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dvdmon - Thursday Jan 04, 2007
(IF (Warrior Style) with Protein Power (low-carb))
Weight: 157.2

Well, got on the scale this morning and was a bit surprised by how much I lost. I was down about 2.5 lbs this week, my fifth on IF. Last week I only lost about a half lb so it all evens out and I'm still way under 2 lbs per week (which I think should be my max) for weight loss since I started losing. Seems like the losses are 0 to .5 lbs one week, then 1.5+ lbs the next week, then again 0 to .5 lbs the next, etc. Almost makes me think that I should only weigh myself every 2 weeks instead of every one, but I'm just too impatient and want to see that I'm making progress, even if it's .5 lbs. I didn't get to take my bp this morning, so I'll try to do that tomorrow. Still, it was a nice little New Years present!

Some of you also may be interested in this. I found a doctor who's written a short book about the same basic thing I do. I've read half of it so far and it's interesting although I haven't seen scientific references to studies yet. Then again, I'm reading the online version, which is free, and maybe the paper version has that stuff. Anyway, if you're interested in reading it, you can check out his site and click on the link in the upper right corner to download his book for free in pdf format:


Progress as of today: 14.6 lbs lost so far, only 20.2 lbs to go!

Moody on 01/04/2007:
Congrats on your loss!!! Woohoo!!

monet0239 on 01/04/2007:
Thanks.. and congrats on the loss :).. it was a Happy New year for you huh.. :) keep it up..:)

dvdmon - Tuesday Jan 02, 2007
(IF (Warrior Style) with Protein Power (low-carb))
Weight: 159.8

This week I tried something slightly new. I planned to splurge a bit on one day (last Friday), when I knew that my father-in-law would be bringing us home-made cookies that his wife makes every Xmas. Since I've been IF'ing for a month and have been strictly lc'ing for over two months, and have also been extremely good this whole holiday season, I decided to give myself this one splurge. I can't say it was worth it. Sure some of the cookies tasted good, but nothing amazing, and it was really hard to stop after the first 10 or so. I ended up eating a lot.

Sunday's plan was for us to eat out to celebrate my FIL's birthday, but due to scheduling, it had to be done early - at 4pm. I normally start to eat in the evening between 6 and 8, so 4 would have meant cutting my fast time down at least by a couple of hours. I thought I could try shrinking my eating Window on Saturday to 1-2 hours and eating from 6pm to 7pm or 8pm, thus giving me at least 20 hours that is usually my minimum fasting time. But then I thought maybe I should try something new. I calculated that with the cookies I had eaten close to double what I normally do for a day, so maybe Saturday I should try eating nothing. I initially planned on this, but then decided to not be so extreme, at least this particular time. I wanted to get a few calories in and in particular protein so that my body wouldn't start consuming my own muscle. I ended up with a couple of cups of kale cooked in chicken broth and a can of tuna in water. According to fitday this was 236 calories and 36 grams of protein. So not exactly my normal intake of protein, but a decent percentage of it.

Despite the effort trying to come up with this "optimal" minimal meal, otherwise I was pretty much not thinking about food as I was not hungry at all, either before the meal or after, or the following day. I'm not sure if just that bunch of liquid and a bit of protein and carbs filled me up to stave off any hunger and/or if I would have eventually had some hunger later that evening if I hadn't eaten this. It's also possible that the additional calories eaten the day before gave me an extra cushion, I don't know.

A lot of people seem to have difficulty doing the type of IF where you eat 3 meals on day 1, then nothing on day 2, then 3 meals again on day 3, etc., mainly because they don't like going to sleep hungry. I wonder, though if you only eat one meal a day on your eat days if this makes things easier. I say this because doing so means you are conditioning your body to go for at least 20 hours between meals and so will never have occasion to eat a meal and then eat another within 5 hours. Perhaps keeping your body used to this more regular pattern of three meals - even though it's just every other day and not every day - means your body never fully adapts to the idea of extended fasting? I don't know, but it's worth a shot for those who do the alternate day type. Then again, there are some definite drawbacks with this approach. One is that if you are going to try to maintain your regular caloric intake over time, you will have to eat the equivalent of 2 days worth of calories for each meal. For me that's 3,000 calories. I've had a hard enough time eating 1500 some days, but then again, the day with the cookies was apparently 2500 calories, so it's probably possible, but it will take a lot of effort and planning, and lots of densely caloric foods. Secondly, though, you're not just fasting for 36 hours in this situation, but around 44. 44 hours seems like a long time, especially on a regular basis. I know there is no data on what the optimal period is, but once that's determined, there should probably be a kind of bell curve where we can see at what points (both on the short and long end) fasting becomes ineffective or even counter-productive and unhealthy...

I don't weigh myself till Thursday but I'm pretty confident that I'll lose, or at least stay the same this week...

Progress as of today: 12 lbs lost so far, only 22.8 lbs to go!

moody on 01/02/2007:
I could never do what you are doing but if it works for you I say Go For It!!!

WorkingIt on 01/02/2007:
Good luck, hope you lose big!

monet0239 on 01/03/2007:
Happy New year,, :).. I wish you the very best!

dvdmon - Thursday Dec 28, 2006
(IF (Warrior Style) with Protein Power (low-carb))
Weight: 159.8

Just hit 4 weeks of IF and am down another 3/4 of a lb from last week. Not significant, but it's a loss, not a gain, and I've kind of been alternating one week with a bigger loss and one with a small/no loss. And hey, I'm in the 150's for the first time in almost 3 years, which is a great psychological booster. I still feel like I have lots of energy, even not getting many 8-hour nights of sleep, as opposed to being pretty exhausted for the last few months up until IF, despite many nights of 8 hours or very close to that. I'm not having quite the problem of feeling overly full after I eat, but I've also not been obsessed with reaching my caloric minimum goal every day.

Progress as of today: 12 lbs lost so far, only 22.8 lbs to go!

Soon2BThin on 12/28/2006:
Hey, Soonie was here, checking up! You're doing great!

WorkingIt on 12/28/2006:
Great job!

dvdmon - Thursday Dec 21, 2006
(IF (Warrior Style) with Protein Power (low-carb))
Weight: 160.6

Well, just finished my 3rd week on IF. Last week I had only lost a half lb if that much, so wasn't expecting much this week. Got on the scale and I'd lost 2 lbs. So I've lost a total of about 4.5 over the 3 weeks on IF. Not bad! I also took my BP readings the average was lower than last time, although at least some of the drop could also be due simply to lower weight: 122/88 vs 130/89 two weeks ago. It looks like I didn't record resting heart rate a couple weeks ago, but I believe it was around 84, and this morning it averaged 81. So I'm definitely pleased with the results!

Otherwise I'm feeling good. I have a lot more energy, and simply don't get hungry until at least the 19-hour mark, but often go up to the point that I sit down to eat (20-24 hours) without really feeling that hungry. It's amazing to think I used to get pretty hungry at least once or twice during the day WITH food!

My main issues remain:

1) Getting ENOUGH food. 1500 calories doesn't seem like a lot, but it's hard to do in just one meal. I know I can stretch it out over a few hours, which I've done, but I also like to just be done with eating after a meal. It's seems odd to me having 20+ hours of fasting and then another 3-4 hours of grazing!

2) Related to #1 above, because I'm fitting all this into one meal, I often can feel overly full for a couple of hours at least, as my stomach tries to digest all this food! Spreading it out helps, so I guess I'll have to do a better job of that. Again, part of the benefit of not having to think about breakfast or lunch is negated by the fact that dinner has to be "managed" more carefully due to this issue and #1.

Oh well, but of course, these are by far anything significant. They are more minor annoyances than anything else. As a whole, I just feel good AND I seem to be losing. Another 9 days will mark a whole month on IF, so we'll see how the metrics look then. Luckily, I've maintained my willpower throughout the holidays have have only had tiny bites of a few deserts. Somehow the whole idea that IF is supposed to give you more freedom to eat more food and more carbs hasn't affected me. I've decided that I'm still eating low-carb and still trying to maintain a 1500 calorie intake. We'll see if I can maintain this through Xmas and New Years, though, since I'm going to have to deal with lots of both home-made and store-bought deserts in the next week or so!

Progress as of today: 11.2 lbs lost so far, only 23.6 lbs to go!

tourguidebarbie on 12/21/2006:
Hey Happy Holidays! Congrats on the weight loss! Movin on down! :)

GG on 12/21/2006:
wait, you eat all your calories in 1 meal? I eat 2 meals a day......and I dont think it is 2 hard to get all your calories, but you may have a smaller stomach than me:which you probably do, because I eat like CRAZYYY! ha ha! Good luck with weight maintainance!!!

dvdmon - Monday Dec 18, 2006
(IF (Warrior Style) with Protein Power (low-carb))
Weight: 162.6

I've now gone 2.5 weeks on my intermittent fasting regimen and am feeling good. I haven't lost that much weight - 2 lbs the first week but just .5 the second. But I think I may be losing more fat, as my BFP readings on the scale keep going down and my face/neck which to me is the most obvious external marker, seems a lot thinner. Stomach seems slimmer too. I generally have way more energy even when not getting the 8 hours (or more) that I needed to function well before doing IF. Food is no longer amazingly delicious as it was the first week, which I guess is a good thing, since it means less tendency to wolf things down without thinking.

I've had to eat out the last four days due to visiting family, but I've kept everything low-carb. I just am not sure how many calories I've eaten, but am going to attempt to estimate in fitday. I think if anything I've probably eaten less than my target of 1500 at least for half if not more of those meals.

My only "gotcha" so far has been actually getting enough calories in one meal, and also the fullness that comes with eating around 1500 calories at once! At least when I'm at home I try to stretch it out as much as possible over 2-4 hours, but when I'm out, I can't spend 2, let alone 4 hours at dinner! :)

Progress as of today: 9.2 lbs lost so far, only 25.6 lbs to go!

monet0239 on 12/18/2006:

dvdmon - Thursday Dec 07, 2006
(IF (Warrior Style) with Protein Power (low-carb))
Weight: 162.8

Ok, well, just weighed myself and I lost 2 lbs this week. I'm happy, but I think I somehow psyched myself into thinking I'd lost even more. I just felt a lot lighter and thinner. But I think I should just be very happy, since 2 lbs is really the max that I want to lose per week, for stability and perhaps health reasons as well. Also, the previous week I hadn't lost anything, so I should be doubly happy that I basically thwarted a stall practically before it had started!

I'm also trying to track my blood pressure, which has been on the moderately high side for as long as I can remember. I don't think it's changed much if at all so far. It averaged around 130/89 this morning, according to my CVS automated monitor. Recently it's been maybe on average 135/92, so maybe it's a drop lower, but I really would like to get this down to 120/80, or even lower, since I believe Intermittent Fasting is supposed to markedly lower BP. Obviously one week is not nearly enough to have a big impact. I'll continue to take the BP on Thursday mornings along with weight and see if there's any progression over the next month or two. Let's hope!

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 25.8 lbs to go!

WorkingIt on 12/07/2006:

greengirl on 12/07/2006:
Well done on the weight loss

monet0239 on 12/07/2006:
Im alittle confuessed with what your doing.. any way you canm list what you eat and what times you eat it? just go I can have a clear picture? may help me decide if this is something I would want to try.. I need to do something different.. congrats on the 2 pounds.. thats awesome..:).. after 6 weeks of not loosing any thing.. I think I would get down and kiss my scales..lolololl. you have a great Friday.. :)

dvdmon on 12/07/2006:
monet, it's pretty simple. I basically eat one meal a day, although I stretch it out just a bit. So I generally eat from 6pm to 9pm. I'm not eating constantly, but rather will have something at 6, some more at 6:30, perhaps sit down to eat part of a main dinner with the family at 7:30, then at 9:00 will have the last piece of the meal. Because I'm only eating during a relatively short period of time each day (and not eating anything before or after), I have to eat a fair amount during this period. I try to get in around 1500 calories, but if I ate that in one sitting within 30 minutes, I would get uncomfortably full. So I have to stretch it out a bit as I said.

As for what I eat, I still stick to the tenets of low-carb, but this type of schedule has been used with lots of different eating plans. Just to give you an example, I'll tell you what I ate tonight. I broke the "fast" with an egg at 6pm, and had another at 6:30, some yogurt at 7pm, then sat down with the family and had some flounder at about 7:30, at 8:30 I had some almonds and blueberries, then at 9:00 I had a salad. I just realized I didn't have my fish oil, so I'm about to take it at 10:00, so today, I'm eating over the course of 4 hours, then will not eat again until tomorrow at around 6pm, so in essense I'm "fasting" for 20+ hours each day, then cramming all my food intake into 2-4 hours... Hope this helps!

dvdmon - Tuesday Dec 05, 2006
(IF (Warrior Style) with Protein Power (low-carb))
Weight: 165.0

Thanks, everyone, for your comments! I'll try to address them individually:

monet0239, I'm not sure what I can suggest regarding stalls. They seem to happen to all of us. There are different things you might try to "tweak" things. One might be to try a close to zero-carb diet for a bit, so just eat meat, fish, and eggs. Another tactic is to try increasing your carbs slightly. Have you been tracking your calories? I'm not sure what you are doing for exercise, but metabolism is mainly based on your weight, so as you lose, your metabolism goes down, because your body doesn't have to support as much weight. If you haven't changed your caloric intake or exercise, it might be a matter of your metabolism "catching up" with you. You might need to go a little bit lower on calories and/or increase your energy expenditure just a bit. Some people have had success breaking stalls with the Intermittent Fasting, which I'll talk more about below.

geevee, I'm only 5'4". I look and feel pretty good at 140, so 165 is definitely more than I should weigh, although I think most people wouldn't see me as fat or even much overweight at even 160.

borntocry, I still track everything with fitday and I have a sense as to what I want to eat for my total calories (around 1500). In other words, I don't give myself permission to eat anything and everything, just what I need to get up to around the 1500 mark (with the added specification of doing this with few carbs and a decent amount of protein and fat). I found that the first few days I was getting very hungry towards the end of the fast, and felt like I could keep eating well after I was done, but that's leveled off a bunch and I now feel almost normal when having a meal now, so it's actually harder to eat as many calories as I think I should. I'm probably going to try to eat over a 3-hour period when I can, so that I'm not eating everything within a half hour and then feel incredibly full for the next few hours. I think it depends on where you're coming from. I have a lot of will power and discipline right now, so I can easily forgo eating more even when hungry, if I don't think it's what I should do. Then again, a lot of people have found that doing this has actually made them less hungry, and less prone to binging - but these are people who do low-carb in addition to this, so if you don't, your experience may be different. In any case, for you or anyone else interested in this stuff, this is the article that got me started: http://www.proteinpower.com/drmike/?p=278. Make sure to look at some of the comments, which have a lot of testimonials from those who've been doing this for a while...

WorkingIt on 12/05/2006:
I am sure that your program works wonderfully for you and congratulations! However, I've read a couple of times where you equate will power and discpline with not eating for extended periods of time and suggest that will power and discipline do not only apply to persons who can not eat for an extended period of time, as we all know that those who suffer from an ED can also go long periods of time without eating. Will power and discipline have everything to do with not eating more calories than your body can effectively use and eating enough to sustain a healthy life. However and whenever one receives those calories is up to the individual. Have a great day!

dvdmon on 12/05/2006:
WorkingIt, I'm sorry if you got the wrong impression. I was not trying to equate will-power and discipline with fasting per se. I'll try to clarify. When I've started diets in the past, like many people, I am very good initially. Very "disciplined" in terms of only eating what I know I should, and not eating what I know I shouldn't, based on the given plan. Since I restarted my low-carb plan a month or so ago, I've had a great deal of will power in resisting lots of carby stuff. Subsequently, I started fasting and have used the same discipline to keep to the tenets of fasting as well.

Will power and discipline aren't really about limiting calories or even about eating a healthy diet. Rather, they are kind of objective terms that we use to describe how well we are following a given diet. That diet may not have anything to do with calories (as many low-carb diets don't, for example). While you could potentially use these terms to describe what anorexics do (and perhaps anorexics use them themselves), they are usually meant in a more positive sense, so since we see anorexics as having a pathology, we would not use these terms in that sense.

WorkingIt on 12/05/2006:
I am glad that you have the will power and self discipline! Congrats! And yes, some anorexics equate not eating with will power. Not OUR definition, but to them it is all about avoiding food and having the 'self control' to avoid it. I do understand what you are saying. After watching two loved ones with eating disorders go through a living hell, I just like to speak up about it once in a while..not meaning to insult. Have a great day!!

dvdmon on 12/05/2006:
No offense taken! I can certainly understand the sensitivity of using "fasting" and "self-discipline" in the same sentence, since fasting is often thought of as not eating at all. What I'm doing is not really that, but rather just a form of timing my food intake which simulates a fast. I still consume the same number of calories I would normally, but just within a 1-3-hour time period rather than throughout the entire day...

monet0239 on 12/05/2006:
awesome great.. :)..I haven't really being paying attention to the calories.. bad me huh.. also.. I have tried the M/E 3 day thing..meat and eggs.. for 3 days.. it puts you into ketosis faster.. I found out about this at a place called lowcarbfriends.com feel free to check it out.. I have a journal on there as well.. they talk about protein power.. sugar busters.. Atkins all those on there.. I'll check this link out thanks.. :)..

have a great night.. hugs

WorkingIt on 12/05/2006:
Ahhhh, I see. So you have to eat all your daily food within 1 - 3 hours? Interesting. Hey, as long as it works for you and you are healthy, I am 100% supportive! Glad you found a program you enjoy! That is the main thing and your insight and knowledge is bound to be helpful to many! Have a great night =)

biscottibody59 on 12/05/2006:
Very interesting--the dialogue between you and WorkingIt. It's great when we find the thing that works for us. Personally I'm still evolving. I learned that I can't go back to EXACTLY the thing that worked 15-20 pounds ago, but if I continue to keep an open mind re: food/exercise choices some other little twist creeps in as something that doesn't work for me creeps out.

Have a good one!

dvdmon on 12/05/2006:
monet, I would definitely look at calories. While you may get the impression that calories don't matter much from some LC books, that's not really the case. LC has a definite advantage because protein takes more energy to break down then carbs. That means your body has to work harder (and burn more calories) just to digest food. However, after that, at some point, you can still consume more calories than your body can burn, especially if you eat densely caloric foods like cheese, nuts, nut butters, etc.

WorkingIt, As I mentioned, I just started doing this. Today was my 6th day. If it doesn't work for me, I'll just go back to my standard low-carb Protein Power diet that I've been doing for years. So far it's been going well, and I find that every day I do it, I learn how to make it more manageable. For example today I intentionally spread things out, and made sure that I got exactly the number of calories and protein that I wanted. So I now feel full, but I think I'll feel ok in another hour or so when I go to sleep. The whole point of this particular fasting regimen is for health. It is supposed to show tangible benefits in a range of risk factors, like blood pressure, blood sugar, inflamation (crp), etc. Some of these don't show for weeks or months, but I'm not sure which. Some mention other benefits that show up sooner, like added energy and improvements in symptoms from other ailments. So far, I do feel good while fasting, but I don't have any objective markers yet. On thurday, when I weigh myself, I'll have one at least, and I'll also be be taking blood pressure to see how that looks. I'm committed to doing this for at least a month, unless something indicates to me that it's not working for me, and hopefully will be able to go for a few months, at which time I'll get some bloodwork done and see what else I can find out.

Biscottti, if only we could do one thing and predictably get our bodies to do what they did last week, right? Unfortunately, human physiology can be a complicated thing. As you change your body (by losing weight), it also can't be expected to do the same thing it did at a higher weight. By changing your weight, you've necessarily changed your metabolism as well...

Soon2BThin on 12/05/2006:
What is this?!! Old home week?? Good to see you back, DVDMon!! You're the third "old" DD member that I see is back here this week! Maybe you remember me, I've been here since April of 2000! I've enjoyed (always) reading your posts and I'm interested in your new plan but since I'm diabetic, the fasting thing is not for me, dernit. Right now I'm trying a very small breakfast, large lunch and small dinner. So far I'm not counting calories or points but may get back to that later. We'll see how that goes. And of course, the exercise. I can't seem to lose without it and it's good for my insulin levels. Oh, and congrats on the new addition to your family. I'm so happy for you! I hope you keep the interesting posts coming. Again, welcome back!

dvdmon on 12/05/2006:
Soon2BThin, yes, I do remember you! Good luck with your plan, but as far as I know there are diabetics on one of the low-carb boards I participate in (actually the link to the thread is in the comments of the site I linked to about this). It's actually supposed to be very helpful for diabetics because it has a very definite impact on fasting BS numbers - lowering them, that is. But you might want to check out that thread and see how other diabetics are doing things - that is if you're interested in it...

borntocry on 12/06/2006:
Actually, your method of consuming all your calories within a 3-hour period is very similar to what I'm already doing during the week. I have no breakfast and only around 200 calories at work. Then when I get home I basically spend about a 3-hour period eating. I have to count calories to make sure I don't go over 1200 but as long as I stick to relatively healthy foods I can eat quite a bit without going over. This works really well for me - the only problem is that I can't do it on the weekends because I'm home all day and can't resist the temptation to eat.

Oh and people with anorexia do generally have a lot of self-discipline - in fact I think that's one of the markers for anorexia. They just also have other, obsessive, perfectionist tendencies which pre-dispose them to the disease. I know what you mean about the will-power needed to succeed with this diet (or indeed, most diets) because in the past I couldn't go long periods without eating as it generally led to a huge binge afterwards. These days I'm a little more disciplined and a lot more health-conscious and I know that's not going to happen. Otherwise I wouldn't take the risk.

dvdmon - Monday Dec 04, 2006
(IF (Warrior Style) with Protein Power (low-carb))
Weight: 165.0

Wow, I can't believe it's been two and a half years since I've written an entry! For a year or so I was writing every day, but that was back soon after this site started in 2000. I don't know if anyone is still here from the "old days" but if so, hi! How have you been?

To summarize the last couple of years, well, me and my wife had our first child. She's wonderful, but pretty demanding of our time and energy, so this means keeping in shape is even more of a challenge!

I'll try to summarize my dieting history quickly and bring it up to the current day. I became overweight somewhere around age 10 or 11. I wasn't obese, but did go up and down a bunch, although I never went on a diet until I was in college. I did WW then (back in 1988), and lost the 20 or so lbs I needed to lose within several months. But within a year I'd gained that back. Subsequently I did lots of stuff in the 90's, mostly low-calorie, and some low-fat stuff. Sometimes I got to my goal, sometimes not. By 2000, I had gotten to my highest weight - about 183. I started in again on trying to lose and I found this site, which was very helpful in sharing my experiences. I did the same low-cal/low-fat stuff and did lots of exercising. I managed to get down to about 165 within a few months, but then stalled for 6 months. Another member here, Dannygirl (where are you? I would love to reconnect!), challenged me to try Atkins back in September of 2000. I tried it and it seemed weird. I didn't care for the book, but then I heard of another low-carb book called Protein Power. I read that and everything clicked, and I've been doing it now for 6 years.

A year after starting Protein Power, and having lost an additional 25 lbs on it, I met my now wife. Dating gave me less time to exercise and more time to eat out! I still kept to the plan, but stopped exercising and so over a year or so my weight crept back up to around 165. It stayed there more or less from then on. A month or so ago, I noticed my pants weren't fitting as well, and weighed myself (which I don't do often), and saw that I was 172. I decided to use that as motivation to get my act back in gear. As I said, I've been doing Protein Power for 6 years, but for the last 3 or 4, that's been more "in spirit" then "by the book." For the most part I didn't stray, but occasionally I endulged in desert here and there. More recently, my mother in law has been coming over on a weekly basis to spend time with our daughter and brings desert for everyone. Somehow I just kept caving into this temptation.

In any case, a month or so ago, I started back on the program very strictly and have been doing lots of walking during lunch as well as at the gym at least a couple days a week. I've managed to get back to 165, but I'm trying to get back to my goal of 140, as I think I will be healthier and feel better there.

Also, last week, I learned about this new eating method and have been trying it out. It is called Intermittent Fasting. It's good for people who have a lot of discipline, and right now I happen to have that, so I'm taking advantage! Basically, you can do it in a number of ways, but the idea is to go without food for an extended period (although not more than 24 hours). Some people eat from 6pm to 6pm and then fast until the following day and 6pm and then repeat. I found it easier to just skip breakfast and lunch each day and just eat dinner. I'm on my 5th day of this and so far it has worked pretty well. It's not a "diet" per se in that it's not meant specifically to lose weight, although you can lose weight on it. Basically it's a method that scientists have discovered, at least in animal studies, to have the same benefits as eating a Calorie Reduced diet (the only diet that is proven to increase longevity and many health markers in animals). Supposedly, the animals studied consumed the same number of calories as those that were eating normally, yet they received the same benefits as those with caloried-reduced diets. There hasn't been anything proven with humans yet, although there are a number of studies that seem to show health benefits from doing this short-term.

There are definitely some benefits with this that I've noticed. One is that you don't spend as much time eating (preparing, cooking, etc), since you're only eating one meal a day. Second, this means you are also saving money. Thirdly, once you do eat, everything tastes 10 times better. It's liked someone pumped the volume up on your taste buds! This can be good and bad. Bad because the better things taste, the more you want to eat them! Because I want to continue to lose weight, I'm continuing to track carbs and calories with fitday, and I'm continuing to stick with the low-carb way of Protein Power. But since I'm only eating one meal a day, I can be more flexible in eating carbs, so I'm able to eat slightly more carby stuff - like a bit of rice or sweet potato, squashes, or just more of the berries I normally eat.

I haven't weighed myself since I started, since I've only been weighing myself once a week - on Thursdays. So it will be interesting to see what the results are. I was concerned at first about "messing up" my metabolism. You hear all the stuff about "starvation mode" and you're metabolism slowing due to lack of food. But I can't find any studies about this, so it seems to be just a theory that has gotten repeated so many times that it seems like fact. The studies that HAVE been done, apparently, indicate that metabolism is primarily dependent on your weight, and other factors really can't have a significant impact. It makes some sense, since your body still has to devote energy to various functions no matter whether you have eaten food that day or not. But we'll see what happens. I'm committed to at least doing this for a month, barring any unforseen problems...

Anyway, it's good to see the newly designed site. I hope people here today are getting as great a resource as I had when I first started using this site so many years ago!

monet0239 on 12/04/2006:
Well hello stranger..lol.. I remember you.. but back then I was mommyof2..:)..I am also doing the low carbing..:).. but for the past 6 weeks now I have been on a stall.. any suggestions? I know that you know your stuff.. so please.. any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.. :)..

Congrats on the baby girl :).. that's just great!!..

welcome back.. I hope you can find the time to get in here more.. sure would help me..lol.. you have a great day.. and again.. welcome back!!

geevee on 12/04/2006:
Hi there! What an interesting entry! Yes. I totally agree with your current plan of only eating once a day. My daughter swears by it, and I, too, have been successful on it. My daughter, by the way, gave me ALL her small clothes which she's outgrown. She's in one of her "BIB" phases and declared that this is what happens every time she eats more than one meal a day. I agree.

At the rate I'm going, I, too, won't be able to wear all these cute, stylish clothes that have been given to me.

Now, tell us, what is your height? You don't weigh that much, BUT, if you are not a tall man, 162 could be a lot. My father was 5'7" all his life at l32lbs. until he quit smoking when he ballooned up to 155 when he had that "paunchy" look.

I have an overweight son living with me now who is only 5'6", and I daren't ask how much he weighs. I can only do that AFTER he has lost a lot of weight.

You've come to the perfect place where you will find total support for your efforts, especially from me. I'm hoping you'll give me some tips to pass on to my son.

I'm looking forward t o your entries. DON'T leave us!

Moody on 12/04/2006:
Hi and Welcome back!

CharlieAngel on 12/04/2006:
DVDMon! Hey, Welcome back! I just recently got back on the site after an extended hiatus. It's good to have you here. There are some of the old-timers still here and I am sure that you will be welcomed with open arms....just as in the past.

borntocry on 12/05/2006:
Hey DVDMon! I remember you, though we didn't really know each other. This new diet sounds intriguing... I have never tried anything like it, but my natural tendency has always been to go long periods without eating and then eat a lot in one sitting, and that works for me too. I find it easier to go without eating than to obsess about calories and portion control throughout the day. I agree, everything does taste a lot better, too! My only problem with this method is that once I start eating, I find it hard to stop. How do you decide when your meal is over?

dvdmon - Monday Jun 07, 2004
(Low Carb - Protien Power)
Weight: 159.0

Well hello there. Thought I'd check in with everyone. Thought some of you who might remember me from the past might get a kick out of an update. Me and my wife bought a house in April and we've been moving in during the past month. We still have a lot to put away and more stuff in the way of furniture hasn't even gotten to the house. Also, I've never owned a house before and keeping the yard in decent shape seems like never-ending work! So mowing our 1/4 acre has given me at least a weekly exercise to do! Our house is right accross from a small park and in particular tennis courts in that park. I don't have a lot of friends who play tennis, or at least not who are close and have the time, but have managed to play a couple of times over the past month, so that's more exercise. I haven't been walking during lunch at the office, which I need to start up again, but the cicadas here have been a little crazy, so that's made it not quite as pleasant to be outside in general. I also want to get back to my weight routine, so hopefully when I get some free time in a couple of months (hah!) I will try to start that up again. As for the diet front, I still stick to the tenets of Protein Power, and within that close to the "purist" mentality, meaning eating only whole foods including meats, fish, veggies, fruits, nuts. Occasionally I will splurge on something I shouldn't, but I try to keep that to a minimum (once every couple of weeks maybe). I think I'm maintaining a weight that for me, while not ideal, is acceptable. I would like to make it down 10 or even 20 lbs, but I'm not at the point where I am compelled to expend a lot of energy just to do this. My health is good, and that's the most important thing, and from what I've read recently, it could be a lot more harmful to keep going up and down in weight than to maintain the same weight, even if it is over what the "experts" say is optimal, as long as it's not effecting your overall health or impeding your lifestyle.

I don't manage to visit this site very often, just don't have a lot of time, but you all are welcome to email me whenever you'd like, and of course, I'll try to check here while I have it in mind. Hope the old-timers out there are doing well and good luck to everyone out there!

dvdmon - Sunday Jan 18, 2004
(Low Carb - Protien Power)
Weight: 162.0

Well, thought I'd check in again and say hi. I decided not to do the body challenge and here's why: I went to the mall to sign up last Saturday. I got there at noon and the mall had opened at 10. There was a line stretching and curling for probably the equivelent of a couple of blocks at least. That was just to get weighed in. They had already run out of their "kits" which included the free membership to Bally's. They said that you could fill out an application and they would mail one, but you had to wait on a long line just to fill out one of these applications! I just figured if it was this much of a mob scene, trying to get into Bally's for the next three months is going to be hellish! You'll have to wait 30 minutes at least to get onto any piece of equipment. I'm sorry, but it's just not worth it.

So instead, I'm just plugging along getting in about 45-60 minutes of walking per day and losing slowly but surely. I want to start my weight-lifting again soon, and bought the book I was using last year which I'd lent to my father in law and which he hasn't returned yet - I didn't want that as an excuse to not restarting. It's going to take a bit more motivation, but I'm hopeful that at some point in the next couple of weeks I'll get my act together enough to start :)

breakaway on 01/21/2004:
What book did you buy on weight lifting? Is it for both female and male? Curious becuase I have been looking for a good book. I understand not wanting to wait in line that long sounded like it was pretty crazy. Good luck on getting the weigh off, you have done so well in the past and I know you can do it this time as well. You have a great week, keep up the great work!

newfbabe on 02/29/2004:
Doing anything is much better than doing nothing. Just make sure you MAKE time for yourself.

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