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hollybelle - Friday Jul 20, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

OK - true confessions - I didn't exercise yesterday and I ate terribly - sweets!  Not sure why.  First time in a long time.  It's over. Today will be fine again.

45 minutes on the ET and 15 minutes of weights and 10 minutes of good stretches.  Then Hanging on the inversion table for about 5 minutes.  It rained again!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 07/20/2012:
We all have those days Holly. Good attitude about moving forward with gusto!

V on 07/20/2012:
Yep you will be fine Holly! Today is a new day <3

supercheese on 07/20/2012:
Todays a new day!

liza36 on 07/20/2012:
Who knows why we indulge or over indulge in sweets. I like your attitude - moving on!

HereIAmAgain! on 07/20/2012:
I Know you will, look you have already posted bright and early so I know you are on the right track, have a great day. Make the right choice, progress!

inmorning on 07/20/2012:
Thanks for your nice comment.

grannyannie on 07/21/2012:
Another one confessing, eh? :-) I had too much wine last night.

If you want something healthy to do with the berries, put them in porridge/oatmeal.

hollybelle - Thursday Jul 19, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

It's official - Rachel and Will are engaged. See FB for pictures. He had a friends come and video tape it at the restaurant and take pictures. There were so many flashes it looked like a red carpet occasion! So sweet.

It stormed after work last night.  Didn't get a bike ride in, but did the ET for 20 minutes and weights for 20 or more minutes.  I must remember to wear a sweat band when I do the ET because I sweat into my eyes and down my neck  Sounds weird but I can't stand that feeling and it's distracting.  I must wear sweat band any time I sweat more than 10 minutes.

Today I have a meeting in a town about an hour away at 10:00 so I want to get an early start and get that done.  

More later. 

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

V on 07/19/2012:
Congrats to them! I am going to check out the pics now :) Back later, have a good day <3

supercheese on 07/19/2012:
Aw congrats to them! Ohhh what your fb account? :) P.S. I biked 20 miles last night (stationary but it still kicked my butt!)

liza36 on 07/19/2012:
Congratulations to them! That's wonderful.

Umpqua on 07/19/2012:
Congratulations to the happy couple!

LeakingLife on 07/19/2012:
Hope you have a fab day!

supercheese on 07/19/2012:
how long did it take me i guess is the right question! I think it took me an hour and 15 minutes? Around there. Boy did my legs hate me after though ha

grannyannie on 07/19/2012:
Congrats to the happy couple! Good workout.

I can't be trusted with muffins in my house!!

hollybelle - Wednesday Jul 18, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

No exercise last night - too much going on at the house. 

On a national news note:  It makes me so sad that the FDA has approved YET ANOTHER weight loss drug.  Think about it - they have come up with drugs in this category time and time again and they have all been proved to be marginally effective or worse - to cause serious side-effects (irreversable heart valve problem/weakness for example).  Furthermore, it just encourages people desparate to lose weight to think the anwser lies in taking a pill.  I predict that this drug, like others in the past will be proven to be hardly effective without the components we all know work - healthy eating and increased activity.  I hope this does not offend anyone at all.  I don't mean it that way.  I have taken weight loss drugs in the past.  I just believe that drugs that promise weight loss only give people false hope and cause people who need to lose weight and get healthy to put off the realization that there is one best way to do it.  Not to mention lining the pockets of the drug companies.  No mistaking that this drug will make the company that developed it Billions and Billions.  I just wonder how long it will be until it is announced that it's harmful or mostly ineffective and how many lives will be affected. The drug contains a stimulent (that was part of the dangerous drug Phen-Phen) which suppresses the appetite and an anti-seizure medication that has been shown to cause weight loss.  The drugs must be taken under strict medical supervision and cannot be presctibed for people with heart issues, high BP, etc. - all conditions that are common in obese individuals.  It has been shown in clinical trials to cause some people to lose 10% of their body weight.  So for a 250 pound person this = 25 lbs.  Once the drug is discontinued the appetite comes back, the weight loss effect of the anti-seizure med goes away - the weight comes back and the patient gives up once again.  Believe me, if I could take a pill and be health and fit - would sure do it!  But I'm not buying into the false hope they are selling!  OK - RANT OVER!

More later - church group night and biking riding tonight!

Food note:  I made TAcos for dinner last night with ground turkey and low sodium seasoning and they were good.  Just put a little cheese and lettuce and salsa on them. 

UPDATE:  It's official - Rachel and Will are engaged.  See FB for pictures.  He had a friends come and video tape it at the restaurant and take pictures.  There were so many flashes it looked like a red carpet occasion!  So sweet.

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 07/18/2012:
I totally agree with you on weight loss drugs. There is NO magic pill.

Have a great day and bike ride!

Umpqua on 07/18/2012:
You already know how I feel about the FDA and the USDA and their motivations, which are often not in the best interests of consumers. A quick fix is appealing to many struggling overweight people and the FDA can feel satisfied that they're doing their part to fight obesity.

Hubby and I were talking about the "planned obsolescence" phenomenon with consumer products that is the norm now in retail over our vacation. It came up because our condo had a Waring blender (made in the USA in a town right near us!) that must have been circa 1978 or so. This thing was a tank, beautiful piece of equipment that performed better than any of the "high end" blenders I've purchased over the years. You can't go into a regular store and buy a product like that anymore, instead you get a product that lasts 2 or 3 years and then breaks - and you just buy a new one. It's scary to think that something similar is happening with our food supply/healthcare system and we're at a place where quick fixes like these pills are becoming the norm instead of trying to fix the real problems.

V on 07/18/2012:
Rant on, as you see you have support in your disgust..It is sad that some people buy into the "magic pill" instead of changing eating habits and getting some form of exercise in :(

supercheese on 07/18/2012:
weightloss drugs, not a fan...at all.....

selina on 07/18/2012:
I can't get any exercise lately, myself. Too much going on with friends visits and all... I hope you can go biking tonight!

legcramps on 07/18/2012:
It certainly isn't the route I would take to lose the weight... of course, ask me fifteen years ago and I may have had a different answer. Time and experience equals wisdom!

thenewMLE on 07/18/2012:
My sentiments exactly on magic pills. It bothers me more that they would spend all the money, time and research on a drug for weight loss instead of education to the public for the need of healthy eating and that fast food should be a "treat" not a several times a day option. And cooking isn't just woman's work - EVERYONE should be taught the basics of reading recipes and preparing fresh food. Unless you live in a motel, most of the population has access to a kitchen. And it is cheaper than paying someone else to prepare your meals. AND the computer society that we have become, needs to take physical activity breaks and do something physical almost every day. I remember as a child not coming home until the sun went down for dinner. We ran, rode bikes, and played in the neighborhood. We watched 1 1/2 show on TV in the evening. We watched 1 hour of cartoons on the weekends. The generation today watches TV, movies on demand and videos and games ALL DAY LONG. Sorry for adding to the rant, but our electronic society is nice, just not well managed by parents teaching children that like fast food, computers should be done in moderation. Hope you get your ride this evening!! We knocked out 15 miles last night.

Maria7 on 07/18/2012:
It's all about money... And people refuse to discipline themselves to achieve their goals and want a quick fix and turn to an instant pill promising them the moon...

hollybelle - Tuesday Jul 17, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Rode 23 miles last night.  I just couldn't make the last 2 miles-I got too hot and headed back home.  It was around 98 degrees with extreme humidity last night.  Rode fairly conservatively - around 14 mph - rode with friend the first 7-8. 

BIG news - daughter's BF spoke to husband and asked for permission to marry daughter...I had been telling him it was coming. But he only half believed me. He got tears and said all the right things.  Will was very nervous.  Even though she is very young (21), we think they are an excellent match. He is about 10 years older, very stable and has a good level head on his shoulders - he's a mechanical engineer, a christian and comes from a very nice family with two older sisters. They love each other very much and I am very happy for both of them.  So, it looks like we will have a son!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 07/17/2012:
Good job on the bike ride. If it was sunny here I'd be on mine. Congrats on DD's proposal! How exciting!

Aye, sometimes I ask my hubby to hide sugary treats and give me one when I ask for it. These brownies were screaming out to be devoured. Haven't had any for a very long time!

V on 07/17/2012:
OMG!! I am assuming he plans to propose on her bday? Congrats <3 I am so happy for them!!

thenewMLE on 07/17/2012:
I'm so happy for all of y'all!!! He is such a gentleman for doing the right thing by asking for her hand in marriage. You just don't see etiquette followed properly anymore. And how nice to have a son in the family!!! Good job on the ride last night. When I first started riding I asked y'all if there was something wrong with me because I did not sweat - ever. I didn't start to sweat until middle of June and it started on the tops of my hands! Gradually when I was finished riding it would roll down my back. And recently my hair would get wet. Sunday night was the first time this summer that I did not sweat. But it was also 20 degrees cooler because of a thunderstorm that had rolled through. I didn't ride last night because I finally got that crown put on and it was so PAINFUL that I took a vicodin and went to bed after dinner. Congrats on the great news!!!

thenewMLE on 07/17/2012:
I'm laughing about him trying to surprise her and being the worst kept secret because I told you that you mirror my life, and my daughter turned 22 last month and her boyfriend didn't propose that day because he thought she was expecting it and my hubby had been out of town and he hadn't talked to him yet. Well, he went with the younger sister to buy the ring so SHE knows it is inevitable and friends are telling other friends that it will be soon, but he is still trying to surprise her. The dad talk hasn't happened yet either. He is 5 years older and we feel the same way about him that he is a good match and they are mature enough to get married. hahaha - my biking twin! She works for an agency as a personal lines producer. She will take her licensing exam in September. Right now, she is just training and helping out in the office. She loves it.

V on 07/17/2012:
RYC, the sooner he does it, the better, I am sure it will be leaked throughout Lex before the end of the week..LOL I will be on pins and needles until he pops the question :)

Umpqua on 07/17/2012:
How exciting! And how chivalrous of your SIL to be to ask for her hand the old fashioned way. Congrats to your daughter!!

legcramps on 07/17/2012:
Yay, congratulations on the happy news!

Great ride yesterday :)

thinkpositive on 07/17/2012:
Congratualtions! Happy news and your soninlaw to be sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders.

sweetpea1977 on 07/17/2012:
lol at your comment. I wish I would have taken "before" photos of my cabinets and etc so that the "after" shots would look even more amazing. :)

Great job on the ride! And congrats on adding a son to the family! Thats great news!!! :)

Maria7 on 07/17/2012:
Oh, how sweet! And to know that he is a Christian. :-D Keep us updated.

moogy on 07/17/2012:
What wonderful news to come back to!!! Yay! Lovely that he asked permission:) I like him already:) Great riding Holly! Thanks for coming to look for me:) Love you:)

nunnermack on 07/17/2012:
Wow!! You certainly did a great job with the bike ride in that heat and humidity. I applaud you!!!

Congrats to your family!! What a sweet thing for her BF to do too!!!

Kati on 07/18/2012:
Woooooooooonderful news here, Holly!!! :D Man is 7 yrs older than me, but it never really mattered. 21 - 31, that sounds great. I know I'd loved to have a 31 yr-old man when I was 21, hihi... I updated my diary and I promise I come back... tomorrow :D and everyday! Again! :D

hollybelle - Monday Jul 16, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

OK.  It's a brand new week.  I have been hanging out at this same weight, fitness level.  I am going to push a little the next fews weeks and see if I can get going to a new level.  I little more weights, a little more ET, maybe Zumba or Turbokick class, staying regular on the bike, if not longer rides.  Right now with the hot and very humid weather longer rides than I am doing are probably unrealistic most days.  Tiny bit better food choices.  I can do it! 

I posted yesterday about my 40th Class Reunion.  

Had dinner with my mom, husband, daughter and her boyfriend for daughter's birthday - which is Wednesday this week.  21 years old this year!  It was nice.  I wasn't very hungry so brought most of mine home - husband will probably eat it for dinner tonight!  Hahahaha.

More later.


Rode 23 miles in the heat and humidity.  I was going to go fo r25, but just couldn't do it - I got over heated the last part of the ride and had to head for the house.  I didn't make really good time because I stopped for my friend AND to look at houses that were under construction in a new neightborhood down the pike.  I really like to do that.  Sometimes I think I should have been a realtor.   

BIG news - daughter's BF spoke to husband and asked for permission for them to get married.  I had been telling him it was coming.  But he only half believed me.  He got tears and said all the right things.  Even though she is very young (21), we think they are an excellent match.  He is about 10 years older, very stable and has a good level head on his shoulders - he's a mechanical engineer, a christian and comes from a very nice family with two older sisters.  They love each other very much and I am very happy for both of them. 

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

V on 07/16/2012:
Good Morning Holly :) I checked out your pic, you look great, happy, and healthy..Whomever tagged that pic tagged you as someone else..You are in the front row, black and white top, white capri's correct? You look fabulous <3 have a good day!

sweetpea1977 on 07/16/2012:
Your plan to take things up a notch sounds awesome! Variety of exercise will do awesome things for you! As for your bike rides at this time of year, I can relate. I really miss my walks, runs, and hikes. Even the early AM hours are too humid for me to squeeze them in. I am looking forward to fall to get those activities re-started.

Yea, that yard sale jumpstarted the whole "Clean House" thing. Im glad though, because I feel like my stress levels have dropped big time ever since starting this process a few weeks ago!

thenewMLE on 07/16/2012:
I always think the Mom should celebrate just as much as the child so Happy birthday to you to Holly! My youngest will be 21 in November an my oldest just turned 22 less than a month ago. They are no longer little girls! Good job on only eating as much as you were hungry! When we used to eat out, I never wanted to bring anything home and I definitely have a phobia about wasting so I would always feel uncomfortably full after a night out. But now, since it's not just a "bite" that I would be saving, I usually plan to only eat 1/2 of an entree when we eat out. Hubby and I are now sharing an entree and usually sharing an app. Good luck with spicing up the routine to try and shake the scale. I think sometimes our bodies just accept what we are doing and stop burning the excess calories. Y'all taught me that change is good - best of luck!!

legcramps on 07/16/2012:
Great pic from your reunion! Have a great day today.

Umpqua on 07/16/2012:
Excellent pic Holly, you look great! Good plan for ramping up the exercise and even slight changes in food choices can make a difference.

thenewMLE on 07/16/2012:
That was the 1/2 way point last night. I didn't sweat last night. For late evening pretty light, you need to not be blocked by trees. For me, the levee is 12 feet above the street level so I can get the low light without the city obstructions of trees and buildings. Start noticing the light on your trails and look at how the light strikes your arms. You don't want bright and high contrasty, so the weaker setting sun gives that glow. When you see the light on your skin that you like, note the time and if it will be in the next few weeks, just go a few minutes earlier as the longer days are over and sunset will creep up earlier. Maybe plan to do it when your friend rides with you!

sleepyRN on 07/16/2012:
Great outlook for the coming week :) I'm going to push myself a little more as well

hollybelle - Sunday Jul 15, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer and did about 20 minutes of weights.  My arms feel it today.  I didn't over eat.

I went to the reunion.  A picture of us all is posted on my FB page.  We had about 1/3 of the class show up.  It was more fun to see everyone than I thought it would be.  All in all I look good compared to others - if I do say so.  Almost everyone is overweight now - sad.  I am actually on the low end.  I think I looked better than the picture shows, but my shirt kind of bunched up when I sat down.  Plus the picture was kind of fuzzy. The food was terrible.  Really a "token" meal.  I couldn't eat it at all.  BBQ pork on buns, bad cole slaw and baked beans and a big birthday-type cake.  I wound up eating an ice cream cone on the way home at 10:30 for dinner.   Anyway - that's over.

Today we are supposed to go to dinner with my mother, daughter and BF to celebrate daughter's 21st  birthday (which is Wednesday). 

I had peach pancakes for breakfast.  Delicious - for lunch I had beets, 6 mini chicken tacos (2 bites each) with a little salsa.   

No exercise so far, but I cleaned the kitchen 3 times between breakfast, lunch and cleaning out the 'fridge.  Gonna do some laundry and vaccum the downstairs.


Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 07/15/2012:
Have a great day, Holly.

Maria7 on 07/15/2012:
Hey, over there, Kentucky Girl! I see you are still enjoying those peaches! :-D Are eliptical trainers easy on the knees? They look so interesting. Take care and hope you enjoy spending time with your family today and Happy Birthday to your Daughter (for Wednesday). :-)

V on 07/15/2012:
Aww happy Birthday to R..i will have to check out your fb pics, i am sure ya look beautiful <3

hollybelle - Saturday Jul 14, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

I didn't update yesterday's post.  I was a little tired last night.  I DID exercise - I didn't ride my bike, but I did 45 minutes on the elliptical trainer.  I actually enjoyed parts of it last night.  It is very humid and the basement was even stuffy - so I set up a stand fan that we have down there.  I also hung up side down a little while on the inversion table down there.  That felt really good.  Then I used daughter's new "toys" for her P90X2 (or whatever it's called - its the next generation of P90X) to work my abs.  It is very effective on lower abs - it's a large stability ball and two small weighted balls.  The idea is to put your knees on the stability ball and then put your hands (one each) on the small weighted balls as you roll the stability ball down you legs to your ankles and HOLD like an advanced plank.  It really works the lower abs.  I will do it again.  It takes practice.  Very hard.

My HS reunion is tonight. I still don't know exactly what I will wear.  But I guess I'll figure it out.  I am going to get another ET workout in - it is too humid to bike ride, I think.  The windows are steamed up on the outside and it's dripping down them.  Yuck.  I won't complain, though because we did get a good soaking rain yesterday for most of the day.  There is a little bit of green peaking through all the brown.  Rain is predicted the next several days, although it is actually sunny this morning. 

More later, guys!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

V on 07/14/2012:
I am sure whatever you select to wear, you will look stunning <3 Yeah I heard that Tony's ab class in P90X2 is BOSS! Did R start the program yet?

hollybelle - Friday Jul 13, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

I wish I had some exercise to report for yesterday, but I don't.  I went to the corner veg/fruit market and we had a great dinner and that took me about an hour an a half to prepare - as soon as I walked in and we had company and I was just TIRED!  We had fresh green beans with country ham, beets, peaches and BLTs on whole grain bread-YUM!

Busy day again at work a lot going on all at once.  More later. 

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

selina on 07/13/2012:
I made fresh green beans with a little bacon, yesterday - it was good! Your foods sound yummy!

sweetpea1977 on 07/13/2012:
I hope your trash gets picked up today!

Sounds like you had a lovely day of rest. Your dinner sounds so delicious, especially the fresh green beans and BLTs!

V on 07/13/2012:
Yummy Dinner :P I hope you have a good day :)

hollybelle - Thursday Jul 12, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Did 16 miles last night on the bike.  Humidity was high!  

Busy at work.  More later. 

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

thenewMLE on 07/12/2012:
Good on the 16 miles!! That's sad about your husband's back. I can understand his concern, but I feel like you - I won't choose the walking when the biking is a choice! Too slow and I get bored unless I can talk the whole time. I like to listen to my music and I even sing out loud when I am riding! Sometimes hubby will say "Are you talking to me or singing again??" hahaha!!

liza36 on 07/12/2012:
Excellent job on the bike ride. Humidity stinks! Makes things so unpleasant. Have a great busy day.

V on 07/12/2012:
Stellar work Holly!! You go girl <3

sweetpea1977 on 07/13/2012:
Great job!!

hollybelle - Wednesday Jul 11, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Did laundry last night - geez!  No exercise.  Kept procrastinating.  I have to quit that!  Trying to get things done for the weekend.  I am traveling to hometown (only about an hour away) for 40th High School Class Reunion!  Woo-Hoo.  I have not been to any of the reunions.  It's going to be a catered BBQ in doors.  Dinner only - no other events. I wasn't going to go, but some of my girlfriends called asked me to come.  There are some I'd like to see again, so that will be OK.  

More later.

Work in a word - Aghhhhh!

I rode 16 miles tonight in about an hour - so good speed. Made most of the lights, but I almost wiped out on a side street when I tried to ride down the gutter of a section of the street that is BRICKED going out of a neighborhood too fast.  But all is well, I only looked like an idiot trying to stop during the little episode.  I don't understand why they brick those sections like that - it looks nice for a couple of years and then it gets all chincked up!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

supercheese on 07/11/2012:
For me, laundry is exercise...at least im exhausted after folding all of it. Yay 40th reunion! Hope you have fun!

grannyannie on 07/11/2012:
Enjoy the reunion. Haven't been to any of mine. My 40th was in 2010.

Thanks. I will feel more energetic next week, after the funeral is over. Not so for the poor parents though. :(

thenewMLE on 07/11/2012:
Hey Girl! I didn't have time to post yet today, but I saw your post asking about August. Besh's restaurant is in the French Quarter. I wanted to go for my birthday, but when we pulled up the menu it was very high priced for things I make on a regular basis, so we opted not to go. An intern in the restaurant biz is usually someone in culinary school who is working for little or no pay to prep for the main chef. It's a real hard line of work, but in New Orleans, there are a lot of job opps since we live and die around food! And the better trained someone is, the more opps there may be! I hope you have fun at your reunion! I went to my 30th and had a great time. No rides last night because of the rain and it looks like another rainout tonight!

V on 07/11/2012:
Hey girl! I met a nice family from Lexinton today and I bonded with the little girls and their 11 week old puppy they got from the Petsmart in Brannon?Brandon? Crossings..The reason BC came up is that i mentioned to them that I knew some people from their area and mentioned R teaching TK in the BC shopping Center..I told them to check out one of R's classes if they had the time..Hey gotta send my girl some love when I can ;) LOL Anyhoo I hope you had a wonderful day <3

V on 07/11/2012:
BTW if you are up Law and Order SVU is on NBC tonight if you want to catch up to speed with the previous episodes ;)

moogy on 07/11/2012:
Procrastinating is not like you Holly! You are going to stun them at the reunion:) RYC: yes, you are right stone fruit here refers to all those summer fruits with stones in the centre, we have an extended season for most of those fruits and a short one for the cherries! My only choice are plums, which I love, the ones with yellow flesh rather than white!!

V on 07/11/2012:
Small world indeed! I am sure you come across many dogs but this one was black, white and a little grey with a spotted belly..She was part beagle and howled like "Snoopy" everytime I came to their table.. This dog was so cute Holly, we normally don't allow pets in the bar, but he was in a carrier and I broke the rules and took her out and played with her..LOL Shhhh don't tell on me ;)

V on 07/11/2012:
PS Be careful out there!!

thinkpositive on 07/11/2012:
Have fun at you hs reunion. I went to my 40th and I believe that will do it for me! Fun but I'll be okay about leaving it all in the past now. But, the again, we'll see- that's how I feel right now anyway. Good job on your biking.

thenewMLE on 07/12/2012:
RYC, I really do like when hubby rides with me, but I don't mind riding alone either. Does your hubby have a bike? Mine was into biking long before me. When we were in our 20's he used to do the Tour for Cure which was an MS ride from New Orleans to McComb Mississippi. It was about 100 mile trip one way and they would camp in Percy Quinn State park and then ride home the next day. I never rode with him because I really didn't do anything active outside. I liked to play the piano, guitar and flute and was much more interested in my music. I also only weighed 110 pounds back then!! Anyway, after I bought my bike, he decided he would buy a hybrid and start riding again. He even commented last night how much improvement he has made since we started. He said he can hold higher speeds for longer distances. I feel the same as I did since about April. But I'm glad we are both healthier and doing it together!!! Maybe you can get him a bike for his birthday or something and he would want to join you? Have a great day!!!

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