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graindart - Thursday May 08, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 200.8

200.8 / 250.8 / 199

No pop today. Granola bar for breakfast. AYCE soup and salad bar for lunch, I ate plenty. Granola bar for supper. Went to a movie tonight and ate a whole small buttered popcorn, butter and extra salty, mmmmmm.....

I don't have any real drive right now. I'm not totally off the wagon, but I'm not sticking to my eating plan much of the time. That's the reason the weight's been just sustaining instead of dropping. I'd like to go lower, but I'm kind of just celebrating (by eating) the fact that I've lost the initial 50 lbs.

Instead of doing anything about it, I'm kind of back to just hoping that the weight will magically keep dropping even though I'm not following my plan.

I've kind of gotten tired of Slimfast, so I've been substituting chewy granola bars instead. They're just as quick to grab, as I'm still not fond of eating breakfast, but have heard that I should eat something to help "jumpstart" my metabolism. I'm starting to get kind of tired of granola bars now. I guess it's time to wander through the grocery store in search of something new that's just as easy to stuff my face with in the morning.

SoccerMom on 05/08/2003:
I find that I do much better, if I start the morning by exercising first, then drink some water, and cool down, <i>before</i> I have breakfast. Talk about kick-starting your metabolism!

I've tried the slimfast route, too, but decided that this should be a lifestyle change, not a diet, if I am going to sustain the weight loss....so I looked around for something that I could maintain for the long term. I tried the low-fat diets, the low-calorie diets, and Atkins', and have come up with a "controlled carbohydrate" method that works well for me. I try to keep my carbs between about 30 and 80 grams per day, spreading them out through the day...this keeps me from having a burst of sugars from hitting my system (sugar high), and keeps the sugar levels on an even keel. This gives me sustained energy, and I don't get that "full and tired" feeling after eating.

"Atkins for Life" book explains the process your body goes through when sugars hit your system...and it's not pretty ~grin~. I would tell you to read information on several different diets, then come up with a method that works specifically for you...something you won't mind doing as a way of life from now on. That's the only way to really succeed at getting healthy (and staying that way).

Have a wonderful day!

graindart - Friday May 02, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 202.4

202.4 / 250.8 / 199

Well I'm back from vacation now. I gained a few pounds from overeating. I even totally went crazy one day, ate 2 huge meals, and dove into a large bag of chips, ate 1/2 a large package of Grasshoppers, drank a 44 oz Mtn Dew. I didn't feel all that great the next morning, but I sure enjoyed it at the time. Of course I continued the overeating a few days after the official end of my vacation, but am now feeling a bit more ready to get on track again.

Today, no pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm. Granola bar for breakfast, granola bar for dinner. Lunch was Applebees because they finally added the boneless buffalo wings back to the menu this week, so I had no choice, I had to go. I ate a full order of them dipped in blue cheese dressing. I also had a large cup of clam chowder along with an iced tea.

The vacation food was great, I overate a lot.....Olive Garden, Lone Star Steakhouse, Hogwild BBQ, Carlos O'kellys (mexican), and a couple other places. Now I'm back home to the same old boring restaurants again.

graindart - Wednesday Apr 23, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 200.4

200.4 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm. Granola bar for breakfast. McChicken sandwich with regular fries from McDonalds for lunch. Double cheeseburger from McDonalds for dinner. I don't usually eat at McDonalds all that often, but I needed to grab something on the way out of town for lunch. On my way back into town I needed to grab something quick, so there was McDonalds again.

This morning I saw the 190's for the first time in probably 6-9 years. Right when I woke up I weighed myself and it said 199.6 lbs. For my dd entry I try to weigh myself at the same time each night and I tend to weigh a little more than in the morning. It'd be real nice to see 199.8 tomorrow night, but I know that it could just as easily swing up a couple of pounds also.

I know that I've written this before, but I really don't feel that much difference or notice too much of a change. I've now lost 50 lbs. That's 20% of my body weight in just under 4 months. The only real difference I notice is that I'm wearing a couple sizes smaller jeans now. I thought I'd be noticing a whole lot more differences with weighing 50 lbs less, but it's not that big of a change. Some friends and family have mentioned that I look slimmer, but I don't feel any different. Don't get me wrong, I don't want that 50 lbs back, and I'm thankful that it shed so quickly. But, I just thought that 50 lbs would be a huge difference. Oh well, I still have another 20-25 lbs to go to my final goal. Maybe all of the change will be noticed in the last 20 lbs?

graindart - Tuesday Apr 22, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 201.6

201.6 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm. Granola bar for breakfast. Mongolian Grill ayce for lunch, I stuffed my face. Granola bar for dinner. Not enough water today.

I was going to buy a small bag of salt & vinegar potato chips tonight and call them "dinner". I thought I'd check the nutrition label first though. At first glance it said 150 calories, 90 from fat. I thought to myself that the total of 150 calories didn't sound like too much and that it wouldn't harm me that badly. While I was in line to get checked out, I suddenly remembered that I forgot to check the serving size. Although I was sure that this small of a bag was obviously "1" serving size, I turned the bag over. I couldn't believe it when I saw that there were supposedly 3 servings in that bag. Is there a single person living in the USA that would buy a small bag of chips and split them between 3 people? I'm not talking about a small grocery store size bag, I'm talking about one of the small grab bags sitting near the counter at a gas station that sells for just under a dollar. Since I knew I wasn't going to just eat 1/3 of that small bag, I was now dealing with 450 calories, 270 of which are fat. I really had my heart set on eating them, but begrudgingly put them back on the shelf. Most times I probably would've just bought them anyways, but there's no need to start my vacation 3 days early, I know I'll be gaining enough weight over those 5 days.

Gael the Whale on 04/22/2003:
applauds your label reading. they do sneaky things like that yes they do . I am proud of you . keep up the excellent work .

graindart - Monday Apr 21, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 200.4

200.4 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm. Nothing for breakfast. Pizza Hut ayce buffet. I ate quite a bit. Nothing for dinner. Busy staining the new fence all day, so I didn't eat or drink as much as I should have. Got halfway done with the staining, will finish tomorrow.

CAUSTIC on 04/22/2003:
Hiya...50 pounds since January? I hate you! Just kidding.

Awesome job. I'm sure your wife will be very happy with the surprise new fence:)

hearts_desire on 04/22/2003:
I just wanted to wish you some luck on your weight loss, and tell you to have a wonderful vacation thats coming up.. i'm not sure why you havent seen your wife and baby, but i bet you sure do miss them.:O(...olive garden has always been one of my favorite places to eat..but chinese is my all time fav..anyway.. good luck with the staining as well.. have a wonderful day, and smile.. your lil one loves her daddy :O)... Lisa

Golightly on 04/22/2003:
Graindart, you have lost so much! It's impressive! I would be STARVING if I only ate one meal.

As for the fence, why not try the ol' Tom Sawyer routine ... brag about how fun staining it, and then see if other people will do it for you! :)

krazzierebel on 04/22/2003:
It's people like you that make me wanna try harder! you are an inspiration!!! I am sooo very proud!! I know you are going to reach the weight you want to be.. you have a great think that i don't think i have : DETERMINATION!!!!

graindart - Sunday Apr 20, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 201.4

201.4 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm. Slimfast for breakfast. Easter lunch at parents, which included: ham w/pineapple, mashed potatoes w/butter & gravy, pickled beets, green bean casserole, asparagus w/butter, fruit salad, and some sparkling grape juice. I passed on the dessert, key-lime pie. It wasn't that big of a deal though, because key-lime was never my favorite. If it would've been a chocolate cream pie, I may have decided to indulge. Dinner was a granola bar.

Put up a couple of gates on my newly erected fence today, started on 2 others, but didn't have enough of the cedar to finish them, so will try to finish them tomorrow when some hardware / lumber stores are open. Between Monday and Tuesday, I need to stain the whole fence. Wednesday's full with work and other things. Thursday I need to finish up my work, get some laundry done, and get packed. Friday morning I leave for mini-vacation in Kansas. It's been 3 weeks since I've seen my wife and baby girl. My daughter is now 2-1/2 months old. She's now sort of squeeling and / or laughing according to my wife, or at least she's done it a few times while they've been gone. Friday night we're doing Olive Garden, I sure do miss that place. Late Saturday night I know we're going out with some friends for dinner. As for the rest of the time, I hope to just eat moderately. I know that I'll be eating more than usual and just hope that I don't gain that much weight over the 5 days. It's a vacation and I'm just not willing to stick to a strict eating regimen throughout it. I will still restrict myself to only eating during a meal time, no snacking, no pop, and no deserts. Even doing that, I'm sure I'll gain a few pounds, but will consider it to have been worth it.

graindart - Saturday Apr 19, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 203.6

203.6 / 250.8 / 199

Granola bar for breakfast. Quiznos small sub sandwich and cup of clam chowder for lunch. Granola bar for dinner.

graindart - Friday Apr 18, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 204.6

204.6 / 250.8 / 199

No pop and nothing after 7pm. Granola bar for breakfast. Healthy Choice frozen meal for lunch. Small buttered popcorn at the movies early afternoon. Granola bar for dinner.

graindart - Thursday Apr 17, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 203.8

203.8 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm. Granola bar for breakfast. Sandwich for lunch. Granola bar for supper.

Sometimes it amazes me how little food it actually takes to sustain me. I'm not hungry at all, but after writing down my day, it doesn't seem like I ate that much. I was busy all day putting up a nice new cedar fence, I'm on day 3 of it now. All that's left is to build the gates and stain the whole thing. I have one week to get it completely finished. My wife, who's down in Kansas visiting her parents, has no idea that my dad and I have been doing it so it'll be a big surprise. We bought a "fixer-upper" a little over a year ago and the fence really needed to be replaced. There's still a boat load of stuff that needs to be done, enough to keep me busy for another year or so in my spare time. I guess that's how I get some exercise, by doing all my own home / yard / garage remodeling.

Gael the Whale on 04/18/2003:
that can be good exercise. and keeps your mind off food. and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. keep on keepin on

graindart - Wednesday Apr 16, 2003
(no regular pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 206.0

206.0 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm. I don't know why my weight jumped back up so much. The day after I weighed 203, it went back up to 209 for no reason that I could figure out. It's back to 206 today and I'm back to thinking that I won't see 199 by vacation time, next Friday.

The one good thing is that my body-fat scale registered 28.7% today, which is the first time I've seen it drop below 30%. When I started the diet it was at 43% or 44%, so there's been some progress there, although I don't know how accurate it actually is.

Gael the Whale on 04/17/2003:
that can be frustrating I know . I have jumped back up two or three pounds. I am going to have to do something more or different but dont know what .

Chrysalis on 04/17/2003:
Kyrin will tell you to get a good tape measure. Measuring inches lost is much more accurate than just following the scale. If you have gained pounds but lost inches, then you've replaced fat with muscle, which weighs more. You're doing great!

paullopez on 04/17/2003:
It's probably just fluctioations in the amount of water your body is retaining. I believe that salt is a cause of this. So if you eat a dinner that is high in sodium, you'll appear to have gained wait. But don't worry, it's just water weight. It will return to normal.

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