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biscottibody59 - Friday May 09, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <60; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 160.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 159 (April 2003)
My Current Goal: 149 by June 17

20% Activities; Fat grams=56; Calories=2012; >100 oz Water; Fiber=57 g

Taking joy in living is a woman's best cosmetic. --Rosalind Russell

Happy Friday!

Did 1 hr, 9 min/7.7 mi (50 min at level 1 incline) on the NordicTrack yesterday. Good to get that out of the way first thing in the morning. I did well on the goals.

I see no reason to keep my calories below anything but a 1000- to 1500-calorie deficit. I don't have any evidence that it's good or bad, but I know for me that if I maintain a terribly deprived day, I may go nuts with food the next day. Although I'd love to have a piece of that big ol' chocolate cake.

For the Kyrin-inspired Challenge this weekend, water--100 oz, maintain daily calorie deficit of at least 1000, eat 1800-2000 calories per day.

Have a good food choice day!

Golightly on 05/09/2003:
Hi Biscotti! Loved your quote today! I have always felt that a smile is my best wardrobe accessory! :)

Thanks for the note on my diary. It was so insightful. You are right -- if we forgive ourselves for failing, it is easier to pick ourselves up again. Perhaps this is why Diet Diaries is so fantastic : all of us understand that we WILL fail now and then. We don't judge, we just help the person pick up the pieces. It's such a shame when people stop writing in their diaries because they broke their diet -- we would all learn so much (and offer support) if the person just continued to write about NOT wanting to diet!

Anyway, yesterday I stuck to the diet and worked-out, and again this morning I've already worked-out. So it looks like I'm back in the saddle again. But thank you for the note...it really helped me put everything in perspective!

krazzierebel on 05/09/2003:
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<img src="http://www.tbdolls.com/dolls/cheer3.gif" alt="Image description">

Soon2BThin on 05/09/2003:
Good luck on the challenge this weekend, although I know you don't need luck. You'll do great! Keep up the good work.

biscottibody59 - Thursday May 08, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <60; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 160.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 159 (April 2003)
My Current Goal: 149 by June 17

6% Activities; Fat grams=58; Calories=1864; >100 oz Water; Fiber=64 g

A cement mixer collided with a prison van on the Kingston Pass. Motorists are asked to be on the lookout for 16 hardened criminals.
--Ronnie Corbett

I made the water goal for yesterday. The others were "not quite" met--that's okay. I had a very tough day for wanting to eat alot more than I did. For most of my adult life I've been used to eating just about anything I want. If there were an extra piece or two of chocolate sitting around, I'd eat them. Extras left of just about anything were fair game. So those days are over for now. It's good to test your resolve.

For my exercise I walked pretty briskly for 51 min. That's the longest walk I've taken in awhile. It sort of wiped me out--I imagine because I used different muscles than with the other exercise I've been doing. And the route I took had quite a few hills.

Hope you have a good exercise day!

SoccerMom on 05/08/2003:
Sounds like you had a great walk! What did you see along the way? I like to try to name the different flowers and birds, and enjoy the view.

Have a great day!!

kyrin on 05/08/2003:
Good Morning!

I noticed that you actually went out and got that new scale. Woo-hoo! Good for you, gal!

I've posted my goals for this weekend's challenge. Funny how you should mention eating the leftovers or more than one serving of something just because it's there. That is one of my goals this challenge--to eat what I want, but to only have one serving of anything per day.

I'm doing better with my liquids consumption...Thanks to you. {grins}

Have some fun this weekend!



Golightly on 05/08/2003:
Hi Biscotti! Looks like you've been doing great while I was gone! And you bought a new scale ... I guess it's my turn now!

I'm trying to get "back on the wagon" after breaking the diet for over a week. My resolve doesn't feel very strong today. But I am inspired by how well you have been doing. Thank God for these diaries ... they really help with motivation!

Take care!

pinkuspettuty on 05/08/2003:
Good job. I love to walk, but I usually walk too slowly. Do you use a walkman? I've been thinking about using perky music to get me going faster. Thanks for the welcome back. Pam

kyrin on 05/08/2003:
Re: not being here for a few days... I was getting really discouraged with myself because I couldn't seem to turn off the munchies and was giving in to them. Plus, it was getting harder to talk myself into exercising.

I decided to lighten up on myself about the calorie counting and just get back to concentrating on the exercising, which is what this year is supposed to be about anyway. I feel as though I keep losing my focus. *sigh*

Knowing that you're with me on the challenges really helps me. Now, if I could just get this darned eating thing figured out...

Oh, well. We'll make it.



biscottibody59 - Wednesday May 07, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <60; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 160.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 159 (April 2003)
My Current Goal: 149 by June 17

10% Activities; Fat grams=39; Calories=1627; >90 oz Water; Fiber=57 g

Things alter for the worse spontaneously, if they be not altered for the better designedly. --Francis Bacon

So I met 2 out of 3 goals--didn't quite hit the water goal. I jogged for 31 min and walked for 30.

Hope you all have a good one!

krazzierebel on 05/07/2003:
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SoccerMom on 05/07/2003:
I was a bit low on water today, too...must still be floating from yesterdays' 96 ounces! Love the quote...where do you find these? They're wonderful.

biscottibody59 - Tuesday May 06, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <60; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 160.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 159 (April 2003)
My Current Goal: 149 by June 17

0% Activities; Fat grams=84; Calories=2619; >60 oz Water; Fiber=67 g
Deficit=44 (Weekly Def=489)

While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, another is busy making mistakes and becoming superior. --Henry C. Link

Hello All!

I'm up 1.5 pounds--today's the day I was supposed to be at 156--still I am pleased at the progress I made. And I'm able to actually wear some shorts I bought for $7 at Walmart about 2 years ago (Size 12--woo-hoo!). I can't actually believe my butt doesn't hang out of them:-)

I did my measurements, and I'm down a quarter inch in both waist and abdomen. I'm down a half inch in hips and down an eighth inch in my arm (I only measure my right arm). The rest are the same.

I didn't exercise yesterday. Funny how you have to stop for a day or two to realize how badly you needed the rest. I'm gettin' back to it today. The Kyrin Challenge goals for me (T-W-Th) are about the same: 100 oz water, at least 1000 cal deficit, and consume no more than 1800 cal per day.

Well, I got a new scale and weightwise it's quite the same as the old one; I'm kind of glad for that. I'm happier with this one because I have to manually zero the old one and it's kind of a drag (sometimes) to get it just right. I don't have to do that with this one. This one has half pound intervals, just right for me. And, I can step on it three times and get the same weight each time.

Hope you have a good exercise day!

krazzierebel on 05/06/2003:
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biscottibody59 - Monday May 05, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <60; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 159.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 159 (Now)
My Current Goal: 156 by May 6

Thurs 5.1
20% Activities; Fat grams=50; Calories=1876; >90 oz Water; Fiber=58 g

Fri 5.2
12% Activities; Fat grams=101; Calories=2967; >70 oz Water; Fiber=19 g

Sat 5.3
7% Activities; Fat grams=75; Calories=2513; >40 oz Water; Fiber=60 g

Sun 5.4
0% Activities; Fat grams=128; Calories=2449; >80 oz Water; Fiber=40 g

When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.
--Napoleon Hill

Thursday's exercise: NordicTrack 1 hr, 16 min/7.6 mi (46 min at
level 1 incline).

Friday's exercise: 2.5 hours mowing/weedeating/cleanup.

Saturday's exercise: 30 min jog.

Sunday: No exercise--unless you count stirring the milk and sugar coming to a boil on the stove for the Butter Rolls I finally made--haha!

This is a "getting back to it" day for me. I had this major craving for pizza after the yard work Friday, and I just gave into it. Yesterday I had Chinese buffet. Sort of overdid it, but the dessert I made at home took me way over the top for fat, etc. I had forgotten how such an overload of carbs is basically like a drug.

I had some calorie deficit every day and did okay with water for the most part. If I have a secret for the water consumption it is that during breaks of working out I consume as much as I can. The times I've checked it, it allows my heart rate to lower a bit after a big drink of water, which allows me to do more. At least that's how I look at it. It's not that I sweat so much, it's just that water during the workout feels like I'm doing a good thing for me!

I hope you're having a good food choice day!

SoccerMom on 05/06/2003:
I have noticed that I get my biggest cravings after one of two things: either I have been doing <i>really</i> well with my food and exercise (and my body detects a loss in the near future and wants to sabotage me), OR I ate something with sugar or other excess carbs and once I've had a taste, I want MORE. Sheesh. I find that if I drink a bottle of water when I get those cravings, I can usually avoid the binge (but there <i>are</i> times when ya just gotta have something!)

I like your quote for today. It sounds a lot like what my sister's been saying lately (Kyrin)...."well, obviously my plan hasn't been working lately, so it's time to change the plan" ...and now she's back on a losing streak! Go Kyrin!

Hope you have a good day today, and get that water and exercise in. Remember to ~~SMILE!!~~

biscottibody59 - Thursday May 01, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <60; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 159.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 159 (Now)
My Current Goal: 156 by May 6

0% Activities; Fat grams=76; Calories=2559; >50 oz Water; Fiber=54 g

One who fears failure limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. --Henry Ford

It's a new month. I guess that it's appropriate that I had a somewhat off day yesterday. I took off from exercise--did I ever need that! It's easy to get into a groove and sometimes I rebel against getting out of the groove (rarely:-). I guess one of the fears is that I may not get back to it. That's a part of me; stopping any form of exercise for weeks, months, and years. But it's so important to my body and overall health to tone it down or even stop for a day.

I ate a little more than I planned. Had a bit of chocolate and Pepsi, which are typically "off limits." Oh and a handful of potato chips. I'm ready to get back into it and jump into the next challenge coming this weekend!

Time to focus my sight on what I want and go for it!

MM on 05/01/2003:
Thanks for all your comments. Sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but you have been very helpful to me.

It's good to take a day off every now and again, but I know how you feel about the fear of not getting back into it. I don't think you'll do that, though. Keep up the good work!

Soon2BThin on 05/01/2003:
Hey, hey, I see a new low weight there! You're doing great! I haven't been checking in very often lately, sorry. Looks like I have some catching up to do. Keep up the good work!

pollyanna on 05/04/2003:
Taking off a day isn't bad for us. But like you, one day can always lead to two, to a year, to 10 years. I also have a difficult time leaving the "groove." But you are back on the treadmill in the groove and overall you are doing GREAT!

peace, pollyanna :)

SoccerMom on 05/05/2003:
Oh gosh...Pepsi and chocolate!! haha Oh well, sometimes you've just gotta have a bit of a treat...just don't make it a habit. I know what you mean about the exercise groove. When I get called to come work, it messes me up, because I don't get to exercise in the morning......then it's even harder to do it later in the day, because I've eaten (and hate to exercise on a full tummy). I'm glad I'll have today to catch up, and do more!

Have a wonderful day!

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Apr 30, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <60; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 159.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 159 (Now)
My Current Goal: 156 by May 6

24% Activities; Fat grams=67; Calories=2276; >130 oz Water; Fiber=50 g

Never discourage anyone . . . who continually makes progress, no matter how slow. --Plato

Happy Wednesday!

Missed the mark on my calorie goal, but met the other two for the M-Th Challenge. I got in a NordicTrack session, 1 hr, 4 min/7.7 mi with 42 min at level 1. I'm glad I tried that because it was actually smoother at level 1 and it was easier to go faster. Good thing!

I also got in a 25 min jog in the evening. I want to eventually get back to 10-12 days/month of jogging whatever length of time. I just enjoy it and the feeling of accomplishment.

I hope you all have a good food choice day!

RareDiamond on 04/30/2003:
Just stop by to say hello.

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Apr 29, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <60; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 159.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 159 (Now)
My Current Goal: 156 by May 6

20% Activities; Fat grams=60; Calories=1054; >100 oz Water; Fiber=51 g
Deficit=1298 (Weekly Def=1099)

There is not a tree in heaven higher than the tree of patience.
--Irish Proverb

I got in a workout on my NordicTrack, 1 hr, 6 min/7.7 mi. Met all goals for the Mon-Thurs Challenge! Be back later to update measurements.

Later . . .
Well lookee there ya'll--the two measurements that show up for public consumption are down--yi-haaa! Bust and waist are down a quarter inch, hip and leg are up a quarter inch and the rest are the same. Scale is the same.

Have a great day!

Runner on 04/29/2003:
I just noticed that you are SO close to your goal weight!!!!!!!!! You go, girl!!!!! How exciting! I admire your ability to stick so closely to your diet.

pastagal on 04/29/2003:
That is great,Congrats:}}} i wish my bust would go down a few inches;}} but trust me,,when and if it does,,i will be shouting from the roof tops,lol:}}

kyrin on 04/29/2003:
Ahhhhh. There you go shifting things around! Way to go! {grins} ...You're doin' great with your workouts and your calorie deficits. You are, of course, my water and fiber heroine. I'm doin' better with those. Whenever I'm behind on my water, I think about the commitment that you've made to yourself in joining me in the challenges. How could I do less?

I'm feeling very committed right now. Thanks for setting the good example when I fell victim to "vacationitis." LOL



biscottibody59 - Monday Apr 28, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <60; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 159.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 159 (Now)
My Current Goal: 156 by May 6

27% Activities; Fat grams=62; Calories=1976; >110 oz Water; Fiber=47 g

What may be done at any time will be done at no time.
--Scottish Proverb

I made all my goals for yesterday. I'm going to continue with the same goals for Mon-Thurs with Kyrin and her challenge! Mine are
100 oz water/day, at least 1000 cal def, and 2000 calories/day.

I did my NordicTrack for 1 hr, 7 min/7.6 mi yesterday and later a workout on the Airdyne 50 min/12.6 mi.

Hope you have a good food and exercise day!

kyrin on 04/28/2003:
I'm glad that you're doing the challenge with me. When I was wrangling with my body and it's whining moment this morning, I thought about taking today off (briefly). I also thought about you and the wonderful progress that you've been making lately. That made me grin...and got me thinking about what I could do today to challenge my arm and butt muscles. LOL So, thanks for the push.



prism on 04/29/2003:
Good for you on making your goals. Over an hour on the Nordic Track! Wow! I bet you were feeling that afterwards....


biscottibody59 - Sunday Apr 27, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <60; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 159.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 159 (Now)
My Current Goal: 156 by May 6

20% Activities; Fat grams=67; Calories=2328; >100 oz Water; Fiber=65 g

I was taught that the way of progress is neither swift nor easy.
--Marie Curie

I made one goal--the water goal--the other two were close! I did
1 hr, 4 min/7.6 mi on the NordicTrack.

Have a good Sunday Afternoon!

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