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graindart - Wednesday Feb 05, 2003
(no pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 233.6

233.6 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no sweets, no snacks. Large lunch, even larger dinner. I wasn't really all that hungry when it came time for dinner, but my wife made tacos, and I love homemade tacos. I thought I'd limit myself to 2 fully loaded ones, then I decided on 3. I had decided that I was done, but my wife pointed out that there was only 1 shell left, and there was no way that she was going to wrap it up and keep just 1 shell. I guess I could've thrown it away, but decided 1 more taco wouldn't kill me this time. Nothing after 7pm.

graindart - Tuesday Feb 04, 2003
(no pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 234.0

234.0 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no sweets, no snacks, nothing after 7pm.

graindart - Monday Feb 03, 2003
(no pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 235.0

235.0 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no sweets, no snacks, plenty of water, everything's going pretty easy. Unfortunately not seeing much weight loss lately, but then again I still haven't started any type of exercise regimen. Haven't posted the past couple of days, didn't screw up at all, but my weight rose a pound or two for no reason. It's a little depressing when you're keeping with your plan, but your weight still fluctuates uphill for no aparent reason. Oh well, as long as it comes back off it's alright I guess.

graindart - Friday Jan 31, 2003
(no pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 235.6

235.6 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks. Slimfast shake for breakfast. Busy, didn't get time for lunch until 2pm, didn't want to eat too much that close to dinner, so I just ate a "health" bar. Drank a decent amount of water. Dinner was large.....steak, salad, baked beans, bread, fries, and water.

Beth 201 on 02/01/2003:
GREAT JOB!! Have a great weekend. Keep up the good work!! Beth ;)

graindart - Thursday Jan 30, 2003
(no pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 236.6

236.6 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks. Large lunch, large dinner.

graindart - Wednesday Jan 29, 2003
(no pop, no snacks, nothing after 7pm)
Weight: 234.0

234.0 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks. Getting kind of tired of Slimfast shakes for breakfast every morning, so I also bought a 24 pack of "healthy" breakfast bars. Had one of the bars for breakfast. Lunch was a Healthy Choice blackened chicken. I think that as a whole, frozen dinners have gotten better tasting in recent years. I have to admit that the H.C. blackened chicken was probably one of the best frozen dinners / tv dinners I've ever eaten. For supper I had pork strips and a fried egg. Didn't get too much water in today, which probably accounts for the supposed weight loss.

pastagal on 01/30/2003:
Congrats on the weight loss,,and not eating past 7pm is a great idea,,have a wonderful day tomorrow ok:}

flowermoon on 01/30/2003:
I think the frozen dinners are really good. Sometimes I can't believe they are low-fat, low-cal! Your doing a great job, keep up the good work!!!

breakaway on 01/30/2003:
I think I'm going to try that heathy choice chicken...I'm always looking for better tasting tv dinners for sundays when I work the pm. Hubby can't cook, well, he can but he won't lol...so that will be a great choice for him. Hope your able to get in that water!! Take care and have a great day today!


hope seeker on 01/30/2003:
There really are some great tasting frozen dinners out there now. My only problems are freezer space and sometimes the price :/ oh well. Have a good day :) Hope

graindart - Tuesday Jan 28, 2003

Weight: 236.8

236.8 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no snacks. Slimfast shake for breakfast. Late lunch with a large mushroom & swiss cheeseburger, fries, and large side salad smothered with blue cheese dressing. I ate lunch late, so didn't really feel all that hungry when dinner time came around. Figured I'd be hungry later, but wanted to keep from eating past 7pm, so I had one of those "health bars" around dinner time. It has 110 calories, 3g fat, 16g carb (10g of which is sugars), and 5g protein. I've tried these bars before and they've always tasted nasty or pretty much tasteless. I doubt that their flavor has changed, but boy did it taste great tonight! It's probably because it's the only chocolate I've had in the past month, except for the 1/3 candy bar slip up a couple of weeks ago. I guess it all depends on what your reference point is......if I had been eating Reeses Peanut Butter Cups the day before, the "health bar" probably would've tasted extremely bland. But since I haven't had any sweets for the past month, that same "health bar" tastes excellent.

I wasn't really hungry today, but later tonight while driving home from a "child care class", I reeeaaallly wanted to go through any fastfood restaurant's drive-thru. It wasn't based on hunger, it just feels good to have some nice hot food to help comfort you. Well, I made it home without giving in. Now I feel fine, but those nice hot late night burgers were calling my name just 1/2 hour ago. :-)

MichelleP on 01/29/2003:

Way to go on not giving in to the comfort food. It is such a hard thing to do, we have done it for so many years! Give yourself a big hug!

breakaway on 01/29/2003:
HOpe you made it through those late night burger calls. You did great passing up those fast food places! I have to go by them every day and it's really hard to pass them by but I've also been doing good at that. I know what you mean by things tasting better when your hungry. Same thing happened to me yesterday...I usually hate salads but yesterday I could have eaten three!! My husband said it was becasue I don't eat all the fat now so it will taste better to me. ANd it sure did! Have a great day and keep up the great work!


Tigger on 01/29/2003:
I am proud of you for recognizing that your fast food craving was based on emotion not hunger. I am lucky that I do not like fast food! Chocolate is my weakness but I do okay as long as I indulge in moderation.


graindart - Monday Jan 27, 2003

Weight: 237.8

237.8 / 250.8 / 199

No sweets, no pop. Slimfast for breakfast. Running around all day, finally had a bag of Corn Nuts for "lunch". Went out for Chinese food for dinner, ate a lot. Feel full, nothing after 7pm.

breakaway on 01/27/2003:
Good job not having nothing past 7pm...That is my goal as well. I started at 9pm and did ok...now I'm at 8pm. Getting a little harder but I know I can do it. WAY TO GO!! You sound like a busy man. Keep up the great work!


graindart - Sunday Jan 26, 2003

Weight: 237.8

237.8 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no sweets, forgot to drink a Slimfast for breakfast, didn't drink much water. No snacks and nothing during the Super Bowl, besides dinner. I reeeaaally wanted some pizza and hotwings, but when I called up they said that they were running about one and a half hours behind, so I decided against it.

flowermoon on 01/27/2003:
Well, I guess that was in your favor this time, them running so far behind! Good job, keep going!!!

graindart - Saturday Jan 25, 2003

Weight: 239.8

239.8 / 250.8 / 199

No pop, no sweets, no snacks, went skiing, very tired now.

breakaway on 01/25/2003:
Great job today! Skiing is great exercise. I used to do it all the time...not anymore. But hopefully soon. Have a great day today!


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