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biscottibody59 - Saturday Jan 10, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 167.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.7 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity: Nothing 

I'm scratching the Circ Wkt because the caffeine withdrawal is kicking my butt! What a way to find out I drink more of it than I thought, or that my body was more dependent on it than I thought! May sound wimpy, but I don't want to fall flat on my face this go 'round!

No activity again! So on my weigh-in I'm up 2# and I'm not shocked. That's about 8# away from obesity (BMI-wise). My normal weigh-in day is Tuesday, which will continue. I'm doing a 3-Day Sat-Mon challenge of <2000 calories, drink at least 80 oz water and get my planned activity DONE!

I cut my caffeine yesterday to one cup of two-teabag, highly squeezed, overly strong green tea + lemon. Then later in the afternoon I had a glass of raspberry tea (the premixed with sugar added kind)--I was really wanting a big ol' cup of coffee! It took the edge off of the craving, which is much better today. I woke up early this morning with a moderately bad headache--the caffeine withdrawal kind. So that's just one day, I have a poor track record for cutting down on caffeine for more than a few days, so time will tell.

So this morning I noticed that with no milk for my hot caffeine drink, I had to eat earlier. I'm used to leisurely enjoying my coffee as I get going and then having breakfast much later. Normally I'd drink 1-3 cups of coffee with milk, with that I'm pretty much good to go. (And I know that if GeeVee were reading, she knows what I'm talking about because she didn't eat her first meal of the day 'til later, though I don't think she drank her coffee with milk.)

Okay enough about that. Today I made my green tea with two bags, no squeezing of the bag! So I ate some cooked rolled oats + grd flaxseeds + a peeled apple and a dash of salt. I took my vitamins and I was fine as frog's hair:-) I'd like to go without coffee for the next several weeks--1 cup of green tea only (gradually working down to only one bag with no squeezing haha) and possibly a glass of iced tea with lemon only if necessary or if I just want it.

I was looking for a recipe to use up some cheerios--didja know they have added sugar. To watch the commercials you'd think they didn't. Not that I'm surprised. So I found a recipe for "Fried Cheerios," which are supposed to come out tasting sort of like popcorn. Then the one I'm probably going to use sort of sounds "popcorn ball-ish." The last one that sounded okay is similar to rice krispies treats.

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Circ Workout

Stay hungry--for fitness and weight loss!

2640 cal * 98g Fat * 22g Fiber * 84 oz Water
-595 cal Deficit * 0% Activities

mama_nurse on 01/10/2009:
keep up the good work!!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/10/2009:
yeah, i was thinking it would be a rice krispies treat recipe! what else is cereal good for!? haha.

what's wrong with squeezing a tea bag!? it's getting good use out of it. if you're having only one cup of green tea a day, i don't think the extra caffeine and whatever else from the squeezing of one tea bag is a bad thing. unless there is some health date that proves me wrong!

lately, i've been trying to have breakfast LATER so that i have my first snack LATER all in the attempt to eat less calories throughout the workday so i can enjoy them more come dinner or after yoga during the week. on weekends, that's another story, and i like to have breakfast on the earlier side. but, in general, the body needs SOMETHING in the morning.

thinnside40 on 01/10/2009:
Ohhhhh..... I bought a resistance bike..I bought resistance a bike.... I bought resistance a bike....Hubby & I are going for a walk right now, but I will update when we get back....... I just had to tell somebody!

Maria* on 01/10/2009:
Hope you're having a nice evening!

selina on 01/11/2009:
Hi Biscotti! Happy New Year to you!

mama_nurse on 01/11/2009:
Thank you!!!! :)

biscottibody59 - Friday Jan 09, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 165.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.4 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity: Nothing

I pooped out on my activity. I probably needed some break from it!

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Mowing, Circ Workout

Stay hungry--for fitness and weight loss!

2612 cal * 86g Fat * 40g Fiber * 28 oz Water
-567 cal Deficit * 0% Activities

mcwoo40 on 01/09/2009:
Have yourself a great day,Julie

thinnside40 on 01/09/2009:
I wish there was still a need to mow our lawn this time of year.....Have a good weekend!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/09/2009:
sometimes we need a little break...i am not ready for that just yet...

WI3 on 01/09/2009:
Sardines...EW! LOL I tried but no cigar!

grumpy on 01/10/2009:
Thanks for your comment. I don't think I will end up with him again ever, I went back and forth for a while, now I am pretty sure I wont even talk to him again, much less have anything with him again. People react differently to pain, though and unfortunately to me, i rather stay in or do something really low key instead of dressing up and feel hot and get out there. plus i am not interested in relationships now and for a while. and he treating me as he did, doesnt necessarily means he will treat this girl the same way, maybe he does like her and didn't like me and also maybe she won't be an idiot like i did and demand him certain things, he obviously will comply being weak as he is. I don't care though, it's none of my business, all i have to do is go enough days to forget. thanks. xo.

WI3 on 01/10/2009:
Enjoy your slight break in the routine, just don't make it a vacation LOL. I haven't had much kale lately, I go through periods where I get tired of it..mostly tired of washing and chopping it LOL. If they made it already chopped and washed, I'd probably buy it like I buy green beans! I like to cook my kale by boiling it a little first, and then throwing it in a pan with some cooking spray and cooking it until it is just crispy a little..and then put it in a bowl with a tablespoon of canola oil and some black pepper...THAT Is my favorite way to eat kale. I don't see any kale on this diet, but I could do the exchange and add it I suppose. Hmmm...

haha the pad thing was a riot!

biscottibody59 - Thursday Jan 08, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 165.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.4 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive. --Robert Louis Stevenson

For my activity:
Tues & Wed: Nothing

I'm in the process of settling on a new plan (I hope). In the last couple of weeks I've replaced my coffee on many mornings with tea--regular Lipton and Lipton green and a mix of the two. This is a big deal for me because the caffeine in coffee is my only drug of choice. So I've let go of that compulsion a bit. I don't foresee completely cutting out a cup of caffeine in the morning, but I would like to eventually reserve coffee to being a treat as opposed to a vice. I'm not really very optimistic about this in the long run. It's not all that bad--I generally have only 2 cups of coffee a day as opposed to several potfuls many years ago!

I have some orange spice (Lipton) that I thought was just like their Chai, but it's too orangy for me. I'll eventually use it up I'm sure. I would drink the chai (2 bags) with a teaspoon of sugar and quite alot of soymilk. So the other day when I made my morning cup of caffeine, which was tea (because I had no coffee anywhere), I used evaporated milk--it was nearly expired and I can't stand it in coffee, so I thought it was going to be nasty in tea.

Well I discovered that I barely needed any sugar with actual cow's milk. (I don't use sugar or sweetener in my coffee or in iced tea.) I use at least 3 bags of tea steeped for 6 minutes (in about 8-10 oz water) and then I violently squeeze the bags out so that it's as strong as I can make it--very bad in the realm of tea connoisseurs I'm sure--haha! It's taste right up there with caffeine fix for me at this point in my "new" process though. Well it's grown on me as a routine. I'm hoping now I can cut out the milk and sugar--maybe only have a little lemon if necessary.

One of the programs I'm considering allows a little green tea, so I'm going to work my way in that direction.

I guess it's about changing routines at this point. Shaking it up and cutting calories on a consistent basis. I simply can't burn 1500+ activity calories/day.

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk

Stay hungry--for fitness and weight loss!

2890 cal * 124g Fat * 15g Fiber * 56 oz Water
-823 cal Deficit * 0% Activities

2657 cal * 119g Fat * 17g Fiber * 28 oz Water
-590 cal Deficit * 0% Activities

Maria* on 01/08/2009:
I like tea and coffee, too!

see_maw on 01/08/2009:
LOL @ violently squeezing the bags - thats gotta count for excercise?!

WI3 on 01/08/2009:
LOL I squeeze the heck out of my tea bags when I make my cup! I like the chai spice tea...YUMMMMMMM. Good luck with all those things! Oh and I bought an expensive can of sardines. I am still kind of nervous about them LOL

Take care!

WI3 on 01/08/2009:
Good tip about the mustard! Brian told me the same thing about liking them with mustard and I forgot all about it. I'll have to take some with me tomorrow. LOL I was looking at the sardine cans for the ones with the key and was happy to see that they all have pull-tabs. I read your comment about the pads with the belts...and I JUST MISSED having to do that when I was young. Fortunately they did make pads that didn't need them. Of course they were thicker than diapers and far less reliable...wow we have come a long way LOL

Jen40 on 01/08/2009:

crittermom on 01/09/2009:
I drink a lot of hot tea, (add 2% milk and half tsp of sugar per cup). I really like the Stash and Bigelow teas. Not too wild about green teas. Like some of the white teas (like white and raspberry). I think the teas taste better when they are not "dunked" for very long. They get too acidic when allowed to steep several minutes.

Good luck on replacing your coffee!

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Jan 06, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 165.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.4 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity:
Sun: NordicTrack 31 min/3.2 mi; Walk 25 min
Mon: NordicTrack 31 min/3.3 mi

I'm just getting over a severe case of pizza poisoning;-) A classic case of a few good choices followed by one poor choice after another. Though yesterday's calories are very high, I didn't overeat in the sense of eating past fullness.

In light of that, my first weigh-in of the year will be on Saturday instead of today. I don't even want to know until Saturday! I shall face the music--I may opt for a drastic change. I missed a scheduled Circuit Workout yesterday and will miss it today as well--my stomach's not exactly torn up, but I've got that lovely feeling of false hunger--there's no way I need to eat, at least not junk, but that's what I want when I have false hunger. It's probably a good and welcome feeling for someone with the supersonic metabolism of a flea, but not for me!

Haha that reminds me of that cartoon with the flea on the dog singing "She'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes!"

Plan for today: Walk

Stay hungry--for fitness and weight loss!

2355 cal * 105g Fat * 27g Fiber * 56 oz Water
-122 cal Deficit * 13% Activities

3977 cal * 190g Fat * 22g Fiber * 44 oz Water
-1744 cal Deficit * 10% Activities

thinnside40 on 01/06/2009:
Oh,.... The agony I HAVE experienced myself........ Just as long as we remember it huh? FOr a while at least...

Now you have made me have that song running rampant through my brain.... If I get to walk, now you know what "theme" song will be playing.... THANKS!

Good Evening :o)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/06/2009:
false hunger...like that hunger i get EVERY DAY of my life! yeah, it's hard to resist.

not overeating is something really important to learn. i don't even venture there because i'm NOT up to that!

skinnyjeans on 01/07/2009:
I hate pizza poisoning. It's the worst. :) Good luck at weigh in on Saturday!

Justine6Robert3 on 01/07/2009:
Yes, the P90X does also come with a diet plan and it likely is rather strict but I think I'll give it a try just the same. My hubby wants it also so I figure it won't hurt to try it. If nothing else, it will give me some new ideas on how to switch up my exercise routines an keep my body guessing :0)

I'm feeling EXTREMELY hungry myself today and yet I've eaten more than enough to substain me on any other day :0( I think it might be because it's that time of month for me soon....or at least I hope that's why because I'm starving and it's a real struggle today to not over indulge with my food today!!!

Your doing great even with your little pizza poisoning incident....we have to allow ourselves a little something now and than or we will binge! Good luck with your Saturday weigh in!

thinnside40 on 01/08/2009:
I will check up on that book..Thanks!....

As for me still being here ~ I can't give up.. I have too much vested to do that now.... If you knew how badly I felt on the day I stumbled upon DD, you would understand..... I just have to get back into the mindset of prving to myself that I want this, just as bad as I try to get others to realize they want it.... If that makes any sense... I hate to see people regret... and I hate feeling regretful..... I love people & want them to feel as good and accomplished as I have.. Can't make anybody feel something they don't want to or make them do something they don't either.... We all hit the bottom of the pit sometime... I did!

Thanks for stickin around with me!

biscottibody59 - Sunday Jan 04, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 165.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.4 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. --Martin Luther King, Jr

For my activity:
NordicTrack 31 min/3.3 mi; Raking 15 min; Mowing 70 min; Cleanup 20 min

No bike ride and no walk yesterday, though I feel that I more than made up for it with everything else. To get in the ride today will take a little more effort; temps are in the 30s as opposed to the 80s yesterday!

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Bike Ride

Stay hungry--for fitness and weight loss!

2450 cal * 109g Fat * 19g Fiber * 56 oz Water
132 cal Deficit * 29% Activities

thinnside40 on 01/04/2009:
Ewe!!!!!!!!!!! 80's to 30's.... That is the pits!.... We sit @ 25 this afternoon.... Brrrrr...

Getting a good amount of activity in...... Have a good week!

WI3 on 01/04/2009:
Holy smokes on the drastic weather change! Wow, you had a lot of activity today! Way to go!

Maria* on 01/06/2009:
Hope you're having a nice day!

biscottibody59 - Friday Jan 02, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 165.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.4 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering, one must not love. But then, one suffers from not loving. Therefore, to love is to suffer; not to love is to suffer; to suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy, then, is to suffer, but suffering makes one unhappy. Therefore, to be happy, one must love or love to suffer or suffer from too much happiness. --Woody Allen 

For my activity:
Thur: NordicTrack 54 min/5.5 mi; Bike Ride 13 min/2.1 mi; Walk 15 min
Fri: Bike Ride 19 min/3.1 mi; Walk 15 min; Circ Aer Wkt using NordicTrack (13 min/1.3 mi)

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Bike Ride, Mowing, Raking

Stay hungry--for fitness and weight loss!

1044 cal * 34g Fat * 16g Fiber * 84 oz Water
1391 cal Deficit * 20% Activities

2101 cal * 90g Fat * 15g Fiber * 28 oz Water
232 cal Deficit * 20% Activities

thinnside40 on 01/03/2009:
Looking mighty good!

jolt on 01/03/2009:
Keep up the great work! You are doing awesome!


WI3 on 01/03/2009:
Happy New Year!!! Thanks for checking in on me!!

biscottibody59 - Thursday Jan 01, 2009
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 165.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.4 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

Without forgiveness, there's no future. --Desmond Tutu

For my activity: NordicTrack 25 min/2.5 mi

No walk yesterday. It's funny how this place lights up with newness upon a new year! No resolutions, but I'd like to see my bike's odometer at 300 mi by the end of this month!

Ooh, I made some lovely no-fat-added blackeyed peas (from dried) this morning--well seasoned--onion, celery, bay leaf, carrot, garlic. Scrumptious way to start the new year. Of course it's a New Year's tradition here--and lots of other places as well.

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Bike Ride

Stay hungry--for fitness and weight loss!

2362 cal * 90g Fat * 16g Fiber * 28 oz Water
-161 cal Deficit * 8% Activities

thinnside40 on 01/01/2009:
Hah.... We did egg roll tradition for New Year's Eve and my dad is doing the blacked eyed peas for today... I love peas 7& beans!

I am going to attempt walking outside today... Been snowing more, but going to my parent's a bit later wherer there are sidewalks (hopefully clear) will allow some fresh air....

It's gunna be a good year!

poormom59 on 01/01/2009:
Thank you for your comment..... Right now my dr has suggested that losing even 10 - 15 pounds will help my blood pressure....so that will be my goal over the next few months. He said to try for 1 pound a week, but I'm hoping for more! My goal will be 1 pound, but secretly - I'm shooting for 2...surely that's not impossible.

skinnyjeans on 01/02/2009:
Oh yeah, I forgot to eat black eyed peas yesterday! Happy New Year!!!

greengirl on 01/02/2009:
Your black-eyed peas sound tasty to me, but it's not a tradition here in the UK as far as I know. Unfortunately we're still eating leftover goodies from Christmas. The sooner they are eaten the better I will like it. Less temptation:)

biscottibody59 - Wednesday Dec 31, 2008
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 165.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.4 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity:
Weedeating/cleanup 2 hrs; Circ Aer Wkt using Airdyne (10 min/2.0 mi)

Didn't get the NordicTrack workout in, but did a bit of needed yardwork so not a big deal.

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk

Cheers to you all!

1870 cal * 81g Fat * 26g Fiber * 28 oz Water
266 cal Deficit * 19% Activities

greengirl on 12/31/2008:
Best wishes for the coming year, Biscotti. I hope you will remain your honest straight talking self, it was a big help to me first time round and I will need some home truths in the next few months, I'm sure. Good luck with your own endeavours and here's to a healthy year to come :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/31/2008:
HAHAHA. weight gain and scrubs! you're telling me!? lol, since September when i started wearing a size small scrub pants (they run big) i had to go out and purchase mediums when i gained 10-15 pounds. yeah, so gaining weight - scrubs is done! haha. now i'm working to one day fit into those size smalls. i'm going to wear these mediums for a while though since i don't want to walk around in TIGHT scrubs. that's gross! haha.

thanks for that warning haha!

happy new year's eve/new year's! glad you are doing well!

CritterMom on 01/01/2009:
You must live in a warm climate, to have weeds to whack! Ours are all frozen and hiding. :)

I'm back, after a long hiatus from DD. I was doing great, then had a few injuries that seriously slowed my ability to exercise. I'm tentatively back at it again, and started walking our Newfs again. Have regained about 10 pounds, so need to work on removing that.

Happy New Year!

biscottibody59 - Tuesday Dec 30, 2008
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 165.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.4 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

As houses well stored with provisions are likely to be full of mice, so the bodies of those that eat much are full of diseases. --Laertius Diogenes

For my activity lately:
Sun: Nothing
Mon: Walk 57 min

Weight's the same this week. Still writing down my food. Will start back logging tomorrow's food in Fitday (for sure).

Funny how when you don't want something you have plenty of it, and when you want something you don't have any of it. I'm so sick of cookies and the power they have over me that I wish they'd develop feet and just run the hell away from me! So then I could have the opportunity to say, "Please little footie cookie come back so I can eat you and all your little friends--yes, all ten of you--in fact if you start to procreate, I'll eat all of your offspring too--haha!"

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Circuit Workout

Cheers to you all!

1870 cal * 81g Fat * 26g Fiber * 28 oz Water
266 cal Deficit * 19% Activities

skinnyjeans on 12/30/2008:
Cookies with feet! I love it!!! :)

thinnside40 on 12/30/2008:
I have concluded that I need to "waste" by throwing away tempations, rather than letting them go to "waist" (mine)

Have a great New Year's week!

petaldew on 12/30/2008:

thinnside40 on 12/31/2008:
Aha....... Gotcha!.... My family ate all my homemade cookies before I had the chance to eat very many... Pecans & butter are all I needed to hear..... Ha Ha.... Haven't done the usual peanut brittle, fudge, sugar cookie, cinnamon roll, caramel corn & peanut patty platter the last 2 years... Probably a good thing.... I LOVE those things..

Have a SAFE & Happy ringing in of the New Year my friend!

biscottibody59 - Sunday Dec 28, 2008
(Challenges::Water::Logging Food::Fitday)
Weight: 165.5

Start: 189 (June 2001)
Low: 150 (Nov 2006)
Current BMI=28.4 My Realistic BMI Goal=22.8 (133)

For my activity lately:
Wed: NordicTrack 42 min/4.6 mi
Thur & Fri: Nothing
Sat: Circ Aer Wkt using NordicTrack (21 min/2.1 mi)

I wrote down my food in my little notebook the last several days. I abandoned any notion of logging it all in Fitday yesterday at about 7 p.m. when I was kindly offered my third (sucky-watery-tasting) light beer of the day. I forgot to bring my own beer dammit! So I shall be back to the usual Fitday routine on Monday.

I did however work my wt trng in yesterday--selfish, yes--but the payoff of good feeling getting it out of the way is soooo worth it! And I'm right on schedule--one more left in '08! 

Plan for today: NTrack, Walk, Circuit Workout

Cheers to you all!

1870 cal * 81g Fat * 26g Fiber * 28 oz Water
266 cal Deficit * 19% Activities

Jen40 on 12/29/2008:
Good for you!!! And also CHEERS!

skinnyjeans on 12/29/2008:
Glad you got your weight training in! Keep up the good work!

thinnside40 on 12/29/2008:
That's a bummer!..... Glad you at least got in the weights...

Have a great last couple day of this '08!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/29/2008:
sorry about the nasty beer!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/29/2008:
congrats on being successful! i like your positivity!

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