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ddwebmaster - Tuesday Oct 18, 2005

Weight: 0.0

Just a suggestion:

If you bookmark the site, I'd suggest only bookmarking the main page at: www.dietdiaries.com

The other pages / directories might be changing over the next while, depending on if the site switches servers or something else like that. The homepage will always be adjusted to point to the correct place.

Again, it's just a suggestion and feel free to do whatever you want.

geevee on 10/18/2005:
I like the inclusion of articles about diet/weight loss/etc. I had some extra time yesterday and spent some time checking out the new features. Much better! Thanks for your efforts!

ddwebmaster on 10/18/2005:
I thought the headlines on the homepage would be a nice addition. However they are just automatically pulled from Google News based on keywords, so sometimes you get something that really doesn't have anything to do with weightloss.

starlight on 10/19/2005:
quick question. Is the site going to stay yellow? I find it difficult on the eyes.

ddwebmaster on 10/19/2005:
The color will remain the same for now. There might be a change around Christmas.

ddwebmaster - Sunday Oct 16, 2005

Weight: 0.0

The site's new design was put in place today.

jolt on 10/17/2005:
Looking good :)

ddwebmaster - Saturday Oct 15, 2005

Weight: 0.0

One more annoyance down - I finally figured out how to make it correctly show "read comments" or "no comments" in the Public Diaries section.

stringbean on 10/15/2005:
I really like the new setup, and can't wait for you to switch it over! I haven't checked the forums yet, but I'm going there now! You did a great job with it, and I love the yellow.


ddwebmaster - Saturday Oct 15, 2005

Weight: 0.0

Alright, I've been working at getting all of the pages transformed. It's early in the morning and I'm exhausted. I think I've got all of the links and pages working on the redesigned portion of the site.

The only non-working thing that I know of is if you're using the Opera browser or an old version of Internet Explorer. If you're using Opera or an old version of Internet Explorer, the "forums" section will not show up correctly. I've tested it on the newer versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. I don't have access to any Apple or Linux browsers, so let me know how it shows up if you have one of those.

I think that I've also corrected the e-mail notification for when someone leaves a comment on one of your entries.


If you have some spare time, please try out the new design and let me know if you find anything not working correctly. If I don't hear of too many things needing to be corrected, I may change the site over sometime this weekend.

ddwebmaster - Friday Oct 14, 2005

Weight: 0.0

I was about 75% of the way through redesigning the pages when I ran into some problems interfacing some stuff with the way I was laying out the pages. I couldn't find a workaround, so I spent most of today trying to re-do all of the pages again. The look isn't different, but the structure is. As you can see on the old site, some more of the CSS things have changed. Hopefully I won't be running into any more major roadblocks and will get this done some time soon.

The new design is viewable at www.dietdiaries.com/2005/index.cfm. It has some non-working links, but if you'd like to help test it out, please feel free.

ddwebmaster - Saturday Oct 08, 2005

Weight: 0.0

I put a little more time in today on the facelift for the site. Got the database connection working a little better. Have most of the "your diary" and "public diaries" pages working correctly as long as you already signed in on the old site. The "forums" page is up and running. Headlines on the homepage are being pulled from Google News.

I still need to work on the logging-in, bio, and account management pages. There's probably several more that I'm not remembering off the top of my head. Should be able to work on them over the next little bit.

The new design is viewable at www.dietdiaries.com/2005/index.cfm. It has some non-working links, but if you'd like to help test it out, please feel free. If you find additional non-working pages that I've missed, please post a comment to let me know.

ddwebmaster on 06/30/2006:

ddwebmaster - Sunday Oct 02, 2005

Weight: 0.0

I've been messing around with the new design / facelift for the site. Unfortunately I tied the old and new designs to the same style sheets, so you may be seeing some different colors on the old site over the next while.

The new design is viewable at www.dietdiaries.com/2005/index.cfm. It has very few things working, but if you're bored / interested, feel free to check it out.

jolt on 10/02/2005:
Yeah I see some colours on the old sight. I tried out the message board tonight. Since no one else did :) Keep up the awesome work!



ddwebmaster - Saturday Aug 13, 2005

Weight: 0.0

Messed around with the homepage layout some more. I think I've got the recent diet headlines RSS feed working on the right side. It should update automatically with recent diet related headlines as they occur.


jolt on 08/19/2005:
Sorry for the delay in posting, I sometimes forget to check for your entries! The new front page looks great and the feed seems to be working. I can't wait until its all up and running.

Thanks for your heard work and dedication.


graindart1108 on 11/08/2005:
test 1108

graindart on 11/08/2005:
test 459pm

ddwebmaster - Friday Aug 05, 2005

Weight: 0.0

I've been messing with the forums area some more and think I've got some of the issues ironed out. It now seems to display in Firefox and IE.

There should be about 5 category listings visible at present when you go to the forums section.

Go to :www.dietdiaries.com/2005/index.cfm, then click on the "forums" button near the top of the screen.

ddwebmaster - Wednesday Jul 20, 2005

Weight: 0.0

I've got a roughed-in forums area linked to the new test site format. Feel free to try it out / test it / etc.

For some reason, after I click the forums link, it takes me to a new page, but I have to hit refresh on it to get it to show the forums.

jolt on 07/20/2005:
I must say I like the new layout. Hopefully the forums would be utilized more :) I like the other ideas up there as well. the recent posters and new members will make it easier to puruse the diaries. I hope those are links you are thinking of keeping :) Thanks for your hard work. I have really valued being able to come here and get real comments from real people, on a journey just like me.


Pat (aka Jolt)

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