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estelle - Sunday Nov 04, 2001

Weight: 157.5

Hi. I'm back again. I have managed to gain the weight I lost and then some. Can't let the weight win thou so I'm trying again.

Time for me is tight so I am going to do a weekly entry, more if I can. I will do my fitday every day thou, fitday helps me a great deal thoughout the day to keep me on track.

Good luck to all of you!


Kyrin on 11/04/2001:
Hi Robin!

Welcome back! It seems to be that time of the year. We're either gearing up to leep the holiday binges at bay, or we're defeated by them. Glad to see that you've decided to fight along with the rest of us.

Best wishes for your successes!


estelle - Wednesday Aug 08, 2001

Weight: 152.0

Hi! I haven't been here for quite a while. I'm going to try again though! I frequently read your entries, this helps keep the top on my weight gain when I'm not actively journaling. So, thank you all so much!

Just a little update: Eric is doing well with his new position and his freelance work. Ryan just got back from a 3 day/night boy scout camp, he had a wonderful time, he will start 5th grade on the 22nd. Sean I crawling, climbing and walking (holding on to things), he has his 9 month check up tomorrow (shots!). As for me I am feeling like I have my life more under my control. Been very busy with house, computer, family, and my endless painting, decorating and woodworking projects (Not done with the glider swing yet).

I wish all of you a happy diet day! Good luck!!!!!

FitDay for Wednsday the 8th

stellastarr on 08/08/2001:
Estelle! Is it really YOU???? I am so happy to "see" you again! You sound so sane and happy today and this makes me :). I think of you OFTEN and wonder how life is treating you. Baby is crawling and where does the time go? I know how busy this time of life is and therefore, I doubly thank you for your sweet greeting. Your friend, Connie-Stella

herb on 09/12/2001:
Thanks for thinking that my journal is worthwhile to read. But whats with you I had to back to August the 8th to find you.

estelle - Saturday Jul 07, 2001

Weight: 152.5

Hi everyone. Been reading your entries and making a comment here and there. I admire all of you for the effort and hard work you do with your diets. I'm not doing so well in that area at this time. Feel a little ashamed to take up anyones time on this site for that reason. Just can't seem to keep my spirit up where it belongs to be able accomplish much beyond lifes nessecities. Good luck to you all. Robin

stellastarr on 07/07/2001:
Oh Robin, it is so nice to "see" you here again! I am pushedtothewall, reemerged as Stella Starr. My name was just too too depressing. I am thinking that you are very busy there with life and the extra heat and demands of the summer schedule. I hope that you are being good to yourself when you can. You deserve plenty of rewards for being YOU and filling the demanding roles of mother and wife... Try to visit us here.... just to keep up the connection. You don't "take up anyone's time"! Far from it. You never know when your own struggle, when it is told and explored is relief to another who feels perhaps in the same boat but feels isolated until YOU speak. I think of you often that's for sure! Here's a hug for you, Robin {{:)}} Love, Stella

halley on 07/07/2001:
It sounds like you are giving up. Please don't give up. If it's not working for you just try something different!!! Will your lifw be any better if you don't get into shape? Or will it be better if you are in shape? I'm pretty much sure what the answer is!

estelle - Sunday Jun 24, 2001

Weight: 149.0

estelle - Wednesday Jun 20, 2001

Weight: 148.5

Hi! Didn't journal yesterday, made a few comments! I think it's easier for me to write about the day before like i did when I started DD. So thats what I'll do.

Diet, calorie wise went ok yesterday, my choices have to get better though (no exercise, I know). Puffed rice for breakfast, tuna (melt) for lunch and meatloaf for dinner (used ground turkey and mornigstar ground meatless). The melt on tuna is what done me in, butter and cheese what was I thinking?

Stayed up late again working. Fell asleep for half hour while Sean was in his crib. I woke up and was so sore and sick, don't know what that was about but it passed quickly, I was all better in few minutes.

Sean is being really fussy, Ryan is home from camp and Eric got a late start to the office. Gota go. Be back latter to comment

FitDay for Tuesday the 19th

pinkus on 06/20/2001:
Your writing sounds fine to me....the website sounds cool--which by the way my 11 and 14 yr old kids say all the time. So I think it is currently a cool word to use. I think you're groovy however you write so just hang loose and be yourself. Peace and love, man. :0) Pam

muggg on 06/20/2001:
Don't worry about how you write... it is just fine. I like to write the same way! I'd love to check out your web-site!

pushedtothewall on 06/20/2001:
I am reading about you today! Catching up.... I think it was a fine idea to get a little outfit... just a fine one! Gives a soul a little lift :) You sound so busy and pulled in different areas of responsibility. Please take good care of YOU with all else that you do, okay? And.... I so hope that you are able to share your family with us! Always remembering your friendship and words of encouragement on one of the lowest days of my life, I am your friend, Connie

halley on 06/20/2001:
Don't worry about small amounts of cheese. It has protein, and a little is just fine!

Miss Piggy on 06/21/2001:
Hi Estelle, I wake up sore and stiff like that too if I go to sleep in the daytime. Hope you aren't comming down with something. Have a great day tomorrow.

The Bug on 06/21/2001:
Keep up the good work. DOn't worry about a little bit of cheese!

estelle - Monday Jun 18, 2001

Weight: 148.5

Hi! Had my entry in then my comp. froze. Blank entry, sorry! So again I'll try again.

Up .5 lbs? Diet went well yesterday. Retaining a little water around this time if you get my drift. Going to try to stay away from the rice today though, satisfaction vs calories doesn't cut it. I'love my taco salads even without the cheese so I think I'll have that today (again), they are healthy the way I make them.

I know I tend to create lengthy rambling sentences and my grammer most likley makes some people cring, but the only way I can write is to write like I talk, and this is how I talk. And no no one has mentioned this, it's just something I'm a little ashamed of, but not enough to get better at it. Just being honest!

WELL I broke down and bought ONE outfit. I was desperate for something cool to wear to run errands in.

I have a lot to get done today. It seems like I'm runnig 10 micro busineses from this house just keeping records for all our ventures, jeez loiuse, I had more spare time when I worked full time away from the house. How did I do it while I was workiing?

Can we place links to our personal home pages here? Eric has worked really hard making one that represents our family (Pictures and cool stuff) and I would like to share it with any of you who are interested. Does the word cool date me to much?

FitDay for Monday the 18th

Miss Piggy on 06/18/2001:
What happened here? Talk to me! All I see is a blank entry. Love Ya.

Miss Piggy on 06/18/2001:
Hi there. Oh I am so excited. I would love to see your website. Cool is cool. It works for me. Email me with the web address. Be safe and happy and healthy today. Hugs

DVDMon on 06/18/2001:
Hey Estelle. First, I know my upper range for my goal weight is 140, but I kind of doubt I'll want to stop there. Probably will hold out till at least 135. Once I get to goal, I don't know, I've gotten so used to posting here and to sharing these entries and reading others' that I don't think I could leave, but I may end up not posting quite as frequently. I try to use the extra time toward building up the pictures site ;-)

pastagal on 06/18/2001:
Would love to see your picture site,,please do post your address ,,just link it to your entry for us :}And as for the way you write,,lol,sounds normal to me;}}}

thatmochagirl on 06/18/2001:
I find I retain water and go up in weight with rice too. So you are not alone... All the best.... M

estelle - Sunday Jun 17, 2001
(Low cal)
Weight: 148.0

Hi! Well another 1.5 lbs, may be some of this was water gain and thats why it's coming off so fast. I didn't formally exercise yesterday, just the normal running around after my kids. Does that count? I know it is exausting, so it should! Did real well on my diet, but I know I should be eating more/better and exercising more. Will work on that today.

Not to much happened yesterday around here. Didn't get the time to paint or get my lumber. Sean is mobile now almost crawling, scoots backwards on his belly and rolls everywhere. Ryan is enjoying day camp. He gets to see alot of his friends from his old school. Eric has decided to freelance for the channel 9 news here as a weekend remote cameraman. Went out the first time last nightat 11 pm, a truck had rolled over on the freeway couple miles from our home. He had his equipment and RYAN in the car before I knew what was going on. They came back about an hour later. BOY! Eric didn't park on the freeway (good), he parked above the freeway on an outer road and LEFT RYAN IN THE CAR (worse than bad). Well Eric climbed down this rock inbankment cut/scaped up his arms, elbows and leg and broke a piece off of his new camera (!*!*#!). Are others people lives this hectic? Everyone is ok so I guess no harm done.

Everyone have a good day. Robin FitDay for Sunday the 17th

Miss Piggy on 06/17/2001:
Hi estelle, How are you today? HOpe you are haveing a wonderful day today. See you on monday. Hugs.

Miss Piggy on 06/17/2001:
Oh so thats what is happening when I see blanks when I try to read posts. Makes sense. Thank goodnes Ryan was ok. Wish Eric was doing better. Yes, other peoples lives are that hectic. Hope you are having a great day today. Good luck getting back to the painting Robin. Hugs.

halley on 06/17/2001:
That's kinda scarry about leaving the child in the car - I'm glad to hear that everyone's ok!

pinkus on 06/17/2001:
Congrats on the loss!!!! My life is totally hectic so I know what you mean. Pam

The Bug on 06/18/2001:
I count running after the kids or playing with the kids as exercise. If I'm huffing and puffing, I'm counting it!

Sorry it hear about the 'accident' with your son. I'm assuming he won't be going out on anymore calls!

Have a good day.

estelle - Saturday Jun 16, 2001
(Low cal)
Weight: 149.5

Hi! The weight seems to going down again, feel real bad that I gained it all back. What a waste of time to do such a thing and I know how unhealthy it is. Did not exercise yesterday, played outside Ball, Badmitton with Ryan though.

Not sure what I'll do today after the regular chores are finished. Need to finish painting my living room. I'm painting it forest green. I have 2 walls left but they are going to be real hard they're 18 feet high and 1 is the wall the stairs are against. I'd like to go order the lumber for my swing, maybe. Lot of computer work to do, but I've been doing that all week.

Well all of you have a great day!!!!! Robin

FitDay for Saterday the 16th

halley on 06/16/2001:
Don't get discouraged, just remember this lesson the next time you feel yourself slipping!

pastagal on 06/16/2001:
Sounds like a busy saturday for you,,,,enjoy and have a great time painting :}}Congrats on the weight loss,,keep it up,,,just be VERY CONSISTANT:}}}

herb on 06/16/2001:
18 foot ceilings in the living room, and painting it green. Are you making it into a racquetball court. Great idea.

I notice in your bio. that you are a computer programmer, do you like it? What languages do you use?

pastagal on 06/16/2001:
Yes i take Allegra,,,get a shot every three months and now he has me on nose spray called NazecortAC and it helps some,,,but usually when i get these headaches it caused from a sinus infection i get in my left side,,,i should of went into the doctor after the second or third day,,but i always try to get past it on my own,,but if its not better monday i will have to go in and get something,,,thank you for your concern:} and i am 5'2,,,,,and would love to be 115 like i was in High school,,,:}

pushedtothewall on 06/16/2001:
I am thinking of you there being the busy mom and wife and bookkeeper and house painter and all else! Forest green! How dramatic! Stairway painting.....YIKES!! Hope that you are remembering all of your friends here and how much we want the same success for you that you want yourself :) Thank you so much, Robin, for your encouragement. Me too, right back atcha! Connie

Miss Piggy on 06/17/2001:
Hi Robin. Your home sounds lovely. Hope you are having a marvellous weekend. Take care. See you later. Hugs.

estelle - Friday Jun 15, 2001
(Low cal)
Weight: 151.5

Hi! Well Yesterday went fairly well. I was so busy yesterday I ate very little during the day (was going to have a good diner). Had horrible storms here in KC, in the 10 years we have lived in this subdivision we have never lost elec for more than 30 min at a time, not so yesterday 6pm to 12am. All utilities are underground, guess they come from somewhere though huh? Anyway, diner wasn't made by 6pm then I lost electricity. It cooled off a great deal so that was a plus. Had a homes assoc. annual picnik meeting at my house at 7pm.

Eric wasn't home and Ryan, Sean and I were so tired we were all asleep by 9pm.

Eric called from work at 12:45am so I could have a meal for him when he got home. He's workaholicing again, but from experience this will have to run it's course, I'm staying out of his way while trying to be supportive. So I got up came downstairs suprise I didn't turn the oven off when the power went out, had a pie crust in the oven burnt to a crisp, could have started a fire. got rid of the crust and made Eric dinner. Then waited for him to get home, he came in at 2am boy was he in a bad mood, so I heated up his diner and took a bath then went to bed again at 3:30am. Hope today hold no suprises, going to be another busy day, I'll comment thoughout the day as I get the chance.

Good luck to everyone!!!

Oh! Had trouble commenting yesterday kept getting errors, anyone else? So sorry minea and pastagal I lost my comments to you. After 2 lost I stopped, great mind huh?

FitDay for Friday the 15th

muggg on 06/15/2001:
Gee..what a night... glad you didn't have a fire! Sorry you have a workaholic husband.. makes for a lonely life. Hope it doesn't go on to long. I waited far too long for mine to come home.. of course part of his long hours was an opportunity to drink without me knowing how much! We all have our different situtations and even with their quirks... our hubbies have their good points! Hope yours is home early with you again real soon!

pastagal on 06/15/2001:
Yes the site was having problems yesterday,adam is going to try to fix it so it doesn't keep happening:} Hope you have a wonderful day today:}}

herb on 06/15/2001:
Thanks for commenting on my diary. If you think all those teachers were making me anxious, you're wrong. I love it when people are talking & having good times. I even enjoy my landlords 2 kids yelling & screaming. Thats passion, thats life.

Bummer about the electrons not flowing to your house for 6 hours. It makes us all stand back and think how we've all grown so dependent on technology for our day lives. Too bad about the OM coming home venting steam at 2AM like who needs that. See 'ya.

pushedtothewall on 06/15/2001:
Thinking of you. Yesterday I just wrote you from the heart and then when I "entered" a big "ERROR" sign went up. I now know that it was happening to everybody, but I just cannot redo that note to you again just yet. Okay? Take care, Sweetie.

Miss Piggy on 06/15/2001:
Eeww. No electricity equals no fun! Sorry you had such a lousy day. Hope life gets better for you very soon. Keep on keeping on. Hugs.

estelle - Thursday Jun 14, 2001
(Low cal)
Weight: 152.0

Hi! Wavered a little this morning about starting my diet today. But I thought I put myself out there last night better follow though! So here I am. Still pretty early I've only had coffee so far.

Got up at 6am, changed a fed Sean, woke Ryan, made beds, coffee, breakfast and lunches for Ryan and Eric. Hearded Ryan thu his morning hygiene (why don't 10 year old boys care if they are clean?). Fed fish and cats, Got Eric off to work, then I had 10 minutes to put myself togeather. Changed Sean again, then Ryan helped me pack up the car with his camp stuff and Seans things. We all piled in and took Ryan to day camp. It's really nice we just drive thru the lot and a councelor is waiting there to take your child while you check him in for the day. I don't even have to get out of the car, which is great because I don't have to fool with the Seans car seat or folding stroller. Sean and I made it back home by 8 am.

I've since been playing and taking care of Sean (another bottle), working on the computer, bills/paperwork/insurance (I'm still getting billed for the amnio I had May of 2000! and Erics vas last Dec.).

My plan for the swing glider came! Went and ordered the lumber last friday. It was delivered Tue. I had to send it all back because they sent me seconds (what's the deal there? I didn't say I wanted seconds and no one asked). So I'm goin to a dif lumber yard to get it, I will pick it out board by board myself.

FitDay for Thursday the 14th

Everyone have a great day and thank you for your comments on that little entry of mine last night. Robin

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