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biscottibody59 - Saturday Aug 27, 2011
(Keep My Wt Trng On Track :: Eat Reasonably Well)
Weight: 158.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::7.2
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.1 (24.9 = 140.5#)

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. --Jimmy Dean

For my activity lately:
Tues 8.16: Walk 20 min; Jog 1 min/Walk 3 min x 7
Wed 8.17: Walk 15 min
Thur 8.18: Walk 15 min
Fri 8.19: Walk 20 min; Jog 1 min/Walk 3 min x 7
Sat 8.20: Walk 25 min
Sun 8.21: Walk 35 min; Jog 1 min/Walk 3 min x 7
Mon 8.22: Walk 15 min; Bike Ride 43 min/7.3 mi
Tues 8.23: Walk 20 min; Bike Ride 39 min/6.1 mi
Wed 8.24: Walk 20 min
Thur 8.25: Walk 25 min; Jog 2 min/Walk 3 min x 6
Fri 8.26: Walk 20 min

Just a quick update. I'm still "breaking" actually . . .

If you're in the path of Hurricane Irene I wish you well--it doesn't sound good. To be fair, I'm quite envious of the rain--but only the rain. Seriously, be prepared as well as possible, and be patient if your power goes out. Take good care of yourselves!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12::8.2?::

Plan for today: Walk, Jog/Walk, Bike Ride

90 oz Water * 7.5 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

KayBee on 08/27/2011:
Breaking?... Well, it's me, KathyBlue, my teenager friend :-) I am going to get back to work (and to my life) officially on Monday. I feel like a phoenix, I really need a rebirth because I'm in an emotional and physical ditch right now... But, I'm on a good way. From Monday on I'm on my diet again, active life. September will go by with mainly walking and careful stretching. Then, 3rd October, sports complex reopens and I already paid the subscription + 2 months membership, so I'll be there banging on their door at 7 AM ... :D

KayBee on 08/27/2011:
Ahh, and talking about rebirth, I opened this new account to start over. White card. White soul. On Monday - I weigh in. FEAR... I really scr*wed up this month, but I had crucial pains and no mental conditions to keep up the diet. I mean, the diet I did well but calories!... too much food, too many calories. Wanna hear the funny part? TOM didn't appear anyway! :( I haven't seen it since February. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... I really need to get a life. A new one?! :)

greengirl on 08/27/2011:
I hope you're well Biscotti. I see you are increasing the jogging to 2 mins. Go for it! I'm glad you like my blue plates. I've has the set for many years, they used to be the ones I saved for Christmas but I use them all the time now. I recently broke one though and I was gutted!

V on 08/27/2011:
Nice workouts Biscotti!!! Yeah!!! I can't believe you guys are still rainless :( Sorry! it has thankfully been dry here but alot cooler than Tx... Oh thanks for your comment about the pix ;) Have a good one :)

missdetermined on 08/27/2011:
Very envious of your fitness schedule! I need to get moving on that! Great job!

Maria7 on 08/27/2011:
Good to read your entry...glad you are doing well. Take care. :-)

mcwoo40 on 08/28/2011:
Helloo i have'nt fallen off the face of the earth if u where just wondering,just having a good time eating the wrong foods :/

Em17 on 08/28/2011:
Have a geat week coming up =)!

moogy on 08/28/2011:
Thank you for dropping by and checking in on me. My entry for today will give the update. So lovely to see you here. Yeah! that made my day:)

Umpqua on 08/29/2011:
I hope you're enjoying your break. Exercise looks great!

geevee on 08/29/2011:
The good news this week after the second CBCwas that the platelets had risen from 88 - critically low to 212 - normal! It was the methotrexate, thank God!

Almost 3 wks.have passed since I stopped taking the drug and I haven't had any increased swelling in my right knee or increase in heat coming from it. I'm very happy about that. My doc is taking a wait and see attitude which I agree with. I'd like my poor system to fully recupereate. My next appt. is in 2 months. Maybe I'll broach the shingles vaccine idea at that time.

It's a relief to know my immune system is breaking down!

liza36 on 08/29/2011:
Nice job on the workouts, and jogging. I fared the hurricane with no power outage and no downed trees - success! I can't say that for others I know, so I feel blessed to have fared so well.

Maria7 on 08/29/2011:
Looking at your list, what a lot of good workouts you have gotten in. Yes, thank the Lord, we were spared from Hurricane Irene. Hope you are doing well. :-)

getmebackto150 on 08/31/2011:
I definitely appreciate your feedback re: sleeping... I honestly never thought that sleep apnea could even be an issue, but now you have me thinking... The thing is my husband usually gets mad at me b/c I'm "the best sleeper he has ever known" meaning I fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly... He says that I seem very peaceful while I am sleeping and I only snore about once every 2 or 3 months... (He just about always comes to bed after me so he observes me sleeping almost every night)... I do wake up about 2 times per night and have to go to the bathroom, but that is a longstanding issue and as long as my husband isnt' snoring I fall back to sleep very quickly...

On the weekends, when I don't have to get up at a certain time, I normally wake up after about 9 or MAYBE 10 hours of sleep and feel rested and great...

It just seems to me whenI wake up to an alarm clock, man its over and I'm just a zombie... I have tried MANY MANY times to exercise in the AM before work and I just CANT! On a weekend though if I wake up at 9AM, I am good to go for a run by about 9:30... Strange???

I will definitely look into sleep apnea though, because like I said, I never even considered the possibility that I had an issue with sleep... I definitley appreciate your feedback as I'm totally clueless!

~WI~ on 08/31/2011:
Hey BB!! It is good to see you are still here! Thank you for the encouragement :) yes it has been rough but like you, I REFUSE to give up.

V on 08/31/2011:
I have to respond to something you left on Kaybee's post in re of cats...I felt like such a loser when i had to give my cat to a friend because cleaning that darn litter box made me Sick to my stomach :( Not too many things bother me as far as levels of grossness, and trust I have seen and smelled alot of foul things before but i think litter boxes are repulsive :( LOL That was probably TMI but i thought i would share that little fact about me with you...hahah ;)

KayBee on 09/01/2011:
LOL one of the conditions of letting him (my man) adopt cats was him cleaning the litter box 100%, and he does it religiously so I cannot complain on that. I don't know if my recovery has to do or not with the diet but I am struggling big time and it affects me so badly. I may book a phsycologist for the near future.

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Aug 16, 2011
(Keep My Wt Trng On Track :: Eat Reasonably Well)
Weight: 158.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::7.2
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.1 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity: Walk 20 min

I'm taking a break from here--see ya' in a few weeks. I wish you good food choices and lots of exercise--Enjoy!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12::8.17::

Plan for today: Walk, Jog/Walk, Bike Ride

90 oz Water * 6 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

Umpqua on 08/16/2011:
Enjoy your break and best of luck in meeting your food and exercise goals!

liza36 on 08/16/2011:
Good luck on your hiatus. See you back soon.

moogy on 08/16/2011:
I am sorry that you are taking a hiatus. I hope you come back soon, I shall miss you:)

thinkpositive on 08/17/2011:
Hope all is well with you and that you come back soon.

greengirl on 08/17/2011:
Good choices to you too Biscotti. I will miss your common sense while you are gone !! Keep fit and well :-)

geevee on 08/20/2011:
Hi Biscotti,

I've been on break too. I get bored talking about the same stuff all the time. I'm waiting until I have something new to report or get any different ideas, etc.

As for the methotrexate, because it suppresses the immune system, it might cauase a big problem if I had a live virus vaccine in my system. It's a strong drug and I never liked the idea of taking it,but since all other drugs taken so far over the years had become ineffective, it was my last choice exce0ppt for those extremely expensive ones that are infused at a Dr's office. That, I definitely don't want to get into. I surely don't want to go back to the metho. when my platelet level returns to normal. Last week it had risen 15pts. but was still about 35 pts. below the bottom of the bell curve where it usually is. I go back for another CBC in a few days and expect it to have risen some more.

I find it very scarey that the drug affected me as it did. I'll let you know what happens.

biscottibody59 - Monday Aug 15, 2011
(Keep My Wt Trng On Track :: Eat Reasonably Well)
Weight: 158.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::7.2
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.1 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity: Walk 20 min

My food choices have been a disaster lately--it hasn't been about overeating, but lots of calories--completely unsustainable at my activity level. You can tell (or not--the scale can--haha) from the last several weeks I've focused ONLY on activity. Now that I'm at a good level and have proven to myself (my head/psyche) that I can make progress there and I'm comfortable with the slow rate, it's time to focus again on food choices.

"Eat Reasonably Well" hasn't practically meant "run amok," but when I don't focus, things go south pretty quickly.

I just didn't want to micromanage two things at once and doing it that way I think has paid off surprisingly well. Now I can (I hope) push myself in the right direction on the food front. This should all be so very satisfying and fruitful in the weeks and months to come. Should. The bane of my existence--haha!

Enjoy your week!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12::8.15::

Plan for today: Walk, Bike Ride, Circuit Workout

90 oz Water * 7 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

getmebackto150 on 08/15/2011:
I too have been only focusing on activity... We CAN get our eating under control!!!

Umpqua on 08/15/2011:
Good luck with managing your food. I know I really have to micromanage my eating or it can quickly get out of control. I'm sure you'll come with a good system!

liza36 on 08/15/2011:
I know you can manage the food part! It is hard to focus on both at the same time, at least it is for me. Good luck!

moogy on 08/15/2011:
I tend to go south very quickly as well, one bad day and that's it, the slide is quick and delicious!!! I think you have done so well with understanding how much exercise you can do and how hard you can push. Now onto the food!!!!:)

V on 08/15/2011:
You can do it Biscotti!!

biscottibody59 - Sunday Aug 14, 2011
(Keep My Wt Trng On Track :: Eat Reasonably Well)
Weight: 158.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::7.2
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.1 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity: Walk 25 min; Jog 1 min/Walk 3 min x 7

I think I've got three more sessions at J1m/W3m and then it's on to the next level. So far this month I've completed 3 out of 5 wt trng sessions. I give my effort 3 out of 5 stars--haha!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.24::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12::8.15::

Plan for today: Walk 

90 oz Water * 6.5 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

biscottibody59 - Saturday Aug 13, 2011
(Keep My Wt Trng On Track :: Eat Reasonably Well)
Weight: 158.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::7.2
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.1 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity:
Walk 20 min; Bike Ride 26 min/4.5 mi; Circ Aer Wkt using Airdyne (10 min)

Got a little rain--about an inch. Kind of a nice surprise that it rained all night! Just have to deal with the mugginess for a few days. I had almost forgotten what humidity plus heat was like:-)

It was nice and cool (somewhat muggy) in the mid-70sF when I went for my jog/walk earlier--very few people were out and about. The others must have all been indoors listening to Governor GoodHair announce for president of the US (nickname coined by the late, great Molly Ivins for Gov Rick Perry).

He's also (in)famous for a traffic stop during which he said to the officer, "Why don't you just let us get on down the road." And another mic-check thingy where he says, "Adios MoFo!" Both are on video. I'm sure as the neverending campaign that is our Presidential race goes on, he'll do/say more jack*ssalicious stuff.

Yep, he's THAT jerk. You know the one--pretty much like most politicians--smarmy to the hilt. They don't all start out that way, but they end up that way. He's trying to get us to believe a hard-luck story that he had no zip code (postal code) when he was a child. How stupid--if he didn't, it was because no one did--dumb*ss. Oh well, consider yourself forewarned:-)

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.24::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12::8.15::

Plan for today: Walk, Jog/Walk 

90 oz Water * 6 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

V on 08/13/2011:
Biscotti, I think you missed your true calling as a comedian!!! I love it! :)

Soon2BThin on 08/14/2011:
I couldn't agree with you more. I think they are all "jack*ssalicious" I don't think I'm even going to vote next time, it doesn't do any good and I don't trust the voting process anymore. And you are so funny but true!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/14/2011:
Hello there! How are you Ms. Biscuit!? lol, jk, Biscotti. Anyways, i'm reading your entry and i feel like I need a political degree to understand it. You are one smart chic, did you know that!? haha. I hope you have an awesome day!

biscottibody59 - Friday Aug 12, 2011
(Keep My Wt Trng On Track :: Eat Reasonably Well)
Weight: 158.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::7.2
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.1 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity: Walk 15 min; Jog 1 min/Walk 3 min x 7

Another couple of hills conquered during my measly jog session yesterday. I'm thinking a little added humidity yesterday helped to get my heart rate past 120 after the last jog--it was 150. And it didn't kill me--woo-hoo! Less sloth, more gazelle--haha!

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.24::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12:: 

Plan for today: Walk, Bike Ride, Circuit Workout 

90 oz Water * 7 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

V on 08/12/2011:
Pretty soon you will be hurdle jumping!!! I love it!! Thank you for all of your kind words in re of my disciple...The sleeping giant in me has taken over..LOL Have a good evening!!!

rockingrobyn on 08/12/2011:
i need to start walking/slow jogging myself.i ust to do it along time ago.Right now i feel too heavy to do it.those hills are good for you

thinkpositive on 08/13/2011:
I also like your walk/jog exercise routine. More gazelle- I like that image.

greengirl on 08/13/2011:
Thanks for your support Biscotti, you are exactly right Mancunion or Manc is a person born in Manchester. We have some weird and wonderful names like that! For example I was born in a small Manchester suburd called Audenshaw and a person from Audenshaw is proud to be called an Aldwinian. Doesn't really make sense does it ?? Everything has quietened down now and the authorities have come down hard and quick on any looters they have taken into custody but I feel it is an uneasy peace at best and fear that things could boil over again soon. I sometimes wish I didn't work in the centre of town but most of the time it's a wonderful place, very vibrant!

Keep up the good work with the jogging :-)

Maria7 on 08/13/2011:
Hope you're having a good weekend. :-)

biscottibody59 - Thursday Aug 11, 2011
(Keep My Wt Trng On Track :: Eat Reasonably Well)
Weight: 158.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::7.2
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.1 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity: Walk 15 min

No rain here, though it was cooler. But that "chill" came at the price of humidity. We have slight chances of rain for a couple days, but then it'll be back to over 100*F 'til . . .

One of my pet subjects :: sleep apnea (*YAWN* hahaha):
There was quite the watershed study released today re: elderly women, sleep apnea and dementia. I'm hoping that this is widely disseminated--should be since it was published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). (There aren't many sleep apnea studies that have examined just women.) I hope that it leads to a widespread practice of screening for sleep apnea. Here's the link:

Since sleep-disordered breathing affects up to 60 percent of the elderly, any association between sleep apnea and cognitive impairment -- even a modest one -- could have a major public health impact, the researchers noted.

Redline said that anyone with symptoms of sleep apnea -- loud snoring, long pauses in breathing, feeling unrefreshed in the morning despite a full night's sleep -- should bring these symptoms to his or her doctor's attention and discuss treatment options.

Of course the health risks of untreated sleep apnea can be fairly devastating and there are other treatments besides CPAP especially if one has a very mild case. You don't necessarily have to be overweight/obese or tired during the day (I wasn't tired at all during the day). Here again is a great editorial, Brain Death by A Thousand Hypoxic Cuts in Sleep: http://ajrccm.atsjournals.org/cgi/content/full/175/6/528

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.24::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.12:: 

Plan for today: Walk, Jog/Walk 

90 oz Water * 8 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

hollybelle on 08/12/2011:
Interesting article.

Umpqua on 08/12/2011:
I hope you'll finally get some rain down there. Have a nice weekend!

thinkpositive on 08/12/2011:
Since I've been having sleep problems I will read the articles. I don't think that I have sleep apnea or that I'm a candidate for dementia ( my mother is 91 & very sharp & my father died just before he turned 91 & sharp to the end). But who knows, it's better to be aware than to ignore information. So thanks for posting.

Soon2BThin on 08/12/2011:
Thanks for the article. I don't think I have sleep apnea. I just have a hard time getting to sleep at night, really hard! And I only wake up when I need to use the restroom, which, lately, is about 4 times a night. All that water I'm drinking. But at least, I'm getting it through me and not retaining it. After I get up, I usually get right back to sleep, thank goodness. Have a good weekend!

greengirl on 08/12/2011:
Hey biscotti, I have been looking at electronic journals all day at work and , blow me if you are not posting links to articles when I come on here!! We take JAMA electronically and in hard copy for our med students. It's really funny seeing academic links on here!!

sweetpea1977 on 08/12/2011:
Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. Its comforting knowing that Im not the only who has gone through this! I have an annual check-up at the end of this month, so I'll definitely be bringing this issue up!

moogy on 08/12/2011:
Thank you for the encouragement and yes, I am back at it this morning. I am so glad you are receiving treatment for your sleep apnea. Love the 8 hours Biscuit Woman, that's wonderful. Super heroine stuff indeed! Have a wonderful and healthy weekend biscotti:)

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Aug 10, 2011
(Keep My Wt Trng On Track :: Eat Reasonably Well)
Weight: 158.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::7.2
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.1 (24.9 = 140.5#)

Hear twice before you speak once. --Proverb 

For my activity: Walk 15 min; Jog 1 min/Walk 3 min x 7

Didn't happen to get in my bike ride yesterday. The good news on the jogging is that I sought out and jogged up a hill, then jogged up another because that's the way jogging in the street goes. I'm gettin' there at a snail's pace!

The rest of this is pretty boring--I don't recommend reading any of it:
My sleeping night was a perfect joke. I can't eat certain things close to bedtime anymore. Period. (Though I keep testing it--last night it was not on purpose.) Promises don't work--only making myself eat out of a certain box of choices after a certain hour. My day is completely off kilter. Foolish. But I can only forgive myself, stick to the plan that works tonight and move on. I have no clue if I'll be able to get through wt trng later--I shall try!

It's probably time to write down my food again and then to count calories. I should have been writing my food down all this time, but even when you know something fosters mindfulness (and keeps your choices somewhat sane and honest), sometimes you think it'll be okay to skip a day. And then you've skipped it for months. I think the last time I religiously wrote down my food was this past January. It's always (since I've posted here on DDs) been one of those things that furthers my cause.

I tried a RedBull (artificial sweetener version), and it tasted like Fizzies and the aftertaste lasted waaay too long--I drank about 3 sips. Now I know, but I could have done without it.  

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.24::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.10::

Plan for today: Walk, Circuit Workout, Bike Ride 

100 oz Water * ? hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

moogy on 08/10/2011:
I think everone could manage with Red Bull or any of those other caffeine charged drinks. Sorry you had such a rough night, another lesson learned. Yes, it is a nuisance, but true, writing down and counting does work. I have felt much more in control since I started doing it again. I hope that you recover from your foolishness today and get a reasonable night's sleep tonight:)

Umpqua on 08/10/2011:
I don't like the taste of Red Bull either. I do like Sobe Lifewater for a nice zero calorie change from regular water. It's sweetened with stevia and erythritol. No caffeine but they have flavors with B12, ginseng, etc. Hope you get a good night's sleep in!

V on 08/10/2011:
I am not a fan of Red Bull either :( It is such a weird taste with a slight hint of CAN...LOl I can't fully dis it because in a pinch, I will settle for it if and only if it is the last option...Have you ever tried Monster absolute Zero??? Yummy but I usually cut off my caffeine intake by 4 pm(imagine that... me?) LOL I really appreciate the extra sleep that I get now...I wake up Ready!!.. I hope you get a good night sleep my friend..I also still hope the rain will find itself your way :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/10/2011:
i know what you mean about eating certain foods at bedtime! gosh, i'm only 28 and my body has finally seeked revenge. i finally have digestive problems at work when i take too many chances, too much dairy, too much anything. i'm not lactose intolerant, yet. but, wow, no more eating whatever i want either. and forget about having a bowl of 2 cups fiber one and milk for breakfast = bloating and gas all day long at work. grrr.

thinkpositive on 08/11/2011:
Thanks for the sleep advice. I'm not ready to cut coffee out- but will try cutting down first & then may go 1/2 decaf. I hear you on the importance of writing down calories- when i don't there is no progress.

liza36 on 08/11/2011:
You are too funny - you are NOT boring and I love your posts. Great job on the jogging, and I guess you've learned about mindful eating. I typically write down my foods every day (it's part of the weight watcher's plan), but if I skip a day or two, I forget about the whole week. If I'm traveling and don't have control over what I may be eating, I don't write things down. I guess that is when I need it the most. Live and learn I suppose.

greengirl on 08/11/2011:
Keep up the good work with the jogging biscotti :-) I too have a problem if I eat at night which seems to be worse as I get older !! It's crap getting older !!

V on 08/11/2011:
Celsius and the Monster absolute zero is Aspartame free...There are alot of Celsius flavors that are gross..LOl I like the Ginger Ale, Orange and cola flavor...I usually don't drink the Celsius after my am workouts... I am sure if i wasn't such an adrenaline junky/overthinker And i would sleep a hell alot better if I laid off the Monsters as well...LOL

V on 08/11/2011:
Oh and BTW I have been watching "The weather channel" In hopes of seeing some relief from your drought :(

kimbobeaner on 08/11/2011:
Thanks for the welcome! Never tried a red bull either...maybe I will keep it that way! I am afraid to get energy from a drink...I might get palpitations or something, knowing me :P I also have to be careful what I eat, and when I eat in the evening...my stomach is always on fire with heartburn if I eat much after 7pm... so I guess I shouldn't do that!!

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Aug 09, 2011
(Keep My Wt Trng On Track :: Eat Reasonably Well)
Weight: 158.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::7.2
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.1 (24.9 = 140.5#)

The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work. --Harry Golden 

For my activity: Walk 15 min; Bike Ride 22 min/3.6 mi

Onward and upward--enjoy your day! 

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.24::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.10::

Plan for today: Walk, Jog/Walk, Bike Ride 

90 oz Water * 7 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

legcramps on 08/09/2011:
Good job! Have a good one today :)

geevee on 08/09/2011:
Shingles vaccine update - I saw my doctor this morning and asked him about the vaccine. Immediately he said "no" because I'm taking methotrexate, an immuno-suppresant.Because it's a live vaccine, it could cause big problems.

The subject is not closed because the blood test showed that my platelet count was low again. He told me to stop taking the methotrexate and to come in for more blood work to see if doing that will raise the platelet level for the next 2 wks.

So if he takes me off this drug permanently, then I'll bring up the vaccine again.

I'm glad I didn't go ahead and get the vaccine when he was on vacation. I had a feeling about this drug and how it might interfere with the vaccine.

More to come!

hollybelle on 08/09/2011:
Great job Biscotti! Love that you rode your bike.

Umpqua on 08/09/2011:
I'm so glad you are feeling stronger and enjoying your exercise!

moogy on 08/09/2011:
Good for you Bike Woman and a good night's sleep as well. I hope you have another good one today biscotti. Onward!!!!

Umpqua on 08/09/2011:
Thanks for the wallpaper video! I bookmarked it and will try the sheet method with my next room since I'm almost done. The next room has some really large solid areas and that could work out very well.

Soon2BThin on 08/09/2011:
Thanks for your comments and concerns. I know this is almost starvation but it's only temporary and you don't gain the weight back if you follow the program correctly. The HCG re-regulates your hypothalamus so eventually you can eat more and still not gain weight. I've researched it very well. I do feel better today and not taking the Lasix. I only took it for 3 days, also some potassium (my doctor told me to) and my legs and ankles and feet are normal today. I think it's the fact that I'm not eating the junk food and salt. So maybe this diet will take care of the swelling. Hey, I'm not mad if you feel that way. After all, we've been here forever, right?

V on 08/09/2011:
I had a little talk with Mother nature and i am hoping she will bestow some rain your way ;) My grass is so thankful for the moisture :) Great job today!! I know I said this before but you are REALLY doing it! Yeah!

moogy on 08/10/2011:
Thank you for the attempted comfort but I still feel guilty having the heater on because there is only me here!!

thinkpositive on 08/10/2011:
I like the quote. Hope you enjoy your day as well!

liza36 on 08/10/2011:
I liked your post on Monday. The sense of accomplishment must feel so wonderful. Have a great day!

biscottibody59 - Monday Aug 08, 2011
(Keep My Wt Trng On Track :: Eat Reasonably Well)
Weight: 158.5

Body Fat: 33.8%::3.8 . . . 35.2%::7.2
Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.1 (24.9 = 140.5#)

For my activity:
Sat: Walk 20 min; Jog 1 min/Walk 3 min x 7
Sun: Walk 20 min; Bike Ride 31 min/5.1 mi; Circ Aer Wkt using Airdyne (7 min)

I enjoyed finishing my wt trng wkt yesterday--invaluable for the sense of accomplishment it affords. The progress creeps up on me and one day I can see or feel something (good) I hadn't previously. That's how wt trng goes:-)

Also, and it's hard to explain, the bike ride yesterday was the first decent ride I've had in a couple of years. Progress is a very good thing:-)

Circuit Workouts/Wt Trng Scheduled/Done: ::7.24::7.27::7.30::8.4::8.7::8.10::

Plan for today: Walk, Bike Ride 

120 oz Water * 6 hrs Sleep
120 oz Water * 6.5 hrs Sleep
RMR = 1303 * Calorie Goal = 1442 * Fat Goal = 32

V on 08/08/2011:
Doesn't it feel great to make the goals you set :) Awesome!! Have a great Monday!!

moogy on 08/08/2011:
I know what you mean, I am sure it was easier to shave my legs this weeks. I have only lost four pounds and being doing exercise but I am sure it was easier!! Wonderful news on the bike ride, good for you biscotti, you are really making a difference to your health and strength:)

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