercise than work too!?

...have a good day!

skinnygrlwithin on 09/13/2013:
RYC I am down to live life like nobody is watching... I talked to my bf last night about finding a realtor in VT and really get this process going of us moving etc. Why waste life, there might only be this one... and wouldn't you want to go out knowing you did everything you wanted to do and never held yourself short? So I'm in!

skinnygrlwithin on 09/13/2013:
And btw... congrats on the 20 years... I do however know how hard it is to maintain on a serving salary, people just don't understand what it's like to live off the money that they tip, to be paid far less than minimum wage...yea I hear you.

legcramps on 09/13/2013:
Wow, 20 years! That's wild; must be quite a few awesome memories mixed in there to keep you hanging around!!

michgal on 09/13/2013:
20 years, good for you! hopefully you'll get some good tippers! =)

Umpqua on 09/13/2013:
Hey, just wanted to say I hope people get clued in the tipping discrepancy over the weekend. This is totally reminding me of the senior citizen special from my server days - I would have people leave me loose change. Not cool. Hope it improves for you xx

V - Wednesday Sep 11, 2013
(Building a stronger body/Asylum 1 & 2)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Went to bed at a decent hour and just as I was drifting off the phone rings..I haven't spoke with my friend in ages so I took the call, stayed up far too late gabbing it up..I was dragging this morning but got my second wind after Max  Cardio class.. Better get going and prep for work, catch ya later, have a good day all

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 09/11/2013:
Cardius Maximus ! Have a great day, V.

skinnygrlwithin on 09/11/2013:
Catching up with an old friend is always worth a few hours of sleep lost :)

As for your comments...this topic has been one I've been thinking about more and more lately. Am I in the right job? Am I living in the right place? What would make me truly happy? Do I have all the qualities of the person I REALLY want to be. While I obviously don't know all the details of your life, I'd say you have a whole lot to be proud of yourself for... you've accomplished so much in the last couple years. So while I understand and am on the same page in our desire to strive for, and achieve more, you (and myself as well) always need to remember how much you've done!

As for the recipes... very very easy! Noodless lasagna: You'll need raw eggplant, raw zucchini, sauce. and some kind of cheese. I used canned sauce because I was lazy, and goat cheese because I thought it added a nice zing of flavor. As for the amount, it just depends on the size of your pan. I think mine with smaller than a 9*11. I used 2 eggplants, 1 zucchini, almost a full jar of sauce, and 8 oz of goat cheese. I greased the pan, then put a layer of sauce, followed by thin stripes of raw eggplant (I took the skin off and just cut noodle like long stripes)until the bottom is covered, followed by more sauce, than some garlic powder, and black pepper to taste (I'm trying to avoid salt...so you could use any seasoning you want) followed by a layer of thin sliced raw zucchini (I left the skin on), followed by several spoons of goat cheese over the whole layer, followed by more sauce. I just repeated that until the pan was full. Baked at 350 for 45 minutes and that was it.

skinnygrlwithin on 09/11/2013:
OH and turkey meatballs...I used italian style ground turkey (price chopper - our grocery store's brand - but I'm sure any ground turkey would work.) I through in a bunch of seasonings (I don't measure haha)...basil, italian mix, oregano...1 egg. and then enough bread crumbs to bind the meat together. I formed the balls, then pushed holes in the center, which I stuffed with little cubes of mozz, spinach, and prosciutto. I closed the holes up and threw them in a frying pan with some pam. Seared the outside on a little above medium heat... then lowered the temp down and cooked them the rest of the way, constantly turning them. Right before they finished I through some homemade sauce on them and that was it!

legcramps on 09/11/2013:
I was reading your post, and then I got sidetracked by skinny's recipes. gosh, they sound delicious, don't they? maybe i'm just hungry.

Glad you got to talk to your friend, even though the call went late. Eh, that happens. Have an awesome day today :)

grumpy on 09/12/2013:
J and I have been doing a lot of zucchini and squash lasagnas. I find them tastier than Eggplant (but we mix it in at times too) and you can make it really light if you go easy on the cheese. I also add a lot of parsley! Enjoy. xoxo

V - Tuesday Sep 10, 2013
(Building a stronger body/Asylum 1 & 2)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Got in Max Plyo Interval class and of course I am pressed for time since I abused the snooze button so I will catch up with you all later..Have a wonderful day

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 09/10/2013:
Sounds like you had a lovely weekend even if it was busy! I hope today is a good one xx

skinnygrlwithin on 09/10/2013:
We all need a few extra snoozes now and again! Have a good day!! You should try making the eggplant lasagna, it's very easy. I can give you directions of what I did if you want it.

legcramps on 09/10/2013:
Have a good one!

OArecovery on 09/10/2013:
Hope you are having a good day V! You asked the other day what I do for a living- I work in marketing and research in quite a creative space. I am very lucky with my boss- he gives me the space to see counsellors sometimes, we often eat together and very healthily and I even get to work from home sometimes- I am so grateful!!

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