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V - Saturday Oct 13, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning   I just completed Plyo Cardio class all pumped up that I have one more shift before my weekend begins..Last night was the first time in ages that i didn't have to turn on my AC overnight, so exited about that, so looking forward to lower monthly power bills.. It is not outrageous since I am very conscious/frugal about conserving energy..And for that reason, I am stoked to finally open some windows for fresh air..

Well I better keep it moving and get ready for work, chat with you all later.. Have an awesome weekend all

Hey all, work was super busy and it def made the day go by faster..I was tempted to go to my fave after work place for a few drinks but decided to curb my spending all thanks to a friend of mine who has been counting the days til Christmas on her facebook page since October 1st...LOL Although I find it very odd of her to do this so soon, it was very helpful for me sorting out my needs and wants..

Time for some college football, vino and grub, have a wonderful evening!

During/post workout  L- Glutamine

B- Almond breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, blueberries and strawberries

L- Hummus, Lettuce, Tomato on Multi Grain Sandwich thin... boom boom shrimp, celery and blue cheese

S- SP Fries

D- Tilapia with Crabby Florentine..2 Glasses of Red Blend

1 1/2 gallons of water...Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

nunnermack on 10/13/2012:
We had a very hot August/September out here and I was dreading what my bill would be running too. I was pleasantly surprised that it was only $62!! Well worth it because there were many 100+ days.

Enjoy your day!!!

Umpqua on 10/13/2012:
I'm sure it was nice to turn off the AC and just get some fresh air. By the end of summer here I'm so done with the recycled air and it's nice to open up the house before we have to start heating. And here we are getting frost overnight!! Have a good one my friend!

biscottibody59 on 10/13/2012:
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Umpqua on 10/14/2012:
I'm surprised some of the stores already have Christmas decorations out, some since the beginning of October! Yep, last October we got blasted with snow and lost power for a week, missing out on Halloween. We've got Halloween parties, a field trip and trick or treating planned this year so there better not be any snow!

V - Friday Oct 12, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning I am did really well this week about waking up a little before the alarm goes off..I still played hit the snooze button game 3 times before completing Cardio Power and Resistance class. Woke up to a slighty cooler morning, it's 70 now and highs are expected to be  87 with a nice breeze so YAYYY for that.. I better keep the momentum going and prep for work, chat with you all later..Happy Friday all

Back from a busy day. It was perfect weather for locals and tourists alike to sit outdoors.. the day flew past which was AOKAY with me!  Upon arrival home, i chilled for a few and did Cardio Abs class.. Off to say hello to you all and get some fuel.. Good Evening!!

During/post workout  L- Glutamine

B- Almond breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, blueberries and strawberries

L- Boiled Chicken Breast with cheddar jack,lettuce,tomato, honey mustard on Multi Grain Sandwich thin

S- Kicking Crab soup with tortilla chips

D-Red Beans and Whole Grain Brown Rice... 2 Glasses of Red Blend


1 1/2 gallons of water..Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 10/12/2012:
An energetic start as usual! Sounds like a very nice day. Enjoy!

supercheese on 10/12/2012:
hahah i hope so too! NC is nice, but I'm always up for a change :) Have a great nice day!!

Umpqua on 10/12/2012:
You don't have to say nice things about chocolate just for my benefit LOL ;) My snacks may sound weird but doing something like that satisfies my sweet tooth and keeps me from eating stuff like cake and ice cream! Hope you have an excellent day!

skinnygrlwithin on 10/12/2012:
Thank you so much! I know she's in there...I just gotta inspire her to get her ass out front and center! And yes, please bunch my boss...it's a she... uuugghh! Have a great day at work! And that's awesome that you've been getting up in the morning this week to work out before your day even begins! Makes you feel like you've accomplished something!

thenewMLE on 10/12/2012:
I can imagine why they called you the Cajun Queen Cook!! I'm surprised they haven't moved you from bartending to "Chef of the Beach"! You could be putting out the tastiest bar food around!! And throw it out there Cajun style!! Have a great day!

nunnermack on 10/12/2012:
Good morning to you too, V, and happy weekend!!!

V - Thursday Oct 11, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Completed Cardio Recovery as the sun was rising..It was a beauty!  Nice way to get the day started, sore glutes and all..LOL  Temps are slightly cooler again 72, high 87 hoping for a breezy day..Well i better get a move on so I can prep for work..Have a wonderful day all

Back from a really good shift! Nice breeze, stayed busy all day, besides my barback, it was a solo mission so it was almost a stress free(he still hasn't picked up the same sense of urgency as I have but I am working on him, LOL)

I arrived home to a nice hole cut out in the wall of my shower The plumber came out to fix a leak while i was at work..I wasn't pleased with the mess he left on the shower floor, let alone the fact that guest house is built above the garage, game room,changing room for the pool..Although the gameroom and changing room are sealed properly, i see all sorts of creepy crawly things that can fit under the garage door so I am kinda freaking out about things that may bump in the night...LOL

Expressing my anxieties to my landlords, they assured me that the hole would be sealed tomorrow..

Anyhoo I am going to catch up with you all and get some fuel..Good Evening!!

During/post workout  L- Glutamine

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, blueberries and strawberries

L- Boiled Chicken Breast atop Spring Mix, cherry tomatoes, crumbled tortilla chips, bacon bits, cheddar jack lemon, balsamic vin

S- Chili Lime Almonds

D- Tilapia topped with Spinach, Blue lump crabmeat, ff cheese blend... 2 glasses of Red Blend

 1 1/2 Gallons of water..LF cottage cheese(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

thenewMLE on 10/11/2012:
Hope you have a great day at work! How did your fish come out? It sounds like something I would really like! Were your beans good with the andouille? I have never used it in my beans. I am partial to Polska Kiebaska. I LOVE andouille in shrimp and grits and gumbo though. I'll get back to you later. Having a crazy morning at work already!

grannyannie on 10/11/2012:
RYC thanks for yesterday comments, friend! <3

grannyannie on 10/11/2012:
Have an amazing day!

legcramps on 10/11/2012:
Have a great day today; hope the breeze picks up!

RYC - You have WAY too much energy to be working a desk every day the way I do. We'll have to switch places and maybe find new jobs LOL.

But i'm okay with that. There are wonderslugs here as well.

inmorning on 10/11/2012:
RYC- I was also letting you know that I am a mad organizer too. I don't much like it when others disagree wtih my organization either. You are doing great. Keep it up.

nunnermack on 10/11/2012:
RYC: Yeah, I know it takes a real long time to complete the trail. But, I miss it SO much. Hiking out here is a lot different. All I see are rocks, dirt, rocks, dirt. BORING!! I DON'T miss the ticks though! But then on another downside, my eyes are always looking at every step that I take when I'm hiking out here (watching out for Rattlers) that I rarely look up to the scenery. Didn't see alot of Rattlers back east but I know they're there too!!! Only saw one once, on 9/11. Weird.

liza36 on 10/11/2012:
It sure feels like fall where I am. I love it though. Love getting out my sweaters.

Hope it's a happy Thursday!

LifeInATeaCup on 10/11/2012:
Thanks! You have a great day too :)

biscottibody59 on 10/11/2012:
Have a good evening--and let that bottom recover, girlie:-)

Umpqua on 10/11/2012:
LOL, I'm very curious about this meditation thing myself. I have a printout, "a special evening of chakra meditation and contemplation followed by the Oneness Blessing. Chakra meditation balances and opens your energy pathways, awakening the kundalini which rests at the base of your spine. As the energy rises you enter a state which is free and receptive to the Divine grace." :) So no poses, it's all working on mental exercises from what I gather.

The way my instructor explained it, she tried it and afterwards she said she felt mellow, but that was it. But the next day she woke up HYPER focused and had a clarity she has never before experienced. She described it as sort of a mental detox, ridding your mind of some of the toxic stuff that may be bogging it down, similar to a physical detox. She also said she got so much accomplished that day and was not distracted by anything - I think I've convinced John to try this with me because I think he could definitely benefit. And I feel like I could use this after the past couple of months of stressful happenings :P

Here's a question for you - I got a spasm in class today doing the crow, just under my rib cage. I got it with another pose a couple of weeks ago and she said it's my diaphragm, it's contracting if I don't exhale with the poses and also because I'm out of practice. Have you ever experienced this in any of your workouts? With all the BB stuff I've done and everything else I've never had this muscle spasm except in yoga. It's not an ab muscle, just above the ab area but right under the ribs.

I hope your booty has recovered by now ;)

skinnygrlwithin on 10/11/2012:
Hello hello!!! It was soo good to see your name this morning when I logged in and saw that you were still here!! It's been far too long, and I never should have walked away from this place...there's so much love and support... I don't know how I've survived without you ladies!! So I very much appreciate that on my first day back, here you are all again, with your vote of confidence, encouragement, and belief in me despite the downfalls I've had along the way. Thanks for the positive thoughts, now I just need to remember the girl that could do anything she set her mind too... I've lost her somewhere along the way.

As for you.. I would also be freaking out if there was the possibilities of creepy crawlies making their way into my place... yea..couldn't handle it!! I'm hoping that the landlord comes through on his promise and makes sure that hole is all patched up for you by tomorrow. Everything looks like it's on the up and up in your life... I'm so very glad to see that! :) I look forward to catching up, and supporting each other along the way!

biscottibody59 on 10/12/2012:
I hope the 'hole' thing is fixed as promised--yikes!

RYC: It's a drink exclusive to TacoBell--clear(ish) with no caramel color, but has caffeine--not much.

grannyannie on 10/12/2012:
V, I've done many things but spent the longest time as a secretary. I didn't actually have a lot of interest in history until my early 40's. I especially love ancient history so am living in a great country for that with lots of 5,000 year old sites! :)

V - Wednesday Oct 10, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning No habitual over doing it with the snooze button..Couldn't afford to although tempting.. Got my Pure Cardio class under my belt early so I can head out a little earlier for work..First day back is never fun because I find the bar in such disarray..The boys just can't seem to grasp the concept of organizing, it certainly makes finding what you need a heck of alot easier..

Anyhoo the temp was slightly lower this morning, a nice breeze coming through the windows as I worked out..Now that the sun is up, the temps are slowly creeping up with the high expected to be 87..Dare I say Fall is coming? I hope so...LOL

Well I better keep it moving, I will catch up with you all later..Have a Stellar day all

Breaking News!! Fall is NOT coming..LOL It was hotter than the seventh circle of Hell.. Due to the heat and lack of a breeze, it was a slow start to the day, and I really did need the extra time to sort out the chaos.. I actually fared well one the afternoon sea breeze kicked in..

Upon my arrival home, completely drained from the heat, and cleaning frenzy, took a 20 minute power down before completing Cardio Abs class.. Off to catch up with you all and get some fuel..I am extra hungry..Have a good evening all!!

During/post workout   L-Glutamine

B- Almond breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, blueberries and strawberries

L- Boiled Chicken Breast with bacon, cheddarjack, lettuce tomato and spicy mustard on  Multi grain Sandwich thin

S- Chili Lime Almonds

D- Red beans and Whole Grain Brown rice.. 2 glasses of Red blend

1 1/2 gallons of Water..Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 10/10/2012:
Males can't organize!! Sounds like lovely weather. I was freezing this morning, although the sunshine made if much nicer. Have a great day, V!

thenewMLE on 10/10/2012:
Don't you find it harder to get up early now that it is so dark in the morning? I am fighting the same wake up issue. Once I'm up I am fine, but I hate driving into work when it is still dark. Men don't understand organization. I think it is a gene they are missing.... Have a great day!

legcramps on 10/10/2012:
Great job with your workout this morning - you just continue to impress me with the way you kill it with your workouts!

I'm sure the Sitch would be super impressed as well...

You know, after he's done being super impressed with himself.

LOL! Have a great day today V!

LifeInATeaCup on 10/10/2012:
Thank you I'm looking forward to getting back on track! Hope you have a great day!

inmorning on 10/10/2012:
I totally get you on the organizing! I am almost pathologic about organizing things. Size, alphabetical, color, you name it, I try to organize it. This is why when things get unorganized, I fall apart so badly though. Hope you have a great day.

Umpqua on 10/10/2012:
Good work not abusing the snooze button :) With my early mornings since school started I have not used it at all and I hope not to - I'm just not allowing enough time for it!

sweetpea1977 on 10/10/2012:
Yay for fall! :)

Have a great day!

liza36 on 10/10/2012:
Oh, that snooze button! I just can't help myself, I hit it a million times. Have a great day.

biscottibody59 on 10/10/2012:
I'm almost missing the REAL heat--it's supposed to be in the 90s next week--and I'm going to soak it in--could be one of the last stints of heat(ish).

The caffeine isn't really affecting my health, but it is a little suspect as far as sleep--even if I have it early in the day. Decaf is a decent substitute--because I've found a "home" one that is pretty good. I really can't say in a definitive way about the effect on sleep because I haven't gone too long without (in the past) to tell. Long-winded, but the verdict ain't quite in--just gotta give myself a chance to see.

Have a good tomorrow!

V - Tuesday Oct 09, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning I slept in til 7 after a series of bizzare dreams including me dating "The Situation" (Jersey Shore)..I know he is kinda toolish  but he is really cute(don't judge me..LOL) Anyhoo I completed Plyo Cardio Circuit.. I see a relief class in the near future, my arms are still on fire..

Not much on the slate for me today, just enjoying my last day off, if it wasn't so hot, I would take a stroll in the neighborhood but I already sweated my arse off this morning..LOL

Have a happy healthy day all

Back from a low key day. I kinda putzed around, started a few chapters of a new book, took a nap and did a Relief class this evening.. I can't wait to try out my latest culinary creation. I got the idea from a special we ran at work last week and I winged it..Off to see how you all are while dinner is cooking..Hope you all had an awesome day!

During/post workout  L- Glutamine

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, blueberries, strawberries and tsp of natural pb

L- Boiled Chicken Breast with bacon, rf cheddarjack and horseradish mustard on multi grain sandwich thin

S- BBQ Habenero Almonds

D- Tilapia topped with blue lump crab, spinach, cummin, corriander and ff cheese blends.. Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower... 2 Glasses of Red Blend

Gallon of water..Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

legcramps on 10/09/2012:
kinda toolish? KINDA?????

Glad you had a nice, low key weekend off. Enjoy the day today!

Maria7 on 10/09/2012:
Sounds like you had a busy day on your day off! :-)

biscottibody59 on 10/09/2012:
You mean you don't think maybe you weren't hoping his sixpack was contagious just by staring at it. Old 'situation' could just be the Medusa (of sorts) of the sixpack world--haha! In that case, I'd probably be stuck with the nightmare of Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Enjoy your night!

sailingeagle on 10/09/2012:
Hey there V! Sounds like you had a busy day today. :O) Who's Jersey Shore? Hope you have a great week!

grannyannie on 10/10/2012:
Sweated your arse off, eh? Must be part British or Irish! LOL.

RYC thanks! I'm the other way round - big boobs (although shrinking), smaller hips. I love tankinis but these one pieces will do for now. I'll try again for a tankini in spring.

V - Monday Oct 08, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Spent Sunday with my usual football ritual..Bears win another one!!! Yeah! LOL..This morning's class was suppose to be a "fit test" but I traded it up for P90X Chest Shoulders and Triceps "aka" pushup marathon..What a great class, my arms are on fire..

Well I better get cleaned up and get to the laundry chore done early, so I can enjoy the rest of my day. Hope you all have a nice healthy start to your week

Back from my day, once laundry was out the way, I started on my weekly meal prep so I had plenty of time to read my book, and watch Shaun T as well as one of my fellow beachbody coaches on "The Steve Harvey Show" today.. Of course Steve was hilarious in the segment but I am happy that he mentioned that he ordered Insanity a while back but after a few classes he stopped because he couldn't keep up with Shaun T.. I guess that is a common misconception that you HAVE to keep up with the people in the workout when in fact he urges you to go at your own pace, stay within your personal fitness level and as long as you are doing your best, that is all that matters..

Anyhoo it is always cool to see someone you know on tv living the dream!  I added Insane Abs to wind the evening down..Off to see how you all are and get some fuel.  Good Evening!

During/post workout L Glutamine

B- Almond breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, blueberries and strawberries

L- Smoked Fish and Crab Spread with Baked Multi Grain Crackers

S- Smoked Turkey Sausage

D- Red Beans with Whole Grain Brown Rice.. Glass of Red Blend

Gallon of Water..Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 10/08/2012:
Yea for Bears! OMG, pushup marathon! I still have to do them on my knees. :(

RYC I've posted plenty of pics before but it's just not working lately. I'd love to stay at that lodge - we stayed several times when we lived there - anniversaries, when family visited, etc. But it's now $305/night including 3 gourmet meals!

biscottibody59 on 10/08/2012:
Hey there--the more things change the more they stay the same--keep up the consistency girlie!

Maria7 on 10/08/2012:
Sounds like you had a good workout! :-)

sweetpea1977 on 10/08/2012:
yay for pushup marathons. Im sure Horace will be putting me through one tonight, lol!

liza36 on 10/08/2012:
Awesome pushups!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/08/2012:
i love that almond breeze too!!! it's so satisfying bc of it's fat content, i think! i bought some unsweetened sunflower seed milk today, 45 cal a cup and it was on sale...

i love reading your entries bc they are all inspiring. you almost post your amazing workouts and nutritious foods and that's why you've been successful.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/08/2012:
ohhh and that video sounds right up my ally...and the gym, i frequently do sets of 50 pushups!!! i used to go up to 70, but i feel it's only practical once in awhile to build up to that....not right now! lol. now, i'm concentrating on building up my bicep strength...i'm up to using 17.5 lb dumbells at the gym. some men left that...(haha, yes, the weak boys.....very little men?) haha.

thenewmle on 10/08/2012:
Geaux Bears and Saints! rYC we store the beans in tuper ware containers of different sizes. We use the Chinese soup pint tall cylinders for 2 big servings and the bigger round containers for 4 - 6 servings. The do make plenty and when I cook 4 pounds I have a good 4 months in the freezer. We are actually eating red beans tonight because I didn't shop or prep any meals this weekend with all the excitement and sadness. This is the first unprepared week since Katrina (7 years now). The fish sounds awesome! I would love the recipe! Hope you enjoyed your day!

nunnermack on 10/08/2012:
Hey, whatcha reading? Anything good? Feeling a little bit better but I feel like a little old lady when I go walking down the hall...all hunched over.

V - Saturday Oct 06, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Ladies I went to bed fairly early so I could read a few chapters of my book before lights out.. Got up with lots of energy for Pure Cardio class..Feeling pretty pumped for my last shift of the week.. It is already pretty warm here and temps are expected to be in the 90's..Hoping for a busy day!  Better keep it moving so i will have to catch up with you all later, have a great weekend

During/post workout  L- Glutamine

B- Almond breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, blueberries and strawberries

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 10/06/2012:
Woohoo for waking up with lots of energy! Reading a good book? Have an awesome weekend, V!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/07/2012:
Hey V!!! All is definitely good these few days...I haven't been sleeping in so much, a little, but I have been going to bed earlier, even though it's the weekend. I like to stick to the same schedule, so that I feel better during the workweek!

The pickled cauliflower is made by my boss, actually. He pickles it using several ingredients, not all that I know, but I do know it looks purple from the red wine vinegar. yes, the cauliflower is PURPLE! haha

V - Friday Oct 05, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Beauties Completed a Cardio Power and Resistance class to another fantastic sunrise...Feeling pretty stoked that I am getting alot more reps with the pushup variations in the circuits.. With that being said I am thinking of tweaking the schedule a bit more , alternating  P90X's Chest and Back as well as  Chest, Shoulders and Triceps for that extra pump..

Anyhoo I am off to get cleaned up and prep for my day.. Catch ya later,Happy Friday all

Back from my day.. Super hot out there but not going to complain because at least it didn't rain.. So we had a few new menu items that we sampled before our shift so we could be able to describe to our customers from a personal point of view..Let's just say I will NOT be selling "Calamari" until they get rid of this product.. Let's just say they should edit the menu to read Kalamari..LOL There is no way that is the real thing..

Anyhoo despite the heat I had a busy day, got in a 20 minute power nap after work before Cardio Abs class.. Going to catch up with you all and get some fuel..Good evening everyone!

During/post workout  L-Glutamine

B- Almond breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, blueberries and strawberries

S- Sample bite of the new menu items "Calamari Fries" and 2 tortilla chips

L- Quiche.. 3 strips of bacon

S- Smoked fish Spread with crackers

D- Pan Seared Ahi Tuna in Chili, ginger and cracked peppercorn rub with Wasabi and low sodium soy sauce..Glass Of Red Blend Glass of Chenin Blanc

1 1/2 Gallons of water.. LF cottage Cheese(pre bedtime)


Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

liza36 on 10/05/2012:
Happy Friday!

grannyannie on 10/05/2012:
Have a great weekend, V! :)

legcramps on 10/05/2012:
Happy Friday! Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend :)

Maria7 on 10/05/2012:
Hope you are having a good day, V, happy Friday! :-)

inmorning on 10/05/2012:
Ahhhh, I miss being at the tweaking stage of my workouts. You are doing great.

selina on 10/05/2012:
Sounds like a great day!

V - Thursday Oct 04, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Ladies  stayed up a little later than anticipated due to the idleness and far too long a nap yesterday..Got in bed fairly early but had trouble falling asleep so I did a few crossword puzzles.

Still got in a good night's sleep, completed Cardio Recovery class as I watched a beautiful sunrise the first time this week.. Yes the rain has finally made it's departure!  Yesterday alone we got 3 inches..It is suppsed to rain later on this afternoon/evening but it looks like I will be in the clear fo my shift..I am going in a little earlier so I have plenty of time to tidy up since the bar has been closed for almost 2 days.. Hope you all have a happy, healthy day

The" Weather Gods" were very kind to me today, still pretty slow, it is just that time of the year for us here but at least i got out of the house, had some social interaction and fresh air.. It started pouring an hour after I arrived home.. I completed the last 35 minutes of YogaX for an extended stretch..Feeling pretty mellow and I am sure I will have no trouble falling asleep tonight..Off to say hello to you all and get some fuel..Have a great evening everyone!

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, blueberries and strawberries

L- Quiche..Green Beans

S- Jalapeno Hummus with baked Kashi Crackers

D-Tilapia..Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower with ICBINB spray, rf Cheddar Jack.. 2 Glasses of Red Blend

Gallon of water..Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

inmorning on 10/04/2012:
RYC: Yup, not a fan of the cubs either. Glad to see that you got a good night's sleep. That can make all the difference in the world!

thenewMLE on 10/04/2012:
You should have a beautiful next few days and I'm sure that will bring many customers!! I saw a beautiful sunset on my ride last night. I wanted to take a picture but it would have cancelled my GPS cycling tracking program. I've got a long day ahead with a meeting after work so I'm not going home. I don't do well on the long days! Enjoy your day!

liza36 on 10/04/2012:
How lovely to see a beautiful sunrise. Enjoy your day at work.

legcramps on 10/04/2012:
It's great you woke up to some nicer weather! I hope you're able to make it through your shift before it starts raining again. Have a great day!

TheMother on 10/04/2012:
Hello V: I know how you feel about napping and then having a problem getting a decent night's sleep as I'm the same way. At least it was a good opportunity for you to catch up on those puzzles (ha, ha) and help tire you so you could get some rest. The weather here has been rainy most of the week too but next week is looking great!!!! I admire your dedication to all of your fitness workouts. Puts me to shame - ha! My BD was wonderful. Went to a nice restaurant in St. Cloud called The Catfish Place. Couldn't decide if I wanted the catfish, turtle, frogs legs and gator tail combo platter or the center cut pork chops. In the end the pork chops won out (only kidding about eating the former - never!!!!). Have a great evening and upcoming weekend.

selina on 10/04/2012:
I love nice weather, it makes the whole difference in my mood! Glad you are having good weather, after so much rain! have a great day!

grannyannie on 10/05/2012:
A nice sunrise is a good way to start the day!

RYC: I'm sure I burn at least 400 cals during spin class!

V - Wednesday Oct 03, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Ladies So I got in a good night's sleep abided by my 3 snooze button rule... Completed my Plyo Cardio Circuit class with enough time to cool down before hitting the shower..Wouldn't ya know it, it is raining like crazy..It started overnight and now it's a light drizzle so I am watching the weather closely, although it looks like most of the rain is headed up the coast in a north direction, the temps are so high it makes for the perfect recipe for thunderstorms..I am still going to get prepped just in case this blows over soon.. As much as an extra day off sounds great, I could use the cash not to mention the boredom factor..LOL

Have an awesome day all

Well it rained like crazy all day, not really the sorta stuff that a person would want to drive around in unless they truly had to so I stayed put til it simmered down a bit.. The storm kindly let up long enough to make a quick run to pay my Utility bill..Got home just in time before the sky opened up again..Not the typical weather here, but the heat played a major factor in our washout..

I was bored to tears I tell you, I almost turned on the Jagerator and had a true Wet Wednesday but I refrained..LOL!  I added a Cardio Abs instead.. Well off to see how you all are and get some fuel..

During/post workout  L- Glutamine

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, blueberries and strawberries

S- Gala Apple

L- Quiche

D- Blue Cheese Bacon Burger with sauteed portabella, horseradish mustard on whole wheat bun...Steamed Broccoli... Glass of Malbec, Glass Of Chenin Blanc

Gallon of water... Casein Shake(pre bedtime)



Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 10/03/2012:
Hope the rain lets up. Have an amazing day, V! :)

thenewMLE on 10/03/2012:
I watched the game Monday night until half time because I couldn't keep my eyes open! I was hoping it would make for a sound night's sleep,but I wasn't so lucky. I woke up to find out that they did win which was great. I hope you have a break with the weather. Yesterday looked gloomy like it was going to rain all day, but not a drop. Had that Chicago grey sky look. Weird because it looked so wintry but it was in the 70's. I guess that keeps the beach kind of slow. I hope you have a great day in spite of the weather!

grannyannie on 10/03/2012:
As I mentioned to MLE, I don't really think vitamins help except for Calcium/D. I get about 8 hours sleep. I get enough iron but don't need extra anyway due to menopause 2 decades ago!

That would be cool if you could use the Star Trek transporter and we could workout then have some wine!

supercheese on 10/03/2012:
have a good day off!!!

legcramps on 10/03/2012:
Hope you're able to get to work and make some money today!

liza36 on 10/03/2012:
3 snooze button rule...I hit my snooze for an hour! I have to leave tons of extra time for this. Pathetic, I know. Hope you have a great day even with rainy weather.

Maria7 on 10/03/2012:
We got some rain last nite...thank the Lord for it. It watered the flowers real good. Hope you have had a good day, V. :-D

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