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emmy'smom-mom - Friday Mar 04, 2011
(Whatever it takes to get back pre pregnancy shape)
Weight: 146.4

Good morning lovlies!  Hope everyone's woken to some brilliant sunshine to keep the spirit soaring!  I have today and it's rare here at this time of year so I have pulled up the blinds in my office and I'm going to let the sun blind me for a few mins lol.

So last nights plan to have fun with Emmy pants went slightly wrong.  I had downloaded and app on my phone of a baby that laughs, cries, burps and repeats what you say to it, thinking that she would really like it...how wrong was I.  It really scared her and she cried and cried but then we had a good laugh when she stopped crying and said ' No no app, no'  Then every once in awhile for the next hour she would look at me, her lip would quiver and she would say 'baby no app no'.  I know it;s wrong to be amused by this but I am

Anyway I had bacon and eggs for supper last night.  Lean turkey bacon and pached eggs and one piece of seeded batch toast.  It was sooo good.  Sometimes you just have to have breakfast food for supper.  And I gave in and had 2 squares of dark chocolate.  My hubby ate the rest so it's not in the house anymore.

This morning I got an early train to work which meant I would get here half an hour early.  This raised the temptation of stopping at McD's for breakfast which I never have but often crave.  I called my good friend who reminded me that whenever one gives in to the McD's breakfast craving that it is never as good as you remember it to be.  So I walked right past and when I got to work made myself a 40 cal hot chocolate as a reward for resisting!

Today I will have:

Breakfast:  Fat free yogurt with banana

Snack: 2 small easy peal oranges

Lunch:  Chicken veg soup 2 pumpkin seed ryvitas

Snack: Apple and sour cream and onion snack a jacks

Dinner: ???  Maybe tonight will be the baked potato, not sure


Have a good one all xxxxxxxx

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 6.4 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 03/04/2011:
how funny that your daughter knows what an app is! :)

I love breakfast for dinner, especially when it involves waffles or pancakes. Yummy!

Good job on avoiding McDonalds. That used to be my work breakfast AND work lunch 6 years ago. The thought of eating any of their food grosses me out now!!

Umpqua on 03/04/2011:
Funny, I wrote today's entry before I read your comment, I had a coffee fiasco this morning! Yes, I NEED my morning coffee but I'm like that even when I'm not low-carbing. I definitely get more tired at night with low carb, but I found that after Days 3 and 4 of an energy slump, I felt more lively and I'd say my energy levels are pretty much normal during the day now. I still can't keep at it for much longer than this, I'm anxious to go back to my regular eating.

Good for you for avoiding McDonald's, have a good one!

nita51 on 03/04/2011:
Great entry! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

moogy on 03/04/2011:
Some pit falls avoided and some good choices made. Good for you. Funny story about Emmy, they are so cute!! I think that breakfast food tastes it best when eaten at other times of the day. We have all day breakfasts at lots of cafe's and little restaurants here. So lots of people enjoy their bacon at any time of the day!!

emmy'smom-mom - Thursday Mar 03, 2011
(Whatever it takes to get back pre pregnancy shape)
Weight: 146.4

Good morning chickadees!  Afternoon here already and I am gearin up to go home and see my lovely little lady.  I have missed her so much today.  She was very cute last night and really made me laugh a lot so I'm hoping for some fun times again tonight!

Food today has been

Breakfast: 1 multigrain toast, light PB and sliced banana (my favourite) 1 orange

Lunch: Forgot lunch today so it was the sandwich man for me and all he had left was cheese and red onion sandwich...on white!!!  I can't even remember the last time I had white bread.  It was pretty yummy though :) 1 apple

Dinner: the plan was to have a baked potato, no butter with cottage cheese, spicy seeds and salt & pepper but I feel I've had enough carbs for one day so will have to reconsider this plan.

I've taken Kat's advice and am not going to weigh myself until Tom is gone (due to start Fri/sat).

I haven't felt like saying much lately, I'm more in the mood to read what's going on with everyone else.  Looking for inspiration I think.

Lots of love to you all and have a fantastic day!


Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 6.4 lbs to go!

getmebackto150 on 03/03/2011:
menu looks good! I know what you mean about just reading, sometimes I get like that too and I just don't have anything to day.... Just keep at it and have a good one!

getmebackto150 on 03/03/2011:
not day... SAY

Umpqua on 03/03/2011:
Good idea on delaying the weigh in. I hope you have a great evening with your daughter! :)

KathyBlue on 03/03/2011:
YAY, good! :) Enjoy time with your daughter! Soon come teenager years, with lots of headache :)

emmy'smom-mom - Wednesday Mar 02, 2011
(Whatever it takes to get back pre pregnancy shape)
Weight: 146.4

Good morning my lovely friends!  I'm back after an extended long weekend with my dad and his girlfriend.  If was fantastic spending time with them and I only wish they could have stayed longer.

So straight to it...I wasn't very well behaved.  I can make all the excuses in the book but I just didn't excersise self control.  I certainly wasn't as reckless as I could have been (or have been in the past) and food wasn't really too bad, but there was a lot of wine and beer :(  I haven't weighed myself.  Will do it on Monday morning

Today is a new day.  I have brought some ministroni soup, an apple, 2 small oranges, a banana and a fat free yogurt with me to work today.  I'm going to finish this week with light eating then back on my meal replacements for 1 month.  I really have to work on this falling of the wagon, so to speak, every time there is some socialising to do.  Very tricky one.

Feeling quite disapointed in myself so I'll just have to make myself feel proud again!  TOM due on friday so that doesn't help as we all know!  Love the TOM!!!  HAha :)

Off to catch up with you all!  Have a great day everyone

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 6.4 lbs to go!

waydesmommy on 03/02/2011:
I'm glad you had a good time. Sorry to hear that you weren't well behaved, but we all go through that at some point. It's good that your not giving up and that you weren't as reckless as before...that's progress! Just a thought...there is this pill where if you drink any alcohol it will make you sick and you won't want to drink. You could look into it if you don't want to drink any alcohol anymore. I know it's mostly for alcoholics and I don't think you are one, but it might help to keep you from wanting to. Have a great day!

KathyBlue on 03/02/2011:
Minestrone soup, YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!!! Love everything with tomato!!!! <3 Have a nice week, girlie! :-)

Well, one advice: if TOM's for Fri, then leave weigh-in for next Fri, don't do it on Monday. The scale is just never friendly before/during/right after TOM... just like us, women, hehehe...

tangalyn on 03/02/2011:
glad u had a nice weekend.. :) hope today is a good one too! xx

Supercheese on 03/02/2011:
We are always allowed a little cheat....so dont worry about it too much and you never know, the scale might just be the same :) Oh and I agree with Kathy. Don't weigh yourself this week and if you do just remember to add like 2 lbs....thats what I do lol

V on 03/02/2011:
hey welcome back!!! I gotta run :( Have a wonderful day :)

Umpqua on 03/02/2011:
Welcome back! Family visits are always a challenge for me too, especially when I visit my parents. They have wine and dessert every single night and I have trouble saying no to that. You'll get back on track now that you're on your own schedule again. Have a good one!

moogy on 03/02/2011:
I am glad you enjoyed your time away with family. It is hard to stay strictly in control when you are enjoying a special occasion. I am sure you will shift the extra in time for your weigh in, just be firm with yourself. Thank you for your kind words and support, I appreciate it very much:)

emmy'smom-mom - Thursday Feb 24, 2011
(Whatever it takes to get back pre pregnancy shape)
Weight: 146.4

Good morning!  Hope everyone is feeling great today!  I don't have much to report.  Just wanted to log on and say hi and see how everyone was :)

Breakfast: meal replacement hot chocolate

Lunch: low fat cottage cheese, lemon herb chicken and rocket salad (other half of yesterdays lunch)

Supper: Lasagne and salad (not ideal). My dad's arriving tonight and my husband offered to cook, i'll be having a small piece with a big salad.  The good news is that it's made with ground turkey and low fat cheese.

Drink: 1 coffee, 2 teas, 1.5 litres water

No bike today so I will go for a walk on my lunch hour to make up for it.

Have a fab day girls xxxx

Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 6.4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 02/24/2011:
Your hubby makes lasagna? Awesome! Haha, yeah, Emeril is the bam guy. We went to one of his other restaurants on a previous trip and it was the best meal we had in New Orleans. All the food there is wonderful, I'm so excited to go.

I do squats and a series of arm exercises with the weights (curls, lateral lifts - I'm not sure what the proper names are but they are adopted from my pilates DVDs). I should look into ankle weights since I do my leg lifts without. Have a great day and a nice visit with your family!

waydesmommy on 02/24/2011:

sweetpea1977 on 02/24/2011:
Wow, a husband who can make lasagna. I want one! :)

Enjoy your time with your dad!!

V on 02/24/2011:
Hello my love! I am happy to hear you are starting the weights..There are many suggestions and demos on you tube as well for various workouts...I am sure you will be pleased with the result :) Have a wonderful day!!!

Supercheese on 02/24/2011:
0 0 0 0 lasagna my guilty pleasure :) Hi to you too!

chidogs on 02/24/2011:
wow, he cooks lasagna! And with ground turkey. That sounds great! Keep up the good work.

moogy on 02/24/2011:
Gordon's sounds brilliant!! I would have loved to be so near the kitchen, it isn't often you would like that position there!! Sad the man himself wasn't there but I bet the tour was wonderful. Of course, I have seen the restaurant and how it works on tele, so precise in the layout of the tables and decor. It may have been quieter in the kitchen without Gordon present but I know that it would have been fabulous to actually see him in full flight!! So glad you enjoyed yourself. Thank you for your comments, I appreciated them very much:)

moogy on 02/24/2011:
Oh, and now I have thought about it, do you know the name of the chef who was on duty that night?. I was thinking that I might recognise his name!

emmy'smom-mom - Wednesday Feb 23, 2011
(Whatever it takes to get back pre pregnancy shape)
Weight: 144.6


I have been so rubbish lately!  Not only have I been enjoying a bit too much wine (and beer) I haven't been as focused as I was before.  Time to regroup!  Had a lovely anniversary weekend and now it's time to get serious!  The one good thing is that I did a lot of exercise biking (is that a word?) and walking over the weekend.

I have my dad and his girlfriend arriving on Thursday until Tuesday and I've warned them that we will do some pretty healthy eating while they are here.  I have said that if anyone wants chocolate or chips or desert of any kind they will have to go out and get it themselves because it will not be in my house!!! 

I am planning things like turkey chilli, chicken stir-fry, homemade veggie wholemeal pita pizzas, soups for lunch and healthy cereals with skim milk for breakfasts.  I am lucky that they are not complaining about the 'rules' lol.


Breakfast: cereal bar, coffee with skim milk

Lunch: 1/2 a lemon & herb chicken breast, 100g low fat cottage cheese & rocket salad, no dressing.

Dinner: will be a homemade burger (no bun) and a salad with light dressing

Drinks: 1.5 litres water, 2 cups tea and 1 coffee I had with breakfast

Tonight I will do 40 mins on the bike

Lots of love and positive thoughts going out to you girls.  I hope you haven't been straying like me!  xxxxxxx


Progress as of today: 18.8 lbs lost so far, only 4.6 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 02/23/2011:
I'm sure your anniversary dinner was wonderful. I'd go all out if I was dining at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant. We have an upcoming trip to New Orleans planned with reservations at Emerils, and you can bet I'll be eating well there!

These last few pounds are just so hard to lose, and so I figure mixing things up and getting a fresh perspective can't hurt. Plus I'm trying to gear up for the huge battle that maintenance is going to be, I know how difficult it is.

RE V's comments below, I use 4-pound weights and just do a set of toning exercises with them. I recently bumped up from 3 pounders. I may go a little higher, but not much. I think it really helps with building muscle but not bulk, fwiw. Have a good one!

moogy on 02/23/2011:
I will await some serious menus, activity and results!!!!! LOL

V on 02/23/2011:
With the special occasion, I don't see how you could have went overboard, I am sure the portions were appropriate and you are back to your healthy fare so no worries my love <3 Have a good one :)

emmy'smom-mom - Friday Feb 18, 2011
(Whatever it takes to get back pre pregnancy shape)
Weight: 144.6

Morning lovely ladies! 

Down 2lbs but in for a tricky weekend.  I have a night out with the girls tonight.  Plan is:
  • 2 glasses of wine
  • Chicken salad, dressing on the side
Then tomorrow is our wedding anniversary so we have a lunch date (that's all we can get a babysitter for) plan is:
  • Morning, 40 mins on bike
  • No wine!
  • Something light, depends on where we go
Sunday's safe! Lots of exercise bike and house work.
On Monday we are going out to one of Gordon Ramsey's restaurants in London, which is our real anniversary celebration.  I have no idea what is on the menu so not sure what I will eat but hoping for:
  •  a seafood starter
  • steak and salad main
  • a very small maybe fruity dessert
  • Unfortunately I will probably not be able to restrict the wine to 2 glasses!
If the weather is nice on Monday we will be doing a lot of walking.  We are going up to london in the afternoon and I know my way around quite well having lived there for 5 years, so we will most likely walk around central london, past the palace, through Hyde park and maybe a little bit of shopping if I am lucky.  It will be a struggle between hubby and i for shopping or pub!  If I can be good all day and get loads of walking in, dinner won't cause too much damage.
I really need to stick to this  plan.  If I can maintain over this weekend I will be thrilled.  I probably won't be on here until tuesday so I will wish you all a great one, have fun, be good and I look forward to hearing about everyone's weekends on Tuesday xxxx

Progress as of today: 18.8 lbs lost so far, only 4.6 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 02/18/2011:
sounda like a good plan for the day... enjoy urslef! congrats on ur loss :)

V on 02/18/2011:
hey girly!! My workouts mainly consists of weights,I started ou doing the P90X but became a bit bored and was doing crossfit(amped up version of P90) with my friend who was preparing for the AF..It consists of a little gymnastics, lots of weights,martial arts,run, bike swim..I like to keep it interesting...As you can see it is all over the place but the results are amazing because of muscle confusion :)

moogy on 02/18/2011:
The plan is all good, however, I am not sure Gordon is going to go along with your plans, I suspect that HIS plans rule in his restaurant. But how fabulous will that be, what a treat, just enjoy the occassion, it is not often that people can get into his restaurant, you might as well enjoy the whole experience while you have the opportunity. I am officially jealous!! LOL

V on 02/18/2011:
It seems that most of the girls here are seeking to be lean, I am a big fan of the muscular look..Please don't be intimidate by weight training,there is a huge misconception that women who lift tend to be on the bulky side which is not true unless you go with the heavier weights..It only takes a few sessions with a trainer or someone who has knowledge of the proper way to lift :) You can also get an instructional DVD and start out using 2-5 lb weights too...Jillian Michaels has a few out there

emmy'smom-mom - Wednesday Feb 16, 2011
(Whatever it takes to get back pre pregnancy shape)
Weight: 146.6

Quick one this morning, but back later.

Pleased to say I'm back to pre- weekend weight.  Have been really going to town on the excersise bike.  Hubby got on last night and claimed that he found what I was doing 'easy'!  Jerk.  I mean that in the most loving way :)  Anyway I decided to ignore it because I know he finds it hard to keep up with me when we walk somewhere together.

I did 3 meal replacements yesterday and 3 x 20 mins on the bike, plus walked into, around and back from town pushing the stroller and a lot of shopping.

Catch up with you all later, have a great day everyone!

Progress as of today: 16.8 lbs lost so far, only 6.6 lbs to go!

KathyBlue on 02/16/2011:
Hubbies are like that. My man is overweight and he did some years of gymnastics when he was... like 6-7 yrs old, and nowadays whenever I do gymnastics at home (w/ DVD) he sits on the sofa comfortably and starts to complain about my movements (HIGHER!!! LOWER!!!! STRONGER!!! YOU'RE NOT DOING IT LIKE THE GIRL ON THE SCREEN!!!!) and when I tell him to s... the f... up, he raises his head proudly stating that he was a gymnast once so he knows everything about exercising CORRECTLY which I don't do... LOL

tangalyn on 02/16/2011:
hehe ty i am tryin extra hard to push myself this week because i had a horrible string of days :-/ hope u r doing good -hugs-

tangalyn on 02/16/2011:
u r doing very well urself :)

V on 02/16/2011:
Everyone's a critic!! What does he know! LOL!!! Too funny I hope you have an awesome day :)

V on 02/16/2011:
Congrats on getting the weight down :)

waydesmommy on 02/16/2011:
Men are like that in general. They don't like for anyone to do things better than them...expecially their girl. lol...I don't know why. However I have read about some very supporting husbands/boyfriends on this site...so maybe they are excluded...but just in general...it's part of being a man. Next time amp up the bike before he gets on it and let him go...then see what he's got to say...lol.

getmebackto150 on 02/16/2011:
you are doing great! Congrats on getting back to "pre-weekend weight" I'm also back there too... Now its onward and downward for us!

sweetpea1977 on 02/16/2011:
Thanks for the sweet message you left me. We're pretty avid at texting and with phone calls, so Im sure we'll be talking a lot right before and after her surgery.

Congrats on getting back to pre-weekend weight!

Keep up the good work!!

moogy on 02/16/2011:
Yes, men can be jerks, quite a lot of the time!! I say that in a loving way of course!! LOL Hope you have a great day despite being married to someone who thinks he is better than you. Little does he know!!

V on 02/16/2011:
Now you are talking my language!!! LOl You are more than welcomed here for a visit! I am sure we would get into fun trouble!!! ;)

emmy'smom-mom - Monday Feb 14, 2011
(Whatever it takes to get back pre pregnancy shape)
Weight: 149.8

Hello ladies, how are you all?  I hope everyone is doing well with their healthy eating and in all other aspects of life.

I finally got my computer back this morning!  You sure miss it when it's gone.

So I'm going to give a quick rundown of last week.  I started adding a low carb meal a day to my meal replacements and that was all going well.  I had come to a bit of a stand still with weight loss and seemed to be stuck at 146.4 for a week.  I had done a bit of research about weight plateauxs and it said to raise your cals a bit and raise your excersise intensity.  So that was the plan and it coincided with date night on Friday.  We went out for supper and I had 4 glasses of wine, shared a starter of antipasti and had a light pizza (thin crust with the middle cut out and a salad in the middle, light cheese etc) no desert.  On Saturday I had some mango for brkf, a large skimmed milk latte for lunch and som cherrios for supper the 4 mini cup cakes!!! On sunday I had 1 toast with thin low fat peanut butter for breakfast (at noon) and omelete and a small amount of oven chips (fries) for dinner.  And this morning my weight is 149.8!  So back to meal replacements.  Also over the weekend I had uped my bike to 2 x 25 min higher intensity workouts a day.  So I figure the gain is probalby mostly water retention.  Hope so anyway.  This has really delayed my progress.

Got to go Emmy keeps bringing me books to read and trying to close the laptop! LOL

Update:  Had a really good day.  Had no trouble starting back on meal replacement, drank lots of water and had plenty of excercise.  First we went shopping, on foot with the stroller and I walked as fast as I could the whole time which was about 2 hours.  Then went to meet hubby from train with 22 lb Emmy in a carrier on my back, about 20 mins fast walking.  Then did 30 mins high intensity on my excersise bike.  ...and have been very nicely spoilt by my lovely husband.  All in all A+


Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 9.8 lbs to go!

waydesmommy on 02/14/2011:
Glad you got your computer back. I would die without mine. Happy Valentines Day!

KathyBlue on 02/14/2011:
Ahh, I missed you! Glad you're back :D If it's water retention, try and buy proper teas that chase the water out, it worked for me and the taste is not bad at all! :)

KathyBlue on 02/14/2011:
BTW, do you have stevia available in the UK?

Umpqua on 02/14/2011:
Good to see you back, and I bet the gain is water retention. I'm almost always up after eating pizza. Maybe the extra calories helped break the plateau and now you will see a loss this week!

V on 02/14/2011:
Welcome back! I sure did miss ya! :)

getmebackto150 on 02/14/2011:
glad for an A++ day!!! Based on your foods I would say a lot of your gain is water retention/salt bloat... Drink lots of water and your weight will be down in no time!!

moogy on 02/14/2011:
Yes, it is probably mostly water retention, but there were quite a few high calorie indulgences in there. So hang tough this week and hopefully we will see a loss next week. Good luck.

emmy'smom-mom - Wednesday Feb 09, 2011
(Whatever it takes to get back pre pregnancy shape)
Weight: 146.4

Hello Girls!!!

I'm so missing getting on here everyday!  I think about posting and reading how everyone is doing all the time .  The good part about it is that when I can't go on the computer I get on my bike or go for a super long walk and I am really seeing the results.  I'm already thinking about getting to set my next goal!

I'm super busy at work today so probably won't get to catch up on all your diaries but hopefully will squeeze a bit in at lunch time.

Hoping to get the computer back on Saturday! 

Have a wonderful day everyone



Progress as of today: 17 lbs lost so far, only 6.4 lbs to go!

V on 02/09/2011:
Oh we have missed you too! Yayy for getting your computer back Saturday :) I am not sure what I did with my time before laptop, oh yea I did alot of partying, LOL This is a far better healthier hobby ;) Love ya!

sweetpea1977 on 02/09/2011:
Missed you!!

Great job on the weightloss. Look at that new low!! :)

Umpqua on 02/09/2011:
Wow, you are doing great! Congrats on the loss!!

emmy'smom-mom - Friday Feb 04, 2011
(Whatever it takes to get back pre pregnancy shape)
Weight: 150.0



Good morning Angels!

I'm sorry I haven't been here this week to catch up with you all.  My computer at home seems to have died a spectacular death and this is the first day I have been in the office this week.  So I will probably be MIA for awhile until it either gets fixed or replaced :(  I will at the very least be back at work next Wed-Fri and will be able to catch up a bit then.

I seem to have lost a couple of pounds which is a thrill and a half!  But I haven't been using my exercise bike as much as I intended so I need to get on that.  I have been adding a meal a day to my meal replacement diet for the last week.  Low carb, such as chicken & broccoli, steak & salad, omelettes, cauliflower & cheese soup.

I hope you are all doing well.  xxxxxx


Progress as of today: 13.4 lbs lost so far, only 10 lbs to go!

shadetree on 02/04/2011:
Yay! You're more than halfway there! I hope you get the computer situation resolved soon! And maybe since you are without use of a computer you will find a bit of time to get on that bike :) Hope you have a great day!

just42day on 02/04/2011:
Congrats! You're doing great! Sorry about the PC problems. Look forward to your ongoing losses. :)

V on 02/04/2011:
Sorry to hear about the computer :( Congrats on your loss girlie! Good job! Have a wonderful weekend!

Umpqua on 02/04/2011:
That stinks about your computer, but congrats on the loss!! Your meals sound like healthy additions, have a good weekend!

tangalyn on 02/04/2011:
good to see u, sorry bout computer, sounds like uve been doing great with foods.. big congrats on ur loss.. hope u have a great day and r able to get ur computer working soon.. take care.. xx

sweetpea1977 on 02/04/2011:
aww, sorry to hear about the loss of your home computer. That sucks!! Thank goodness for work computers. :)

Congratulations on your weight loss!! Thats awesome!!

And yay, you are no longer a newbie! lol :)

tangalyn on 02/04/2011:
ahh good question! i dont have a great answer but i started my diet on my birthday in april and was doing ok until july... i had a huge fight with bf and pretty much stayed drunk for like a straight month along with eating whenever and whatever i felt like.. and after that was all over it was just really hard to get back on track.. in november i was able to start getting really serious again, started exercising daily and in december i stopped eating meat (cept fish) so yeah i guess it was a combo of what u said lol, exercise and being more strict with much better foods.. plan to get even more stricter very soon tho, hope ur enjoying ur day :)

KathyBlue on 02/04/2011:
Sorry to hear about the computer :( Congrats on your loss!!! :D LOL yes, you became a regular!!! :D

panda22 on 02/04/2011:
Sorry your computer bit the dust...that's the worst huh? Great to hear you are doing well and have had a loss..yay! Mmmmm cauliflower and cheese soup LOL makes me want some! Have a nice weekend and Happy Friday!

moogy on 02/04/2011:
Must mean you are old like the rest of us!! LOL Hang in there until you can post regularly, we will still be here:)

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