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hollybelle - Saturday Nov 27, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

When to the Thanksgiving turkey Burn Off ZUMBA class.  It was good.  There were about 13-14 people there.  Did OK on food.  I ate two buckeyes and a piece of coconut cake, but didn't eat a bunch of other stuff.  I am conerned about eating sugar these days.  It makes me feel bad and I don't enjoy it like I think I will.  I don't really want it so far it hasn't been a challenge not to eat too much desserts........I will back on better eating habits soon!

Turkey Hash, maybe, tonight.  With cornbread........yum!

Hopefully will go to 11:00 ZUMBA at Arthur Murray......great instructor there.

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 11.6 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 11/27/2010:
Sounds like you're getting some good workouts in. Hope you have a really nice day! :-)

OpenMyWings on 11/27/2010:
Have you tried Truvia in place of real sugar? I use it when baking too. Hope you have a great Saturday!

Umpqua on 11/27/2010:
I second the truvia suggestion. I've had mixed results cooking with powdered stevia in the past, but Truvia is a really good mixture, I guess they got the extraction process perfected over the years. I use this site to make my substitutions: http://www.cookingwithstevia.com/stevia_conversion_chart.html

Hope you have a good one!

tangalyn on 11/27/2010:
hope u have a great day :) good job with ur exercise!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/27/2010:
wow! zumba sounds great! happy thanksgiving!

moogy on 11/27/2010:
You shake what you momma gave you girl!!!!!

V on 11/28/2010:
What does buckeyes taste like?? I was under the assumption you couldn't eat them(poisonous?) i guess we really do learn something new everyday! Have a good one ;)

hollybelle - Friday Nov 26, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

Well,  made it though yesterday.  Did "OK"  considering it was thanksgiving.  Today so far so good.  No counting cals yet......but I'm doing OK. 



Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 11.6 lbs to go!

moogy on 11/26/2010:
I am glad that you are doing OK. Well done on not going overboard.

Maria7 on 11/26/2010:
Hope you've been having a good day today. Doing 'ok' on Thanksgiving is wonderful! :-)

just42day on 11/27/2010:
I agree; doing "ok" on such a food fest day is fabulous! Yeah!

hollybelle - Thursday Nov 25, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

Didn't update Tuesday or post yesterday but I can tell you  the Monday night 6:00 Zumba class is the best - hardest and most fun!  I went Tuesday to Zumba also and it was "OK".  Tall white girl really into dancing, and she was the best "cue-er" but the Cuban lady who is a little on the wild side and organizes Salsa Dance events around town is the BEST at my gym(the lady who started Zumba in our town - She is the overall best I have taken Zumba from).  I talk like I am the Zumba expert, and I have had a total of 5-6 classes (3 of them in the last week!)LOL!

I am busy cooking a going to do a little cleaning later.  It's funny because I am not very tempted (so far) by what I am making.  So far I have made, Green Beans, Cranberry Relish Salad.  Coconut Cake, Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Pie.

Still to come, Turkey (re-heat - I buy it already cooked), Dressing, Gravey, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potato Casserole (with praline topping-this is MY DESSERT),  Rolls.  Then my mom is bringing broccoli casserole and lemon pie, my MIL is bringing Mac & Cheese and my daughter is making Zucchini, Tomato and Onion casserole and Pumpkin Silk Cheesecake.  If that sounds like too much - it is!  Everyone will take something home and we are having 13 people, as it turns out.

Tomorrow 10:30 a.m. Zumba Turkey Burnoff with the wild Cuban lady!  Can't wait!

God Bless each of you this Thanksgiving Day.  Love, Holly   

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 11.6 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 11/25/2010:
Your menu sounds WONDERFUL! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

moogy on 11/25/2010:
It sounds as if you will need a Zumba burnoff, what a meal. Just a question, what is it with American's and Mac & Cheese, it seems to get included in just about every sort of meal, sometime it seems a really strange addition to a meal?

V on 11/25/2010:
Yummy!!!! I am sure you will have a great feast, and an even better workout tomorrow ;) Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Maria7 on 11/25/2010:
Happy Thanksgiving to you! :-D

hollybelle - Tuesday Nov 23, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

Good morning dear DD pals!

I have to say I am feeling so positive about my chances of returning to a healthy (good-looking) weight these days.  I wish I had joined the gym a LONG time ago.  Of course - I really feel like I found this this gym, at the right time, and it is the "right" one for me.  Price, classes, make-up of other members i.e. age bracket, fitness levels, etc.  Awesome!  I fit right in.

I updated yesterday and you will see I am getting much more exercise than I have in MONTHS and MONTHS!  I have MOTOVATION!  I must tell you my favorite pair of jeans is FALLING OFF me!  I look like droopy drawers!  And my back feels TERRIFIC!

B:  Coffee, 1/2 orange cranberry scone and 2 thin slices of maple ham - YUM  250

S:  Apple 60

L:  1/2 turkey, ham, salami sandwich, crackers and wonderful cheese - 3 year aged Gouda!  Just a bit of cheese  460

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 11.6 lbs to go!

V on 11/23/2010:
:) Feels awesome, I BET!!! Yay Holly!!!!

loveray on 11/23/2010:
awesome - so happy for you!!

legcramps on 11/23/2010:
That's great! Have an awesome day today and keep it up :)

sweetpea1977 on 11/23/2010:
Yay!!! Im so excited for you!!! :)

Thanks for your comment. I do feel like I am doing much better with my physical activity (though it isnt as intense as my pre-pregnancy routine) and foods, so I should be proud of myself. I ate a TON of ice cream during Ethan's pregnancy and probably only had it 2-3 times during this pregnancy. I was at 24-25lbs gained at this point with Ethan and Im only 13lbs gained with this little one, so I should be happy right? Those scale readings just remind me of the old pre-mother me that I didnt like. I need to learn how to accept that this weight gain is for a good cause and that its only temporary. Im hoping I'll be lucky like you and drop all (or at least most!)of the excess as soon as the baby comes out. :-)

Umpqua on 11/23/2010:
Great news on the gym and your back. Whoo hoo!

sweetpea1977 on 11/23/2010:
mmm, gouda is so good! I bet it tasted fabulous with the crackers!!

moogy on 11/23/2010:
Well droopy drawers, good for you!! That is wonderful and it is great that you are feeling motivated, a long sought after and hard to get commodity. Well done.

hollybelle - Monday Nov 22, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

Yesterday updated.  Good calories.  Housework as exercise.  I will go to Zumba tonight at 5:00, I think.  I know the same instructor teaches on Monday nights as taught the class on Fri night. There are Zumba classes at 5 and 6 p.m. I think I might call and see.  I spoke to my daughter about her - she knows most of the Zumba instructors in town. She helps train most of them.  (Daughter teaches Ballroom, Zumba and Core Rythmns). She said this instructor is not self- absorbed - just kind of shy-ish.  I can understand that. 

B:  Coffee, 2 pieces of toast with butter and jam - bread with 35 calories.  Not bad........250

planning a sandwich for lunch and some fruit.

L:  Had to go have a new side view mirror put on my truck - AT LAST - this is the second one and they BROKE it putting it on.  They have to order another one!  They are going to take the whole thing off and install it next time - anyway had to go to Hardee's for Lunch due to car work - 420 for Low Carb burger - no cheese, not mayo - only beef, lettuce, onion, mustard, ketchup and pickles - not a bad alternative to a burger.  NO FRIES, of course and a large Diet Coke

Subtotal so far - 670

Tonight will be either grilled chicken and vegetables or more chicken noodle soup (homemade yesterday)

D:  1/2 small grilled boneless chicken breast, 1/2 vegan oatmeal scone, smoothie  550

Total cals = 1220 and one hour ZUMBA  - Much better instructor!  Harder classes, too - now for a hot bath so I won't be too sore tomorrow!

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 11.6 lbs to go!

loveray on 11/22/2010:
have a wonderful day!! enjoy your class and hope that you have a better teacher:) xo

just42day on 11/22/2010:
Glad you had a good day yesterday! Housework IS exercise! Enjoy your Zumba classes. Your daughter sounds very talented! :)

V on 11/22/2010:
happy to hear you are giving her a second chance :) hey i didn't know your daughter is an instructor :) Like mother, like daughter :) have a good one and maybe the shrinking violet will liven up a bit today in class

lifestylechange on 11/22/2010:
Zumba looks like so much fun! Enjoy!!

sweetpea1977 on 11/22/2010:
have fun at zumba. I hope to try it out one of these days as I know its a great calorie burning workout!

moogy on 11/22/2010:
Enjoy your dancing and well done with the lunch choice. Good for you. I hope you finished of your day well:)

Umpqua on 11/22/2010:
Good job at Hardee's, I don't know if I could be that restrained at a fast food place. Hope you have a great class!

V on 11/22/2010:
HaHa!! Sign of a really good workout! Hey i have a card for you and i don't know where to send it to :( Do you mind sending it via fb e-mail or my yahoo? Glad you enjoyed the class and take notes so you can perfect a routine for YOUR class ;)

KathyBlue on 11/23/2010:
AWWWWWW Zumba!!!!!!

hollybelle - Sunday Nov 21, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

Updated yesterday's entry  1375 cals and a little exercise. 

Church today with friend either in the morning or night. 

More later.

OOPS I didn't write stuff down yesterday - BUT I know that I didnt' go over - most likely very low-around 1200-1300. . 

I did "discover" Jet Puff choc covered mini marshmellow, however, they come a small packet with 2 servings per pkt.  260 calories!  I ate the whole thing in the grocery store as I shopped and I enjoyed ever single one! 

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 11.6 lbs to go!

just42day on 11/21/2010:
Great job yesterday w/your calories and some exercise! Have a great day! :)

V on 11/21/2010:
Have a Wonderful day Holly!!!! Your zumba experience made me LOL a little, I have a feeling you will take over the class very soon!!! Sign of a self absorbed instructor is when they focus more on checking themselves out in the mirrors!!! ;)

Umpqua on 11/21/2010:
That's great that you can control yourself at a Mexican restaurant. I have not ventured to one in a long time, but need to work up to it. At my thinnest I was able to go out for nachos and margaritas once per week so maybe someday I'll get back there. Maybe.

KathyBlue on 11/21/2010:
hi girl! :) Thanks for your comment, don't worry, no violence will be taken place for sure... it's just plain sad. I don't know if I continue in the country at all... dunno nothing, I'm very confused. This is my first relationship ever.

moogy on 11/21/2010:
Good calories for you yesterday. Food for the soul today. It is a good balance.

hollybelle - Saturday Nov 20, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

Yesterday is updated.  Yesterday was 1205 cals and 1 hour Zumba!  I liked the class although I didn't LOVE it.  The instructor was not very experienced and did not cue hardly at all.  A realy pet peeve with me!  She demo'ed the steps in between every song and I hate stopping-heatrate drops and I live to keep it up!  Mostly she annoyed me because it seemed that she was all about herself and her abilities - didn't seem really interested in actually instructing - more like demonstrating her abilities!  But then,  I am hyper critical when it comes to classes bc I used to teach aerobics and secretly wish I still could.  I think if I am going to be successful at  taking these classes at the gym I am going to have to be more accepting of the instructors no matter what.  I do need to work on some of the hip swiveling moves that are in Zumba.  Maybe daughter can help me with that as she is expert instructor. 

B:  4 slices of bacon, 1/2 piece of toast w jam and one egg  375?

I feel more like myself than I have in ages!!!  This is wonderful!!

L:  With a friend - we tried a new Mexican restaurant.  It was just OK ate chips and salsa and chicken quesdilla - I'd say around 700

D:  1/2 PBJ 1/2 C skim milk 300

1375 cals - a short walk and house work for exercise

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 11.6 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 11/20/2010:
great job yesterday!

lifestylechange on 11/20/2010:
SOOO happy to hear you are feeling like yourself, what an amazing feeling... :) have a blessed day!

sweetpea1977 on 11/20/2010:
I think having a good instructor is what really makes the class enjoyable! Hopefully, you'll luck out and have a better instructor next time!

Glad you are feeling like yourself again! Welcome back Holly! :)

sweetpea1977 on 11/20/2010:
I think having a good instructor is what really makes the class enjoyable! Hopefully, you'll luck out and have a better instructor next time!

Glad you are feeling like yourself again! Welcome back Holly! :)

Umpqua on 11/20/2010:
I did aerobics regularly for a few years and we had a few different instructors at my gym. Most of them were more interested in staring at themselves in the mirror than instructing ;) I hope you get a better one next time!

hopingforhealth on 11/20/2010:
I took a zumba class recently and really enjoyed it... of course, I thought my instructor was pretty good. I think part of the struggling with the motivation is being happy that I have lost the most extreme bit of my weight, so I know what you mean. I feel a lot better about where it is now. But I definitely need to lose a little more to be happy with where I am at for me... I am 3" shorter than you, and in my twenties. I know if I don't get those good habits and lose it now, but weight will keep creeping. Thanks so much for your support last night!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/20/2010:
wow, so little cals and so much exercise! fabulous!

my comp is not fixed - i need to buy a new one. maybe around christmas. :-) no rush. i really don't miss it that much, surprisingly!

loveray on 11/20/2010:
awesome!! yay! love to hear you are feeling great. why cant you be an aerobics instructor again? i think you would be amazing at it:) follow your heart. i did think about you today when we went to the trail head. i told my friend if it wasnt populated and there were weird people with confederate flags all around that we would have to leave and go to the shopping outlets:) xo

Maria7 on 11/20/2010:
Glad to read you are feeling more like yourself! A real good feeling and I'm very, very, very happy for you! :-D

Maria7 on 11/20/2010:
Just read your comment to me...that writing was from a little over 12 years ago. :-D Thanks for your comment. :-)

V on 11/20/2010:
So happy you are feeling more intuned!!!! Love it! Keep up the awesome job Holly!!!

hollybelle - Friday Nov 19, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

1215 calories yesterday.  Not much exercise - a little walk in the evening only like 1/2 mile!  LOL!

I joined the gym this morning and am going back tonight at 5:30 for Zumba class.  :o)

B:  2 pieces of toast with jam, coffee  275

L:  1 C Chicken Noodle Soup and a Vegan Oatmeal Scone from Whole Foods!  YUMMY  330+ 200 = 530

Subtotal = 805 - yikes - will need to be mindful tonight!

D:  Baked Sweet Potato - YUM with 2 T butter and 2 T BS splenda 400

1205 Total cals - Exercise - ! hour Zumba

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 11.6 lbs to go!

just42day on 11/19/2010:
Congrats on the gym membership. Enjoy your Zumba class. I heard nothing but good things about Zumba. Everyone seems to love it! :)

loveray on 11/19/2010:
oooo yum - vegan oatmeal scone?! i think i must try one ASAP. zumba is so much fun, enjoy!

moogy on 11/19/2010:
Sounds like a great plan holly, enjoy yourself.

Maria7 on 11/19/2010:
Good on the calories~! Also, joining the gym! :-)

V on 11/19/2010:
Good job Hollybelle!!! You certainly are a shining example!!! Love ya!

OpenMyWings on 11/20/2010:
Even if yo go up to 1300 or 1400 calories, you're still doing great. Just don't starve yourself!!!

hollybelle - Thursday Nov 18, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

Yesterday is updated 1415

My friend and I went to the gym last night - to look.  It was OK.  I think I may join for 3 months.  It would be $90 and would include all machines and classes plus a metobolic test and a couple of other "consults" with other people.  There are only about 3 classes I could attend each week - but it would be better than nothing.  I might use the equipment if I actually paid for it and went out of my house to do it......worth a try. 

Today so far:

B:  Granola and 1/2 banana   190,

L:  With Professional association - tiny bit of ham 2 oz?, 1/4 potatos, 1/2 green beans, roll w/butter, coffee  425 

HEY - I WANT TO SAY SOMETHING that's been on my mind as I read diaries - it has to do with the amount of calories needed to lose.  Please go on a good website - like fitday or sparkpeople and check out how many calories you need to lose weight.  Those of us at higher starting (or current) weights can eat more calories and still lose (and should do so) than those of us with lower starting (or current) weights.  It is very important (especially for the long haul) to give the body time to adjust. This is what Weight Watchers does with their point system.  You are assigned a point goal and as you lose your point goal may be adjusted up or down according to whether you want to keep losing or maintain, etc.   As you lose - for example -  about 20 lbs go to the website calculator again and see if you need to drop cals to continue eating same amount of less to continue losing.  There is no sense in putting yourself into all that shock and having such a difficult time.  I have actually gone to the websites and calculated how much calories I could eat with my activity level to maintain my "ideal" goal weight.  I figure if I eat that amount I will EVENTUALLY get to the goal weight - although slower than if I eat a bit less than that.  So I make my range in between.....Does this make sense to anyone else?    


D:  3 small pizza slices - Mexican Pizza from Saul Good - 450?

S:  Cinnamon Tortilla  150

1215 total calories    

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 11.6 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 11/18/2010:
Sounds like a great idea to me! I was actually doing some research on gyms yesterday and trying to determine which would be the best for me. I've narrowed it down to LA Fitness and the YMCA, mainly due to the babysitting services, long operating hours, and the wide range of group classes they offer. Anyway, let us know your decision!

sweetpea1977 on 11/18/2010:
lol, its ok Holly. Let go of the guilt you have been harboring since October! :-) I know you can cook and I look forward to enjoying your creations at our next retreat!

just42day on 11/18/2010:
Sounds like you have a good gym option. I really like the "3 month" membership as that could give you a reasonable cost membership to determine if you like the place and what it has to offer. Years ago I committed myself to a costly one year membership which I didn't fully utilize. My fault but it was a costly lesson. Good luck to you! :)

Umpqua on 11/18/2010:
That's a great deal on the gym. And you did well with challenging foods yesterday and kept your calorie count in check!

legcramps on 11/18/2010:
I think that's a great idea - especially since classes are included as well :)

chidogs on 11/18/2010:
That is nice to be able to take out a short membership to see if you like it. Sounds like a great plan!

liza36 on 11/18/2010:
The gym sounds like a good deal. Is it close to home? That was always one factor for me when I've gone to gymns in the past. If it was any more that a 10 minute drive, forget it. But that was just because I was super busy, and didn't want to spend all my time in traffic just getting to the gym. I spend enough time in the horrible Washington DC traffic!

moogy on 11/18/2010:
I know what you mean hollybelle. I hate to see people struggling with a number of calories that is just not enough to sustain them. I have learnt that if I want to lose weight I need to eat and the more vegies I eat the more weight I lose. Have a good day and for what it is worth, I think that giving the gym a try for three months is a good idea, you will either go or not, money never got me motivated to use the gym. For me it was money down the drain. Fortunately, we are all different. I hope it goes well for you.

V on 11/18/2010:
i am a big fan of gyms who don't force contracts on you...Although I have a home gym fully loaded with the exception of a treadmill, I like going to the gym sometimes too! I hope that you have a wonderful evening :)

hollybelle - Wednesday Nov 17, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

Yesterday is updated.  Also - please note - I am down 2 10ths of a pound!  Better than nothing!  I am glad of it. 


B:  Banana, coffee 175

L:  Arby's RB Sandwich on the road - 425

S:  Milky Way Fun Size - give to me by a customer and it was so small I thought - "why not?"  It was OK, but really didn't enjoy it because it's not the type of food that is good for me.  75 (?) 

Subtotal 675

D:  At Whole Foods - Meat Loaf and mac & Cheese 550

S:  Granola + 1/2 banana and FF milk  190

1415 - not too bad.

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 11.6 lbs to go!

just42day on 11/17/2010:
2 10ths down is 2 10th down! yah!

Maria7 on 11/17/2010:
Yayyyy, you go, Girl! It ALLLLLL counts! :-)

moogy on 11/17/2010:
Every bit counts. Keep making good choices holly:)

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