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hollybelle - Tuesday Nov 15, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

FINALLY I broke my cycle!  I got dressed this morning and did 20 min on the ET and 12-15 non-stop weights!  It felt GOOD!  So there procrastination - take that!  What a breakthrough - what's wrong with me that I have been in the pits about doing this?  It was great.

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

getmebackto150 on 11/15/2011:
GREAT job getting the workout in this morning! Its SUCH a great feeling!!

Umpqua on 11/15/2011:
Awesome job Holly!

liza36 on 11/15/2011:
Wonderful! Sometimes it just takes getting up and doing it, not overthinking it, and look at how great you feel! Nice job.

~WI~ on 11/15/2011:

V on 11/15/2011:
Great job getting your workout in!! I know sometimes you might not feel like it but once you are done, what a sense of accomplishment :) As far as the skillets, they are 8. 9 and 11 inch..I am pretty sure you have to go to the store as opposed to ordering online to take advantage of the deals..The brand is Illumina...Sale ends after tomorrow so ya better act quick!!

V on 11/16/2011:
Did ya get the skillets??

Maria7 on 11/17/2011:
Good job on the workout. Yes, sometimes we may not feel like it, but it is better for us in the longrun. Lately I've been getting a lot of walking in as well as doing some extra housecleaning things, too. Hope you are having a nice day, Hollybelle. Take care. :-)

hollybelle - Monday Nov 14, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Yesterday caught up on the CHORES:  Grovery Shopping, Laundry, Picking up the House, Organizing - that was enough. 

Went to friends house for dinner and then on to a movie - Both our husbands went and her husband even cooked the food.  How novel - Mark does not cook.  He had made Borscht and we had bread and Poached Pears that were just delicious!  The movie was The Way.  Pretty good - worth see at discount movie - I rarely agree to pay full price for first run movies, period.  It was a little self-indulgent on the part of the producers and actors (Martin Sheen and some other folks) well acted, but the plot was the part I just felt kind of neutral about. 

Doing good on food -

B:  Toast and jam with coffee

S:  Banana

L:  1/2 turkey, ham and salami sandwich, peach tea

S:  Tangerine

Dinner will be home-made chicken potpie and a salad. The pie is already put together and I just need to bake it.


D:  Chick Pot Pie - sm serving, more tangerines, one gluten free cookie (tiny)

S:  5 crackers and pimento cheese

Will post Tuesdays later.....


Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 11/14/2011:
Sounds like you had a great weekend. How nice that the husband cooked dinner for y'all!

Foods look great so far. Chicken pot pie sounds so good right now. Enjoy!!

grannyannie on 11/14/2011:
Glad you enjoyed your weekend. Nice menu today! Have a wonderful week!

thinkpositive on 11/14/2011:
Poached pears sound delicious. Nice menu. Sounds like a nice weekend.

Umpqua on 11/14/2011:
That dinner sounds awesome, I've been wanting to try making poached pears. Cooking Light had a recipe for them recently so I'll have to try and post if they turn out well. I'm glad you had a nice night out!

V on 11/14/2011:
Hey there Holly :) I am happy to hear that you had a great weekend! I bet your pot pie will come out extra yummy :P

hollybelle - Saturday Nov 12, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Went for a long walk yesterday with husband and dogs.  Ran into a bunch of other dog-walkers we hadn't seen in awhile and all the dogs and walkers hung out in the woods for awhile.  It was fun.  We had 6 dogs and 5 people and the dogs all played around with each other. It's great to have a place we can let them run off leash, however, one of the dogs was pepper sprayed by a "weird" guy the other day according to his owner.  Part of the park is in our county and part is in the next county.  There is no leash law on the part that is in the next county and all these dogs are very sweet and friendly.  This guy is known to be "delusional" sometimes and has told the people he runs into some wild stories that aren't true.  So now he has started to carry pepper spray.  He doesn't show up very often, though.  So I guess we'll just have to look out for him. 

Going to do some exercise today.  Going to eat well.  Hope to mke some vegetable soup.  I love that stuff.     


Walked an hour and a half with the dogs in the wooded park.  They liked it and so did I.  Knees hurt a bit, though - will just take some ibuprophen.  Quiet in the house tonight.  Mark visiting his parents in N KY and Rachel and BF off somewhere.  Dogs now snoozing on the couch!


Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 11/12/2011:
Sounds like a nice walk! Horrible about pepper spraying that dog! You are doing great! Yes, I did my workout! Got out some clothes to try on and the small trousers fit. :-) Tattie scones are made from potatoes, look a bit like a small pancake and are fried. Nice with egg yoke running over it!

V on 11/13/2011:
That guy sounds like a jerk!! He must be a animal hater :( Anyhoo I hope your Sunday is nice and relaxing..Have a good one Holly :)

grannyannie on 11/13/2011:
Thanks for the comments Holly! You can do it! I'm not very disciplined so the best way for me is to decide I AM going to do it and then count all the calories and make sure I rarely miss a workout. You can do it as well!

mcwoo40 on 11/14/2011:
Hellooooo Holly :-)

hollybelle - Friday Nov 11, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

It's the weekend.  YAY!  I am searching for my motivation.  I just realized I've stopped taking my vitamins....ran out and just forgot to get more - I have started takinig them again - especially Vit D3.  I believe I'll feel better soon.

Planning on taking 1/2 vacation day today and catch up on walking, housework and get a jump on the weekend!

More later......... 

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

Kati on 11/11/2011:
I'm here - KathyBlue :) Sorry, I changed my blog again... I'm trying to re-invent myself, I am too ridiculous sometimes! :)

grannyannie on 11/11/2011:
Thanks for comments. Feeling good. Have a great weekend!

Umpqua on 11/11/2011:
I know I always feel better when taking my vitamins regularly. I hope you have a wonderful long weekend! Oh and it would be wonderful to hang out with you in NYC. We are so not jet setting though, more like a bunch of suburban kids having a big night out ;P

~WI~ on 11/11/2011:
Glad you restocked your vitamins! I know I always feel better when I stay consistant with them. Have a great weekend!

sweetpea1977 on 11/11/2011:
I hope you get to feeling better!

Happy weekend to you!

hollybelle - Tuesday Nov 08, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Hi there everyone!  I've not been posting much lately, but readying your diaries almost everyday.  Very busy at work and home.  We have had some work done at the house and it's been nice to get some things updated.  Still some more things to go.  I am so slow - can you say procrastination????

Eating is OK - even though I haven't been writing everything down.  I ate a few candies at Halloween and some choc chip and pecan cookies last weekend.  I am up a couple of lbs, but I will take it off before Thanksgiving.  I am going to try to not make the holidays all about food, although as you can imagine - that IS my FAVORITE part.  I will eat in moderation.  Not depriving myself or totally overeating.  I am planning for it now. 

All the best - and more alter.  It's going to be 73 today here - unseasonablly warm - hope to get home in time to have a bike ride!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

Kati on 11/08/2011:
Humm, when's Thanksgiving? That's not an European custom either.

grannyannie on 11/08/2011:
I'm jealous of your weather! I'm with you on the challenges of holiday eating! Shall we all make a pact to use moderation over the holidays?

Kati on 11/08/2011:
Yes, we have St. Martin's on the 11th. It's not an official holiday (so we're working) but we roast chestnuts and sweet potatoes, plus drink sweet wine... It's the welcoming of the season I guess. And it's rather healthy! :)

Umpqua on 11/08/2011:
73, gorgeous! I'm waiting for the last few piles of snow to melt to I can get my bulbs planted before the deep freeze begins....Good plan for Thanksgiving. Have a good one!

V on 11/08/2011:
Well Hello there Holly :) Good to hear from you!I am sure you will do well over the holidays :)

liza36 on 11/08/2011:
Nice to hear from you! You have the right idea about the holidays. It's always so food-focused, but there's nothing stopping us from shifting the focus to fun, family and friends. Have a good one, and enjoy your weather.

sweetpea1977 on 11/09/2011:
Good to hear from you holly!

Thanksgiving-New Years is always the hardest part of the year for me. We only eat these special foods once or twice a year, so its incredibly difficult for me to enjoy them in moderation. I have learned to not make any sweets at Thanksgiving and only make sugar cookies at Christmas time. Pies, date balls/bars, and egg nog always cause me lots of trouble,lol!

sweetpea1977 on 11/09/2011:
Good to hear from you holly!

Thanksgiving-New Years is always the hardest part of the year for me. We only eat these special foods once or twice a year, so its incredibly difficult for me to enjoy them in moderation. I have learned to not make any sweets at Thanksgiving and only make sugar cookies at Christmas time. Pies, date balls/bars, and egg nog always cause me lots of trouble,lol!

legcramps on 11/09/2011:
Hope it was a nice warm day for you!

~WI~ on 11/09/2011:
I LOVE Thanksgiving! I'm so glad most of us are on a weight loss program so it will help LOL!! By the way, the procrastinators meeting has been moved to tomorrow..or whenever... hehehe (((hug)))

hollybelle - Friday Nov 04, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

I feel bettter today.  It doesn't hurt that it is Friday!  I have gotten some good sleep over the last two night - thanks to Valerian Root Extract - it really does work.  One of the reasons I am fragile is that I have taken on too much volunteer work in my Professional Association right now.  It wasn't intentional.  I accepted one position and then the person who took the position I used to have resigned and then I agreed to fill in on the State Association Board.  So here I am - I can do it and in about 30 days the responsibilities will recede a bit until Spring, but right now - whew!  There is so much going on.  I am going to try to draft someone to help me.

Eating has been OK but not great.   Exercise has been non-existent due to sleep deprevation.  But I'm coming around.  

Thank you all for the encouraging words - I got all teary reading some of them!  Love you guys!

More later, peeps


Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 11/04/2011:
Oh dear. Too much stress. Hope you can get someone to help you with all the added work. Glad you got some good sleep anyway. You'll get back on track!

Umpqua on 11/04/2011:
I'm so glad the valerian root is working for you! Sorry you are feeling overextended right now, I hope you can cut back.

Most of the state is powered up now, thankfully. One of the major problems was that our governor called in outside power companies to help and many of them didn't show up. It was discovered that our power company (CL&P) had failed to pay the outside power companies that were called in during Hurricane Irene, so they decided not to come help this time around. Politics!

I hope you have a nice weekend :)

V on 11/05/2011:
Sorry you have insomnia Holly.. Maybe try a yoga class in the evenings to help you relax...

thinkpositive on 11/06/2011:
Glad you found something that works to help you sleep- and should have no side effects, right? You were good to volunteer to help out and you have a good attitude about it being difficult for just 30 days.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/06/2011:
i know what you mean about sleep deprivation and being too busy. I also have been going through that, as you know from reading my diaries. but i don't think it is healthy and i'm working to improve that aspect of my life, too.

hollybelle - Wednesday Nov 02, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Hi everyone.  I'm doing OK.  Very busy at work - out early this morning for enrollment meetings and just kind of tired tonight.  Also stressed because my Mom is havng a hard time right now - feeling very badly and as you all know - my Dad seems to be going downhill a bit with his cancer.  Just a hard time for them all the way around.  So helpless.  Can't find anything to do for them to make it better.  Talk to them and love them.....that's about it.

Last night husband, dogs and I walked about 4 miles.  Doing OK on food, but can tell have probably picked up a couple of pounds lately.  More emphasis on exercise and healthier eating called for.  Clothes still fit fine, but middle a bit bloated.  I'll get a handle on it before it runs away with me!

I need a good nights rest as I am not sleeping well again.  Tend to use food to try to make myselfl FEEL better when I am very tired.  Going back to the valerian root extract tonight.  It seems like if I don't stay on top of managing my sleep all the time I go back to my bad sleeping habits. Seems like everything must be managed heavily - food, exercise, sleep, moods, emotions, relationships, time, all of it.  I think it maybe like that for everyone, but nothing seems natural these days - not to be confused with  "normal"-that's not what I am talking about.  I am in a weakened state right now, not meaning to rain on your parade.  I will come out of it as soon as I get a little good sleep.  I appear to be very weary and having a tiny bit of a "pity party" at the moment.

Tomorrow is coming and there is a blue horizon coming!!  I just know it!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

V on 11/02/2011:
Sorry that you are stressing :( Sending out some loving thoughts and prayers for you!! Please take care..

grannyannie on 11/03/2011:
Hope things get better for you and your family, Holly. Hang in there.

legcramps on 11/03/2011:
Stress and exhaustion will add to those feelings of having to manage everything in life... maybe you should make one or two things a top priority and go from there? Maybe you'll feel better about what you're accomplishing that way. I don't know, i'm no expert - but I do hope you are feeling better soon!

Umpqua on 11/04/2011:
Sorry your family is going through such a rough time, I'm thinking of you. I hope you get some rest and I know I definitely need to closely manage my eating and exercise before it gets out of hand. I'll be getting back on track with you over the next several days!

~WI~ on 11/04/2011:
With all going on, so many changes, I think that needing to focus on managing everything is actually a blessing that keeps us from drifting away. I know that sounds weird but when things in my life have gone through huge upset, sometimes the only thing that kept me connected was the fact that I had to WORK HARD on maintaining everything. Getting up, sleeping, cooking, cleaning, children, finances, health, etc. It sure would have been so simple to lay down and never move again, many times. You are such a good person with such a loving heart. Your daughter, husband, parents, over the years I've come to know them through you and they are all so neat people. Your heart has spoken so beautifully about them over the years. My dad is not well either and when I read your story, I know soon, our family will have the same story. In many ways I've felt kinship with you and please know I'm praying for you and your family. God bless you.

hollybelle - Friday Oct 28, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Head feels much better today - but only because I've been eating the ibuprophen all day.  Oh well, whatever it takes!

Good food day - 

Egg and toast for breakfast

turkey chili for lunch - very good recipe if I do say so

some carmel corn as a snack - hey it's better than all the Halloween candy hanging around here!

I have to go to a committee meeting this afternoon and I have taken some granola bars with me for everyone and some halloween napkins - I hope nobody shows up with candy there!  We are health insurance agents for heaven sakes!  they better not  LOL!!

Have a good evening everyone!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 10/28/2011:
I'm lucky we don't get trick or treaters as candy and I don't belong in the same house! Glad you are feeling better!

V on 10/29/2011:
LOL!!! Have a wonderful evening Holly ;)

grannyannie on 10/30/2011:
Thanks for the nice comments, Holly!

Maria7 on 10/30/2011:
You're not alone with the sinus headaches...been having one each morning a couple of mornings now but it dissipates during the day after I take a tylenol. Hope you feel better, Holly. :-)

Maria7 on 10/31/2011:
Hope you are feeling better today.

legcramps on 11/01/2011:
Hope that headache moves along soon; granola bars are a great idea in place of candy. Unfortunately, I brought leftover chocolate bars to work with me - I work in administration in a hospital ;) but REALLY, isn't it better to distribute to many rather than eat it all myself?

sweetpea1977 on 11/02/2011:
hope you're doing ok!

hollybelle - Thursday Oct 27, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Sinus headache most of the day today.  Made turkey chili for dinner - pretty good.  Spoke to Mom and Dad by phone.  Don't feel like doing much besides going to bed early.  Better day tomorrow.  Lots to do at work.

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

V on 10/28/2011:
I hope you feel better Holly :)

Supercheese on 10/28/2011:
Awww feel better!! Those suck!

~WI~ on 10/28/2011:
Awwww, hope you feel better today

hollybelle - Wednesday Oct 26, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Yesterday, after work, I rode 12 miles on the bike.  Good ride.  Nice little route I have made up right in town.  Goes on a great training road out of my neighborhood along a main artery for just a short peice ( have to be very careful there) and down a sidewalk to a closed 3 mile path (I ride that a number of times in the process) and then out through another neighborhood or two that connect back to the other side of mine on the way home.  Good and handy.

Ate OK yesterday.  Feel good. Not counting, but still doing OK.  Not like when I don't count before.  Different.  This might work.  :o)


Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

getmebackto150 on 10/26/2011:
12 miles, awesome!!! Have a great day!

KayBee on 10/26/2011:
I also think it might work :) We just can't spend our lives counting calories, that'd be so unfair!

grannyannie on 10/26/2011:
Well done on the bike ride! Sounding optimistic. :-)

nomoreforme on 10/26/2011:
Got the eggs from Tesco. They're similar to hen eggs but have a stronger flavour :) have a great day.

Supercheese on 10/26/2011:
I'm trying not to count too....but...its a little hard but I'm trying to get in the mindset that you don't have to count calories for everything! Have a good daY!

liza36 on 10/26/2011:
Happy belated birthday! Hope is was a good day.

~WI~ on 10/27/2011:
Happy Birthday!!! And look at you being a biker! YAY!

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