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greengirl - Saturday Jul 28, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 169.0

Hi eveyone, I'm home :o)

As expected (by me, at least) my two holidays away have resulted in a blip in my healthy eating and lifestyle regimen!!! I thought I would bite the bullet and just put up the new weight. I'm up 5 lbs over the two holidays!!!! There's no point in me abusing myself over this. I ate the food and have to accept the consequences and move on to a better place. Hopefully somewhere where I will drop the extra pounds LOL!!!

Now that I have updated the weight, I dont intend updating it again until my birthday (mid September). By then I hope to see a much better number.

On the holiday front can I say that I had a lovely time in Wales. The weather was actually very nice most of the time, if a little blustery, which made me feel a bit guilty, as parts of the UK were suffering with horrendous flooding, while we were enjoying ourselves at the seaside. I have put up a photo of me, my sister, and her baby granddaughter. Its not particularly interesting, just us on the path to the beach, but I was usually the person taking the photos so I wasnt in many myself. I may put one up tomorrow of my daughter and her friend on the beach, if I find the time. I will have to guess how much time I spent exercising. Not as much as I was hoping, as I spent a lot of time reading, and putting my feet up!!!! Will catch up with your diaries ASAP :o)

Progress as of today: 58 lbs lost so far, only 19 lbs to go!

Donkey on 07/28/2007:
I'm so happy you're home! Look at the happy boy in that picture :-D!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/28/2007:
hehe, the baby is adorable!!! you and your sister look so much alike! wow! I don't look anything like my sister! I'm glad the weather worked out nicely...that's always the hope when your on vacation! It's sooo great to see you back!!!! You know, i'm looking to drop recent weight gain over the past two weeks as well!

weightlossyoyo on 07/29/2007:
AWWEE!! Look at the baby! How cute!!! Don't worry about the 5 lbs you are back from the holiday, you will fix it!

harleygirl79 on 07/31/2007:
Don't worry, you'll lose that 5 lbs quickly. Glad you enjoyed your holiday!

greengirl - Thursday Jul 19, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 164.0

Exercise for today 40 mins

Total exercise for July 8 hours

Hi everyone.

This really is a quick update and probably the last one I will be making for at least eight days. I enjoyed 40 mins on the treadmill today and kept my calories under 1500 too, so a pretty good day for me. I did eat some 'empty' cals (chocolate!) but I enjoyed them so I wont regret them LOL!!

BTC it's fantastic to see that you are still calling in here!! I still miss you and hope that when you are ready you will come back to us. Please tell your hubby that 'The Prisoner' was one of my favourites when I was a kid but I could never understand what it was all about either!!!

Anyway I'd better go, still got lots to do. Will update when I get back from North Wales. Hope you all have a great week and do your best.

Bye, Anne xx

Progress as of today: 63 lbs lost so far, only 14 lbs to go!

Donkey on 07/19/2007:
Ooo, I hope that Born To Cry comes back soon!

Have a great holiday up at North Wales!!! Sounds like you had a good day today!

hollybelle on 07/20/2007:
I was happy to have a BTC "sighting", too! Hope you visit again soon. Greengirl - Have a happy, healthy trip. I'd love to know more about North Wales and what one does while there.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/21/2007:
Hi Anne!!! you name is very fitting! it's a beautiful name and it certainly maches the person you are!

Have a good time in North Wales. You have been doing well with exercise this month. I'm glad you don't regret the chocolate you ate. It does have some health benifits, actually. so, there you go!

maria777 on 07/21/2007:
We'll miss ya! Hope ya have lots and lots of fun!!!

maria777 on 07/27/2007:
Missing you! Hope you're having a fantastic trip!

mcwoo40 on 07/28/2007:
Hi,hope you have enjoyed Rhyll.Granada Reports where there last week,I was looking for you, they where doing a talent show, they came to our town.Catch up soon,Julie

greengirl - Tuesday Jul 17, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 164.0

Hi Fellow DDers or friends as I prefer to think of you all!!

No exercise to update today. I am back to the bottom of the ironing pile so I will be on the treadmill tomorrow.

I have read a lot of diaries tonight and tried to catch up on comments but I know I havent got around to eveyone yet so, to all those I have missed 'Keep up the good work and keep the faith!!'

I dont know how often I will be online this week, hopefully every night until Friday. On Friday night I am going with my daughter to a midnight opening of a bookshop where we have pre-ordered the new Harry Potter book. Isnt it awful that some idiot has got a copy of the script and uploaded it to the net. Whats the point of that except to spoil the whole thing for lots of people!!! I will then be out of touch for another week while I am away agin. Talk to you all tomorrow, Bye :o)

Progress as of today: 63 lbs lost so far, only 14 lbs to go!

petaldew on 07/17/2007:
I am so excited about the book, I can hardly wait! I will not be doing any excercise as I will be hibernating in my room and digesting the book, take care.

lafemme_loca on 07/18/2007:
Congrats at finding the bottom of the ironing pile. *sigh* I want a treadmill... :-( I just need to get out and walk... but it is raining today... first time in recorded history (since 1849) that it has rained on July 18th in San Francisco. Anyway, enjoy your book and everything else in your life this week ! :-)

hollybelle on 07/19/2007:
Oh the laundry - day before yesterday I had 7 loads - two to go now. AUGH!

My daughter is excited about the Harry Potter book, too. Hadn't heard about the pre-load on the net, though. Wonder if it's real? Probably won't stop JKR from making her $$$ and we don't have to look - I guess.

borntocry on 07/19/2007:
Hi greengirl! Nice pictures below. You are looking almost skinnier than your daughter! I remember that show - The Prisoner. My husband loved it but I couldn't make any sense of it at all!

greengirl - Monday Jul 16, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 164.0

Exercise for Weds 11th 60mins

Exercise for Thurs 12th 60 mins

Exercise for Fri 13th 60 mins

Exercise for Sat 14th 60 mins

Exercise for Mon 16th 30 mins

Total exercise for July 7 hrs 20 mins

Hi everyone. I'm sorry I havent had time to read and comment on your diaries, as I promised I would, but I have a mountain of laundry and Ironing to do, before I go away again on Saturday so I thought it best to get a grip on that before logging on and now it is nearly 11pm and I have to be up at 5am tomorrow so this is just a flying visit.

Thank you so much for your comments on yesterday's diary. I'm sorry that Donkey happened to visit the UK just as we are experiencing the worst summer weather since records began!! I cant imagine what you have made of all the rain!!! I myself try to avoid anything resembling a full english breakfast. They are lethal!!! I have estimated my exercise while I was away. I actually walked for longer than an hour a day but decided to round it down to an hour. I managed to get back on the treadmill today, when I got home from work, even tho I was really tired. Anyway I better go now. I will catch up with you all, I promise !!! Have a good day!!

Progress as of today: 63 lbs lost so far, only 14 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 07/17/2007:
Wow your exercise is great! You are an inspiration. I totally understand about the laundry and having to leave for trip again. Just check in with us when you can. My diary isn't that interesting lately, anyway! Ha!

Donkey on 07/17/2007:
Where are you off to traveling again on Saturday? I kind of miss England already. (Not the breakfasts though, but the environment.) Keep up the walking!!!

greengirl - Sunday Jul 15, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 164.0

Hi everybody. I am back home after five days on the coast of Wales at Abersoch. It's such a beautiful place, and the surrounding countryside is very picturesque. The weather was fairly awful, except for one glorious day (Saturday) but we didnt let the weather keep us in. We went to visit Portmerion, which is a rather strange place . It is a village built (by an eccentric in the 1930s) in an Italian style, with all the buildings painted in different colours and all sorts of bizarre buildings and statuary!! It was used as the set for the 1960s television series 'The Prisoner' with Patrick McGoohan "I am not a number!!". I dont know if it was ever shown in the US or not but it has a cult following over here in the Uk.

We went for at least two long walks every day and I estimate that I must have walked between 15 and 20 miles while I was away. I will update my exercise when I have chance to work it out.I think I may have put a pound or so back on but I'm not going to update yet as I am going away again in five days, for a week so I might as well update then, when the news will be even worse, I expect!!! Will catch up with your diaries tomorrow. I have uploaded two photos, One on Abersoch beach and one of us at Portmerion :o)

My daughter and I also used the opportunity of free time to go and watch the new Harry Potter movie. We went to the cinema in Pwllheli. It was the smallest and quaintest cinema I have ever been in!!

Progress as of today: 63 lbs lost so far, only 14 lbs to go!

Donkey on 07/15/2007:
Welcome back! I just came back from the UK myself. I didn't make it up (or out) by you, as we stayed in London and then went straight up to Scotland. I thought of you daily, as it was very difficult for me to fathom the typical English breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon (our "Canadian bacon" here in the US), beans (pork and beans here), tomato, toast, etc. Ooof! I really commend your dedication to losing weight! I think I would be very large if I lived in the UK.

Still a very charming country. I hope you enjoyed your trip as well! Doesn't it feel good to be home, though?

biscottibody59 on 07/15/2007:
Sounds like a good trip!

Yes, The Prisoner aired here back then and it also has aired several times on our PBS (Public Broadcasting Service--used to be called educational TV) station. I remember seeing it as a child, I don't recall it making much sense to me, but who can forget a show that starts with a huge balloon or ball--whatever. Hmmm, maybe I should watch it again and pay attention!

I think McGoohan is more memorable to me from "The Three Lives of Thomasina." The Prisoner was on about the same time as "The Avengers" and "The Man from U.N.C.L.E"--okay I'll stop!

GG on 07/15/2007:
Dont you just love when you plan a vacation and when you get there the weather is horrible...seems to always happen, but atleast you did not let that get in the way! How cold was it? By this picture, it seems to have been in the low 50s....

hollybelle on 07/16/2007:
Pictures seem to portray a lovely trip. Even if it was cool. Interesting sounding place. The walks must have been good! Your feeling of weight gain may only be an illusion if you get back on your regular routine upon return home. Traveling (like I have been doing, too) always seems to get me bloated and feeling less light. Take care. Post more when you get a chance.

mcwoo40 on 07/16/2007:
Hi greenie,glad your trip was a success despite the weather.I went to Portmerion years ago,i love it around there,reminds me of my childhood.Hubby and kids went to see Harry Potter on Saturday,hubby says the book was better!!Well the diet has gone downhill,i will have to get back into the gym as my mood seems to be changing.I feel down in the dumps lately,so it must be right when they say exercise keeps you upbeat,something about the endorphins keeps your brain happy!!Anyway I'm going for my pizza and chips and chocolate cake tut,tut.Bye 4 now,Julie

greengirl - Sunday Jul 15, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 164.0

This is me and my daughter in Portmerion

Progress as of today: 63 lbs lost so far, only 14 lbs to go!

greengirl - Sunday Jul 08, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 164.0

Exercise today 40 minutes

Total exercise for July so far 2hrs 50 mins

Just a quick update. Looks like we will be going away on holiday Tuesday night so I may be out of touch for a week or so. Keep up the good work while I am gone girls and Boys. By the way I have updated my weight a couple of days early just in case I dont get the chance on Tuesday and I am pretty pleased to have lost a pound and a half over the last couple of weeks. YAY!!!. Its better than I was anticipating :o)

I had hoped to have lost 6lbs in the last four weeks, but only ended up losing four and a half. I'm quite pleased to settle for that. It's still over a pound a week!!! Have a great week and talk to you all soon :o)

Progress as of today: 63 lbs lost so far, only 14 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 07/09/2007:
AH, yes - I would settle for that - good going!!!

biscottibody59 on 07/09/2007:
Congrats on your pounds down--again--I'm gaining--haha--on you--that better actually be losing on you soon (I'm 164 too:-)

And that's a very nice pic of your daughter!

Enjoy your holiday!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/09/2007:
yeah....4.5 lbs is still awesome...over one lb a week! have a good vacation! I look foward to your next entries!

maria777 on 07/09/2007:
You have a RIGHT to be pleased! How consistant you are! CONGRATULATIONS to you! You are getting closer and closer to your goal!

Thanks for the info about the gas. Ours is around 3 dollars a gallon over here....and we think that is high priced!

Have a happy, wonderful vacation! You deserve it! Big Smile!

sweetpea1977 on 07/11/2007:
Wow, congratulations on your weightloss! I think you were 166 the last time I wrote an entry! :o)

Oh, I also wanted to congratulate you on such a beautiful daughter. She looks so much like her gorgeous momma! :o)

Have fun on your vacation - you deserve it!!

mcwoo40 on 07/13/2007:
Hi,catch up when you get back,hope the weather has been good to you,Julie

greengirl - Friday Jul 06, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 165.5

Just a quick update tonight. I havent really got much to update as I havent done any specific exercise or anything today and my calories were highish end of normal for me 1500ish. I just wanted to upload a picture of my daughter getting ready for her end of school dance (sort of equivalent to your Prom night). I was just wondering when she got so grown up, and why I hadnt really seen it?? Sometimes you just shut your eyes to the obvious, even when its right under your nose ***sigh***.

By the way Hollybelle, dont worry about my having to possibly cancel my holiday. We were going to stay in the summer house of a friend of my niece's and we will be able to go later in the year if we want to. We have been as late as October in previous years and had a lovely time. We may go that late as my niece is expecting a baby in September, so we would go a few weeks after baby is born. I'm still going to a different place later this month with my daughter and her friend so I'm not really missing out :o). Have a great weekend , folks !

Progress as of today: 61.5 lbs lost so far, only 15.5 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/06/2007:
Hey Greeny!!!! Your daughter certainly reminds me of you!!! After all, I've seen some pictures of you...so i know what i'm talking about! LOL, maybe it's in her stance?

That's a pretty color dress! I really hope she has a wonderful time! Sorry your vacation plans got changed, but it looks like you've been able to make plans around the changes!

maria777 on 07/08/2007:
Oh, I know you are so proud of her and she looks a lot like her Mom! What a beautiful dress, too!

Question: How much is gas per gallon over there in England? I heard it is high...are there many cars in England?

Hope you are having a wonderful day today! Big Smile!

harleygirl79 on 07/09/2007:
I know what you mean about kids growing up before your eyes. My daughter turned 16 last week, and it seems like yesterday her and my son were 2yrs and 6 mos old. Have a great holiday!

greengirl - Thursday Jul 05, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 165.5

Exercise for today 30 mins

Total exercise for July 2 hrs 10 mins

Hi everyone. First can I thank everyone for their good advice to me on my last post. In my heart I know that if I give in now, the weight will come back with a vengeance so I'm back on the wagon!! There is so much bad news here at the moment that I think I let it distract me. The weather has been appalling for the last month. There is flooding in lots of places around the country, one town had a sixth of their yearly rainfall in ONE DAY!!! Thirteen people have died as a result of the bad weather and flooding. On top of that we have had problems with terrorism, and now the damn interest rate has gone up!!! All doom and gloom.

My sister and I are seriously thinking of calling off out family trip to Abersoch next week. This isnt because it is flooded, but because more bad weather is forecast, and we would probably have to drive through flooded areas to get there. It is a disappointment but we will get over it, if we do have to cancel.

On the health front, I have kept my calories at about 1500 and have done 30 minutes on the treadmill (managed to do two miles). I wanted to do longer, but (typically) after I had been going for a while I needed the loo!!! When I got back my hubby had taken over the machine so I started cooking the evening meal and lost the impulse to do more exercise!

Will update again tomorrow. I am planning to weigh next Tuesday, whether I am going away that night or not, and then at the end of the month after my hols. After that I will decide whether or not to continue weighing weekly or not. Like Hollybelle I am going to challenge myself now to try the best I can , to be the fittest I can be by Christmas. I want to be slim!!! Good luck to everyone !!!

Progress as of today: 61.5 lbs lost so far, only 15.5 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 07/05/2007:
Well, I have heard of practically everythnig that has ever been hyjacked, but not the treadmill! I guess husbands need to workout, too. I hope you don't have to cancel your holiday. How soon will you need to give notice to the reservations if you do? Maybe things will improve soon. Can you reschedule for later in the year? I like your choice of words - "try the best I can, to be the fittest I can by Christmas". I just want to be a little better by September, too because that's when I go back to the doctor for a checkup and the doctor is the one that got me on this kick in the first place almost a year ago. I'd like to be 25 pounds lighter by then - and I think I am only 20.......We'll see, I guess.

Justine6Robert3 on 07/05/2007:
Some wonderful advice from everyone on your last entry! Can I just say that loosing over 60 lbs is no small accomplishment, very inspiring!!! You have been sticking with it this long and your soooo close to your goal, I know your not going to give up now after all of the hard work you've put in. I like Hollybelle's challenge, I know you can do great things by Christmas time! I hope your weather improves soon!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/06/2007:
haha, i'm sorry that hubby took over the treadmill when you left for a few minutes!!!! Sorry the weather has been not so good! The weather here is slightly unusual in my point of view, it's quite comfortable. No blaring heat waves at all. High 70s/low 80s and rain on and off. It's like its spring all over again!!! boy are the seasons changing! I think you have a good approach to diet and exercise...and everyone who wrote above me is right....yo have done so well this year, maybe take a step back, reevaluate....set a new goal...which i think you have. Remember how WorkingIt reached a goal and then made a few tweaks and changes in order to reach her new goals, i liked that approach!

biscottibody59 on 07/06/2007:
Crack that whip and make him cook next time;-) Really though, at least you got in a little bit of a workout--good for you on that!

Have a good one!

greengirl - Tuesday Jul 03, 2007
(portion control with calorie counting)
Weight: 165.5

Exercise for Sunday 35 mins

exercise for Monday 30 mins

Exercise for today 35 mins

Total exercise for July 1 hour 40 mins

Hey everyone. i have been busy for the last few days and not had time to update, but I was reading a few diaries when I had the chance to.

As most of you probably have seen on the news we have been having some (thankfully unsuccessful) terrorist attacks here in the UK. Luckily, none have been in my city, and the ones elsewhere have been thwarted. However, in combination with the prolonged appalling weather we've been having recently, it's been quite depressing this week.

I have been having a good time with the exercise but I have been slipping on the eating front. I think that because I am not going to weigh for a couple of weeks, subconciously I think I have time to slip in a few naughty things, and have time to compensate. We all know that's not true, dont we?? I dont want to fail now, when I have been doing so well for almost a year!!! I need a bit of a talking to I think!! So come on! All you plain speakers!! Tell me the unvarnished truth. By the way, if you are out there BTC, I hope everything is good with you. I still miss your diary! And where are Moody, Sandra and Mattscat?? I miss you all girls.

I hope all you friends in the US have a great 4th of July tomorrow. Don't do anything I wouldnt do!! (that gives you quite a bit of room for manouever, actually!!!). Catch up with you all soon :o)

Progress as of today: 61.5 lbs lost so far, only 15.5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 07/03/2007:
OK, you want the straight talk? Donkey always tells it like it is. Look at your monthly weight averages. You have lost 54lb in a year. That is no small potatoes! That is a huge change in your body composition.

I think you do need to have a little break from weighing in. I would take this whole month (or whatever your absence from the scale may be) to just focus on maintaining. Forget the scale, let your body work out the calories and the activity. If you eat a balanced diet and continue to exercise (and drink your water), your body will figure it out.

Try to limit yourself to one treat a day, perhaps. It will be a good lesson in the self-discipline and indulgence you will need to have when it comes to maintenance. You will need to figure out how you can have your treats and maintain your loss. Use this time as an opportunity to practice moderation.


jon'smom on 07/03/2007:
Hang in there on the food front. You know you can do this. After all you lost 61.5 pounds! Stay safe!!

maria777 on 07/03/2007:
All right, 'Sista'!!! Ya asked fer it! Soooo here it is: You've come toooooooo CLOSE to yer goal to slow down now! (Ain't I one to be talking???) So...get back on yer wagon!

weightlossyoyo on 07/03/2007:
Hope everythings stays okay!! Weight wise you are doing great!

mcwoo40 on 07/05/2007:
Hi greenie,thanks for stoppin' by and commenting on my diary.I installed Irfanview but it took me a while to figure how to do it.I tried on sunday and deleted an entry that i had done??The wedding went smoothly,although my older sister and i where minding my nephew and neice whilst the ceremony was going on,and they where being very noisey so we took them outside so we missed most of the ceremony.My dad turned up late,and my brother is diabetic and he was having a hypo, so just another average day!!Jodie say's she does'nt want to go to London next month due to these explosions.It's scary but you can't let 'them' get to you, ruling your life.Back to you,Listen i am in no position to give any advice with my track record,but we are both still here after a long time,you longer than me.I don't know about you, but if i did'nt keep coming back time after time airing my thoughts/feelings i would be in a far worse position than i am in now.You've said before now,even if it takes you a year to get that last 15lbs off,you will of achieved it in the end,so DON'T beat yourself up. What i will be dreading after losing the weight, is how to stop piling it back on, and the loose skin!!.I'll stop ranting now.Bye 4 now,julie

hollybelle on 07/05/2007:
Hey - I liked something you said on McWoo's diariy-about getting act together now so can look slim for Christmas! I think that is what I am going to set my sights on. I will post a "pledge" of sorts on my diary and see if we can get anyone else interested in kind of a long-term challenge - 5 months from July 4th to December 4th (for example)and seeing if we can all get closer to our goal. I'm not sure I want to "keep score" on it or anything - just kind of a personal challenge to everyone to reach down in themselves and shoot for Christmas. There is always something about the holidays that gets me fired up for self-improvement - who knows? I will think about it. Thanks for the good idea!

hollybelle on 07/05/2007:
P.S. As far as the "talking to" - You have come too far to go back now. It sounds like you know yourself what is going on ("I think subconsciencly I think I can sneak a few goodies in and have time to compensate"). Also - I know when I find myself at a time when I am making poor choices, it is usually one of two things - I need a SMALL break from the routine so I can go on (and I mean SMALL - like ONE day) or I am (once again) trying to use food to GIVE me something I am not getting otherwise - cheer, entertainment, comfort, distraction - these are usually what I try to use food to compensate for. Think about that and see what you believe. You have lost much more than I, so I feel a bit strange trying to advise, but we are all in this together so for what it's worth......there you are! Kindest regards, Holly

biscottibody59 on 07/05/2007:
I have so little room to be pushing anyone very much--but I'd keep weighing yourself in the routine that has brought you to this point. It seems that when people change from daily to weekly it's okay, but anything less than weekly may let you off the hook and not keep things in the same perspective. But, it's worth a try. Just reel yourself back in if you have to:-)

I hope your weather is improving and everyone's not too skittish there (under the circumstances).

Have a good one and keep up the good work!

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