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biscottibody59 - Monday Mar 03, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 168.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 150 by April 8

8% Activities; Fat grams=68; Calories=1897; >60 oz Water; Fiber=30 g

Poopy doopy day for me--my exercise (or should I say what contributed to my Activities percentage) was around 3 hours of driving--breaks in between and a 10-min walk. Didn't eat breakfast except for a little orange juice--what am I saying--that's NOT breakfast! Hungry or not, breakfast is The Key to my success for the day, for the weight loss, and brainwise.

I'm finally starting to feel a little better after having a pretty heavy lunch. It wasn't my plan to not exercise but I really didn't feel like it.

My assessment of this challenge is that I will continue it. I got to reading back in Prism's diary and I see how hard she has worked to get where she is. I know I looked back in her diary before, but it didn't resonate with me so much before I guess because I thought all this exercise was just going to melt my fat belly away and that hasn't happened. In fact in one of her entries she mentions just about the same thing--doing alot of exercise with not very dramatic results. She's had a couple of lulls in her progress and I consider this inspirational--Thanks Prism!

At 25, maybe you're gonna exercise your way to a healthy body weight. Working from the point I've worked from, it ain't gonna happen at 43--and I have to face facts for the umpteenth time and move forward.

So given that, I think I can step up a little to attempt to get to that April goal (or at least close to it) and then reevaluate from there. It's very clear to me what I need to do.

So I'm going to try to jog tomorrow and eat sensibly and often in order to keep from getting hungry and vulnerable to poor choices. That's the biggest thing I put in the forefront of my mind Friday and Saturday--soon I hope it will be second nature.

Have a nice Monday!

Golightly on 03/03/2003:
Good morning! Hope you have a nice Monday too! I haven't read Prism's diary, but I think I will check it out. It's nice to read about someone else who is trying to lose weight and is not in their 20's ... I'm sure my diet is going a lot slower than some of our younger friends.

Have a great day!

SoccerMom on 03/03/2003:
I just got a book called "Crosstraining for Dummies"...and it says that when your body stops responding to the challenges, it's time to step them up. Of course, you can't just keep going more miles, you need to climbs some hills, or add some wrist and ankle weights to your walk, or do something else that will alter your normal workout, and give yourself new challenges. That made sense to me. I had started to feel that I was just maintaining the body I now have, instead of improving it, so I'm mixing it up, by adding some skipping ropes, or running up and down my stairs a few times, or adding more weights. When the weather warms a bit, I'm going to start walking outdoors, on trails around town.

Hope you have a great day!

inmorning on 03/03/2003:
Hey, I see the exercise you do and let's face it, you could kick most men's butts. So keep that in mind when you are looking at your body with less than ecstatic eyes. I would wager my money on you everytime.

kyrin on 03/03/2003:
Hi, gal!

Glad to have you with me for another one. It makes it easier to keep going when I know that there is someone else out there bustin' it for the same four days.

Re: your double work session. I think that is one of the things that is working for me. I do a session, cool down a bit (not completely), then when I'm relaxed again, jump into a different type of session. It continually gets my heartrate up throughout the day. ...When I was younger (a lot younger) it was easier to get it all done at once. But you're right, I think us older gals might need to tackle this weight loss thing differently.

Hope you had a terrific day!


MM on 03/03/2003:
Remember to take baby steps and reward yourself (non-food items) along the way. You can do it!

biscottibody59 - Sunday Mar 02, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 168.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 150 by April 8

11% Activities; Fat grams=43; Calories=1717; >90 oz Water; Fiber=49 g

I did a 38 min/3.9 mile workout on the NordicTrack.

I did okay foodwise/fatwise. Actually, I'm doing better than I thought I would. It's easy to just give in--and I know I'm preachin' to the choir on that notion!

It's been a little excruciating, but I'm going to make it and I'll be a better person--hahaha--if not a smaller one--yiiiii-ha! No wonder I gave up this plan and was gunshy to try it again. But I know where I've been on the scale for far too long and now (it seems) is the time for me to fish or cut bait. Time will tell if the tape measure and the scale don't talk first--hahaha!

Have a good Sunday!

kyrin on 03/02/2003:
You've been a trooper with your work and your determination these past three days. <i>Way to go, Biscotti!</i> ...As a reward, challengers get to choose today. Push it and finish this challenge with gusto, or go for lighter workout and prepare for a new 4-day challenge which starts tomorrow.

I'm proud of you, gal! Proud of us! <i>We're doing it!!!</i> The results that we'd been thinking about all those months in 2002 are within reach. How badly do we want them? {grins}

I have eight pair (eight!) of jeans in the next size down. All of them look brand new. ...I want to wear them! ...And I'm imagining all of the green stripes on my biscotti girlfriend as she slips into those skinnier pants. Yup! Determination and attitude!


Kyrin<br> P.S. Less than 23% fat. Wow!

MM on 03/02/2003:
Great job working out!

biscottibody59 - Saturday Mar 01, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 168.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 150 by April 8

14% Activities; Fat grams=42; Calories=1523; >120 oz Water; Fiber=44 g

Happy Saturday!

I was a little over on fat intake. I knew I was going to eat higher fat in the evening and I thought I had adjusted accordingly. I feel like I did pretty well (without getting too wrapped around the axle:-)

I did a Circuit Aerobic Workout with 33 min on Airdyne and about 30 min of weights, etc. It all takes about 1 hour and 10 min so the 30 min is a conservative estimate. It includes catching my breath here and there and drinking a ton of water and, of course, a little stretching along the way and afterward.

Hope you have a safe and happy weekend!

Baylee on 03/01/2003:
OMG! All that exercise activity already! I haven't done anything except put my soup together and cook it, then had breakfast.

Yes, the blueberries are grown here, but I didn't pick them. The local produce market has them in season, and you can buy flats of them very cheap. I buy them, clean them, then freeze them in baggies for use during the winter months.They are big and juicy sweet. I love them in any hot cereal. I do the same with strawberries when they are in season. They taste completely different than those big red hard ones that are shipped in from California during the winter months. Have a good day! Baylee

kyrin on 03/01/2003:
You did pretty well with your fat intake. It was less than 25%, which is wonderful. Like you, if I get it too low, it takes all the fun out of the day's food. ...and I'm still hungry. ...Way to go with the fiber! I pushed it yesterday looking for ways to include more in my intake. Did you know that Calimyrna figs (dried) have 5 grams? I've just started eating them again. They're like a fig newton without the cookie part. Love those! Anyway, thanks, Biscotti.

We're doin' great at pushing and pulling each other along. Yea, us!



pastagal on 03/01/2003:
You and kryin are such a huge inspiration to me when it comes to exersise,,keep it up and have a great day:}

prism on 03/02/2003:
Great job on the workout. .... and on the fiber intake, not many people get that much fiber...and of course 120 ounces of water is alot, I've been drinking that for the past several days and it's alot of water!

Keep it up!


biscottibody59 - Friday Feb 28, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 168.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 150 by April 8

15% Activities; Fat grams=38; Calories=1637; >110 oz Water; Fiber=40 g

I did well. Just kept my diary all day then plugged it all into Fitday. If I remember from trying this scenario before, 40 grams of fat (give or take a few) is just about what I can get away with with this amount of activity without feeling deprived, so today was no exception. I did good:-) I feel good that I did good! I did 52 min/5.5 mi on my NordicTrack--20 min at level 1 and 10 min at level 2.

Hope ya'll have a Happy Friday!

kyrin on 02/28/2003:
Woo-Hoo, gal! Look at that fiber intake! You rock! ...and the water too! ...and the exercise!

You had a terrific day! I'm happy for you!


dolyda on 02/28/2003:
good for you...way to go on the nordictrack too...woohoo! :D

dolyda on 02/28/2003:
pfa is at www.physiquetransformation.com .... no, i don't use calipers...always forget to look for them at the store!!...in the PFA there is a place to enter your measurements & weight & it calculates body fat...i just use that...i figure as much fat as i have on my body, it doesn't matter what method i use at this point as long as it's the same method every time...now, when i get down below 20% i may make the extra effort to remember the calipers!! :D

pastagal on 02/28/2003:
YOur doing great,keep it up and have a great weekend ahead of you ok;}

biscottibody59 - Thursday Feb 27, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 168.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 150 by April 8

I'm joining a Kyrin 4-Day Challenge. My challenge is to do my plan above--it sits up there on that line, but I haven't taken it too seriously for awhile now. So for the next 4 days I plan to stick to it. Plus I plan to drink 80-100 oz water. Change is good:-)

Wednesday I did my Circuit Aerobic Workout (20 min) on the Airdyne (20 min/6.9 mi). I drank >90 oz water.

I hope you all have a good food day!

kyrin on 02/27/2003:
Way to go with the water, gal! ...I fell down a bit with that yesterday. So, I guess that gives me something to work for. {grins} If you can push it, so will I.

I got a nice scale boost during this last challenge. I'd love for you to have one too!



dolyda on 02/27/2003:
good luck on your challenge...i know you can do it :D

pastagal on 02/27/2003:
Just want to wish you the best with your challenge,,YOU can do it,:}

inmorning on 02/27/2003:
Good going there. Good luck on your challenge.

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Feb 26, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 168.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 150 by April 8

Scale was the same!

I now have two green ink marks on either side of my natural waistline, but my measurements were either the same, down (abdomen), or up a little on calf and bust--neither of which keep me from getting into these pants. It was a mental win to be able to do that. And equally wonderful that the zipper was intact when I shimmied them off--hahaha! Probably more wonderful--I'm gonna be too sexy for my pants, too sexy for my pants, sooo sexxxxy!

I'm at a crossroads. Do I want to be frumpy and keep my belly for the rest of my natural life. Or less-belly-ful and be able at least wear any pants I pull from a shelf or hanger. I sooo can't stand to try on 20 pairs of blue jeans and end up going back to the same old Wrangler squareass types in whatever different color of blue they've come up with. Despite what I may hope for, my bikini-wearing days are probably over. I'm having a flashback to that character Cher used to do--the one with the animal print body suit (was her name Laverne?). I mean I still marvel that I've been able to keep off most of what I originally lost (give or take 5 or so pounds). That's nothing to sneeze at. And it's not easy to do--I marvel at anyone's ability to lose a given amount of weight.

Totally icy, but I had gone to the grocery store yesterday and got home right as sleet/freezing rain started. I bought "Toastables"--a poptart clone, but with "real fruit." Mind you the fruit is NOT blueberry in the blueberry, but apple--I always read the ingredients, etc before I buy something new. This is a pretty common ploy. It's done with those toaster strudels too. By the way, I can't remember who you were, but you mentioned "Fiber 1" in an entry--well, I read that label and ruled it out owing to Aspartame as one of its ingredients, I don't tolerate it at all. My favorite high-fiber cereal is Uncle Sam--it actually tastes good without alot of extra stuff. It's whole wheat with flaxseed added. Not many people buy it apparently, but it's very good IMO.

Speaking of adding fiber to your diet, I have a couple of friends who swear by something called Konsyl--it's 100% psyllium, supposedly better than cellulose-based fiber drinks. Both of these people have acid reflux problems and it seems to help with that somehow too.

I did a NordicTrack workout (Circuit Aerobic) Monday (27 min/2.7 mi). Didn't get in a workout yesterday. Water was about 90 oz yesterday and 20 oz today. I always have a correlation of poor food choices and not enough water.

Hope you have a Happy Wednesday!

kyrin on 02/26/2003:
Okay, I'm thinkin' it's challenge time again. A new one's starting tomorrow. What'd ya think? Jumpin' in for a 4 day weekend?

Have a lovely day, Biscotti!



SoccerMom on 02/26/2003:
Girl...if you're ever going to look great in those pants again, you've got to commit to drinking all of your water, every day, OK?? Even if your food choices are horrible, and you acted like a sloth and didn't move much....drink your water. (It washes away a world of mistakes!)

I'd never heard of that cereal...my family might like it. Where do you buy it?

Have a great day!

Soon2BThin on 02/26/2003:
Yeah, I'm pretty sure her name was LaVerne. I used to love that show! I wish they'd bring it back in reruns like they do with some shows. I agree with you about the pants. It sure would be nice, wouldn't it, to be able to fit in any of them? I keep going the wrong way lately though. I guess we will just keep on dreaming and I'm sure we'll get there some day.

biscottibody59 - Monday Feb 24, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 168.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 150 by April 8

Pants try-on/measurement/weigh-in day is tomorrow.

I've been doing my workouts--Fri (2.21) I did NordicTrack for
45 min/4.5 mi (20 min @level 1 incline) and drank about 80 oz water. Sat (2.22) I did my jog--36 min--broken into 29 and 7 min and drank about 100 oz. Sunday was a resting day; except for a little housework and cooking. I took the day off from recording my eats and from a workout (and also from water--only 22 oz). I really needed the break from exercise--backside was rather sore still.

I made the high fat version of "Tapioca Cream" from the instant tapioca box. It's really a wonderful (almost luxurious:-) dessert--although I could be waxing nostalgic because I remember it from childhood. I'm going to try it with just whites and FF milk next time.

Hope you're having a good day!

dolyda on 02/24/2003:
good luck tomorrow! :D

biscottibody59 - Friday Feb 21, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 168.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 150 by April 8

Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living. --Anais Nin, writer (1903-1977)

Hello and Happy Friday!

I wanted to jog yesterday, the rain never let up, so I did a hefty indoor workout. I did a Circuit Aerobic Workout (weights, etc.) on the Airdyne (about 50 min total). Then I got on my NordicTrack and did 5.3 mi/51 min (20 min at level 1 and 10 min at level 2). I drank over 100 oz water.

Hope you have a good food day!

dolyda on 02/21/2003:
that is fantastic!!...job well done :D

SoccerMom on 02/21/2003:
Wow...are you floating away yet? Good job on the water! I'm on my fourth 16 ounce bottle now...with one more to go (my goal is 80 ounces per day.)

Have a great weekend, and remember to ~~SMILE!~~

Tigger on 02/21/2003:
Looks Great! Keep up those great workouts!

cutiexpie on 02/21/2003:
Well it looks like you have definitely been doing well with the water, exercise and everything else. Have a great weekend and keep up the good work! :)

Beth 201 on 02/22/2003:
I have been so busy with my new job that when I get home I have no more energy to do any other form of exercise. WOW! You seem to be doing great. Just wanted to stop in and say thanks for the comment and advice. The cops are still not showing up. I am lucky I have the next three days off. That way I can catch up on my lost sleep. I am been wanting to eat all kinds of bad food choices and I think it is because I am so tired. Right now it is 11pm and they have there kids running back and forth. I wish I could move, but I own this condo. YUCK! Never again. I am buying a house next time. Well you have a great weekend. Hope it stops raining. Beth :)

biscottibody59 - Thursday Feb 20, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 168.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 150 by April 8

What I did on Tuesday (2.18) was a NordicTrack workout 37 min/3.5 mi. Drank around 100 oz water. On Wednesday (2.19) I rode for 41 min/10.1 mi on the Airdyne and drank about 90 oz water. Feeling good about my exercise--no conflicts/difficulty getting motivated.

Hope you have a Happy Thursday!

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Feb 18, 2003
(Activities >10%; Fat gms <40; Eat 1400-1800 kCal)
Weight: 168.0

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 162 (Nov 2001)
My Current Goal: 150 by April 8

I'm not counting out days or miles. I'm just going to try to continue to maintain water, exercise, sensible food choices and lowered caffeine. Oh, and the "pants alert," which is an exercise in keeping mindful and visualizing the short green indelible-ink marks on either hip. Visualizing, so that I don't have to run around with hot pants (my age is showing:-) searching for a full-length mirror all day or something.

Down 1 pound and on measurements lost a little, stayed the same, but didn't gain anywhere. Woo-hoo all credit for the 4-day Kyrin Challenge! Did a 35 min jog (21-5-9 min)--I couldn't do it without the breaks--thanks to no days of exercise break. I'll take it any way I can get it! I drank 104 oz water.

Have a good evening all!

kyrin on 02/18/2003:
Woo-Hoo! You're doin' great, Biscotti! I'm so proud of you! {grins} I love that green marker visual. I wasn't that inventive. I just took a photo.

I managed to send hubby off to shop by himself this morning. Then, still in the mood to shop, he came home and got our son Matt for company. They had a guys' afternoon out while I stayed home and did a bit more of my workout plan.

Everybody wins!


J007 on 02/19/2003:
Thank you for commenting on my diary... (the greedy attention wanting diarist-me.)

Sounds like you're on your way to your goal, it's certainly obtainable by April! I read your last entry where you mentioned the acid washed jeans, so so funny! :) No offense, but I doubt they'll be coming back in style anytime soon. ;)

Tigger on 02/19/2003:
I tried to do the four day challenge, but I ended up excercising my video gaming muscles more than my gulteal muscles. I know it is crazy, but I LOVE my Playstation.


prism on 02/19/2003:
Good for you on the loss. All that effort if paying off.


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