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getmebackto150 - Monday Apr 18, 2011
(counting calories)
Weight: 186.8

Hello ladies and happy Monday!  I hope everyone is doing well today!  I had a pretty good weekend... I didn't count calories, but I didn't eat out of control by any means so I am ok with that...  I did go to the gym and lift weights on saturday-first time in a long time and I'm quite sore today!!!   I'm hoping to get in a run today after work.   Tomorrow I start my first of 4 golf lessons...  I've decided to take up golf as a new hobby/activity that hubby and I can do together and we will walk the courses (no cart for us!) so it should be pretty decent exercise as well... I will let you all know how it goes!!

B:  2 egg white and cheese wake up wraps 260

S:  ginger cashews 170

L:  Indian vegan frozen meal (330) greek yogurt (100) blackberries (40) grape tomatoes (30) 500

S:  vitamuffin (100) cheese stick (50) 150

S:  Trail mix 250... YIKES!!!  I will have to keep dinner low calorie!

D:  pesto ravioli (500) big salad w/ lettuce, tomato, carrots, mushrooms (20) light ranch (60) tortilla strips (50) 630

S:  only 8s 200

Total so far: 2160... oops

Goal:  Under 1800

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 36.8 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 04/18/2011:
Golf sounds great! My high school boyfriend played and we used to go to Par 3 courses pretty often. I really like the game, even though I wasn't very good at it. Enjoy!

tangalyn on 04/18/2011:
that sounds fun, i have never golfed in my life.. my bf likes it tho but doesnt go anymore.. he wants me to try it with him someday tho :) hope u guys have fun xx

newme24 on 04/18/2011:
Golf sounds fun! Sounds like you're doing a great job keep it up and have a great day!

sweetpea1977 on 04/18/2011:
I am glad that you and hubby will have a healthy and fun activity to do together. I think its especially great that you wont be using a golf cart to get around. :)

Maria7 on 04/18/2011:
Hope you enjoy your golf! Sounds like wonderful workout exercise! :-D

V on 04/18/2011:
Yeah girl!! i love your determination and drive!!! Hurrah!! Have a good one :)

getmebackto150 - Saturday Apr 16, 2011
(counting calories)
Weight: 186.8

I'm happy to report I'm feeling much better today:)  I took it very easy las night and got a good nights sleep and I feel like a new women, back to normal!!  Today I have plans with girlfriend (skinnygrl for those who remember her!) we are going for pedicures, having somthing relatively healthy and cheap for dinner, and going out for a night on the town...  I will try to keep it healthy, but this is a planned indulgence, so if I'm a little high in calories I will not fret too much...

I'm having an unfortunate morning...  I got up and was brushing my teeth and husband's prescription was sitting on the sink, I knocked it into the sink...  The top was not on tight...  all the pills went down the drain... He just got it refilled this week!!!  I have a call out to the pharmacy who insists this kind of thing happens all the time...  They are calling the MD (on a saturday?) had said I should be able to get it refilled no prob... I'm REALLY hoping I can take care of it all before husband gets home later!  Otherwise he will make fun of me relentlessly for being a spaz!  LOL!  So I just got off the phone w/ the pharmacy and the insurance company wouldn't let them do a "lost" override so I have to pay for the pills out of pocket... Luckily I was able to salvage 5 days worth of the prescription and the insurance company will let him refill in 10 days, so I only have to buy 5 days worth... for $35!!!  Yikes... I'm used to paying $5 for a month...  I really pity americans without health insurace... Its ridiculous!

B:  Sandwich roll (130) w/ homemade somewhat healthy egg salad:  (2 egg whites (20) 1 whole egg (70) 1/2T veganaise (60) onion, celery, relish (10) 290

S:  chobani mango greek yogurt (160) blackberries (20) 180

Total so far: 470

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 36.8 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 04/16/2011:
Yay for feeling like a new WOMAN! I am gettng a pedicure today, too! I remember skinnygrl....where has she been? Tell her hello. Re: husband's rx....LOL~!!!!!

h82bfat on 04/16/2011:
Have fun on your girls day/evening! And be glad the prescription didn't fall into the toilet!! ;c)

Em17 on 04/16/2011:
Yay, new woman =). Have fun with your wonderful evening =) and get a great pedicure

Umpqua on 04/16/2011:
Sounds like you have an awesome day planned, and I'm glad you're feeling better. Say hi to skinnygrl!

moogy on 04/17/2011:
Your story reminds me of a woman I knew who was on such good terms with her smash repair man she would take the car in regularly during the day and they would fix it and her husband wouldn't know she had backed into, run into or generally wrecked the car again!!!!!! You are not in her category so I hope you get everything fixed before you get caught!!!!! Her bills were considerable because she couldn't claim on her insurance because he would find out. I won't get my US medical system soapbox out, you already know the rhetoric!!!! Have a good night out and enjoy yourself:)

getmebackto150 - Friday Apr 15, 2011
(counting calories)
Weight: 186.8

I ended yesterday at 1680 and I got a run in despite quite annoying stomach cramps...   They finally started to go away last night when I went to bed early... BUT I was up all night with a different type of stomach ache...  I'm thinking that the antibiotics are reaking havoc on my GI system... Terrible stomach pains and "stuff"  blah... I've taken antibiotics lots of times without this issue, but I feel fine otherwise, no fever or body aches or anything...  I am going to try to eat some yogurt every day for the next week, but if that isn't enough does anyone have any other ideas like certain probiotics or anything for keeping my gi track healthy while on these stupid antibiotics?

B:  tomato basil pizza burger (120) on potato roll (130) 250

S:  activia yogurt 120

L:  2 wasa crackers (90) w/ laughing cow (35) Annie Chun Hot and sour soup (250) greek yogurt (100) 475

D:  4 (oops) homemade tofu and kidney bean enchiladas... I'm thinking 200 each so 800

Total so far: 1645

Goal:  Under 1800

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 36.8 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 04/15/2011:
Culturelle! You can pick it up at the pharmacy, possibly even the supermarket. My pediatrician (also an osteopath) recommended it for my younger son when he was having horrible diarrhea at the end of his stomach flu. It cleared up after the first dose, it's amazing stuff. Just be sure to refrigerate it for maximum shelf life. Feel better soon!

tangalyn on 04/15/2011:
plz feel better soon xx

sweetpea1977 on 04/15/2011:
Culturelle is great! Highly recommend it!

Hope you feel better soon!

Supercheese on 04/15/2011:
I agree. Culturelle is awesome. Helped me a LOT when I had the stomach flu this summer.

getmebackto150 - Thursday Apr 14, 2011
(counting calories)
Weight: 186.8

I had a good day eating wise yesterday, my new plan w/ hubby seems to be working so far:)   Today I am feeling a bit down and blah...  I had to have a procedure called HSG to determine if either or both of my fallopian tubes were blocked as a result of a major surgery I had about 15 years ago....   The procedure was quite painful and now I just feel blah and have horrible cramps, sort of period like...  And I have to be on heavy duty antibiotics for the next 7 days b/c apparantly after the test I am at a huge risk of getting an infection in my uterus.. .super...   The results of the test weren't great, but not hopeless either... Pretty much what I expected... All of my friends and my husband thought I was being silly to be worried about being able to get pregnant, but I have had a LOT of medical issues in my past and usually know my body pretty darn well...   The results basically showed that one tube is completely blocked and the other one may have a minor blockage, but nothing too bad...  I'm at a significant risk for ectopic pregnancy and also a significant risk for not being able to conceive at all... But many women way worse than me have conceived naturally...  

Like I said, the results were pretty much what I expected...  The MD wants us to "try" to conceive for about 6 months and if nothing I have to go see her to find out what (if any) our options are...   On a humorous note, I said to her "6 months from now?  or 6 months from when I went off the pill?  She said have you actually been trying?  I said well we have been having sex quite a bit... She then told me that "recreational sex" didn't count... LOL!  Recreational Sex?  I just found that quite humorous:)

Anyway, enough of my sob story for today!  Onto health and losing weight:)  I made myself go for a run right when I got home from teh procedure hoping it would help the cramps... Not sure if it helped but I got a 15 minute run followed by a 18 minute power walk in!

B:  1 dunkin donuts egg white and cheese wake up wrap 140

S:  vitatop 100

L:  quinoa w/ blue cheese apples and cranberries 200

S:  tofu curry summer rolls from a local vietnamese restaurant... They are steamed not fried and the ingredients list looks super healthy! 200

D:  thai coconut veggie slaw w/ peanuts 200

D part 2:  2 ears fresh corn (160) date/walnut bar (130) tofu salad (200) 490

S:  wheat thins fiber selects (200) cream cheese (100) chutney (50) 350

total so far: 1680

Goal:  under 1800

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 36.8 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 04/14/2011:
Hey many a child has been born after the recreational kind! I'm just sayin'.......Seriously - sorry for your fertility issues. Drs are proven wrong every day and anything can happen.

Umpqua on 04/14/2011:
That lunch sounds incredible, must try! I'm sorry you had a difficult procedure, hope you feel better soon. I think I may have mentioned this to you, but I was also told I might have a hard time conceiving and also had a high risk of miscarriage because of my lovely sticky blood factor. But I had 2 normal pregnancies and no difficulty conceiving (I charted AND had recreational sex, so there!) Holly's right, anything can happen!

mysterywoman100 on 04/14/2011:
I had 4 kids because of recreational sex. Heck it is suppose to be fun lol.

moogy on 04/14/2011:
It took me a year to get pregnanat with my son, reversed utureus or something like that. In the end there was no 'recreational sex', it was every night for a week either side and through my ovulation (19 days straight!!), in the end my husband would roll his eyes and say 'again'. It worked though, I got preganant. Nothing romantic about trying to get pregnant when there is a problem. There is a job to be done and it just has to get done, in our case during commercials!!!!!! LOL It was 33 years ago and still makes me laugh. Good luck and just do it a lot!!!!

V on 04/14/2011:
I am hoping that you will have great success practicing ;) LOl Have a good one!!

sweetpea1977 on 04/14/2011:
I hope you get to feeling better after such a painful and personal procedure. Keep practicing! Its lots of fun and a great workout too. Hugs to you sweetie!!

getmebackto150 - Wednesday Apr 13, 2011
(counting calories)
Weight: 186.8

last night's dinner at the conference was fair... There was salad so I had a big portion, but the only vegetarian options were mannicotti and tortalinni alfredo... I had small portions of each but then broke down and had a canoli...

I won't go into the details until I have had a week of actually sticking with it, but I had a come to jesus talk w/ hubby last night and we came up with a solid (written out) plan for a healthy lifestyle that we can actually HOPEFULLY stick to!  I'm feeling optimistic and hopeful today...

tonight is step father in law's birthday at a country club so I have NO idea what the choices for dinner will be, but I'm pretty confident that I will be healthy-once again with our new plan, I'm feeling personally accountable for my choices and quite motivated today!!!

B:  fruit and nut trail mix 270

S:  amy's vegetarian split pea soup  200

S:  vitatop 100

S:  banana 80

L:  cheese and crackers 180

S: fiber plus bar (120) orange (50) 170

D:  1/2 piece garlic bread (100) large garden salad w/ lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots, olives, onions (50) parmesan peppercorn dressing (150) 6oz grilled swordfish ( 330) 630

S:  chocolate frosted mini wheats (200) almond milk (50) 250

Total: 1880

Goal: 1800... not too bad!

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 36.8 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 04/13/2011:
glad ur happy with ur new plan :) hope u have a great day!

Umpqua on 04/13/2011:
That sounds good. I find that writing out lists and plans is really helpful for me. I hope you have a good one!

h82bfat on 04/13/2011:
Glad to hear your feeling motivated today! I just love those days! Sorry your power walk didn't work out for you yesterday... it's like that around here too. I tried carrying my umbrella with me once (becus it looked so ify) & I thought my arm was gonna fall off (it's amazing how heavy a small umbrella can become after a while)!! Anywhoo.... hope you have a great day.

mysterywoman100 on 04/13/2011:
Your progress is great and so is your motivation.

sweetpea1977 on 04/13/2011:
A physically written down plan is a great plan! I cant wait to hear about it!

Foods look great so far. Good luck at dinner!

moogy on 04/13/2011:
I love a woman with a plan and if that said women can involve the man in her life so much the better. Onward getmeback onward!!!!

legcramps on 04/14/2011:
Have a great day today :)

getmebackto150 - Tuesday Apr 12, 2011
(counting calories)
Weight: 186.8

Well the fates seemed against me in my efforts to work out yesterday!  I decided to go for a power walk after dinner about 7 minutes in, it started DOWNPOURING... I ran home...  15 minutes later, sunny skies and no rain, I laced my sneakers back up stepped outside and poof...another downpour... at that point I gave up on my powerwalk... blah!  Foods were ok yesterday, I did end up with some air popped popcorn after my posted calories so I was probably around 1900... Today from 1pm-6pm I have a continuing education seminar at the italian american community center... with dinner included... One of the most amazing restaurant families in the area does the food so it will be hard to refrain, but I'm really hoping for some yummy salad and maybe a seafood option...  we shall see!  Have a good day everyone!

B:  fruit and nut trail mix 270

S:  tomato basil pizza burger (120) on potato roll (120) 240

L:  rice and beans 250


Total so far: 760

Goal: 1800

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 36.8 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 04/12/2011:
Those tomato basil burgers are SO good! I hope you have an excellent day and that there are healthy choices at the dinner.

V on 04/12/2011:
Sorry you didn't get that workout in :( Hey maybe on days like that you can do a p90x workout...You still have it right? Well anyways I hope your day goes as planned :) Have a good one!

hollybelle on 04/12/2011:
The rain foiled my walking plans, too. But I visited my parents instead.

legcramps on 04/12/2011:
Learn lots during your seminar this afternoon!

moogy on 04/12/2011:
Maybe all the running home counts!! I hope that you get to make a healthy choice for you seminar food today. Good luck!

getmebackto150 - Monday Apr 11, 2011
(counting calories)
Weight: 186.8

B:  Fruit and nut trail mix 270

S:  turky veggie burger (90) on potato roll (120) 210

L:  morning star farms sweet and sour "chicken" 320

D:  1/2 leftover greek salad (200) 1/4 pound veggie burger (250) on potato roll (120) 2 sevings baked french fries (240) 810

S:  only 8s ice cream 150 

Total so far: 1770

Goal: 1800

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 36.8 lbs to go!

moogy on 04/11/2011:
Well done with you calories for the day. I hope you are going well. It looks like it:)

getmebackto150 - Friday Apr 08, 2011
(counting calories)
Weight: 186.8

Quite proud of myself as I decided to have 2 glasses of wine last night and even logged it to put my total up to 1900 calories... But after 1 glass I decided it was enough and was able to forgoe the 2nd glass and end the day just under 1800 calories... Not too bad... Its quite nice here today... Sunny with a high of 60... I'm planning on running tonight and its suppose to be nice all weekend, so maybe I can start some yard work!!!

B:  2 egg white wake up wraps 260

L:  healthy choice meal (300) edamame (100) 400

S:  vitatop (100) wasa crackers (90) and laughing cow (35) 225

S:  pear (50) orange (50) 100

Total so far: 985

Goal: under 1800

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 36.8 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 04/08/2011:
You're having a wonderful week, great job!

Supercheese on 04/08/2011:
Have a great weekend! Man, everyones doing yard work. I wish! Its pouring overhear in east penn.

sweetpea1977 on 04/08/2011:
Great job girlie!!!

moogy on 04/08/2011:
Good for you for declining a second glass. Great job. I hope the weather warms up enough for you to get into the garden. I should think that you are getting a little antsy to get out and do something in the garden. Have a good run:)

getmebackto150 - Thursday Apr 07, 2011
(counting calories)
Weight: 186.8

I've started reading the blog no meat athlete-I highly recommend it (nomeatathlete.com) but anyway I was reading today and he had a link to a article that really resonated with me... Its about making the most out of life and its a little heavy (talks a bit about death and such) but its a really good read if you are looking for inspiration in your weight loss or ANYWHERE in your life!  I don't have access to facebook here at work, other wise I would post it in our group there...


Yesterday was a success!  Calories were about 1830-all from healthy foods!  I did go running... It was cold, cloudy and windy and I wasn't feeling ANY motivation, but I made a deal with myself, I just had to do a mile no more...   That did the trick... I only ran 1 mile when I should have ran more, but knowing it was only 1 mile I was able to force myself out there and get it done...  I'm feeling the endorphins a bit now, so that is a good thing... Today I am going to go to the gym and do some lifting... Same thing... I'm telling myself I only have to do 15 minutes... If I end up doing more, great... BUT even if I only do the 15 minutes I will consider it a success!!!

Today's plan is as follows:

B:  mornign star farms turky burger (90) on potato roll (130) 220

S:  wasa crackers (90) and laughing cow (35) 125

L:  giant salad with all the same ingredients as last night's dinner... 460

S: pear (50) mini cliff bar (100) 150

D: 1 cup white rice (160) 2 cups tofu w/ veggies (200) 1 cup veggie lo mein (200) 560

S:  skinny cow cone (150) 2 glasses white wine (240)390

Total so far: 1905

Goal: under 1800

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 36.8 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 04/07/2011:
Keep doing this--I've done it with 10 min and over time, you may not actually love the exercise or whatever you choose to use this strategy with (I've used it for the dreaded housework to get started), but you'll be 15 min into it if nothing else.

Have a great day!

Umpqua on 04/07/2011:
Good job! I think it's important not to put too many rigid restrictions on ourselves, particularly with exercise. That has never worked for me, it's something I have to build up to at my own pace. Have a good one!

sweetpea1977 on 04/07/2011:
I LOVED the article you posted. Now that I'm a mommy, Im constantly thinking about my mortality. Life has become full circle for me and sometimes its kinda depresses me knowing that my time here on earth is limited. This is one reason why I chose to be a stay-at-home mom for my two children. Im so glad that hubby makes enough money to provide food and home for us so I can have this opportunity. I can't bare the thought to have my sons in daycare and missing out on all the little things that make them "them". Anyway, I am going to share the link on my FB wall so that some of my pessimistic friends on there will wake up and seize the day!!

Great job with your foods and running! Forcing yourself to exercise is sometimes all you need to get yourself motivated again. Way to go!!

sweetpea1977 on 04/07/2011:
AMEN to your comment!! Grab those reigns and dont let go!!!!

liza36 on 04/07/2011:
Good strategy on the exercise. Once you get there and get moving, you're more likely to get in a good proper workout. Well done.

Supercheese on 04/07/2011:
our government needs a makeover. Ill be super stressed if it does happen, but 64% think it will :( Im guessing the no-meat athlete is about not eating meat? I think im gonna try to do that for a month and see how it goes....hm

~Moody~ on 04/07/2011:
Fantastic job working out yesterday. I do that little trick myself..setting small goals to just get my butt moving..Sometimes I simply finish the goal, other times I push further~Getting started is the hardest part!

V on 04/07/2011:
This article really moved me :) After wallowing sorrow for 3 years(when my son died) I am finally at a point where I am living my life to the fullest and striving to be the healthiest I have ever been in my life.... Thank you so much for posting this!! I hope your evening went well :)

getmebackto150 - Wednesday Apr 06, 2011
(counting calories)
Weight: 186.8

*UPDATE*  I did go for a run... only a mile as it was freezing and I had little motivation, but 1 mile is TONS better than nothing!

I CANNOT wait for warmer weather...  Its slowly creeping towards niceness, but totally not fast enough:(   Today though, I WILL run...  No question!

B:  morning star farms "turky" burger (90) whole grain roll (120) 210

S:  vitatop 100

L:  orange (50) amy's tofu/veggie/brown rice bowl (260) apple (50) granola bar (120)  480

S:  Amy's split pea soup (200) oyster crackers (50) 250

D: Giant salad with:  Spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms beets, carrots (50) eggplant veggie burger (90) 1/2 oz whole grain pasta(100) feta cheese (50) croutons (50) slivered almonds (50) lite pomegranate strawberry dressing (100) 490

S:  2 slices lite wheat toast (90) 1.5T PB (150) banana (60) 300

Total so far: 1830

Goal: Under 1800

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 36.8 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 04/06/2011:
I hear you on the warmer weather. Have a great run today!

sweetpea1977 on 04/06/2011:
Enjoy your run today!

KathyBlue on 04/06/2011:
I could send you some sun.... It's getting better and better by the day. I love spring! <3 xoxo, keep up! :) it won't last forever!

lifestylechange on 04/06/2011:
I want warmer weather too... It's still snowy and pretty cold here (MT). BRrrr! I hope you get some nicer weather soon... I am craving a vacation!! LOL

lifestylechange on 04/06/2011:
Reading my entries makes me tired too... LOL I don't know how I do what I do... I guess I just have to, I don't have another choice! Survival mode, LOL

legcramps on 04/06/2011:
Have a great run today! It's too bad we couldn't be running buddies... I need one of those right now :)

loveray on 04/06/2011:
good luck with your exercise! hope you have a wonderful day. xo

moogy on 04/06/2011:
That's determination. Enjoy your run and be careful out there:)

~Moody~ on 04/06/2011:
Hope you got your run in! Great food choices today!!!

V on 04/06/2011:
You guys are having an awfully long winter :( I hope that your run will warm you up :) Have a ood evening :)

Supercheese on 04/06/2011:
congratz on your mile!! Soon youll be doing 2 :)

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