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biscottibody59 - Tuesday Nov 04, 2003
(1800-2000 Cal * <40g Fat * 36g Fiber * 90 oz Water)
Weight: 153.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 153 (Nov 2003)
Current BMI=26.3; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

I'm back for the update--I'm down 3.5 pounds--woo-hoo! A new low for me! As for the measurements they're 4 up and 4 down--but Waist, Hip, Arm and Abdomen are the ones down (for a change:-)

For exercise, I was able to Jog 25 min and Walk 20 min.

Thanks to you all for your fine comments to me and for sharing yourselves and your struggles and triumphs here on DDs--this is a unique place for inspiration, motivation, and respect for the difficulties and successes we all encounter on the road to health, fitness, weight loss and overall change (in some cases). I know I do so many things differently than I did before I started this, and change is difficult but doable.

Cheers everyone!

2117 cal * 51g fat * 40g fiber * 70 oz water * 307 cal deficit

breakaway on 11/04/2003:
THat weigh is looking great! Good job today and great exercise!

legcramp on 11/04/2003:
Great job on the exercise!!! I'm so jealous every time i read your entry because you're so consistent with your exercise! Got any secrets??? I can stay pretty motivated, but if i don't do it one day, then i don't want to do it the next!!!! Keep up the great work and have a wonderful day today!!

squiggly on 11/04/2003:
You are right change is difficult but very well worth it. We will all feel and look better not to mention the actual health benefits. You are doing great. Congrats on the loss!

Soon2BThin on 11/04/2003:
Great Job!!! Wow, you're doing so well! Feels good, doesn't it? Keep ona going. And thanks for the comments.

biscottibody59 - Monday Nov 03, 2003
(1800-2000 Cal * <40g Fat * 36g Fiber * 90 oz Water)
Weight: 156.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 154.5 (Oct 2003)
Current BMI=26.9; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Happy Monday!

Kind of a mixed bag the last few days. Back spasm has been getting progressively better by leaps and bounds so that I'm just about 100%--taking the day off from exercise on Friday probably helped alot.

I didn't mean to imply that I was exercising while it hurt--in fact, jogging and walking don't cause pain. Sitting and standing do. I also credit getting a decent amount of sleep with healing it quickly.

Cheers everyone!


Fri 10.31
No jog or NT; Driving for about 3.5 hours; 20 min dog walk.
2685 cal * 96g fat * 20g fiber * -0- oz water * -337 cal deficit

Sat 11.1
Jog 35 min; Walk 10 min.
2233 cal * 82g fat * 22g fiber * 70 oz water * 584 cal deficit

Sun 11.2
Pre-bkfst NT 53 min/5.8 mi; Walk 15 min.
2063 cal * 83g fat * 26g fiber * 70 oz water * 737 cal deficit

curvy shar on 11/03/2003:
Hey, thanks for the recipe! It's almost soup time here - cold, rainy weather. Take care of your back, now, and don't overdo it.

Soon2BThin on 11/03/2003:
Glad to hear you're doing better. I pampered myself today and just took the day off from exercise. My neck is being a pain in the neck, hah!

squiggly on 11/04/2003:
I agree standing and sitting hurt your back alot more than moving. I have a bad back and feel alot better some days moving around. I'm glad you are feeling better.

biscottibody59 - Friday Oct 31, 2003
(1800-2000 Cal * <40g Fat * 36g Fiber * 90 oz Water)
Weight: 156.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 154.5 (Oct 2003)
Current BMI=26.9; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

All the while, Graham slept on, dreaming of a world where he could do just what he wanted tooooooo! --Old XTC Song Lyric

I kinda got a little "hitch in my gitalong," aka, back spasm on the right side on Wednesday. I very gingerly got on the NordicTrack yesterday, not knowing if it would impede my workout--did 61 min/6.6 mi. Then as the day went on, the spasm sort of moved to the left. I went ahead and did a 30 min jog last night.

I seem to get this around this time of year or some time of the year. Last year I think it had to do with raking leaves. So today, it's soooo much better.

I found these "Mary Jane" candies (sort of like Bit 'O Honey--never had them before). The only problem is the wrapper. If you put them in the freezer for a minute, the wrapper comes off a little easier. They're made by NECCO--the same company that makes the little discs that we used to pretend were communion hosts. They also make a really
nasty-tasting candy I bought awhile ago, can't remember the name of it.

Cheers everyone!

1846 cal * 68g fat * 40g fiber * 110 oz water * 1139 cal deficit

halley on 10/31/2003:
You really must be dedicated to "run thru the pain!" Glad to hear you're so hooked on running - it can become a part of your day that you just can't do without!

geevee on 10/31/2003:
My soup contains 10-12 veggies, whatever I happen to have. Celery, onions and carrots are the backbone. This batch (1/2gal.) has okra, green beans, red peppers, leaves from the bottom of cauliflower, green & yellow squash and a Latin potato called "boniato" which is wonderful in soups and stews because it retains its shape and doesn't get mushy plus it's cheap. I add a large can of tomatoes and one small can of tomato paste. I like the Italian spices with this: oregano, marjoram, basil, thyme and bay leaf. It doesn't need much cooking time, just enough to soften the veggies. It improves with age in the fridge.

Your white bean soup is similar to my black bean soup to which I add leftover meat,a little vinegar tsp. sugar and garlic. I never tried white beans but will when I finally finish my current pot.

I used to make the black bean soup from the dry beans but was told that the canned are just as good, and I found that to be true. Maybe it's the same for white beans too. It's good to know in case you're pressed for time.

legcramp on 10/31/2003:
Good to see that you're back is feeling better today!! And Congrats on making it through a workout even though you were in pain! Although, I probably would have taken the day off!!! Well, keep up the great work and have a wonderful weekend! Happy Hallowe'en!!

scruffy on 10/31/2003:
so now you're hooked on the maryjane....that's some thing.

LOL, just kidding ;-)

biscottibody59 - Thursday Oct 30, 2003
(1800-2000 Cal * <40g Fat * 36g Fiber * 90 oz Water)
Weight: 156.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 154.5 (Oct 2003)
Current BMI=26.9; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

I did 49 min/5.6 mi (15 min @Level 1 incline) on the NordicTrack before breakfast. Later I took a 20 min jog.

I was a little over 2000 calories for the day. It's not all that difficult to make better choices. I have to believe it's going to serve me in the long run--visualizing 5 lbs less on my scale.

My First White Bean Soup

First I used a 1 pound bag of Great Northern Beans. Put in a large pot (with the cover handy). Pick over for pebbles or anything else you wouldn't want to eat. You can rinse them, but if you do the following pre-cook/soak method, from The New All Purpose Joy of Cooking, you will be rinsing them later.

Pre-cook/soak: Add water to cover by 2 inches and heat to boiling. Reduce the heat and simmer for 2 minutes. Let stand, covered, for 1 hour. I've let them sit a little longer and put them in the fridge overnight. The only thing you may find with leaving them longer is a little sprout (maybe 1/8 inch) that will be apparent after they're cooked. Those things may look like worms, but they're just sprouts:-)

Rinse and drain the beans for the final cooking.

Cover beans with water to about 3 inches. As the beans cook you can add water, but if you've added way too much, you'll just have to cook them a little longer. As for using broth or bouillon, it's up to you. The same with the veggies--you could use red or yellow peppers for more color. The only ones I'd definitely use are the onion, garlic, and celery--they just do wonders for flavor.

Water only worked just fine, surprisingly--the flavor came from all the veggies. I don't usually salt the bean soups I've made until the end because it's so easy to oversalt--especially if I've used a ham hock (you can add a ham hock at the beginning if you want some fat/more flavor). Black bean soup is a little better with the ham hock--and your dog will enjoy the little bone--haha!

I used 3 carrots diced, about 4 celery stalks diced, 1 medium onion chopped, and 1 jalapeno--seeds and inner white parts removed--chopped(which added almost no spicy heat), and about 4 garlic cloves diced. I prepared and added these as the cooking water was coming to a boil. Turn it down to a simmer and simmer for 1.5-2 hours, no need to cover. As I said, if the beans taste cooked and it's a little too soupy, you can just let it cook down a bit. I add salt/pepper at the end because I don't like most stuff too too salty.

Don't be afraid of dried beans. You can use canned and just cook the veggies in a skillet with a little oil or water I suppose. Beans are cheap and if you screw it up, try again. I think just about the only way to screw it up is to oversalt, or walk away toward the end when the liquid has cooked down so much that it may start to burn.

If there's something I missed, please leave me a comment.

Cheers everyone!

2038 cal * 82g fat * 36g fiber * 90 oz water * 785 cal deficit

curvy shar on 10/30/2003:
I am anxiously waiting for the recipe....

Soon2BThin on 10/30/2003:
Thanks for the recipe. I'll try it soon. Love those beans!

scruffy on 10/30/2003:
recipe was nice, thanks

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Oct 29, 2003
(1800-2000 Cal * <40g Fat * 36g Fiber * 90 oz Water)
Weight: 156.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 154.5 (Oct 2003)
Current BMI=26.9; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

I had a very good exercise day yesterday. I did pre-bkfst NordicTrack
61 min/7.1 mi and a 30 min jog later on. I'm adding sleep to my fitday activities, which does a curious thing. It lowers my deficit
(350 cal/7 hours sleep). I find this mildly interesting.

I made some white bean soup with no added fat--water, beans, carrots, onion, garlic, and celery only. It really tastes good and it's pretty--haha! It was incredibly easy. I usually make black bean soup, but this one is much smoother tasting. Cheers everyone!

1845 cal * 68g fat * 36g fiber * 90 oz water * 1105 cal deficit

shellybelly on 10/29/2003:
Woohoo! Keep it up! :-) Shelly

legcramp on 10/29/2003:
You're doing great!!! Have you thought about changing around your workouts to kickstart your BMI into getting a little lower? When your muscles get used to the workouts you do, they stop working so hard and you find yourself in a 'plateau'. You probably already know that, but i'm just wondering if you're working towards your BMI goal of 22.8? Anyways, have a great day today!!

legcramp on 10/29/2003:
Hi again!!!

A coffee crisp bar is a chocolate bar with kind of like a wafer centre. Tastes a little bit like coffee, I think they must use coffee beans or something for it's flavor. They're really good, but definitely I could've done without 2!!!!

curvy shar on 10/29/2003:
I may try your recipe for white bean soup. Always looking for something new and tasty!

Scruffy on 10/29/2003:
soup sounds good :-)

pezzy34 on 10/29/2003:
Do you think that would taste okay if you did it with some boullion or broth? I shouldn't have read your entry hungry because I LOVE beans and now that just sound so damn good! Can I come over? Love, Jenni

Soon2BThin on 10/29/2003:
Wow, that exercise continues to amaze me!! A whole hour on the Nordic Track!! Wow! That's all I can say. And more exercise later. You're amazing! Hey, could you type up that recipe for the bean soup? I'm a clutz at cooking so I need exact amounts of everything, hahaha! It sounds good. And, of course, beans ARE good for you, right? Have a good day tomorrow.

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Oct 28, 2003
(1800-2000 Cal * <40g Fat * 36g Fiber * 90 oz Water)
Weight: 156.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 154.5 (Oct 2003)
Current BMI=26.9; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Happy Tuesday!

I'm up a half-pound (in my birthday suit!) on this, my measure and weigh-in day. Measurements: 4 are up, 4 are down. Big Woop!

I haven't done fitday stuff for about 3 days--have it all written down, but sitting down to plug everything in for more than 3 days worth is just a bit daunting, so no info. It probably amounts to no more than 2000 calories/day anyway.


Thurs 10.23
Pre-bkfst NordicTrack 52 min/5.4 mi; No jog/walk except short dog walk.

Fri 10.24
Pre-bkfst NT 48 min/5.2 mi + Circuit Aerobic Workout; Jog 20 min, 10 min walk.

Sat 10.25
Pre-bkfst NT 67 min/7.8 mi/21 min @Level 1 incline; Jog 20 min (11-9).

Sun 10.26
Planned day off--no exercise--lots of family-oriented stress--how many calories does that burn? Oh and crisis-type house cleaning--sucked--didn't count it--but now I have just the tiniest leg up to actually keep things a little tidier than usual--yea me!

Mon 10.27
Jog 20 min/Walk 20 min.

I changed the calorie goal above to a range. I intend to stick with it for the following week. I'm not going to starve, for crying out loud! So, it's just to do it, easier said than done. No fear:-)

I've recommended reading Halley's entire diary to anyone who needs some inspiration. She is truly one of us who got it done and has come back for more inspiration and motivation I see. Run Halley Run!

Cheers to you all!

starlight on 10/28/2003:
Kim was here :)

Scruffy on 10/28/2003:
Didn't catch the picture of that birthday suit. HAHAHAHA :-)

Soon2BThin on 10/28/2003:
So you took a few days off from here, huh? Good to see you back. I know you can do the calorie thing, you can do it!! Your exercise is great! I aspire to all that.

malh on 10/28/2003:
Sounds like you have the next couple days all planned out. Great job...Keep up the good work

biscottibody59 - Thursday Oct 23, 2003
(1800 Cal * <40g Fat * 36g Fiber * 90 oz Water)
Weight: 156.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 154.5 (Oct 2003)
Current BMI=26.8; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

I had another good day overall. I got in a pre-breakfast workout on the NordicTrack, 60 min/6.6 mi. Then later on I got in a 20 min jog--kinda pushed myself, clocked it at 1.9 mi--best mileage for 20 min since I started jogging in Summer '02. I'm very pleased, I guess the earlier workout was a pretty good warmup.

I don't like waking up hungry in the night or in the morning, so I'm kind of messing around with my calories. Usually a bowl of cereal or some popcorn before bed does the trick--just tried "Kashi GoLean Crunch"--it's a bit like Cracker Jacks. All I can say is losing 10 more pounds is turning out to be a real ****--I don't want to be deprived. I find that hunger can kind of sneak up on me. Maybe it's time to try pre-doing my food and eating every 2 hours. But I like a mystery, but I also want to lose 10 more pounds. Anyway . . .

Cheers everyone!

2203 cal * 82g fat * 44g fiber * 90 oz water * 1050 cal deficit

starlight on 10/23/2003:
I went and looked at your entries for the past month, and it seems like you got your exercise down pat. You've been averaging 2500 calories a day though and at that rate you will just maintain your weight. For those last 10 pounds you need to cut back the calories just a bit, depending on how quickly you want to lose it. I know you dont want to be hungry but cutting back just a bit for a while will probably do the trick. Good luck :) Kim

breakaway on 10/23/2003:
Back in 2001 when I first came here I was eating every 2 hours and it really did work. I should really do it again but while watching the baby it's pretty hard to do. I am done sitting on friday so maybe on monday I will try it out for a few day's. Your doing just fine and that 10 lbs will come off! With all the exercise you get in it is bound to come off! Have a great day today

legcramp on 10/23/2003:
Good job with the jogging!! I have the day off tomorrow and so i'm going to try jogging some of the route that i've been walking lately. I hope to work up to a 20 minute jog, but i'll be happy with 5 minutes right now!! Keep up the great work and thanks for your comments yesterday! They really helped me get back on track!! Eating every 2 hours will probably help curb your appetite and you may even find that you're eating less because you're less hungry! Good luck with your new plan of action!

geevee on 10/23/2003:
Your track record pretty much parallels mine. My high was 167 and today I'm 156 too. The weight sure doesn't come off fast. Long ago I stopped the three meals a day regimen. I just can't imagine eating an entire meal at one sitting and when I go out to eat, I bring over half the meal back home. I'm eating every 2-3 hours. I think it's better than overloading one's system with so much food at one time.

shirleycatt on 10/23/2003:
Wow I wish I had as much dedication to exercise. You are my idol! The last 10 pounds are always the hardest to lose and easiest to put back on. Damn those 10 lbs...! and I agree.. Kashi GoLean is really good!! Keep up the dedication!

breakaway on 10/23/2003:
Thanks for the comment today! I can't wait to see how the more meals thing goes for you. I am really considering that myself. I will be watching to see how you do. Have a great day.

Soon2BThin on 10/23/2003:
I am really envious of all that exercise! I hope I can work up to doing that much. You're doing great! I think we want to get down to about the same weight. When I was 143 for just a short time back in 2001, I felt great. Good luck to us!

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Oct 22, 2003
(1800 Cal * <40g Fat * 36g Fiber * 90 oz Water)
Weight: 156.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 154.5 (Oct 2003)
Current BMI=26.8; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Happy Wednesday!

I pushed myself (for a change) and got in a pre-breakfast NordicTrack + Circuit Workout. I did 51 min/5.6 mi on the NT and about 15 min of weights. Later in the evening I did a 25 min jog (11-14) and a bit of walking.

A good food and exercise day all in all!

Cheers everyone!

2059 cal * 72g fat * 30g fiber * 110 oz water * 1221 cal deficit

breakaway on 10/22/2003:
That is great that you are able to get that exercise in BEFORE breakfast! Now that is determination! You are a great role model for every one of us here! Keep up the great work!!!!

legcramp on 10/22/2003:
Good job with the exercise. Aren't you tired and weak in the morning though? I tried going to the gym every morning for about 2 weeks, and it wore me right out. I was always so weak that I couldn't do anything! It feels much better for me to do my exercising at night, after eating. Well, have a great day today and for the rest of the week!!!

BellaK on 10/22/2003:
Happy Wendnesday to you too! :) Congrats on the exercising ~~ u r my inspiration! Bella

starlight on 10/22/2003:
Great workout! :) Kim

legcramp on 10/22/2003:
Regarding your response to my 'morning weakness'(!), i'm going to try walking in the mornings starting tomorrow. Actually, I was supposed to start today, but, well, you read my entry!!! I hope I can get used to it, because I do enjoy that crisp morning air and the fact that I can see where i'm going!!! I don't usually get out at night until it's almost pitch black! Thanks for the suggestion with eating something before I exercise. That might be the difference i'm looking for, as i've never tried to eat anything before i've gone walking. Thanks!!

breakaway on 10/22/2003:
HEY Thanks for catching that for me! (Day 41) I didn't even notice! I changed it.

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Oct 21, 2003
(1800 Cal * <40g Fat * 36g Fiber * 90 oz Water)
Weight: 156.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 154.5 (Oct 2003)
Current BMI=26.8; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

I'm up a pound. Measurements are mostly up except for Abdomen and Wrist--they're down. For exercise yesterday I counted 2 hours of grocery/general shopping.

I found some jeans, but I don't really like them on second thought. One of 'em is fairly comfortable, but when I look at my rear in the mirror the pockets are sooo badly too damn low. The others are almost exactly like some "Landlubbers" I had in about 8th grade. They're comfy, the pockets are big, but I haven't worn anything remotely related to "flare," "bootcut," or "bell bottom" in about a zillion years so I have to adjust.

As I was trying them on I thought these are just transitional apparel:-) Also, one's a 12 and the other's a 10--when is the sizing system going to get more uniform--it's just nuts!

For Sunday I did a 30 min jog and about 10 min walking. For Saturday I mowed for about 1 hr, 30 min.

Cheers everyone!

Sat 10.18:
2534 cal * 101g fat * 14g fiber * 45 oz water * 328 cal deficit
Sun 10.19:
2488 cal * 95g fat * 40g fiber * 45 oz water * 337 cal deficit
Mon 10.20:
2204 cal * 94g fat * 35g fiber * 45 oz water * 618 cal deficit

biscottibody59 - Saturday Oct 18, 2003
(1800 Cal * <40g Fat * 36g Fiber * 90 oz Water)
Weight: 155.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 154.5 (Oct 2003)
Current BMI=26.6; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Hello All!

I took a 35 min jog/15 min walk yesterday.

Cheers everyone!

2098 cal * 92g fat * 15g fiber * 45 oz water * 766 cal deficit

breakaway on 10/19/2003:
Still doing great!! Keep it up!

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