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hollybelle - Sunday Jan 17, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

Day 14  YAY!  Yesterday was a good day.  I still don't have much appetite.  I don't understand it, but I know that sometimes I do that.  I won't question it for now - I'll just go with the flow.  Check out my updated post from yesterday.

We had lovely weather here yesterday - I walked outside with only a sweater and fleece on top (and no tights under heavy knit pants, no gloves, no hat no scarf!  Did 3 miles at the track, would have gone 1 more, but my friend was tired.....good excuse for me, but I really didn't want an excuse.  It does show me that I am still in fairly good shape even though I have gained weight I was exercising fairly regularly.  You all know I love to exercise, really.  It is raining - a downpour here today.  If it keeps up I'll do the elliptical trainer inside today.  I might go to daughter's gym with her as a guest.  We'll see.  If do the ET I will try for 40 minutes.  Sometimes the arm work on the ET makes my neck and shoulders tense.  

No breakfast yet.  Got up early to see husband off to Detroit with his friend - they are going to the car show - they go most every year.  They drive from KY so I hope they drive out of this rain.  They will be back after dinner Monday night so I won't have to plan dinner for him.  Not that I do much anyway.  He's not that picky - although he didn't seem to like dinner last night.   

B:  homemade bread toasted with little butter and peach jam 250(?)

L:  1 slice homemade bread w little mayo, turkey and lettuce 145

making 100% whole wheat bread with lots of goodies in it like pecans, almonds, lots of flax seed meal and sunflower seeds, protein powder.  Hope it turns out.  I am tryiing for better nutrition.  Have been reading a book daughter bought - clean Eating by Tosca Reno.  Also made porridge recipe in that book - wouldn't have tried it except McWoo told me about porridge and when I saw it I thought - OK I'll try it.  Very  nutritious....Daughter was sick (stomach bug) last night and still today - she's in bed still at 1:00 poor dear.  Gave her phenegren and at least she's able to sleep.  Kept a bit of cereal and yogurt down this a.m.  So maybe she's getting better. 

S;  Homemade wheat bread - turned out great - big slice with butter and peach jam - 250

S-  Friend called to meet at Starbucks - not a place I really care for, had a skinny cinn dolce latte - Tall 90 cals

D:  not sure yet - but I'm doingwell on my goal of having a good weekend.  Resolve! Going downstairs to do the ET while watching TV!  Will see how long I cana go on it tonight!  Maybe 30-40 minutes????? Dinner was:  vegetable soup and greek yogurt and sugar free peaches.  400

Total Cals:  1135  Exercise:  35 minutes aerobics, step and weights


Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

geevee on 01/17/2010:
I consider loss of appetite a blessing! Recently I had it 3 days in a row which thrilled me. To not be hungry at dinnertime after not eating all day for the same reason was wonderful! With all the fat I've packed on, there's no reason to worry! What a great chance to burn some of it off, right?

Soon2BThin on 01/17/2010:
I love those "no appetite" days. Have a good exercise day! You're doing great!

panda22 on 01/17/2010:
Your bread sounds awesome, I would love to know how it turns out! I have days where I'm not so hungry as well. I try to fit in very small nutrition dense things such as protein shakes, etc so I don't miss out on any nutrition during the day, but don't have to feel overstuffed when I'm not hungry!

geevee on 01/17/2010:
I swear by flaxseed meal for lowering LDL cholesterol. It really works. Sunflower seeds too! I'd LOVE your wheat bread!

greengirl on 01/17/2010:
Hope your daughter's feeling better. It's always worrying when they are sick even when they are quite grown up. My daughter caught the flu' while she was away at uni last semester and I worried myself sick !! Keep up the good work, Holly :)

MoodyMe on 01/17/2010:
I go with the flow when I have no appetite because I know it's just a matter of time before it returns!! So I don't question it either...lol..

Hope that your husband has a safe trip~I'm over here in WV and we got hit withs lots of rain as well...Also, hope that your daughter feels better very quickly~poor baby..

Your bread sounds amazing!! Yummy!!!

panda22 on 01/17/2010:
Great day all together! Keep it up!

chidogs on 01/17/2010:
That bread sounds awesome good, and healthy too!

selina on 01/18/2010:
Sounds like you are doing great!!! So, you also have a car nut as a husband, huh? What kind of car do they like looking at?

That homemade bread sounds YUMMMY!!!

hollybelle - Saturday Jan 16, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

Day 13 almost 2 weeks down!!!  I'm so excited.  Check out yesterday's updated entry.  Had a late night run-in with a pan of fudge made by daughter!!!  But I won!  It's gone out of the house now, thank goodness.  Keeping mindful that this weekend will be a good weekend and it will put me where I want to be if I stay mindful.  

So far today:

B:  oatmeal with blueberries, pecans and bananas and bit of milk, Tea 230

L:  homemade vegetable soup - made with Extra kean ground beef (96/4) and vegetables.  1 cup 150

S:  Hummus & pita chips 150

S:  blueberries & greek yogurt 50 tiny bit

D  1/2 chicken breast (baked) and 1/4 acorn squash w/ 1 t brown sugar 155

Calories 735  Still not much appetite  Exercise 3 miles fast walk with friend!!  yay!! 

Hint:  I read if you want your oatmeal to be sweet without sugar or artificial sweetner grate some apple up in it before you cook it.  I'm going to try that tomorrow.

Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

panda22 on 01/16/2010:
Hey Hollybelle! Great job yesterday! It's good that you allowed yourself a small piece of the fudge, that's the best lifestyle change to make --- eating treats in moderation! Keep it up!

chidogs on 01/16/2010:
Good for you fighting the fudge demon. Taking the small piece was brilliant. You have a great weekend.

geevee on 01/16/2010:
That's the way to do it! No need to gorge on something you like. Be satisfied with a taste. It's NOT easy to do but you can train yourself.

bez15 on 01/16/2010:
MMMM fudge... you are strong to deny such a heavenly creation. LOL good job!

thinnside40 on 01/16/2010:
I put fireweed honey on my oatmeal sometimes....Yum!

Your doing good holly.....Keep it up!

greengirl on 01/16/2010:
Well done, Holly. Keep up the good work and you are sure to succeed :)

hollybelle - Friday Jan 15, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

Day 12 Friday and the start of a weekend.  Must have another weekend of doing well.  CHECK OUT my post yesterday.  Calories were too low, but I'm eating what I want (reasonably) and I was not hungry.  As I remember, sometimes I do this.  I think because I am eating low sugar, low refinded sugar, that is and when I do that I don't have the cravings I get when I eat a lot of sugar.  It's kind of an extra benefit to eating "right" and eliminating hidden sugars in the food I choose.

So far today:

B:  1/2 slice homemade bread 1T that good peanut butter. orange, Tea  290 

L:  apple, banana, 4 ritz crackers and 1 oz x-sharp cheddar cheese 300

D:  corn, eggplant with tiny bit o cheese,  1oz beef brisket (very lean) 250

S:  1 inch square of peanutbutter fudge!!!!!  I came home from church and friends house and daughter had left a whole 13X9 pan full on the countertop.  She was in bed and I had to cut it up and box it so wouldn't dry out!!  Not so bad, I think calories were probably about 80???  I cant believe I only ate a tiny bit and she took the whole lot to work with her today - goodby!!!!  

Total cals = 850 still too low but not much appetite don't worry it'll come back!!!  Like a bad penny!!!  LOL!

Exercise - none - went to church service,etc.


Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 01/15/2010:
Hey there, Kentucky girl! (Hubby and I love Kentucky!!!)

You're doing real well!!!

Maria7 on 01/15/2010:
Just read your today's entry.

Like you, I'm also working on staying away from white-sugared foods.

geevee on 01/15/2010:
You're right on target with what you say about sugar. Sugary foods just make me want to eat more. NB is so good for calming my appetite. I had a sl. of homemade wheat bread w/PNB and lo/sugar aprico0t jam at midnight.Yeah, I know, but I hadn't eaten since 6pm and had insomnia. I was hungry, but not afterwards.

50lbs2go on 01/15/2010:
hey holly! thanks for the pep rally!!! you are so right, we do deserve this and we can both do it this weekend!!! we will stick to it and be so excited when we see the results! I cant wait to see your post on Monday to see how well you did! have a great weekend!

legcramps on 01/15/2010:
I need to start looking at the sugars in my diet too, i'm sure you're very right with the whole 'craving' thing. Glad to see you're doing well!

legcramps on 01/15/2010:
LOL, thanks for your comment! I am taking Depo for therapeutic reasons, not for birth control. I just think all these docs i've been to must be from Mars. However, i've decided to just tell myself that i'm fine, nothing wrong here, and go on with life! That attitude is actually helping, I think! Have a great weekend!

willbe100lbs on 01/15/2010:
it sounds like your doing really well. Keep it up over the weekend =). take care xx

hollybelle - Thursday Jan 14, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

Day 11 - YAY - I made it through yesterday and I think I'm beginning to feel a little bit lighter - even though I ate a very good breakfast this morning.  We'll see - I'm not going to weigh until (maybe) tomorrow.....depends on how I feel about it.  Anyway - CHECK OUT my updates for yesterday.  I did good and I really wasn't hungry. 

B:  Turkey slices, 1/2 slice homemade bread, banana, tea - all that for only 220 calories!!!

L:  Cup of Chili and a few low fat corn chips  300

S:  Orange, Hummus and 4 chips 200

D:  1/2 slice homemade bread and 1T peanut butter (naural with flaxseed - can'at remember the brand - but it's fantastic) 6 asparagus spears, 4 broccoli flowers 255

Total Calories 975 Exercise NONE too tired - will exercise Sat & Sunday, though - so 5 out of 7 days this week!!  Will work toward "almost" every day at least 30 minutes.  I am doing more than 30 min most days - so.......that's a good thing!

Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

geevee on 01/14/2010:
I,too, use only one slice of bread w/meat,PNB, etc. on it. It's gotten to the point where I can't eat a whole sandwich!

glycrina on 01/14/2010:
looking good ms belle!

weightlossyoyo on 01/14/2010:
Good days!! Keep it up! Hope the scales are in your favor with all the hard work you have applied!

panda22 on 01/14/2010:
Great job today so far, good luck at weigh in!

thinnside40 on 01/14/2010:
God Day!

thinnside40 on 01/14/2010:
Good Day...Oops!

greengirl on 01/14/2010:
You are doing so well Hollybelle :) I will keep my fingers crossed for a good result on the scales, but as you've worked so hard I'm confident that you will have done well !

nita51 on 01/14/2010:
You had a great day today! Wishing you a successful weigh in, whenever, you get on those scales. Have a wonderful Friday.

hollybelle - Wednesday Jan 13, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

Day 10 - Check out my update from yesterday.  I can't believe I made it under 1500.  When I got home I was tired and hungry - I think because not good nutrition.  Not enough protein or too many carbs -  no vegetables/fruit.  I muched around and wound up not eating a bona fide dinner. I have been trying to just make it under the 1500 calories and calling it good, but I know I must pay more attention to the nutrition in those 1500 (or less) calories.  As a result of tired and hungry I atae odd things - didn't even have the chicken taco I planned.  I did bring it for lunch today, though. 

Well - I'll make it a better day today.

So far:

B:  Two scrambled eggs - no butter and Tea 120

L:  Chicken Taco with Shedded chick, shredded cheese,  beans and low carb tortilla 300 - Estimating calories on the high side believe it or not - Funny, when you use a low cal/carb tortilla and homemade ingredients you can really control the calories and fat in something this good!  Needed more vegetables!

S:  Granola Bar 140

D:  Corn and Kale 200 (not sure exactly ate dinner at favorite neighborhood restaurant)

Total Cals:  760 - I know - not enough but was not on purpose!  EXERCISE:  45 Minutes of fast walking


Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

mcwoo40 on 01/13/2010:
Well done Holls for stickin to 1500,Can't you write yourself a menu for the week and stick to it.Do you have porridge??Very filling.I used to have it all the time but now i have to fancy it, and i only have a very small bowlful and add raspberries or banana,ta ta Jules

nenak on 01/13/2010:
why not try superfoods like tuna, raspberries, strawberries, melon. things like that boost your energy. have a great day

thinnside40 on 01/13/2010:
Have a great day....

chidogs on 01/13/2010:
Good luck! Days like that happen.

panda22 on 01/13/2010:
Great day so far! That taco STILL sounds delicious! lol Know what you mean about having your calories be of nutritional value. I think that's what gets most people drained when they only eat a certain amount of calories...not making sure they have vitamins and protein that the body needs for energy! Keep up the good work! You are doing awesome! Congrats on a great Day 10 and still having the positive attitude =D

greengirl on 01/13/2010:
Hi Holly. I have been having similar problems with too many carbs and not enough protein. My problem is that because I am a vegetarian its more difficult to cover the protein. I've been logging my menus on Sparkpeople and Ive actually not been eating enough fat either !! You'd think that was a good thing but it's not. I must try harder to get the balance right within the acceptable calorie range :)

hollybelle - Tuesday Jan 12, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

Day 9  YAY - I can't believe it's already been 10 days.  There have only been a few days that were difficult.  And really only certain times of those days  were hard.  Not like the whole day.  So far, so good!  I updated my entry for yesterday so CHECK IT OUT! 

I was barely under the 1500 cal max I have set for myself.  But that's OK.  I planned dinner, but then forgot that I had set a date with my girlfriends to go to Applebees.  It was too early for dinner so I didn't want to eat.  My friends ordered appetizers and I decided to order salads to go for husband and myself because I didn't want to eat that early.  I did much on a few corn chips from my friend's spanich dip but no many at all - like < 10!!  I ordered 1/2 the Oriental Chicken salad and took it home.]

Tonight I am planning chicken tacos and put the frozen chick breasts in the crockpot this a.m.

So far today:

B:  Homemade Bread Toast, bit of butter and strawberry jam, Tea 220

L:  8 Ritz crackers128, 1T peanut butter 90, 1/2 oz cheese 40, soup at hand - chick & stars 70 Total 328

S:  Banana 100 and Spec K Bar 110 = 210

D:  Homemade bread w tiny bit of butter 200

S:  Hummus and pita chips 210

S:  Homemade bread w tiny bit butter  200

Total 1370  Exercise - NONE - Tired 

Sub total = 658 - and I'm REALLY full.  I've had lots of tea today - most of it very weak so I'm getttin my water in.....

Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

mcwoo40 on 01/12/2010:
The breakfast you had sounds delish.I love going past the bakery in the supermarket for a sniff.Chicken for me tonight,i love the skin when it goes crispy but i will have to bin it this time put too many lbs on :( till next time Jules

legcramps on 01/12/2010:
Good job on not ordering appetizers when you were out with your friends! Sometimes that happens to me, usually i'm going out with friends AFTER i've already eaten. Sure, i'm full, but they're eating. EATING. THEY ARE EATING! How can we pass that up?!!! Anyways, you did great; here's to an even better day today!

chidogs on 01/12/2010:
Hi there. Going out to Applebees and not ordering anything. You inspire me! Have a great day.

underpreshur on 01/12/2010:
You did fantastic! Well done!

panda22 on 01/12/2010:
Good job so far today! Chicken tacos sound yummy!

nita51 on 01/12/2010:
Your meals delicious. Cool, that you took 1/2 the chicken salad home, Have a wonderful Wednesday. Chicken tacos! I'll bet that was a real treat. take care.

hollybelle - Monday Jan 11, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

dancing chicken wearing sunglasses animated gif

Day 8 Beginning the second week!!!  YAY!!!  Check out my updated entry from yesterday -   I made it through the first week without going over at all on any day!!!  I have to say I made a mistake making that apple crisp - that made me have to cut back really low for the rest of the day on the two days I ate that.  I controlled my portion on the crisp and I controlled my calories over all, though.  It wasn't pretty, but I did it!  I was especially proud because we went to the movie theatre - saw AVATAR.  If you haven't seen it - GO!  I didn't think I'd like it, but wanted to spend time with daughter.  The effects were truly amazing and I'm not all that wow'ed by that kind of stuff.  But the point is - I didn't have the popcorn.  I LOVE movie popcorn.  I took wheat thins and nuts and managed to have just a few of those.

This week's goals - more of the same, but try (just a little bit) to get better nutrition in.  Not too much pressure - that's important to me.  Just do it without stressing about it.  Stress=failure. 

So far today:

B:  Homemade bread, butter and jam, Tea  200

S:  granola bar 140 

L:  Chili (planned) 400

D: A few corn chips and salsa and  1/2 portion Applebee's Oriental chicken Salad - I forgot I had made a date with my friends and I didn't plan so well for the day - but I enjoyed my food and didn't get any appetizers or my own-nibbled a little on my friend's corn chips and  just carried a salad home for dinner for husband and myself.  The salads are high calorie, but it was the best choice as I didn't have anything at home already made or that I could prepare quickly.  More evidence that PLANNING leads to SUCCESS! I ordered 1/2 portion and looked up the cals on line. 550

S:  After my walk I was hungry - so ate 1/2 cranberry bagel and neufachel cheese - yum 185

1475 Total Cals - JUST under my 1500 max and exercise = 30 minutes walk with the husband and dogs! 


Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

nenak on 01/11/2010:
your on a very positive road! well done you. I so love homemade bread but dont make is so often now im at work full time. i usually make wheat free bread to keep the cals down. keep up the great work sarah

panda22 on 01/11/2010:
Great week last week and here's to another one this week! Love your snack choices for the movies, I always take the same types of things in...sometimes even carrots and sliced apples! Getting harder to sneak in movies snacks these days...they are soo strict! But my feeling on the matter is, until they put a veggie bar in our theater they'll have to deal with it! Not like I would spend almost $15 on a popcorn and drink anyway! RIDICULOUS. Anyway, enough movie rant....I want to see Avatar as well, everyone says it's great! Keep up the good work! Mmmmm fish...am craving some myself, am picking up some salmon tomorrow. Nice and healthy! You're right, it will be worth it! Have a great day!

underpreshur on 01/11/2010:
Hiya thank you for your fantastic welcome and good advice on the breakfast So pleased for what a great week, this week will be even better i know it

underpreshur on 01/11/2010:
Oh sorry pet they are a brand of a suppose rice cakes but in different flavours a lot of people use them as a sub for snacking. Everyone over here seems to love em for dieting lol

legcramps on 01/11/2010:
Great! What an awesome first week!!!! You outta be so proud of yourself, you're doing a great job of staying on track - and consistency is going to start paying off soon if it hasn't already! Have a good one today :)

greengirl on 01/11/2010:
Hey Holly I am so pleased that you are back here too. I always feel better when I can see familiar names in the diary list. What a good week you have had, I will strive to emulate your success LOL ! I wanted to watch AVATAR with my daughter when she was home from Uni for the holidays, but she was too busy meeting up with her old high school friends to have time for the cinema with her old mum :(. Now she's gone back and I miss her all over again. Will check out your diary as often as I can . BE GOOD :)

hollybelle - Sunday Jan 10, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

Day 7 Check out my update on yesterday's entry.  I did "OK" but could have been better.  I had a big bag of apples left over from Christmas and daughter had been asking me to make an apple crisp - so I did....I ate some but made up for it by making it my dinner.  I had some more for breakfast, but that will be breakfast and I'll go easy on lunch and even it out by dinner today.  The crisp is almost gone thanks to daughter and husband.  We will probably go out to dinner and I'll probably splurge a little bit since I have done so well on my week.....by splurge I mean I will have whatever I want within reason.  Goal calories for today - to keep it under 2000 instead of 1500.  

B:  Apple crisp and coffee  470

L:  Big bowl of vegetable beef soup 550

S:  5 wheat thins, 7 assorted nuts 150

S:  Homemade honey nut wheat bread + butter 175

D:  Hummus and Pita Chips (very little of either) 125

Total Calories 1370 Exercise: 50 minutes walking dogs in SNOW and COLD!

Will have to go very easy on dinner, but the bread and butter was wonderful.  I made the bread myself in my new (ish) bread machine,  I love it, but it may be my downfall.  probably chili tonight for dinner. 

Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

Soon2BThin on 01/10/2010:
I think the lean gr. beef you used in the chili is just as good as the gr. turkey. In fact, I've heard that sometimes the turkey can be even more calories than the lean beef. I use the beef and the lean kind I use is so lean you don't even have to drain any off it. I made some last night although I have no idea how many calories is in it. But I'm sure it can't be that fattening with only tomatoes and chili beans in it besides the half pound of lean beef. It was good though. Hope you enjoyed the apple crisp, you need a treat once in awhile.

weightlossyoyo on 01/10/2010:
The apple crisp sounds delish! I could not own a bread machine I would be making it all the time. Hope you had a good day.

mcwoo40 on 01/11/2010:
Hello Holls,thanks for your comment.I'm still coughing and all my upper body aches at the same time.You asked what my job was, nothing too exciting i do industrial cleaning at a leisure centre very early morning.It has a gym there and a swimming pool but i don't swim,so i have been in the gym this morning after work so there's no excuse really is there.Keep at it, and you will reap the rewards for sure,Jules

hollybelle - Saturday Jan 09, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

Day 6 - almost a whole week!!!  Check out my updates on yesterday!!!!  Another good day!  I can't really see a difference in my clothes yet.  But only 6th day so what do I expect???  If I remember correctly it's usually about day 10 or 12 that clothes start to fit better......That shows losing fat lbs not water lbs, maybe????

So far today: 

B:  1/2 bagel w little butter and peach jam, juice of 1 orange coffee .360 - that is alot for breakfast, will have to be careful

L:  1 C Chili 400

S: bowl of cereal 200 

D:  Apple Crisp!! 400

1360 Calories Exercise was cleaning house 

Remember my goal is to make it through the weekend without going over calories and keep up exercise.  I need to do this.  I want to do this.  Success will feel good!

I made chili last night - I'm not sure I can eat much of that.  Not sure about the calories although I make it with lean gr beef, more beans than meat and it's more soup than thick......I'll have to check out calorie king and see how to work that in.  If too much to fit in I've got lots of turkey and chicken and won't have a problem finding something good to eat.  I usually use gr turkey for chili, but didn't have any last night.

Have a good and blessed day all - more later!!

Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/09/2010:
sooo happy you are doing well. me too! i need to go back and count how many great days i've been having! yes, i'm on a high...but lately, as of yesterday, i've been starting to feel a slight low coming on. so i'm fighting it, or working with it, trying to feel better.

usually with chilli it is pretty filling, you may need like a cup and be satisfied. sounds healthy! :-) and tasty.

nenak on 01/09/2010:
as long as its lean meat you should be okay! fingers crossed for you this weekend x

geevee on 01/09/2010:
I tried Nenak's cottage pie. Ck. out my comment on her site today.

Maria7 on 01/09/2010:
Hello Hollybelle! My blog is at: nativeamericanwoman.blogspot.com/ Hope you're having a nice day. We thought we might get a little snow but none yet.

panda22 on 01/09/2010:
Hey Hollybelle! Peach jam YUM! To me, your calories for breakfast are just fine! It's best to have a nice hearty breakfast to get you started and keep your energy up in the morning! I usually eat that much as well. Also if you eat more of your calories earlier in the day, you have more time to burn them off before you go to bed =), just my opinion, you can tell which meal of the day is my fav =P As for the chili, sounds like we had the same problem of not having ground turkey on hand! I made mine on Wednesday and used ground beef as well. The recipe I used has about 400-500 calories per serving and I usually measure myself out a cup of it if I'm having it for dinner and 1/2 cup for lunch. I make it the same way you mentioned, usually more beans than meat and I use the low sodium beans as that's the worst part about chili is the salt =/ lol Anyway, sorry this comment is so long! Have a great evening! YOu are doing great! Yes clothes feeling looser is a sign of fat loss, best feeling! =D

MoodyMe on 01/09/2010:
Woohooo you're doing fantastic!!!!

hollybelle - Friday Jan 08, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

Day 5 Check out my update on yesterday's entry - I had a great day with exercise.  And eating was OK, too.

Somebody said I was on a roll - YES, I believe I just might be!  I keep thinking it's about time, too!

Today so far:

B:  Cereal, dash of FF half and half Banana  255

L:  Stacy's Naked Pita Chips 150 and Hummus and Special K Bar 420

D:  Chicken, butter beans, broccoli 350

S:  1/2 large bagel w/little bit of butter and peach jam225

Total cals 1250  Exercise 50 minutes walking dogs in park

No wonder I was hungry after dinner - I didn't eat enough stuff during the day today- odd stuff that was on hand........The bagel was a pretty good treat, though even with a little butter and jam.  The jam is really the first real sugar I've had all week!!  Amazing!!!

I'll have to be careful not to go over on calories tonight - having rotisserie chicken and vegetable tonight planning to walk with dogs again in the snow in park........ :o)


Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

starfish on 01/08/2010:
Keep up the great work :-)

grumpy on 01/08/2010:
Yes, im with you! I think i can do it as well. Im going out to eat but i can easily eat a pasta with veggies and light sauce, or tomato sauce, or a healthy sandwich and def not eat a bunch between meals! as long as i am occupied ill be ok! I'll be happy to get to your weight, but my final goal is also the 150s.

panda22 on 01/08/2010:
Awesome job this week! Good for you getting out even in the cold! I prefer my treadmill upstairs as I am a sissy when it comes to going out in the snow =P You truly are on a roll! Have a great weekend! PS - your entry made me want some hummus LOL forgot to pick it up last week!

sundropgurl on 01/08/2010:
Hope you enjoyed your Rotisserie chicken :) Looks like you had a great day! Thanks for the advice for the cold sores. I'm going to whole foods this weekend and will pick up Lysine while I'm there :) I pray this is the last battle I have with them for a LONG LONG time! :) Have a great night! ~Angie

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