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hollybelle - Tuesday Mar 06, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Did ok yesterday - updated and wound up with around 1100 calories and a small kettlebell workout.

Today must eat at my desk as I am taking mom's dog to the groomer around 2:30 and probably will not go back to work - but work from home the rest of the day.

B:  2 froz waffles with peach jam and coffee  300

L:  Turkey and cheese sandwich,

D:  Pork Chop

Snacks during the day were:  peanut candy, frozen yogurt with granola, a few Frito chips at my mother's house!  So that's where my calores were - junk!!

I walked two miles with husband and dogs.

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

Tangalyn~ on 03/06/2012:
thx holly.. ill probably say something to staff if those ppl keep it up. im seriously hoping they just have a very short trial membership tho :)

thenewMLE on 03/06/2012:
I bought a biking skirt (padded pants with a skirted overlay) Saturday but I felt too bad to ride. I can't wait to try it out. Have you been riding lately? My hubby bought a bike Saturday and went without me riding...Oh, well, maybe this weekend!

Kati on 03/06/2012:
dog groomer, hehe, that must be an exciting job! :)

sweetpea1977 on 03/06/2012:
Great job yesterday!

Hope today is a good one!

V on 03/06/2012:
Have a good day Holly :)

hollybelle - Monday Mar 05, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

I should have posted that that storms missed us here in Lexington KY.  They split and went north and south of us, but Eastern KY was hit very hard.  Many homes leveled and several deaths.  So sad.  In a little town called West Liberty in E KY 60 homes were destroyed.  5 lives lost. 

I was pretty busy around the house this weekend - things more in order now.  We woke up to about 5 inches of snow of the ground today. Schools closed.  It's really beautiful - fluffy snow.  It will be hard for a couple of days on those cleaning up from the tornados, though.  We haven't had any snow to speak of all winter, so this is the first this year.  It can snow up until April here - the year I met my husband it snowed 4 inches on April 16th!  

I am going to exercise more this week.  I ate OK over the weekend.  Ate a few cookies Sunday(5), otherwise fine. 

More later......

B:  Cherios and coffee 300

L:  small sandwich on rustic bagquette with turkey and cheese  300

D:  Odd stuff - Amy's Chunky Tomato Bisque, dab of yogurt, 2 T Mozz Cheese, 250

S:  Peanut Butter candy - daughter brought them TO ME from her trip last weekend - 250

Drank lots of water and did my kettle bellworkout 1100 Calories


Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

V on 03/05/2012:
Oh I am so relieved that you guys avoided the tornados Holly.. It is sad to see all the devastation across the region, especially the towns that were leveled :( I am glad you guys are safe and sound..Be careful on your drive to work today if you are going in <3

legcramps on 03/05/2012:
That's horrible news! I remember we had a terrible snow storm on the last day of April a couple of years ago. Crazy!

supercheese on 03/05/2012:
It so sad :( this past summer I made the meteorological graphic for a tv station and every time i had to do one for a tornado it made me so dad :(

sweetpea1977 on 03/05/2012:
Im glad your town was safe from those horrible storms. Im so sad about how many lives have been ruined by them. :(

thinkpositive on 03/06/2012:
Glad you were spared from the tornado but so terrible for the people in Liberty.

hollybelle - Saturday Mar 03, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Updated yesterday

Today - so far

B:  Coffee

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 03/03/2012:
Glad y'all are okay from the storms. :-)

starfish on 03/03/2012:
Hope you are having a nice day :-)

V on 03/03/2012:
Hey there Holly <3

TinaAnn on 03/03/2012:
I know that walking dogs is important. I just get bored with only doing that. I think that we both would have so much more fun doing more than just walking. Besides, it's winter and especially since winter is what injured me, I do as little outside as I can get away with. Right now I can start training inside and the houseboy has agreed to help me start looking for materials to build the equipment spending as little money as possible. I can improvise a few things til then. I'm looking forward to the strong bond.

thinkpositive on 03/04/2012:
So sad to see the towns leveled in Kentucky. Hope your town is ok.

hollybelle - Friday Mar 02, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Updated yesterday BUT forgot to mention I walked 35 minutes with the dogs in addition to the 10-15 minute workout with kettlebell.  YAY!

Great concert last night! 

today so far:

B:  Banana and coffee

S:  Reece's PNB easter egg 90

UPDATE:  no severe weather and didn't overeat:

L:  Subway 6" Tuna, light lays chips and lemonade

D: Not hungry - 1/2 avacado, orange  

We are expecting severe weather here today - to the extent that business are closing (not minie, however) and schools are closing early.  In 1974 tornados ripped through KY and many lives were lost.  I think everyone is afraid of a repeat.  It happens when the weather is warm early in the Spring like it is this year.  Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel is in our town - LOL - storm chasers!  Praying the tornados dissapate, if they form, and spare everyone everywhere.  Yup, more proof there are still those things over which man has no control!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

Tangalyn~ on 03/02/2012:
glad u enjoy ur concert... stay safe in the dangerous weather!!

supercheese on 03/02/2012:
Have a great day holly!! Be careful with the weather this weekend!!

Umpqua on 03/02/2012:
Yikes, stay safe Holly and I hope you have a nice weekend!

V on 03/02/2012:
If Cantore is in your town I am hoping that all is well with your town Holly <3 Stay safe!!

Umpqua on 03/03/2012:
Thinking of you today Holly and hoping you and yours are all safe!!

hollybelle - Thursday Mar 01, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Updated yesterday's post.  I ended up with around 1650 calories after thinking I binged all day!  So, not bad.  I overate on cereal and I had a "free" choc chip cookie from subway - they were giving them away because it was Leap Day... intended to give it away at the office, but.....I ate it!

Morning workout:  10-15 minutes on kettlebell  :o)

B:  Cereal and 1/2 banana, tea 400  

L:  1/2 turkey sandwich, 2 oranges, grapes,

Update later.  I am going out to dinner (AGAIN!!!) with husband and a friend and then on to a concert one town over - Chris Botti (trumpet).  Should be very good - I hope so - the tickets were a bit expensive.  It is at a new Arts facility on University campus, though!

S:  Tiny Reece's PNB Easter egg  90 calories - Yikes those coworkers are always putting temptation in my path!  LOL  ;o)

D:  I actually had part of a salad with NO DRESSING - I only ate it because I need vegetables - I eat lots and lots of fruit (I think because of my sweet tooth) and I had a nice piece of Prime Rib!  Hadn't had that much beef in a long long time.  It was very good .  I didn't eat the sweet potato they brought with it - it was overdone and I didn't want it.  I had a tiny piece of bread and a dab of butter.

S:  Big Bowl of  Cereal late!  Got home around 11:15 and in bed by 12:00 - slept all the way through 'til 6:00 a.m.!  YAY!  

I have Board meeting this morning across town and must leave early - so better run - more later!  .   

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 03/01/2012:
Hope you are feeling much better today, Hollybelle. Good on only 'one' cookie...And your calories at 1650 were real good. Hope you have a good day today. :-)

Maria7 on 03/01/2012:
Good morning...we go to Myrtle Beach usually when we go to the beach. Hubby happens to be off work Saturday but they are saying STORMS, so otherwise we probably would be going to the beach this weekend as it is very warm. Oh well... And we stay on the beach in an oceanfront efficiency apartment when we stay overnight or for the weekend. :-D I want to go NOW! :-D

sweetpea1977 on 03/01/2012:
Not too shabby with the calories!! Glad you got to enjoy the cookie! :)

I guess you're feeling better today since I see you already got a kettlebell workout in! Yay!

thenewMLE on 03/01/2012:
Great on your calories! For work yesterday I had to go to Restaurant Depot and it was customer appreciation day so they were sampling all kinds of stuff. Well, unfortunately, it was mostly desserts and bread items. I held strong with my will power and I saw a table with shrimp and they were sampling remoulade sauce. I had one and it was very good. I continued my shopping and felt proud of myself! Good luck today and I'm glad you are feeling better. There is an ugly bug going on around at work and 2 guys left throwing up. That just makes me nauseated so I hope I don't get sick too...

Umpqua on 03/01/2012:
Good job with the calories, and I don't know if I could give away a free Subway cookie ;)

supercheese on 03/01/2012:
yay for the calories!!!

V on 03/01/2012:
Have fun this evening!!

thinkpositive on 03/01/2012:
Have fun at the concert. One cookie isn't bad. As a matter of fact it sounds good!

selina on 03/02/2012:
thanks, holly. yes, I've been seeing a sports medicine doctor for my problem who gave me steroid shots and sent me to physiotherapy. It worked very well in the beginning, but the pains are coming back and mobility is going away. I'm considering massage therapy right now.

Sounds like you had a great day! Enjoy the concert, and a happy weekend to you!

legcramps on 03/02/2012:
Busy busy! I hope you have a wonderful day today and a great weekend!

hollybelle - Wednesday Feb 29, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Updated yesterday - I went to bed early last night because I still didn't feel well. 

Tummy feels a little better today - but not much.  Came to work, anyway.  I don't think staying home will help.

B:  Banana and tea 100

S:  Orange 60

L:  6" Tuna sub from Subway, light chips and light leomonade 600

S:  orange, cookie  60+ 200 = 260

D:  Roast Beef Sandwich, orange 60+ 90+70

S:  Cereal 500

S:  Orange 60

1650 Calories

Kind of went overboard with the cookie.....it was free from subway and I ate it although I "planned" to give it away at the office!


Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

thenewMLE on 02/29/2012:
I hope work doesn't drain you too bad. Sometimes it's a toss up whether to go to work or stay home. At least if you pick work you must be feeling a little better! Take care of yourself!

Umpqua on 02/29/2012:
Take care xo!

starfish on 02/29/2012:
Hope you are feeling better soon!

supercheese on 02/29/2012:
aww i hope that bug goes away. Im ok now but i hope it feels better!!!

sweetpea1977 on 02/29/2012:
Hugs, I hope you feel better soon!!

thinkpositive on 03/01/2012:
Hope you feel better

hollybelle - Tuesday Feb 28, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Updated yesterday.  Digestive issues interfered with exercise, but I think I did OK on food, at least. 

Today's lunch with client will be a my fave homecooking restaurant and I'll have vegetables.  YAY!

I am going to skip breakfast for now and only have coffee and see how it goes - try to eat something light later as my stomach is not feeling well, still.  I don't think the raw broccoli in the salad and the dates I had for dinner were a good combo!   

Going to do my little kettlebell workout now.....more later......

B:  Ate late - Banana, Orange, Coffee

L:  Fried Green Tomaotes (4) w ketcup and Kale w vinegar- I ordered Slaw and Corn, but couldn't hold them - so took them and the corn bread sticks home for later  :o)

S:  Pita Naked chips and 2 T pimento cheese

D:  4 dates and a banana and an orange

Husband ate the leftovers from lunch! 

Went to bed early - tired and still not good in the tummy.

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 02/28/2012:
I hope your tummy feels better Holly. Mine was acting up over the weekend (I think it was the tail end of my cold) and peppermint tea helped to soothe it!

Umpqua on 02/28/2012:
LOL Holly! V knows about it but she knows my interests lie with other members of the P90X cast, so her BF is safe with me haha!

Kati on 02/28/2012:
Breathing fresh air and see the trees and dark, starry skies while doing ABS on the floor mat was cool, however it was strange seeing the outside runners and powerwalkers all staring at us, LOL... We had swiss balls, weights and other equipements outside, carried by us. We looked like robbers stealing gym equipement, hahahah . However, don't imagine this as a Bootcamp exercise. It's clearly a functional training routine, strength and some agility as I understood. It's a normal gym plan, with 6 exercises times 15x2 rep, then a short cardio interval and then 15x2 reps again. It's very cool, but it doesn't bring news to me. The best part is having the PT there to look and correct you (and the others of course but the group is really small - 4-6 ppl), and I bet it will get better as the weather gets better!

Maria7 on 02/28/2012:
Hope you have a good day, Hollybelle. Enjoy your veggie lunch...sounds delish. :-)

V on 02/28/2012:
Oh Holly I hope your tummy feels better :( Have a good meeting with your client <3

selina on 02/28/2012:
I hope your tummy gets better as the day progresses. Dates and broccoli and delicious food items - too bad they didn't seem to agree with each other. Stay well!

supercheese on 02/28/2012:
Hope you feel better holly!!

thenewMLE on 02/28/2012:
Hope you feel better! Enjoy your lunch!

thinnside40 on 02/28/2012:
My friend, you didn' say anything wrong.... You don't have to worry!!!!

sweetpea1977 on 02/28/2012:
I hope you feel better soon!!

V on 02/29/2012:
I am hoping that you feel better today Holly <3

hollybelle - Monday Feb 27, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Was going to update menus for the last two days, but don't have time.  I did really well considering all the eating opportunities I had this weekend. Didn't eat too many sweets or anything.  Of course I didn't exercise hardly at all.  I did a short kettlebell workout Saturday and nothing yesterday - other than walking around Sam's Club - ;o)

I stocked up on great fruit and healthy foods, so eating well should be fairly easy (at least at home)  this week - famous last word!

I will do better on exercise this week.

I feel like the last 3 weeks have kind of been a "maintainence" period in that I don't believe I have lost any ground - and that's good.  But I really want to get to a lower weight before Spring really hits.  I'd like to be thinner before I get on the bike in earnest.  I want to look good in those new bike bibs and shirt!  

I hope you all are having a good Monday so far!  I must have lunch with a client who picked the restaurant - and I have to have lunch with another client tomorrow!  I wil be careful to eat well! 

B:  2 Dates and coffee 215

L:  I did OK - I ate a side salad with no dressing - it had a little hard-boiled egg and ham in it and was fine without any dressing!   I had two pieces of thin crust pizza - fresh made in brink oven with only vegetables on it - very little cheese and tomato slices iinstead of sauce.  Not bad!  Water with lemon to drink! 

D:  Another type of salad and 1 piece of leftover pizza 2 dates 

Going for a walk with husband and dogs.

I forgot to mention that husband and I went to dinner and a nice concert here in town last night - it was at a little place called Natasha's Bistro and the food was good and we saw The California Guitar Trio.  Look them up on Utube and wikipedia - they have a great sound and a very interesting history.  My fave number they played was Pink Floyd "Echoes".  Husband was very excited as he aspires to play guitar and he got to talk to them all after the how - and got an autographed CD of the show.  hehehehehe

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

V on 02/27/2012:
You can so do it Holly!! Where are you going for lunch?? I am sure you will make all good food selections :) Have a good day!!

Umpqua on 02/27/2012:
I had eating "opportunities" this weekend too haha. I know you can meet your exercise goals, you've been doing great. I hope you have an excellent week!

V on 02/27/2012:
You're welcome! I posted a pic from the shower(Sunday entry) so you could see Val's cute baby belly <3

Maria7 on 02/27/2012:
Hey Hollybelle...how is it over there in beautiful Kentucky? Is there any snow on the ground where you are? Sounds like you are doing really well with your calories. Did you notice that Thin is back? Hope you are having a good day. :-)

V on 02/27/2012:
Bianca is one of our really good friends :) She looks like a kid but she is 25..LOL You know all of the showers i have attended this one by far was the most gifts I have EVER seen..Just a guesstimation here but they filled 3 rooms..It is safe to say that they won't have to spend much money on Carter for a few years <3

V on 02/27/2012:
Oh BTW I NEVER seen Hush Hush..Is Bette Davis just as nuts in this one?? If so sign me up! LOL

V on 02/27/2012:
YES!! I will def have to see this one <3 Thank YOU :)

TinaAnn on 02/27/2012:
Good luck this week!

thinnside40 on 02/27/2012:
Holly ~ I am sorry for your loss as well.... My dad & I were so close & even closer this last 2 years.... It is hard for me to just let go, as my kids miss their papa so badly & on the heels of just a few hours of almost losing their dad not long before losses started happening.. There hasn't been an idle moment for so long that when it does come... Oh boy!

hollybelle - Saturday Feb 25, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Well, I didn't update yesterday's food, but basically here is what I had:

Lots of coffee w cream and a Savannah Bar from Great Harvest Bread Co.

Grapes and water

Queso and homemade chips, Bruschetta Chicken  from O'Charey's after shopping with my friend

Although it was not all healthy food, it probably was not overdone on the calories.

Today I made a buckwheat pancake with maple syrup and coffee and cream.

Lunch will be light and dinner will be out again with a friend in Cincinnati.  

Husband and friend's husband are going to a concert and we are going to dinner. 

Yesterday's shopping was fairly fruitful   I bought a couple of necklaces, two pair of earrings and a bracelet, a long black sweater and two pairs of shoes - one flat brown suede tie loafers and one wedge roman sandals with little gold roman coins all over the front.  The shoes were 50% off and the rest was 75% off so got it all for "realistic prices".  Now I need to purge my closet!  Overdue on that!

I hate to shop, I must have tried on 30 clothing items, but didn't find a single thing I wanted to buy except the sweater.  That is one thing I like when I am about 10 pounds less (around 150) - I can find clothes so much easier because I look better/they fit better etc.  I will remember that!

Also - where is Moogy?

Did 15 minutes of non-stop kettlebells.

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 02/25/2012:
Yesterday sounds great and tasty foods! Also great plan for today, I'm sure you'll have fun with your friend. I think Moogy said her computer wasn't working and she was borrowing her grandson's laptop when she was able to wrestle it away from him ;)

V on 02/26/2012:
Those sandals sound adorable! I am a huge fan of wedge heels..I am not so graceful in pumps! hahaha! Yeah I think Moogy's computer is on the fritz :(

hollybelle - Thursday Feb 23, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Yesterday is updated - 1610 calories and short kettlebell workout in the a.m.

Today I have a busy day and hope to catch up on issues at work.  Tomorrow a.m. I need to take my mom downtown to the courthouse to meet with the attorney and go before the court about something to do with my dad's estate.  So I won't have a full day in the office tomorrow.

B:  2 scrambled eggs and tea

L:  Vegetable Soup (home-made) 1 whole grapefruit

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

supercheese on 02/23/2012:
I've saved my calories for the end too yet I still feel "bad" for doing it, because once I start I usually can't stop! lol. Good luck with the meeting and have a great day!

Kati on 02/23/2012:
kettlebell! I saw it the other day at Decathlon. BRUTAL, I wouldn't dare to lift that thing up. I guess it would be a stress for my back and for the screws built in it. :)

Kati on 02/23/2012:
Ahh so it does exist in different sizes. It makes sense. Well, the heaviest weight I've lifted so far at the gym: 26 lbs (12kgs), after back surgery. Before that...? I don't remember. :(

sweetpea1977 on 02/23/2012:
Great day yesterday!

I hope today goes smoothly for you!

Umpqua on 02/23/2012:
You are being consistent and rocking those kettlebell workouts! Good luck with the estate stuff, I hope it goes smoothly.

sweetpea1977 on 02/23/2012:
ouch!!!! lol

I will have to do some price comparisons on drugstore vs grocery store. The bag I bought yesterday says to use 2 cups per bath. If I do that, I'll probably have to buy one of those bags each week!!

selina on 02/23/2012:
Sounds like a very well balanced day food wise and exercise.

getmebackto150 on 02/23/2012:
Good job not letting a bad lunch derail your day... Finishing around 1600 calories is very good! have a great day!

V on 02/23/2012:
Hey girl!! Some day soon i will have to make you a KILLER martini with some blue cheese stuffed olives ;) Have a good evening!!

thenewmle on 02/23/2012:
Thanks for the HIIT recommendation! I was not familiar with that (since I have never really formally exercised other than swimming and biking). We used the idea and did our walk fast and every 5 minutes we would break out into a jog for about 1 minute and then drop back to walking. We did this for a 2 mile (30 minute) brisk walk tonight. We could feel the heart rate increase so time will tell if we do this every afternoon maybe I will start to burn some of that stubborn fat!

liza36 on 02/24/2012:
have a good weekend!

thinkpositive on 02/24/2012:
Hope the meeting with the attorney goes well.

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