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graindart - Thursday Dec 04, 2008
(128oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,no food after 7pm)
Weight: 260.6

Doing alright the past couple of days.  No cookies / candy / chocolate / etc, but I haven't been getting my water intake either.  Today I had a 6" sub for a late breakfast.  Lunch was steak strips and some pasta.  Supper was pepperoni pizza and a banana. 

I haven't been feeling like doing much at all lately, which includes watching what I eat.  Tomorrow we're going to the Christmas Stroll downtown and we're meeting a couple of friends there, so that should be fun.  I'll probably have some skewered pork strips if the line's not too long.  We'll probably share a couple little bags of fresh mini donuts also.  Unfortunately the weather is supposed to be around freezing and windy.

Progress as of today: 1.8 lbs lost so far, only 85.6 lbs to go!

graindart - Wednesday Dec 03, 2008
(128oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,no food after 7pm)
Weight: 260.6

Tuesday was an alright day.  Lunch was a corndog, 6" sub, and a little bit of soup.  Dinner was a couple turkey enchiladas and some fried potatoes.  Downed approximately 100oz of water.  

When I was doing the grocery shopping to make dinner I came across what I'd been craving for a couple weeks.....olives.  We have the regular black and green olives in the house, but I've been craving some different type olives.  So when I came across an olive bar setup at the store, I had to get a small container.  Last night I ate about 5 or 6 of them and they tasted good. 

Today I don't really have any plans.  I'm sitting at the computer and decided to have a Slim-fast shake thing in a can.  It doesn't taste too bad.  I'm not usually a breakfast eater, so at least the Slim-fast makes it easy to get something in. 

Progress as of today: 1.8 lbs lost so far, only 85.6 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 12/03/2008:
Have a great day!

graindart - Monday Dec 01, 2008
(128oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,no food after 7pm)
Weight: 260.6

Breakfast was some instant oatmeal - cinnamon/apple. 

My wife and I had a funeral to go to today, so grandma took care of the kids.  The funeral was over about lunch time and grandma was taking the kids out for lunch, so my wife and I went out for lunch by ourselves.  Lunch was a side salad, mushroom swiss burger, and onion rings.  

I was working late and the wife couldn't figure anything out for dinner, so we ended up having frozen pizzas and egg salad sandwiches.

Water intake today wasn't too bad and I'm still working on it.  With a little luck I'll get the full 128oz in today.  As long as I don't screw up, I don't think I'll be eating anything for the rest of the night either.

No pop today at all.  About 2 years ago I replaced regular pop with diet pop and that alone helped me shed approximately 20 lbs.  I'm now back up to my full weight and I drink diet pop, so I must be really really overeating.  I've heard differing opinions on diet pop.  Some say that the sweetness may not actually add any calories, but that it does make you crave other sweet foods.  I've heard others say that sugar substitutes and sugar alcohols are processed differently by each person and sometimes the body does actually get calories from it.  Well, I'm not a doctor and don't have a clue about any of it.  I am however guessing that drinking water instead of diet pop must be better for me in the long run.  The only bad thing about drinking this much water is that I know I'll be waking up in the middle of the night at least once.

I wish I would've been a little more conscious of my dieting efforts today.  I forgot several times that I wanted to start watching what I was eating today.  I ate the oatmeal because I was just craving the apple/cinnamon stuff and then remembered about halfway through that I was on a diet......not that it's any worse than what I'd normally eat for breakfast.  At lunch time I was about to finish the meal with a nice slice of freshly made lemon meringue pie.  I was about to order a slice and thankfully remembered just in time.

I guess it'll take a few weeks to start to get into the swing of things again.  With the huge amount of crap I've been eating over the past few months, basically anything that I cut down will be better for me than before.

Progress as of today: 1.8 lbs lost so far, only 85.6 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 12/01/2008:
I know what it is like to "forget", but to make concious mental notes as the day goes is the most important..

As far as "diet" pop/soda.... I gave it up for about 18 weeks...I was a good 80-100 oz./day Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi drinker..... Now, I can hardly drink a whole can... I like WalMart's sparkling water to satisfy my occasional carbonation crave.... Added to pur cranberry or grape jjuice for a twist is refreshing too..... Crushed Ice is a must!

Probably the best "reminder" you may be able to give yourself is thinking of your children and how much better it will be for them to have you many more years most likely than they would if you continued the unhealthy choices...

Best of wishes to see you succeed at whatever it is you desire to!

graindart - Sunday Nov 30, 2008
(128oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,no food after 7pm)
Weight: 262.4

Usually give it a try at the 1st of January, decided to start a month early this time.  I was waiting until they opened a new 24hour small gym nearby, but it looks like that's still another month or two out.  I'm going to use December to hopefully get back to drinking decent amounts of water.

Before pictures so that I have something to look back on.  The shirt is a size "medium" that I bought tonight.  It is the size shirt I'd like to fit into again next year.  Thankfully it's super stretchy, so I could at least get it on partially.  I'll try to get it back on for future pictures so as to see if it actually starts becoming less tight.  It was all I could do just to get it over my shoulders tonight .  It wasn't any fun trying to get it back off either.  My wife got a kick out of seeing me in it though, but then again she's used to me doing stupid things every once in awhile.

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 87.4 lbs to go!

skinnyjeans on 12/01/2008:
Welcome and best of luck with your new weight loss goals! :)

selina on 12/01/2008:
welcome! And good luck with your journey! It's going to be SO COOL to see you wearing that medium size T-shirt the proper way, next year!

graindart - Thursday Aug 21, 2008
(128oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,no food after 7pm)
Weight: 252.4

34 days til birthday

132 days til end of the year

For successful weightloss, it seems like I always need a time goal, a specific date to look forward to. My birthday will be a good short-term date and the end of the year will be a good longer-term date. Maybe seeing the days countdown will help me to get back on track.

I need to track down some water bottles I can stand to use and try to get back on the water drinking thing.

Lately I've been feeling worn out, my neck's been feeling fat, my tummy's huge, I've been having trouble sleeping, I haven't been wanting to work or do anything. I know I need to start watching what I eat, but I've just kept waiting to finally hit the wall and get some ambition to change. Unfortunately no ambition in sight......

Progress as of today: 10.6 lbs lost so far, only 77.4 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 08/21/2008:
I am always so pleased by the rise in energy when I eat low carb......not NO carb, but low carb. I'm trying to cut back gradually on starches and sugars and see if my energy will pick up like in the past. I don't really cut out any other carbs - just sugars and starches and that should do the trick. I love bread especially (and sweets) but when I reach for them I'm going to try to choose something else. My hope is that if I narrow down the field of what I am aiming for to something every defined and actually do-abale I'll have some success. We'll see. I like your idea of a specific time frame goal.....

graindart - Wednesday Aug 20, 2008
(128oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,no food after 7pm)
Weight: 252.4

I've been really sick of my weight and eating habits, but can't seem to get started, just updating my stats.

hollybelle on 08/21/2008:
No time like the present. Get going, girlfriend. Let us hear from you!

graindart - Tuesday Jun 24, 2008
(128oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,no food after 7pm)
Weight: 249.8

Just updating stats again. Yep, still fat. ;-)

Progress as of today: 13.2 lbs lost so far, only 49.8 lbs to go!

maria777 on 06/24/2008:
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/24/2008:
why do you say "yep, still fat!" personally, i don't wish that on anyone and i would have been delighted if you wrote the opposite. I will always continue to support DDers because we all have times that are tougher than others. Look back to what you were doing at 236 lbs. were you doing anything different? also, members here sometimes post what they eat (mine is not always the healthiest) but there are some good choices we all make. perhaps use our menus to your advantage and maybe try some things. I would also recommend the Sparkpeople website which is just excellent.

there is no reason at all why you cannot do this! :)

Beth201P on 06/24/2008:
Hang in there. It will come off. As my last boyfriend told me. Your not FAT your just fluffy. So we are not going to use the FAT Word we are going to start using the word FLUFFY!!! ((hugs)) Have a great evening.

selina on 06/24/2008:
How about if you incorporated exercise in your program? try walking... like a lot of us in DD

Jen40 on 06/25/2008:
From one fluffy gal to another *big hugs* We can do this. :O)

graindart - Thursday Feb 14, 2008
(130oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,no food after 7pm)
Weight: 249.0

Yesterday could've been better, but it also could've been worse. I was on the road all day, which is usually when I stuff my face all day. I didn't have anything for breakfast, had a sandwich and 1/2 small bag of chips for lunch. I would've ate the whole bag of chips, but I tried a new flavor (spicy thai) and it was pretty nasty. Even though it was nasty, I still ate 1/2 of it. Supper was where I went wrong. I was in a different city which has several restaurants that I like going to. I grabbed a 2 meat BBQ dinner to go. I finished it before getting out of the city. Then I was craving some chinese style food, so I picked up some from one of my favorites on the way out of town. I was pretty stuffed and feeling a little guilty. When I tally the total amount of food eaten, it's still a lot better than the typical "on the road" day. A couple hours on the road later I stopped and grabbed a snack pack size of cheddar cheese pieces and a 5 calorie no sugar energy drink for a snack. I wasn't hungry, but just wanted to eat to stay awake. I got on back on the road and opened the cheese baggie only to find out that it had started to mold inside there, so I didn't end up having any cheese for a snack.

When I got home, my wife and kids had made cupcakes during the day and my wife brought me a chocolate cupcake with whipped cream and a sliced / fanned strawberry on top. It looked and smelled great. I told myself that I'd already had a less than stellar day and that one more thing wouldn't kill me. But, I decided not to eat it afterall, I didn't want it to turn into another week or two of falling of the wagon only to come back a few pounds heavier.

This morning I'm about to start a full day of work and I've got my water bottle next to me. Lunch will probably be a large salad or maybe some leftover chinese food. The wife's cooking dinner, so I'll have to wait and see what that will be. BTW - I already took my wife out for Valentines Day to a fancy restaurant earlier. I didn't want people thinking I was making my wife slave over the stove on Valentine's Day, although technically she is.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 49 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/16/2008:
ewww, mold!? yuck! Have a good day today and try to forget about what has already happened! :)

ddwebmaster on 06/22/2008:

graindart - Tuesday Feb 12, 2008
(130oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,no food after 7pm)
Weight: 249.0

I will not give up my fried chicken. :) Afterall, I have to have something to look forward to. I finished my water yesterday. Dinner was fried chicken, twice-baked potatoes, macaroni salad, and a roll. I had 1 can of Diet Dew at the end of the day. I was also craving snacks at the end of the day, so I settled for a piece of cheese.

I'm sitting here at the computer starting a full day of work. I had a Slimfast for breakfast and am working on a bottle of water. I'll probably make up a large salad for lunch, including some of the leftover chicken pieces scattered on top. The wife is taking care of dinner tonight, so I'm not sure what that will entail.

** PM update ** Lunch was a large salad with everything but the sink thrown on top of it. Dinner was chicken pot pie. I also had a couple of tacos from some leftover taco meat. I just finished my 130oz of water. I'll probably have a can or two of Diet Dew over the next bit. Hopefully won't cave to any snack cravings later tonight.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 49 lbs to go!

rae_regenbogen on 02/12/2008:
Oh, that diet mt. dew! I sometimes joke that I need to go to rehab because I'm HOOKED!

Thanks for your comment on my journal. I really hadn't even considered that the watcher was probably just interested in how the machine worked. Today I wrote that I feel silly for being so suspicious! :)

mmuraro on 02/12/2008:
Hahaha, you're totally right. If it's something you really like, you shouldn't give it up, but rather manage to fit it into your diet. Otherwise it's too hard to keep doing it for good, like we need to do! Good for you! As for the diet sodas, my sister is a marathon runner and a nutricionist, in really good shape and knows her stuff. She has diet coke all day, starting at breakfast. I think it's all about balance. Everyone has a drug of choice. :)

kkaahh11 on 02/12/2008:
i havent had fried chicken in a long time and ever since you wrote that i could go for some =) i think ill pass tonight though haha good luck!

graindart - Monday Feb 11, 2008
(130oz water,no snacks,no reg.pop,no food after 7pm)
Weight: 249.0

Yesterday went alright. I ended up finishing my 130 ounces of water. We went out for dinner and had chinese food. No snacks, no candy, no food after 7pm. I bought a fountain Diet Mtn Dew later, but only drank probably 5-10ounces. I craved the Diet Dew, but just wasn't all that thirsty after finishing all that water.

I had to get up early this morning and hit the road. Days that I have to do a lot of driving are usually my worst days eating wise. I usually eat and drink just to stay awake. So far today I had a Slimfast for breakfast and for lunch I had a sandwich with a small bag of chips. I've been working away at the water. Tonight will be fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and some type of salad.

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 49 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/11/2008:
perhaps you can keep fruit/veggies in your car. I'd wash one or two apples and have carrots for nibbling throughout the day! perfect for driving...perhaps. lol.

greengirl on 02/11/2008:
Sounds like you are doing really well. Horn of Plenty is right - its always good to be prepared !!

mmuraro on 02/11/2008:
Yea, that's a good idea. You can also keep a cereal or protein bar. But watch for those, too many can add up to lots of calories. You can always get baked chips, in case you're getting the fried one, and also try to get used to replacing the fried chicken with baked chicken, even if you're family is having the friend you can have the baked or some tuna. That will save you lots of calories and cholesterol.

CritterMom on 02/12/2008:
How about trying grilled chicken, instead of fried? That'll cut lots of calories and fat.

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