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biscottibody59 - Friday Apr 04, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <60; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 162.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 156 by May 6

20% Activities; Fat grams=51; Calories=1693; >110 oz Water; Fiber=33 g

Don't think of it as failure. Think of it as time-released success.
--Robert Orben

Hidy Ho! I'm down a pound to my low on here, this is about the 3rd or 4th time I've hit it in all the time I've been trying to lose weight these past few years, but I'm much leaner than I was the first time I hit 162.

I did 58 min/6.4 mi on the NordicTrack and 15 min of circuit stuff with weights, pushups (the easy kind--Pezzy34!), etc.

I did well with the challenge overall, and I can trace my progress of late to the Kyrin-inspired challenges. I never really thought they would serve me very well, but they have this time around. They have been the difference in getting me out of "results rut." I was beginning to think I just was never going to make any weight loss goal I made, ever again. I have optimism that I'll at least make the next one.

Kyrin, thanks for pushing the challenge!

Hope you all have a great afternoon/evening!

dolyda on 04/04/2003:
a very big congrats to ya on getting back down to your low!...good job :D

kyrin on 04/04/2003:
Biscotti, you're doing super! Congrats on hitting that low number. 161, 160, 159... you're on a roll!



Soon2BThin on 04/04/2003:
I would hate to count the many times I've been at the weight I'm at now! I keep thinking this is the last week I will EVER see this weight again. And I'm hoping this time IS the last! When I think of how I had weighed 150 and less, not that long ago, it makes me sick! Darnit! Okay, we won't dwell on those kinds of things, heh. You're doing really great. Keep it up!

pezzy34 on 04/05/2003:
Hey hey! I appreciated the shout out there! I want to do one handed pushups, but if I try I fall over... so that will be a long term goal huh? I read your diary and think "man, she did it... I can do this one more day... one more week etc." I'm just overly competetive though, so don't ever play Monopoly with me... I'm one of those people that if I am losing I will "accidentally" tip the board over... I'm awful about it!!! So grrrr... get up girly and keep me motivated! You have me on the nordic track thing though... it seems like a torture device to me.. I'm scared of them! So, I stick to my nice, safe treadmill or bike. Safe. Easy. Ahhhhh. I need more sleep! Love, Jenni

biscottibody59 - Thursday Apr 03, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <60; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 163.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 156 by May 6

17% Activities; Fat grams=55; Calories=1810; >80 oz Water; Fiber=44 g

I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb . . . and I also know that I'm not blonde. --Dolly Parton

Hello Everyone!

I did well with my challenge objectives yesterday--I'm very pleased with how I'm doing. It's about time. I did my NordicTrack workout early yesterday, 56 min/6.5 mi. I was going to try to get a very short jog in, but I'm really wary of overdoing it.

I'm finally catching up on my sleep. Despite cutting the caffeine down a couple months ago, I had been consistently getting just about 6 hours a night. So I'm going to work on that, I got about 7.5 hours last night, so that's much better--a start:-)

So, here's to a good food and exercise day to you all!

SoccerMom on 04/03/2003:
Wow! Just <i>one more pound</i> to tie your record low.....I know you'll be there soon!

Love your quote for the day. Gee, I wonder what color her hair really is?

Have a wonderful day!

shellybelly on 04/03/2003:
<center><img src=http://www.gifworks.com/queue/bananas_md_wht_22183.gif></center><br>Hey! Great job with your challenge! Keep it up! Shelly

prism on 04/03/2003:
Thanks so much for your comment. It really meant alot to me.

Good for you on doing your Nordictrack workout and on your goals to get more sleep. There is more and more info coming out about how lack of sleep contributes to so many problems health-wise...

Soon2BThin on 04/03/2003:
You're doing great on that challenge! Good luck on getting more sleep, that's one thing I do VERY well, usually! My problem is trying to not get too much, haha!

MM on 04/04/2003:
I wanted to say thank you for the info on Fitday.com. Sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but I haven't been on DD for a week. I haven't got a chance to check it out yet, but I will as soon as I read some entries.

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Apr 02, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <60; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 163.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 156 by May 6

10% Activities; Fat grams=48; Calories=1672; >90 oz Water; Fiber=46 g

Things could be worse. Suppose your errors were counted and published every day, like those of a baseball player. --Author Unknown

Happy Wednesday!

I did pretty well on my challenge goals for yesterday. I expected to do a little more in the way of exercise, but that's life. I did 43 min/11.3 mi on the Airdyne. I changed the fat goal above. Seems that 60 g fat is more realistic for me at this point than 40 was--I rarely made it.

Hope you're having a good exercise day!

inmorning on 04/02/2003:
Aren't you just sweet, where would I be without you?

kyrin on 04/02/2003:
Happy Wednesday back at ya! Just one more challenge day. I'm really looking forward to the short three-day challenge for the weekend. I love those shorter challenges!

Good idea adjusting the fat gram goal. If it's too hard to meet a goal, it probably isn't a realistic goal for now...maybe later. Lifestyle changes are mostly about observations of what will and what won't work over the long run...and about making incremental changes to get us where we want to go.

You're doin' great!



biscottibody59 - Tuesday Apr 01, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 163.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 156 by May 6

0% Activities; Fat grams=78; Calories=2258; >60 oz Water; Fiber=50 g
Deficit=438 (Weekly Def=1100)

Delusions of grandeur make me feel a lot better about myself.
--Jane Wagner

I'm down one-half inch each in my abdomen and my hips--yiiii-ha! The rest are the same as last week. I'm a little bit closer to zipping up my old, acid-washed, "fancy pants:-)" as well. Not that I'd want to actually go out in public and wear them haha!

I remain on plan, and I'm confident that I will accomplish my objectives. Yes, really I will, despite the crappy way I feel today, because it is still possible for me to get a caffeine-withdrawal headache when I have only
2 (instead of 3) cups of coffee. So this is an opportunity for me to cut down to 2 cups. A far cry from the 6-8-10-12 cups of my past.

Or, perhaps I feel like sh*t because I didn't work out yesterday. I needed the break for sure! So today is the real start of the 4-day (Kyrin) challenge, and I hope, the next one, for me.

Objectives are: 1)Deficit of 1300 cal/day 2)At least 80 oz water/day
3)Fat grams not to exceed 60 4)Calories not to exceed 1800
5)Activities at least 10%.

So . . . make a goal, meet a goal. Do the best you can if you're not about to meet it. Get back in and try again. Think of a little one crawling, crawling, crawling. All of a sudden she pulls herself up. Woo-hoo, "I can stand!" Then, plop on her butt she goes. Crawl, crawl again. Pull up. Stand. Let go. Take a step. Plop!--but a different plop. Woo-hoo, "I didn't plop until I took a step!" Pull up again. Step, step, step. Plop! An even different plop. Woo-hoo, "I plopped after three steps!" If at first you don't succeed . . . try, try again!

Have a good one, I'll see ya' later!

kyrin on 04/01/2003:
Woo-Hoo, Biscotti! Congratulations on those inches lost! I knew you could do it. I know you <i>will</i> do it! ...I'm proud of you, gal!



Soon2BThin on 04/01/2003:
Woohoo! You're doing great! Slowly but surely, we WILL make it. Good luck with the challenge. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Looks like you have a good plan!

pezzy34 on 04/02/2003:
Activities 10% eh? Someone does fitday.com huh? I manage to keep my activities between 6-15 depending on the day. Mainly because I roller skate a lot. Okay, so I roller skate because I have this disco roller skate thing in my head of the cute girl with Farrah hair and glitter.... so I put on my bell bottoms, denim jacket, pony tails and I roller skate to feel cute. You caught me. I'm vain. LOL

I loved the crawling/walking analogy thing you have going on there... very nice! So, 156 by May 6th huh? Man... so that is losing another 7 pounds right? Okay, so I'm at 169.5 right now. I'll meet that challenge with you and aim for 163 by May 6th. I love your entries, they are my favorite!

Love, Jenni

shellybelly on 04/02/2003:
Eek! I hope ya feel better soon! Take care and keep up all the good work!! :-) Shelly

biscottibody59 - Monday Mar 31, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 163.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 156 by May 6

23% Activities; Fat grams=59; Calories=2197; >132 oz Water; Fiber=55 g

The bagel, an unsweetened doughnut with rigor mortis.
--Beatrice & Ira Freeman

I'm down 1 pound! I'll take it here, before my usual Tuesday weigh/measure day.

Do not ask me where all the fiber came from. I had my usual bran, a few carrots and a couple of bananas. Bananas don't have a ton of fiber, but 15 baby carrots (according to FitDay) have 4.5 g fiber. Also 1 svg Jell-O FF Pudding has 1.8 g fiber, hmmmm . . .

Anyway, I did 1 hour/6.8 mi on the NordicTrack and a 25-min jog
later in the day. I'm on for the 4-Day (Mon-Thurs) Kyrin Challenge. More later . . .

Have a good day everyone!

Golightly on 03/31/2003:
Hi Bis! I love the little quotes you always start your entries with, but the one today I especially LIKED! It makes me not miss bagels at all!! ;)

Congrats on the 1 pound loss! Who knows, maybe by Tuesday there will be more ...???

UPDATE : Just wanted to leave you a note about tortilla chips. I was in a situation a week ago where I was trying to keep count of how many I was eating AND partake in witty reparte. Impossible! I think the count was 20, but I'm still not sure...

Have a great day!

kyrin on 03/31/2003:
<i>Woo-Hoo!</i> All Right, Biscotti! You're one pound away from your low weight! Oh, ye-ah! There's some cheering goin' on!



SoccerMom on 03/31/2003:
Don't ya just love Kyrin's Challenges? It's easier to do little ones, for 3 or 4 days, than to look <i>waaaaaayyy</i> out into the future and try to set a goal. Enjoy!

willloose on 03/31/2003:
Hi Biscotti,

didnt know someone had written down a comment on my entries...still learning how to navigate this thing...anywho thanx for you encouragement and I will see you around! :)

biscottibody59 - Sunday Mar 30, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 164.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 156 by May 6

15% Activities; Fat grams=59; Calories=1776; >110 oz Water; Fiber=40 g

Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So . . . get on
your way. --Dr. Seuss

I did my NordicTrack yesterday--48 min/5.5 mi. I met all challenge goals for this day--so far, so good. I changed my goal weight/date above. I wasn't anywhere within reach of it, so it's a little more conservative (and, I hope, doable:-) now.

I'll check in a little later!

pezzy34 on 03/30/2003:
Much better goal there! That one can be done! But not if you're sitting here reading this! SHEESH! Get up! LOL Kidding... anyway I have a goal of 150 by my husbands birthday in October, but I hope I can hit it before then. It is just that after losing almost 150 pounds your body loves to hang on to that last 20... tight! Great job! Love, Jenni

kamryn on 03/30/2003:
Good job on the Nordic Track. I can't believe you can do so many miles so quickly. good for you!!!! It takes me 1.5 hrs for 4 mi. So good work. :)

kamryn on 03/30/2003:
Good job on the Nordic Track. I can't believe you can do so many miles so quickly. good for you!!!! It takes me 1.5 hrs for 4 mi. So good work. :)

pollyanna on 03/30/2003:
Here's to climing your mountain! You are doing great--faith....faith :)

peace.....pollyanna :)

biscottibody59 - Saturday Mar 29, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 164.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 150 by April 8

15% Activities; Fat grams=63; Calories=1901; >110 oz Water; Fiber=40 g

Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o'clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap. --Barbara Jordan

For my exercise yesterday, I did 1 hour, 3 min/16.0 mi/402 cal on the Airdyne. Then about 5 min of pushups and leg lifts.

I may have been a little confusing in my entry yesterday, I'm on Day 3 of the "Kyrin" challenge. Day 2 (yesterday), I met water goal, exercise goal, and deficit goal, but was over on calories and fat intake by a little.

I'll see ya' all later . . . Have a good evening!

kyrin on 03/29/2003:
One more day... You're doing great with your exercising. I can't wait to see how you do with your measurements.

New challenge coming up. 4 days. Mon-Thurs...

Let's go beat these fat cells into submission!



biscottibody59 - Friday Mar 28, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 164.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 150 by April 8

22% Activities; Fat grams=54; Calories=1825; >80 oz Water; Fiber=48 g

The road to success is dotted with many tempting
parking places. --Author Unknown

Hello Everyone!

I had an exceptionally good exercise day yesterday. I did my early NordicTrack (5.5 mi/49 min) and later a jog of 40 min. In this latest stint of jogging, I am much less winded and it's much more enjoyable. So whatever level you're at with your cardio exercise, be patient, it gets better.

The point of increasing my exercise is simply to improve myself--I want to move forward consistently and not define myself as a huffy, puffy, very unhealthy feeling woman. I am a better woman for myself first and others (some who have stopped noticing:-) for the effort I have put forth to get in shape and make better food choices.

When I started out I was in terrible shape. I don't want to get back to feeling that way, but by the same token I don't want to burn out. In the 2 or so years since I started making the effort to lose weight and make better food choices (throw in the aging process), I've had more than a couple of burn-outs where I just quit, sometimes for a few days, sometimes for a week or more. Sometimes it was because I was injured or just sore from doing too much or because I just didn't want to work out one day. One day became 2, then 3, then a week. I was definitely a resident of couch-potato city.

So I've had a quite a few fits and starts. I'm very cautious of overdoing it and injuring myself--that's pretty much what I watch out for. That and fatigue--if I don't get enough sleeep I'm no good for anything and exercise is going to be out. At this point it's totally a balancing act and a challenge and I look forward to it--mostly:-) It all goes hand-in-hand.

*****I accomplished all objectives of the 4-day (Th-Sun) "Kyrin" challenge! I ate <60 g Fat, drank at least 80 oz water, and accomplished at least a 1000-cal deficit.*****

Have a good day; I'll see you all later!

kyrin on 03/28/2003:
AWESOME effort yesterday! WOW!

pezzy34 on 03/28/2003:
You rock! I just read a lot of your entries and it seems as though you and I should move in together because it would make food preparation a lot easier! We eat almost identical... but I throw in the occasional fudgecicle... hahaha! The only thing I can't do is the brown rice, so I mix white and brown and each time add less white.... just not ready for that yet. Anyway, thanks for the entries.... I'll keep reading and it sure helps keep me motivated!

cynthie on 03/28/2003:
How many ways can I say "congratulations"? You have worked hard. You've learned how to live a different lifestyle. That is truly commendable. "165 pounds" is my dream weight. Maybe one day, correction, hopefully, one day I'll get there. Take care!

i, cu

princess07 on 03/28/2003:
you're doing great

prism on 03/28/2003:
Good for you on making your 4 day challenge a success!

Soon2BThin on 03/28/2003:
Congratulations on completing Kyrin's challenge! That's great! It sounds like you're really going to do this, this time around. Like you, I've had a lot of stops and starts too and I've been going at it for 5 1/2 years now. I started at 196 pounds so at least I haven't gained it all back--and I never will, I vow! As for that rash I had on my legs, the doc never did figure out what it was. The only thing I could think of was that I had "dry shaved" my legs and then showered with a cheaper shower gel, so maybe the combination was what had caused it. I had dry shaved my legs lots of times before (I know, crazy!) but with the cheap shower gel (I won't mention any names--Suave) maybe the combination was a bad thing, who knows. It lasted for weeks and the only thing that would ease the itching was ice packs so that's how I slept every night, with ice packs on my legs so I could get some sleep. It was the most miserable thing I'd ever had to go through! Well, looks like I have diarhea of the keyboard, I've just run on and on, haha! Sorry about that. Have a great weekend.

lea on 03/29/2003:
Well done on completeing your 4 day challange. Good luck for the next challange :-)


biscottibody59 - Thursday Mar 27, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 164.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 150 by April 8

1% Activities; Fat grams=74; Calories=2044; >60 oz Water; Fiber=21 g

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set
him free. --Michelangelo

Happy Thursday!

I had an odd day yesterday--had no appetite, which is rare for me. I wasn't sick, I wasn't dehydrated. I was worn out from Tuesday's exercise, for sure, but I truly felt like I was in some sort of limbo. I didn't eat anything until the afternoon (save for coffee and a little juice). I saw, I bought, then I later ate a couple of jelly donuts, the kind with finely powdered sugar--they were so-so (not all that fresh), but I did enjoy them:-)

Why did I buy two when I really only wanted one--I was gonna save one for later, or today--hahahaha--that worked real well!

For exercise, I took a little 10 min walk.

*****Today it's back into the groove for the 4-day (Th-Sun)
"Kyrin" challenge! I'm going to stick to 60 g Fat for this one in addition to my usual exercise; try to drink at least 80 oz water; at least 1000-cal deficit/day.*****

Hope you have a good food choice day!

MM on 03/27/2003:
Thanks for your comments in my entry. I wanted to ask you about what you are doing. I look at it everyday, but I am still confused. I'm a few short of a six pack, I know. How do you measure 10% activities? and what is the deficit? Sorry to sound so stupid.

Anyway, pump up the exercise to work those doughnuts off, huh? It's funny how we justify buying 2 of something, thinking we will save it for another time, or hubby, etc., but since nobody knows why you bought it, you don't have to stick with the reason you did it in the first place. I do that all too often.

Hope you have a good night.

Lainey on 03/28/2003:
Pretty neat quote. I like that. Yeah, saving one for later usually doesn't work out that way, lol.

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Mar 26, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 164.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 150 by April 8

12% Activities; Fat grams=49; Calories=1789; >80 oz Water; Fiber=35 g

Hello all:-)

I didn't lose anything poundwise in the last week--really didn't expect to because of my eating, but I did lose about a half-inch overall in measurements, which included a quarter-inch in my waist.

So yesterday I used the Airdyne--was going to just blow off all exercise--and my plan was to get it to 400 cal or 15 miles. So I ended up doing just about 1 hour/14.4 mi/322 cal according to the readout. That proved to be too much because I hadn't used it in quite some time, but I just thought, "I've been jogging here and there, I've been doing weight training, NordicTrack, and walking, it'll be no big deal." I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a Mack truck--almost like a hangover. Damn, I didn't even get a buzz on for crying out loud;-)

Thanks SoccerMom--you mentioned stepping up my activity a few entries ago--I did, and after the dust has settled this afternoon, I'm glad I did:-)

Hope your day's going well--I'll see ya' later!

pollyanna on 03/27/2003:
Whew! And here I am talking about a few minutes on my stationary bike! LOL You make my muscles ache just reading about it all. But you are hanging in there! Whew!! Congrats on your inches!

peace, pollyanna :)

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