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biscottibody59 - Monday Jan 05, 2004
(1800-2100 Cal * 36g Fiber * 90 oz Water)
Weight: 151.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 151 (Dec 2003)
Current BMI=26.0; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

I had a good exercise day. Did a Circuit Aer Wkt on the NordicTrack,
58 min/7.0 mi. No jog. Hope you have a good food/exercise day!

Cheers everyone!

2211 cal * 92g fat * 46g fiber * 45 oz water * 601 cal deficit

curlsncuffs on 01/06/2004:
Thanks - totally agree! You are so determined! I admire that! Sever miles - woo,hoo! You are almost at your BMI goal - congrats to you! I'm hoping to get there one day! You're doing s Super Job!

biscottibody59 - Sunday Jan 04, 2004
(1800-2100 Cal * 36g Fiber * 90 oz Water)
Weight: 151.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 151 (Dec 2003)
Current BMI=26.0; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Happy Sunday!

For me, food tracking starts today. Back to FF milk in my coffee. Back to drinking 90 oz water/day--100 is stretching it when I'm not out sweating like a pig.

Thursday 1.1 I did a Circuit Aerobic Workout using the NordicTrack,
59 min/6.8 mi. No jog.

Friday 1.2 I did a 30 min jog + 5 min dog walk.

Saturday 1.3 I did 36 min/4.2 mi on the NordicTrack and a
20 min jog + 15 min dog walk.

I really had a hard time making myself do that workout on New Year's Day. It was almost one of those times where you just say, "Okay, I don't have to do this. I have done well and I can take a break for a few days, weeks, months." Instead I finally got into it and after 10 min I knew I would be okay.

Just give yourself 10 min of activity. If you don't feel better and don't want to do another 20 min or so, don't. Try again the next day. Sort of "fake it 'til you make it." You may surprise yourself. Don't make lofty goals that you know you'll never stick to in a million years. Take the exercise a day at a time. No one says you have to love exercise, but you do have to have some payoff of feeling good at the end--at least I do.

The first few minutes of a jog are not always enjoyable--there are cobwebs in the body and mind sometimes. Sometimes I get this sense of doom that I won't be able to finish the time I've set on my watch--I don't do mileage--except to check it afterward every so often to see how I'm doing.

You don't have to be perfect, just do a little toward some goal every day. Keep a notebook of your exercise progress. Anything to motivate you. I went for so many years without (or with spurts of 2 or 3 days of) purposeful activity. If I can change, anyone can.

Cheers everyone!

squiggly on 01/04/2004:
Thanks for the great advice. You put exercise into prespective (sp?). You can reach your goals. Have a great Sunday.

geevee on 01/04/2004:
"Cobwebs in the body" -Great phrase! I felt that way swimming the other day. I thought, "Oh, geez, I'' never last 55 min., not with the logey way my body feels today, but somehow, I loosened up and did last. I have a gimpy right knee that's caused me problems for years, but since I went back to swimming, the swelling has gone down and it hasn't acted up. It's hard to believe that exercise is good for it, but that seems to be the case.

Soon2BThin on 01/04/2004:
Yippee, good for you!! I am still amazed by your amount of exercise. I hope I can get mine up that high. Little by little, I'm working my way up there. Keep up the good work.

legcramp on 01/05/2004:
Great entry! One of my goals for January is to do some form of exercise daily. I hope to stick to this for the month because hopefully then it will have formed into a sort of 'habit' if you will. You're doing a great job - good job on the holiday challenge! Keep up the pro work and stay strong!

biscottibody59 - Thursday Jan 01, 2004
(1800-2100 Cal * 36g Fiber * 100 oz Water)
Weight: 151.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 151 (Dec 2003)
Current BMI=26.0; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Happy New Year to you all!

I'm up a half-pound from last weigh-in and didn't quite make the CurvyShar Holiday goal I had made of 149. That's okay!

My high for 2003 was 169 in March. I went down to a new low of 151--18 pounds down. I didn't think it was possible, but I did it. I hope I can persevere to lose another 6-10 pounds in the coming months.

For Tuesday 12.30, I took the day off from exercise. For yesterday I got in a 30 min jog and I was just on my feet most of the day.

I wish you all the best in your plans, goals, and resolutions for this year. It's a clean slate, put the year behind you if it wasn't entirely successful and build on the successes you did have.

Cheers everyone!

squiggly on 01/01/2004:
No, I don't have a caseworker yet. We found out that the detective hasn't done his job. I don't think that the welfare was even notified and the lady who handles cases like this isn't in until Monday. I am calling again on Monday. I'm also calling on MOnday to set up some sort of counseling for my son and possibly for myself. Hubby won't go unless it is to accompany our son. Thank you for your comments and support. I agree this year is a clean slate.

inmorning on 01/02/2004:
Hello you. Great to see you and that youare sticking with your entries. Maybe I can do better this year.

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Dec 30, 2003
(1800-2100 Cal * 36g Fiber * 100 oz Water)
Weight: 151.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 151 (Dec 2003)
Current BMI=25.9; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

I'm forgetting about my weigh-in/measurements until New Year's Day. I got in a NordicTrack workout, 62 min/7.4 mi. No jog.

This month has just whizzed by, not to mention the whole of 2003. I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to, but I know one thing--I need to become more selfish. Now, I already think I take quality time for myself. What I want to do in the coming year is not say YES!, when I know good and well I should be saying NO! I'm sure you all know what I mean. Call it buyer's remorse. Telling something that means alot to you and the person you're telling it to doesn't quite get what you mean or it doesn't hold the same weight to them. And no amount of explaining makes them "get it!"

Unfortunately I have family members that I continually get burned by in this regard. On the other hand, I have a few friends who actually "get me:-)" and know exactly what I'm talking about. It sounds easy to say, but alot of it is simply a matter of my keeping my mouth shut. I've always had a problem keeping my mouth shut--luckily with age I'm learning and in the last year particularly.

Cheers everyone!

curlsncuffs on 12/30/2003:
Happy New Year! Thanks for the comment! :) Its just about finding what works for "you". Whatever it is. I'm with you, I didn't accomplish it all either - hey, if I did - what would I have to look forward to,right? Have a nice day!

starlight on 12/30/2003:
I don't get anywhere in this world by keeping my mouth shut. I like to voice my opinion and I like hearing others opinions. Sometimes my opinions change, and other times I can help someone see a side of it that they didn't see before. I think debate is a wonderful thing. It opens our minds. It makes us think. I say, "Go ahead, argue, maybe we'll both change our minds." The trick is to not come off sounding offensive. As I certainly have and as everyone at one point in their lives have. I love exchanging ideas and I love opening my mind to other's thoughts.

biscottibody59 - Monday Dec 29, 2003
(1800-2100 Cal * 36g Fiber * 100 oz Water)
Weight: 151.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 151 (Dec 2003)
Current BMI=25.9; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

For Saturday I did 60 min/7.1 mi on the NordicTrack and a 20 min jog + 20 min dog walk. For Sunday I did 66 min/8.1 mi on the NordicTrack and a 20 min jog + 15 min dog walk.

Sunday I drank about 90 oz water--been slacking on this lately. I will begin counting cals, etc again, starting sometime this week. (I think!)

I've come up with a goal (other than that above). It is to pinch less midriff bulge:-) and to get rid of that little dimple right below it on either side.

So from last Spring I'm able to get into (button and zip) those acid-washed jeans. I could barely get them over my hips the first time I tried them on. With that inspiration I'll be on midriff/dimple watch for the coming weeks and months. I'll be reporting weight/measurements on Tuesdays as usual. Soon I'll report on the dimpling deficit and midriff melting as well. Tee-hee--sounds like a plan!

Cheers everyone!

legcramp on 12/29/2003:
151!!! Wow, you're doing such a great job! Congratulations!!! Those are great goals, and great inspiration for working out harder and losing those inches!! Have a great entrance into the new year!!

Soon2BThin on 12/29/2003:
Keep on keeping on, you've got a great plan! What great success you're having! You really make me want to do it even more, thanks.

biscottibody59 - Saturday Dec 27, 2003
(1800-2100 Cal * 36g Fiber * 100 oz Water)
Weight: 151.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 151 (Dec 2003)
Current BMI=25.9; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Happy Saturday!

Did 66 min/8.0 mi on the NordicTrack and a 20 min jog + 15 min dog walk. For supper I made potstickers and had mixed salad greens with homemade Caesar dressing, sliced avocado and some steamed broccoli florets. Chocolate chip cookies for dessert and a tangelo.

Cheers everyone!

Soon2BThin on 12/27/2003:
You're doing great! You've worked so hard all along. I really envy the way you just keep at it. I hope to join you now in the weight loss. Keep it up!

squiggly on 12/27/2003:
I wanted to thank you for your comments. I just wanted to clarify something. I also realize that there is stress with everyday living and there is no way of avoiding it. I wasn't referring to that kind of stress. I was referring to the stress that you get from a major chaotic event. I had just found out three weeks or so ago that my son had been molested by the neighbor boy. I was talking about that kind of stress. The everyday stress doesn't bother me because I can manage it to an extent. I had a hard time managing the stress that comes along with my son being hurt. I just wanted to clarify that because I don't want you to think that I am waiting for my life to become 100% stress free because I know that is so unrealistic. I'm sorry if I came off sounding bad. Keep up the good work and thank you for your support.

Chrysalis on 12/28/2003:
I read your post about the negative comments and the discussion about people who went away. Thank you for your comment about my point of view, which, I know, is usually not mainstream. I had quit posting for a while because I was spending too much time posting instead of getting out there and moving or living (and, yes, Mama Gena probably had something to do with that). There are so many wonderful diarists out there who post interesting stories and I always want to read and comment on them all. Unfortunately, that's next to impossible, unless I spend two hours reading, contemplating, and responding. There's always the diaries that everyone turns to first, like Golightly's. Hers was always so amusing and I worry that when things started getting tough for her, healthwise, that she quit posting because she couldn't find anything to laugh about. I think, too, that some people find it easier to snipe online because it's safe. One is somewhat protected from gentility because the internet is anonymous. Then there are the people who never, ever are happy and I want to shake them and tell them that life is too short to obsess about the details. Life doesn't start when you are the perfect size 3 and if you're not happy with yourself now, you won't be happy with yourself then.

However, you are still an inspiration with your steady exercising and your healthly attitude toward food. I'm glad that you are still posting!

biscottibody59 - Friday Dec 26, 2003
(1800-2100 Cal * 36g Fiber * 100 oz Water)
Weight: 151.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 151 (Dec 2003)
Current BMI=25.9; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

I'm down to a new low of 151 today--Woo-hoo! My measurements were up and down overall on Tuesday.

I took a 30 min jog and 10 min dog walk yesterday. Took a total break from exercise the day before. Other than that I've been doing the usual NordicTrack, Circuit Aerobic Workout here and there, and jogging. I'm doing my entire NordicTrack session on the level 1 incline and then occasionally raising it to level 2 for 20 min or thereabouts.

I will certainly try to make daily entries now that Christmas is over. I hope you all had wonderful times and enjoyed yourselves. I'm still in for the CurvyShar Holiday/New Year challenge--149 is my goal. I haven't really deprived myself, but have kept busy and haven't really overeaten as in many past holidays--maybe I'm finally "getting it." Exercise is my saving grace, that's for sure! I'm grateful that I can move as much as I do.

As an aside, about 4 days ago I was jogging in the dark. There were plenty of Christmas lights though so I thought I was okay. Well, part of my route goes past my house about halfway through and I guess I was a little mesmerized by it and totally forgot where I was in the road. I turned up the street a little too quickly and ended up in the ditch (about 8 inches deep). Luckily I was able to recover and jump out as soon as I could--I still didn't know exactly what had happened, but I jumped up to the solid ground of the street and realized how awful this could have been. I also felt a little stupid even though there was no one around to witness my falling into a hole.

I made a private entry a few days ago about a few of the previous week's entries. I have now made it public and it's the one before this one.

Cheers everyone!

biscottibody59 - Monday Dec 22, 2003
(1800-2100 Cal * 36g Fiber * 100 oz Water)
Weight: 152.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 152 (Nov 2003)
Current BMI=26.6; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Don't have alot to say about all the negative vibes, except that I don't really think it will help the people you want to get to. I have been round and round with a friend who's going through a very tough time lately and the last thing she wants to hear is the cold hard facts or that she's worthy and deserves much more. I sort of see this desire to kind of light a fire under people here in the same light. Legcramp mentioned that we can't see the intent in the facial expressions, etc. Sure we all can use a ton more nutritional knowledge

The only thing I object to about the latest discussion here is that it got personal on Pezzy34's entry and then she proceeded to respond to a perfectly well meaning response to her. We have to leave it on the table sometimes--she had her say.

We've had these before here except that it was blasting someone who doesn't do what most of us here normally report that we do. It was in regards to the "Ana/Mia" afficionados (people who actually practice anorexia and bulimia as a weight losss regime). They came and went once upon a time.

Most of us overeat from time to time. We eat too many portions when we know better. We skip the vegetables/fruits on a daily basis from time to time. We drink too much beer/wine/liquor when we're with friends or drowning our sorrows alone. We skip parking a ways from the store entrance because we're pressed for time. Then if we haven't worked out earlier, we simply skip our workout when we have the time (for days on end) because just maybe it's easier to feel crappy when we already feel crappy.

This place (DDs), to me, is a tonic when I report these shortcomings. There's always tomorrow, a different plan, a new outlook when the sun comes up in the morning. We may not succeed that day. But we more or less know that if we're not losing pounds or inches and we are/are not serious about it. We need to get a grip. We do these things--we're not proud of them.

I don't care to engage the negativity. Even the two most complete and successful DD'ers on here, IMO, Halley and Rader did not exhibit perfection. I think for some it may be better to fly under the radar when things aren't going well for days, weeks, or even months, BTDT. If I felt I was being singled out as a failure, whether it was to motivate me or not, I may very well have abandoned the entire idea of DDs and disappeared. This place lends itself to support and safety for me. I can't tell someone how to do something, we all have to find our way. And if you haven't noticed, I'm still finding my way.

I love to eat. I love to bake. I have been known to make an entire batch of Oatmeal Date Scones (with real butter) and eat the entire batch over the course of 1 or 2 days. Of course that's just about all I ate on those days. I refuse to eliminate any food from my diet. I have a friend who has been on Atkins for about 6 years. It works for her physically, etc and she's lost and keeps off her weight. I couldn't do Atkins if you paid me. I don't like sugar-free products, they make my gut gurgle--don't know what that means, but I can't eat/drink them. Low/no carb doesn't jive with my exercise regime. I'd probably have a headache and be retching my guts out if I cut out complex carbs. I certainly wouldn't feel like taking a jog. But that's just me. How dare I tell you what you're doing is going to make you fail--I don't know you personally.

I'm here because I want support and I want to give support. Although, I probably haven't been a great example of that lately.

Be nice to people. If you can't be supportive, go somewhere else. (This is from the site policy listing.)

There are people (diarists) who have been important to me in my success here who no longer post, or post sporadically. Let's talk about SAS, who was in the UK--she went away after 11Sep01 because
she was getting nasty emails for her views on things. She was losing weight--she had an interesting diary--I think it's still on here to read. There was a very valuable diary by Canadian who included lots of little animations. She would review movies from time to time in addition to being extremely successful in her weight loss journey. Her diary is nowhere to be found here. Golightly no longer posts and I think more than a couple of us really have been a bit worried about what became of her given her last post. Chrysalis always had an interesting point of
view--I think we lost her to Mama Gena!

Herb, MichelleP (very supportive of me and doing well in her own right), PastaGal & Kyrin & Soccermom were integral to me to "keep on keepin' on" especially until I lost 10 or 15 pounds and proved to myself that I could do it. I went through and read the diary of Jo and discovered someone else who used the NordicTrack. There are other diarists who opened themselves and their lives up on here and last time I checked their diaries are still there--restellastarr, stellastarr, pushedtothewall--all one person's diary. You are a brave one Stella baby!

There are probably a zillion people who went away from here when she stopped posting regularly--same with Golightly. So DietDiaries has been around the horn. Let's nourish it--so it's still here when any one of these comes back or when others come to begin anew with the start of 2004--there'll be a ton I'm sure!

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Dec 17, 2003
(1800-2100 Cal * 36g Fiber * 100 oz Water)
Weight: 152.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 152 (Nov 2003)
Current BMI=26.6; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

Happy Wednesday!

This is just a little bonus entry--no real info. I got to reading an old journal of mine. There was one entry that mentioned my weight--155. But I can't for the life of me remember feeling quite as lean as I am now. I got a huge kick out of this entry from 4.27.83:

I'm going to play a game to finish my English paper. I've never done it and I don't know how it'll work. I'm rewarding myself with caramels.

In fact, I think I'll just reward myself in advance.

Cheers to you all!

Runner on 12/17/2003:
Keep up the good work! You're so disciplined!

legcramp on 12/18/2003:
Hilarious!! Lol, that's a great entry! You're doing just great lately, and I think you'll definitely meet the holiday challenge! Good luck and have a great day today!

TheMother on 12/18/2003:
Thank YOU for your comments. I guess you've read the dialogue between me and another DDer. I understand where she's coming from but I do not appreciate being reprimanded for my way of doing things as if there is a "right" way to lose weight. Until a person walks in another's shoes, I don't feel he/she is in a position to pass judgement and that's what I thought was happening. On to other things...you are doing beautifully. Keep on keepin' on.

Have a GREAT day!


thinlee on 12/18/2003:
You go girl! I'm doing Curvy Shar's challange too, and so far, so good. I am down 6 lbs since Thanksgiving, and I too, hope to lose another 4 by the end of the year.

I know what you mean about never feeling leaner. I have clothes from "my thinest point ever," and they fit just right now. But I tell ya, I don't ever remember feeling like this. I don't ever remember feeling so strong, so fit.

And the weight lifting does wonderful things! It is very hard to believe that at 232lbs, I am wearing a 14/16. It's difficult to know where I'll end up. I'm trying to get an idea of sizes, but it is hard to find someone who is my height. How tall are you?

Keep up the good work!

curvy shar on 12/19/2003:
Love the diary entry!

Stay strong during the holidays - I wanna see a LOSS posted for you at the end of the Challenge! I know you can do it.

Merry Christmas!

biscottibody59 - Monday Dec 15, 2003
(1800-2100 Cal * 36g Fiber * 100 oz Water)
Weight: 152.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 152 (Nov 2003)
Current BMI=26.6; My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8

I didn't do well on the challenge for Saturday, did a little better yesterday. I hope to update the details a little later. It's over:-)

On the other hand, I'm very pleased with myself. I put on the size 10 shorts from awhile back--they were $7 about 2 years ago at walmart. They're loose all over. I am just so happy that I'm maintaining something at this point. I'm absolutely committed to exercise--food choices could always be much better. I LOVE ME!!!

That's where I'm planning to be for CurvyShar's Holiday Challenge.

Challenge (Fri-Sat-Sun) goals are <2100 cal/day, 1000 cal deficit/day, 100 oz water/day.

n cal * ng fat *ng fiber * n oz water * n cal deficit

Soon2BThin on 12/15/2003:
I want you to know that every time I read your entries, you give me that "shot in the arm" that I need to keep on trying. Other people here do some of the same and I just admire them all. I think if I just keep from gaining weight during the holidays, I'll be happy. But WW scale said I lost a pound since last weigh-in, I can't believe it! You just can't trust those scales, haha! Congrats on the shorts, that must be a great feeling.

curvy shar on 12/16/2003:
You should love you! You are doing so very well! Keep it goin!

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