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hollybelle - Friday Jul 17, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

OK - have overdone it a bit today.  Ate fine until the afternoon -

B:  Van Iced coffee, maple cashews

L:  Turkey sandwich - tomato

S:  Orange Leaf for a coworkers birthday - I was very limiting to what I got and the size of my portion

S:  Here is where I start to go off the rails - 4 lemon shortbread cookies 260 calories right there!

D:  Homemade BLT - delicious tomatos! 

If I hadn't had the cookies - also way way way too much bread TWO sandwiches!  Bad planning - No - it was accidental.  I planned something else for lunch but got caught longer at the carwash than planned and that was best option on the fly.  At least my car is looking good!

Tomorrow is another day - I am concerned about what they will have to eat - they are giving us breakfast and dinner.  I will just do the best I can from the choices - I know lunch will be a boxed lunch with sandwich - guess which kind - turkey!  Again!  We'll see what happens. 

Walked 30 minutes.

grannyannie on 07/18/2015:
Uh oh. Once I start cookies I know I'm in trouble. You'll get back on track, no problem!

hollybelle on 07/18/2015:
Cookies are probably my biggest weakness! I just don't keep them around!

biscottibody59 on 07/18/2015:
The BLT sounds lovely!

hollybelle - Friday Jul 17, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Yesterday was ok -- I didn't get exercise in because needed a pedicure and out to eat with husband.  I have been sticking with exercise about every other day - better than nothing - but need to step it up!

Foods were not the healthiest -

Van Iced Coffee maple cashews

Grilled Chicken Strips and light popcorn(gee that's weird)

Sm salad with ranch,6 oz steak and 1/2 baked potato with butter and sour cream

Not as healthy as I have been but not that concerned about it - today's another day -  will keep it healthier today.  More vegetables and fruits  Will walk and/or do weights tonight. 

I have to work Saturday from 7:00am til 3:00pm!!!  Is some goofy training on how to initiate change within the organization which is fine, but not on Saturday.  If we need to do it it's important enough to take off company time for! I hope they give us comp time!  But not gonna hold my If not - I think I'll take off a day soon - maybe in the middle of the week so I can get my house cleaned up after all the shower construction work - they still aren't finished!  Should finish today!  Woo-hoo!



ohioraven on 07/17/2015:
Less pedicures and more peddling :v) Have a good day, Holly.

hollybelle on 07/17/2015:
This be true OR!

puddles on 07/17/2015:
Have a great weekend.

grannyannie on 07/17/2015:
Any exercise is good. Good plans for today.

biscottibody59 on 07/17/2015:
Hope that "worktime" is productive for you. Enjoy your weekend there!

hollybelle - Thursday Jul 16, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Gotta run, but did good last night.  Yesterday was good day - food and exercise was good - walked 40 minutes is all but better than nothing.  More later.

grannyannie on 07/16/2015:
Good job!

puddles on 07/16/2015:
Exactly 40 minutes is better then nothing. Have a great day.

ohioraven on 07/16/2015:
Keep up the good work, Holly.

Umpqua on 07/16/2015:
Very nice!

thinkpositive on 07/16/2015:
I consider 40 minutes just fine!

hollybelle on 07/17/2015:
Thank you!

hollybelle - Tuesday Jul 14, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Today has been good - going to drink more lemonade/water before bedtime.  Going for a walk if rain holds off after it cools down a bit - 91 at 5:30 tonight.  

B-Vanilla Iced Coffee and 4 crackers with 2 T PB

L:  small chicken thigh with chipoltle sauce, some rice and vegetable stew, 8 green beans and some summer squash 

S:  Peach

D- So far a few bites of kidney beans and few bites of BBQ pork chop - not hungry

UPDATE ***********Ate two small pieces of cornbread with a drizzle of maple syrup.  Wanted something sweet-ish

Scratch the rain holding off - storming up a mess right now.  Still may get to walk or do some exercise for at least 20 minutes - period!

The shower project should be finished tomorrow!  Woo-hoo!  Then can use it 24-48 hours later.  Fingers crossed.  Then will repair the kitchen ceiling and move on to the next of MANY projects still to come!


Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/14/2015:
Your breakfasts = LOVE! I know they would be nice if I were home and relaxing....they sound so tasty but low calorie!

hollybelle on 07/16/2015:
I make and take the coffee with me to work - I keep the crackers and PB and nuts at my desk at work. I am still working full time in Employee Benefits. I don't usually like to eat breakfast really early - just like my iced coffee in the Summer!! LOL

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/14/2015:
thanks, i'll look into that lemonade!

biscottibody59 on 07/15/2015:
We had rain towards the end of April and then in June, very few days without it. It was a little surreal after such a prolonged drought.

Hang in there--it will stop eventually!

(Fixed the month above:-)

ohioraven on 07/15/2015:
Yep, this last storm has been a mess. You're doing good Holly; of course a girl like you just HAS to have CornBread once in a while. It's good to have you back.

hollybelle on 07/16/2015:
Yep - love cornbread!

puddles on 07/15/2015:
What is this lemonade you guys are talking about. Have a great day.

hollybelle on 07/16/2015:
True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade. Not a big deal. It's 10 cals and more natural than crystal light, etc. I only use 1/2 strength. Refreshing. Comes in a box of little packets.

Umpqua on 07/15/2015:
Wow, you're getting Oregon temperatures now :P I hope the rain cooled things off for you!

thinkpositive on 07/15/2015:
Food sounds tasty ! I know what you mean about needing something sweet.

hollybelle - Monday Jul 13, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Thanks for the comments!  I am still doing well.  I walked about an hour yesterday and 35 minutes tonight - it cooled off after a big storm tonight and took dogs with husband.  I am not logging food because I don't want to get too tied to that activity - but here are todays menus

B - Iced vanilla coffee,  maple cashews

L - 4 crackers and 1 C homemade chicken salad 

S - banana

D - Parmesan talapia and cottage cheese and tomato

Beverages  - lots of water and natual lemonade with stevia

Will probably eat a little more before bedtime, but I really am very full at the moment.

Work - we had to go in the stairwell because of storms, but nothing happened - thank goodness.  

  Funny story of the day - So, you may know I got a new range in my kitchen - after almost 20 years!  And it is the first smooth top range I have ever had.  I have cooked very little on it - but it still got a tiny little bit of burnt stuff on it that just wiping off couldn't remove. So at lunch I went out and bought this super-duper smooth top range cleaner.  I was reluctant to use it but after reading directions twice very carefully, put a drop on the spot and rubbed very gently with the sponge provided.  Well it looked like it rubbed a HOLE in the glass on the smooth top stove!  I almost had a conniption (southern word for FIT!!!).  But I calmed down and reread the instructions and after determining there was nothing to do but put it on again and rub harder - I did so and it all came off!  I guess my tentative attempt just spread the burnt stuff out flatter and made it look like a worn spot on the surface!  I am officially crazy!  Guess you had to be there!

thinkpositive on 07/14/2015:
Oh I would have the same reaction to that smooth top cleaning problem. Glad you didn't have any weather problems! Nice amount of exercise.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/14/2015:
that's a fabulous walk and your body surely thanks you for it. and perfect weather too, lovely.

your natural lemonade sounds good! good idea! I should totally try that! I have so much stevia! This weekend!

Talapia sounds great too.

You are eating healthy!

hollybelle on 07/14/2015:
The lemonade is called True Lemon and comes in a box of little packets - it is not as chemically a some of the stuff like crystal light and stuff - it is made with real lemon products and acomes in raspberry lemonade an regular. I use 1/2 of a packeet in a very large container of ice water so it's weak - but I like it that way.

GottaDoIt on 07/14/2015:
I use Weiman daily cooktop spray. It works very well.

hollybelle on 07/14/2015:
This stuff if called Rejuvenate and it really worked great. It was pricey. I will have to try a few kinds, I guess. I just didn't rub hard at all so it spread the spot down and looked terrible at first. After I used it correctly it left a finish on the stovetop and didn't even get finger prints when I touched it afterward!

puddles on 07/14/2015:
I love my smooth top. In the mid 70s I had the corning top stove and loved it but then they stop making them and I am so glad that they have come back with a similar type of stove. Have a great day.

hollybelle on 07/14/2015:
I remember those Corning stove tops. There was a Corning Plant in my hometown - Harrodsburg KY - there still is and when those stovetops came out everyone eithr loved or hated them - thought they were something "spaceage" or something! LOL - Corning was ahead of their time, I guess. My friend works at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning NY. It is a very interesting place.

hollybelle - Saturday Jul 11, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Good eating yesterday.  Granddaughter was here last night so kept very busy.  

Cleaning up as well as I can around the rolls of plastic on the floors because the shower repair workers aren't done yet.  But they will be by Wed this week.  Finally emptied out all the old frig stuff and washed it down inside really well.  Looks new!  I will clean the outside really well - that won't take too long at all and put it for sale or donate it - don't know yet.

I have committed to walk or do some kind of exercise for 20 min a day - every day!  Doesn't sound like much but I have to RE start somewhere.  Injured back is better finally - but I am very behind.  So - I will report on activity on here.  Didn't post yesterday because of baby girl but read everyone's posts from yesterday - more later.....

grannyannie on 07/11/2015:
Glad your back is better. Nice to have granddaughter visiting. I get to see mine in the US the end of August.

puddles on 07/11/2015:
Good start to commit to do 20 min exercise. Hard to get back on track once we have been away from it. Have a great day.

Umpqua on 07/12/2015:
That sounds like a good plan to get back in the exercise groove!

biscottibody59 on 07/13/2015:
Hope your plan for activity goes well!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/13/2015:
be careful not to do too much, you don't wanna get re-injured :)

hollybelle - Thursday Jul 09, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Wednesday was an OK day and Thursday was really good.  It is Burger Week at many restaurants in town and they are offering $5 specialty burgers.  We went to a participating restaurant near our house and had delicious burgers - I could only eat 1/2 of mine and had about 5 small onion rings - so not the healthiest - but calories not too bad.  I also ate some hard caramel candy Wed   Thursday was fine - healthy food all day.

Was so sleepy due to lack of sleep Wed night that Thursday I came home from work and literally fell asleep on the couch in my clothes and ddn't wake up until midnight.  That's not right - I am getting my sleep pattern off - so will force myself to stay up Friday night until a decent hour!

Bathroom work won't be done until NEXT week - we had purchased matching tiles for the repairs, but the construction guy wants a differenet shape tile (longer) for the threshold of the shower because that will be less prone to leak in the future-which I am ALL for.  So we will go to tile shop and see if we can find some that "goes" if not match.  There is dust all over the house!  It will take a long time to clean after they are done - even tho they have closed off bathroom with door and additional plastic sheeting.  

Here's to a good Friday and a great weekend.  

Maria7 on 07/10/2015:
Hope you get your remodeling work completed soon. It will be worth cleaning all the dust from the work being done. Get some rest and hope you feel better...it is getting close to time for our scupponongs! :-)

puddles on 07/10/2015:
Once it is all done you will see how it was all worth the dust and the mess. Have a great weekend.

hollybelle - Wednesday Jul 08, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

I have had two very good food days after the long weekend - getting back on track - YAY!  No exercise though...for the most part feeling food.  Back was tender after chiropractic adjustment, but that's typpical.  Just enough that I didn't want to mess with it = so took it easy one more night!  I will exercise after ladies group tonight - something.  

Trying to stick with it at work - two very hectic days - boss is gone and my phone blew up for two days.  Trying not to dwell on it - but job is too weird - interactions with coworkers is terrible.  Very dysfunctional relationships at this place.  Hard to believe I have been there two years this coming Sept.  Only thing that keeps me going is I am thinking two more years and I can retire.  Truth be told - could probably quit now - but want to hit some financial goals before I do so hi ho hi ho - it's off to work I go. 

News on the shower repairs-going to cost more than original estimate due to more water damaged after they tore it up - I really expected that. The news wasn't too bad - but delayed the job - so they are coming back today and will mostly finish - but probably will be tomorrow before it's complete!  Still won't be able to use it until the weekend, but it's OK - we have two other bathrooms - it's not like we are suffering!  But seriously this repair has been a long time comin because husband was in charge - LOL - over a YEAR!  Can you say procrastination!  God love him!

More later, people - have a good day!

ohioraven on 07/08/2015:
Hey, Kentucky Girl. I remember when you took that job. The change was weighing on your mind pretty heavy back then. It's good to see you've toughed it out. Keep up the good work on both your career and your lifestyle. In your husbands defense, I procrastinate on home projects too. It's usually in the planning phase of our minds for about a year. We're men. This is what we do.

grannyannie on 07/08/2015:
Yea, hubbies can be good at putting off the jobs they don't want to do, but I do that as well so can't complain. Take it easy with the back!

Umpqua on 07/08/2015:
Yeah, my husband is supposed to be managing the repair and painting of the exterior of our house <cough cough>. I'm hoping something will get done on it before the snows start LOL. That's too bad the atmosphere at this newer job is so dysfunctional, but at least you have an end goal in mind and then retirement, woo hoo!

puddles on 07/08/2015:
Two more years will go by fast if you concentrate on the motive to sticking it out for that period of time. Have a great day.

thinkpositive on 07/08/2015:
Good job getting back on track. That's my plan this week as well, hang in there with the job. Sounds dreadful though to stick it out for 2 more years!!

biscottibody59 on 07/09/2015:
Hope you're having a good day!

hollybelle - Monday Jul 06, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Could have sworn I typed an entry for yesterday - guess I dreamed it - Haha!

Anyway I ate so much Saturday I wasn't very hungry Sunday.  So it was an OK day.  Husband and I litrally Never shop at a the Mall and rarely shop anywhere at all either so we went to the local mall yesterday.  They had built a new part last Fall and we hadn't seen it - so thought we'd check it out.  Well, it's about the same as the old part - more of the same old stuff for the most part.  We did stop in Gymboree and picked up two pairs of shoes fand a pair of shots and a top for baby girl and I bought a casual top at H & M store.  We were there 3 and a half hours - seriously!  What did we do all that time?  I don't know.  Got the mall out of systems for quite a while....We didn't sit down so there was some exercise involved so not a total loss!

Back to work today - eating has been really stellar. today.  Busy day at work and really tired.  The new stove and frig were delivered and  look great.  Bathroom repair guys came and it's bad news all around there.  More about it later.  Hats of to my husband who stayed home and supervised it all today.     

grannyannie on 07/07/2015:
Shopping in a mall is definitely exercise!

Umpqua on 07/07/2015:
I generally avoid the mall too, it's like falling down the rabbit hole most of the time :) But you got some good walking in so that's a benefit! Congrats on your new appliances, very exciting. I hope the bathroom stuff gets sorted ASAP!

hollybelle - Saturday Jul 04, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Well, today has been the worst food day in many ways in a LONG time.  BUT......it could have been SO much worse.....just ate some not so healthy things and too many calories in the form of starchy carbs, but hey - if I only have one day a MONTH like this - it won't be the end of the world.  I still didn't eat as poorly as I would have if we'd gone to the family get together that got called off this year.....I may have been mentally preparing for that and just gone overbaord anyway??  I had pretty much decided that these three days would not be stellar, but would not be too bad, either.  Back to business Monday and won't do so badly tomorrow, either.  One good thing - didn't OD on SUGAR! 

Went for a long walk.  So activity was fair. We had a pretty laid back 4th.this year - took all the used books to Half Price Books-big whoop-got a whole $5.00 for them all!  Went shopping a little while and went to Mom's and changed her AC/Furnace filters and visited a little bit.  Daughter and SIL and baby girl invited us to go downtown to the fireworks and dinner with them and friends, but we declined - had dinner with them yesterday.  Couldn't go to Philharmonic concert because of rain last night.

Neighborhood is setting off all kinds of fireworks now and my poor girl dog is beside herself!  We play music for her, but she is so scared.  Big lab boy does not like it either, but he's calmer about it.

Watching the Capitol Fourh show on TV - fun.  We were there one year about 20 years ago.  It was wonderful.  My favorite parts this year was Lang Lang playing Rhapsody in Blue!

Shampooed carpets upstairs yesterday - they look good again and I got lots of exercise.   Will do the downstairs - mostly hardwood - but family room needs it-when we have time to let them dry - takes being off of them about 5-6 hours.  I bought a Bissell shampooer last year and it does a pretty good job.  

Happy 4th all...... 

ohioraven on 07/05/2015:
Hi, Holly. I'm glad to hear we both survived the holiday. Sorry you guys got the rain. You're right, Tomorrow is another day and back on track. See ya.

hollybelle on 07/06/2015:
Another day - I will be super serious about good eating this week. I have had two weeks of being mindful, and working more carbs back in - but I will get back to lower carbs again this week. I have a lot going on at the house, too, but will work in a little more activity this week. Fingers crossed!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/05/2015:
Hi there HB! I wouldn't worry too much about this weekend. It's getting back on track now that is most important. I know you can do it - and that you will. I actually did the opposite as you. When I work, I find it hard to completely diet with lower calories. It's just a long day for me, and I just get too hungry / overwhelmed to lower the calories much. But when I can relax on the weekend for a day, it helps immensely. So I was smart about this weekend, and made sure to act on the relaxation / diet aspect of these 3 days and put them to good use. I ate lower calories both days so far and today is going to be successful, too. :) Yes, I'm very proud of myself. and once you are on track, you'll be feeling that same fantastic way!

You got a lot done yesterday, it doesn't sound so laid back to me! LOL, but I guess you mean no parties /staying out late. Same for me, a relaxing 4th. Went to see the Magic Mike movie and had dinner with a friend. Fireworks were relatively quiet / not much last night. I was actually surprised at that. There were some, but they were over before I knew it! And yes, I heard babies crying in other apartments!

Lol, at least the baby will learn to like the fireworks, unlike your poor dogs! cute though.

hollybelle on 07/05/2015:
Yeah - baby's grow up to be children who usually like fireworks, but poor old Elle, she does not - she's 10 now and it's sad to see - but husband and dogs when to the basement and she got in her kennel in the very back of the house - he had music on and they almost didn't hear the booms. It went on 'til midnight, though! You are right - I am getting back on track - these last days have not been awful food days- just having a few things I wouldn't regularly and that's OK. I am in a good mode right now - especially when I tried on some clothes today that were a size smaller and I almost thought I looked pretty good.

Umpqua on 07/06/2015:
One off day is allowed now and again. It sounds like you had a nice weekend overall and hopefully your poor pooches are recovered and calm by now. I hope it's a great week for you!

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