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innerpeace - Friday Jan 17, 2014
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 304.8

I went to the WW meeting. I still can't stand them. ***I know that everyone is different****I know that everyone has their ideal body image****I know this!!!

BUT that doesn't mean I like it. I struggled to stay within my points and I fought with myself every day to not over eat and stay away from the sweets. In other words I stayed on plan (OP) and lost 2.2 pounds. I'm happy about that! What disgusts me is having others say, I pigged out one day and used all my flex points and I still lost 4.9 pounds. I just wanted to say STFU!! OMG. Another girl just started back OP and lost 7.4 pounds, really???? WTH.

I told my BF that if I didn't lose weight I would just eat whatever the hell I wanted, he says, don't give up. OK, but I still hate how it seems so easy for others...or it is how I perceive it. Another thing I cannot stand is how other WW members try and explan how the program works for the new people. I'd be like, why are you talking to me, it's obvious you haven't been following the plan. Yes it takes everything I have in my body and soul to stay at those meetings. Maybe I should change to the on-line option, but I wouldn't be accountable. Oh well, I will deal with it.

Should be a slow weekend no little girl. I will try again tomorrow to fix my kitchen floor that has been destroyed by the salt and snow being tracked in. BF works until noon and then he is going to SAM's club and Fligner's for groceries. He asked me to go, but NO. I don't want to be tempted by samples and great smelling food.

BF made chicken fajitas last night. The bread bun thing he bought was 130 calories. I had two with grilled chicken and onions and salad. It was a good dinner for after the WW meeting. I also ate the new marshmallow crunch brownie sample they gave us at the meeting, it was good. No sweets for me, I cannot just eat one, I will have the entire box please!!

B: quaker maple and brown sugar oatmeal

L: left over salad, yogurt, apple. I have drank 2 DDPs so far. I left my water bottle at home.

D: I think is pork roast BF took out of freezer and cabbage.

I hope you all have a great weekend! IP

Progress as of today: 2.2 lbs lost so far, only 14.8 lbs to go!

glassgirl3 on 01/17/2014:
I am also doing ww and I have never been able to eat my flex point, only sometimes use my activity points. If I did I would never lose. Only thing that works for me is I eat alot of fruit and way more veggies than I ever thought was possible. Good luck and don't get discouraged, your doing great.

allieoop on 01/17/2014:
Biscotti is right vent to us, you are doing good keep going to meetings if the public weigh in helps. You lost that is what counts

thinkpositive on 01/18/2014:
I know what you mean- I was never a WW meeting person but the weighing in part was helpful I went from going to meetings to doing the online thing & I never followed through. Not saying that would happen to you . Maybe just going to the weigh in? Or try another meeting. The reality is that we are all different & you can't compare yourself to others. We just have to figure out what works for us . Good job staying away from the sweets.

Maria7 on 01/18/2014:
Congrats on your lower number.

dana_johnson426 on 01/18/2014:
I have tried WW before. I would lose, gain, lose, maintain. I don't know why. I do know it works because I have seen people make it work. Quite a few of my friends weigh-in at the meeting and then leave. Congrats though on the weight loss.

innerpeace - Thursday Jan 16, 2014
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 307.0

BF did get the ingredients I needed to make a meatloaf. He also picked up some more cabbage and salad. So we had meat load and salad for dinner.. It was a quiet evening in. We started watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I kept falling asleep so I didn't watch the end of it. I was in bed by 9:30. tonight is my first weigh in. BF said he lost 2 pounds so I am hopeful I will have lost some too. He weighs on the shipping scale at his work. I am happy because of the way we ate this last week, now just to get some exercise in. I think once I start it might get easier. Little girl tonight, but not this weekend, so maybe I can find some energy to do some kind of exercise.

B: slim fast -5

L: 1/2 corn beef sandwich with colby jack cheese and mustard on whole grain bread, banana, yogurt and almonds - 15

S: apple

D: supposed to be fajitas...BUT BF said he forgot to lay out the chicken and is going to thaw it in the microwave...hope that works out. he bought some new kind of bread, shaped like a taco shell. I didn't look at the name of it, but will be interesting to try. WW meeting at 7:00.

The last week I have cut out snacking and sweets. I have eaten banans and apples, which I am not a fan of either. Today they brought donuts in for someone's birthday...they were on the second floor, I stayed on the first. I did not even go up there and temp myself.

On the way back from making a deposit I stopped and sat in the lounge area, I didn't know it was going to be by a microwave where people kept heating deliscious smelling food. NOTE TO SELF: don't sit in lounge area at lunch time. I came back to my office and ate my planned lunch. YEAH ME!!

My friend is coming from Oklahoma in December to do the Christmas Story 10K. She says, you should come too!! I just might try..

Have a great evening!! IP

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

glassgirl3 on 01/16/2014:
good for you sticking to your plan.

innerpeace - Wednesday Jan 15, 2014
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 307.0

After work we picked up the little girl and headed home for dinner. We had left ovver ritz cheddar chicken bake and grilled cabbage, it was just as good or not better than the day before. Steve was hyperactive from being in the crate all day and then having the little girl over. They have the best time together. After he finally settled down the little girl and I colored Doc McStuffins and did word puzzles. I enjoy nights like these.

Steve had an accident in the house and BF was irate. All I said was 'thanks for the puppy!" (it was my Christmas present). In his defense he is still in training.

B: Slim Fast - 5

S: light yogurt and 15 almonds - 5

L: half corned beef sandwich with colby jack and 1/2 tbsp of mayo, grapes and a banana.

For dinner I plan on making a meatloaf and a salad, if BF gets to the store for the bell pepeer and onion I need. He said he would go at lunch, haven't heard from him.

Tomorrow is my first weight in this time around, I have eaten very well so I will be kinda angry if I didn't lose. Will try to exercise tonight.


Have a great evening! IP


Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

dana_johnson426 on 01/15/2014:
Meatloaf sounds good!

recoverme on 01/16/2014:
I also have a manic puppy- The cause of great frustration sometimes but even more hilarity and fun most of the time!

Good luck with the weigh-in tomorrow!

innerpeace - Tuesday Jan 14, 2014
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 307.0

BF made an awesome recipe from facebook for dinner last night. The ritz cheddar chicken bake. It was fantastic. I calculated it to be 522 calories or 15 points. We also had a caesar salad and grilled cabbage. I didn't think I liked cooked cabbage but this was awesome. I think this was from a facebook recipe as well, Grilled cabbage steaks can't be sure but it all turned out fabulous. I'm glad he likes to cook.

I had plans to do a Leslie Sansone DVD but I was just so tired from the weekend, I had no energy. I know an excuse, it could also be because I get up in the middle of the night to let Steve out to use the toilet - he will not pee on my bed again!! It is the night for the little girl again, I will try to do something. I also watch the biggest loser on TV and tonight my favorite show FACE OFF comes on.  just love the creativity and imagination.

I reserved a weekend for Castaway Bay, indoor water park for the second weekend in March. I'm looking forward to it. We had fun the last time we went to one..

Dinner tonight is left over chicken and some kind of vegetable, will see what BF comes up with.

B: Slim fast shake - 5 points

L: 1/2 corned beef sandwich, with colby jack cheese and 1/2 tbsp on mayo on whole grain bread, grapes, cherries - 10 points

S: yogurt with 15 almonds - 8 points (hopefully this is the last of the original yogurt and will start on the light stuff tomorrow)

Hope you all have a great day. IP

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

dana_johnson426 on 01/14/2014:
Hope you had a great day too!

innerpeace - Monday Jan 13, 2014
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 307.0

Friday evening after we picked up the little girl we went to a fish fry at the local VFW. It was pretty good for $10.00. I ate 3 small pieces of perch and 4 shrimp, a side salad and a few home fries. I gave most of them to my BF. We went home and watched movies.

Saturday morning, the little girl and I watched the Disney channel. I made her the bagel I usually have for breakfast and I had a yogurt and one piece of toast. BF works until noon and then he comes home and does the thing I dispise the most. He takes the little girl and goes shopping. I hate shopping. They go and have their datddy-daughter thing, going to Sam's club for lunch and tasting all the samples, not a fan of Sam's. I sat at home with Steve and enjoyed my last iced coffee. Oh how I will miss those.

BF brought me home a salad from Wendy's which was pretty good, the alvocado ranch was my favorite. He later fixed something with rice and chucky soup. It was okay.  Saturday night I got to watch movies, not a bad thing, but these are the same one's over and over again. I watched Kangeroo Jack, Smurfs 2 and Goonies I know for the 100th time. I'm glad the little girl likes it though, a classic from my youth.

Only drama this weekend concerned toothpaste. The little girl said there was no toothpaste at her mom's house. What? Why? BF went and bought her a tube of toothpaste to take home with her. I can't say if she is telling fibs or everyone over at her mom's house doesn't brush their teeth. I just can't  imagine. Little girl did drop the remark that she was getting a new house. I asked her why, she said when mom moves out. So I guess her mom is having her own BF issues.

Sunday morning I had a bowl of maple and brown sugar oatmeal for breakfast. At 11:30 we drove to Cleveland to watch Disney on Ice. It was very good and the little girl loved it. I was starving so my BF and I split a soft pretzel and then we drove home to pot roast in the crock pot. The delicious roast was accompanied with corn and a salad...no bread, which is a first for us. The little girl left at 6:00 so I finished up the laundry and dishes.

Alas the end of the weekend, I hate getting up in the mornings...also still stressing over my Steve being in a crate all day, but everyone I spoke too, said he will be fine.

Plans for tonight. Prune two plants and put back on the baker's rack and do one of my Leslie Sansone tapes.

Life is good. IP


Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 01/13/2014:
It sounds like you did really well avoiding temptations over the weekend. Keep up the good work!

innerpeace - Friday Jan 10, 2014
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 307.0

There you have it!! I am much heavier than I thought. That's what happens when you avoid the scale for six months and eat all the things you shouldn't. I was so disgusted last night at the WW meeting, but I did this to myself and it's no one's fault but my own. I'm tne one who ent my elbow to put food in my mouth. I didn't make the correct choices, now I am paying the price.

I didn't feel my clothes fit any different, I did notice it has been more difficult going up and down the stairs at my house, my body hurts. On with the 85th start of a new diet. I want to be more healthy so maybe I can make this work. So calculating points/calories I have certainly seen where I was making a mistake.

D: last night was two spinach, asiago turkey sausages and chips - and then my pathetic weigh in.

I was so upset I texted my BF and told him how much I weigh and included...I have never been this heavy in my life, it is all your fault!! But I know it is just my fault. He hooked up the extra TV in the basement for me to start back with my walking.

B: Oatmeat - 4 points (my bagel that I was eting was 9, not including the cream cheese), iced coffee -6 (i will probably limit this too)

L: yougurt with almonds - yogurt 4 and almonds 6

Going to a fish fry tonight, I will try to stay within my points. this is a crazy ride.

Little girl weekend, I pray for patience and understanding and hope the weekend goes well.

Oh and my scale is still in the garage, where it will stay for now!!


Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 17 lbs to go!

dana_johnson426 on 01/13/2014:
I was thinking of doing the same thing. Hooking up the tv in the garage.

innerpeace - Thursday Jan 09, 2014
(Low Calorie Low Fat)
Weight: 293.6

I didn't get to the weigh in, I forgot it was the little girl's night to come over so I stayed to eat dinner with her and BF. My BF and his ex have so much drama I feel so sorry for that little girl. I just wish she didn't have to be in the middle of the BS.

D: hamburger (meat and catsup only), BBQ chips

I will try to get to weight watchers tonight, the meeting is at 7:00 and I believe I can get home and get my monthly pass card and get to the weigh in. Really nervous about it, but I guess I have to start sometime, somehow, someway. I am happy with everything except my weight. I can just imagine how ecstatic I will be when I finally lose all my weight, or just the first twenty pounds would be amazing.

Today, Thursday 1/9/14

B: blueberry bagel with cream cheese, iced coffee (this will be the last week for the bagels, we have oatmeal next week) and I am not buying anymore iced coffee, will drink tea or water.

L: strawberry yogart, 15 almonds, 1 banana

D: we are supposed to have spinach and asiago turkey sausage, but that could change.

I just figured out why I hate those weight watcher meetings. Half the time other people are talking the same time the leader is, I'm an introvert so it is hard for me to 'share' my experiences, thought and feelings. I just don't feel the warm fuzzy from the meetings. I will make myself go anyway.. I need to be accountable for my actions.

On a lighter note...puppy training sucks!! I think I have a dumb dog.

Progress as of today: 0.4 lbs lost so far, only 3.6 lbs to go!

innerpeace - Wednesday Jan 08, 2014
(Low Calorie Low Fat)
Weight: 293.6

Campus was closed yesterday and I did not have to work. I spent the day trying to get the salt off the kitchen tile, I mopped at least three times, but there is still white residue on my tile floor. It was -12 with a -37 wind chill factor. Must say this is the coldest temperatures I have been in. I'm just glad I didn't have to get out in it. My BF had to go in, said it was very cold but he made it to work just fine.

B: Blueberry bagel with cream cheese, iced coffee drink

L: honey mustard pretzels and DDP

D: sloppy joe (gound hamburger meat with manwich sauce) and spaghetti squash

Most of the day Steve and I watch Law & Order SVU episodes. I didn't watch that until I started living with my BF. Something on TV caught his attention. My precious Steve!

Tomorrow is the day I weight in with WW . Very nervous as I do not have an idea as to what the scale will read. I will be satisfied if it is still under 300.

Wednesday is DSD day only until 7:30, she usually comes and eats dinner with us and then returns home. It is our weekend, so must come up with something to do to keep her entertained. Weather should be descent maybe we will walk.

B: blueberry bagel with cream cheese, iced coffee

L; blueberry yogurt, banana, 15 almonds, DDP

S: honey mustard pretzels



Have a great night, IP

Progress as of today: 0.4 lbs lost so far, only 3.6 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 01/09/2014:
Super cute puppy! I hope all goes well with your weigh in today, and have a good one!

innerpeace - Monday Jan 06, 2014
(Low Calorie Low Fat)
Weight: 293.6

Saturday: Had a pretty great weekend. After three months finally got all the clothes put away in the armoir. Now we have two guest rooms that someone can actually come over and sleep in. Also started hanging pictures. This is a process, one cannot just start hanging stuff on the wall. Still have lots of pictures to put up but I have to figure this out, no need for extra holes in the wall. Puppy still in training.

B:Blueberry bagel, cream cheese, iced coffee

L: turkey pastrami sandwich, gouda cheese

D: steak ka-bob with squash, tomatos, mushrooms, and some pepper (which was removed) 1/2 cup of rice. Killer to this wonderful meal - pretzel sticks and fried cheese.

Sunday: BF and I went to a starving artist painting sale. First time I have ever been. If you like something pick it up and carry it around, or else it will not be there when you make up your mind. Looking for some art work to hang over the sofa, found an awesome Light house sea scape only  to think I would find something I liked better, I did not and when I went back to get my light house it was gone. Oh well picked up a lovly watermill and a covered bridge two paintings that will brighten up my living room - the room we are hardly ever in. We prefer the family room and the fire place now since it is -8 degrees today.

B: Blueberry bagel, cream cheese, iced coffee

L: half peanut butter sandwich

D: top round sirloin (8 ounces), salad and squash.

I also finished three loads of laundry and swept  and mopped the kitchen floor with something I shouldn't have. There is a residue on the floor that is very slippery and I must remop with something different. Picking up and unhauling fire wood after work. Puppy is adorable but OMG how long does it take before he understands....NO POTTY in the house??? I think he is worse than a kid. Because of the weather they have already closed campus for tomorrow so I will have an extra day off with my dog and fireplace. Happy days.

Wishing you all much success and happiness. IP


Still have not got on the scale, thinking of going to a weight watchers meeting again. Paying for it but not using it...not a good thing. I will do this before the week is over, just picking my day.

Progress as of today: 0.4 lbs lost so far, only 3.6 lbs to go!

innerpeace - Friday Jan 03, 2014
(Low Calorie Low Fat)
Weight: 293.6

So it snowed all night and day and we were released from work an hour early, great it took me that extra time to make it home. Just to discover I couldn't pull into the drive way because of the 3 foot snow drifts. Steve was crazy being alone and I felt awful leaving him in his crate, but he did very good. I was surprised, but it still breaks my heart knowing he is in that crate instead of running free. He is so tiny he doesn't like going out in the cold either, poor thing just shakes all over. But, the little rascal peed on my bed last night. YUCK.

BF and I had to shovel snow again, calculated out to be 348 calories. We shoveled the snow for what reason I don't know, because it is back and we will have to shovel again, dang snow and more to come this weekend. I say we just load up on firewood and snuggle up.

BF grilled chicken and prepared a premade salad for dinner. The chicken was very good, the salad was good and I like the premade kind, because it limits the salad dressing. I made home made cocoa which was very good. All in all I ended the day with calories left over.

How about my SOONERS!! Love them so much, I am very surprised they beat Alabama, so proud to be an alum today.

B: blueberry bagel with cream cheese; iced coffee

L: blueberry yogurt with 15 almonds - I had a banana but it was just way to ripe, nasty stinky ripe...blech.

S: honey mustard pretzel pieces

D: leftover salmon and some type of vegetable.

Last night we were supposed to have DSTBSD but because of the weather we didn't go pick her up, she seemed ok with it, since it was just bitterly cold out too. We will see her again next Wednesday and have her over the next weekend. Looking forward to a weekend with no kiddo. BF suggested we go to church, I am looking forward to that.

Hope you all have a great weekend.




Progress as of today: 0.4 lbs lost so far, only 3.6 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 01/03/2014:
I became a Sooner fan in the early 80s when I moved to Omaha. I found the Husker fans to be arrogant. It seemed like the only team to beat Nebraska was OK...which was Ok with me. Praying for a Buckeyes win now though. Peace.

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