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hollybelle - Tuesday Nov 28, 2006
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Yesterday was an OK day. I ended up with 1255 calories. I was real stressed out with some work (but that got better) and Rachel's school work (really wish that wasn't an issue - but keep repeating to myself "we will get thru this, we will get thru this"-Bless her heart-it could be worse). Anyway, Menus for the day were:

B: Coffee and Banana

L: Spagetti and Meat Sauce 1 1/2 Cups

S: Cereal

D: 1/2 Ham sandwich, Sweet Potato Casserole

S: Kudos Bar 1 Cup Skim Milk

I didn't get on the ET last night so only exercise was 30 minutes of walking at lunch yesterday. I had to take Rachel to dance, go to Wal-Mart for batteries for the candles that go in our windows and an outdoor extension cord, it got late and I got tired. Poor excuses, but that's the way it goes, sometimes. I must do it tonight.

My mind is not as free as it needs to be....worries about situations in my life tend to make me want to give up, but I remember how that feels and I don't want to go back to that. One of the good things in my life (and there are lots of them) is that I have lost weight and feel better. I can't go back to the depressed, worried person I was. I will not do it - but, it is hard sometimes to know what types of thoughts should replace those worried ones. For the most part I am in the positive mode, but oh, boy.......For me it is all about learning to trust God. Some people say that is "simple" of me, but I can tell you - it is anything BUT simple! Simple or not, I am convinced that it is the only way I can live my life happily so I'm sticking with it.

Hang in there everyone.

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

monet0239 on 11/28/2006:
Ask him for help.. he will be there for you.. :).. if you just let him :).. keep up the good work.. your calories look good.. and hey 30 minutes of walking is way better then nothing at all !!.. hugs

gonnagetthere on 11/28/2006:
You're right God is our strength. My prayers for you about a clearer mind! God bless u! :)

Scruffy on 11/28/2006:
Scruff was here :) loves the positive attitude

hollybelle - Monday Nov 27, 2006
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Whew....I'm back again.....busy weekend. Can't believe it has been since Friday since I posted. I looked at some diaries but haven't had much time to comment - I miss you guys.

All in all I did ok over the long Thanksgiving weekend. Back on the usual routine now. I am looking forward to getting back into my exercise routine. ET - here I come tonight!

This weekend was good in that Mark and Rachel worked real hard and got the Christmas Tree up! YEA!!! I helped some but they did the majority. I got laundry caught up and put some other decorations out around the house and outside.

It is amazing how much they do these days. For years and years I did it all.

Mark and I had gift certificate for one night and breakfast at our local Marriott Resort Hotel - won it at a Christmas party last year. So we took Rachel to spend night with the gandparents and neighbor to look after the dog and took advantage of the holiday weekend to use that. It was nice. We saw the new James Bond movie and had dinner out. Dinner wasn't very good. But the movie was. I love the new Bond! Had a little too much violence and a little too much romance (not sex - romance) to suit me totally but all in all I recommend the movie for folks who like Bond. Haven't liked any of the "Bonds" since Sean Connery, but this guy has it goin on as far a movie heros go, I guess!

I will start posting my menus and calories for each day again beginning tomorrow for today. I just didn't keep up with it through the holiday. My calories were probably between 1500 - 2000 each day. But that is an estimate. I am estimating the 2000 on the high side to be "safe". But I think I only came up to that on Thanksgivign itself. I walked for one hour yesterday - we are having such unbelievably warm weather here. It was wonderful and I walked 30 minutes at work today.

Work is very stressful right now, but once I get through next week it should improve (I hope).

Have a Blessed evening everyone. Your Diary Pal - Holly

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

rjf on 11/27/2006:
Send me some warm weather!! *smiles* Good for you for getting back on target. I know you can do it! *smiles*

weightlossyoyo on 11/27/2006:
Sounds like you have been doing great! Your marriott trip sounded awesome.

Scruffy on 11/27/2006:
Scruff was here :)

hollybelle - Friday Nov 24, 2006
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone for another year. Whew! Actually, except for an incident at the end of the evening with my parents (in which I was not involved - thank you!) it was the most restful and successful one we have had in years! I woke up feeling much better finally - perfect timing by Devine Grace, I'm sure.

All the food was fine. The ham was wonderful! "Honey Baked Ham" made it. That is a chain of stores around here. Don't know if they are all over the U.S. or not....anyway we had great food everything turned out. I ate a LOT! Took a little of most everything on my plate but couldn't even eat it all - only about half of everything. I probably did over indulge in the desserts. I am not even going to attempt to keep up with the calories. It was my day to enjoy and not count. But, all in all I think I did "OK".

My parents left the party early (as usual) and the rest of us all went for a walk for about 45 minutes around our neighborhood after dark.

I was so glad to be able to walk since it had been so long since I had been able to exercise in any form - a whole week! - due to dance competition travel and illness.

I plan to get back on schedule now and keep on track through Christmas as much as possible.

Will see if can get family to help do Christmas decorations this weekend.....(sarcastic) "OH BOY".....I'm always glad when they are up and glad when they are put away every year. Then there is Christmas shopping to be done! I don't really do that much. Then there will be the baking which Rachel will be urging me to do (Praise the Lord). I really enjoy that. It is something that I shared every year with my Grandmother and that my fondest memories are made of. I sure do miss that lady!

Blessings to you all this weekend. Holly

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

JAM071962 on 11/24/2006:
Holly, Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Does you daughter do competition dance? Mine did for 12 years, last season was her last. She is a senior in high school this year and really wanted to do some things this year that she has not been able to do before. I do miss it, but I like having the extra $$ we are not spending on it. Keep up your great work ~ If you can dream it you can do it~

gonnagetthere on 11/24/2006:
Thanks so much for the encouragement and kindness! I do like LA, I did it years ago but then I left the country for a mission's stay and I was unable to stick to plan and obviously I never got back on. I really think if I finish then I will be okay this time...that is WHEN I finish :) I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving :) God bless you and yours :)

geevee on 11/24/2006:
GEez! I had completely forgotten about the Christmas decorations! Not to fear, when Jerryka comes back on Monday, that will be all she has on her mind besides eating the finally ripe avocado. How I've come to hate putting up the tree, but Jerryka gets so much pleasure from doing it. That will be on Monday.

sweetpea1977 on 11/24/2006:
I've never had a Honeybaked Ham, but I've heard a lot of good things about them (except that they can be pricey). Im a turkey gal for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I loved to have a ham for Easter. Maybe next year I will give them a shot!

Anyway, Im glad you are feeling better and had a good Thanksgiving!

greengirl on 11/24/2006:
It sounds like you had a lovely family day. Everyone deserves a little indulgence now and again LOL :)

maria777 on 11/24/2006:
YEs, it's about that time to decorate for Christmas, isn't it???

Sounds like you had a nice holiday! Big Smile!

borntocry on 11/25/2006:
Hey Holly! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Sounds like you did great - enjoyed a little bit of everything but didn't overdo it. Wish we could all do the same! I did fine on Thanksgiving but don't know how I will survive for the next three days at home with all the leftovers. Will probably just have to get back on track on Monday.

Thanks for the comment you left me, and for offering to help me make healthier versions of my Blue Grass recipes. I'll let you know the next time I make one!

Well, have fun baking with your daughter! I also have many fond memories of baking with my mother. I think it was the only time I got to spend alone with her as otherwise my Dad and my two brothers hogged all her attention!

Moody on 11/25/2006:
We have a HoneyBaked Ham nearby but I have never had them.. I hear they are wonderful tho! I can't remember where but I heard on the news today that HoneyBaked Ham had some recalls on some of their food!!!! Didn't catch the entire story but I thought of you when I heard it!

hollybelle - Wednesday Nov 22, 2006
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Feeling much better today. Was at University library last night when I posted. Right after that I got very sick again and wound up laying down on couch where no one could see me. Rachel finished with the tutor and we went home. I fell asleep on the couch at home - got up and went to bed and slept through until about 5:30 this morning. Still kind of headachy but better. I almost fainted when my husband and daughter got up this morning and began picking up the house and making plans to help get the house ready for company tomorrow! Usually Thanksgiving is all up to me......I think I am in love with my family again!

Yesterday we had a vendor come in and bring everyone in the whole agency lunch. It was from this great pizza place in town. I ate my share. After not eating very much for two days I was due, I guess. But I think I wasn't ready for it because I think that's why I got ill at library last night. It sure was good at the time though.

Menus for the day were:

B: Coffee, Few bites of oatmeal (Mark ate the rest) and Kashi Bar

S: None

L: 1 slice Pepperoni Pizza, 1/2 breadstick with garlic butter, salad with Italian Dressing, cookie

S: None

D: Granola Bar (made myself eat this - was so nauseous)

S: None


Drank water all day - seemed to help...... Thanks for all your caring comments to feel better. Here's hoping for a Blessed Thankssgiving for everyone! Holly

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

smiley2 on 11/22/2006:
I always get sick from rich foods. When your body is "clean" by not eating them for a few days and then suddenly you have somehing rich it could lead to nausea. I hope you feel better soon, hope you have a good Thanksgiving and try to steer away from the rich, fatty foods ;)

WorkingIt on 11/22/2006:
Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

weightlossyoyo on 11/22/2006:
Hope you feel better soon. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/22/2006:
Feel better and enjoy Thanksgiving!

maria777 on 11/22/2006:
I hope you feel better soon, too!

Hope you and yours have a wonderful THanksgiving!

Scruffy on 11/22/2006:
Scruffy was here :)

gonnagetthere on 11/22/2006:
Your weight loss is amazing! I will get there too :) Have a great Thangsgiving and feel better!

monet0239 on 11/22/2006:
Enjoy your Thanksgiving !

borntocry on 11/23/2006:
Hi Holly,

Wow, sounds like you've been pretty ill lately. I hope you feel better today! This probably isn't the best way to control the Thanksgiving calories!

Thanks for the comment you left me. You're right, people usually don't seem to notice my cooking mistakes either. A couple of times people have even commented on the mistake and said how much they liked it! Like one time I made cinnamon buns and didn't bake them long enough, and everyone said they loved how gooey they were in the middle and wanted to know how I had done that! Haha!

That butternut casserole you mentioned sounds delicious - I wish my husband liked squash, or sweet potatoes for that matter. I hate making fattening stuff just for myself. By the way my in-laws are from Kentucky, and for my wedding one of them gave me a book of Blue Grass recipes. Everything I've tried from that book has been delicious... but loaded with calories!

hollybelle - Tuesday Nov 21, 2006
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

I'm Baaaaaakkkkk! Kind of at least......got back from dance competition in Dayton, OH at 8:30 Sunday night and wasn't feeling real well. Skipped work all day yesterday and stayed in bed mostly. Not sure what to say I have.....headache and nausea dizzy and weak....Some better today but still not 100% :(. Will just post calories for the last three days and leave it at that - will catch up with everyone later.

(NOTE: some days were very low due to illness - not on purpose) Sat 1255 Sun 780 Mon 655

Nedless to say - no exercise in 4 days! But have drank quite a bit of water.

Thanksgiving is coming.....hope I can stick to my plan!!!!

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

monet0239 on 11/21/2006:
just eat smalll portions hehe.. it is a special day hugsss.. and get better soon..:)

WorkingIt on 11/21/2006:
I hope you feel better soon!

maria777 on 11/21/2006:
Hope you feel better soon!!! Good for you on drinking LOTS of water! Have a good evening! Big Smile!

weightlossyoyo on 11/21/2006:
Feel better soon, and try to make yourself eat and drink lots of water. We need you to be well. :)

Scruffy on 11/21/2006:
Scruff was here :)

hollybelle - Thursday Nov 16, 2006
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Edited Friday 11/17 a.m. OK, I added up all the calories for yesterday - BIG day - eating out two meals......Went all the way to 1297! Still well under 1500 at least. No time to post menus - just calories. Only had the 22 minutes on ET in the a.m. for exercise. Didn't get home until after 9 p.m. from when left in the a.m. and had so much to do......Probably won't get to workout today because of getting ready to go to dance competition. Will watch what I eat while away, but it will be hard. Have to eat out all the time in Dayton and very limited choices nearby where competition is held, etc.

Won't be able to post all weekend, until maybe Sunday nigiht - late. Have a Blessed weekend everyone.

********************************** OK, here's the scoop I at the library waiting on Rachel and her dear tutor and I wanted to post my menus and calories for yesterday in my diary, BUT....I left my planner with my food diary in it in the car and it's rainy and windy and COLD. I am not going out to get it. I can't remember exactly how many calories I ate but, it was around 1200 (give or take a few) so it was an OK day. I remember I was not hungry all day really and almost wanted to skip dinner because Mark and Rachel had already eaten and I didn't need to fix them anything. BUT I got thinking about how I didn't want to slow my metabolism down, etc. and I decided to eat, but I went over 1200 a little because I ate two bowls of cereal.

I did 30 minutes on ET yesterday and another 22 this morning! YEA! Will do 20-30 minutes more tonight.

Rachel has a ceremony at school for all the students who had weighted GPAs of 3.5 or above last year and we are going to that. Will probably get something to eat afterwards, but am not very hungry right now.

Today was kind of a challenge because the guy I work and I with went to visit a client in another town about an hour away. When we go see this client he always wants to eat at this restaurant with all this wonderful home-cooked food. It's called Claudia Sanders, The Col.'s lady and yes, you guessed it - Claudia was THE Mrs. Sanders of the Kentucky Fried Chicken fame. They have a great menu. I did ok on my food choices, though, and was really glad at the end of the meal when I hadn't overeaten.

I will post my menus for today on tomorrow's diary. It would have been so easy to order up fried chicken livers with mashed potatoes and gravy, corn pudding, and green beans and have a huge biscuit with butter and a big ole corn muffin with butter, too. HA! But I didn't. If I had half of that I think I probably would have died of being over-stuffed at this point! Funny to think of it that way. My how 8 weeks change things! If it could only always be like that! Maybe it can be?????

I am beginning to think of Thansgiving and everyone is coming to my house. Everyone in our family is a big whopping 8 people! I think my goal will be to be as sensible every day as I can possibly be until then and eat anything I want - within reason - on Thansgiving Day. Then go back to the sensible eating after Thansgiving Day. Also throwing in as much ET, walking, weights and ab work as I can, of course.

I actually think it would be difficult for me to eat lot of food at one time now. But I know what I am capable of, even a little bit at a time, if I am doing that old emotional eating bit.

I really don't feel like I am losing that much weight anymore, but I know the losing will slow down because I am getting closer to my goal. If I keep on doing what I am doing it will come off - it's all in the numbers. Calories in - calories burned vs calories needed and every time I get into a 3600 (or is it 3500?) calorie deficit I will lose a pound.

It will also be harder to lose though the holidays with all the special foods that come around between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. I am starting to think about that, too. I think I will save some of my calories for those really special things I love that I don't have any other time of the year and chose those very carefully-try to space the out, etc. I hope I don't get that panicky feeling about food around the holidays. Right now that is gone and it feels like so much freedom. I must think of a way to hang on to that during the holdiays.

Sounds like a lot of strategy, but I am up to it! At least for today. Keep taking one day at a time guys! We all get up every morning with the potential to make it a good day. That is EVERY morning - morning after morning after morning.

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

weightlossyoyo on 11/16/2006:
Its 3500, please don't add any takes enough work to burn that off..LOL. You did great with your calories and workout today. Bummer you left your book out in the car. I do things like that all the time and I wouldn't have gone and got it either. I HATE cold weather and the thinner I get the MORE I HATE it! Well keep up all the good work!

WorkingIt on 11/17/2006:
1297 is not bad at all! Good job!

Moody on 11/17/2006:
Sounds like you had a really good day! Great job working out!! You're doing awesome and you WILL meet your goal..just like you said take it one day at a time!

Scruffy on 11/19/2006:


hollybelle - Wednesday Nov 15, 2006
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Yesterday was OK. Rachel had tutor and wanted to eat at Mexican Restaurant before so......here's menus:

Total for the Day 1185

B: 1/2 PBJ Sandwich, Coffee

S: Banana

L: 1/2 chicken Salad Sandwich, Tangerine, Apple

S: none

D: Chips and Salsa - about 20 chips, 1/3 Chicken Quesadilla

S: Kudos Bar

Not too bad. I didn't feel real hungry except at lunchtime. I will probably post more later. Got to run and get ready for work. Walked 45 minutes yesterday - need to get on ET!!! Husband was on it last night when we came home. Today's the DAY!!

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

ima2hefty on 11/15/2006:
Dont you LOVE Kudos bars? lol So yummy. Good job on the walking. I find walking so relaxing. :)

gte374f on 11/15/2006:
Youare doing so great! I hope to follw you in your footsteps soon..

WorkingIt on 11/15/2006:
Isn't it funny how on some days we are hungrier at lunch or dinner or whatever than others? I get hungry on the weekends and think I should make a huge breakfast, but then I revert to my lazy ways and decide to have a glass of ovaltine instead LOL. Sorry your daughter feels that she didn't do as well as she would have liked, but she probably did the very best she could for that one and should be proud for the battle!

As far as your TOM and the surgery..GOOD FOR YOU!!! I had considered having the surgery myself earlier this year and found, like you, that the more physically fit I became, the better I felt. Some months are worse than others but I am not nearly in as much pain as I was last year or even earlier this year! Any day without a surgery is a good day for me! LOL *******HUGS********** thanks for being you!!

weightlossyoyo on 11/15/2006:
You did great today with your calorie intake! Keep up the good work!

sweetpea1977 on 11/16/2006:
Wow, congratulations on the weightloss! Thats quite a difference since the last time I was able to post a comment on your diary. Way to go!!

hollybelle - Tuesday Nov 14, 2006
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Monday 11/13 was OK. Menus were:

B: Coffee and Kashi Bar

S: None

L: Beef Stew 1/2 C, yogurt, pretzels

S: A few Cashews - like 6

D: 2 Loaded Potato Skins (Felt like made best choice here - believe it or not)had to eat out with other dance mom and she chose restaurant. Anything I could have chosen that would have been lower fat and cals would not have satsifed me and I would have been in that "searching for something better" mode all night. As it was, I didn't eat anything else yesterday evening.

Calories were probably too low for the day - but, again - not on purpose. I ate what I wanted until I was not hungry anymore without overdoing it and left it at that. Calories were around 1000 for the day.

No exercise due to not getting home until 10:00 and was tired. Had big Dance Parent meeting at SCAPA and also had to get costume instructions for the other dance place - competition weekend coming up! This is one reason I am not worried at all about having a few days when cals are low because will have to eat out A LOT this weekend - must travel to Dayton, OH - about 2.5 hours for this event.

Thanks for the good wishes on the doc visit. It went as I thought. It was a whole different conversation than I would have had with the doc 2 months ago. Two months ago I would have said "sign me up" I want it all over and scheduled the hysterectomy. But since the last couple of TOMs AMAZINGLY have been "better" I am electing to go into a wait and see pattern and delay making a decision. I would prefer to go out of this life with all the parts I came into it with if possible - but if it gets bad again I want to have surgery to improve my quality of life. The doc was young, energetic and great, I think. She was fine with me waiting to decide. So we'll see.

Rachel got a "C" on her AP Biology test....not as good as we hoped. Too bad. She is wearing down on the amount of study she must do, but she just has to keep on plugging. She will get a break on the trip for dance competition this weekend, and next week is Thanksgiving and a long weekend. I can only hope and PRAY that she will pull out a "C" overall grade this semester.

I am really enjoying fitday.com with all the tools on there counting the calories has become so much easier. There is pretty much EVERYTHING you want to know calories for on there. I like the exercise "calories burned" tool, too. Even though I don't really total the calories burned and do the math everyday, it gives me a boost to see how much I have burned over an above just everyday walking around type stuff - especially on days when the calorie total has been pretty high.

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

iamstillme on 11/14/2006:
I often see people talking about Kashi bars-just what are they and where do you get them?

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/14/2006:
wonderful job on your food choices. beef stew and nuts are very healthy! I'm sorry your daughter didn't do as well as she would have liked, but there's a next time for her to improve! I'm glad your TOMs are better as well, that's of major importance. as for me, my TOMs are all over the place! lol. but no pain at least!

gte374f on 11/15/2006:
Ap Bio is so hard!! Good luck to your daughter..You are doing GREAT!! I hope to follow in your footsteps..you seem like you are really in a lifestyle change..where eating out doesn't trip you up or freak you out..I hope to get to that soon! I wishing you every success!!

hollybelle - Monday Nov 13, 2006
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

I think I am begining to detect a pattern.....on the weekends - especially Sundays I tend to not want to write all my stuff down......and I lose track. It's not particularly that I am OVER eating on Sundays - but I cook more and I take a taste here and there and sometimes I don't really eat what I made because it wasn't "my favorite" and things like that. I don't think as long as I don't go overboard that it will hurt to take a day off each week, but I will be aware of it and if I don't continue to lose or start to gain I will be more disiplined about it on weekends. One thing not so good about Sunday was I really didn't exercise. Rachel was on the computer with homework most of the time when I had time, it was rainy outside and I just put it off. But I feel better for it today - more rested. I exercised quite alot last week and I may have needed the rest. I feel ready to go tonight.

Tomorrow I have Dr. appointment in the a.m. for those uterine fibroids diagnosed a couple of months ago. I will go see what the doc has to say about those. I have never seen this doc before - she is a GYN. My old one retired. Has anyone ever experienced painful and heavy TOMs actually improving upon losing weight? It seems like that last month mine was MUCH easier. (Sorry if too much information - I don't know who else can ask nobody else I know has lost weight lately.)

Today - so far - I have been doing good on healthy eating. Not real hungry, though. Want to do the ET tonight and have good things to report tomorrow. I am starting to think about my strategy for between Thansgiving and Christmas this year........We will all have to stick together then, huh!!

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

rjf on 11/13/2006:
Keep up the good work and I hope the doctor's appt. goes well. *smiles*

WorkingIt on 11/13/2006:
I am a firm believer in having one cheat meal a week and making it on the hardest day of the week. My hardest day is Thursday for some reason. I don't do the cheat meals so much anymore and not at all for the next couple of months. It is amazing how those little snippits of food add up! My mother swears that little chocolate kisses aren't as bad as eating an entire candy bar....at 25 calories a kiss, it doesn't take too long to get the same calories as a full size bar!

As far as my holiday eating plans, I am keeping myself as close to 1200 calories per day as possible, using diet and exercise combined. And then on Christmas and Thanksgiving, I am not going to worry about a thing lol. After the holidays I'll go back to my 1300/1400 per day. I just don't want to worry about making or eating differently on those two days. I just want to exist LOL. Have a great night!

weightlossyoyo on 11/13/2006:
YEP! I do beleive that when you work out and watch what you eat the TOM gets a little easier.

Scruffy on 11/13/2006:
Scruff was here :) but has no advice on TOM...LOL

tourguidebarbie on 11/14/2006:
When you work out your TOM get's a lot easier and lighter. I used to be a dancer *and not THAT type of dancer... haha* and they were way less painful than they are now that i've packed on the lbs

hollybelle - Sunday Nov 12, 2006
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Yesterday was OK. I did great on exercise, but kind of blew my calories somewhat because had a small piece of cake Rachel made to take to friend's house. Other than that - not too much to report. Hope to make beef stew tonight and some Beef/Cabbage soup later this week. Feel like having lots of comfort food since it got so cold here yesterday. Friday I was in shorts because unseasonably warm weather, yesterday morning was nice and Mark, dog and I went for semi-long walk. It started raining on our way home and progressively got colder all day long. This a.m. it is about 34 degrees, still rainy. Oh, well, I think that is still better than the ice and snow WorkingIt said she had to deal with! Total calories 1370 Exercise:

1 hour walking 40 minutes on ET

Have a Blessed Day everyone! Your Diary Buddy - Holly

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

WorkingIt on 11/12/2006:
I think that is so cool that you used to teach step! I LOVED step back in the day lol. I had a step teacher who had the best legs I've ever seen! Well defined and STRONG. She said that step is great for the thighs and the butt, more than the treadmill (if you aren't a professional runner). I read several times that having very powerful thighs is the key to being able to burn more calories and to amp up the cardio benefits of any workout. Women who are lucky to have nice thighs are blessed! LOL

WorkingIt on 11/12/2006:
Beef/cabbage stew sounds awesome. I think I will get some stuff for that at the store today. Glad you posted that!

weightlossyoyo on 11/12/2006:
Yummm your stew sounds awesome! You are doing a execellent job! Don't worry about the cake, you will burn it off. Who knows it may help your weight if you have been doing good for a while, throwing your body off like that will keep it guessing.

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