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hollybelle - Wednesday Feb 06, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

OK, I'm not doing that well on the eating or exercise the last 2 days. I said I was back focused and in a way I am - but not for long enough. I will do it. If eating isn't perfect, I need to exercise. I should have time today. I don't want to get in one of those vicious cycles! I have had enough of that.

More later. Have read some of your diaries and there is ALOT of inspiration out there. It's me - not you......I need to get with the program here! Actually STICK with the program is more accurate.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

workingit2 on 02/06/2008:
Keep your eye on the goal and you will be fine! Have a great day!

thinnsidenotout on 02/06/2008:
This isn't an easy road no matter how much or little one wants to lose....keep up the exercise and you will soon get into the eating healthy swing of things again.....

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/06/2008:
I'm still battling my vicious cycle! arg!

it's true...we need to stay focussed. One day of focus doesn't cut it!

iwant2bthin on 02/06/2008:
I know how you feel, it's so hard sometimes, but keep the exercise going and the eating will follow :)

leeumom on 02/06/2008:
You have done so will. Keep focused on that and the rest will follow.

TheMother on 02/07/2008:
Hang in there...you can do it! We all struggle from time to time. I'm struggling right now, too but I can't let it get me down. Gotta keep moving forward...Have a good day!

hollybelle - Tuesday Feb 05, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Hello. I am just stopping by to check in. I will post more later. Schedule has picked up so much. I am doing "OK", though. Overate a couple of days, but back on track. I hope to get to a Zumba class tonight. I should be able to.

I have seen everyone's posts on Deardiarist's blog and I know we are all worried about her. If anyone knows her, please let me know what is up with her. It is very odd she was on everyday and then not at all.

Have a blessed day, everyone.


Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/05/2008:
Zumba, Zumba! Have fun, Hollybelle! It's good to hear you are back in the swing of things!

thinnsidenotout on 02/05/2008:
Happy to hear from you!...Keep up the good work!

CritterMom on 02/05/2008:
I'll bet your lab will get much bigger, especially since it's a male. Our newfs are each between 120 and 145 pounds, and are very lean for health reasons. "The girls" are 28 to 30 inches at the shoulder. Kind of like having a small herd of miniature horses living in the house. :)

I haven't tried the furminator, but LOVE the Mars Coat King I use (double wide, 18 blade). I just use it during the time they're blowing coat, so's not to strip too much undercoat during the winter months.

CritterMom on 02/05/2008:
I'm really concerned about dearerdiarist, too. Hope she and little dog are OK after all that bad weather.

workingit2 on 02/05/2008:
You are always missed when you don't post for a few days! I always wonder where you are =)

I hope she is ok as well! Her and moody!

harleygirl79 on 02/06/2008:
Excuse my ignorance, my friend, but what is ZUMBA. I have heard it mentioned alot, but no explanation. Glad your back in the saddle. Take care

rae_regenbogen on 02/06/2008:
Oh! I want to take a zumba class! Those sound fun. :)

hollybelle - Sunday Feb 03, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Hello everyone. Busy weekend so not on since Friday. Lots to report but will keep it brief to recap.

Friday - Calories 1700 - a little over but not going to worry about it - it's all part of the deal. All was healthy food - no sweets or junk

Saturday - Calories 1600 - had 2 brownies, but otherwise all healthy. We had company - or rather, daughter had company and I made chicken enchiladas for them. Daughter made the brownies. I could have done much worse.

Today - So far just coffee. Supposed to go to brunch with friend to catch up later. Bob Evans. I am going to try to stick with eggs and toast. If I decide to splurge I won't eat much the rest of the day, though. Will have to have a talk with myself about what I want to do!

Exercise - unfortunately - not much. Due to daughter's schedule I haven't had the right timing to do much of anything. Weather has been unbelieveable. It was 45 degrees yesterday and supposed to be 50 today! Park and walk - here I come.

On the shopping front - I am so thrilled - while waiting for daughter yesterday I happen to stroll into TJ Maxx just to see what they had in the way of dress slacks and workout wear. I needed some dress slacks since cleaning out closet I discovered that I had hardly any that I actually wear because either out of style, too big (or too little-from years and years ago) or just plain old worn out. I also needed something to wear to work out in (when I do get to the Zumba classes again-sigh). I don't know about you all, but I find that the stretch workout pants just don't look right around my front area (if you know what I mean) and they are usually too long. Who do they think wears these things for goodness sake???? Everyone is NOT 5'9" or more! Well, I didn't find any dress slacks, BUT I found TWO PAIR of these great Adidas workout pants. They are not the stretchy knit kind, they are sort of two layered and they don't produce that strange look in the front area AT ALL. My daughter even gave them her stamp of approval. Sounds like a small thing, but I am so happy to have some nice looking workout pants. They were reg $40 ea but got them for $20 ea and a tee shirt to match one of them! I also discovered that I have a workout jacket that matches the other one really well. They were EVEN the correct length! Finally something made for the "average" woman!!

Well - I'll bet I'm the only one this excited about exercise pants, but that's my story for today. Have a blessed and woonderful day everyone -remember: Life without purpose is life without passion. What is your purpose today????? Your Diary Pal - Holly

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

shadetree on 02/03/2008:
I understand the problems with finding workout gear. I have one pair of pants, and come to think of it, I think they are Adidas! And two shirts...They do seem to think that the only people that use these things are tall and thin...Crazy! So I am excited for you! Have a great day!

thinnsidenotout on 02/03/2008:
Congrats on the find! Always feels good to look good..... HAVE A GREAT DAY!

mcwoo40 on 02/03/2008:
Holly,if you go to my diary entry I've uploaded a picture of the halti collar and a website that explains it more.if you do get one make sure it is fitted properly as it can do damage.With Alfie being a puppy he's in a size 1 I've already got size 2 on order!!It has really made a difference using it as i used to dread taking him out as i would end up with a sore back.Bye Julie

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/03/2008:
i love finding workout clothes that fit great! congrats on your finds!

I can understand what it must be like to have to balance your time with the time you spend doing things for your daughter! When she gets older, I am sure you will be happy to get some of your time back for yourself! You are a good mom!

workingit2 on 02/03/2008:
Great find on the workout pants! I know...ALL my long-pants are TOO LONG and the stretchy thing HAS to go! Have a great night =)

CritterMom on 02/04/2008:
Woohoo! Finding great exercise clothing makes you feel more like EXERCISING! Great find!

hollybelle - Friday Feb 01, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Thursday 1/31/2008

Yesterday could have been pretty challenging, but I did fine. I only planned a little. I had two meetings involving lots of FOOD. Professional Training meeting with delicious boxed lunches and church meeting with PIZZA, cookies, hershey kisses and tootsie pops and sodas. Kind of sounds like little land mines doesn't it?

Any way I noticed that I had a little talk with myself and consciencely decided what I would eat (more or less - that's what I mean by I only planned a little) and stuck to it. Somehow because I had decided before hand that I would stick to a certain # of calories and PICTURED myself (in my mind) being success at doing just what I decided AND more importantly PICTURED the end result) I was able to stick to my plans and be successful.

Now, some negatives about the day - I was really close to my 1400 calorie maximum, I didn't eat breakfast and I didn't have any exercise or much H2O. But I call it a success, anyway. I don't know if I will be successful with this PICTURING technique next time, but I may be on to something.

Menus were:

B: Coffee 60

L: 3/4 Chicken Wrap, Apple 560

D: 2 pieces Pepperoni Pizza, 4 Hershey kisses, 1 tootsie pop

Total Calories 1380

I was amazed at the calories in a tootsie pop - 60. I knew the kisses were 25 a piece. I planned to eat 2-4 max kisses and tried to stop at 2, but I was really satisfied with 4. Tootsie pops are one of my favorite candies and they last a LONG time.

Well. Hope to get some exercise in today. There is a Zumba class (latin dance aerobics) tonight at 7:30 pretty close to my house, but daughter's schedule will probably conflict! Geez.

On the daughter front - she is going into the apprentice program at the ballroom dance studio where she has been taking lessons at. What that means is we will not have to pay for lessons anymore - YAY. That is about $180 a month and when the studio goes to competitions her way will be paid, airfare, hotel, meals - everything except entertainment - all over the US. She will need to teach at least 20 hours per week (pretty doable). This is exciting for her and couldn't come at a better time with auto insurance bills coming up when she gets her license. Fingers crossed her grades are good this semester so that her dad and I can allow all this.

P.S. I am going to wait two more weeks and weigh! Valentines Day or thereabout.........!!!!

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

TheMother on 02/01/2008:
What a fabulous opportunity for your daughter. I'm sure you're very proud of her! Great job handling the food at those two functions. I don't know if I could have stopped at 4 Hershey's kisses not to mention pizza being one of the choices. I can eat pizza morning, noon or night - hot or cold. Just LOVE it...unfortunately it doesn't love ME! Have a GREAT day and weekend...

mmuraro on 02/01/2008:
4 hershey's kisses is awesome. great control! that's what we all have to learn other than ruling things out!

workingit2 on 02/01/2008:
I love having the totsie pops as an office snack while I'm doing my reports and such. They last me about an hour. IF I dont bite into them lol.

Congrats on the picturing technique! And good luck to your daughter!

so_devine on 02/01/2008:
u have brilliant control as i would have had the whole lot of hershey's kisses, keep up the good work and good luck to ur daughter! x

mcwoo40 on 02/01/2008:
Hiya Holly,Hope you get to your Zumba class.Have a great weekend and be a good girl,take care Julie

shadetree on 02/01/2008:
So how many licks does it take to get to the center? Enjoy Zumba!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/01/2008:
tasty foods, great calories! It was definitely worth you sticking to your plan! :) Sometimes, we go off track and eat a little more of everything, but the truth is the taste after awhile is nothing special and we really don't need to eat everything to feel satisfied! you made a great choice! :)

hollybelle - Thursday Jan 31, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Wednesday 1/30/08

Yesterday was a good day. I actually walked 45 minutes in the afternoon. Covered about 3 miles.

Menus were:

B: Coffee 60 -didn't get around to eating anything, though

L: Small Loaded Baked Potato 375

S: Bite or Dk Chocolate 40

D: Honey-Must Snack Wrap w/Crispy Chicken!!!! YUM!!!!, 1 Taco - made at home with ground turkey (also YUM) Teddy Grahams 590

S: Cereal 250

Total Cal: 1315 Exercise: 45 Min Walking H2O: 16 oz

Going to track H2O and try to drink more-work up to 64 oz. per day.

Have a Blessed Day all!

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

thinnsidenotout on 01/31/2008:
More H2O helps A LOT!... glad you are concious of the need to increase..Congrats on the exercise...

mcwoo40 on 01/31/2008:
Hiya Holly I'm proud of you getting some exercise in,and your menue looks good to well done.They say have a little square of the 70% chocolate now and again as it's good for you not the commercial stuff like cadburys but that's yummy but full of fat and sugar drat.Catch up tomorrow,Julie

CritterMom on 01/31/2008:
Good job on the nice walk!

workingit2 on 01/31/2008:
Great day you had!

maria777 on 01/31/2008:
45 mins walking..YAYAYAYYYYYY!!!! and 1315 cals...WAY TO GOOOOO! Keep up the good work! Love your menu! Big smile to you!

hollybelle - Wednesday Jan 30, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Tuesday 1/29/2008

This was a good day. I still wasn't very hungry most of the day but really got the munchies late in the day. Calories were still within range, but I can't say it was all healthy stuff. I haven't been planning meals at night - family schedule just wierd and that doesn't help.

Someone asked how do I not be hungry? I don't know. Sometimes it just happens. For some reason I lose interest in food. Just for a day or two usually. If I could turn it off and on at will - not that would be something!

Someone asked about ZUMBA - this is latin aerobics. It is SO FUN - check it out on zumba.com or if you go to zumbakids.com you will see my favorite instructor - Cathya Beard here in KY. She has kids classes which are so neat. Kids learn to dance latin while staying fit! With all the attention childhood obesity is getting these days - what a positive thing. I did not make it to my class yesterday (again). Daughter's rehearsal schedule was crazy.

I can FINALLY feel my pants getting a tiny bit loose! YAY. Someone commented on my diary a couple of days ago that my calories looked good - couldn't I feel clothes getting a little less tight.......YES I can - NOW. I am always telling everyone not to be in a hurry it will happen if we do the right things, but it had been over 2 weeks and I was not feeling much different. I know it is because of lack of exercise. I walk stairs at work, I park further away - but I need to do some concentrated exercise at this point. I think the closer you get to goal the more exercise is needed to push those pounds out of the way!

Well, better go - we started daughter getting herself up with alarm clock for 1st time this a.m.-no signs of life yet..........will check on progress.

Get this - it was 52 degrees here yesterday - rained like monsoon all day. This morning it is 19 degrees - today's high 28! May snow - only in KY!!!

Won't post menu because of time but total calories were 1230.

Have a Blessed Day everyone! Suggestion of the day - do something POSITIVE outside your comfort zone - stretch your boundries!

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

fritters on 01/30/2008:
Yay for looser clothes! Dosen't that feel sooo good??? I would love to have one of your 'no intrest in food' days! I don't have to be hungry to want to eat. You are doing great. Have a good Wednesday.

thinnsidenotout on 01/30/2008:
Have a good day!..Keep up the good work!

thinnsidenotout on 01/30/2008:
RE: What kind of pups? 2 little girls. Mom is yorki-poo and dad is a toy poodle..So I call them Yorki-poo poo's... They were born @ 5 ounces each and are now just shy of a pound. Mom is 3.5 pounds and dad is 6 pounds. We had a litter of yorki-poos 4 years ago and one has several ribbons in agility (neighbor owns him) and the others are the love of their families lives. We are constantly getting phone calls wanting to know if we were ever going to have another litter. Couldn't until now..Somebody stole my parent's toy poodle that was the dad...I got a red/apricot toy poodle to have as dad, but he turned out to be, well, a dud! So I borrowed his brother for a couple play dates...Our dog family consists of Grandma Zoee (to this litter- Mom's mom), Mom (Cricket) & Uncle (Opie)...then I do have a black toy poodle that is no blood to any of the others, her name is Tess.This is the last litter we will ever have...GEt too attatched, prior to sending them to their new homes..Kids are trying real hard to convince me to keep one of these. They all have their own VERY LARGE crate to sleep in (even though none of them is over 6 pounds) and are very well mannered. danve for treats, head to bed when you say "bed", get out of the kitchen when told "OUT!" and best of all, they don't shed!I groom them all myself, saves $$$$...Sorry to ramble, they are just so much a part of me/great companions that I tend to go overboard...SORRY!

mcwoo40 on 01/30/2008:
Hiya Holly,It does'nt matter what the number says on the scales it's how you feel in yourself(there's me jumping on the scales every 5 mins)You seem to be busy during the day,it will be better when the warmer weather finally comes you can pack loads of walking in then.We are supposed to be getting snow on friday afternoon,groan!!

maria777 on 01/30/2008:
Total cals 1230...FANTASTIC!!! Way to go! Keep up the good work, Kentucky Woman!

workingit2 on 01/30/2008:
Seriously, I think the SADD monster has crept up and sat on my doorstep for the winter LOL. Great job on the calories and so happy for you that your clothes are feeling better!

caz on 01/31/2008:
I know how you feel re the clothes.. it's great isn't it? I keep meaning to add up my calories every day, just concentrating on what to eat that's healthy first. Will count them up soon daily as it would help me more. Have a really great day.

hollybelle - Tuesday Jan 29, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Monday 1/28/2008

Yesterday was a good day. I had one of those not hungry days and wasn't tempted by much of anything. Stayed busy at work and worked thru lunch. Thought I'd go hog-wild after work or at dinner, but I didn't.

Menus were:

B: Coffee, Banana 150

L: Pretzels 70

S: two krispie things 200

D: Flank Steak, ice cream sandwich 290

S: Mixed nuts 120

Total 830 calories

OK - so I guess I WAS tempted by the krispie things and the ice cream sandwich.

Still didn't exercise as daughter's schedule dictated. I am hoping to go to ZUMBA tonight! We'll see......

I'll eat better today.

Have a blessed and wonderful day, everyone!

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

caz on 01/29/2008:
What is Zumba?

iwant2bthin on 01/29/2008:
Looks like you had a light day yesterday :) What is Zumba?

leeumom on 01/29/2008:
Again what is Zumba? You are doing great on watching the calories! It would kill me to eat that krispie for that many calories! You did good and sounds like Zumba is exercise? Close to new numbers.

iwant2bthin on 01/29/2008:
I loved the cat picture a friend sent to me so I decided this was me now haha ;) I love the Leslie Sansome DVD walk the walk, now I'm even more inspired after your comment :)

jmarie60 on 01/29/2008:
I don't know what Zumba is either... but the name makes it sound like fun! I hope you can make it there tonight!

mcwoo40 on 01/29/2008:
Hiya Holly,It's still winter here but it is getting warmer thank goodness.Although we don't really get bad winters compared to Wales or Scotland.You had a good day yesterday well done.Are those crispie things like rice crispies covered in chocolate,if they are we do them here and with cornflakes too, yum.Will have a chat tomorrow enjoy your dancin' if you go,Bye Julie

thinnsidenotout on 01/29/2008:
Those no hunger days are sometimes a welcome thing..

I hate eating breakfast ALWAYS!, But must make myself to get the day off on the right foot and I keep with the better choices throughout the day as well.

Keep up the good work and you haven't really got all that far to get to your goal....

shadetree on 01/29/2008:
What are these krispie things? I must know - rice krispie treats? or something different? (I'm a glutton for punishment!)

maria777 on 01/29/2008:
Wow, you got a lot in for your calories yesterday...but how do you NOT be hungry??? Hope you've had a good day and thanks so much for your very encouraging words! That's good that you didn't have nitetime munchies!

workingit2 on 01/29/2008:
Have a great evening and a wonderful Wednesday!

mmuraro on 01/29/2008:
Ice cream sandwich.. yum!

hollybelle - Monday Jan 28, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Friday and Saturday 1/26 & 27/08

Sorry I haven't been on the site this weekend, everyone. I was busy cleaning out those drawers and the closet! And what a job that was. I am happy to report and we did get rid of about 2 SUV truck fulls of STUFF. What a wonderful feeling to know that I can now do laundry and not have to wonder where in the world I will put the clean stuff. Husband didn't balk too much when I made him do his share. Now all I need to do is the final touches on our closet and drawers AND the same thing on every other room in the house! Except for daughter's room (which I plan to do last) I don't need anyone's help on the rest, except maybe for carting it OUT! Then.....on to the DREADED GARAGE!! Husband has been fore-warned and says he will get on board when it comes to garage. I am serious about this business.

****Edit - Don't get me wrong our house isn't qualifed for one of those reality shows where the cleaning ladies come and help clean it up - we aen't QUITE in the realm of "hoarders" yet, but it's seriously getting too close for comfort. I have friend who is working on this problem so I know it's no laughing matter, but, again, it sure feels good to lighten the load of my STUFF!!*******

While the report on the house-purge is positive, the food report, isn't. It could have been worse, but I didn't keep track of calories. I would guess realistically that Saturday was about 1800 and Sunday was about 2000 - mostly good food, though not much junk (a couple of low cal ice cream sandwiches). Too much bread, not sure why. Today it's back on the track and success. I am certainly not throwing in the towel.

I'll check in with some of you soon! Wishing you a blessed day and much personal success. Your Diary Pal, Holly

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

caz on 01/28/2008:
Hiya Holly, it was great to catch up on your entries.. I cleaned out lots of things on Saturday in the house. It's amazing just how much stuff I've thrown out. I too am now looking to move onto another room..the kitchen. what a thought !!! keep up the good work and catch up with you soon x

mcwoo40 on 01/28/2008:
Hiya Holly,You have burt some cals cleaning the house so we will let you off.Don't you feel a sense of achievement when you've de-cluttered.I keep putting jobs off then when I'm in the mood i have a mad splurge,but not often.Try and be a good girl,just think of the summer in your slinky dresses,take care Julie

thinnsidenotout on 01/28/2008:
Oh, to get that cleaning and organizing done! What a thing to get accomplished. Congartulations and keep going....Re:Ebay selling- I have sold/bought for the last 3 years. I have done research on many things, as far as what sells. I find the items I sell at Yard/Estate Sales, Thrift Stores (I frequent them on M-W-F-). If hubby is home and I see something that might sell, I have him look it up first before buying it to make sure. The best bargain/profit so far was a 99 cent clock that I sold for just shy of $500 a couple years ago. I have had other good finds/profitables I bought for 99 cents to a couple bucks sell for between $30-$100...The key is to do research on what you want to sell first to know the demand and always provide a thorough description & photos....I sell anything from Birkenstocks/purses/old apothecary jars/glassware/hotwheels/pottery/cast metal/etc....I was raised in a family of collectors, so it has made it a bit easier for me to know about desireable items. Ebay is a great place and you can come across some great people...

iwant2bthin on 01/28/2008:
Thank you for the welcome :) You really gave me a boost after reading your entry this morning. I got up and actually cleaned my entire house while my hubby is out putting resumes in :) I need to go through the kids stuff and declutter, but one step at a time!

maria777 on 01/28/2008:
Wow! You certainly are busy, on a 'cleaning-spree'!!! That's a lot of exercise doing all of that, too!

Thanks for your kind comforting words...I read and re-read them...they are so very TRUE. Thank you again.

Hope you have a wonderful evening.

fritters on 01/28/2008:
I hope today, you were able to get back on track with your eating. don't you just love the feeling of de-cluttering? Sometimes I wonder about my self, but it is such a good feeling.

CritterMom on 01/29/2008:
I'm so impressed with the power-cleaning you're doing on the closets/drawers! Makes me want to go tackle that darned attic again.

hollybelle - Friday Jan 25, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Hello again.

Yesterday was OK. I guess I am starting to see a natural pattern developing. I will have a low cal day (slightly under goals) and them I will have a higher cal day (slightly over goals). This might just be my natural pattern. I don't know if it is necessarily a "bad" thing or not. Since I don't seem to feel any thinner, and I don't weight, as most of you all know, very often at all; I don't know if this is a pattern that will end up in weight loss, but I figure if my overall cals are good it should get me to where I want to be. I do know I need to do more EXERCISE!!

Yesterday Menus were:

B: 2 Toast, Jam, Coffee 300

L: Salad 400

S: 4 Krispie Things - someone brought these wonderful things in and I just went nuts on them. 400

D: Toast, Jam, Chicken Salad 600

Total 1700 Cals No Exercise

More later......

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

dearerdiarist on 01/25/2008:
I think that you are bringing up a great subject in your entry today... Natural patterns. When we do this for awhile we get to know ourselves... It is good because we don't just "hate" ourselves for calorie-over days. I want to write this somewhere so that I can remember it when I most need it. Thank you! And, also I want to thank you for the thoughtful comments you left for me today. I hope that others read it because it is so right on. One has to be "ready" for each push, with reason AND desire.... Anything less really does set us up for failure. In my case I really do want to step it up. Test myself a bit. Have a great rest of the day HB.

workingit2 on 01/25/2008:
I am with you! I need to do more exercise! This cold weather is doing NOTHING to motivate me LOL

I wasn't directing my diary posting comment towards you, far from it! Not really posting it to anyone specifically, just have noticed that some folks get all kinds of comments and never post anything to anyone else. I mean NEVER post anything. We all have time constraints, for sure. But to never post any messages, not even a "Thanks?" That just kind of bugged me this morning.

Have a great day, Holly!

jon'smom on 01/25/2008:
I hope things get better for you on the exercise. Hang in there:)

thinnsidenotout on 01/25/2008:
It is easier to change the diet than it is to get in the exercise... I too am at fault and need to step up to the plate... I will, if you will!....Have a great weekend!

mcwoo40 on 01/25/2008:
Hiya Holly,I was thinking after reading your entry at least you are not eating crap all the time,you are having some low-cal days.Don't you feel different at all.I feel different around my belly,it does'nt feel too heavy which i'm glad about.Now i will be very impressed if you go and wrap up and have a lovely walk,blow some cobwebs off!!! I think if did'nt have Alfie i would be sat on my backside although he is 'naughty' he has done me alot of good which is what I intended.Have yourself a great day,Julie

Donkey on 01/25/2008:
It's very good to have hi/lo calorie days like you are doing. It's called calorie cycling, and there are books/websites on the subject if you are interested. However, you seem to be doing quite well on your own :-)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/25/2008:
i have the same thing is my pretty low cal and high cal days. i agree with donkey. Also, i think our bodies naturally tend to do this. they realize we ate less and try to make up for it the next day. the only thing i can suggest is to try to eat more bulky, low cal foods and the day after a day where you have eaten low cals. meaning, on the next day, try for lots of fruits and veggies in addition to the other foods you choose.

CharlieAngel on 01/25/2008:
I have read that low cal/high cal days staggered lead to weight loss. It seems to be working for you...and I hope you see significant improvement when you weigh! Take care and do something nice for yourself this weekend!

maria777 on 01/27/2008:
Your calories look fantastic! At least you are not overeating and that is a WONDERFUL thing! Have a nice day!

hollybelle - Thursday Jan 24, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Good Morning Diet Diary Buddies.

Yesterday was a little better on the calories, I am happy to say.

Menus were:

B: Toast, Fruit Spread, Coffee, Banana 270

L: Chicken and Dressing Casserole 350

D: Spagetti, Meat Sauce 350

Total 970. Not enough I know, but didn't have much appetite. Will eat healthier today and more appropriate calories.

Bye for now. More Later.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

workingit2 on 01/24/2008:
Sometimes I have those days when I am not hungry for much, so I eat higher calorie things like the canola oil mixed with kale or something. It is really weird when those non-hungry days happen lol

Have a great day!

fritters on 01/24/2008:
Low calories once in a while is not a bad thing. The food you ate was all pretty healthy. You are doing really good at tracking everything you eat. That is so important. Happy Thursday!!!

thinnsidenotout on 01/24/2008:
I have those feelings in between meals. Not wanting a snack, but have learned to at least eat a bite of something to keep the metabolism going...and then when I do get hungry I'm not rationalizing that I hadn't eatin much the day before and want to make up for it...Keeping track of everything eaten is key...Good Day!

dearerdiarist on 01/24/2008:
You are so smart. You eat well and you are so good about tracking the calories. I have a little trouble with that. I mean for dishes such as spaghetti and say that chicken/dressing casserole. I really must figure the figures out because it seems that I could enjoy my meals more fully. I am on drawer #12; one of which represents the worst of the bunch. See you tomorrow.

mcwoo40 on 01/24/2008:
Hiya,Your menue looks good for yesterday.With me it's thinking what tasty low-fat meals i can make.I've been giving hubby and older daughter the same as me to eat.i will have to go and explore the internet for recipes.I'm like that too,have days where you are'nt hungry,but then there are days where i just want to pick must be the 'time of the month'.Although when i was'nt healthy eating i was always so called 'hungry' my jaw was always going!!.Speak tomorrow,Julie

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